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can you sit on it


wish a girl would sit on me


onseki said its NOT that great




onseki would say anything to fit in


only norms do that


wonder if a girl has joed to me before


probably NOT


i joed to every girl i went to school with at least once surely one of them joed to me


one of your gfs from back them probably did


missed my chance to go to a japanese high school


missed my chance to live a life where even a single person treats me with respect


in the movies the high school students are 26-30 if they look young enough considering you probably don't go out you'd be low test from lack of vitamin d so i think you can still go to jap hs in a movie


i look 40 years old but have the voice of a teen




NOT a norm so i dont own a mic


own a mic but never used it accidentally let the consumerism get me


chair broke


one time my chair squeaked and i said whos there but i just remembered i was fat


die fat


show some gods damneds respect


any brewskis mates its almost wine time


just finished my first hehe


File: 1563335330703.jpg (288.53 KB, 960x751, 1521676641701.jpg)


just realized they have to make special coffins for fat people


thinking about joining the skeptic community


weird mouth




nobody bothers burying fats they just cremate them instead


do they have special ovens for the fats too


ask nb he was suicidal so he planned out his death and the costs and everything with endless hours of research


gonno rewatch the nb autopsy video


post it




wonder if nb claps his ass for practice like i do


done that before hehe


hate normsuz



should i watch symphogear whats it about


wish it was nymphogear instead


the XRGB mini framemeister is officially no longer in production


should i watch it



sigh hima


go to hell


wine time




its the rude guy


sigh wonder why hes rude


his best friend is in prison


wonder what pnig does all day now


laughing to himself remembering the good ole days on jp


might give myself a neetcut


wonder if pnig is planning on roping when faisal cant delay the trial any further


File: 1563341486069.jpg (21.92 KB, 359x315, 1563339088322.jpg)

turt BTFO


die normsuz


my boy is fuming sigh check the canthal tilt too


status trumps canthal tilt




internet went down for 10 minutes and i started crying


just go out there and start yelling at people bro its easy


kind of mindblowing that any incel could make it if he tried but most of them rather browse lookism.net all day


think moms mentally ill shes having the house painted for the 3rd time this year


mom should be spending that money on her son


the norms did this to me


what the shite


they are brainwashing children with that sick aesthetic


mindblowing that parents let their kids have unfiltered access to the internet at the humble age of 1


i mean look at the views


ya those egg opening videos get billions of views too


uh what do you mean egg opening why would anyone watch someone open an egg


you know hehe


i dont


arcueid was my first love hima


no idea who that is




i liked jessica


File: 1563348665034.png (729.96 KB, 675x393, 1563304462482.png)



woke up


File: 1563362294682.jpg (302.95 KB, 1374x2048, __original_drawn_by_kawachi_rin__349256bac089c….jpg)


cat escaped just spent 30 minutes chasing him around in the dark to finally catch him when i grabbed him my glasses fell off but i couldnt loosen my grip to pick them up so i had to put him away and then spend aNOTher 20 minutes crawling around like velma trying to find them


give that cat a nice feast to celebrate their return


im pissed as hell




gotta piss but i wanna hunt


File: 1563367150149.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x1350, 63317764_207854633514018_7942303458375453006_n.jpg)


started breaking stuff because mom said a forbidden word


was it job




File: 1563369033744.jpg (143.55 KB, 850x1393, 1563330101920.jpg)


how come the thread isnt finished


there was 50 posts left 500 posts ago


File: 1563371160364.jpg (163.45 KB, 750x1000, D_p0ZiNUYAATXSK.jpg)


woke up made coffee and a roast beef rika


File: 1563375163141.jpg (477.25 KB, 2160x2160, 1561645004777.jpg)


woke up from my stomach growling feel hungry all the time but i need abs for summer


File: 1563376966403.webm (5.29 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 02 ….webm)


gran and grandpa started doing qigong

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