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someone fire up the hima minecraft server


need to know this for blogging incase the ritual sends us too far back in time




File: 1566438472495.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.94 KB, 700x394, 1518582764636.jpg)


never played normcraft



norm of normcraft


File: 1566438908334.jpg (79.07 KB, 1080x572, 1566438718978.jpg)



mindboiling that people feel nostalgia for minecraft


NOThing wrong with a little minecraft alpha griefing



youre missing out used to play single player minecraft back in the w days id wake up at 3 am grab a snack put some denpa on and mine away for hours its great




File: 1566439958318.png (920.46 KB, 1135x638, 30b716fac41f14a391ee83ee57284519.png)

what the flip do girls get horny too


anime does NOT represent reality


no most girls dont even know what sex is


File: 1566440374753.jpg (552.56 KB, 1727x957, 318d420af20f6a15cfa8034377fd56ac.jpg)

we must be really ugly for a girl to have never come into our rooms for a flipping


sigh shirou is so manly


need to start working out sigh


File: 1566440638285.jpg (70.53 KB, 1280x720, x02-Shirou-and-Kuro.jpg)


shes begging for it


dont bother its too late you already missed out on teen romance which is apparently the only form of romance everything else is simply tranactional foidisms


sakura is a very sick girl its NOT the same


File: 1566440813336.png (162.65 KB, 455x436, fb74490afc593843b408ccbf0b9fc158.png)

>take a look at this babe
>its an internet image forum i bought from a pedophile and now im the admin
>its called himasugi


uhhh green text haha




nah teens are brainless animals teen romance is worthless


hate fatenorms for killing tsukihime wish shiki would come and kill all servants




what did you just said


gonno watch some letterlocking vids and snooze




slow hours


shiki is a lame nerd compared to a beefcake like shirou


homo hours


wheres your source mine says boys died from suicide at 3 times the rate of girls but girls have 3 times the suicide attempt rate of boys


File: 1566443159921.jpg (381.64 KB, 2480x3388, sakura.jpg)


File: 1566443464419.mp3 (20.86 KB, 2019-08-22-02-59-44_34a49862-2599-4c97-b1b2-28….mp3)


File: 1566443570976.mp3 (67.8 KB, 2019-08-15-19-58-33_ac9d9411-e918-4e45-a71b-37….mp3)


die pastafreak


bed time


my source is learn how to google instead of making posts asking stupid shit you retarded teen norm raider


hate people who have time ahead of mine they live in the future while im stuck in the present


hi sakura i love you


simply move to china


your source is wrong


makes sense that freak is so smart when he lives ahead of us in time


miss when pnig would tell himself to get on the sb


cant believe i spermed to the thought of himako when it was pnig all along





keep getting that norm in my recommended


hate norms so god damn much


had a nightmare about losing my gamer senses


vargs twitter is pure unfiltered arrogance and i thought he was arrogant before


would love to eat some raw organs with varg


forgot summer koshien was going on


i should be playing there



eating some chips and whackamole




gonno report vargs account


same hes a white supremacist


File: 1566449219225.png (31.09 KB, 588x631, Capture.PNG)




File: 1566449632517.jpg (Spoiler Image, 386 KB, 1451x2048, Dzkv_QlVAAEnaoN.jpg)


love sexy brown elf girls




ya im an ooger i oog so what



wtf himasugi moved




based coca cola ad


ban him now


bands playing lupin hehe


finna jackjo my bone off


id be on that mound right now if i was japanese


2020 is the end of japan


its the end of everything great in this world


hope i die in my sleep tonight wish me luck


i hope you dont die


why would you say that to him when he wants to


what if you say that and he wakes up alive tomorrow how would you feel then



pnig loved that song



going to print out my pnig folder and send it to him in prison since he loved himself more than anyone he can paste them on the wall and think about himself for hours


thinkin about sex


cant imagine how bad the 20s will be


as hamudi would say its over






haven't cried in years


need to play a nice sad vn to open my tear ducts



how come japs are so good at cry games


ooging hard


where do i buy a switch that can be modded


thats illegal

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