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malay hours


dont have any food to eat


might grab a durian at the market this weekend


flip market flip durian


paste durian


mephisto was anticlimactic compared to based durial


moms asking where im getting money from again



mindblowing tyrael was black all along and you just couldnt tell because of his hood




love watching all the tard diet clans warring each other


dont remember the last time i was upset by an offtopic post


why do norms love drinking out of mason jars


mindwelting that despite all our efforts the sjws won gamergate


theyre norms dont question it



why does nobody care that theyre sitting there


theyre NOT actually sitting there holy shit you retard its a green screen wait until i tell the boys about you


its a green screen






owned tea norms


threads almost full prepare the evacuation procedures


sigh pnig was a teanorm wish he was here to get owned but i guess twenty six years in solitary confinement will have to do



pnig had me fall for the tea meme then the rizon meme he was too persuasive


i meant ryzen


dont think i fell for any of pnigs memes




should i install fgo




cant believe i fell for the flippin turmeric meme


love when a captcha is simply there to stop me from posting at all by taking 10 seconds to load each square


turmeric helps me but its mostly the curcumin part you have to get a really high concentration of the curcumin


NOT even the baja blast one


what happened to the balsamic meme


dont think that was a pnig meme but i didnt fall for it either way


turmeric cured my chest pain


just cant understand why pnig decided to get the ryzen 1200 didnt he crave more power he had the money to do it


sigh his streaming career was getting ready to take off


right before classic came out too sigh


>>863105 no one wanted to watch him


love reading those posts from the final hours


he had no idea what was coming sigh


justice for warosu


This is usually done to show off a character's breasts, ass, and feet all at the same time. The subject can be wearing legwear or barefoot, but their feet must be visible as this is a term coined by foot fetish enthusiasts to describe a particular pose that shows off the feet.


really unprofessional to use the a word and NOT butt


drinkin a nice cold sugarwater


hope its frozen


gonno save my sugar water for later tonight when i play halo hehe gonno be just like the good old days


whats your sugarwater recipe


2 parts sugar and 1 part water hb




dont wake daddy


my application for volunteer work got rejected


that means your labor has negative value


mindblowing that norms wont even let you work for free


mom made manwich joes


offered the manager $8 a hour to let me work


NOT a bad deal as long as you can put the experience on your resume


hmm tough deal kiddo how about $10 and you let me put a leash on you and call you roverandom


File: 1575592066793.jpg (304.88 KB, 833x1080, 1575589425213.jpg)


mom raged at me when i told her i was gonno apply as a janitor she wants me to work in customer service since she thinks being forced to talk to norms will fix me and thinks janitor is an easy way out



water meter reader employer never got back to me sigh was looking forward to that


you cant be fixed because you arent broken its this world thats in need of repair


baking aNOTher batch of fries


mindblowing that you cant seem to learn being a norm you either have it or you dont and my boy let me tell you i dont


you cant bake fries they are fried


then what do you call them when theyre baked smartass


baked potato


thats what you get for going back for seconds from the tree of knowledge


no you cant just call them baked potatoes if theyre sliced in little pieces




think im gonno play some darkest dungeon


baked potato slices


looks like a sjw game


love potato wedgies


potato strips


wish i was dead


mom burnt the chickens


why does that one guy boil his chickens


hes a norm


what should my gamer tag be






boil em mash em stick em in a stew




halo streaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam


File: 1575593236632.mp4 (1.89 MB, e6kjcz.mp4)


why are security cameras so poor quality


the pigs would have to do something if they were high quality




wish i was attractive enough to be molested


by a sexy lady right


cant stream im tard


ive been molested its NOT that great


would love to get molested by a sexy lady but getting defiled by a man sounds gross


dont want to be molested keep your hands off foids



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