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merorin was here, you guys are faggots

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remember to wear two
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swifty lost his pinky and he still owns pvp


should i start scaping?


no he doesnt he sucks ass


mom said i have autism because my dad was abusive when she waspregnant and she had a lot of anxiety


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merorin was here by the way you faggots
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pasted dr yarni cured my neet with natural homeopathy


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post all your sexy lady pics here(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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for a merry christmas
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im NOT a dadnorm


my father was a flipping badass so badass he died an untimely death doing dangerous stuff wish i could have met him i was but a mewling infant at the time of his passing even as a kid always thought my mom was a flipping whore for betraying his memory and finding aNOTher partner just 2 years after his death


my dad died of doing dangerous stuff consuming the norm sludge alcohol


wouldnt you be okay with your wife remarrying after you died


the stairs idea is interesting im guessing moving forward down the stairs was something masculine and meant for royalty to ascend down while facing the peasants im all for reinventing how we use stairs because id hate to witness what i saw happen to some woman again

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hate when this happens
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i creep out teengirls on the road


2018 is peak internet boys its all downhill from here


tardlaughing hard


never played gaylo


hope some road rager kills pnig

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Whats up family? ;3
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4 posts left


im dumb as flip


im chink


last post



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classic chinks
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this could be the mark of the beast


i got a beast right here for you



hi hima woke up showered and had some pasta


last post

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bye hima
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caught xerneas with only one ball
NOT sure if im lucky or its a guaranteed capture


i guess you never miss huh




each time it happens i get butterflies in my stomach wonder if its the same for her


last post

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Because ten billion years' time is so fragile, so ephemeral... it arouses such a bittersweet, almost heartbreaking fondness.
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same ip


her head felt warm at first when she was shivering then she started to cool down and NOT shiver


got my ride on mower delivered its one of those fancy zero turn ones thats really fun to drive the guy who delivered it was a mower otaku to the core and he showed me the ropes gonna have a lot of fun with this bad boy


what did she smell like


post that mower

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