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can a job being white on japanese tv



gm said hes giving me the next mageblade


happy cirno day hima


happy cirno day its almost over sigh

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only westernized pseudo sushi


its all norm


just had a quarter pounder with cheese and ten mcnuggets yum


wish i was smart enough to cook jambalaya aris mentioned it but shrimp are too hard


NOThing more norm than orchestrating the murder of aNOTher organism to benefit yourself

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down the road NOT across the street
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add beans to my chili also add ground beef NOT rich enough to eat pure wagyu and chilis


this blog is bleeding out


had the urge to walk infront of a moving car today


had the urge to drive off a cliff today


thread full

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i said suck em
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miss drinking every day


content with life as long as im neet


i have to do that every day to cope with being unable to enjoy anime or gaming anymore because mom doesnt work two jobs anymore and i cant hide from her in my room anymore





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dont have hormones


turned on hardcore mode until mom made me get a spontaneous haircut hair was so greasy it felt wet on my head and the woman asked what i put in it and i said uhhh mom has some stuff and she put my head in the sink and washed it


mom is on hrt


wish i was on hrt


hima a shit

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uhh doesnt yours already touch the water


was in boy scouts camped in the woods used a map and compass would be a good guide


NOTiced my penis was showing through my pants the other day had to run back upstairs and put on tighter underwear dont want people thinking if have a big penis


never yuru camped never will


brought a water filter straw to thailand they made fun of me for having it said the water was clean and safe

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saw an old post of mine from 2012 said no way its impossible that could NOT be my post someone must have copied mine and put their freak twist on it but no it was mine


never gonno look at my old forum posts pre 2006


imagine if they dug all that up and threw it up on screen in front of 12 strangers


The Boss ordered banana hope she makes banana bread again


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himasugi generations


4 posts left


liar theres 3


crying well finally get to use the booby thread


learn to treasure your blog because unfortunately it can be taken away from you anytime

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nen blog
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cloggers would get beaten to death in prison


do they even have toilet paper in prison


getting upset



last post

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would be more confident and optimistic day to day if i wasnt an atrophied little gremlin


why would those things bring you confidence


might make me feel like an accomplished adult


youre probably too intelligent to magically get confidence from such meaningless things
confidence is something born from a proper upbringing


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