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have a sip
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last time something like that happened it started a world war


getting self conscious about my turt post being misconstrued as creative writing


cant belive that gangnam style is eight years old


2013 was 6 years ago moron


oppai gangman style


what the flip i remember watching this when i was young and being so impressed and thinking he looked jacked as hell and dreamed of looking like that i started doing a bunch of bodyweight exercises and stuff but i just rewatched this scene for the first time in almost 20 years and he looks like a pathetic twig


sigh uncle ben


girls and kids cant tell the difference only a man can and they dont matter


almost accidentally sucked a dick again(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


fired up a chicago dog


File: 1574381226489.png (Spoiler Image, 188.85 KB, 878x318, hehe (2).png)


love rhett and link


really dont understand the soyface why do they do it


because they want to be quirky and cool


wanting to be quirky/funny NOT knowing what pose to do



mindsoying that they are both over 40



uh oh pastaman is pulling a pnig and chimping out i just got banned for a 4 day old post


take responsibility for your past


Pasted flipping pastamate


get that ass banned



pastamate owning the norms


File: 1574381846306.jpg (58.46 KB, 852x478, LOW1.jpg)


File: 1574381852542.jpg (58.84 KB, 853x478, LOW2.jpg)


File: 1574381859821.jpg (60.45 KB, 854x479, LOW3.jpg)


pasted low tier chad


hate that vile sodomite


got banned for posting soylent.webm


he banned neetblog as well thats the final straw im calling the australian parliament


how did he NOT get a bone


hes NOT a sick flipping ped


cant believe he banned the mathnorm


get that ass banned worthless scrub


thought all men were peds


they are


i mean we are NOT they


stopped pretending to be ped after pnig got locked up


File: 1574382240532.png (631.27 KB, 789x670, 1574307128746.png)


hate the wait until theyre 18 meme foids dont become automatically attractive because of some trivial day if a foid is sexually developed at an earlier age its only natural to want to inseminate them


basted babydickshelfstockerseki firing up duplicate bans




File: 1574382427385.png (16.55 KB, 323x189, e8f3f5b1895564fadd9872e83928c845.png)

unban the soyblog NOW


whats the ban page url


normblob btfo



my life is a flipping joke


love seeing pasted gnfos raiders take over imageboards and then ban all the long time posters


quit your squabbling and come play with me


File: 1574382750752.jpg (64.12 KB, 1200x675, 1567348522487.jpg)


unban the slobblob or we strike


wonder what nbs three sizes are


owned discordblog




crying this is the only place nb could find solace after slaving away 20 hours a day


do the crime do the time


his biceps are 19 inches his chest is 44 inches and his thighs are 24 inches hes a 32 waist his penis is 5.4 inches according to my NOTes this is all up to date as of nov 3 2019


oog me worship obese norm




NOThing worse than mom commenting about how hard i worked holy flip im raging hard hima might end it


cant work or do anything productive if someone is observing me


File: 1574383199784.png (364.81 KB, 358x671, bone.png)

nice ken


whats he doing to her


what does it look like



me flip little baby


love a nice hyundai sonata


paste chad anderson


pastapussy killed the bored remove his mod seki


how come all those bans look fine to me


why would you go and post discord images you god damned norm


because youre a bootlicking retard


i side with the banner


same ban these raiders how hard is it to just post on hima


suz is raging hard hehe


holy flip hima a piece of dust started dangling in front of me blew on it but it just came back realized it was a spider and jumped up grabbed the window cleaner and sprayed that flipper turns out its web broke and some eggs dropped with it sprayed the flip out of those too


im NOT raging ill have a word with seki when he gets on discord


got banned but agree with the banner


flip you spider murderer


make a nice spider melting vinegar spray


the spiders are in the walls


pasted zenblog


die already


you first


might start spraying insects with lye


dont mind the webm but it got spammed too much


get some diatomaceous earth and cover your room with it to eliminate pests


cant believe dink it webmguy got banned but senkospammer is allowed to run rampant


File: 1574384979426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.17 KB, 666x650, 81ba0ec.jpg)


File: 1574384985252.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1542245465396.webm)






what do you expect from a bole worshiper


i havent posted today


bolenig hates me for what i did to him thats why he has his cronies attacking me every chance they get like this guy with his blind ignorance >>984100


die already raider


im joining the pnig faction and we are striking back


yeah im a raider despite being here since its inception moronic freakazoid


love pnig hate turt

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