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whats pasted about it

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youre gonno get left behind if you do


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always make sure NOT to get too close to towelheads in case they explode maybe thats how norms feel about turt wearing his trenchcoat and fingerless gloves on 90 degree days


were going straight to the k blog


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does it working
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what refurb


some flippin' game console


ban the apostrophenorm


last post time for aNOTher 2 week long thread

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forgot to shower


can never remember if i showered need to devise some kind of system


stomach is rumbling loud noises and a lot of burping think this might be an event


nice seki letting some sc2 teen take the site down for hours


Reminder that self esteem (your self-perceived status) is implanted into you by the people around you. If you have repeat negative experiences with others your brain chemically changes to make you feel bad more often. Eventually a feedback loop develops in which you feel terrible->normals see this and treat you even worse to boost their own perceived status as their brains alter to make them feel dominant and superior. The evolutionary purpose of this must have been to force weaker males into positions where resources would NOT be wasted on them if there is NOT enough to go around. Of course women are VERY perceptive to all things social and rank males primarily on their status within a group. Obviously the lower status males are ignored at best and mocked at worst by the females.

This is the dark truth of humanity. You are surrounded by demons gnashing their teeth and clawing you down in order to raise themselves up from the flames. Everyone is an enemy. Your peers, your friends, even your own parents abide by these ancient laws and wish NOThing but the worst for you if it means improving their own rank among the other apes.

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what does that even mean


wash your penis


didnt take a shower yesterday or today


sigh he loved ciggy but with an n


NOT a smoker

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post site complaints here
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I guess, but he does need work.


Waifufags are all cringe, don't kid yourself assassins are aids, and when ones like Akali can utilize abilities to do so completely invalidates ever having a high CS score means even if they are NOT high rank i hate this video so much it's unreal.


I could be coming from farther away than right next to no chad value I HAD STUFF TO DO OK?


Silverchad here Nunu seems like EVERYONE plays..


He's absolutely counter to everything in modern league so you really feel like you're mad i started playing him and is still worth banning sometimes even call me slurs :c >I was clearly stolen just before ban, they gave it back to it, no free pass.

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hey im NOT here to judge



sb NOW


never tipped in my life cant imagine blowing 3 dollars just because some wagie said youre welcome


too pmb to NOT tip

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its flipping over thats what it is



steamed otanorm spamming




what the flip

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dont call mom retarded


took the easy way out back then because im a sperg and now im trapped and totally dependent on someone who probably has measurable brain damage


i have immeasurable brain damage





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get in here


you see us cummin and you altogether run for cover


im paste im pasted


I am tard


i think this was my thread

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