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come have fun!

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whats the deal with blog threads
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rss is ancient


shot out a chunky boog but lost it


it would save bandwidth to just view anime together in the mansion whenever an episode come out instead of everyone downloading it individually and then you sit down and realize youre in the company of those freaks that openly laugh whenever something happens


i would never watch anime in the presence of aNOTher person we would need isolation chambers and a one way viewing mirror


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theyre jap


its pretty good


how do you even read text with a resolution that big


can barely read it at 1080 without zooming in


wish i was pasted

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get in my golf and ill suck you off
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whats abusive about a gamestop card


first jod before i knew its conNOTations it was just pull here for pleasure


mom was literally arrested for child neglect and my siblings were taken by social services i mean theres no reason to whine about it now but my entire childhood was at the mercy of a 20 something mentally ill alcoholic drug abusing single mother


sometimes im spontaneously jerking it and know i should get a paper towel but too lazy and oog to stop so i sperm all over myself and it takes 10x longer to clean up later probably a microcosm of my life anyone have knowledge of this feel


paper towel what the flip

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not a fan of the sperm system


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die sagespace



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dont care


remember when the nice bolenig laughed at me for being too dependent on mom while he was zipping around on his motorcycle paid for by his sick grandmother who he was refusing to provide with food or medical care whos laughing now


for a guy that spent his days downloading child porn neglecting the elderly and updating his bros on his progress in grooming his cousins he sure had a big ego


its NOT been proven in court yet


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something has survived
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love consuming my ejaculate


put a bowl of chips in me room before darkshowering smells good very kramer-っぽい idea to use food as air fresheners


sigh kramer he was just like me in many ways


someone better make a real one


made one related to the recent topics

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ye snooze ye lose
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mom fell asleep with her arse out its actually impressive for a 50 year old no cellulite


disgusting dont look




she already woke up


shed be flattered if you asked to take one for your bros

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I found this website at random from Google.

I didn't see an introduction thread to post in so here's one.

I'm Matthew, but please call me Matt. Nice to meet everyone!

See you tomorrow.
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no thats what they call me impersonator


hey matt nice to meet you


sigh wonder why matt never came back


matt please come back


you there matt

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thats a skip


its a ban


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little slut


you cant skip $1200 worth of superchats



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