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Welcome to himasugi.blog, the premier neet lifestyle and mgtow discussion imageboard. Here at himasugi dot blog we take the content of posts extremely seriously. Discussion of the following topics will result in a permaban:

cheese pizza/pedo shit
sex/dating/gf/girls discussion
job/work blogging
china shilling/grifting
/pol/ shit excluding paste froggers

the following may result in a ban depending on how steamed the janny is:
posting vtuber videos over 2mb
posting any file over 10mb
using capital letters
misusing the quotation feature
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original rules for transparencys sake

Due to extreme user demand I will be listing out the specific topics that are approved for discussion on himasugi.org. All other topics will result in a ban:

sexy ladies
anime (no norm anime allowed including super)
games (no mmos allowed period)
music (no gg allen)
varg vids
rich piana

Furthermore I will be creating a list of activities and posting styles that are NOT allowed and are bannable offenses. First infractions will be given a short 1 week ban, second offenses 1 month, and third infractions an indefinite ban, no discussion allowed.
using capital letters
using the quotation feature
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