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The Rules

Welcome to, the premier neet lifestyle and mgtow discussion imageboard. Here at himasugi dot blog we take the content of posts extremely seriously. Discussion of the following topics will result in a permaban:

cheese pizza/pedo shit
sex/dating/gf/girls discussion
job/work blogging
china shilling/grifting
/pol/ shit excluding paste froggers

the following may result in a ban depending on how steamed the janny is:
posting vtuber videos over 2mb
posting any file over 10mb
using capital letters
misusing the quotation feature
using punctuation
using question marks
using any language other than english or japanese
impersonating neetblog

for gatekeeping reasons there is no board index nor are there any boardlinks at the top of the page. if you dont know what the main board url is youre not welcome here in the first place. the discord exists for discussing topics that are considered inappropriate for the board if you can find it

if you have any questions or inquiries please do not email me at