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might become a terminator


File: 1569975376537.jpg (145.7 KB, 900x1083, EFyMYyIUUAA37v0.jpg)


urge to oog but want must resist


wonder the na version will censor this


i sure hope so girls have it hard enough without your disgusting male fantasies making them feel bad about their bodies


hate games being ruined by sexnorm shite



love games that let you jack while playing


mom bought chicken wings


eat her ass to thank her


File: 1569977335153.webm (75.63 KB, 711x400, hima.webm)


what the flip dont say intrusive thoughts


shall i jerk or shall i jack


hate thinking about how back in the day i thought all my bros were real but in reality they were mindless jonorms


a neet joing is a beautiful sight


going to take the rope challenge


make sure to jo first


pasted spics


wouldnt mind eating some sexy ladyass hehe


never tried rope joing before gonno join robin williams


can someone find me a plato five dialogues ebook i want to read


dont mention his name in your freak posts


gonno study today


what subject


statistics got exam on friday




are you saying my posts are freak posts why cant i write plato


wish i was a nerd




used to beat up nerds now im a himabro




mexicans were mean to me in school i wonder if they think i had forgotten
if they think i had forgiven


there was one black kid one mexican kid and one chink in my year


can someone help me


the philosophers of the city of hima


mindblowing that the norms thought i would let them get away with it


File: 1569979563670.jpg (409.86 KB, 1544x2191, EFyW6gPUwAE8oek.jpg)


can someone help me




if you dress like this youre just asking for it


asking for what


asking to gorogoro


megumin loves flip




my code vein girl is so pretty i love her




i found it hima


what did you find




the mold


miss when 6egg wasnt moldy


File: 1569980845105.jpg (4.46 MB, 5000x6500, e747ccb489235aa6af1c477650b0dae9.jpg)


what does 6egg have to do with mold


File: 1569980999842.jpg (777.46 KB, 1080x1920, 6119fd35253e5e52b98351aef000ea69.jpg)


i was born in the mold moulded by the mold


oh flip that foot is nice look how red it is im drooling


you can tell its moist


is this the sexy ladiesnap artist


NOThin snap


the mold watches me game


hey guys




the mansion is going to be funded by a scape bot farm


we could probably buy a mansion in venezuela right now and have thousands of scapeslaves with just $100


scape is dying


File: 1569983371630.jpg (150.36 KB, 1200x1200, 0bdc3e2a372385421615ce849a8cc021.jpg)



File: 1569983772316.jpg (76.88 KB, 750x587, image0.jpg)


hot chip


dont know what a hot chip is


im hot shite


wish mom knew how to cook


wish i had some dip


wish i could order chinese


wish i could skip the next 200 years


things would only get 200x worse 200 years from now you fool they never get better




im going 200 years back




should i make chicken schnitzel or bacon sandwiches or dogs


less than 20 posts left do NOT get left behind


its gonno have to be the dogs dawg



sigh pnig wouldve snacked hard while watching that


dont worry he will have plenty of snacking time over the next 100 years


sigh why couldnt he just be a cool guy


NOT a cool guy


can someone help me now


theres no helping against the mold


the mold is all around me its spores in the air and its mold watching me game



wish i was mold


6 posts left


simply sleep by the mold and breathe deeply and allow it to take hold thats how that guy became the mold god


snooze time when blog over


mom said i was being neurotic running around the house looking for garbage bags to cover my windows after realizing you can see shadows through my blinds


i can see you just fine with garbage bags too


warning 1 post left do NOT get left behind



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