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im gonno flipping do it


norms are discussing dating on hima i cant believe it


can someone ask turt if he can stream a movie for us two to watch i think he blocked me(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


die discordnorm


asked him to stream brokeback mountain and he blocked me


have a bad habit of looking at the year a certain anime or video game or song was made and thinking back to that year and wallstaring over it


sigh why is he like this


why did they make waver still gay for alexander the great after like 20 years get over it





almost got left behind




This is copyrighted content, We respectfully ask to take this down effective immediately


hell yeah fuck that birl


what is it dont wonno click


ghris hangen


its a video of a hansen vs predator episode where the guy is really autistic




why are we posting in the turt thread lets get in the hinata feet a press thread


hes NOT autistic hes just fat and likes cowboys






the norms are here


File: 1564287211917.gif (3.83 MB, 800x600, 1547183226427.gif)


stop that hurts


ban smutards




dumb white women enabling the witches


what witchs


white women love going to poor countries to get flipped by big niggers and now theyre going to start bringing back witches


what do witches have to do with anything the hell


File: 1564288123804.jpg (158.58 KB, 1920x1080, [Coalgirls]_Tamako_Love_Story_(1920x1080_Blu-r….jpg)



mindblowing that norms think black people are just as smart as whites


hope everyone is following ulis kayak arc


i have a kayak but nowhere to take it


the hima kayak...


File: 1564288876008.png (1.38 MB, 1280x720, phew.png)

yeah im thinking thats a phew


boog girl nude me flip girl unga


you said it brother




forget the kayak uli wants to make a 4000 dollar pc


if he can dream it he can do it


wonder if turt knows some pc info he can share with me


cracked blogweiser number 3


link me a good kit of tools for computers


all you need is a nice magnetic phillips head


maybe a small set of allen keys and yeah thats it


trying to game but i dont know what game to play


advance wars


too dumb for advance wars




want to blog but everyone will rage


dont want to play wc3


still waiting for the hima dbz tribute ultra game


the project was canceled because the director was arrested


people will only rage if you talk about flipping which im sure you will norm


should i play fire emblems


dont play normtendo games


the discord is being overrun by norms seki where are you(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


kill yourself back to discord




why didnt you say kill yourself to death instead(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


who is banning everyone


time for the purge


gaming till the discordteens are gone


try that one more time janny


theres NOThing even going on discord you fucking retards you just got gaslit by haysuz congratulations




last one gonno snooze


i trust haysuz he is a fellow outsider


haysuz has been on hima longer than most norms that post here nowadays


mom bought me a wool tie


ya haysuz has been here longer than nb


read the last 300 posts pretty paste


never learned how to tie a tie


learned it on youtube years ago and forgot again


left literally one reply on some video about advance wars and the uploader responded with some massive textwall so naturally i followed up with a short post and the guy yet again left a huge textwall that has NOThing to do with my reply
flipping hate gamers


same even though we had to wear them at some of the catholic schools i went to



File: 1564300833115.jpg (204.46 KB, 768x1024, EAh7cLxU4AIiOLj.jpg)

hiding the midface


weoke up from me nap need some hotd asap


some what


hair of the dog


helm of the dominator


sigh everyones at the club


just took 5 consecutive 20 minute naps


File: 1564308126460.jpg (209.22 KB, 994x1000, 1564294733461.jpg)

selfie for the boys


hi sexy



never knew about this site


File: 1564315895295.jpg (184.47 KB, 742x1280, 1564283744515.jpg)

yeah onseki ill give her a boost just a second haha
hey haha what are you guys doing up there


girls dont wear stuff like that


File: 1564317490069.webm (3.82 MB, 800x450, mommy.webm)


love when people make larp posts about me hehe


would hate to be that tall freaK


yeah would probably get old banging your head getting into cars and hitting ceiling fans and having sex with any female on the planey


hit my head on the fridge door yesterday


File: 1564320555467.png (349.8 KB, 420x767, EAkIXoYWsAMTFhz.png)


shes a 5/10 at best whats wrong with these niggers


all women are 10/10


wish i had a sugarmommy



dumb foid



File: 1564326711197.ogg (1.5 MB, Cwealis_Quote_Speech.ogg)


chernobyl is pretty good


woke up waiting for sis to finish her bath to shower


why NOT bathe with her


hate norms


that would be gross i dodnt want to touch her bath water



sigh abe gave up on making young people flip each other and now hes going for mommyflip



hope the mansion has a communal lego room and we can all play lego together




hope the mansion has a sperm extractor




simply make a lego one


it would be cheaper to buy mail order brides for the mansion than sperm extracors


god damn fucking pisssssssssssssssssssssssssss


piss in my pantalones


its so hot in here pisssss


asked mom to get me mcdonalds and she said no and left now i have NOThing to eat


asked mom the clean the onahole


where is my food im gonno starve without a mcdouble


mom said if you sprinkle your tinkle be a sweetie and wipe the seatie



i need a burger now hima now now now


send one my way


this is a disaster hima we met up and i was supposed to flip the birl but the birl flipped me instead




pasted impersonator
no i didnt go i got too stoned and fell asleep


based prisongayseki



gonno get high and tardposting on hima


pnig please come back onseki is hellbent on turning hima into his beloved 2015 gnfos


File: 1564339568696.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 856.25 KB, 980x1420, 39.jpeg)




cant wait for the great himasugi.org return


whats so great about hifumin id rather flip nenecchi or aoba or


shes cute and lovely and cuddly and warm and nice and cute


hifuman has gigantic knockers


and shes cute


but most importantly shes stacked


do girls with small boobs feel the same way as men with small penises


the most important part of the mega cute ultra max x10000 lovely warm hifumnin is that shes cute


how do men with small penises feel


like ending it





nice chinkped


do NOT click this


NOT gonno click that normshite



didnt click you dumb flipping god damns norm


File: 1564343550361.jpg (199.2 KB, 1200x1600, 1564342622222.jpg)

caterpie get out of her shorts


tired of seeing that ugly bitch


shes a goddess


all women are beautiful




oh flip oh flip oh flip ohh pissssssssssssssssssssssssss


all women are beautiful but only 20% of men are


File: 1564344903929.jpg (865.42 KB, 1920x1080, [Natsu] Yuru Camp △ - 12 [BD][1080P][AAC][HEVC….jpg)


wish i was a woman


wish i was yuru camping with shimarin


she camps alone sorry


sunday afternoon dread


think the memory leak just gave me a bsod hima


you should be in church


flip church its time to game


wish i was nadeshiko
wish i was hifumi


cracked open a nice blogweiser


ate a big bowl o fries


you mean plate right


you should be eating raw meat instead





think ill stick with the fries


>stop masturbation for 2 weeks as I was becoming extremely tired
>forgot about porn and was starting to enjoy life
>had to go to dentist appointment yesterday
>cute asian hygienist begins cleaning my teeth
>she's wearing some perfume
>never had sex before and still a Virgin at the age of 29
>begin to realize I've screwed up as I haven't masturbated in forever
>she begins brushing my arms and I begin getting a boner
>she leans in to get av better angle and I feel the side of her breast touch my shoulder
>first time I've ever felt a breast
>I begin to lose it and squirm in the chair which causes a lot of pain
>she puts her hand on my chest and apologizes I cum in my pants
>realize what the fuck I just did wearing sweat pants and the stain begins to appear
>I panic and tell her im cold can she pass me my hoodie
>put it over my legs so she can't see my cum pants
>thankfully she didn't NOTice
>tells me im done for the day a while later and I thank her with the freezing still in my mouth
>still holding the hoodie in my waist I tell her I forgot my credit card at home and can't pay until next visit
>quickly run out of the room before she can NOTice anything
>skip paying at the front desk and run to my car and quickly drive home with sticky legs
Guys I'm a 29 year old virgin who has never touched a woman before. That whole experience changed my life. I didn't know woman had that kind of power over me. Please guys you have to help me. I really don't want to begin masturbating on a regular basis as I was beginning to feel born again with youth and energy. How can I NOT masturbated and still prevent myselft from cumming in my pants when a woman touches me? please I really need some advice here.




sigh cant believe seki didnt flip that birl


birls deserve love too


the whole thing was creepy haysuz pilled me a little and i realized going over to the birls apartment in the sketchy part of town was probably a bad idea


wouldnt flip even aris ex bf much less some random birl that probably invited people over every single day dont know how you could even consider it



die you god damn norms


sigh hima pinches lately


File: 1564356465811.jpg (548.69 KB, 1000x1305, __ezo_red_fox_and_silver_fox_kemono_friends_dr….jpg)

wish to be reborn as a catgirl


too many flippin norms


those arent cats idiot


i want to be one






File: 1564358227491.jpg (936.67 KB, 1920x1080, [Natsu] Yuru Camp △ - 06 [BD][1080P][AAC][HEVC….jpg)


is flipping birls a norm thing


about as norm as it gets norman


how about flipping female birls


hima is dead


im gaming


too many norms so im gaming too


just got done gaming


about to start gaming


didnt game at all today


gamed hard today


gonno watch black clover


mom still isnt back with my food this might be it going to starve


do norms find this funny


glad its sunday so norms will stop posting tomorrow


dont post norwooders


cant wait to wake up nice and early and make my tea in a quiet empty house


got a flight tuesday mornin i only come back next friday


hope it crashes norm


File: 1564364143044.jpg (3.92 MB, 5312x2988, IMG_20190728_160212.jpg)

this town is full of richnorms


how would you feel if that really happened


have a pleasant flight bro


die illinoisnorm


id be happy cause then i wouldnt have to see your norm posts anymore


you cant talk to him like that


i hate norms i said it before ill say it again


wish nb would calm down



stop posting normvids


cant wait to get back to the ol grind


there was an indention at the dogs grave where he was buried i guess the earth made short work of him sigh


good episode of super


ashes to ashes
dust to dust


or maybe its just the dirt settling


File: 1564367544782.jpg (1.17 MB, 2543x2602, Screenshot_2019-07-28 (C90) [MeltdoWN COmet (Y….jpg)



glad the ritual will allow me to escape death for now


something about the whole premise of accelerator makes me laugh he could kill every human in the city probably but he just farts around and hangs out with girls all day


sounds kind of like the freak


made the hottest sauce ive ever made today from all yellow reapers made me weep just from a small amount


accelerators laugh is funny


spicy food lowers test


wish i had something with a bit of spice




new currybutt vr chat tranny episode


gonno become a vr chat tranny


got a taco bell hunger box with some baja


never ate taco bell never drank baja


post your avatar


careful i think thats full of antinutrients


fruit fly flying in front of the screen has been making me rage for days


youre missing out




fire it up pour it on burn that flying chink out of the air with some aerosol and a lighter


big shooting at a garlic festival


why a garlic festival




how many norms died


gonno take a nap gamed hard


it was just niggers NOT a incel spree or anything


false flag


sigh now the politicsnorms are going to be posting for days again


what drives someone to insanity like what happened to sparky


the tism slowly grinds down our minds till that happens




boruto sucks hard its alright background noise at least


think i almost went crazy had a dream where zombies were real and i actually believed it for a moment when i woke up


might watch attack on titan is it good


read the manga


its for norms


avoided that anime back when it first aired because of the norms might have a watch now


the norms are coming for me


its NOT a matter of it being for norms or NOT its just frankly NOT worth watching theres too much dead space in the plot that doesnt translate to good anime flow


dont care for those things i am easily entertained


what do you mean flow


same it takes next to NOThing to entertain me


its ok after eren snaps simply watch the reactions videos that blind wave made instead


love watching other people react to things so i can know what to think


ya its pretty great specially when youre dumb tard and autims like me


cant wait for the animated timeskip stuff


bought a pair of bone conduction headphones


think its going to end in season 5 or maybe 6


love hearing straight in my bones


norm normduction normphones



the norms are here the norms the norms the norms


File: 1564373574173.jpg (14.69 KB, 438x92, ahaha.JPG)


loved my chinese farmer friends


bellys really sticking out tonight hima feasting all day




nice big mom


capping the day off with a nice liter of milk


might drink a bit more hehe


wish i wasnt so nice


gonno talk like flanders in the mansion


give me an example of you being too nice


i open the door for women


File: 1564376947706.mp4 (762.99 KB, ダグマル - リセットの夏 #コイカツ #ランスシリーズ-11539573021032652….mp4)


did rance flip her yet


never in a position to open doors for norms





still wonder if tulpas were real loved the tulpa arc


hope freakeye is having a good time at the office


its larp


jaypees were really believing in it



flipping gamenorm gibberish title


she is beautiful




its flippin dead time to blow this joint


heading to bed hope


darkness is my calling


almost time for the dimensional merge hima



how is running a website full of incel tards illegal


didnt you see what happened to pnig





in the uk everything is illegal


why is homeland security in the uk


they have homelands too


hima main menu screen


sigh pnig wouldve tarded out to that song



gonno stop joing forever


same im a cretin that doesnt deserve pleasure


gonno have a jo myself then go outside


jo stopped feeling pleasurable its just an obligation at this point


gonno watch the tsukihime anime


pnig tarded out and got the death penalty


i am subhuman


nah youre baste


peed 8 times in the last 11 hours


all men are brothers and brothers only love each other


File: 1564413139066.jpg (307.05 KB, 1536x2048, EAora6LUEAAMv3a.jpg)

drink up boys


im a flippin gods damned subhuman


at least youre NOT a sexnorm


bowl o fries for breakfast


kidneys hurting bad hima this might be the end of the road


gonno read manga when i get home


its gaming time


its wallstarin time




how was it


sis clogged the drain up so its NOT as relaxing


why does the drain need to work for a bath youre in there laying around splish splashin


by bathe in mena shower


cracked open a san pellegrino thinkin about pnig


the man loved his water


time for precure


gonno live off the land


are you gonno fish


i am wanna die


cant believe 2012 was 8 years ago


fish arent on land idiot


hows a neet supposed to know that



why dont fish just walk


havent taken a bath in a long time only showers


living off the land includes fishin


NOThin better than casting your line out and seeing what bites hima


come get your gfs brothers


fresh hamudi
he spots an incel in the wild


ban that raider seki


agreed ban this gods damned teen


File: 1564431678069.webm (1.49 MB, 480x480, 1564183222700.webm)


how come cats cant do that


thinking about those scorching ping pong little babies


mom baked aNOTher cake today time to feast hehe


File: 1564433637074.jpg (136.3 KB, 1280x720, 5428057_072919-kgo-Santino-William-Legan-ig-pr….jpg)

based garlic shooter


what was the motive


the norms


bathroom guys are here to install a shower screen


File: 1564439715753.jpg (597.09 KB, 1100x1535, 1564439393713.jpg)



sigh pnig


wish i had one



bowl o fries for breakfast a nice chocolate cake for lunch and a bowl o pasta for dinner


wish i had fries and pasta


whats stopping you


got four flights this week


phew tummy is full time to watch vids and snooze


die norm


eat some real food


like what


meat and vegetables


the fries are made of vegetables and the pasta had meat in the sauce


neither of those count


why because you said so




havent had a nice tuna melt in a fortnight sigh


dont give a hoot about a norms opinion anyway



gotta poop brb


File: 1564444767178.webm (3.69 MB, 480x272, 93ec55b12776b6d270b1cea34348d829.webm)


that webm makes me wonder what happened to the wk after pnig was destroyed


pnig was the wk


he was his own biggest worshiper...


read 82 chapters of kokou no hito
thought it was over after 80 but theres 170 sigh


nap time bye





really want to neet it up and post on hima all day every single day and game and watch anime and tard out sigh


just watched some maxmoefoes vids for no reason


watch some swampman and pewds instead


pewds only posts lame normcraft vids now


hate norms


love norms


its NOT lame


File: 1564450326324.jpg (47.11 KB, 720x719, 1564449475891.jpg)




never made it as a wise man


i couldnt cut it as a poor man stealing


hate haysuz




uh oh starting to think again


File: 1564452717936.jpg (196.3 KB, 336x768, 3dd8d7ca15312e7ed28e6e53c2ef60b9.jpg)


amateur mistake


i'm dead sure i'll win today


drank 3 cups of coffee gonno tard out now


chugging water


you have diabetes


drinking water is perfectly normal what kind of fat flip do you have to be to say someone is sick for drinking water


water tastes bad you arent supposed to be drinking it unsweetened


you are addicted to sugar


shut up


its destroying your body


read all three volumes of the ningen shikkaku manga
really good maybe ill read the novel too


bang bang shoot em up ☝


forgot to jo last night this should be fun


crying because a really fast spider escaped my mop


never been to a garlic festival whats it like


why are you using a mop
why are you crying stop that already


its a swiffer mop


love the feeling of chugging water just filling up my throat and taking a massive gulp instead of weak sips
i see why shoenice chugs


drinking a sprite


is it just me or is sprite way sweeter than it was 20 years ago
i looked at the labels and the only thing that has more sugar is root beer doesnt that seem strange its supposed to be refreshing NOT sickeningly sweet if i wanted that id drink mountain dew


hima used to be booming during these hours now it is only active for an hour while im awake


wake up early with me


had a second wind for a second there but now im definantly crawling under the covers with my 3ds


browsing google maps the google car drove past a red light gonno report him


tried to replace wk but turt didnt bite


wish i knew where my 3ds was damn good games on it


damn good games


fucking god damn pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


so this is what it feels like to be the last of your kind the last neet on hima blogging to myself


im still here but theres NOT really any point to keep posting with all the norms here


id post more but im gaming all day every day


cant wait to become a family man


its time to get a job lazy neets


why am i the only one in the world who must suffer


you dont even know what true suffering is



phew nice gonno have a watch


raining hard nice day to game


no its time to go to sleep


i just woke up after a 12 hour nap why would i sleep


everyone get in bad we have a long day tomorrow


gonno need one of these at the mansion


who was that guy pnig would post videos of that had him making stuff with his weird son


dont remember that


File: 1564488379534.png (841.79 KB, 1000x1414, __sakura_hibiki_danberu_nan_kiro_moteru_drawn_….png)


fat bitch




File: 1564492390552.jpg (Spoiler Image, 215.94 KB, 857x1200, EAt1-BWU8AALjNR.jpg)


File: 1564492865955.jpg (128.71 KB, 816x1200, EAuYFRqU8AAmRGf.jpg)


cant jo to fgo characters


mindblowing that my fitness level places me in the 95th percentile for mankind and yet im NOT even considered worthy of a lazy plumpergf


in the olden days women outnumbered men 10 fold so even the cellest of cels had at least one gf


thats NOT possible unless it was wartime and all the males died


baby flamingos are called flaminglets


clay baring is hard work flip that never doing that again but it did make the paint really smooth


then dont do it why would you do hard work


life experience


norm experience


dont knock it till you try it


stupid norm


File: 1564502423726.webm (1.01 MB, 854x480, 1564502241796.webm)


will that happen to me if i go to japan





is that moot


its onseki


wish that was me


you mean the white man right


no the cute jap foid


cant imagine being a foid the transition from celmode to easymode would be too much to bear since people would suddenly start caring about me theyd say ive got ptsd


wonder what moots up to nowadays



File: 1564506446085.jpg (79.13 KB, 1440x782, Hensuki-Funimation-Translation-Lolicon.jpg)




File: 1564506539323.mp4 (2.61 MB, 1135634784623792129.mp4)


i dont get it


me neither


mom and i found a 50 inch lcd in the dumpster yesterday inside of the panel has some cracks NOT sure if i should sell the parts or try to fix it


File: 1564513130561.webm (1.99 MB, 1280x720, 1564512970764.webm)

nb vs twig



bought a fedora


File: 1564513721612.jpg (243.36 KB, 1067x800, 1374970325932.jpg)


gonno watch normvengers endnorm


wow pokemon sure look like shit now


bewear and mimikyu are too scary for me


vacuumed then sprayed some water mixed with lavendar oil over the house


no dont


can hear norms outside


help him aits the norms theyre here


i fuck man ass


File: 1564516619939.jpg (147.55 KB, 1280x720, 1564516426047.jpg)


pretty based




linus poz tips


never going to relive getting a killtac on lockout with the bros in a hot game of mlg every day i ask myself why even bother going on when 2006 is never coming back


File: 1564521808401.jpg (410.64 KB, 1278x716, ebfd7175e3b6bcdb4a5322fb869a4236.jpg)


hate the anime meme of high school girls with pornstar bodies being virginal freakfoids


its escapism fool nobody wants to watch an anime thats realistic with most of the girls being fat and unkempt and getting railed by chads except maybe norms


File: 1564522972710.jpg (79.56 KB, 720x921, EAruekYVUAEDaRJ.jpg)

why was there no fortnite when i was a kid


more jealous of him having a father than him winning 900k


where the fuck did the 900k come from
whos paying these winnings


File: 1564523644374.gif (1.31 MB, 320x240, n4ughtybear.gif)


whats that mean


it means come hither


himaaaa hows it going hehe




tenderloin sandwich


File: 1564526696747.png (1.48 MB, 2155x1326, __senko_sewayaki_kitsune_no_senko_san_drawn_by….png)


shaved my happy trail




your what


hehe senko senko senkooooo


dont shave your body hair


why NOT


mopping the floor and crying over it and mopping again endlessly


had a big hot soapy shower and a shave


thats a pnig post


is he back after being persecuted by the oppressive white man system


got a new haircut lookin fly


phew gamed hard gonno watch some vids before i game some more


all non-norwooders need to be banned


still have a full head of hair hehe


mindblowing that there are norwooders on hima that havent roped yet


going bald isnt a good reason to rope



NOT interested in foids


i think hair is popular with gays too


wonder how many sexy ladies are scarred for life because of this


thats a fat finger


im NOT a sexnorm


hate norms so god damned much


and dont get me started on foids flipping gods damned foids


got a swollen tastebud


should i watch the rezero ova




dont know what rezero is about but spermed to the maid girls


its for norms


had an accident on the toilet


did you get mommy to clean up for you


File: 1564536475016.jpg (252.71 KB, 1280x720, this life.jpg)


saw a huge guy outside today he looked like rich


for norms as you can see by that image


but without any tattoos


sigh rich


mindblowing that im a fat balding jobless virgin manbaby


how does it feel


same are you 30 and a gamer too cause i am




moms givin me the job speech again


in 10 years youll be a fat balding jobless virgin 40 year old manbaby


suiciding long before that happens


you can always change the jobless and fat parts


why bother only norms work and you get fat from eating which is one of the only good things in life


because you feel bad about them obviously


havent jod since thursday and now i have lots of dick cheese wonder if its correlated


im NOT a norm


die norm


glad mom never remarried and got me a new dad


having a new dad is great
my step dad is like my brother


does he call you champ


love hearing my mom getting flipped by a strange new man in the house and giving him a high five when hes done


come on sport lets go out for frosty chocolate milkshakes


whats wrong with someone else flipping mom
im certainly NOT gonno flip her it doesnt affect me
if some dude is falling for the foid meme with my mother than all i have for him is pity


had a stepdad when i was a kid and he made me give him a special handshake every night and toss around the pigskin in the backyard occasionally he was around for a long time but once he and mom split up he wanted NOThing at all to do with me


one of moms ex boyfriends actually did me a solid favor later in life i was a good step son


did he give you a gamestop card



no he footed me a couple hundred bucks for some emergency expense and took me out for lunch


because when your mother is a slut it dishonors you as her son


what a weird thing to say do you hate your mom or something



die norm


p anderson is a core part of hima culture raider


its just you posting it


and youre a god damn norm


im NOT the norm youre the norm norm


wish the norms would go back to work already




im sure youre one of the work norms


File: 1564539595858.jpg (96.49 KB, 800x537, buddy-punching.jpg)

love punching in and getting to work


love talking to my coworkers about hima at the watercooler


whats so bad about work anyways even nb says he wants a job


the norms


it means youre a god damned norm die


dont you want to buy stuff


NOT at the cost of being a norm you wouldnt understand


dont you want to contribute to society




you need a job if you want to support a family someday


NOT gonno happen norman die


thats what they all say then one day a cute girl gives you a wink and within a year youre married and looking to buy an apartment together


thats what happens to norms


dont you want to support neetblog


why did god have to make me the size of a girl


would rather be a girly man than a manly girl


File: 1564543023724.webm (240.97 KB, 1280x720, girlieman.webm)


mom bought kock dogs


being tall sucks so much no matter how much i eat i cant gain any weight i feast hard and snack hard every day and none of it amounts to anything at all


eat some sugar and processed meat


i refuse


stay twig then twigger


hate when twigs say they eat so much but then it ends up being a small handful


File: 1564543889829.png (1.08 MB, 580x819, fat.png)

get on the neetblog diet


only 5 more pounds until im no longer obese


once a fat always a fat


dont eat sugar so its impossible to gain weight hehe


how do you avoid sugar


dont be american


love sugar putting down a tub of ice cream as we speak


love ice and cream but hate ice cream



5. The length of life of a bee during their active season is between 3 and 6 weeks as they literally work to death.
6. Bees never sleep.



murder bees whenever they disturb my domain


love zapping bees with the electric swatter


male bees just flip the queen and die


wonder if theres any male bee cels


didnt know they made electric swatters


posting on futaba for jlpt practice


norm practice




wonder what happened to himajew


its NOT god damn fair its NOT fair the norms


File: 1564549146749.gif (Spoiler Image, 126.33 KB, 300x250, C15F90F1-B231-4512-8D5C-66D10DE8EA14.gif)



thats a child


god damn it


love children





need to refine my personality


itchy beard sigh




thats for norms


hate norms hate japan hate teens hate discord hate normime hate isekai hate streams


shaved this mornin cause my bear was itchy


wish the ritual was real


dont worry 2006 pinched hard anyway


it was better than this hell


it was the same you were different


things only got worse since then maybe you just had it easy


gonno break out the crt and fire up the ol ps2


13 years from now youll look back on this year like you do with 2006


i really hope NOT that would mean a series of horrible things would happen in a few years


guess ill make bacon sandwich and game a bit bought a gallon of wine today moms away tomorrow so im saving my make pasta day until then


i look like a sleazeball


who said it wasnt



thats sick


freakish chink why do they want to torture animals so bad


what was it


a really good sv3rige vid his gf is pregnant and he had some chink friend trying to pull the eyeballs off of live crabs


they are just sea bugs who cares



theres still no reason to torture a live animal unnecessarily unless youre a freak as stated in the video


its NOT a real animal


the norms torture me daily


crying bigly why couldnt it be me that got isekaid oh god please


pnig loved monty


you dont know that


i loved dickspammer


he loved monty so much sigh this cant be happening


fired up the exit bag bye mates


File: 1564576633076.webm (909.92 KB, 364x266, pickle_rick.webm)


might weep a little before bed


just got home


go back


back where i started off at home and just went in a circle


remember me and mom were walking down the beach once throwing huge stones at crabs


ugh mum yelling at my sis over the phone about politics really wish i was a norm at these times with money to flip out of here




File: 1564585608426.jpg (112.12 KB, 640x800, EAz78heWsAA2uia.jpg)


wheres her top






why is she always making that dumb face


wonder why tribesmen in the middle of nowhere arent attracted to boobs


who said they arent


File: 1564589336779.jpg (98.46 KB, 640x800, 975bcf3fc2870cd763496ca77fc67843.jpg)

save her from the norms


its cute flip you


its NOT cute shes always making an expression like she just shite herself


just got word that the next hima meet is at mount nyiragongo


dont think ive ever eaten a pretzel before


theyre for norms


getting sick of neetblog just going to ban his miserable ass
hopefully he picks up a hobby or something during his ban


eating leftover pasta from last night
im going to catch up with pastaguy if it kills me


stop eating carbs


that one annoying youtube guy died


because theyve seen topless women daily for their whole lives and like 99% of normboobs arent even attractive they just look like sagging blobs especially when they become adults youre used to women who walk around in pushup bras with padding so you imagine their boobs are like in the animes when they arent


what did i do


love riamu she is meccha yamu


need to find some mates


you only need one mate


think ill have aNOTher cup of coffee


sigh found a white bodyhair the stress of being cel is killing off my pigmentation im going to look like accelerator in a year


gonno wake up with a white mane like kaneki and my real life will begin


make sure to vacuum every week bros


havent vacuumed in months


never owned a vacuum


File: 1564596520344.webm (362.51 KB, 640x360, 1564588066896.webm)

my man when hes around the norms


flip off and die haysuz


leave my nigga suz alone


ban that god damn norm


File: 1564597826204.jpg (111.49 KB, 983x844, chomp.jpg)


get the flip off me you bitch




File: 1564598460389.jpg (185.68 KB, 2048x1526, __caracal_kemono_friends_drawn_by_b24vc1__c0e6….jpg)


nice kemono nice friend


japan arent gooks you stupid bitch


die wap


learn to speak american first


File: 1564602016602.jpg (303.27 KB, 839x1036, 1563740821835.jpg)

how has it already been 10 days since i saved this pic
i remember it being posted just the other day




File: 1564602209654.jpg (36.2 KB, 242x216, file.jpg)


hima hima


dont use my pic retard


File: 1564602546494.jpg (45.04 KB, 618x410, EA1AMBNU0AAC7I4.jpg)


he must have a great personality


is that larry king


whats wrong with her face


shes a foid


im shit


File: 1564607578873.png (2.48 MB, 1700x1300, __czechoslovakian_wolfdog_great_plains_wolf_an….png)



reminds me of senko


how come i dont have a boobed kemomimi gf


big boobed


im a boobed man


its NOT the same


woke up need some hair of the dog and a big hug


how about a nice hot cup of coffee


accidentally went to exhentai


owned sexnorm


die norm


File: 1564610782716.jpg (170.3 KB, 1000x1414, 1564608769206.jpg)

do you like my boobies?





dont know how a foid with a body like that could exist without being fsnapped



i dont know i just get a strong urge to start drooling


mom has a body similar to that


water guys are coming today to fix my water guess ill have some coffee gonno make big pasta once theyre gone


you need water for coffee


ive got bottled water


whats wrong with the water i skipped the last post about this


mindblowing that anyones dumb enough to pay for bottled water




i skip long posts


what else can i do my waters broken


mom used to buy bottled water for the dogs


how is it broken


drink out of the toilet


get mom to fix it


thats none of your business


let me sell you some bottled air to go with your bottled water


why blog about it then norm



even at such a tender age the ricecel understood that it was already over for him


theres chemicals in the tap water


anyone got a hug for me


stop living in a 3rd world country then


cant stop


need to shit bad hima


File: 1564613129475.mp4 (1.45 MB, 1564611801752.mp4)






File: 1564614409729.jpg (71.75 KB, 960x960, 1553952925042.jpg)


im born to shite


im shite


opera gx



is chink spyware


so is hima


chinks are our rightful masters its the natural order


stop bowing to chinks they would leave you to die in a heartbeat


hate chinks


wouldnt mind dying for the chinks if given the opportunity


never eaten crab or lobster before
they gross me out


love eating live octopus


its illegal to eat animals alive


since when


animals eat each other alive all the time whats the difference if i do it


im an animal


im NOT


i had a sex dream and she was 10 help


youre going to prison


had a dream that a sexy lady stepped over me when i was lying down and i saw her underwear i snoozespermed on the spot


had a dream it rained real hard and the street turned to a river but cars were still driving through it


miss hima gotta endure it until saturday


feasted hard gamed hard now i snooze hard


just woke up


you cant wake up now the day is over


arizona v. boles will be a landmark case that will be taught in law schools for centuries to come



already spent hundreds sending pnig cartons of cigs


did you send him a lighter


eatin some dogs


tarding out in the dirt


wish i was a massive deep sea shark


that thing is enormous holy hell


im enormous


sigh cute eye at :52


how do they know its female i dont see any sharkbreasts


female sharks are bigger


tired hima


shes full of babies


mindblowing that ill never know what its like to have periods and be pregnant


wish i could experience having my pussy filled up with a huge thick cock but unfortunately im femcel


sorry to hear that


having a pussy seems fun you could stick a bunch of things in it theres NOT much you could stick a cock into


thats what you think


i might as well NOT be male


im a retarded piece of trash time to go to sleep


File: 1564626061565.png (592.19 KB, 699x760, 1564612627677.png)





same too


august 2019


what happens then



what if people were nice like in anime


how come girls like the main character for no reason


cant imagine a world where people are nice to me


thats how real life works


wish i was the main character but im just a background character that appears for a handful of frames


jojo part 5 was shite preferred part 4




might become the demon king in this world


were rootin for you buddy


gonno snooze hope i dream of sexy ladies



File: 1564630461383.webm (487.57 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 05 ….webm)

lets get that christmas bod


why is her butt so flat


mom and i stepped into an elevator with a 6'4 250lb pole


the japanese are NOT known for plump butts


jo songs


hate the butt meme


spermed to this



eating japanese cucumbers


File: 1564635937070.jpg (225.32 KB, 749x557, 1564635465038.jpg)


woke up from anp


morph time


gonno start using Ћ instead of the


dead hours hima is dead nobody is here to talk to me flip this flip it all


scared to post


i'm here




File: 1564640202227.jpg (94.62 KB, 708x1000, IMG_20171211_153713.jpg)


i went for a walk sorry


going to bed hopefully i dont wake up


dont hope that



damn good song


wk song


been playing civ5 all week im NOT getting bored for some reason


play some eu4 instead


woke up the other residents are being loud


abs for santa


we are already three quarters through 2019 its almost over


File: 1564669548286.jpg (87.21 KB, 600x814, EA4vateU4AAi3oE.jpg)


sigh time to go to work


pasted norm


sigh riamu


File: 1564673472538.jpg (80.17 KB, 600x847, EA37tTqU0AAQHIE.jpg)


i can see her boobies


a christian girl wouldnt dress like that




gonno watch some funny cat videos


productive morning now its time to game


productive norming


owned hard


File: 1564678783547.webm (980.25 KB, 480x480, ImmaterialUnhappyCatbird.webm)


gonno sell my steam controller


been in one of those kinda scary


nice chink


jod to a girl on google street view


imagine how much piss there must be in a chinese water park


File: 1564680306941.jpg (27.63 KB, 500x449, goodbye.jpg)



File: 1564682807149.mp4 (9.17 MB, Kevín - My kids better be playing Fortnite all….mp4)


eatin some chicken rice


nb must have done a cannonball at that end of the pool


love ghicken rige


File: 1564688224579.jpg (4.05 MB, 4160x3120, 20190801_152900.jpg)

time to game hard like big jack


mom left a NOTe saying to put away the dishes but she came home early so i dont know what to do now


uh my pc shutdown after i was messing with an external fan i had it flipped upside down it was making noises and then my pc just shutdown dont get what happened



get a trackball


whyd this fucking retard turn away at the best part what a stupid bitch




File: 1564692292768.png (545.56 KB, 800x800, EA3Fh9pUcAEdC0D.png)


sigh the lightbulb guys were here and i had no power for 2 hours


nice scatdogs


why did the lightbulb guys steal your power


hate lightbulb guys


sigh wish i was a firstborn child


its NOT that great


rough day at work i told a guy off punched a wall and craved a cigarette even though ive never smoked first thing i did after getting home was crack open a cold one why does life have to be so hard


File: 1564694920819.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, shamikoshake.webm)


NOT sure why my pc wont boot up tested the psu and its working hope i didnt fry my gpu or motherboard


hey hima back from work


stupid gods damned norms


woke up hi


you cant wake up now the day is almost over


having eggs for dinner


eggs are a breakfast food


gross hate eggs


breakfast is a meme


what about second breakfast


you mena lunch


breakfast is why neetblog is fat


got the urge to play dota all the time but when i do bad i have to suffer for half a hour


what do you mean


on one hand if i keep my memories after being isekaied ill have brain damage from the torture ive received here but if i lose them all i wont be able to take advantage of their low tech society


you dont have brain damage


you cant be healed without experiencing pain


its too late to heal i need a full wipe


wipe the dipe


whatever happened to d*pey


he was arrested


going to walk up into the mountains to train for a few years


train what


can you squat an island


thats ped island you dont want to go there


i want it


its a perfect place for the mansion


glad pnig isnt here to joke about those heinous crimes


File: 1564707485991.jpg (128.9 KB, 748x1200, 1564707369817.jpg)


pnig is here


i can do that


if that was true the children would instinctively be screaming in terror


crying thinking about the poor children that had to stare at pnigs ugly mug while their innocence was being stolen


did you guys hear that ninja will be switching from twitch


when we get isekaied im going to be the kind of guy that constantly wears a helmet or mask or something



wish someone would pay me to stream video games


nb should start streaming porn again


gamer knees acting up


crying for this femcel


no such thing norman


half the people in the comments say shes ugly and the other half are saying she isnt
which is it


im quite ugly myself but there was a reason for that


time to mow


mindblowing how norms hate abortion when the end product is human trash like me


plenty of norms love abortion


love killing babies


cant believe norms cry over some dumb cows and chickens dying but happily murder human babies


dont actually mind abortion in fact i think its a good thing but i dont like foids benefiting from it


uhh norms hate babies dying


they dont benefit from it


yes they do they get knocked up by the chad of the week then have the baby killed so they can quickly go fuck aNOTher chad
its satanic but women are evil so thats what happens


do you feel like a man when you push her around


sounds like this chad person is the real beneficiary


wonder if id still be a virg if mom named me chad


movie time


only chad i ever knew was half tard


but was he a virg


women would rather flip tards than us


im tard and dont get flipped


you have to be pretty tard to be a virg considering its supposed to be instinct and even bugs can figure it out


scared of women


File: 1564712308356.jpg (467.84 KB, 2557x1603, Burg_Hohenzollern_mit_Schwarzwald2.JPG)


im tard


hehe brug


become a birl man


its impossible to take a castle with this position


we will set up a blockade


im going to tard out and expose the weak point in the blockade


we are we are walmart




driving down to north carolina on saturday hope i crash and the car explodes and kills me instantly instead of getting a flat tire or some shite


anyone else have curved cummer


wouldnt that be great hope a car instantly explodes into me


if you see a fat tard in the road thats me dont hit the brakes


just cracked a blogweiser


is herkz black


hate herkz


always disliked when pnig would bring up herkz


File: 1564715352792.jpg (239.57 KB, 1414x2000, __olive_laurentia_original_drawn_by_norman_mag….jpg)




always disliked when i had to talk to herkz


wish i could get a job at walmart but im too tard to come up with answers to the job interview questions


i worked at the walmart deli for half an hour then went home during my break


did they call you




did you tell them to die


you cant just tell people to die


whats stopping me


theyre gonno arrest you for death threats


hows telling someone to die a threat


its rude


what if i say please


getting tired of these dreamless nights why wont god allow me to escape just for a little bit


eat some sugar before bed


always dream every day




im NOT based


im watching a movie called the clapper about a literal npc let know what think


think ill sleep naked tonight


die nudesnooze


how can you watch that stupid shite


can only sleep fully clothed




alone on hima time to rope


gonno buy hop shoots


gonno lay down and wish i was dead


mindblowing how its perfectly acceptable for an 18 year old to have sex with a 17 year old girl but the moment pnig sexually abuses an underage girl 15 years his junior over a three year period they throw the book at him


called mom an npc and she freaked out




couldnt handle the revelation


hate when i find out something i experienced as a wee lad was australian only so none of my american internet pals know about it


do you mean the crocodile hunter i know that guy


File: 1564739331308.jpg (190.48 KB, 960x949, 91nnpz2vgtd31.jpg)

only gamers will understand this


you cant make accelerator a protagonist thats just a fact


when i was 8 years old my 15 year old neighbor called me into his room and made me watch him play starcraft


i just wanted to play pocket monster blue though


rope time god damn it


ugh search sublime on google images and all you get is the pretentious NOTepad or some kind of rap thing


what else would you get other than the band


File: 1564744807241.jpeg (180.21 KB, 1280x1360, e96df3b9bb73ab93062f2748bca125a0.jpeg)

phew nice plumper


bed time


wish i had a tulpa



ex is working again as expected




File: 1564750507048.jpg (559.56 KB, 1403x992, __kagari_atsuko_little_witch_academia_drawn_by….jpg)


phew nice little bitch


NOT sure why i still get a bone to kagari shes unbelievably sexy


File: 1564752019198.jpg (506.85 KB, 744x1052, 0badf39b711712b85cfbc250fc08685e.jpg)


what the heck jojo went on break for almost four months for the !exciting climax! but really the climax was the last episode and after the break was just some irrelevant stuff about a stone


youre missing out if you dont have a balcony theres NOThing better than that on the morning with a cup of tea


File: 1564757669997-0.jpg (80.01 KB, 1280x720, 1.jpg)

File: 1564757669997-1.jpg (73.22 KB, 1280x720, 2.jpg)


File: 1564757781853.webm (1014.54 KB, 222x400, 1468844674471.webm)


NOT plump enough


based midget owning that chink


woke up dreamed i was a japanese high school student and i thought everything was going great but then i had to do a bunch of tests and class work and i cant read any japanese past kana so i started crying hard



sometimes wonder what the ladies and gentlemen of asian descent think of me doing anki reps on the train next to them even though they are almost never japanese they could think its chinese when all they see is jukugo


had a dream the other day that i was in bed with girl a girl and we were doing foreplay then the moment i stuck my "Thing" in her "Flower" her dad walked in but left right after he didnt seem mad but we stopped and went to breakfast and apparently we were at her grandmothers house who i came to to take something from her mailbox


File: 1564761199350-0.jpg (133.22 KB, 708x1000, EA9zBpOUIAIRsI6.jpg)


dont understand foreplay


wonder if being a norm is something that can be studied and mastered


its a modern scam like dentistry


hate norms


sometimes want to be a girl so i can sing songs where the singer is a girl






i shall become a master norm


whatever norms have it must be possible to understand its principles and put them into practice


step one is taking an interest in western tv dramas


mom loves watching the young and the restless


im young and restless


im 29 years old is that still young


mindblowing that sean ian ivan jean and shawn are all quite literally john


you should have 3 children by now


my dad didnt have me until he was 35


dad was 30 but mom was 21


what a flipping ped


my mom was 35


no wonder youre tard


dad was 43 mom was 33


hate youngmomnorms


mom was a 19 year old roast


mom was 16


mom was 31 dad was 33


mindblowing that i was almost in middle school when mom was my age and ive never even shook hands with a foid


File: 1564766816174.jpg (422.29 KB, 1276x1340, 1564760196110.jpg)


cant believe the norms took my foreskin


hate norms


im a big norm


wish i was a norm


wish every norm died


i will re:create this 「stone world」 without a single norm


then youd die


weird why dont blacks hold any weightlifting records


no more dead norms



mom mom mom mom mommy momyy mom


i bet pastaman wishes his mom looked like that he loves it when men flip his mom upstairs


dont talk about such vulgar things


met up with pastaguy but wanted to go home after he kept trying to get me and his mom in the same room together
the fact he kept hiding cameras poorly didnt help


didnt he get scared after turt harassed his family members sort of like cousin anon


based orbiters


love the dumbbell shows op and ed



i myself love the dumbbell shows headline girl sakura hibiki


i dropped that show i was promised plumpers but the plumpers never came


gonno buy a italien blt


File: 1564769699939.jpg (106.48 KB, 600x798, subhuman.jpg)


you cant say subhuman


its gonno have chipotles sauce on it and olives and peppers and mayonaise


and onions


i got a peperoners pizza instead hehe




forgot this meme


what meme


dont think i can even read a long paragraph written by anyone without getting mad about something in it




mom ordered pizza 5 hours ago but its NOT here im gonno starve


if its been 5 hours they are NOT coming




owned hard


cant believe this


pizza was 1 minute late so i got a voucher for a free pizza next time (!)


pizzas here hb


think ive phewd my last hb last two times i threw up thats never happened before


what do you mean you threw up


you know




mindmazing that people get paid for their writing while ive written novels worth of imageboard posts all for free


gonno upgrade to minidisc storage


every time i think of the transient nature of mmos i rage every single shut down server is a crime against humanity in fact so is every major overhaul patch


get on mabipro


dont really know what mabinogi is but joed a lot to a girl from it who an obsessed artist drew 200 images of


youre NOT supposed to sperm to mabi


sigh owe a total of quite literally three thousand two hundred and fifty-two dollars to the taxman this is the least based thing that has ever happened to me


punishment for being a norm


gonno buy a Japanese nata hatchet


wish freak would adopt me as a pet


you already are orbiter


hate when someone recommends a movie as the best thing ever then it turns out to be pretty lame


never watch anything a norm reccomends you already know its gonno be bad


File: 1564777111322.png (972.78 KB, 912x1387, 3b3e4bda5652fe5f6b8f54e0937c0a40.png)



File: 1564777177486.jpg (152.2 KB, 849x1200, cd7c65f615ea97bf680021ceab30e834.jpg)


NOT plump enough


hardly like biribiri at all compared to other to aru girls but joed to her the most weird


same with non non kana asumi cant be beat but i jo only to hotaru


do you keep track of your jos


ya dont you have a jo.xlsx





File: 1564777669071.png (1.42 MB, 1147x1032, 3.png)

yes 1 star = 1 jo


am i going to get hacked if i download that program


can you really clothespin a kitty like that


vaginas look scary you must be some sort of beastly animal sexnorm to like looking at them


penises look worse


a penis is just a hairy tube a vagina looks like a deformed monster mouth


was dumping my empty edamame shells into a taco bell cup half full of water and at first they smelled nice like green tea but just now i spilled it on the floor and almost puked they smelled horrendous


pussy looks like a delicious snack just a juicy succulent fruit dripping with moisture


are you trying to be gross when you post stuff like this or what


mindblowing yuru yuris are in their 20s now


konata is 29






hAte when norms use an analogy they think is relatable but actually just makes me rage


this isnt right the norms should be groveling for scraps at my feet NOT the other way around


deal with it incel


already five pm got an early day ahead of me might get some shite food


i have a split personality that only appears when i require sustenance


mindblowing how accusing someone of being underage online is actually a compliment that you assume they cant be a tard while also being of legal breeding age


uh huh...
real mind blowing


sometimes look up autism symptoms in adults but it never sounds like me whatever is preventing me from being a norm that isnt it


its probably a combination of depression and extreme anxiety


depression isnt some made up thing only foids and soys can claim
but just knowing youre actually clinically depressed does NOThing theres no cure and meds just vegetate you


you just need some vitamin d and fresh air


took vitamin d supplements didnt do anything


hate liar joe rogan


hate norms that watch that shite


i hate norms PERIOD


cant believe ill never be based


will this happen if i go japan?


just realized what i do on hima is known as code switching


keep dreaming classic wow has come out cant wait hima


what the fuck they announced that like five years ago whats taking them so long


its coming out in 25 days dont worry


cant wait for the wownorms to flip off just like the ffxivtards


im NOT worrying no intention of playing that flip blizzard


itll be fun


if you had a desu NOTe and you had kill 100 people with it who would they be



love how supposedly yes but actually no


get mad when i see people on the train just playing their phone games


jealous nomobage




the lich king is whispering in my ear again


what does he say


the norms must pay


your friends will abandon you; you will abandon your friends


its a raid


raid raid raid


guess ill snooze now


ya its a 40 man raid called the temple of ahn'qiraj




mom is getting upset that i keep asking her if we should check the dumpsters for cool stuff


ive dumpster dived before got a bunch of stuff from a bakery that would throw it all out after closing


mom told me to stops saying pasted and based and basted she said its weird


keep thinking about a new form of based called based as michael norwick based which is a reference to michael norwick who is known in blackburnshire for having the highest level of based recorded although its NOT exlusive to him hes just the only known example at this time


NOT a dumpster diver i simply only look at the dumpsters in my complex because these consumerists throw out good tech stuff that i can sell on ebay


hate consumerists love producerists


im a producerist


what do you produce






okay okay im a transitioning producerist as i have NOT completed many things yet


hate freakeye




gonno fire up roblox


cracked open a low sodium v8


v8 is made from tomato concentrate which may have sugar in it i wouldnt recommend it


might snooze


friday night the walmart was crowded with norms who are too tied down by family to hit the club


the walmart around here doubles as a club


miss the club meme


miss hanging outside of brisbys on hot summer evenings shuffling like mad cunts with pastaman and the freak blowing whistles at birds as walk by


all the women be at walmart


why the hell would you go to walmart on friday night


dont know what brisbys is


its brisbys mate


i needed silicone sealant


was waiting in the bank and a young woman of asian descent was sitting in the waiting area near me and rapidly bouncing her legs NOT only that a man who appeared to be her father was right next to her also rapidly bouncing his legs i looked over in disapproval but the father looked back at me unflinchingly so i looked away but they kept it up the entire time for 30 minutes until they got served cant believe this kind of fidgetry is tolerated


they call me tundraboy because i move like an arctic lizard


hate when people claim they cant stop their restless leg syndrome


some people call me Maurice (The Joker reference)


wish i was indian


File: 1564790836607.webm (2.99 MB, 960x540, 1564776518882.webm)

hate when girls try to take my cel


hate cg in anime


god damn fucking pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


wheres the sound


i shake my leg a lot too


no sound i got it off of /a/


heard 4norm filters cumbrain to gamer now hehe


hate filters


wish they released a cg anime that was more than 3fps


there are so many stories of people wanting to destroy the world why hasnt someone gotten around to it yet


burnt myself out of anime when i started watching every single episode of every single anime per season


simply watch more anime


based gran doesnt allow invaders


same hate anime


never should have come here


dont think gandalf meant for us to go this way


hehe set to oblivion music didnt even realize that was part of the video since i listen to jeremy soule in the background all the time based


just bought some libra




press the hima button im conditioned to press and a post is supposed to come out but it doesnt so i press again


feeling horrible gonno crack from anxiety


sometimes wish i had someone to talk to then i tell myself to stop being a pussy


wish i had a dad who would have told me to NOT be a pussy


File: 1564797330972.png (22.48 KB, 431x65, unknown.png)


gonno summon my persona


what do you mean anxiety what are you anxious about


i get anxiety when something bad is going to happen



love a nice keygen jukebox


yo nb you here fatass come suck my dick bitch


im lamer


like what whats going to happen


weird how romans didnt consider it gay to fuck men in the ass just like they dont consider it gay in african prisons


anyone ever fuck a fat fucker like nb any tips on how to wrassle her down would butter or margarine be best


mom made sausage



why the hecka is japan so represented on the oldest living persons list


File: 1564800051894.png (834.61 KB, 1192x1693, 0a3d71051690ca225e89497d6d05871f.png)

“Do you like this cockroach? You are underneath even bug too !!! Ugly small pervert ! Put your head on the ground so then I can fart on it and then maybe you can touch me now !!!"”


dumb foid


rude bitch



holy flip based


hb time to fire up some tetris and also molest children


die impersonator


blast what found me out


i want to spread nb open


are there any rewards for being pilled other than sating a thirst for knowledge




the truth will set you free


imagine the noise nb would make when you are porking him


drop a pill please i want to be pilled


File: 1564801841945.jpg (257.54 KB, 924x594, pill.jpg)


wish beato would pill me with the red that only witches can speak


mindblowing that wtc5 is out in a week


NOT seeing any pills


die already




fucking nb in his twink bony ass would make my day


grabbed some brownies


love a good brownie


slowly becoming a npc


File: 1564803074176.jpg (2.3 MB, 4032x3024, 7EFAA61E-46F4-40C4-9E4B-759635973398.jpg)

made a pizza


choke on it and die norm


listen to this and calm down






never knew that meme was even a meme


howd you slice it like that looks cool want to frame it on my wall


im NOThin but a worthless cumbrain


stopped using aluminum foil for my weekly pizza instead i opted for baking sheets NOT sure which is more toxic but i feel aluminum particles entering my body might be worse


you just poop the aluminum out idiot


never poop


used to go weeks without pooping in my gamer days


only girls never poop


theyre called polyhedros


some of it gets absorbed by the body


hate being a cumbrain have to obsessively save each upload its exhausting finding a new artist


have at least 100 artist tabs open that i will never sort through


nobody told me evo started get hype


wish someone would just cure me of whats wrong but at the same time psychology is cope


try god


sigh NOT a religious zealot dont you know the invisible spaghetti zeus doesnt exist


only a fool could deny god


ever seen that movie collateral well im like the guy in that


which one


you know


crying because one of my browser windows didnt restore


released myself from hoardly desires when i erased all my data before "that" too bad they came back again in a year or so


think i have an extra chromosome


chernobyl was good a highly recommended watch my friends








everyone at my work keeps recommending that guess ill give it a gander


die norm


no you dont understand im a software engineer its the business team thats norm im just awkwardly doing code all day haha classic me


hope youre doing alright


reading prison blogs and thinking of ken


spermed hard to sexy gnomes


gamed hard now its time for a nice hot bath and a cool blogweiser


File: 1564808648567.jpg (389.16 KB, 1280x1780, i_016.jpg)


File: 1564808869459.jpg (624.53 KB, 1280x1780, i_024.jpg)

oops meant to post this page hehe


what the flip


vile foids


game hard and hima hard NOThin better



oh piss oh pisss ohhhhh oisssssssssssssssdddddddsssssssss


you cant kill them theyre gods chosen people




die tokike


we need to go back to our hebrew roots




oh flip oh flip ohhh flip oh flip fucking pisssssddddssfsgsgsssssssssssssssssss


seki ban this antisemite


ate too much pizza feelin terrible hima


simply throw it up and eat more


File: 1564814336299.jpg (128.74 KB, 888x1243, EBBVnUSVAAApZCe.jpg)


sigh boobies


should i take a 30 minute nap


File: 1564815489251.mp4 (133.06 KB, WZbiMFAfzjdiGe9M.mp4)


you should take a 15 minute nap (known as a powernap)






File: 1564816000121.mp3 (4.82 MB, mnr.mp3)


gaming on psp


love psp gaming


the dentist got me sick god damn flipping norms make my life hell at every turn


nice blamer


im NOT sick for a long time and dont do anything that would get me sick then one day i have a bunch of norms shoving their hands in my mouth and a bunch of tools and doodads and boom im sick im almost certain it was the nigger assistant she didnt seem to give a flip about anything she probably walked around opening doors and touching shit without changing her gloves niggers never take care in anything they do


based feel the same way norms tried to tell me i was sick but they were sick ones


File: 1564818372792.jpg (118.69 KB, 800x1138, plus-tic-neesan-12590683.jpg)

so thats how its done


did you ask for a white dentist


the dentist was white


invoke your right to dismiss his assistant


no hima posts gonno go otaside


heard the sound of a drill outside


hate drillers hate mowers


hate everything thats NOT me and what i do and hate myself too


thinking about where i would hide my harddrives


love others love differences glad to live in this world full of people of all sorts and share experiences with them


hate positivity


no longer know whether or NOT i want people to understand the intent behind my posts might be unhappy if they do and unhappy if they dont


read the word fudge and started laughing


File: 1564830666686.jpg (188.54 KB, 1144x2047, EBCXPmrU8AEdwO2.jpg)


was just admiring those breasts


File: 1564831511801.jpg (12.3 KB, 540x260, 4zkq2a9gvke21.jpg)


made big pasta


File: 1564834425402.png (628.93 KB, 1764x2262, 1564830277203.png)



how do they expect to be a gay guy without a dick


when a girl invades the mansion


if they did try to fool around as she says she would have written a reddit complaint about it theres just no reasoning with those types she still wants to be flipped by chad but she wants to be called bro at the same time


yo mic check


File: 1564837702193.png (122.22 KB, 230x321, mom.png)


watching some idubbz


the arrogance


moms letting me set the tent up in the living room again


File: 1564844265898.jpg (1.71 MB, 2000x2824, 1564844055161.jpg)


gonno grab my psp and start playing idolmaster again


camping in the living room and playing psp NOThin better


seki and turt are on a date


you cant produce hibiki in that one though that made me sad


got the emergency peanut butter but i dont have any spoons
guess ill have to use my hands


producing yayoi hehe


the tent is setup


dead hours again


woke up


gaming hard sorry cant post


at turt’s house


sold my steam controller


is this a western artist






a western artist could never draw such a fine specimen of female meat


how come western artists love drawing hypermuscular men


File: 1564852501039-0.jpg (538.3 KB, 1280x1707, 1564837245078.jpg)

File: 1564852501039-1.webm (1.1 MB, 920x830, 1564838083129.webm)

File: 1564852501039-2.webm (1.82 MB, 747x720, 1564838556902.webm)





tired of gaming


how do they flip


exhentai is back



himaaa im flanally home hows it going hehe its nice
my new mech keyb is also here its a little on the noise side but i like it



hima im excited bet you really missed me but dont worry im here now


havent read yet but im gonno in a while


why would you buy a mechanical keyboard


why wouldnt you


my $5 chinese made keyboard works the same with less clacking


clacking has soul


its for teens along with rgb


hows this kb $2k


if i pay 2k for a keyboard i expect it to be fully assembled


i dont know just seemed like the right thing to do i got browns theyre really noisy


thisd kb also has rgb and bunch of modes i turned it off


love my pok3r


love my fc980m


if i spend 2000 on a keyb will i be a progamer


you dont game with a 2k kb


File: 1564854710004.webm (2.42 MB, 960x1200, KZElMb3.webm)


uh what do you do with it then


make a review video of it and post it on youtube with your amazon affiliate links and hope some other suckers buy it


you type but NOT too fast because you got meme tactile switches that you dont want to bottom out


File: 1564855635457.png (727.63 KB, 594x856, EBDsRueWwAAa1QI.png)


how come americans are the only ones that care so much about boobies


nah ameriniggers only like butts


why are my nipples so flipping dry what is going on


drink some water


im chugging


hate how dry my nipples are everytime i see them i have to lube them up with some oil


File: 1564858312797.mp4 (2.03 MB, chugs.mp4)


might become a city planner and create a park for gamers on the go



File: 1564859590872.webm (709.84 KB, 1280x720, 1564856829918.webm)




love kigfreaks


File: 1564860570474.webm (1.7 MB, 480x480, bird.webm)


wish mom would stop ynahing me


thread is a week old and NOT even halfway done


hima is flipping dead


just learned hollywood is in florida i thought it was in california this whole time


do NOT mention c*li again


wish i was californian


File: 1564864819687.webm (2.98 MB, 720x900, 1564864722839.webm)


uhh no one told me about aNOTher mass shooting


what happened this time


cat pisssed on me bed while i was sleeping at it what the flip



got 20/100


File: 1564868741037.gif (Spoiler Image, 384.71 KB, 344x320, 1331950165127.gif)


File: 1564868750117.jpg (39.64 KB, 555x362, certificate.jpg)



File: 1564870526155.png (352.43 KB, 320x960, 1564869466699.png)


paste ltg




File: 1564873452700.webm (1.07 MB, 480x480, 1152103921407520769.webm)


dead hour


File: 1564875830803.png (5.28 KB, 146x63, 364qf.png)


gonno have a good ol fashioned exjo to celebrate the return


File: 1564876861134.png (984.21 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20190803-100321.png)



stupid outfit


you dont understand


owned walmarters


a storm is brewing