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should i stream


the fact that this never happened to me when i was a boy is proof that there is no benevolent god


streamin for a few hours



uhh twitch.tv/streamingajo


File: 1569242671526.png (1.24 MB, 1000x1414, __misaka_mikoto_to_aru_kagaku_no_railgun_and_e….png)


are you trying to solo mara


that was a freak accident she bouldered at the worst possible time and didnt stop


File: 1569248625074.webm (1005.92 KB, 1280x720, __original_drawn_by_tokoya_b4ahdfsf42ljwic__8….webm)


sigh sexy girl


goddamnit i shaved my pubes and ass hair yesterday with a safety razor and now ive got razor burn all over the place sigh


what did you expect


i would save her




its happening




the foretold events


time to watch columbo and snooze


its flippin gods damned happening


what is whats happening



basted norms finding old epic posts


what you guys are referring to as a manbaby is in fact man/baby or as ive recently taken to calling it man plus baby


i am without a doubt man plus baby


still NOT as man plus baby as pamperchu


cant believe this


already told you about evil sugar and evil grains


watched one exercising video and now my youtube recommendations are full of fitness videos


onegai muscle


need to stop using apple juice bottles as piss bottles hehe


File: 1569261246319.mp4 (7.47 MB, final foids.mp4)


been steadily losing fat over the past month or two of low to no carbohydrates cant wait to see what happens when i pin and achieve my final form hell god mode


i dont get it


File: 1569262500293.jpg (82.44 KB, 1200x666, EE60OnlUcAAZh09.jpg)


i think theyre actresses from the final destination series of normflix


snapple bottles are the best but you shouldnt be drinking that poison


uh how is it poison fruits are good for you




fruit juice is just sugar water you need to blend those puppies up


then it just tastes bad whats the point


take that back


love fruits and monster and sour keys


cant eat anything unless theres sugar in it



something bad is about to happen


what is it whats about to happen


i dont know yet but it should happen in the next 3 hours


take it back im freaking out now


just realized cunny is cute and funny and NOT the other thing


mom made sausage again


ate some tofu




took a shower and did NOT use the incel 2 in 1


might fire up the pasta


the pasta has been fired up i repeat the pasta has been fired up


yeah mom real based how you left a bunch of dishes in the sink before you decided to go to the beach for 4 days but you have aNOTher thing coming if you think ill wash them you lazy bitch im already out of forks and i dont give a hoot


are you gonno use your hands


got some pimple swollen lip hybrid this really sucks hima


you mena herpes


thats impossible


moving to a new office hima


hi all first time poster here i was told by gnfos yall were some good folk to post with haha cute pics btw ^-^~


File: 1569275229558.jpg (84.16 KB, 600x866, 8c1.jpg)


too dumb to even boil a pot of water


what do you mean you just turn the knob to hot and leave the pot of water there until it bubbles


wine was shitty so i dumped ice in it hehe


what if it burns


water cant burn its inorganic like salt


it wont burn


how much water are you supposed to put in


as much as you want buddy


is it supposed to be hot or cold


put in more than the amount of water you need because some of it is going to turn into steam and escape and make sure you factor in the ambient temperature mineral content and atmospheric pressure so you know how much energy to add to make it boil you dont want to add too much energy or you will get too much escaping as steam you do NOT want to know what happens when you make too much steam


cant believe i have to have a phd in hydrology and chemistry just to boil a pot of water


dont forget that as some of the water escapes it will start to boil faster as the mineral content increases following an inverse square law you dont want to start a runaway reaction and next thing you know the whole house is on fire


Things incels like to buy and their justification for it:

Thin metallic framed glasses

Incels shudder at the sight of "bugmen" out in public wearing oversized thick framed glasses. The last thing an incel wants (other than opening a door for a woman) is to look like one of them.

VW vehicle

The choice car for any Nazi sympathizer.
Did you know most incels defend the actions of Hitler? Shocker, I know.
This leads us to

Custom license plates

What better way to communicate (wink) to other racist and sexist losers by plastering incel lingo on your vehicle license plate. 'GRABHER'


This shouldnt be surprising. Incels and guns go together like dog shit and outsoles. For men who have trouble getting laid, shooting a few rounds at the gun range is a great way to relieve some stress. It's also a great way to delude yourself into thinking penetrating paper rather than pussy will help to keep your masculinity from withering away.
And finally

Weightlifting equipment

Incels dont go to public gyms. That would be a death trap. Instead, they opt to lift weights in the dark corners of the world that is their bedroom. Slowly losing whatever sanity they had left, assuming a girl will fall into their lap for any miniscule muscle gain -- physically molding themself into the monster that was already present inside them. Take pity on them.


File: 1569277120560.jpg (86.35 KB, 600x719, ritual.jpg)


love lifting weights in a good dark corner


that last line sounded pretty badass though


got none of those things


dumb incels


File: 1569278152630.jpg (Spoiler Image, 577.27 KB, 1079x1695, 1569255558158.jpg)


would love an iphone 11 still got 7 sigh


oink oink


google pixel 4 coming out soon


oink oink oink


googled that now what


got more wine



die technorm




i dont get it


its over for intel


still using intel sorry


still using r5 2600 should i upgrade


no just stop playing video games


hate video games


video games ruined my life


last post

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