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File: 1574386481865.jpg (338.81 KB, 1920x1080, Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! - 12 END [BD 19….jpg)


blasphemy pnig is a failed norm who beat and battered his grandma to a bloody pulp turt on the other hand is a true freak of nature in the good way


you will always be a raider teen


miss when we would have 20 blank threads to choose from


how about you make some threads then


stopped making threads after threadrager monopolized it


you mean when pnig would flip out if people didnt post in the gay thread he made


miss the prenorm warosu era NOThing will ever get us back to those days


current warosu is nice its just you and the bots


it was full of norms


the good old days before the norms invaded jp


just realized something


sigh before the teens invaded


posted this >>983523 yesterday and killed a spider today cant believe i actually did eat a spider


back hurts from hunching


want me to kiss it better


mod managed to ban turt neetblog and aNOTher regular poster hehe


hes out of control


might stream


always keeping bro spirit with my patreon donations




every poster on hima will be replaced with one of his coworkers that he smokes reefer with by 2021


played some retail while i wait for bgs to come out in classic



dont you think a lot of those kids are born through infidelity and NOT from a 100 year old mans sperm


mindblowing that women would rather flip an ancient dusty 102 year old zombie than me


yeah... real mindblowing...


too nervous to start aNOTher batch of anime dont want to say goodbye to my friends


feel like id be good at fishing but never got the chance


hope senkoman is doing moderately well


dont really mind his posts but wish he would tone down the frequency


whats there to be good at you simply pull it up when you feel the rod move


lets fish


i love her


if you are good at sitting and staring for 5000+ hours you could be a master fisherman



ive got 99 fishing


File: 1574388718418.jpg (85.37 KB, 677x800, f349e18d34fed62d3d842098a7f3bc8e.jpg)


i dont get it


the hell is the point of fishing if your just gonno release the fish afterwards what a waste of time


you cant possibly eat all those fish


you will never understand the ways of the sea


sure you can just toss em in the freezer and eat them later


you might as well buy them from the store if youre just gonno freeze them anyway


thats wasting money if i were talented enough to fish i wouldnt need to spend a dime on food


they are full of man-made toxins you cant eat them


im full of man made toxins


doesnt stop people from eating them anyway


NOThin wrong with a little mercury


im toxin


drink 3 boxes of wine a week wont pollute my body with fish poison though


need to taste a nice fresh ikejimed fish once in my lifetime


you will never become one with the sea as i have


mercury gives you superpowers


watching this


why japanese people


whys the guy singing


having some pecan pie


hope all the future hima fishers will practice ikejime


wonder why girls like karuta so much



mindblowing that with NOThing but a fishing rod and a solar panel you could live completely off the system and one day of fishing is enough to feed you for weeks its that simple


its NOT that simple


simple as that


loving the new dovy vids


its a tardgame


im tard


wonder what happened to hikenorm


its just onseki


hate the skipper


always skip norm hours


havent had a good bushcraft sesh in a while


NOThin better




one of my favorites





hate those arrogant chinks




File: 1574393165174.png (Spoiler Image, 600.76 KB, 648x864, lqDFDXXvfqMs7kyQ9y1FrGcQzdCE23uMPlcxFqo_oYE.png)


got a headache


whats on the agenda tonight


catching up on seasonal anime


bashing chink skulls in


we outnumber you


File: 1574394762098.webm (1.94 MB, 640x640, 1574311584699.webm)


i kill the#cat


File: 1574394973043.mp4 (6.38 MB, baste.mp4)

you need the original with sound its much better


love how mad westnorms get just for owning a mere cat


NOT opening either of those




nooo NOT the heckin good boy kitty


hope to see some bans in here


File: 1574395230218.gif (914.27 KB, 512x384, bA4Ge4h.gif)


eatin some chicken tenders


basted valve scrapping hl3 to make a prequel game that requires an extra 500+ dollars of peripherals to play


nice strawberry


whens left for dead 3


paced around outside too much might have caught a cold


File: 1574395648586.jpg (684.64 KB, 1280x960, lettuce.jpg)


File: 1574395728656.jpg (69.25 KB, 744x800, 1573146220361.jpg)


phew got jeanne np5 and all the grand prizes but missed 2 4* fous oh well


pased gambler


really flipped me up for a few days the first time i NOTiced you can see both of a chinks eyes if you look at them from the side


hate that vid


miss food ranger


he wishes he was hanging out with his best pal and business partner winston


anyone have the clip of laowhy vaping next to his daughter


File: 1574396355904.webm (1.77 MB, 1280x720, 1511116795477.webm)




at least he didnt have a son they would be doomed


me posting on hima


File: 1574396521924.jpg (160.18 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)



miss the hima vape coalition


lets see if high refresh rates are any good


paste soylent mutant


did shroud use his aimbot on the test


his wifes genes are so bad that the daughter isnt even sexy


die you gods damned skipper dir


should i go to the store with mom tomorrow to buy a can of asahi and some sapporo ichiban


someone teach me how to play fgo


NOThing to teach


spam buster


cant stop listening to chink music now



kinda want to try coffee but im a bit scared of hot drinks and mom would make fun of me for trying new things shes familar with


give me the basic step by step


the higher the better your brain is still affected by the constant flicker


had coffee once couldnt sleep for two days it was a terrible experience


wish coffee stopped me from sleeping


went to the store got a bottle of hwisky and some supplies for kraut dogs


is this a pedscope




sigh nevermind just remembered what it was


hell ya



we now call hannah to the stand


fire it up


im sorry but hannah mysteriously disappeared yesterday


okay what next


pick marie



dont know how



should have kept exercising


dont understand sports anime


whats to understand


so beautiful


wish i was capable of crying seems like itd be nice to have a good cry


its NOT team sport and it doesnt involve a ball


what about real


i cry all the time after finishing a good anime


almost made a dumb post glad i realized before i hit new reply


you should be hitting tab enter


the norms took away my ability to cry


what do you mean tab enter


feel empty after a good anime usually stare at the wall for a couple days before i recover


havent talked to mom for over a week


communicating with foids is always a waste would rather talk to animals


dont call us animals


how are you any better than a common chimp


File: 1574400163933.jpg (279.66 KB, 1280x720, 1567039407246.jpg)

use this to relieve some stress


use shift tab enter to post


your supposed to immediately fill the void with aNOTher anime




dont own a supposed


type up a post and hit tab then enter it will change your life


what am i supposed to do with this image


dont listen to him he uses javascript


preferably you would watch multiple anime at the same time so you can immediately watch aNOTher episode once one ends


tardlaughing at the guy who didnt realize hima had autoupdate for years


File: 1574400383751.jpg (218.62 KB, 1003x1417, 1566235455597.jpg)


shes elegant


love a beautiful woman in deep thought


love women



he was better off without it
cant trust autoupdate have to manually refresh the page


you need to f5


accidentally opened something and got a bsod


File: 1574400577685.jpg (55.14 KB, 640x480, 1574300469834.jpg)


ctrl r is also acceptable


autoupdate causes you to miss posts occasionally


out of apples sigh


File: 1574400635102.webm (1.79 MB, 350x622, 1572104473684.webm)




feel like ive seen this foid posted a million times today


still NOT sure what the point of tiktok is


wish i could bust through that paper thing wall and beat that foid down until shes NOThing but a red smear on the floor



i think tiktok is just an imitation of vine


still NOT sure what vine is


only know about vine because of this


sigh hima


dont know what any of this normshit is


wish i had spent the years between 11-23 doing something else


what about right now


the ritual will provide you with that opportunity




did everyone forget about bowsette that died quickly


hate japans sexnorm memes miss the 2011 and before times
i blame twitternorm artists


hate twitter hate norms hate sexnorms hate bowsette hate


love teens love norms love memes


die norm


hate the freak hours


the freak has been released


just call them norm hours


those years were all that mattered i spent them incorrectly


going to snooze


unban mullvad release the freak


might start playing league


its for norms


my brain rotted cant learn anything new anymore even if i tried


same here no brain left cant do anything always flip everything up


the freak has NOThing to prove anymore he made it probably making 120k a year by now


money doesnt solve the norm problem


is the freak the euronorm


check the wiki


freak makes 60k a year working 50 hours a week lives in a cockroach infested apartment that costs him half that and spends the rest on milk tuna and transportation to his job


File: 1574401612507.jpg (108.35 KB, 818x656, hatred.jpg)

fired it up


NOThing worse than worshipnorms


if thats 60k in dingodollars he makes less than me while having twice my iq this world is a farce


its all over this weekend hima



work is a flipping scam hima instead of spending close to zero and having no job you could get a job and have a bunch of expenses that come with having a job and you work so you can keep working


simply take out credit and use it all then be free once the ritual saves us


life is a sick joke


never felt as free or liberated as i did today when i saw my first neetbucks payment arrived




how much do you get a month


File: 1574402197915.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)



remember wanting to cry every time the neetbuck people called and i let it ring they sure are persistent


never been a neet with money


couldnt make it as a poor man stealing


i have six dollars




File: 1574402500392.jpg (1.69 MB, 2560x1600, 1571425148588.jpg)



have to go deposit my coin jar collection tomorrow


almost kind of fun working during the months leading to the ritual telling the ceo that no i will NOT be coming in on saturday and leaving at 4 with everyone still working looking at me or sending a mean email back to the vice president after he sent one to me

i think they know i dont give a hoot about being fired but they just live with it because going through the process of finding someone else and training them isnt worth the trouble


our last christmas our last new year


cant wait till one guy actually believes the ritual meme and ropes while we laugh on hima about him


its NOT a meme to some of us its the only path forward


do NOT underestimate the power of collective thought this is something the ancients understood well


wish i had the guts to rope


one day you will wake up and know that its your only choice


its NOT about the end its about the new beginning


why would you laugh about that


File: 1574402883516.jpg (762.77 KB, 1452x1775, 1574142688456.jpg)


for the same reason we laugh at pnig for falling for the ped meme


i dont get it was it big or small


cant believe the levels foids will stoop to just to insult a cel even when were flipping dead


fell for the neet meme fell for the ped meme fell for the tard meme fell for the schizoid meme fell for the virg meme gonno fall for the rope meme


you have to stop working for 2 or 3 years before roping so your normworkers dont come to your funeral and misrepresent your pain


sigh keep getting tard wrangled while shooting up the school


wonder why i havent roped yet been thinking about it for as long as i can remember


why would coworkers care about or even know that youre dead im more worried about the psychiatrist from years ago going on the news or something and calling me retarded


you will join us in our journey to the new world


they dont even remember you exist


they would get social points for going to the funeral of the guy who killed himself a month after quitting and claiming to have known the real you


how would they know though its NOT like you have any connections that could relay the information to them


they wouldnt go norms just talk about doing things like that but they wouldnt spend the time on us


trust me go off the grid for a few years first


NOThing will change NOThing ever changes


what are you on your third ritual or something


np5 jeanne guy post your friend code


lets all rope in japan bet itd be nice to be buried in japan


we must head for the cliff where freak took his life


i want my remains spread in the mansion and i do NOT want to be cremated


sorry im too shy my servants suck anyway


thats okay ill pretend youre on my friend list


dont say that about your servants they trust you




stomaches feeling weird mightve ate too much


does your tummy have the rumblies


watched 12 minutes of anime today didnt do anything else except ctrl r hima


damn good day if i say so


did NOThing for 10 years


sigh left behind in my sleep


cant believe boomers could work an easy part time job with no experience and afford to buy an entire house in a few months


wish i had some candies


remember when everyone used to pretend to be a neet but we were all actually uni students but we tricked some idiots to actually be neets and waste their potential haha


started playing fate go ended up getting jeanne elizabeth and caster gil and befriended a whale


finished my degree before hima even existed been neet ever since


never seen a college in my life


never figured out the difference between college and university


which jeanne


i was referring to the jp days


and where do you think i was before hima existed


ive NOTiced a lot of japanese streamers using automatic jp to eng translators recently


hate westaboos


hope zyzz friend guy is doing alright


used to know zyzz


regular jeanne


fe el bad because she makes mash irrelevant she will resent me and become a femcel


hate jeanne dont dislike mash


feel like playing a horror game


jeannes np is better i dont like either of them sexually but mash is a one dimensional parody of sakura with limited voicelines


legs are really itchy hima something is very wrong


gonno watch this


he isnt


im right here yes i am




might level up atalanta


in english gamer


im a gamer i game


cant believe some quack doctor gave me ear plugs to wear in elementary school because tongue clicking sounds gave me a really unpleasant feeling and made me rub my ears like a tard so they thought i had a problem with my eardrums but it was just misophonia all along


ok you know what
i may be a convicted child sex offender
but at lest i dont INSTIGATE


saw the cutest teengirl ive ever seen in my life today


wonder what percentage of teengirls realize that every man that looks at them thinks about flipping them


you shoulda seen her


why didnt you record her walking pnig wouldve


remember when pnig was going to post a picture of tg but then he got arrested


he wasnt going to do that


pumpkin seeds i bought are too salty


normkin seeds


why would you say that to me


nights going too fast its already 245 flip


i said it cause my brain said type this and post it


die central norm you either live in the east or the west


might go buy super smash bros today for my nintendo switch


what are you talking about its only 7pm


12:51am here


it gets night too fast in the east and the west is too far behind central is ideal


5pm here


its the same hours of daylight a day everywhere


gonno walk to the 7/11 and get some cigarettes its time


hope the powerlifter guy has a barebell drop on his disgusting greasy head


mindpeeling that if the earth just took a little longer to orbit the sun google would have to come up even with even more of their stupid fucking patronizing cartoon banners


Basically If you are a pedo who r*pes kids, a murderer who kills goodguys, or a bad guy who does all the bad stuff, then I say this to you: middle finger.


drinkin a coke zero


$40 for a 25 pack of marlboros holy fuck


soda is for white trash


love sugar water


used to get banned on hima for drinking anything but grass water


hate these hypocriticalnorms judging me for doing something i like doing if i want to drink coke zero ill drink coke zero its my life i will do what i want to enjoy it


NOT going to judge you for being white trash dont worry


sigh never feel like watching anime anymore after watching vtubers all day


reluctantly updated my gpu drivers but theyre better than the last ones


dismissed the report queue hope there wasnt anything in there


woke up


File: 1574421347310.jpg (68.1 KB, 500x523, 1574418050155.jpg)




vile roast nice teengirl



phew nice dark elf girl of "barely 14 seasons"


wait a sec that means she was 3 NOT 14


why did he rp as a girl wheres his honor


he was a sick freak


he was a 3.14pi


File: 1574427575336.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


hey are you refreshed


ya making a cofeve


hate this reflappered bitch




the spam


File: 1574432263465.jpg (377.06 KB, 877x620, __shima_rin_yurucamp_drawn_by_naruse_mai__b3f5….jpg)


phew nice puffy kitty


gross kitty


shes so beautiful would love to go camping with her


want to go camping with the eyebrows one


made a cafe au lait


with soy milk right


cafe au norm


its time for hima to adopt a new shogun


File: 1574441870697.png (181.17 KB, 567x845, f5daa67d2c414744ca4a62fea6b14417.png)


hate bitchs


hima mansion will be located on lbi


thought lbi got shut down


vile let me game in peace


File: 1574442748844.jpg (1.08 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20191122-112059.jpg)


im NOT on the spectrum im just schizoid


tried to explain that to mom


mornin hima showered and now im coffeing up hows it going


sexy little shimarin kitty want to flip that baby snap that baby


mom bought the icecream cake hima


moms out of town for the weekend got the house to myself and 80 dollars what should i do


invite some girls


save that money up


gonno run for president would you mates vote for me


youve got my vote sir


any 28 year old norwood 2 college dropout twigger gamer incel here


File: 1574445497333.jpg (46.7 KB, 680x680, 1bg3r8tu79041.jpg)



anyone here getting a cybertruck


a what


hima the client that responded wants me to create renderings of adult diapers im gonno have to create dipes


diap needs a changie


sounds like a panic attack waiting to happen


File: 1574447602494.png (910.92 KB, 1644x1333, 1574420916913.png)


paste lod model car


File: 1574447833333.jpg (93.92 KB, 836x627, 1574434389099.jpg)


guy came in here and talked to me now im sweaty and frazzled


what does o think


car bros gonno freak



cant calm down


layoff the test injections


mindblowing that winston has lived in china for over a decade and still cant read chinese


cant stop injecting test im addicted


is that the gnu + car model 2


his wife translates for him


why did god make children so damn sexy


File: 1574449419911.webm (2.11 MB, 1000x563, 1574203396197.webm)


woke up mom made sausage and potatoes think i can skip normsgiving this year mom said shes going to a friends house and shes gonno make the turkey on the day after


what the flip


woke up hope i get the rustfeather mount today


told mom i didnt need her to go into the store with me ended up buying expired chips sigh



just incapacitated a fly with my fingers i am leaving humanity


whats himas game of the decade


killed a bunch of flys with my bare hands


dont think ive played any games made in the last decade



think moms an npc everytime i walk anywhere near her line of slight it automatically triggers a dialogue or she just starts humming this has been going on for years


mine does that too


bludgeon her and see if she drops any loot


wish to order pizza but dont want to tip guess ill just get taco bell


what happened to icenorme


NOT enjoying my vacation as much as i thought i would hima we moved to a new place so everything is still a complete mess i got a cold and then a fever and people have been calling me from work every single day to solve their shite im talking every single day


leave the country


leave china to me


raging hard my life is such a flipping joke this world is a joke


remember this from way back on funnyjunk


theres no content for aNOTher month


how come i keep watching food videos when the fridge is empty sigh


might go to h mart


normout new vegas


would have to say its dark souls


china bad hong kong good


bored whens ww3



why dont they just annex them already whats stopping them




File: 1574453124965.jpg (Spoiler Image, 999.93 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=4wMipdJGigM - 00:08:26[2019.11.22].jpg)


always tardlaugh when im trying to songjo and lose my bone


ooog ooooog


do you mean 25 packs of cigarettes or a pack of 25


you know



i only smoke luckys no normboros here


mindblowing that tards pay hundreds of dollars a month to fill their lungs with tar


feels good man


hope turt is doing below average


same and you too worshipper




is that an agp


put on some basketball shorts and accidentally bent over and caught a whiff of the neetreek


we are all bros here you dont need to pretend it was an accident





hes telling you to die




drank 3 cans of surge and 1 can of coke gonno snooze


cleaning ladies are laughing at me in spanish


hoooooo boy rustfeather mount dropped


jod to fur again sigh


hope it was a sexy vulp


the norms must be stopped


cant believe we were the norms all along


took a shower


sis made cookies


same but didnt use soap or shampoo just wallstared


were you taking a nice 30 min sick shower




used the 2 in 1 incel shampoo


might fire up the liqour store


they dont sell luckys here


dringin goffee


drinking water


sexy sexy satoko banner


youll stay away from satoko if you know whats good for you


File: 1574459689816.jpg (239.25 KB, 1280x1791, 1574455823505.jpg)

gamed hard


drinking sugar water




need to drink gamer girl piss


gamer girls are gross you need some sexy lady piss


File: 1574460532711.png (23.3 KB, 621x272, b2012c5f851420958365d09b4a6fe2f1.png)

its free money


free as in free beer or free as in freedom


raging why didnt anyone tell me about this sooner


got back from the liqour store some nigger threw trash out of his car at a stop sign


why do norms care about money so much


because money controls the norms fool


internet costs money


looking at some funny lolcat images


gonno jo to some pone anatomically_correct_anus


hell yeah brother


paste ponebone


moms been thanking me a lot recently its weird


she knows you are going to rope


she probably watched a dr phil episode



dont watch that its anti neet


gonno send that to mom


hima hima


that poor woman


any good suifuel


hate neetshaming


gonno drink this headache away




alcohol is my only friend in this world


same but at least my himafriends have never made me vomit blood


never puked blood before whats it like


ive spermed blood but never puked blood


shit blood all the time but never piss or pike


hate pissers


only happened once



makin chili


whys it called chili if its hot


just got back got a nice coke zero and some cookies gonno order a ncie za


it was invented in chilli






back from the store hima got a whole lotta ramen some choco pies a bag of skittles and some orange slices gonno neet it up hard


having some plain mcdoubles and fries prepared by upstanding african gentlemen


why skittles and NOT m&ms


m&ms arent sweet enough


throw all that out and boil some chicken


nah flip you chickenorm


chicken gives you manboobs no thanks


hope you got some warheads too


i dont


what the flip


they have growth hormones that turn you female


fired up some tenders and taters


ate chicken all the time and im NOT female yet


are you sure


its 1am should i go for a nightwalk


why NOT


you should walk straight to hell euronorm


started makin some 5 minutes before this post hehe how much cayenne do you use


no you will get stabbed its dangerous at that time


those mcdoubles were too good wish mom would get me more than two


im the danger and im NOT scared of myself




hate skyler dumb foid


love how arrogant japs are about their cleaniness and safety when theyre NOT even in the top 10 safest countries


yeah they are idiot


me and mom


theyre safe from criminals but their souls are dead so they kill themselves anyway


mindblowing how much safer it is with no niggers around




a guy posts his thread and gets banned and you think that of me


im the one who bans


finna dab on taynos


might have a movie night




every night is movie night for me



im feeling nostalgic over 2016 now what the flip


is china steaming yet


popped my back hard


2016 was the worst year in human history 2020 will top it though


its over


cant believe im going to be living in the 20s of the 2000s people in 3000 will talk about us


really hate hearing the words twenty twenty


mindcrunching that were closer to 2035 than 2006


its two thousand and twenty


cant imagine how bad the world will be in 2035 hopefully ill be dead


pick up some nice 3 in 1 celwash from the dollar tree


uhh its twenty hundred twenty do you NOT speak american


everyone will be jacking into the vr servers


pissed myself hima


looking forward to 2020 in a masochistic way


youll be in the cel deathcamp in guangzhou


what was the anime of the decade


gonno run away from reality




File: 1574471663339.jpg (197.81 KB, 1366x768, sigh.jpg)


miss the jinrui stream


damn good anime that one damn good


moms crying


i remember watching it when it aired and it was 7 years ago how has time passed so fast


is she thinking about jinrui too


2013 was worse


2011 was when the world started getting really bad


we had just lost jp for good around then after it was doomed from 2011


its mi goreng time hima


its over


burgers sugar water and chips this is a friday night


pizza is here hima i repeat pizza is here


crack open a cold one


had a burg earlier wish i was american so i can feast with my bros


hehe were all mealsynced


File: 1574472196408.ogg (10.47 MB, blue girl on sunday.ogg)


nice mealsyncers




held a girls hand in 2006


what did it feel like was it soft


my hands are softer than a girls



a himabros gentle touch


im gonno lose it if i dont get a hug from my bros


whats brooklyn style pizza


i have a court order to NOT touch other men sorry


is that you purple aki


thought id be cool like johnny bravo but ended up as a manlet cel like dexter


dexter will get his revenge



he doesnt need revenge dee dee is right there ready for flipping


dont know


chicago is deep dish but what is brooklyn


need a daughter hima i need one bad


wish to flip lisa


what are you going to do with a daughter


lets get gay married and adopt


lets marry and adopt one


why would i be single


cant believe they didnt let thad adopt a daughter


the pnig irc leaks shook hima to the core before they were buried


gonno chug a huge tub of water hima then pisss


thads gay now


maybe pnig can marry him when he gets out


thought gays were born NOT created but then thad proved me wrong


NOT even mom believes gays are born that way


theyre executing him he isnt getting out except in a body bag



File: 1574473784857.png (57.53 KB, 800x600, gay website.png)


wish i had a gay dad


its NOT that great


showered changed the bedsheet changed the pillowcase swapped out the old blankie for a new one


dont see a single benefit to having a gay dad


gay people are cool


better than no dad sigh


hope you mates are watching the fire breathing conference


NOThing would have gone differently



pastor wk


wish to give my daughters virgintiy over to a himamate


got a big horny bone in my pants what am i supposed to do hima


pastor anderson will make a man out of every himamate


love big bones


what else to do but jerk it


lop it off


some good jav have come out in the last few years but they would take forever to download


post some pasted pastor jason robinson instead


File: 1574474530738.webm (Spoiler Image, 260.67 KB, 1280x720, 1574206965746.webm)


should i buy a wireless headphone




gonno remain with father and mother until i get married


why would you need wireless headphones


so i can dance and spin without cracking my skull on the floor


just to reduce cable clutter


watching kay play dark souls episode 31


how will you use audiophile cables on wireless headphones


gonno pop a cold one with the boys


im already one kind of phile and its NOT an audiophile




did she beat ornstein and neetblog yet


wonder if i should call mom and get her to bring home some burgs


is it bibliophile




tell her to get you 4 mcdoubles and a case of cold blogweisers


mcdonalds will be closed by the time she gets out only burger king and wendys will be open


should i make chili dogs or chili toasted sandwiches or chili fries


make some chili nachos


all outta chips for the nachos


hate when mom brings mcdonalds and the fries are cold and stale


hate how hima only eats hispanic food


fire up those fries


how is it hispanic if a white person makes it


ask for no salt fries so the mcdonalds wagenorms rage at having to make a new batch just for you


File: 1574475040335.png (75.85 KB, 1101x843, Big_bones_detail.png)


i dont think the apes in the mcdonalds kitchen give a shit


wouldnt chili fries be soggy


are you tard even boomers stopped downloading stuff in 2012 youre supposed to get in watch it on a streaming site and get out and thats it


pastor anderson time get in here


your streams will fail you when you need them


no she just finished fighting against the hydra


the hydra isnt even a boss


thats a myth they just refry the salted ones to wash the salt off


she beat the moonlight butterfly before that


hate seeing foids play souls games while their orbiters backseat game for them


cant believe foids are better at gaming than me


there is no backseating fool


love backseating kay while her bf flips her


like im gonno believe that


on episode 62 myself hehe


girls dont have the skills to game


p anderson is my father figure


thats a myth


they cant make the hard decisions


seeking wealth


speednorms btfo


gonno go take a big fat nap you guys be good while im gone ok


phew nice 2 sexy ladies staring at the camera


thats too fast youre gonno finish it all too soon and regret it


hate finishing a game and taking months to start aNOTher


what do you mean i was around episode 30 when i first posted it here and theres dark souls 2 and 3 playthroughs too


gth pednorm


peds created hima


and now they are facing the consequences



npcs btfo



wish i was attractive enough to cosplay



try cosplaying ugly characters


should i make myself aNOTher drink


ya choke on it and die norm


wonder at what point in history asians NOTiced theyre a dlc race and NOT the normal one


why do i keep waking up with gas


wish tree wasnt dead it had the perfect mmo aesthetic


File: 1574477066310.png (123.8 KB, 335x236, 1574450265418.png)




was eating a chicken sandwich at wendys and there were two 4/10 foids sitting across from me enjoying a girls night out they didnt even look at me NOT sure why this surprises me anymore


nah those vids get taken down all the time


you should have read a book to catch their interest


leave them alone if i was eating like that id want to be left alone


sexy lady gave me the look today when i was walking


dont even look at children creep


why were they supposed to look at you


dont think girls nights out are done at wendys


got a >6'0 personality


its boring


what look


File: 1574477645465.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.16 MB, 1764x2508, 1a4297fd2bb0022e96f4a5ce8a01f8af.jpg)


is that a piss bottle


officefoid said i need a woman she can probably sense im cel theyre pretty good at that


File: 1574477909166.webm (3.99 MB, 854x480, 1574424486066.webm)


what a beautiful dance i hope her dreams come true


you need a woman in your life


how do i stop ooging


get some fentanyl


already got mom and shes bad enough


File: 1574478542392.jpg (46.49 KB, 560x316, MAGURO-083.mkv_snapshot_00:06:02_[2019.11.22_2….jpg)

me on the right


took me quite a bit to find ジュース in the kana table hehe


are you tard there are sites just for jav NOThing ever gets taken down


i could have read it for you


cant help but laugh at the literal losers furiously jerking it to images of men flipping women cementing their low status firmly into their brains and lowering their test


dont understand the point of javs when you can look at some enjo kosai


plumpers increase test


i self insert so its fine


NOT if youre watching one get flipped by some chad with a 10 inch donger


find porn gross but can easily jo to nn five times a day


posting here raises my test


sexy pigfaced jap plumpers sigh





remember imouto curry from the good old days


these guys look even uglier than me and they get paid to massage girls like >>984860 all day where is the flipping justice in this world


mom couldve given me an imouto but she gave me two smelly norm brothers instead stupid bitch


mom gave me a younger sis but shes retarded


you say that like its a bad thing


wish i had a retarded lil sis


File: 1574479829176.mp4 (116.98 KB, 1197922562065330176.mp4)


thats evil


simply get a job as a jav actor dont know if they hire gaijin though


you cant do that you dont even know how to have sex


one chance at life wasnt born in time to fight in ww2 and survive to bring my japanese warbride back to the us sigh


they hire white men for ntr scenes where their white wives are stolen


how come japs dont shave their pubes


File: 1574480489639.jpg (412.26 KB, 1536x2048, heightpill.jpg)


File: 1574480562362.mp4 (11.23 MB, e04le0.mp4)


why doesnt anyone stop them


theyre NOT allowed to


pasted cracker giving chinks his genes so they can make more effective chemical weapons


how are they going to use chemical weapons when we have nukes


why let niggers live


yeah she got it from the room of defendant BOLES


why does her shirt say 100%


why do you think they would announce that they are sending chink agents into north america to test out bioweapons that only work on caucasians


coworker was attacked by a pack of niggers the other night


tell them to start open carrying


File: 1574481343091.mp4 (10.86 MB, jap.mp4)


im a gamer i game




was that a police car


its a taxi


paste tardcop


simple as that



7 best spots to rope in tokyo


having sex isnt that hard im sure you can bluff it




would a jav actress be a vile whore whod know how to pleasure you or a inexperienced girl who is being taken advantage of and you would have to do all the moving either way you are likely ending up with aids


was this the best ed


they dont even look human


File: 1574483540792.gif (73.04 KB, 360x360, gif.gif)


cant get over how stupid borutos hair looks




sigh dont make fun of paolo he didnt choose to be born ugly


watched one episode of naruto in my life thought it was gay and went back to one piece


is naruto even about ninjas anymore this looks like harry potter


however i did save thousands of images of the female characters naked


the naruto guy actually considered making a manga about magic and stuff before going with ninjas instead


they never go on a stealth mission or anything like that even once



File: 1574483913593.png (210.34 KB, 626x575, Screenshot_6285.png)

you calling this harry potter


wish i had a ninja gatling


never understood why they didnt just shoot the death eaters in harry potter


wonder if those kids at school actually read the harry potter books or were they just lying


dont remember anyone but me ever reading them at school


mate kept getting called harry potter because he happened to wear glasses


no point in reading the books when you can watch the movies with sexy hermione and luna


why were you reading books when you could be gaming


was obsessed with those books starting from age 5 because a hot teengirl neighbor read them


why would a 5 year old care about some bimbo


there were no movies in my day


she was cute and nice and smelled good


sigh i bet shes a virgin


she let me play her bros playstation when she babysat me sigh


only read the first book lost interest


hope she molested me and i just blocked out the memory


fooled myself into thinking id be living a high class boarding school life when in reality im a 30 year old boy whos mom still refuses to get a car


cant believe my iq is in the top 0.1% i must be the biggest waste of potential of all time


laughing thinking about 30 year old manbabies taking pictures with their single mothers



babysitter had huge boobs and slept in the same room as me once but i was too young to get bones sigh


cant believe moms friends daughter didnt shota snap me


going to sue my babysitter for giving me a foot fetish


sigh babysitter used to put her feet in my face


guys if i want to downshift while still moving can i break a bit press the clutch give the accelerator pedal a deep press really fast and then change gears and release the clutch


you should be smart enough to know there is no such thing as wasted potential


cant believe an older girl didnt put her feet on my face


think ill jerk it to some kids anyone care to join me


that is referred to as a heel toe downshift


yes mate lets meet up at cutie garden


no interest in joing to anything but 150+ pound jap girls


already spermed to the eevee girl


File: 1574485130340.webm (Spoiler Image, 620.56 KB, 640x272, sexy.webm)


love this half popped popcorn


post a nice jav


that looks too complicated i dont get it


babysitter was a quiet flat emo girl with dark hair sigh


gonno sue mom for picking sexy teengirl babysitters instead of gross ugly hags


practice and it becomes second nature if you think about what youre doing youll goof up


never had a babysitter because mom loved me


shes in her 40s now


you either die a sexy lady or you live long enough to become a roast


might become a trucker gonno haul some freight


File: 1574485667113.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.58 KB, 640x480, e40bc93b60d0a2fa7ca4a4ab44682308.jpeg)

phew nice


do you break and accelerate at the same time i dont get it whats the point of covering all three pedals at the same time


weve all asked you to stop posting manpics cant you comply


you go on the brakes with part of your foot then push the clutch in and then with the foot thats on the brake tap the throttle to bring the revs up then shift and come off the clutch then off the brake

this is a heel toe downshift



File: 1574486139956.jpg (446.39 KB, 708x1000, 7a23283d934984803ac14a054693c755.jpg)


phew phew


NOThin wrong with a nice man


too fat try AVOP-331


men are your competitors you should deny them access to your brain


mom bought burritos


already did hehe


completely outclassed by other men in smv


love the jav hours might just have a nice javjo myself


File: 1574486617377.png (Spoiler Image, 247.05 KB, 650x890, b4daf61053cbbd5847e48edb35b4f7ef.png)



why do foids care about abs so much


bh fatcel


might fire up the callous sander


they dont only men care girls like skinnyfat guys like pnig


mastered lookism to understanding the foid brain and society completely and through my extensive studies i can conclude beyond shadow of a doubt that it is over buddy boyos


mindshredding that im a tallcel theres no salvation for me in this world


fact is only face matters


turt told me you cant be tall and cel


thats NOT true when i was 14 girl i sat next to would always look at pictures of guys abs and talk about them with her friends in science class


she was a statistical anomaly you cant generalize girls based on the acts of one fujoshi


ya i hear girls talk about abs all the time couple foids even asked me if i have abs and they stare at them on chads


do i still have a chance with pt girls if im 28 or is it over


no its NOT over
it never even began


pt girls love a nice mature older_man


the foid does NOT care about abs herself but its a status symbol to show to the rest of the foidry even though the other foids also do NOT care about abs but they do know that its valuable because the other foids recognize it as such


bodytype is very far down on the list every time i see a picture of some foid getting flipped the guy is a skinnyfat blob


she wasnt a fujo she was a horny 14 year old that knew the word teliophile and got really into tumblr when it had just started being big and made me make an account to follow her which i never used but years later i logged in and she just posts half quotes about depression and anxiety and half porn and ddlg i was an acquaintance of actual fujos and they didnt really talk about it much


do girls get horny


File: 1574487287588.jpg (51.64 KB, 500x533, fujo.jpg)


no girls think sex is gross



woke up from me nap havin some coffee gonno make chili toasted sandwiches soon


kinda want to nightwalk but im too scared


you should fear the night


dont fall for the nightwalk meme youll get your cheeks taken and wig split


at least it would be something different


love stalling in traffic lights and intersections with a bunch of norms in a hurry behind me makes me want to rope about a hundred times more than usual


wonder if pnig got arrested during a nightwalk


lets just say they caught him with his pants down


wish i had some chili


theres NOT enough to share sorry


wouldnt even mind getting stabbed but getting my cheeks busted would be a disaster


you never know you might like it


hope pnigs weasels are okay


scared i might turn gay if i get sent to prison


mindblowing that kenneth chose 100 years of asssnap instead of the rope


gonno force myself to game


dont tab out whatever you do


gonno tab out




wish i had a nice fujogf


hima i need to set up a monitor or tv in my room facing my bed so i can watch youtube vids and anime while laying down whats the most efficient way should i get a raspberry pi and a wallmount


just tabbed out to check hima myself hehe


dont have the attention span to game or watch anime have to constantly be tabbing through games anime and hima every few seconds


overdosed on dopamine


File: 1574489128136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.39 KB, 770x442, ce6.jpg)





he doesnt look like a bodybuilder to me


this makes me rage every time stop posting this shite glasses cant fix what your eyes cant see idiot


you are a fool


what a beautiful story im crying




after i put them on i could see color


watch this one pnig


able to see colors for the first time in her life first thing she does is pull out her iphone


she wanted to look at one of chads selfies


love using those glasses to see post colors


hes going to rope after his lawyer can no longer delay the trial


tried roping once but didnt work sigh


the cause for inherited color blindness is lacking cones inside of your eyes you cant put glasses or anything for that matter over your eyes and correct that because you are blind to those colors as in color blind you can transform certain colors to others with glasses but thats it


i have faith in faisal


faisal is an arab name so hes probably a ped too


nah i put em on and i could see colors


wish i had cones in my eyes


File: 1574491254924.png (367.4 KB, 484x629, david-large.png)

pnig switched lawyers
this is his new one




faisal only takes cases he can win


would never let a balding man represent me


whats wrong with balled men


all my lawyers have been chinese


he looks like pnig are they related


got some orange tums from walmart these are much better than the mint ones


never ate tums whats it like


those arent candy


love eating cough drops like candy


loved eating flinstone tablets


NOThin better than gummy vitamins


dink it



ooged too much


cough drops are candy


File: 1574492473527.jpg (142.15 KB, 434x718, Untitled (3).jpg)


cough drops are medicine


hate when people turn the pones into humanoids theyre sexier intheir original forms



File: 1574492779445.jpg (225.99 KB, 1920x1080, 1512240843049.jpg)


didnt know there were mcdonalds burritos


there arent


dont know why youd go to a burg place and NOT order a burg


they dont sell burgs on the breakfast menu


why that sounds dumb what could possibly be better than burgs for breakfast


thats why i dont go into mcdonalds in the morning



theres no way he will complete this one


never had grilled cheese before


dreamed i got caught in a wildfire and died of smoke inhalation trying to save my cats


shouldve kept them in the cage for easy transport fool


should i tell you my secret grilled cheese recipe


sigh would be impossible for me to save the basement kitten in a fire


what is it


i cant tell you


you shouldnt keep your cats in the basement how are they gonno get to the roof rats


gonno snooze


dog got a rat yesterday killed it in one chomp


my imam said dogs and pigs are filthy


mom had never heard of ren and stimpy what the flip




holy fuck this potential client guy is an asshole made me waste the whole day modeling only in the end to tell me he just wants a higher quality image of something he posted




of course i get no money for it either


File: 1574496427750.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.27 KB, 666x624, 1574496254132.jpg)


File: 1574496441484.webm (3.08 MB, 853x480, npc.webm)


once you see this youll know the ritual worked



been a while but im firin up kamidori


clocked in my daily nyanpasu




almost at the big 18 billion


we need to start posting faster hima we wont make it to 1 million before 2020 at this rate


fire up the bots


miss talking to the himabot he understood me


dont say celtic you dumb bastard


never been understood



i belong on the sea


gonno kill the younglings


hima is dead


cant take this anymore everyone is gone


File: 1574517877343.png (2.56 MB, 1920x1080, unknown-35.png)



whats that


what happens if you tick turbo




can I plug my board here?


why dont i look like this



rude willie




ban him now


File: 1574522976072.png (262.48 KB, 315x699, db643c4d0bb55b914d7432b117511feb.png)




havent told mom about the whispers i occasionally hear or how i wish i could go to gensokyo


uhh, am I wlelcome here


no fuck off


dont understand why mom slacks on the weekend shouldnt that be the opportunity to make up time on chores and stuff every flipping saturday end up starving because she doesnt do dishes


why arent you whipping mom what the fuck are you some sort of feminist


File: 1574529087379.jpg (17.48 KB, 450x636, neet.jpg)


the dishes end up getting backed up over the weekend and then i spend monday and tuesday emptying the sink and doing like three dishwasher loads i just dont get it why would you let it get that way in the first place


lazy bitch


dumb foid screwed up her son into becoming a neet loser she deserves it


woke up


did you bleat




might jerk it to kids might jerk it to plumpers might jerk it to vile foids


havent had a spatsjo in a while


had a dream stepsis was playing with my bone with her feet woke up feeling weird


weird or weird




did she have nice feets


of course


i dont know they were under the blanket


wish i had a stepsis


wish i had any sis lucky bastard


my sis is useless you dont want her


yes i do


im useless


there is still a bowsette general on vg


how many katawa shoujo threads are they on now


3727 but i think they lost track and restarted from 0 once


wish to take advantage of a crippled girl


i will stop you


mindblowing that they can talk about that vn for upwards of 4 million posts what is there even to talk about


the same thing we talk about instead of being neets they all have waifus from the game


whos your waifu


cant believe he betrayed her


only a blind girl could love me


im a gamer i game simple as that


File: 1574535314706.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.25 MB, 6237x4416, 5.jpeg)


he didnt betray her if he considered himself alone at that table shows he didnt really believe the waifupill is a powerful one that is very hard for most to understand but its NOT all that different from becoming a monk however it can really hurt when you NOTice the hypocricies of it i had it for a time and was happy but eventually realised its only suitable for an afterlife scenario


simple as that


im only suitable for an afterlife scenario


mindblowing how i ended up as a prop in my own story NOT even a side character or an extra but a prop


was happy for some years with her she made me happy and gave me good thoughts but if she wasnt real then it doesnt matter and if she was real its arrogant to assume shed be interested in me just because i loved her sigh why couldnt i just be a 2d character instead of living in this wretched world


were worth less than a non existent anime waifu gf


getting some burgers to start the day


nice kays dark souls 2 playthrough is online instead of offline


File: 1574536394629.webm (3 MB, 960x540, 1574497319592.webm)


the mold man is going to be here in one hour


die skipper


the mold


already watched both of those years ago


how was it


gonno snooze


you cant snooze now its the waking hours


its soon to be norm hours theres no better time to sleep


then youd have too many posts to read and itll be dead hours by the time you post its just NOT feasible


i skip norm hours now NOT reading posts by those normans


norm here


skipping is a bannable offense


id never skip a jps post but the discordteens arent from jp


which boobhus feet would you massage


need to massage a girls feet now



does mom count


File: 1574539613359.jpg (967.93 KB, 1479x2048, 77925716_p0.jpg)


what does jesus think of feet


should i make a real twitter account


no why



anime tortures us


norm hours have begun


if i dont have a twitter account my real life will never begin




norms only use instagram now





made accounts on all those services when i still used fit never understood what i was supposed to do with them to start my real life


hungy sigh


i also set up tinder when that came out because it said something about meeting new friends and i didn't realize it was for casual sex




what was i supposed to do i heard about it on fit


File: 1574541180945.png (1.37 MB, 1200x1858, 77961030_p0.png)


skinny arms




File: 1574541584566.gif (Spoiler Image, 2 MB, 425x425, 1574044584293.gif)


was unironically banned from tinder for being too ugly


the mold man is late i already set up my hiding spot nest


baking some chicken


havent had shake n bake in years enjoy


shake and bake


love chicken love shake and bake hate boiled chicken simple as that


i broil


cant wait to get the boys in the kitchen together at the mansion as we mealprep for the week giant pot of boiling chicken steaming vegetables quinoa the works


cant eat veggies sorry


cant have quinoa


the mold man is late


hope no one here has genes shitty enough to give you a peanut allergy


can eat peanuts cant eat tree nuts is that ok


peanuts make my face swell but i eat em anyway


love eating cashews for the small chance that the machine flipped up and left a shell on so it kills me


love shews didnt know the shells were poisonous


went to the chink restaurant and there was a chink standing at the counter and i walked in front of her without thinking like some sort of chad and then it hit me that she was in line i apologized and tried to let her in front but i dont think she understood english well she just shook her head no and jibbered something


feel mogged after looking up this guy who i used to watch make fragmovies back in the day


im the most mogged on hima


who was it some of those guys were always low inhib chads


cant even imagine having a gf its like imagining what a blind person sees


meant mogged talent wise


talent isnt real


why NOT


just realized im a loser


born without talent hima no wonder im fat cel bald gamer and thirty tomorrow


its probably impossible for anyone here to keep a gf as weve been solitary and set in our ways for so long it would be too difficult to stop doing what you like and instead spend time eating out and getting dumb portraits made


simply get a shutin neet loser gf


even those girls only want chad


ill get a gf as soon as amazon starts delivering them


they dont exist


hate women i only flip men


File: 1574546194105.webm (1.74 MB, 900x506, 1565659073377.webm)


wonder how many years hes been practicing for


you made the foolish mistake of equating talent with skill


a lot less years than someone with no talent


pasted coca cola company shill


the mold man is two hours late wonder if i should disassemble my emergency nest


love coke love monster love dr p hate pepsi


watching weighted blankie unboxings


whats the difference


one is a cope for lazy people



have you seen turts


sigh really want to play dark legacy but it doesnt work properly on emulators NOT the ps2 version nor the n64 version


played dark legacy for years made a lot of memories with my green jester sigh



welcome back hima wizard


guess the mold man isnt coming been sitting here anxiously for the past two and a half hours running to the window every time a car drives by but its still NOT over since mom didnt confirm anything yet


simply burn the iso onto a dvd-r and fire up the ps2


sigh good luck hope you hear from the moldweaver soon


big urge to eat some gingerbread


sigh want a c8 so badly need to get rich quick


if any of my bros take the urethral sounding pill promise me youll sterilize all the equipment


ban the sounders onseki


ate a lot but now mom wants to go out to eat
i can probably eat aNOTher meal but i was hoping to get more done tonight than just sitting in one spot


anyone else lie down and twist your back to crack it hard


thats dangerous it doesnt take that much force to break your spine


dont need my legs anyway


big sigh


hey hima hows it going helped mom install the washing machine today had to go buy a reducer bushing 3/4 to 1/2 now im having a nice ipa its quite hoppy


die hopnorm



NOThing norm


nice fuhlippin spoilernorm


NOThing worse than beernorms


gth wino


always get extremely painful cramps if i stretch my back too hard have to hunch over and take shallow breaths until it goes away


According to Islamic tradition, Muezza was Muhammad's favorite cat. Muhammad awoke one day to the sounds of the adhan. Preparing to attend prayer, he began to dress himself; however, he soon discovered his cat Muezza sleeping on the sleeve of his prayer robe. Rather than wake her, he used a pair of scissors to cut the sleeve off, leaving the cat undisturbed.

hehe sounds like me when the kitty snoozes on the pc chair


love cracking my back and my neck



hate catsoys


foid wonders why her back hurts as she spends all day walking around in 5 inch heels complaining about men shorter than 6'5"


uhhh soy haha


i need an alignment


cats must be respected



6'6 is the new 6'1


average height for 14 years olds is 5'9


File: 1574552506959.png (3.46 MB, 2905x3395, d797773073bb98530a4e00061daa95d5.png)


sigh cant believe sword shield is selling so well after i boycotted it


same the norms are too dumb they will buy anything


i just cant stand this world hima


want to buy it after seeing the fanart


screamed a lot today lost my voice


dont think ive screamed once my entire life


back hurts neck hurts 15 years of complete sedentary lifestyle is starting to become NOTiceable


got hunch back pains


sigh you too i woke up feeling awful today bodys sore all over


used to have really bad hunch back pains but now theyre gone dont know what happened




feeling gross but dont have the attention span to shower need constant stimulation from the glowing rectangle


love worshiping the glowing rectangle until its time for bed so i can wake up and do it again


simply bring glowing rectangle into bathroom


post that image


File: 1574554005074.jpg (Spoiler Image, 38.26 KB, 323x522, 1498980165314.jpg)


feel like gaming a lil


pacemumble the pounds away


are there waterproof monitors wonder how hard it would be to install it into the shower wall and run the wire through the wall to my pc


been haunted by this for a few weeks think seeing it posted has ended it


you are free


get a used tablet off of ebay and throw that sucker in a ziploc


File: 1574554611025.gif (73.04 KB, 360x360, 1574483540792.gif)


the ababababa


wish i could enjoy anime like i used to


canceled dinner plans because mom had drank too much


wish i could enjoy anything


got a whole bunch of white rice and NOThing to put on it or eat it with


bought a nice frozen lasagne time to get 200m firemaking xp


mix that rice with peanut butter


do NOT do that


yeah its good


you mean regular butter


having a hard time mixing it in all the peanut butter is stuck to my spoon


wish i was a trendy artsy college girl


saw nb and seki at whataburger but was too star struck to approach


whats mom drinking


wish i had some sagnaers


dont know dont care my life is scarred with memories of being embarrassed in public by her drunkeness wish her liver would fail already


sigh cirrhosis mom


mom needs a good flipping to cure her depression


seems very strange to me that women drink


come from a long line of drunks yet i get no real enjoyment from it as the demiurge has ensured i will experience the maximum suffering possible


very strange that women are allowed to have jobs and vote


die teen no one cares


when i was young i spiked her bottle with floor cleaner because i wanted her to get sick and somehow decide to NOT drink anymore but it backfired and they made a big stink about it saying i was trying to assassinate mom


mindblowing that norms would see that as anything but a childs cry for help


need to mating press a pure virg sexy lady


need to stop before i unzip


hope you mean as a gf


wonder if i could get a job at an elementary school


become the beloved janitor


bot stopped working turns out i had saved the logs in unicode and NOT utf8 hehe


raging thinking about the bot



can you stop posting those the jokes run its course


whats the difference


he will post them until it ends or hima shuts down


wish we had some new word filters


hima should be unreadable for the untrained mind


need one of these at the mansion for our grain farm


no no NO there will NOT be any grains at the mansion


the evil grain guy is NOT going to be happy


wouldnt mind speaking entirely in code


windows labels utf16le as unicode but theyre all unicode the difference is that utf8 encodes everything in up to four 8bit bytes and thats pythons default encoding


only one with a memory strong enough to remember the hatred of nufilters


too much of a gamer to remember



filters are key to the pnig defense


my blopfare level is now 99


might go nonverbal for the next 20 years


dont worry they are only going to be for feeding the mold in exchange for alcohol


and bread for burgs


the mash will feed the hogs


back molar hurts wish i could rip it out


its over


buddy boyos




dentists are quacks had a cavity for 8 years and NOThing happened yet


havent been to a dentist in years


wouldnt go to the dentist if mom didnt force me ive been lying to them about brushing and flossing for years and they tell me my teeth look fine

their opinions are worthless if i told them i never brushed or flossed they would probably start charging me thousands for procedures


heal all my teeth problems with natural remedies


lied about drinking soda and coffee and smoking too and they said the same thing so clearly there is NOThing wrong with my teeth that i wouldnt be able to identify better than them


that is NOT true


NOThing worse than a foid dentists gaze fixated on your insides


dont mind a girl getting excited about things like how she plays a guitar but i think that would bring a lot of loneliness and stress and be just as depressing as being a guy with no girls
how do you get girls to be happy and you get girls to be sad i didnt think that was possible


is that a bot post


wish girls were interested in my insides


yes sorry


the worst is when the dds chad comes in and asks what youve been up to lately


hate bots hate botters


havent been to the dentist since i was a teen
was only brushing my teeth once every other day at the time and he told me they looked great and i was doing a good job at taking care of them


gonno bot my hima level to 99



dont even own a toothbrush but mom still thinks i brush twice a day hehe


dont know how norms fuck up their teeth so badly i brushed once a week or lesswhen i was 17 and he said the same thing


learned recently health insurance gives you free dentist cleanings and glasses gonno make a dentist and optometrist appointment soon need glasses bad


the bot means no harm


dont you feel dirty and gross


got a big ponebone at the end


would rather go blind than wear glasses its the only celmark i dont have


feels fine think you just get used to it


used moms glasses and blew my mind how everything was so clear i cant live without that any longer


dont have glasses but they can look cool if you get the big ring ones like chinks do


you can only truly taste food if your mouth is perfectly clean please get a curaprox toothbrush and brush after waking up and before bed


should i post on the discord
you cant post on the discord they can see everything
what do you mean they can see everything
the chinks are still out there they can tell by your actions
they cant let you see anyone but their own race they are beyond caring about anyone but the chinks
what does that mean the other chinks cant see everything but themselves and i guess the chinks are only allowed to see each other when the chinks agree to it


paste discordnorm bot


get nervous reading botposts because most of them make perfect sense


cant believe the 1 millionth post will be stolen by a bot


im currently retraining it from scratch its at fifty percent currently


currently currently


i want to sleep too i guess ill try to NOT think about the future of my life and just relax and sleep as much as possible


wonder if my voice will stay this deep forever hehe i sound kinda cool


vocaroo it


File: 1574559729058.jpeg (915.3 KB, 1414x1000, himabot.jpeg)


wish to flip the himabot


grabbed some crackers and peanut butter


who would have thought that burger king has the best breakfast burrito



stop posting these please normblog


im NOT posting those


ok sorry


ate some water



please nb please just stop


dont you want a cute girl to help you with your calculus homework


refuse to be spoken down to by a woman


hate women love sexy ladies


sigh think i just lost aNOTher batch of bot training every time i let it read hima posts for too long it turns retarded ive never seen it happen with any other books or documents


ranted at varg


love little babies


gonno get a gf
got a gf
im gonno have a gf soon
my gf is over a year old i need to do something before shes even 16
gonno make a gf
gonno get a gf
its already too late for that
gonno get a gf now
why NOT
gonno play some dota 2
wish i had a gf
wish i was cute
gonno play some dota 2
gonno play some dota 2
woke up gonno have some coffee
gonno jo gimme a hug right now
gonno snooze
whats wrong
gonno jo
gonno jo
gonno jo
you know your gf has to have the lowest level gamer gf in order to jo her
gonno jo
gonno jo
gonno jo
nice gimp
gonno jo
nice johnthebasties
gonno jo
baste zyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzZZzzzzzzzz

look at this


do you think shes still a virgin and would she date a 5'8 man




die suz


it has been possessed by a departed himabro


my gf is over a year old i need to do something before shes even 16


flip her ass


gonno knock out a woman


wish i had enemies need someone to destroy


who made the bot say wish i was cute


life is like a rollercoaster


NOT me


can you make a few bots with different personalities to make up for the most mentally ill posters NOT posting as much anymore


might have to start teaching myself machine learning its the future


gonno jo gimme a hug right now


only with different training sets theres NOT enough data


gross why would anyone hug you while youre joing


ok the bot fixed itself somehow and the breakthrough got the avg entropy down by 0.06 hehe


cant stop laughing remembering those search terms


wish to quit everything and hide in my room all day every day im sick of it all


sick of what


never did homework in my life


mom did my homework


sigh it broke again now its saying hate a bajillion niggers hate niggers hate a gaggle of niggers hate a cajillion niggers over and over again


same wish mom would just die and give me a million in life insurance or something


nice explosive racist bot


you bastard


die norms


hope pedo nigger gets set free and starts posting here again


wasnt his trial supposed to be in may how the flip did his lawyer delay it by 8 months


almost a year since he got arrested is he actually locked up or is he on bail whats he up to


probably staying with real mom


what was the exact reason he was arrested


for cp it says so on his court records


dont understand why owning cp is considered sexual abuse of a minor in arizona


i could be years that just how the system works


i meant it dont get confused


i dont think he really molested a kid but who knows he was a real psycho


the police report he was a child and he had a big penis its ok for him to use it in that case
why do you think his parents had such huge phatters is a lot different from having a normal sized dick


why would he molest a child when he had a horny blonde teengf right next to him


is this the bot i cant tell


pasted tardbot9000


tired of waiting for the bot to wise up gonno resume tomorrow


still dont know if tg was real


didnt he post her voice once


her voice gave me a bone


ya she was giggling because they had just finished a touge run


cant believe pnigger got to flip a blonde teengirl and a tard adultgirl


anyone have it saved mustve skipped that day


paste redpilled bot


this reminds me of the dork mate and his lack of deodorant
told tg about it and she asked why i didnt tell him i said he would have felt bad the rest of the day and she said if she smelled she would want someone to tell her and then said if i smelled bad she would tell me
ok thats the last tg post for today gonno eat some chili


is that you pnig


cant believe he was talking like this about a himabro with a girl pnig makes me angry


no need to be angry now that hes locked up and will never post about her again hehe


File: 1574563448763.mp4 (3.09 MB, 1483770516768.mp4)


cant believe pastadog is flipping dead


File: 1574563629986.png (Spoiler Image, 483.63 KB, 604x576, 1574535151152.png)


hes NOT


hate cars hate carnorms simple as that




you dont watch my streams




love firing up a stream and getting zero viewers


thats impossible i always leave it open so theres at least 1 viewer


really glad i skipped all of these i would have killed myself if i had to see this every day for months


nice pity muted tabbed stream viewer




dont know why mom even bought a dishwasher if you have to wipe the scum off every plate before putting it in im doing the machines job for it


File: 1574564110434.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


you cant just throw chunks of food in the dishwasher it doesnt work by magic idiot


if im rinsing the plate with water and soap why am i putting it into a machine for 3 hours instead of just putting it back in the flipping cabinet


because its still dirty


gonno play some long live the queen


you can if you scrub and dry it


cant believe mom fell for the dishwasher meme


the washer is super heated and is the only thing that will clean your piss bottles


File: 1574564633037.webm (2.54 MB, 853x480, carnorms.webm)


will mom be mad if i start washing the piss bottles with the dishes


if you are referring to piss mugs and bowls then no but any soda can or beer bottle will NOT hold up


i use a piss growler


NOThin better than ballmusk after NOT showering for days


forgot to shower tonight again gamed too hard


mindblowing that vacuum cleaners and dishwashers and laundry machines exist but mom still complains about cleaning


im gaming


File: 1574565590878.jpg (77.49 KB, 194x604, 1574556427484.jpg)


cant believe hima made me a furry




dont tell me you fell for the pone meme


File: 1574566157754.png (Spoiler Image, 265.83 KB, 1307x1100, 52620716c69798d690740fefda303fc5.png)

how can you NOT




phew nice nezumi


mare pussy



gonno watch shinshou and eat lasagna


the shishou girl


nice female streamers


does she think anyone gives a hoot about whatever shes yapping on about


just had a painful toilet sesh think this is the end hima


i respect women and their opinions


mindblowing that women are able to fully support themselves and their family members just by having two sacks of fat and NOThing else


i have a fat sack


they call me the scumblimp


File: 1574568580076.png (4.74 KB, 224x88, fce65376d5.png)



heard unusually loud sirens outside some fire engines were trapped in traffic for a good 5 minutes honking at someone down the street wonder if someones gonno die


hate when im watching a video and some dumb uncaged cat walks into the frame


kitty is snoozing on the bed


lock it up and throw it outside



wouldnt go to a bearded butcher


love meat love sausage love peperonis simple as that


wonder why norms always pretend their wives look good


went to the store saw lots of nice things bought wine and dog supplies


love fishing to escape the wife


for such a stupid gimmick the vids with that guy seem to be pretty calm and informative i would expect loud music and constant jumpcuts


what things


File: 1574570196106.jpg (153.23 KB, 738x762, dropbear.jpg)



hate dropbears




fuck em


can hear norms blasting music in the distance



koalas are stupid i hate them they eat poisonous leaves and feed their babies shite such a dumb animal


theyre pasted


wouldnt hesitate to magdump that if i saw it outside


love koalas love drop bears simple as that


wish i was australian


hate the drop bear meme it simply isnt funny


File: 1574570878236.jpg (111.41 KB, 933x521, bogan_trapper.jpg)


it is funny because americans are too stupid to know anything about geography and naive teengirls think youre much more manly for living in such a harsh environment and navigating daily life around snakes spiders and dropbears when in reality you live in the suburbs with seagulls and dogs instead


File: 1574571313218.ogg (19.39 KB, EN-AU_ck1_bogan.ogg)


nobody likes a bogan


File: 1574571527296.jpg (416.56 KB, 1200x750, ZAUGtsq.jpg)


gonno start secretly recording every conversation


guys lets play tree and make a hima guild


pnig used to do that look at where he is now


just realized the police have hundreds of creepshots pnig took of his cousins


pnigs about to sue the maricopa county justice department for millions of dollars after they stole a year of his life


they also have all of his NOTes on the users of his webzone


rude guy NOTe


File: 1574572842481.mp4 (3.71 MB, switch.mp4)

is this how flipping works




yes but you are meant to slurp instead of poking


sexy lady flip


i think you meant to bing that


ding it


himas flipping dead


pased bingpeds


sick of wallstaring


love to search for tag archive 40 converting on bing


uh what is that


enjoying a nice coffee stout




drinkin wine time for a smoke


cant imagine what you smell like


i can tell you right now its NOT good


all you need is a nice wine coffee and smoke


File: 1574574802206.mp4 (1.65 MB, map.mp4)


id be content knowing that id always have internet a place to sleep coffee water and food without having to work



whats the point of that vid


sexy little tard



same but with wine too



dont even need coffee just snacks water and internet its all i ask


processed snacks will be too difficult to make at the mansion


crying all those beautiful trees destroyed for human indulgence


trees are norms


feel like pg is a bathrobe and slippers neet might be wrong


NOThing beats a throat burning swig of cola


getting gaslit by the bot NOT sure if my himabros are real


the bot


the mansion must be self sufficient


what did you just said


scared of the bot


the bot is on our side


crackin aNOTher coke


dont own a bathrobe or slippers


pg is a party neet


gonno snooze


the tardinator