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Bune, Bune, Bune!



paste soldier of michael


latin looks way cooler spelled in modern english
the written latin from the dark ages is cringe




have to bump this so someone makes a new thread

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thou fool


went to the store got a weeks worth of carbonara supplies and a bottle of captain morgansaw moms car coming home from work so i flagged her down for a lift home


never understood why norms watch movies that arent anime or the thing


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you cant watch that its for children

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mindblowing that hima is half a decade old


hate when i btfo someone and they apologize and admit they were wrong


no that cant be true you miscounted


cant believe its been nearly a year since this post


boostING PISSSssssSssssssssssssssssSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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i dont want the textboard to be like the sb so ill post the link so everyone can enjoy http://himasugi.blog/21/


by the way there is no significance to the number 21 i just liked how easy it is to type

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File: 1607309791894.png (2.58 MB, 1779x787, c4x6gwafyf921.png)

its the middle one


is that he pvp one


no eureka


File: 1607310613953.jpg (81.03 KB, 732x1024, EolvBaWUwAAOziY.jpg)



last post

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go to hell and die vnorms


i never used v or generals so i wasnt even aware of its existence until 2015


entering the crown of the immaculate (extreme)


last post


entering the goblet private housing and afks there all day welcome to the end game

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File: 1604395712442.png (1.29 MB, 1200x2130, Onewayoutofry_38b590_8058923.png)


woke up microwaved some pasta


im artistic


made teriyaki shake and bake pork chops


last post

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how do i get non norm gf


go on tinder and say that youre NOT looking for norm girls


im merely a pawn of fate


guys genshin is back

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here you go
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even if i managed to become a norm someday i wouldnt want to bring more beings into this world to suffer and die


does the pope shit in the woods


im gonno accept as many children as the good lord blesses me with


last post


I'm gonno call you a retard and see what happens


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pastaped you seeing this


its a legitimate board


dont click honeypot


it's dead



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