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me when i shit
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are they sexy




can i have one


sigh love my friend so much why couldnt i fall in love with someone NOT so flipped up and paranoid and emotionally unavailable


die freak

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no talls allowed
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nah the raiders are easily defeated


File: 1631862536909.png (Spoiler Image, 4.3 MB, 1280x1817, d3bb398689329202de59e73c641fc6ec4e2978e72c61c0….png)






thought we were in this thread the whole time get back in here

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she would be the perfect himagf but instead shes getting railed by some random chad


never going to watch that but ill post here


just flipping pick one


too long i think i can guess what shes gonno say



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threads almost over guess ill snooze catch the next one when i wake up



he still is ive never looked that strong in my life


gonno get left behind


you could look like him in 6 months with my program

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which thread do i use
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puked i made it


skipped 90% of the posts in this thread hehe




last post



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which thread do i use
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would hate it


uhh just gonno instant message all day on irc with my bros haha


hate how you have to have a persona in instant messaging can NOT just relax every message has to be carefully prepared with your personal flair dont make me do that


every fleeting message attached to a name and avatar and being bombarded by pings and this and that


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can a job being white on japanese tv



gm said hes giving me the next mageblade


happy cirno day hima


happy cirno day its almost over sigh

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if you want to be a norm then you already are a norm(USER WAS BANNED FOR BEING A NORM)
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this is the one


got left behind




nice blog


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only westernized pseudo sushi


its all norm


just had a quarter pounder with cheese and ten mcnuggets yum


wish i was smart enough to cook jambalaya aris mentioned it but shrimp are too hard


NOThing more norm than orchestrating the murder of aNOTher organism to benefit yourself

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down the road NOT across the street
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add beans to my chili also add ground beef NOT rich enough to eat pure wagyu and chilis


this blog is bleeding out


had the urge to walk infront of a moving car today


had the urge to drive off a cliff today


thread full

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