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heard that kind of thing was common at your first teenjob


seki pov


lulu super metroid stream in 10




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there were too many steps when it reached the 6 month mark and now there are too many steps at the 21 month mark think ill make some progress on getting the blog bottles out of here on saturday but i dont like to weigh the recycling bag down with too many of them in case it rips and i hate the noise it makes putting them in there


as long as mom doesnt get any more glass ones they should all be out of here in about 3 weeks


NOT many posts left


wonder what the last post is gonno be


last post

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dont post that western shite


nice weekendmin taking his few precious days off from waging to read post histories


a bones a bone


i was thinking about reversing some of the permas because theyre unsightly but then i remembered that one time that we got raided by random ips and needed to form the three piece janny voltron to take care of it i dont want a repeat


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guess ill snooze didnt shower though my arse is gonno be itching up a storm the whole day


cant snooze but dont know if moms up was gonno get some water but i dont want to run into her


made a nice big batch of sugarbutter


need to fix my posture


uh which thread are we using now

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thats how i do it too


wonder if that other guy who got timberborn is online


enjoying these new underwear my bulge doesnt look as good as they guys on the packaging sigh


lets see it


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that entuber is finally streaming d2 if that that one guy is awake


time for cup #2


im here just cant watch someone that pathetic


nice psychologically depending helicopter parent


i caved in and put it on i wonder when her manager is gonno fire her

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no talls allowed
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uh those arent an option


dont understand sugarnorms ill eat it if its there but i would never prioritize it give me a bag of deli ham over a box of cookies any day


you need sugar to live



thread done

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me when i shit
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saw this teenbro tonight he was twiggy short with a bowl cut thin moustache black white striped shirt and trying to light a cigarette


want to jo but the cats in the room




mindblowing that people still smoke


hikenorm stopped hiking once he realized how lame it was now he rides

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threads almost over guess ill snooze catch the next one when i wake up



he still is ive never looked that strong in my life


gonno get left behind


you could look like him in 6 months with my program

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which thread do i use
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would hate it


uhh just gonno instant message all day on irc with my bros haha


hate how you have to have a persona in instant messaging can NOT just relax every message has to be carefully prepared with your personal flair dont make me do that


every fleeting message attached to a name and avatar and being bombarded by pings and this and that


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