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im looking for a new friend as nb has abandoned me and so has bwgoblin aka liam


maybe just maybe im the problematic person if im losing friends


i dont get it


i neet therefore i blog


starting to NOTice all the breeding propaganda in anime


its the foids that are the problem


File: 1565817447308.jpg (873.53 KB, 1156x1482, Shinzō_Abe_Official_(cropped_2).jpg)

have sex


hate when i have to do number 2 but put it off until im home and when im home i dont have to anymore


sigh you absorbed it


why wont anyone breed with me


did you try posting an advertisement in your local newspaper


didnt even know newspapers still existed


you lack the lms women crave


home havin a coffee himaaaaa


i win lms in scape all the time


just finished a mugga


hehe just made a cup meself


miss firing up the espresso machine



fast thread


i dont get it


coffee at the hima mansion


dreamed about classic


im baste


wonder whats going on on ota


wish i was baste


i cant believe that


hope pnig is doing alright


hes snacking



File: 1565824840148.jpg (3.94 MB, 4160x3120, 20190814_190122.jpg)

hima rv confirmed time to pick all the bros up on the way to mesa


ecuador was happy to grant him asylum from the misjustice of the legal system over the victimless crime of fatal child snap


the flip does gran need an rv for


File: 1565825086597.jpg (5.93 MB, 4160x3120, 20190814_190034.jpg)

its moms but i can drive it wherever once i get a class a license




used to go with grandpa to empty the shit tank on his rv



lets drive it to area 51


hey neetblog do your parents still have that rv we used to have those sexcapades in




remembering when i walked past an alley and a garbage bin had writing on it said something like you are important dont give up


should have given up earlier


hate foids that do shit like that just so they can take pictures of it especially considering how much they hate cels


theres already two oil stains


im a stain on society right nb tell them the truth


thats water from the ac


got mom to kill a silverfish


got the hunger


you gotta feast


im less than a stain under a richnorms rv


would NOT step into an rv


dont think richnorms drive rvs


any body builders in the chat i was watching a documentary following westside barebell and louie the trainer was going on about intensity and rep range i need to buy some of his dvds or books


arent rvs just for rich people


rich people fly places and stay in houses they have no use for rvs


they use them when they go normvelling


taking that rv to japan


hate richnorms


nbs whispering eye just winked at me


hate how norms think theyre all special


hate norms


hate them so gods damned much they did this to me they made life a living hell


rvs are for either rich boomers traveling entertainers or crazy off the grid types in movies that get caught up in scary situations


which one does turt fall under


everyone just assumes you have a wife and kids in the back wonder how many cels have rvs gotta be a first


teenbro piece of shit


im a piece of shit right nb dont lie


shut it norm


its NOT my rv but probably closer to the last one going to drive out west and end up getting attacked by graboids


dont tell me to shut it fat fucker ill kick your fat fucking grease stained teeth in bitch


normal cant be trusted they will always stab you in the back hima is the only thing you can rely on


die phonenorm


be careful of norms masquerading as truhimas theres even one posting right now


norms are the ones you can trust its all the mentally unstable neets & cels you will have an issue with


NOT true norman nice try


nah you cant trust anyone norm non norm neet cel chad foid mom

theyre all untrustable hominids


you will always be worthless human garbage to a norm someone to throw away at a moments NOTice


hope all the assholes sleeping in a tesla get owned soon


take that back


dont trust that norm hes just saying that to draw attention away from the norms as is typical


hes right everyone turns on you one person i can always rely on is mom


tru posters wont betray you


sounds plausible but i dont trust you


nice try retard this whole facade of yours will fall down eventually just like it did to that black piece of shit about to serve life in prison stick to your little internet chat rooms and distract yourself from the inevitable


need a milky gf or goth gf


File: 1565829457838.jpg (407.12 KB, 1920x1080, rDtwKBl.jpg)



the norm shows his true face


File: 1565829536177.jpg (72.48 KB, 720x960, dark milk.jpg)

why NOT both


love milg posting


nice milk alter


going to use the tuft of hair i clipped back at anime expo 2011 and summon milk as a servant


what class is milk


telling stouts about this


File: 1565830619758.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.45 KB, 720x1049, 1533739929471.jpg)


delete it milk is pure


drenched in sweat hima




she got all 3 inches of stouts that night


File: 1565831339475.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1248x1688, 1565830476452.png)

cel owned

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