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can i come


ya were meeting at a racetrack in nc come on down


why did you even leave are you retarded


okay im on my way


i need to stop blogging i have acute blognosis



just accept that the discordteens own hima now


freak was right


freak is always right


hey seki how hard is it to install a new processor can't i just buy the same model and brand and it should work ? when i turn it on it fires up but the screen is black


dont forget to apply the thermal paste


would that be possible


im no expert are you sure the cpu was actually the problem


ok never mind i asked siri says its possible if it is NOT soldered into the motherboard let me open her and check it out if NOT ill try to buy a compatible one


well it was an amd one so i assume that som bitch over heated and i replaced the ram stick so that was NOT it


got the ronald banner hehe


you should probably spend five seconds learning how cpu sockets work before buying a new one


god damn discordteens


ok let me google them


what am i supposdd to be looking for




got horny bone


got one of the beautiful banners i made im weeping i love you satoko


ooooooooooooooooog horny bone


File: 1564276514556.png (176.79 KB, 293x413, Sa_pc_sch.png)


post the other sprite


File: 1564277943427.png (62.13 KB, 240x375, 1412879745-satoko-towel-noheadband.png)


flip you


i don't drink sprite i try to avoid carbonated drinks(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


die raider




grindr is poppin on saturday night


die grindrer


grindr might be my only hope maybe a man will love me



its uhhh the uhhhhhh owners uhhhh NOT the breed uhhhhhh


this could have been avoided if those cats were caged


nb spreads his ass and buries his face in a pillow to fart daily


hate pitbulls but hate cats even more


hate norms


how were the pitbulls able to get out of the cage so easily and why werent the cats caged very weird


told mom to make me some fucking food 2 hours ago


it was a setup to kill off the cats no one wants


make your own food you arrogant flipper


she brought me into this world against my protest i shouldnt have to pay the price


he brought you to this world and she can take you out


wouldnt that fix everything


mom once told me the unbiblical cord was wrapped around my neck when i was coming out i told her she shouldve let me die and she got mad at me




weird that norms make a big deal over death when youre going to spend the extreme majority of your time NOT existing


they fear it


i fear it too


you should stop being mean to mom


genuinely cute 18yo birl messaged me and i sent him a pic and he said im cute and that hed date me but i wasnt aggressive enough after he said hes NOT here for hookups and let him go
literally no one has called me ugly or left me on seen every time i send a face pic they all say im hot what the hell


File: 1564281867383.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, 1C53B3B5-EA9C-49B8-95D1-15C841CBD0F6.png)



is that the birl


nice hiding the manly midface like every other birl


also die and ban


whats a midface


man hands


yeah chin and mouth arent exactly girly but its probably as good as it gets for a random grindr user a mile away


whats a midface whats a midface whats a mdiface


stop being gay


i bugger men


going to ban the homo guy any complaints speak now or forever hold your peace


were all cel here everyone is doomed to either rope or become sodomites


how am i homo im just catfishing gays


if he keeps posting norms ban him but NOT yet


you can’t ban me im onseki


ban this guy



got really drunk before mom even woke up she couldnt tell when we did yardwork just now


now im drinking all the bottled water she bought


drink tap water


just logged in what did i miss


norm hours


i cant my water tank is polluted the guy is coming to clean it and install filters in a couple of days


drink it anyways norm


weird how people get water from tanks mine just comes from lead pipes underground


get my water from the land and filter it by hand


figured out how to double jump


thinkin about the egg girl


theres no infrastructure for that here


hehe misread the situation he says i should come over tomorrow afternoon


get my water from the well


thought wells didnt exist anymore


dont fuck that man


please respect transpeoples and refer to that person as a she


mastered the half a press


started referring to people as they and it but it just seems to make the alt righters and the liberals both angry theres no winning with those political people


NOThin worse than politics people



was talking about this to mom the other day she said saying pers is stupid and she still doesnt understand what free software is even though ive explained it at least 10 times


whats the difference between joing and fucking this bloke in either situation you are being sexually pleasured by a man


im playing some league


me too


mates dont fuck mates


It also results frequently in confusing expressions in which the referent of "they" is unclear.
hehe thats actually why i do it


you just read one too many birl doujinshi if you fuck that man youre gonno regret it for the rest of your life


dont understand why people worship this plant flipper

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