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blast off
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shorts are pinching my pubes and ballskin might go nude until the laundry is done


never knew true comfort till i put on the skirt


sigh december 1st only one month left


theres still time


cant wait for 2020 bet its gonno be a great year and an even greater decade


mom made turkey enchiladas get em while theyre hot


never ate turkey whats it like


nice found an old pair of elastic shorts behind my dresser


hehe you meant kilt


i meant what i said norm


turkey is gamey


no it isnt


i meant gay meat






i want to die today





File: 1575187846428.webm (3.6 MB, 1280x720, 1556674875026.webm)



weve told you were all tired of senk


i love her


tired of the addiction meme ive been having coffee smoking alcohol and posting on hima every single day without fail for the past four years and im still NOT addicted to anything


then stop right now


why would i stop


to prove youre NOT an addict


he clearly isnt an addict if he is choosing to do those things every day and enjoys them no reason to stop


ya ill keep doing them every single day forever since theyre NOT addictive


smoked for 5 years took the opportunity to quit after i got sick wasnt that hard mom went to the hospital for a month when she got pneumonia and immediately started again after she got out dont understand


youre addicted


nah there are people who are able to smoke a cigarette only when they feel like it instead of dreaming about it and doing it the second they wake up he simply has a superior brain


wonder if id be a twig if i smoked


cant believe asmongold is on herod now


File: 1575189620323.mp4 (5.25 MB, 1562462778947.mp4)


bored gonno watch this until i fall asleep


i fuckeled milk


thats NOT a word


ate 4 pickles


nice 4pickle


prefer a nice 6egg


kay just beat quelaag first try what the flip


shes a cheater and uses magic


stop watching that shite


he wont hes a foid worshiper


hate foid worshipers


kay is NOT a foid


never cleaned the dust out of my ps3 hope it will survive one more souls run


you are gonno get the yellow light


if the game lets you play that way its NOT cheating


gonno smoke a cigar


love foids



are you the unplugger cheater


whens the nuzlocke stream




should i stream one




nah pokemon is for babies


what are the rules


love pokemon love gaming


catch only the first poke per route and release them if they faint


can i have more than six how do the rules interact with the box


if you lose your whole party just grab your box pokes and try again once you run out its over


quit smoking one day after years without even trying bet i could do the same for alcohol if i wanted to




but cant you just use potions and train your starter whats the point exactly


you dont really win if you cheese


i guess no overleveling and no items should be a rule


which game




which poke




hell ya


helllllll yaaaaa


lets snooze


File: 1575193092560.jpg (254.66 KB, 1920x1080, Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! - 03 [BD 1920x1….jpg)


how do i stop grooling in my sleep


to stop drooling you have to sleep on your back


File: 1575193699828.png (4.76 KB, 873x346, Untitled.png)

sleep like this


going to bed wish me luck


break a leg


she didnt say drool


use the internet 16 hours a day and never got addicted


she had to have meant that because if she didnt


still made they didnt remake emerald




rice cakes cooked in pork broth hell yeah


that sounds like a chinkmeal


love grandmas old ding feng soup


File: 1575197715895.jpg (256.8 KB, 1272x2073, 1522541714552.jpg)


File: 1575198714365.jpg (13.11 KB, 220x220, 220px-Mooncake_3-4,_lotus_seed_paste.jpg)

hell yeah eat those chinkmeals


NOThing like a batch of fresh pee eggs


File: 1575199582053.png (19.5 MB, 1700x2800, Station.png)

stayed up so late to finish it


it looks realer than real life


would have put more time into the clouds but im tired as flip


you need to add raytracing with a nice nvidia rtx card


hand is bleeding hard this might be the end


love a nice 20MB image show some humility and compress it

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