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the snow looks really nice



got left behind flip this


got something for you to flip right here


got left behind



why did you post that oh god


hope everyone is getting ready for sunday school


having a coffee


love a good stale cup of keurig


File: 1575211301127.webm (611.62 KB, 360x360, 1575079360935.webm)

heads up foid


my keurig produces some damn fine brew


gonno watch purges 9 hour long 7.23 patch reaction


why didnt she try to get out of the way



nah youre ignorant




feeling bored might jerk it to illya (prisma)


die ped


hoooooooooooo boy hima its raining hard real hard


shes ripe for breeding NOThin ped


love joing love ilya


love a good rain


might rain dance later


hate the rain love the snow


what about freezing rain


hate it




love snow though


love rain love snow hate humidity hate sweating


rain is just external sweat




i cant sweat


you may wanna see a doctor


my jaw locked hours ago and i cant eat hope carisoprodol helps


just push it back into place


its muscular the bone is NOT dislocated


manually chew


should i play the witcher


is it tetanus


always get scared when people stop posting


mom informed me shes on the way home with burgers


still cant open my jaw hima i can barely drink water mom got me a straw its locked


i dont know


you need more potassium


had a rem nap


eat bananas


had a ram nap myself


dislike bananas


you need them


File: 1575225828299.jpg (68.99 KB, 765x1024, A3XpoU1CIAA1_UY.jpg)


paste coolface


love bear love bearblogs simple as that


File: 1575226185062.jpg (733.38 KB, 1536x2048, EKqc3GyUEAA1bDD.jpg)

the ababababa tree





got left behind




everyones at church


bored guess ill bathe


File: 1575227347243.png (2.22 MB, 1079x1555, gf.png)


why is it always the most obnoxious retards that become popular on the internet


is that a fat cock


its a feminine penis


is that ninja


hate how only eastern europeans know how to properly dress a christmas tree


File: 1575228801935.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)




gonno snooze now


senko senko


anyone gaming


lot of bad childhood flashbacks today snowstorm just started cant go out to buy alcohol


im wowing


think its about time to crack one open whos with me


flip gamers theyre all misogynists


im a gamer i game simple as that


File: 1575231418537.png (544.55 KB, 707x1000, __original_drawn_by_zheng__84be10fd8a5ba93b150….png)

spermed a little too far


hate green walls




love green



Hello miss.


hima i went to target and the target sexy ladies were real


the what


love eyeing sexy ladies in public


you can stop pretending to be peds pnig isnt in charge anymore


what was he going to do with the cat i dont get it


enjoy it while it lasts the targets in my area are all full of walmart nigs now


snowing hima




how is he lucky he cant have mom drive him to get snacks and wine


he can sit by the window and watch the snow and drink a warm beverage


why did they have that police officer in camouflage


watching this one now


you know


whenever i make eye contact with a young girl i think of pnig and wonder what he would think and do and then make sure i do the exact opposite


give me some examples


my belt stays buckled for one


whenever i make eye contact with a young girl i get a bone


get an enormous bone whenever i see OF LEGAL AGE girls wearing thin shirts that show how narrow their shoulders are and how easily i could completely overpower them


you can stop pretending to be peds pnig isnt in charge anymore


File: 1575236260073.wav (12.65 KB, gaha00.wav)




got left behind





woke up hi


File: 1575238479394.png (763.67 KB, 1200x628, 1j2pgluehx141.png)



hey are you refreshed


classic should have prepared you for this


starting to feel the anxiety of having work tomorrow



should i buy halo or NOT


spermed now my penis is cold






only if youre going back to 2004


tummy hurts


fire up a cup


finished cleaning my room hima it took 3 hours but im done hehe


cant believe you fell for the clean your room meme


how is it a meme i just cleaned up my room cause mom told me i had to


really like having a clean room but hate cleaning


mom said she would make something delicious if i cleaned but if i didnt she was going to escalate the eternal conflict


you were supposed to call her a bitch and slam the door in her face


room is always tidy but it collects dust and spider webs


that would escalate the conflict as well


have mountains of hair nail clippings dead skin and miscellaneous slime


the mold


chris hansens a good man remember thinking the show was funny but now that im in my 30s i have NOThing but respect for the man




flip chris hansen hes a norm


norm normsen


when does the pnig episode air


saving people and their families and he went back to do more of it hes a good person keeping people safe


used to think it was funny when i was younger now i think hes just exploiting actual retards who would never get near a real teenage girl if they werent being set up


i think hes an asshole and im glad he fell on hard times
im NOT even a ped


same but its still funny


never understood how it wasnt entrapment


its only entrapment if they invite the ped over NOT if the ped invites themselves


kitty need flip


they always invite the ped over i think they get away with it if they dont show up in person


it is most of their cases get thrown out


it doesnt matter because their life is still ruined


would rather have my life ruined than my wig split and cheeks taken by big herc


prove it i bet all these perverts get the book


im big im hot


should i jo or sleep sigh i have to wake up early but i need at least 3 hours to jo


stop joing


how early


we did well during nnn but NOT its time to make it into a two month streak


what is nnn


norm norm november


why did the norms change it from no fap november


the norms are after me


its for norms end of story now die


File: 1575242522687.jpg (199 KB, 1093x2048, EKigedXUwAAMKYX.jpg)




delete that image seki




shes too pure to be defiled by a teen


girls cant be pure


she is


mindweeping that girls these days have more sex and more tattoos than men


did anyone else NOT know non non biyori 3 was announced


norm norm biyori


NOThin norm


i think they announced it after the movie



please dont say that you are lazy


watched one episode of k on in 2009 and dropped it




me too


its a masterpiece watch it again




fire up the hima k on stream its time


the freak likes this


NOT watching


why would she do that


shes a gamer


my bones hurt


need a quick dopamine hit any ideas



how about a jo


already joed anything else


fire up a mobile game



dont have a phone


salem tonight


did i ever tell you guys about the agp at dads work who was a regular guy for 10 years but the last year just decided to be a girl and also he had a wife but she left him and is still only interested in girls


were getting daily quests half off for a little bit more so get them done now


mindblowing that there are people dumb enough to fall for the tranny meme


agps are baste




this one came out a year ago but dad mentioned it today because now there is 2 more agps isnt that crazy apparently a poor little 85 year old granny quit immediately when she found one of them in the ladys room


is that a bot post


no im sharing thanksgiving stories


hope if i ever get a job there are no trannies because i will be fired immediately for refusing to hide my disgust


badass alert


simply dislike being harrassed and bullied into compliance


dont know what agp is


nice skipper


File: 1575248592593.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.23 MB, 1417x2006, 69700937_p0.jpg)


what are they doing


did they censor abigail


File: 1575249347625.png (46.4 KB, 933x532, trademark.PNG)

paste boomers


no one knows yet


are you going to roll for her


gonno game all night in honor of the worknorms


yes cant wait for her


nice its an exciting time


File: 1575250060544.jpg (253.2 KB, 1252x1334, DvjqgTOVAAEcaNO.jpg)


how much quartz do you guys have


hope they fire me before christmas




cant wait to get fired


fuck its already december


die norm


had a big toenail on my desk and now i cant find it




cant believe everyones sleeping early for work tomorrow


im about to snooze myself but ill hopefully be up at 1 or 2 to game


things will hopefully be pretty calm at work through to the new year so i can spend some time wallstaring on the job and NOT need as much sleep



a norm


love how youre spawned on this rock to do NOThing but walk around and find dead stuff to put in your body






woke up and raged


File: 1575255989784.png (185.83 KB, 380x443, 1575247615163.png)

have those reports on my desk monday morning


i have to go to flippin work tomorrow


hope you die on the job





File: 1575256847113.jpg (309.01 KB, 1920x1080, kakela-studios-degitalhuman-01.jpg)

hope i can reach this level


why would you render a digital chink when there are already 4000 exact copies of that very model walking around in the world at this very moment




just oiled my deck


did you mean deck dick or desk


File: 1575257881869.jpg (691.89 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=twmpl0-vJgI - 00:07:27[2019.12.01].jpg)

did japan NOT have any soap 300 years ago




soap is a scam


took the soap pill


no one needs soap just rinse the stink off


only use soap to wash my hands dont use soap in the shower ever unless im preparing to cut my hair




also im NOT stinky



i can tell when something smells bad ok


smell is the most norm sense


that would be touch


nah sniff in hell smellnorm


sense of accomplishment


bh nosmell


my sink is starting to smell


wish i could smell


sink pisser


preordered overwatch 2 diablo 4 and wow shadowlands


arent you a little old for video games


nice foe


the average gamer is 30 years old


the 4 has been painfully boring for years might start to just click random article on wikipedia all day instead


its time to stop living on the internet and step into the world outside


love a good wikigamble


File: 1575259458662.mp4 (5.97 MB, Chinese fisherman couple eating-12009703845116….mp4)


vile chinks


racism is NOT welcome on hima


this could have been me goddamnit why god


got a cutie mark


if that man lived in the west he would be a doomcel


i wonder that baby octopus tastes like


bout to make popcorn




too late already melting the butter


internet acting slow going to rage hard


calm down


it tastes really good


why would you want to be an actor in a chinese propaganda film


feels like the 1990s were over a hundred years ago


dont want to go to work tomorrow



getting worried about the employers seeing my applications tomorrow and might try contacting me


im a gamer


wish i was a gamer


then game


i dont have the necessary skills required


and game you shall


mindblowing how insane people who drink soda daily are and yet they are allowed to roam freely in the wild


time for nap


NOThing wrong with that




nuzlocke stream








burn the witch


File: 1575262202166.gif (1.47 MB, 1906x2149, 1491976354888.gif)


still havent finished watching senkosan afraid to watch the last episodes because then itll be all over


took me 20 seconds to realize this is propaganda




crying this is beautiful


NOThing more beautiful than a couple of paid actors eating out of a pot of boiling octopus as the chinese communist flag waves in the background


lets post more taiwanese and hk couples and less chink couples


hate china hate korea hate vietnam


i dont get it what is it propagandizing


chinks being capable of feeling emotions like love


hate chinks but theres a big boob chink at the chink restaurant that wears her hair in pigtails i dont know what shes doing


love gaming


how big


chink restaurants by me all avoiding paying taxes


massive by chink standards


im blimping out hima hooooboy can barely even move


mom made NOThing




hehe finally got the post blimp burp now i feel hungry again


starving only thing for dinner was turkey soup


love turkey love soup simple as that


woke up


youre gonno get fat if you keep eating like that


cant get fat if im already fat


considered getting a job just to be able to buy as much food as i wanted


gonno shower


dont use soap


one time i didnt eat for like three days by the end i felt really weak and dizzy it actually felt pretty good i should do it again but i dont have the willpower


you must start fasting


i want to


File: 1575264926333.png (2.67 MB, 1113x1586, slurp.png)



File: 1575265038543.mp4 (5.96 MB, dlhKGCWQH9oK4NZg.mp4)


NOT fair this guy had a team of doctors taking care of him and still ate vitamins


simply walk to the hospital and tell you want to fast for a year


sick of making eggs in the microwave any other easy ways of preparing them


kirby stream


love kirby


fire up some kirby 64


hes sexy


you mean she




was debating on ice cream with choclate syrup or cookies decided to have both hehe








wish i was senko


got gamer pinky


does it hurt


might drop a neetblog off at the pool


hair is getting too long want to cut it but its winter so then id be too cold


wish i was smart enough to stream


wish i knew this earlier


NOT really


hate how there are people that can stream but arrogantly dont do so


you hate my streams


why would anyone stream anymore if 3 people will watch for 30 seconds and then leave without saying anything




i always watch for hours


nice stream monster


made chicken taters and beans


didnt know i was supposed to post about the streams while watching


thats NOT what i meant


youre supposed to donate


youre only supposed to donate to girl streamers


got a bad headache because i forgot my coffee


drink water instead


nah i made a coffee


alright hima im up from my nap whos ready to game




tried playing fatal frame but its too scary sigh


love watching a good scary game fire it up i will get popcorn


you wouldnt want to watch its too scary


nah love scary games stream it


sigh fine


forgot how to stream


tried to make hash browns flipped it up


love hash browns



nice love fatal frame




hell yea


NOT sure why the arent showing up on camera think my emulator is flipped


theres a mention of that in the emulators wiki


that makes it more immersive since arent real


himako mansion




i have to put it in software mode to see but the graphics look worse sigh


morning hima woke up showered now im having a coffee
my sleep schedule is flipped


im also having leftover coffee from yesterday


cant get scared with her unenthusiastic voice actor


just checked my account and found out that mom wasted 500 bucks in only 4 days with NOThing but food what the actual flip


too dumb to figure this out


there was a static noise next to the mirror try to focus that instead


remember the silent hill puzzle


finished reading lots of good posts today


try between the curtains get some good angles


its defiantly between the curtains follow the static sound


cant sleep hima


try looking up with your camera


im literally going to start believing in when i get home


im almost ready to start believing in because i dont feel the urge to believe in anything anymore


hate people who watch videos


what the hell it wasnt working cause i didnt have software mode on


thats part of the puzzle


wasted almost 25 photos this save file is done for


you wont need them just dodge


my gaming power level is now 82




the wall mice are back hima


gonno have nightmares now


sigh NOThing to do now


do you still want that nuzlocke stream or nah


gonno snooze


figured out too late how to do critical photos might redo my save tomorrow so i can NOT waste all that film


fire up that nuz



why humming you could just flick the side of the bottle until theres no bubbles


should i get code vein



ya get yourself a nice pirated copy




never played emerald how is it different from sapphire


should have been flapper



its like going from silver to crystal


cant see shite


think i fixed it




sick how they use pokemon like slaves


is it going too slow should i frameskip




is this still a no item run


ya no items during battle but ill heal burn and poison in between battles


sigh no route 103 poke


why are you playing as a man


cant believe you arent playing as sexy may


may gf


why play as may when you can interact with may instead while still keeping your honor and dignity


paste wurmple


going to turn the stream off and on in just a sec




guys mom woke up ill have to stop streaming for a bit to do some stuff




sorry sigh my streams are always such a letdown


still havent streamed from my stream ready pc sigh


didnt watch the stream but it was baste


hell yeah


wish i had some wine


jaw isnt locked anymore hima it fixed itself during my snooze


should i fire up the stream again or is everybody snoozing


cant snooze


woke up


the spaghetti girl






File: 1575291444146.jpg (151.35 KB, 765x1080, 78107310_p0.jpg)



why are 2d girls so much more erotic than 3d girls


because humans are gross


2d girls are engineered 3d girls are randomized by nature


first day back on the job after 4 and a half days i feel uncomfortable and hungry


working is unnatural


if god designed humans they would all look like anime characters


i hate god


anchovy banner


wonder if i should go outside and be productive or game


drinking some bean sludge


game productively


File: 1575295851722.jpg (1.9 MB, 1729x4778, __original_drawn_by_nyarukac__593638dbe8233b6f….jpg)


feeling bad now my stomach is starting to hurt i dont want to work anymore but i dont want to go home and be a neet either


why NOT


back bought some squid


lots of white strands of hair hima


File: 1575298222180.jpg (197.09 KB, 1313x922, EKv7KKhWsAEwtRW.jpg)


basted gamer


you were tortured by the norms


white hair to complete that wizard look just need to get a robe and hat


my hair is really dark almost black so they really stand out but i think it looks cool hehe


ive been yanking out white hairs since i was 23 its easy to spot them in the black


i have a single white hair thats been there for a year or two


at work hima


cant believe our anime adventure will finally begin next year


work is pain


i dont want to go on an anime adventure i want to be part of a more relaxing anime


that comes after the adventure
you can be the kind of character that is always complaining and just wants an easy going life of tea and buttered biscuits


isnt that the character whos made the butt of jokes i dont wanna be abused


i mean i want to be abused just NOT like that


why would you want to be abused


hes a pervert


File: 1575302201084.jpg (518.14 KB, 900x1440, __ringo_touhou_drawn_by_kakone__f16c149a265f08….jpg)




nice plump rabbit


File: 1575302313278.jpg (76.92 KB, 709x600, __matoba_risa_idolmaster_and_1_more_drawn_by_b….jpg)


nobody at work says anything to me anymore they just give a slightly aggressive glance to me when they walk by


have you tried being the one to talk to them




that explains it


better than having someone bring up your muscles every day


wish i had muscles started lifting but now i get sharp pain in my forearm all the time


during my first job i got talked to more but it eventually turned to old fashioned bullying i swore then that i would never let it happen again better to get fired for any little thing over being the creepy silent murdercel than some easy target chumpcel


too weak to open this banana


sigh its gonno be fun


the norms should fear me


simply work hard give the impression that youre busy and quiet rather than spaced out serial killer


the norms turned me into a monster
theyve made their bed and now its time for them to die in it



we still have time to complete the amagami challenge and ascend boyos


anyone play rimworld


read that as autisticdancing


put up my resume on craigslist but only got a response from a guy wanting help getting his porn tapes onto dvd


he wants you to star in his porns


dislike porn


forgot to say rabbit rabbit


why is everyone on this christian


about to fall asleep in my chair


religious people are tards


what about p anderson


what about him


im a gamer i game


shut the flip up gaymer


you werent supposed to actually make an account and have hope its over for us idiot


goonna flip all those autistic girls



cant imagine having 2 autistic parents


i game


you do


NOT a dadnorm


he had autism


no moms a virgin


cant believe women would rather flip that man than me


had to go to the dmv holy flip every time i have to interact with the masses i come back giving mom more credit unintelligent men at least have spatial intelligence and are good with their hands but dumb women are just husks of flesh



believed it until the trolling victim line






nice bionicle


wish i was out at sea


youd hate it theres no internet


the bot


they have internet nowadays but its expensive to use


there is its just expensive



i could snap asmon in half


office foid said the mouth orgasm thing again this time with chocolate


she subconsciously wants someone to orgasm in her mouth


i dont think its subconscious


File: 1575315846239.jpg (528.65 KB, 1181x1748, 57211689_p0.jpg)


nice slimy girl




hate women




pasta for breakfast


File: 1575316563064.jpg (172.24 KB, 995x1005, 1575312933116.jpg)





mom had the day off because of the weather


what weather


lousy smarch weather


if you dont know who i am then maybe your best course..... would be to tread lightly


File: 1575318424050.jpg (37.85 KB, 152x120, Yuki_Nagato.jpg)


wish i had the day off


ask for a vacation


dreamed about fluttershy


wish i could have had aNOTher playthrough of the 00s this time as an adult character instead of having to suffer the 2010s


wait until you see the 2020s


the 2020s will be epic


im NOT going to wait around long i learned my lesson with the 2010s


it cant get any worse so it must get better


you havent seen anything yet


just realized my birthday is in a week completely forgot i have a birthday


File: 1575320908151.png (503.22 KB, 540x960, 10169A93-A069-4AD3-B63C-D940A55E10C0.png)

the wks must be stopped


michael wrote that


my birthday is coming up aswell cant wait mom always buys me a cookie cake hehe


what was the point of all that if she didnt reward him with sex


File: 1575322479498.png (2.12 MB, 2362x3496, b17a0c98741b48a7ed44847ce36e8a43.png)


put on my skimask and shoveled moms car and the driveway its nice to be outside and know the norms cant see me


thought she had a big pair of boobers in the thumbnail what a disappointment


came in from wageslaving all day to hear gran and mom talking shite about me because they didnt know i was home so i told them both to get the flip out if theyre going to pull their foid bullshit and then i broke moms bowl i just dont have the patience for norms that i used to


die boober


have to get christmas shopping done today or it will be too late


why would you do that to the bowl


payback for the ramen bowl


normas normming


what were they saying


how old are you two birthday boys


birthday men


mom broke the only big bowl


gonno be 27



cant believe pnigs gonno spend his 30th birthday in prison


told my sister id get her a cd but dont know what to get she likes gojira and tool any ideas


changed my resume a little and applied for a few more jobs



make sure to post on your birthday so we can say happy birthday


the sislarp has gone on long enough its getting too unrealistic


did that before but did it one day late so pnigs dox list wouldnt have accurate info


my cousin is a corrections officer and he says 90% of their work is making sure inmates convicted of sexual crimes dont fucking get killed


why dont they just let them die


why dont they just put them in a different cel block


that sounds suspiciously like a pnig post


im a cel block


hey gymnorm answer the question what were they saying


pnig is what prison folk would call a chomo


gonno snooze see ya in eight hours


jailed in cel block d among the most hideous irredeemable cels to have ever walked the earth they keep our heads wrapped in sacks because the mere visage is enough to drive the guards insane


sigh brings me back to the jurassic period



made a male troll druid


holy flip


now moms acting super nice a switch must have flipped in her dinosaur foid brain i hate foids i hate norms i hate humans i hate puppets


never knew about this channel they have a lot of stuff ive either downloaded or been unable to find this is epic


File: 1575328332642.png (1.84 MB, 960x960, EKzBPM7UUAAc-IF.png)


taco bell sucks




never had taco bell


its NOT that great


wonder whats for dinner feelin raunchy tonight maybe some gross delivery pizza or something


might beg mommy to order a za tomorrow


die sc2


what are you talking about


you know


taco bell near me sucks the taco shells are always soggy and gross


only ever get burritos and load em up with hot sauce


i dont know is that something they say


hoo boy hima its almost that time of day where i get to go home so i can snooze and come right back to work when i wake up


love some nice gross soggy tacos soggy chips soggy cereal cold pizza


thought we were saying that now does that mean every time ive read it here it was a raidpost


you know what you did


teen hours



hate how crass hima used to be


hate teens hate norms hate raiders hate discord


im all of that


one day the norms will get bored and leave hima alone but i will still be here


same slow and steady wins the race


went downstairs to eat with just sweatpants on and sis was there and said something to her friend about my body and her friend stared for a bit and i started to get a boner ill never forgive you for this pnig


pasted chadneet


how old was she


dont worry about it


jod so much that NOThing gives me a bone anymore i have finally ascended


no point to life without big bones


dumb sexnorm thinking





whens the fatal frame stream


me jo me jo me jo


watching some keyboard cat vids


miss when the internet was happy


its NOT night time yet


have to wake up at 6 and its 5:59



pnig is flipped i dont think hes going to survive more than a month in prison


still have no idea why he didnt just end it there are people who dont get that chance


a bigger question is why couldnt he just be a cool guy theres a point when arrogance becomes so potent its madness


could be arrested for a traffic violation if i had a license would still kill myself as soon as possible


always have an escape rope on hand


dont do it theres always hope


hate that im weaker than most women due to my sedentary lifestyle wish i could lift but i dont want to go to a gym with all those norms around


just swing a sledgehammer around your room


bodyweight exercises will get you ahead of 90% of the wests population


just realized everyone on hima who has a job went to private school no wonder were always being rejected


never fall for the meme that nobody is watching you at the gym they all are and they are all laughing




there are more twigs and fats at the gym than anyone and i dont think about them at all unless they annoy me somehow


only if you commit a felony or certain misdemeanors you have to actually try to break the law that bad its NOT just an accident


nah ill get pulled over for an improperly fastened license plate and get shot through the skull for doing something autistic while the norm screams orders at me


get all the exercise i need thrashing in bed



this will happen to you once you think your real life has begun


drunkard had it coming


the chances of that happening are very unlikely stop trying to scare him


simply fasten your license plate


well i can tell him with 100% certainty that as a cel the world will always be against you
the norms will look at you with disdain and in any confrontation that isnt obvious they will attack you first until you can weasel your way out of it


no one attacks me when i go outside


then you obviously arent cel


people gasp and stare at me when i go outside


poor freak


are you the smiler


never figured out how to smile how do norms just do it unconsciously


im weasel


hate norms


any good chris hansen vids



shall i jack it


watched the whole thing and didnt see a zebra



zebra crossing you tard


chris hansen stream


you can always tell the second they speak


sounds like something the british would call them


gonno start saying desu



miss those sexy dolls


dolls arent for flipping


desu is a sex doll




should i pour a nice drink


ya then choke on it


woke up gonno piss hard


gonno go to the store soon any recommendations on what i should get




only savoury meals that i can cook please


monster and nachos and a crunch bar


only recently found out youre supposed to toast poptarts


nah fire them up in the microwave


used to be hooked on the cinnamon poptarts but got sick of them sigh they were a good midnight snack


dont eat after 6pm


get a nice roast duck


they dont sell those here


might just buy thai green curry supplies and wine sigh


can i boil duck


but thats when the real feasts begin


love feasting


its bacon sandwich week


ok bacon sandwich week it is gonno get a new frying pan too


take a pic of one of those sandwiches


my imam said bacon is NOT halal


do i look like someone who cares what god thinks


rabbi said i could eat bacon just dont tell anyone


File: 1575342108827.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.75 KB, 592x720, EK1JWiFWkAAdfu6.jpg)


damn good cocoa tonight hima damn good


wish i had a bacon sandwich


wish i had cocoa


mom made steak


tell that foid to never touch the grill again


stop talking about food im trying to fast


starting to enjoy the hunger pains from fasting myself it feels good knowing my body is eating itself


that what im looking forward to


never figured out the difference between hunger pains and hunger pangs


let me know when you figure it out


mom made hashbrown casserole




ate something weird off the floor


thats unhygenic


did it tasted good


it was salty


was it sperm




File: 1575343627720.mp4 (1.75 MB, 1572411984931.mp4)


File: 1575343764725.webm (956.99 KB, 1280x720, 1472281316541.webm)

that reminds me of the kiniro english




im a gamer


i game


File: 1575344946960.jpg (649.37 KB, 1400x1977, d39abd60b544b0129ebd32da7ff65828.jpg)



wonder if shed be my gf


depends on your personality


introvert avoidant ptsd agoraphobic ocd schizoid here


shes NOT good enough for you


need a brown big boob gf




having moms homemade cheese cake pie


how come anime brown girls look infinitely better than real ones


thats NOT just brown girls


ya but the difference is way bigger with browns and darkies


pnig denounced anime girls after meeting tg


cant imagine working next to a girl like tg all day without having a raging bone wonder how pnig did it


hate women


File: 1575345668758.jpg (845.45 KB, 1181x1763, __sansei_muramasa_soukou_akki_muramasa_drawn_b….jpg)


maybe i should just give up




never give up theres always hope


fire up emiya whenever i need inspiration


File: 1575346540946.jpg (284.58 KB, 792x2736, 1414853526121.jpg)

sigh nb


wish i was as gar as archer


eating some yogurt


put the nightly sugar water in the freezer


used to love having frozen coke


the trick is keeping it in the freezer long enough that it starts to ice but NOT too long or it will freeze completely


stop drinking sugar water


make me water boy


File: 1575348382686.jpg (61.77 KB, 606x354, EKz7upzXsAATS-o.jpg)


men are only allowed to drink water and drinks that taste like burnt tire rubber


i decided to lemonade drink crystal light instead of my usual water and later i started sweating and even i could smell something weird almost like floor cleaner and then i realized the scent of my sweat must have changed is this going to be a problem or does crystal light smell ok


are you implying coffee tastes like burnt tire rubber


im insinuating scotch tastes like burnt tires


love coffee love scotch hate water


humans were never intended to drink water which is why it contains so many contaminants



water is full of antinutrients


water is full of shite bacteria


you need a strict diet of raw meat and no water


dont forget sunstaring


how about screenstaring instead


NOThin better


my eyes are hurtin


back from the store now its time for wine


alcohol kills brain cells


got my sugar water fire up the stream


made an offering to moloch


i have to reload my save to get the wasted film back first unless you want to watch me replay the same part again


got aNOTher expostulation from mom about my lifestyle


fire it up


youre better than her dont let her tell you how to live your life


ate the last slice of apple pie and left the tin on the kitchen floor



bought a nice big stick of salami to treat myself


you really like eating those sticks of meat huh


got your salami stick hangin punk


the image is stuck


what do you mean


video is stuck for me i can hear your audio but character is just standing still


does it work now


it was for a sec but now its stuck again i wanna say its my internet but twitch works fine


twitch works fine for me too but smashcast is always a laggy piece of shit so i can never watch streams there


should i make a twitch account


ya time to become a twitch streamer


make an afreeca account


need a twitch username any ideas


himas moving to mixer


hehe maybe i should try that instead




rayshifted to the final signularity hima


the final nigularity


File: 1575351489119.jpg (61.23 KB, 546x498, ninja.JPG)


what the hell its forcing me to watch a video on stream rules before i stream


get owned streamnorm


obey the rules streamnorm


File: 1575351706954.png (34 KB, 736x529, key.png)

cant believe this


time to start streaming right from your Xbox without a camera


told you to make a twitch account mixer is owned by chinks


microsoft is the last bastion of white software


the final one hima ending the year off with salem






still waiting on the stream







yea better


nevermind its stuck again what the flip




File: 1575353526414.png (776.59 KB, 1342x754, ropes.png)

its stuck on this frame while i can hear you fighting


are you the only one getting that problem it works for me on aNOTher tab


video is also stuck for me


sigh nevermind youre right how do i fix it


stream the way you did last night


streamnorm btfo


i think its fixed


is it workimg now


spoke too soon again sigh


found some white chocolate pudding in the fridge


stream works fine on my amd card


made big ol bacon and salami sandwiches some of the best sandwiches i ever ate i just made just now hima




senko likes salami to


to what




got something for senko to eat right here


is it napolitan


NOT quite hehe


File: 1575355498920.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)

is it tea


youre getting owned


that ghost was cheating


ghost cant cheat


the puzzle


dont understand whats happening


File: 1575356921120.png (751.69 KB, 997x1100, 64529785_p42.png)


i must save her




i cant sleep


hey hima just woke up showered and had a big ole glass of water hows it going




and whys that


because i can't sleep


die `


what the hell these keep cheating that one kept stunning me


im trying


being a ghost is cheating in and of itself


sigh only 9998 posts left


oh no hima bad news


File: 1575358900482.webm (1.82 MB, 1280x720, 2019-11-28_04-08-26.webm)


gonno crack open a crisp coke (zero) on this hot day


the female are more vengeful


yuuka cant even be bothered filming herself eating for one hour a day and uploading it because its too much work


wonder what the rope ritual is hehe


you cant judge her she only makes $580k a year its her hobby


meanwhile randy is flying all over the globe intentionally destroying his body just to scsnap by


its his fault for being born a man


gonno be the rope maiden


File: 1575361687328.jpg (628.74 KB, 1500x844, 910c13e79fc68ba5b90cc3f6b822aa94.jpg)


if she knew how cute she is she wouldnt look so sad


hope i dont get flipped over later on for NOT properly conserving my film and medicine


got something for you to conserve right here


woke up hima sigh its a little late i snoozed too hard


go back to bed and wait for tomorrow latesnoozer


File: 1575362814106.jpg (49.37 KB, 573x535, disney.jpg)


need to get my hours of gaming in


wish walt was still alive


hope you mates are excited for the dark souls 2 stream tomorrow


walt hated nigs and loved sexy lady


hope its demon souls instead


make it a challenge run


its NOT my run its asmongolds




flip that norm


playing some scape



rendi got owned hehe some guy got a fire cape at cb 16


that was me



got them all downloaded for free already


thats illegal


already bought all the ninja storms but my allowance is too low to get jump force or bor uto


how can it be illegal i just clicked on a link and it downloaded on my hard drive


its stealing


the creators of boruto should be proud i deigned to steal their awful ip


you what


i deigned


did you just make that word up


is this the guy who didnt know what circumvallated meant


stop using big words


made a pbj sandwich with choco milk


thats too much sugar


never ate a pbj never will


like pb but NOT j


hate pb NOT really a fan of j


i made a toasted pbj earlier today hehe gonno start toasting all my bread from now on


got something for you to toast right here


anyone else have phases for food i switch between loving pb and hating it on a yearly basis


ya used to always get chicken at fast food but now im addicted to burgers


yeah i do


who the hell invented toast what kind of person baked bread and was the first one to say you know what put it back in the oven


love eating figs with pb


believe that was the earl of toast


wonder who invented bread in the first place seems complicated with the wheat processing theres NOT much yield and how would you know to put yeast in it so it rises


pretty sure that was the earl of bread


mom has some christmas lights on in the kitchen wonder if i should replace the main light in my room with those


how did someone figure out to put 2 carved stones together like this and spin it


grew up next to one of those christmas light freaks who had 10s of thousands of dollars worth of lights always hated em never allowed mom to get any


File: 1575366067324.jpg (428.83 KB, 2000x1462, d6s0to6-8306a473-d28c-4aba-8145-c898088e67df.jpg)


me when i send the top two cards of my library to the graveyard


horned in my pants


dont let mom put up any christmas lights because of my autism


guess its time for some more bacon and salami sandwich


File: 1575371509693.jpg (841.16 KB, 800x800, 1546740382255.jpg)


File: 1575373043494.jpg (187.07 KB, 800x1000, EK26dU3UcAE1657.jpg)


think those are too big theyre starting to sag


bought a coffee machine and licorice on amazon hehe


File: 1575374421771.mp3 (2 MB, 1448579120605.mp3)

saved this from hima but cant remember what its from



is winnie the pooh banned on hima


miss the 2009-2011 days of just waking up and screwing around online and gaming and eating cereal and snoozing and thinking everything was going to be ok it was still somewhat peaceful in the world there werent ravenous sjws or numales or trannies if i could go back i would have tried harder to enjoy it more


hows does that affect you in any way


loved 2009 - 2010 but enjoying now more since im no longer eop and can ignore all that crap


because theyre all over the internet even hima had a wk problem until they were imprisoned


they werent real they were just trolling you


jokes on them theyre doing 10 to life


regret to inform that you are suffering from an acute case of teennitus


the peds have been forced into hiding ever since the nig got arrested


File: 1575383864040.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


File: 1575384099430.jpg (158.56 KB, 1280x720, [Mad_le_Zisell]_Machikado_Mazoku_-_10_[720p].m….jpg)


wish i could flip that child


sis overloaded the trash can pretty sure the trash man skipped us because you are NOT supposed to do that


File: 1575385086338.jpg (574.81 KB, 2048x1365, holidays.jpg)

look who came out of his cave


me on the right with the red shirt


was sis trying to hide her liquor bottles


the mansion is now a tiny home community sorry everyone


nice tiny streamer homes



a neet like me deserves better than that




File: 1575388343008.jpg (980.33 KB, 1790x2356, __nakano_miku_nakano_nino_nakano_yotsuba_nakan….jpg)

how they found pnig before arresting him




me in the green skirt


hey are you refreshed


weighed myself down five pounds just know im gonno balloon up later


if nb can do it you can do it


File: 1575390853250.jpg (47.31 KB, 644x568, ummjlkegfwmcgkucdmezgiiigx5bw4eh_hq.jpg)


cant login to wow flip this


owned wownorm


get owned wn




i deserve it


forgot to bring my lunch today guess ill fast




should i get a prostate exam


been pacing back and forth for the last two hours


you can do that yourself


i bugger men


sigh its going to be hard to go from rank 5 to rank 7



dont post pitbulls around here




look hes smiling


hate dogs



hehe loved megalia


mom made meatloaf


hate meatloaf


havent had meatloaf in years


himasugi may stand with the terfs but we do NOT stand with the chinks


what about the gooks


we must abolish the patriarchy


gonno fire up some sushi


feeling a raid coming on


File: 1575397763610.webm (3.08 MB, 853x480, 1574496441484.webm)


npcs would listen to preachers


wish i was an npc


god made this world in order to be my tutorial level


all teens are npcs


youve here for a while and you havent finished the tutorial yet what happpened


level 29 and still in the tutorial sigh


showered then shat


cant leave until i get a slime gf


just hit level 30 and unlocked my spellbook with NOThing in it


what was the name of that guy whos like food ranger but more gross


you were supposed to remain a virgin


you jod your mana away


happy birthday but someone killed the class trainer


can only cast a weak little measly fireball after a year of nojo when do i get meteor


uhh whos buying halo reach


classes were abolished a long time ago now you only have professions


how do i reroll my character


should i buy it


dunno what to do i could try to remember how to play nioh again or watch something been craving watching some teenime for the first time in a long time and just tarding out


or could feast


just bought it only because its really cheap


stream it and i will decide if i should buy it


had a 1.63% chance of being born in japan and blew it


gonno snooze


failed my fast why am i such a failure


you lack discipline


gotta eat simple as


burgers and fries are what lifes about


gonno work on aNOTher 3d project


hope its sexy ladies


File: 1575400317862.jpg (35.6 KB, 426x520, 4ea.jpg)


tardlaughing at the word juicy never realized how funny it is



juicy bhole



decadence killed rome


its decided then gonno feast HARD


giant problem a huntsman spider has crawled over the door so i canNOT go exit my room to raid the fridge i think i will be able to leave but NOT able to return


its over


smash it


cant believe they updated the rules right before i dinged


im too arachnophobic to confront it


youre a hundred thousand times bigger than it stop being a coward


hope it escapes


officefoid asked if i have a gf then asked why its officially over ive been through this enough to know its only a matter of time before the v question


report her to hr


fastfood day today i got burger king


burger tasted kind of weird and i bit down on something hard


didnt confront it but managed to put lots of delicious food in the oven gonno feast hard and my irrational fear of spiders wont stop me or make me lie to my mates


why would you lie


saying i was gonno feast and then NOT feasting


oh feast on brother


dont feast


love oven chips simple as that


heck ya






delicious shoestring fries i added some pink salt and ground white pepper was a good decision to add pepper


who did what now


gonno snooze


shes a genuis


phew feasted hard feeling bloated in a good way like a happy blimping neet


this too shall pass


should i go with mom to pick up the pizza might buy some cold ones and maybe some bourbon too


ya she would appreciate the company


ya my mum always says if you have a man accompany you then you wont get snapped to my sis


nah thats what shes for


no then theyd both get snapped


halo looks boring dont get the hype


nice its tyrannical week hope you mates are ready to fire up some keys


gonno level a warlock


makin pasta


hope its horde so you can chain wins in korrak


whats korrak and yes its an orc


moms being a bitch and doesnt want to get fast food but i had a pbj bagel since were out of bread
need wendys or mcds badly


fast food is NOT real food


it tastes the best


dont have enough for bourbon why do they put the small bottles behind the counter why should i be forced to add aNOTher step to the transaction


you cant drink bourbon thats too sweet


hope you got some nog to go with that bon




File: 1575409348670.mp4 (1.46 MB, moto243.mp4)

im NOT very good at english whats she saying




hb that was some good halo


pastas done


two out of three employers that saw my application responded to me this is NOT good one is for meter reading i think i can do that


you need to be able to drive to be a meter reader here i cant do that


i drive




dont think this means youve won


why cant you drive


im tard


you have a 1 in 70 chance of being in a car accident this year NOT sure why anyone would drive with that knowledge


dont think thats true


ignorance is bliss


hate driving


the chances are probably higher anyone who willingly enters one of those deathtraps is either a moron a slave or a combination of the two


im both


im a risk taker


hate adrenaline junkies


im a junk food junkie


im junkie


love hopping in my 23 year old car and excessively speeding and driving aggressively


youre a menace to society


he is culling the norms


love strapping tightly into the cockpit of a firebreathing alcohol fueld turbocharged awd world rally championship homologation racecar and driving to the bank


poured some cereal and dropped it all over my bed ill still eat it though


hope it was special k


it was


thats for girls




its the high protein special k it's NOT for girls and it was on sale i bought like twelve boxes


why would you want protein in your cereal isnt that weird


onegai muscle


really hate how norms latched onto the protein meme yeah you really need all the protein you can get for all of that sitting watching netflix you do


mom is going to eat it all and think you bought it for her


nice uli


how is that any different from pacing wallstaring joing gaming and watching anime all day


its different


its NOT about what they do its about them NOT shutting up about protein and on hima its NOT a problem except for this fag >>990241


you clearly dont do all of those things back to back its like running a double marathon


im NOT a fag


i put protein powder in my smoothies just because it tastes good


how much milk are you supposed to pour in a bowl of cereal never figured that out


hope you arent drinking pasteurized milk


wish i could drink milk


wake up drink coffee pacemumble wallstare jo then game and watch anime then snooze in that order its NOT that hard


what does the 2% mean in 2% milk


it means 2% fat


is that good or bad


its NOT good or bad it just is more fat makes it thicker and less watery and also fat is calorie dense so if you want more calories than you want the fat


mom always gave us skim milk so i got used to it and whole milk felt too thick for me but when i wanted skim milk around relatives theyd make fun of me even though they were all obese


hate fats


chocolate milk


mom always gave me whole milk but im twig


love chocolate milk love strawberry milk


why didnt she just buy regular milk and water it down


never seen a pink cow


File: 1575412161247.jpg (29.2 KB, 285x500, nestle-quik-strawberry-syrup-.jpg)

loved pouring a nice thick load of this into my milk



strawberry milk is gross do you eat banana pizza too


strawberry milk is as good as spearmint milk which is slightly better than banana milk but above all is honeycomb milk chocolate milk is middle tier


NOThin better


never heard of spearmint milk banana milk or honeycomb milk


shes trolling


love honeycums


ovaltine please


why dont they call it roundtine


its NOT round


the mug is round
the jar is round


gonno make a big ole mug of milo


think ill fire up a nice poke jerkjo


im lactose intolerant


might attempt a workplacejo before heading home for the day


stream it


love a good work and jerk


workplace amusement park school plane bus you name it ive done it


wonder what pastor anderson thinks of prostate exams




thats sacrilege


ate some ice


hate when pixiv recommends a western artist can't they just stay in deviantart


deviantart is for freaks


File: 1575413225853.jpg (145.84 KB, 1315x2048, masters-spearmint-milk.jpg)


thats why i want the freaks to stay there


File: 1575413250094.jpg (14.78 KB, 300x300, 8898413.jpg)

sorry should have done it in the same post


know what else you can shake to thicken


getting upset at these cartons




die desensitooth


File: 1575413839048.jpg (25.71 KB, 448x600, 1575403902664.jpg)


File: 1575413849205.png (8.82 KB, 616x175, c8ac6f1e71c.png)




going to take a lot more than that to calm my rage


nah its 4


better to blame some abstract corporate entity than engage them on a personal level


i put 2 always works on mom


too schizoid to know the right answer


im a 21st century schizoid man


yeah didnt get what i was hoping for from my m+ box though


the song stuck in my head was from spelunker ive never even played spelunker


where does kia rank on the smv scale


die norm


pasted vnig havent seen him in years


halfbreeds should be outlawed


don't make me look at thumbnails of gross men


die apostronorm





flip it ill become vegan


where is my autistic scandinavian mail order bride


File: 1575415585073.png (3.47 KB, 1327x64, cab46a32b6f7.png)

im supposed to lie here right


no youre supposed to be honest and agree


shes cute sigh


yes absolutely answer the opposite of whatever you actually think


mom came in told me she wants to take me to the beach i said no im going to bed its 7am she said she was going to call mental health institute and theyd lock me up i said mutually assured destruction youd be locked up too she left and said shed leave the door open so the huntsman spider could get back in after i courageously chased it out with a brush but relented gonno snooze


File: 1575416007133.png (170.22 KB, 538x480, nrms.png)


would have a panic attack taking this test


eating cheese nips better than cheese its


stop eating cheese




why would she be locked up




is this real whats wrong with her all of a sudden


shes afraid her mentally deficient manbaby is going to be ill equipped for survival in the world so she thinks she can quickly make up for 30 years of single mother parenting by feeding him the just go outside pill


im NOT an idiot i wont swallow the plastic


cant say ive tried just going outside what if it works


every time i tried it back in the day i came home feeling worse than i did before i left


it gets better


dislike arrogant pampered neets supported by their upper middle class family of mathematicians looking down on the self sufficient workbros


we live in a communal society its wrong to be independent


my communal society is poor


love math


came from a family of ugly retards except mom who lucked out on looks i was probably born like this because i was the only one that wouldnt immediately rope


loved the mathnorms squeals as he was banned


every day should be cherised that you were born into this magical world


everyone in the family is sexy except for me


im gorgeous


im incel


any dr phils about cels


mom had to make a cash advance to pay last months rent if i dont find a job thid month its over


teeth are brown from drinking black tea all day today


ask the landlord if he can wait until the ritual


drink some soda to clean your teeth





one employer sent me a pdf to fill out that i cant use anything to edit with so i printed it and filling it out and going to have to scan it and then send it back
the other was texting me but stopped abruptly when i clarified i had absolutely 0 customer service experience


moms sick shes sitting on the couch watching cnn


putting a sugar water in the freezer


dont drink sugar water


love sugar water hate norm water


tell her to stop watching jewish propaganda


wish i was dumb enough to watch cnn and fox news all day


love seltzer water


having to talk too much these days starting to feel exhausted


might earlysnooze


throat hurts after talking to mom for a couple of seconds NOT sure how norms talk all day


its like lifting you just gotta exercise


exercise by talking to yourself


ive lifted a lot of weights and i can tell you its NOThing like that


gonno practice speaking in a high pitch


always talk to myself when im nightwalking



NOT going back to the store near the pizza place practically blew this months budget for half a bottle of bourbon and 6 blogweisers




hope your liver fails


get some bags of purell


hate drunkies


no work tomorrow gonno neet it up hard


hate norms




once i get fired im gonno convert all my money into liquor and become an alconeet


invest in crypto


why would you spend money on alcohol when the mold makes it for you for free


the mold



used to make sugar wine in five gallon jugs




same but got sick of being snapped internally by the yeast


youre NOT supposed to drink the dregs


File: 1575421987190.gif (63.7 KB, 196x280, Making_jug_of_wine.gif)




the temptation was too great


wonder what the next big hima meme will be


rest assured i will fall for it


think i might have ligma


sigh feeling scared hima its almost night time and i have to play it


you have to stream it




gonno crack one open and snack it up


shotgun it chug chug chug


dont know why teens chug its much more pleasant to gulp out of the bottle a few times an hour until you fall asleep


its that megadeus


hate how slow nicovideo is i think they do this in purpose because they hate gaijin


mouse is double clicking sigh


bilibili is slow as well think its hard for it to come across the pipes


urge to consume but i ran out of money


need to start a halo clan and own some noobs




watching scary deep web videos


whens rdr2 getting cracked


gonno pop a cold one with the boys


hima i managed to convince mom to take me to wendys i still have some chicken nuggets and bbq sauce in the fridge but im gonno snooze for now hope everyones up at midnight


yeah tuesday night party with the boys


never ate wendys how is it


is working in sams club as bad as walmart


found a finger in my chili once


does sams club have an annual membership fee then no


you work you die


File: 1575426063118.jpg (140.24 KB, 838x1200, EK2i3eeWwAEYmK-.jpg)

thanks for the ride mom


walmart isnt bad its minimum wage is 11 an hour


dont trust that smirk im NOT getting out of the car



sigh pnig loved that vid


cant stop thinking about shamiko




File: 1575426823115.jpg (830.24 KB, 1100x1846, 20e99e9e74c2067583a583dd1d1fbde7.jpg)


dont get these patreon artists their art is always ugly whos paying these losers


i am




its time to bust out the oreos


the fattos


wish i was fat


are you a girl




hate girls


File: 1575427400333.png (1.05 MB, 1300x1264, __original_drawn_by_miyako_naotsugu__5d59154e2….png)


hairy freak should be ashamed


want to worship that hair


imagine having president of the united states as previous work experience in your resume


it cant be helped


File: 1575427601903.jpg (682.95 KB, 1098x1098, 1514452070249.jpg)




why would you need to work after being president


mindblowing that you get free armed secret service agents that guard you 24/7 until the day you die just for being president for a couple of years one time


File: 1575427975597.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)




can you jo with the guards around


cant believe american presidents are all peds and yet an innocent tard was thrown in jail for the same crime


he was a violent offender


mindblowing how jewish propaganda tricked everyone into hating peds and the norms fell for it


prep up the stream im on my way home from the office


File: 1575428695652.jpg (623.43 KB, 2896x4096, caffb3922722e445026e478b8e81cbb8.jpg)


shes beautiful


cant believe were getting re3 now too


hope they dont remake 4 its already perfect


File: 1575430067449.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


reading some creepypastas


File: 1575430178896.webm (1009.16 KB, 1280x720, ababbabaabaa.webm)


the abababaaba girl


the normbabababa girl


File: 1575430768539.jpg (1.74 MB, 1153x1631, 75485038_p0.jpg)



fire up the stream its time


wonder if she wants to play splatoon we can play salmon run hehe


would cover her with a blanket and tell her to change her clothes


whats wrong with her clothes shes gaming


she needs to put on her gamer attire


put the gaming and cracking on hold for the stream where is it


why do i get the ugly controller


you get the 3rd party controller that barely works


File: 1575431201927.webm (2.26 MB, 640x360, 1439047677669.webm)


always preferred the madcatz controller




cant we just forget about the stream the game is too scary


did you also torture neighborhood pets


i need to know more about the ritual


gonno rope man


just put my nightly sugar water in the freezer it usually takes about 20-25 minutes before it reaches the goldilocks zone hope the stream is up by then


love putting a beer in the freezer for 20 minutes before crackin


what the flip how long has gelbooru had a night mode toggle


thats news to me


only pednorms use gelbooru


just landed on hoth hima


File: 1575432442939.jpeg (255.87 KB, 2048x1623, 4d90a3a3ba5fb9c87ca8064c9b26f666.jpeg)


flapperlaughing remembering when 4norm gold accounts became a real thing


jo time


this post requires a hima gold account to view


why do people pay for danbooru gold accounts when you can just go to gel and see everything for free




i just use pixiv


wonder how norms live without adblock


uhh just disable your adblocker guys haha


gelbooru doesnt have ads anymore even without custom rules


simply use grabber


woke up


first mistake of the day


mom said im a mistake


first mistake was NOT streaming


File: 1575434159653.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)


the okaerinanoja girl


sigh pnig loved hojicha


almost as much as he loved having cigarette smoke blown in his face as a child


used to think tea was better than coffee used to be a fool too


eating pickles




why NOT


theyre just old cucumbers


with garlic and other stuff in them yum yum in my tum tum


hope those pickles are fermented



how can i tell


File: 1575435199814.jpg (784.29 KB, 848x1200, 77833605.jpg)


dont post the ugly nigger one


die explosive racist


hate that guy


would really prefer if youd be quiet


whens the next tranny gdq


moms making mini pizzas she found the mold in her pepperoni but she only thew away a few pieces



dont think pepperoni can grow mold


they ripped off teen spirit


love peperoners


it can


File: 1575436318293.jpg (Spoiler Image, 69.65 KB, 600x743, 1501529944096-1.jpg)


need a muslim wife


you dont


whats wrong with her dick



mindblowing theres no stream



downloaded 5gb in 6 minutes


is that fast


it takes me most of the day so ya


i think so i was always a speedlet



hell yea


hellz yahhhhh


gonno keep hardware mode on until i find a ghost


need aNOTher hard drive never enough space


almost out of space myself


die hoarders


cant wait for the hima metroid prime stream


im NOT just a hoarder i seed too


almost bought a pack of american spirits at the store earlier but didnt wish i had


love hoarding love gamin


hate puzzles


the last 2 numbers have to be 26 but NOT sure what the first 2 are


a true gentleman leaves no puzzle unsolved


simply brute force it


thats how i solved the skyrim puzzles


sigh i need help im too dumb for this


just like old times sigh


sigh the tard filter


File: 1575438892939.jpg (318.29 KB, 1200x645, krenz-cushart-steampunk-color5-final.jpg)


shinto ritual = dont know
blind = blind demon scroll
held on the day of = the scroll says 26th day
what does it mean






sigh i overthunk it it was just the first 2 numbers in the scroll


did NOT cheat


crying hima sh3 stream feels like yesterday


he loved sh3 streams


what the hell theres a ghost in every room now


there are in your room too


hey hima woke up


used to relate to feels guy and frogger they feel like strangers now

read a bunch of 2012 4norm threads the other day wondered where the time went


feels guy doesnt even feel anymore


hehe i remember this puzzle took me forever to get it


feel a strong connection to coolguy


i can only relate to gigachad




quit calling me a cheatnorm


then stop cheating


the only cheating i did was asking hima for help for the last puzzle but no one helped


everything used to be so simple going to be 27 in two months dont know where the last 10 years of my life went


the mansion...


things were never simple


File: 1575441193285.png (2 MB, 1050x1974, 1556973571173.png)


why does my dick size matter its NOT like other people can see it



always wondered the same thing how could a woman possibly know your dick size before its too late




very kawaii reaction to that box rattling


i snooze


you snooze you lose


miss yellow subs


wish all women were dead


stop posting so much


what about your mom


post more


gonno have a flipping heart attack


hope so


hima tab using four gigs of memory my computers having a heart attack


she was joking about locking me up but it was still a mog


File: 1575443658475.jpg (Spoiler Image, 658.06 KB, 1004x927, EK3bGxAU4AA5pcs.jpg)


File: 1575444202300.jpg (303.18 KB, 1920x1080, 21.jpg)





stupid teen


just a little longer


wish i was still a teen


was admittedly pretty gross as a teen because i hadnt learned things like honor or regular bathing


what has honor gotten you


im innocent your honor




this is the good one


just woke up hima i overslept a little but the night is still young


good morning now its time for bed


ever since they hid the sexy lady tag



shadow mistress yuko


without honor youre NOThing but a scattered norm


always tell mom to order my drinks with no ice but she always brings a cup full of ice


pre internet memes were all corporate ads


phew hima done reading you guys really posted a bunch today


thread almost full already that was fast


dont understand how we finished the thread in a day


its been more than a day


what do i have to do to get the title shadow mistress


you cant


you can start by being female


gonno buckle my knees


File: 1575445660792.jpg (302.43 KB, 1280x1919, gamers.jpg)


those arent real gamers


despise foids


theyre gaming so theyre gamers simple as that


will never forgive the norms for taking gaming from me


its over


gonno watch dovy


might i interest you in a nice asmon vid instead


File: 1575446576823.webm (2.79 MB, 206x400, 1575131417168.webm)


need to buy presents


hate normsmas


joy to the world fa la la