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new 'jak
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gth norm


funny posts


funny how


funny norms calling others norm

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groan i was supposed to be in the thread NOT the index






would just download and watch anime that interested me as a teen instead of following seasons


the groaner

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literally LITERALLY a teen


File: 1651897946573.png (317.19 KB, 1002x564, a1ad2c0516f6379bf9ae096c4b5285c5.png)

whats wrong hima did you lose it?
your drill?


dont worry still ended up a pathetic retarded manbaby it was just a high school phase where i thought life was worth living


things would have been way different if i lifted weights as a teen


last post

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love blogging and dogging with the mates
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mindblowing that weird al is just western denpa


uhh i wouldnt say that


this is western denpa


no it isnt


he loved denpa al

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looks like an 8 pack to me


dont like the word pack in reference to muscles


same but penises


need an autistic suiseigf


last post

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simply buy some it costs like a dollar for more than you can eat


someones gonno mock you for NOT being able to eat a pound of pasta


a bowl from noodles and company is like eight bucks


dont like the sound of that ban the urbanite hipster


cant believe thats a real restaurant what are these retards doing

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die fnorm


sorry i got overexcited


dont know what the hells going on in the other thread but im staying here till its over


cant sleep


might be able to get about 3 hours in

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havent bathed since elementary school


the japs bathe so i bathe its that simple


File: 1650416487021.png (1.42 MB, 1823x2942, 97749188_p0.png)


dont get left behind

File: 1650308561520.jpg (157.08 KB, 850x1069, __koizumi_hanayo_love_live_and_1_more_drawn_by….jpg)


File: 1650306525769.jpg (45.02 KB, 510x427, 1649832674981.jpg)




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