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pasted gam­e pasted er pasted sushi chef


only good thread on the page




this one


i drink a lot and i piss a lot




are we 'bating rn?


how come i dont have a nice big boob gamer gf


never seen a big boob gamer gf in my life


got left behind sigh


fire up twitch and youll see loads of big boob gamer gfs


those arent real





really hate youtube videos made by casuals with the goal of letting as many norms as humanly possible "get into" something that is usually already very popular within a given subculture in the first place


post an example


type in berserk and you will probably see fifteen of them


hate berserknorms and hate jojonorms



hate scape makes me nauseous


women get horny when their boyfriends attack people


having some cheese nachos and coffee


ill alert the media




wheat in the cookies snapped my bhole



woke up playin wow


same firing up some mythic+ keys



hima is flipping dead




why did things end up like this


watchin a movie


wonder what pnigs first post back will say


have to do something besides f5ing hima and rewatching/replaying the same things over and over


ill give you a job


give me the magdump



where the hell is everyone


boycotting hima until you know who is gone


what did neetblog ever do to you




got left behind




mom made tamales hoooooooooo


wish i had a tamale


File: 1567817515095.jpg (997.94 KB, 1560x2080, 20190906_204601.jpg)

NOThing like filling up on 108 octane while paying for less than what 87 costs

some guy said hey nice evo at the gas station this makes the second time in a row i got complimented while getting gas


you should get a truck


sigh peppercini just gleeked all over the monitor


never ate tamales how is it


thats a spicy tamale




how can we make it back there


phew hima im finally home having a coffee time to neet it up a bit


paste weekendneet hope it was a productive week


might go live in the woods alone and become an urban legend for a few hundred years


im learning how to drive


it was the first week of the month is usually hell and this one was no different but i managed to keep things in control and now it should be smooth sailing until october


sigh aNOTher Driver just cant keep up



wish i was dumb enough to drive a 4000 pound death cage of metal and flammable gas around hundreds of other norms


my neet years were so important and amazing and pretty much defined who i am now but if i started working twelve years ago id have over 100k saved up by now and a way better job so i dont know if it was worth it


been going on a five minute driving trip every few months for more than a year now hoping to get my license sometime around 2023


2800 pounds death cage


File: 1567820904440.jpg (23.38 KB, 750x533, serveimage.jpg)



mom wants me to work at best buy she thinks id be good at selling pcs


i experienced the same exact thing but i wouldnt have given those neet years up for anything

even though ive suffered greatly and was mentally contorted by the void i still got to experience truths that few people that have ever existed have


truths like what


you know


12 years of your life should be worth more than that


ive reached the same conclusion i traded my humanity for eldritch knowledge that cant be reached by mere norms


spent my neet years gaming and jerkin it


barely remember most of my neet years ive been drunk most of the time


you blew it
if you nojoed through those years you would have emerged as a white wizard instead of a cumbrain sexnorm


File: 1567821545397.jpg (817.35 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] DanMachi S2 - 09 [1080p].mkv - ….jpg)

this steams the cel


hate norms


all we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us


File: 1567821885905.png (Spoiler Image, 57.13 KB, 164x201, revs truck.png)



the norms canNOT be forgiven for what they did to me


feel empty cant game cant watch anime cant do anything but f5


simply relax


sick of foid propaganda
they didnt game they never gamed they dont game


its a fictional world


so is this one


if it werent for women i wouldnt exist


sis gamed


gamed or gamed


we played this together a lot


flapper game


cant relax its finally happening this is it its coming to an end bros


break the emergency blankie glass


i will transcend


feeling anxious


stop guys youre making me nervous



already got out the sedatives phew that was a close one


oh crap the poe league is out i need to assemble my pc


its flipping over man


flip poe fire up classic wow


had my first pvp encounter yesterday killed a warlock




kripp is playing


miss 00s anime culture miss ironic weebs NOT existing miss there being no overlap with feminist sjw types miss glompers miss amvs


dont start or im gonno cry


File: 1567823276109.jpg (1022.26 KB, 4032x3024, 1549408208541.jpg)


let it out


getting my weighted blankie to avoid the crysis


need a pure lead blankie to avoid this crisis


dont miss being a lad and NOT seeing sexy chink high school girls everywhere think my class was entirely white except an indian girl mindblowing


stole some chocolate from the kitchen but it was unsweetened almost puked




you mean cooking chocolate or dark chocolate or what id eat both who cares


File: 1567824552005.png (680.89 KB, 806x622, unknown.png)



just had aNOTher coffee and the kitty is tarding


sexy bitch


it was the top class in the year too would never get away with having no chinks in it today


File: 1567824781340.webm (2.21 MB, 1280x720, nooo my virg.webm)

hes got the autism skill


hes a proper gentleman


cant believe im the only one on hima who used to read 8 bit theater and vgcats


die gamer


im NOT a gamer but i was 10 years ago


once a gamer always a gamer


doubt theres many males in their 20s left today who werent gamers at one point


paste gamers


going to have to move yamai down in the ratings after that rap number ugh


gonno fire up some strongbad


File: 1567826617716.webm (2.05 MB, 610x360, 1567815655356.webm)

is he scaping


what does he throw on the desk


love how easily that norm got shot


hows he a norm hes an outlaw of society


dont care about the dead nigger just want to know if hes scaping


what kind of crappy game do you play with only a mouse




only use my mouse when wowing


he shouldnt be able to kill him when he could have gone to prison and got reformed probably wouldnt have even shot the guy


sexy bitches


ya hes scaping no doubt about it


in fact it looks like he has 3 scape windows open


might make myself a nice hcim


can you prove thats a black gentleman looks more like middle eastern or half




those otanerds are still bumping my thread


File: 1567829750843.png (676.18 KB, 614x869, 38d6e42246d736a20915f28558492ead.png)


if hibiki needs a bf that badly ill be happy to oblige


too big too big too big


File: 1567830463074.png (447.29 KB, 479x720, fsa.png)

hehe dumb foid jealous of sexy plumper



NOT big enough


every wks dream


stop its NOT time to cry yet


how it doesnt involve boots or licking or even females


File: 1567830970088.jpg (2.82 MB, 5312x2988, IMG_20190906_223359.jpg)

gonno game


pasted mover


File: 1567831232346.png (11.95 KB, 352x183, Picture (5).png)

based black man


why is your mousepad so big


got btfo by life


dont even really like drugs but hoo boy you best believe if mom forgets to lock the medicine cabinet ill be tarding all night


hate drugnorms


had a swollen infected gum that was so painful i couldnt sleep stole moms migraine painkillers once scary how fast and effective it was


mindliquefying that people will actually jo to horses both animated and real makes me think of how were really just flippin base animals woah #whoa


ponebones are protected hima heritage


hate pronebone



spermed to wednesday


mom bought za


what kind




hate mom hate dad


love mom love dad


baste mom and dad


lied dont really hate them just dont love them


moms tard


what about all theyve done for you


pretty mindblowing that im the end of a genetic line spanning billions of years but then NOT actually mindblowing at all because it has billions of branches that are still fine


die norms


uncle blew his brains out


baste ancestors continuing the bloodline for thousands of years only for it to end with a tardneet


according to my jo spreadsheet the most common hair color is black the most common eye color is blue and haruhi is the number 1 character


branches end all the time


if you didnt go to private school youre allowed to despise mom


havent jerked it to any girl but satoko in at least 8 years


lying coward


if you only went to one school of each type youre NOT allowed to despise mom




might gorogoro for the rest of the night


went to about 7 primary schools


never been to private school whats it like


never been there either but i think its like how anime schools are where no ones loud or brash


no its like this


File: 1567835069001.gif (1.93 MB, 500x281, grgr.gif)

hell yeah


hate brashnorms more than anything


if there were no brashnorms making normnoise everywhere and everyone was entirely silent and didnt make unnecessary eye contact think i could enjoy going outside


love leaning back in my chair for a nice bj before bed


theres only one thing i hate more than a norm


and thats a fart


no norms are worse than farts


eating some pasta i prepared yesterday


gonno snooze now keep it down


stay up for aNOTher 7 hours i just started gaming


NOThing worse than farts except farting


yeah there is norms and theres one thing thats even worse than that


heating up those tamales again


pasted forgot about this one


never ate tamales whats it like


flippin daftnorm




why do brits live in harry potter


jacked me bone time to snooze


you cant snooze yet please


only thing i look forward to is jackin me bone and sleeping


quit jackin that bone


gods gonno freak


its snooze time everyone



im about to play wow for seven hours can we snooze then


bet 7 dollars that harry potter would have never been popular overseas if it wasnt british which makes it seem weird and funny to foreigners


hate normy potter so damn much


gonno rage if you are aoeing dungeons


cant play classic since theres no death knights


why would that make you rage






same they should add blood elf and death knights it wouldnt hurt anything


hate aoe whole dungeon pulling zoomers


File: 1567837113410.jpg (618.3 KB, 2600x3764, ED1DnBbUwAAT96K.jpg)


pulling mobs with the eye of kilrogg is really fun you should try it


its the way the game was meant to be played


gross shes too flabby


gut has become NOTiceable even when im wearing a shirt


need to impregnate a nice plumper like that


phew sexy preggo jkgyaru


cant imagine going to school in this day and age where everyone has a camera in their pocket seems terrifying


whats this


same cant imagine if anyone could have just whipped out a phone whenever i was sperging out but then maybe i wouldnt have sperged if i knew that could happen


time for a big ol mug of joe hima hb


been tardfilmed many times


hate norms and their inability to function without cups of joe


might grab a cup of bean water myself


same never drank normffee in my life


if theres a tardout in the mansion everyone needs to leave the room until its quiet


wonder if you can drink other beans never thought about it


i drink coffee for the taste


hate cawfee


mindblowing that girls can actually find you attractive theoretically if youre male


do girls know im imagining flipping them when im looking at them


they know


are they imagining flipping me


girls dont care about sex


how come no girl used to tease me while secretly liking me in school


that only happens in anime


got called ugly and creepy by girls from kindergarten to high school sigh


mom told me dad was a pedo and shes grateful im NOT


but you are


muscles have all atrophied


lifted today (based)


im tarde



hate paolo fromtokyos hideous face so fucking much dont post him


hes baste


hate normbait thumbnails


love snoozing wish i could do it more than once a day


if god was real he wouldnt have invented farts or shit or assholes at all


hate norms so much


File: 1567841367031.jpg (737.73 KB, 1000x750, me.jpg)

[freeze frame]
yep thats me
bet youre wondering how i ended up in this situation


just found where you posted this


hehe youve made a fundamental misunderstanding there my friend


dumbass you cant make a misunderstanding unless you mean actually orchestrate a situation where people misunderstand


steal all my posts from the big 4 just translate a few words into hima and remove punctuation


what did you just said


uhhh 4 big ooog haha


love gamin hima NOThing better


hate gaming


theres NOThin better


im a gamer i game simple as that


hate when i see an obvious teenpost on the 4 feel like replying to them to let them know i hate them but they they start getting the idea that im disagreeing with whatever dumb point they were trying to make


hate this troper


whats a troper


File: 1567845953922.webm (1.55 MB, 1280x720, 1567840880541.webm)

hehe bigot is about to cry


whats a troper whats a troper


tell me what it is god damn the piss


wish i could talk about how badly the libs got owned with my hima buds but they think politics is for norms


it is for norms and i hope you flippin die norm


see what i mean


some guy came right up behind me at the store hima


why come khajiit only have wares if you have coin


stomach isnt digesting the macadamias im seeing nut fragments all over my diarrhea



literally nobody at all:
NOT a single soul:
me: f i n n a b o u t r u i n d i s m a n c a r e e r




calm down bud its just ironic were having a laugh right




File: 1567854513567.jpg (235.17 KB, 778x580, 1567854361759.jpg)


love putting on some power metal while wowing


they should NOT allow you to play classic if your account is NOT older than bc


thats stupid they opened classic to make money NOT as a charity event for nostalgic retards


cant have the classic experience with a bunch of zoomers


the money theyd lose from barring zoomlets would be negligible they would already be retail subscribers


plus they make all their money from microtransactions and expansions NOT subscriptions


hate zoomers


hate people who gatekeep based on stupid shit like the year someone was born


die zoomer


how is that stupid it defines who you are as a person


File: 1567863253718.jpg (122.4 KB, 755x998, 1567860934670.jpg)


phew sexy tomboy


dumbest thing ive ever heard you realize people from the same generation can be different right


rage whenever i see people use the wrong your thats the one thing i cant take


you cant take anything


File: 1567866625308.jpg (267.38 KB, 1080x1080, EDxriGXVAAINMmd.jpg)

gonno rewatch soon


had a nice home invader murder dream probably because of that webm


what webm


hate that show and its dumb norm meme op



thats a shop NOT a home


mindnumbing that pnig did that to every sexy lady that stepped into the waterstore just to drag them to the back for a quick postmortem snap


whats that thing he throws on the desk


feel bad for pnig he was surrounded by enablers none of whom ever told him its a bad idea to molest a child


that was just rp


i told him on multiple occasions to stop molesting her but he just ignore my posts or summon himako to say i was bouncing off people


almost had a sex dream then i said sorry and stopped


had a sex dream but only penetrated once then the girls dad walked in


people typing cause instead of because makes me mad too especially if their post is long and serious


so does people typing k*s always imagine them as an annoying zoomer


told you you cant take anything


have had chronically dry skin for the past 2 months but in the past 4 days i stopped consuming caffeine and my dry skin is gone what a discovery
ill go back to consuming caffeine on monday to see if that was really the cause


had heart pain two years until i stopped taking 6 caffeine pills a day weird how your body reacts to stuff


it was only about 50mg of caffeine per day


it was 1200mg


that is defiantly way too much


have you tried drinking water


what else would you drink


a nice bottle of sugar disguised as something else


have a soda every day to wash out my mouth with some acid


cant believe the name pnig wasnt taken


thought it was obvious the ped meme was just a meme but he took it seriously hehe


hate when beauford makes me explain jokes and memes


BOLES claimed this post was a joke





thought that meant a different kind of birth do NOT click


uh what other kinds are there


drinking my cawfee


uhh birthday haha


its natural


mindslurping people celebrate being horrifically shit out a foids vaginal canal everytime one rock goes around the other rock


File: 1567871680460.png (365.13 KB, 826x691, 1567832725057.png)



wish i was indian


what do they mean forth there havent even been two


File: 1567872407600.mp4 (649.33 KB, plump.mp4)


File: 1567872548001.jpg (117.51 KB, 800x600, the masked man.jpg)


File: 1567874539510.jpg (89.16 KB, 640x793, j7cwwq5rn5l31.jpg)





realized the people who collect cringe images and post them constantly are actually foids


still dont understand what cringe is


File: 1567875081738.jpg (370.71 KB, 1649x2048, burg.jpg)


that would explain how you ended up here


sick of being down here with the norm masses need to become rich and lord over them


hate when i make a funny that is low effort knowing i could do much better and everyone laughs but when i make a real funny nobody laughs


paste comedian


heads hurtin hima got the ole gamer headache


mornin hima


thanks for this


you mean gamerache


the gods damned gameraches


cant believe ninja and his legion of fortnite zoomers are playing classic


that is the target audience for that garbage dont talk about norms again you stupid god damn norm


we have to defend asmongold from the zoomers




hate pics of anime girls eatin burg


anyone want to enroll in the yugioh gx school with me


yugioh makes me rage mindblowing that people take that trash cg seriously when magic exists




yugioh is better since its japanese


hate those filthy nips


File: 1567876932336.jpg (Spoiler Image, 165.82 KB, 850x1189, d8188c0a96c340823ffe6888edc2b817.jpg)


only card games you should support are pokemon and yugioh


didnt know pokemon was still a card game


god damn it


learned a new word hima its chinsect hehe


frying up a quadradecker burg


fry in hell chinsect


thinking about firing up some games here soon hima might spend the whole day gaming even heck ya its time to game yaaaaaaaaaa


im chincelct


wondering if i should shave


dont shave facial hair is a masculine trait you wouldnt want to be mistaken for a woman would you


its scratchy and hot


theres no one to mistake me for anything no one sees me inside of my neetcave


NOThin like a nice clean shave


shave in hell




put a sock in it


File: 1567879466364.jpg (727.62 KB, 1320x1458, 015dfe6e47db38d35c4933ee05e31982.jpg)


File: 1567879547680.jpg (44.69 KB, 658x482, 567838445680.jpg)




die turt




File: 1567879695591.gif (1.54 MB, 540x304, 1565051508988.gif)


File: 1567879835146.webm (1.02 MB, 960x540, ababbababaa.webm)


dont post this anymore please its extending the life of senko when she shouldve been forgotten by now


File: 1567879955389.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)





never played scape with the sound on


shaved my torso armpits and tail


you dont have a tail tranny






squeezed my manboobs and got a bone


playin some street fighter


was just thinking how im scared to show my nipples


it doesnt matter no one even thinks were human


why do men have nipples


why NOT


tardlaughing thinking about men that get bolt on breasts and think that makes them a woman when they had nipples in the first place so they just got scammed by the quacks


dont understand that post


dont hormones make you grow breastses


they dont


File: 1567882779131.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.81 MB, 324x238, 1510439501996.webm)

explain this


boobs are boobs dont care what theyre attached to


i just did that freak paid a quack to bolt on some breasts


File: 1567883174988.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.87 KB, 855x539, LKfLMtd.jpg)

sure you dont care what theyre attached to


gonno start speaking singlish


File: 1567883530551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.12 KB, 477x609, image0_1.jpg)


crying hima the wow servers are being ddosed




why yes i do enjoy sticking japanese hand crafted goods into my ass how could you tell


File: 1567884915142.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1542245465396.webm)


get away from me you nasty little whore


File: 1567885126527.jpg (41.8 KB, 934x535, wow.jpg)


kill yourself teen


hate that retarded soyface he makes every time he has to feign surprise to his zoomer crowd


only zoomers watch streamers period hate those norms


should i buy some pokemon cards




ok i wont



like how the men get out of the way and the women just stand there and scream


cant believe its still legal to drive a horse on the road why would anyone buy a car when you can get a nice horsey instead


cars dont bite and shit all over the place


nah die carnorm gonno get myself a nice horsey for when i have to go to the liquor store


operating a horsey while under the influence is illegal


wonder if that would help me pick up a lgf


guess the hima mansion is gonno be in a 訳あり物件


i bought a few last year but i was just looking for a lillie card so i ended up getting one on ebay and the normal cards are just in the closet


baking some pillsbury croissants mom put them in the freezer even though the can said do NOT freeze


a what


like a 事故物件


die japmog


File: 1567890850298.jpg (110.66 KB, 1200x1119, Dr_Xr1nU0AAMsSE.jpg)


hips too big




File: 1567891829932.webm (1.57 MB, 436x768, a4RLeMv_460svvp9.webm)

really love how many chinks they stuff in those pools


im a pathetic manbaby




gonno order a nice pizza


need a nice big monster hima


croissants turned out nicely


love a nice croissant stuck right up my ass




just right up in there hoooo boy




ban yourself


asked mom to get me 3 cheeseburgers from mcfonalds and a junior chicken with extra mayo sauce hehehe


baste mcfonalds


heck ya cant wait this is gonno be good


hate mayo


something wrong with you boy


love a nice mayo


NOThin better


mayo pinches


heck no it doesnt


simple as that


like mayo but havent had it in ages


File: 1567895867661.ogg (19.39 KB, EN-AU_ck1_bogan.ogg)


almost cried in the truck



woke up drinkin some joe and playing wow


where were you takin the truck




why were you crying


at work listening to tunes and eating chicken nuggets i microwaved yep life is good hima


i wasnt crying idiot im NOT a wimp
but it was close


gods damned flying chinamen coming out of the drains hima should have watched the drain fly vids


never had a drain fly whats it like


like seeing a gods damned chinamen in your bathroom


flipping fuming right now


take a breather


invaders here cant even rage hard in peace



its all in your head


why wouldnt you believe him


lost to the worst ryu this world has ever seen


schizo hours


drain flies arent real theyre just something pnig made up like the roof rats and window lizards


wish mom didnt know all i do is get drunk and game i also wish the neighbors didnt know


havent heard the voices in almost two years so shut up


roof rats are really those crawling chinamen used to scurry about scratching at the roof and walls all the time


whens pnig coming back anyway


the egg girl




wake up in the morning and check hima for pnig posts NOT because i want to read them but because i know if i wake up and see pnig posts its time to get all the bros together and spam him outta here


hate that dumb nigger so much


raiders are here its a raid


wish i was an unseen hermit instead of an adult loser


hate street racers


why arent we killing yet where is the blood i was promised


die murdernorm


wonder if pnig willingly gave up the internet or if they made him
would be funny if hes just abstaining to keep the heat off of hima


you are a fool if you think pnig cares about anyone or this place that much


all of the heat as been on hima


he hates hima for getting him arrested


hima is being monitored fool


how come you havent started spamming


attention to all law enforcement reading this every post ive made is satirical


sipped on clam juice NOT very good


cant believe pnig was the carnation of a mesopotamian demon this whole time


wish instigator returned


wish we had that thing like back in the day on 4chan where it said NOT to take any post seriously cause only a fool would then they would arrest us anyways for joking around cause the norms have destroyed free speech


the norms




he was the instigator fool he was using the instigator persona to rile up hima so he could show up and look like a hero with his himako persona
he was playing 4d checkers while you were merely blogging like a tard


but who is the real tard here


enjoyed his instigator persona it was funny


i heard the guys that made the death NOTe manga are in talks with pnigs family to buy the rights to his story and downfall


epic that one will make the front page of normit for sure


i can easily picture him having a nice frogger folder and waiting to find a good post to drop a frogger on


uhhh frogs haha


File: 1567899702817.jpg (74.52 KB, 720x939, 1567894206650.jpg)


File: 1567899792615.png (Spoiler Image, 80.46 KB, 798x1000, 1567170367614.png)


File: 1567900116412.jpg (539.16 KB, 1278x718, 4d239d716f7f29f6d47d7e28bef60445.jpg)


how come an ugly smelly hambeast monster can still get a bf and an average man cant get a gf




File: 1567901233049.jpg (2.48 MB, 2560x3368, 1567900245036.jpg)



read a great post on tv


heroes of the norms


new drain video


link that bad boy


guess ill shin splint


pc keeps turning itself hima this is it


how do i get rid of my hunchback


buy an emergency thinkpad


mindblowing only men find clean shaven men the most attractive women prefer 10 days of stubble or full on soybeards


got a nice 10 day soybble right now


decided to go clean shaven because my status at work right now is most controlled by men NOT women


are you talking about gay men or what flipping homo turt hours


Report: The more and more films depicts heroic, iconic figures, the less and less you will be able separate yourself from these figures. Hollywood is a de-individuation laser: no one can do anything today without being compared to some figure in pop culture. You are constantly being referenced back to your historical-fantasmic background, and the more populated that background becomes, the less resources available to those still stuck on stage. In other words, historical novelty is a zero-sum game. When will you ever overthrow your masters because of a film? Certainly, there are those who commit acts of violence inspired by these figures, but these are momentary, inarticulate bursts of confused energy than they are a genuine Opening into the New. As such, just like this new and emergent cyberpunk/lo-fi culture is in the business of "normalizing" the ambiance of atomization, loneliness, and melancholy that it is making you wallow in, so is the new Joker film a weapon of pacification: Hollywood, by depicting people's frustrations with the system so compellingly through Phoenix's Joker, they actually end up harnessing that energy and allow it to be expended harmlessly, in a way that does NOT threaten the system. By simulating resistance, they nip it in the bud. All we are trying to get you to realize is: isn't it convenient that as soon as people can sense the rage and frustration boiling under society's surface, a new film or media property comes out that "takes the words right out of your mouth"?




nah women hate beards they love clean shaven men


die tldrnorm


die misinformative nahnorm ive got stats youve got NOThing but three letters


mom always says im handsome when i dont shave



File: 1567902731807.png (52.03 KB, 249x238, 1428333383362.png)


once when i was 13 or so i said something to an older video game friend on msn messenger and he relied with orly and i said yes then he replied with the orly owl and i didnt get it this was back when orly was first starting i think but basically he wasnt really asking really sincerely he thought what i said was obvious


but reflecting on it i thought it was funny because he was trying to make fun of me but because i didnt understand it and nobody was around to understand it except him it didnt work


and he tried to make me understand with the owl but i knew of no owl




always post as if i have a bunch of cool friends laughing with me while i hit submit but really im just a tard alone in my room


never post like that dont know what you mean really


i just laugh to myself


OL or in your head




laugh at my own posts more than anything else


ate a pepsi


File: 1567903608702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 96.18 KB, 522x567, 1567882742732.jpg)


what the heck out of all the billions of times ive seen L** dint think ive ever seen OL


thats becauase it means office lady NOT ol


only laugh at my own posts when someone else laughs at them


wish i was a bloody legend mate


sometimes have the best reply ready in my head and all it takes is for someone to set up the correct reply to my current post but they fail hard and post the wrong thing mindblowing how much epic never existed because of this


File: 1567903769512.jpg (Spoiler Image, 16.38 KB, 400x300, serveimage.jpg)


thats probably the oldest internet meme i know


how come nobody pays me to play video games


every streamer is a charismachad who forgot they belong outside and at the party


minddraining how i never have anything to say in real conversation but will post 10 things in a row


aris isnt


whos aris


some fat stoner guy who gets posted on v


anyone else have a stutter


I wonder if Rika and Satoko were surprised by Renaの80s bush. I wonder if that night Rika and Satoko talked about Rena's hairy pussy. It must be the first bush they've ever seen!

Even during the normal non-fanservice and deadly serious episodes, Rena is hiding a natural teenage bush under her clothes. She looks so cute and cool, but if you removed her clothes you would see her embarrassing, pathetic, developing body! So lewd!

She is NOT naked, but the fact that she has a human body is just mindblowing! And everyone else can imagine what she looks like naked! They can't see it, but they know for a fact that she has tits, a sweaty butt crack, and a hairy pussy! Isn't that extremely hot? All her friends are aware of that fact, but they never talk about it because there's such a thing as human dignity! Lewd! They are all a bunch of pathetic, disgusting humans pretending they don't look stupid when naked, pretending they don't poop! Even Satoko, whose self-image is through the roof! Lewd!

What would Satoko think if Mion stripped naked in the middle of a club activity? I mean, would Mion's bush surprise her? Does she even know what a grown girl's pussy looks like?

Do Rika and Satoko know about your bush, Rena? Do they know that big girls have bushes? Do they look at you with curiosity and imagine you naked with a cute bush between your legs? How can you laugh at their punishment games even though you have such a shameful bush under your panties and they know it?

And from a meta perspective, Rena is being canonically humiliated by having her ass crack exposed to the audience watching the anime from a higher place of existence. WE are witches mocking her pathetic ass, her human condition!

From aNOTher meta perspective, assuming that the All-cast-review sessions from the VN are canon in the anime too, Rena's actress (also named Rena) had to expose her ass for everyone watching Higurashi on TV in-universe, despite being a teenager! That's even more humiliating than being seen by witches from a higher plane.

Her fellow actor friends never got so incredibly butt-naked, only Rena did. They saw it! Their relationship must have changed a bit after that. Maybe they don't bring it up or maybe they make in-jokes about it. Maybe Rena doesn't even mind! I wonder how she felt while filming that scene! I wonder how they convinced her shoot it! I wonder how they got permission from her parents!


dont have a stutter but cant react fast enough verbally to have a conversation with a norm for some reason


gross kenneth control yourself


had to tell my mom to control herself in public when she got overexcited in the patient waiting room and kept laughing then started telling this 17 year old girl that she was going to sneak into the operating surgery and scare her


File: 1567904976187.jpeg (627.16 KB, 4096x2928, 26b4bc2f112e7cb03b3849458bf8dec3.jpeg)


lots of posts and my pc keeps turning off sigh


cant deal with the intense pain from the cognitive dissonance of thinking foids canNOT be based when agatha christie jane austen and ayn rand existed



simply believe that foids once could be based but canNOT be any longer dissonance gone


great read cant believe the soy beard has evolutionary origins time to stop shaving


dislike how shes getting a strong resurgence of art simply from being one of the most available masters characters when she doesnt rate that highly in the grand scheme of pokegirls


whats the cause


rand is jewish


whats wrong with being jewish


same gonno spam chicken chan isntead


anyone else pace around the room a lot


i do specially when im stuck on some problem or if im obsessing with some thought


mom used to tell me to sit down or else im gonno open a hole on the floor


i do it throughout the house for hours every day


one of these things is NOT like the others


literally just wander around the house muttering to myself for hours then spend the rest of my time locked in my room the hima mansion will look like a retirement home


yellow a lot in the house when im alone


NOT sure whats causing it windows had a kernel power error 41 but that doesnt mean anything sigh


glad i dont have to worry about mom thinking my laughing alone at the computer is weird


looked at some of my epic posts from when i was 16 think i might have lost creativity but will have to kill myself if i did



might let out a quick puke


wish i was born 100 years from now because all the sci-fi stuff never seems to come


100 years ago they thought wed be flying cars and teleporting but were just manbabies staring at screens all day


might shave my pubes tonight theyve grown too thick


sick of how every new thing is just a goddamn normphone


dont forget to do it outside


thats what the norms are doing we are being selected for extinction


dislike antinatals




ok dont dislike them just dislike the ones who make it a big thing and go out and protest and get mad about people having kiddies


foids decided to make me a non natalist


going to natal your ass if you arent careful


get mad at stupid comments all the time but then think about how much time it would take me to make an account or ban evade to reply to them so end up leaving them uncorrected cant imagine what it would be like if i was a youtube guy with 10,000 dumb comments directly talking to me on every video



need to lick a female armpit


you would become a target for constant harassment because of your combative nature its the 21st century version of having a reputation as a good quickdraw


actually you want to you dont need to


no i need to


File: 1567906996001.jpg (254.39 KB, 762x1173, 6a413310ad13a6a868c6c527b7e10815.jpg)


would make a video about how i hate people saying k*s then every video from then on would have 100 teens saying it thinking theyre being clever



gonno fullscreen this and lick the monitor


oog me fullscreen me lick


NOThin oog


File: 1567907133771.png (737.72 KB, 1280x720, 1567830463075.png)

phew nice plumper




stop worshiping foids for being fat and lazy and having gross fetid farts youre an enabler


cant help but worship women


get mad every time a new girl that isnt hibiki is introduced to steal more time from her


get mad at how they get upset over NOT having boyfriends because they demand 7 foot tall anime chad bfs


its fiction theyre allowed to say they cant get boyfriends without reality getting in the way


hibiki has a brother but he hasnt been shown so hes me and i flip her


File: 1567907419552.webm (5.29 MB, 1280x720, planks.webm)


whats wrong with that


siblings dont flip


it makes me sad because im NOT good enough


based turt


thats what snap is for


used to be able to plank for 2 minutes


snap does NOThing its NOT about having a sex gf its about knowing youre good enough to be chosen


then how come when i jo i love joing to snap


because you are just a mindless jobrain


its NOT about the flip its about being worthy


how long can you plank now


probably NOT even 30 seconds havent tried


been planking for 3 years


have zero muscle and probably 20% bodyfat cant do more than one pushup


get started with those wall pushups


get mad looking at the videos the youtubers with the most subscribers put out dumb flipping meme cuts every five seconds and dumb music hate norms hate teens


what are some good youtubers



the only man universally liked on hima is adoredtv


File: 1567908411441.png (47.1 KB, 231x144, NO!.png)

nah fuck him


wish i was a youtuber feels like the world needs my voice to tell them how i hate things


anyone have the poo smear toilet ryzen webm


based davie504


you ever rub your eyes for so long you forget to breath




why my scalp have so much dead skin


bald in hell norm


you are supposed to clean it


i do clean it every morning


bought a lice comb specifically to scratch my scalp and comb out all the dandruff but there seems to be a limitless supply


use better shampoo


is it dandruff or dry scalp those are two different things


its dry scalp forgot dandruff is some kind of weird infection


shampoo causes dandruff stop using it


but then my hair will be a greasy and ill be a greasy incel


never used shampoo whats it like


wish i could be a character that wears a mask at all times


use good shampoo one of the norm ones like dove NOT some incel 3 in one for men shite then use conditioner separately afterwards


File: 1567909806691.png (10.09 KB, 351x99, d285cf6cbba8225ac287b4e2420c009e.png)

just bought some more poo would recommend it


never poo


wish i never pood and while im on the subject with i never farted either


become a girl they dont poo or fart


File: 1567910037456.jpg (541.61 KB, 1920x2560, 1567909891176.jpg)


sick of lord incel files dont even get it


just preordered this


crazy that i grew up to be incel never would have crossed my mind as a lad


love flowers


never even imagined being an adult thought it would be weird if i grew up to be 22 let alone 29


why will people seed individual anime episodes for years but NOT games


i wanted to be mgtow i dreamed about eating mcds and playing wc3 every day as an adult


sigh cant believe im a 30 year old fat balding cel gamer


wonder if id still be cel if video games and anime didnt exist




had unrealistic expectations for what id look like when i grew up i was doomed from the start


didnt realize i was ugly until i was 21


used to think ugliness was only for bald fat olds didnt realize everyone was judging me already


easy the time you can spend on a game is indeterminate anime is just used up and you always need more of it if there was anime X that was the same type as anime Y and better in every single way that wouldnt be a reason to NOT watch Y


it was already over the moment girls in your class started fawning over the sportsy boys in elementary school


plus torrenting seems to be the main way people get anime NOT so with video games they just buy it from the norm eplatform


never paid for anime in my life NOT even sure how


video tape


always imagined myself as owning a trading card store


if aristotle was so great and moral how come he couldnt stop alexander from killing everyone


same (based)


actually lied i own almost all of dragon ball including z and gt


paste nig


holy flip you owned that gods damned norm


own some vhs dbz and dbgt myself they had 3 episodes each id watch on repeat


dont own a single copy of any anime wanted to buy some in the 90s but i held out


File: 1567911176733.jpg (2.49 MB, 6826x3000, cyberdoll.jpg)

gonno order one of these


night carnival


you cant order one theyll come to round you up and throw you in the cel deathcamps


only point of having a sex doll like that is to dress it up normally and jo in front of it


you can brush its hair and dress it in nice dresses and have dinner with it and kiss it and pretend its your gf hehe


the kitty module doesnt look big enough


can i belittle it and make it compulsively overeat as a coping mechanism


bullying it would only be bullying yourself so you will be the one compuslively eating the food


do they have a sexy lady version


you dont have to pretend to be a ped anymore you know


holy f*ck


weird how little drama there is with pnig gone


there cant be drama or arguments seki just bans you now


cant wait to have my penis crushed by a metal deathtrap




got NOThin to be mad about now that pnig is gone


he only bans non discordteens


ill pack a lip to that


gotta protect the discordbros


File: 1567912167696.jpg (77.4 KB, 850x1202, sample_986bf9348b3aa1419e232fd6a3627c85.jpg)


leave the lady be


weve asked you politely to stop posting manpics it leaves more to the imagination when the image only has a single soul in it


File: 1567912496728.png (309.52 KB, 458x260, bb6b4109444a61c73a5b7888e248c460.png)


wish i had a nice monster


hate nurses hate nurse fetish cant believe people like being babies and condescended to like that


what about maids


balls are getting bigger might have cancer


maids are fine thats completely different


are you sure they are NOT just full of piss




File: 1567912836247.jpg (40.55 KB, 600x600, 1567912786773.jpg)


miss the blackcatsgames days pc gaming is shite if you arent a rich steamnorm


nasty chinsect


think i just need plastic surgery and i wont look like a monster


how about a hug


dont be racist



only 46d 15h until i can game


fire up some grim dawn


holy flip now thats a game


its my mission to erase the californian dialect from this earth


um its just a bad poe


File: 1567913528049.webm (3.22 MB, 432x768, 863bb6a2dff2101539ed01b060cb5959.webm)


File: 1567913593029.jpg (136.33 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Lord El-Melloi II Case Files - ….jpg)

nice frogger


used to think japanese women were more attractive but its just that japs are better pornographers


their english pronunciation is pretty good what the heck


dont even want s2 of super now if its just going to adapt broly and boring as flip moro


sigh there isnt gonno be any new gpus for a long time its gonno be boring
only thing we can look forward to now are the 3950x threadripper and comet lake


the 9900ks is coming too but itll be boring


File: 1567914179859.jpg (1.65 MB, 1272x2029, 1567905331717.jpg)


wonder what its like to have 100 iq


cant decide what to play


File: 1567914265037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 78.76 KB, 1080x1080, 60659888_117262909492234_7582772243017102218_n.jpg)


still havent played diablo 3 never will


it pinches


i know thats why i refuse to play it


im more mad about the story seems everything these days is bastardized by soy writers who ruin things other people made diablo 3 story looks like warcraft


poe is flipping gods damn garbage


nice aisaka nice taiga


its NOT similarities to warcraft its that they made tyrael dark its a defilement of his legacy


File: 1567914840805.jpg (175.98 KB, 800x1162, bakuon-12864193.jpg)


tyrael was always black


File: 1567915006507.jpg (112.79 KB, 525x734, barbarianfull.jpg)



its defiantly similarities to warcraft diablo 3 story looks like the dumb fanfic level stuff they come up with for their wow cinematics


what about the 5800


unplanned pregnancy with megumin


man...... I been waiting for this video for like 6 years :P thank you Trent :) <3


dont think amds gonno release more navi for a long time since they did anniversary stuff with this one and they would put out the most expensive one firstv


File: 1567915322896.jpg (195.41 KB, 1920x1080, warning.jpg)

time to fire up a nice horror game


File: 1567915351841.png (17.61 KB, 957x200, comentario.png)

this is why people end up getting an orange juice super soaker in the face


File: 1567915354178.jpg (177.68 KB, 1280x720, 62522.jpg)


id be pretty insulted if someone said i had 115 IQ


i have a double digit iq


hate being iqmogged


wouldnt mind getting super soaked with some nice unpasteurized orange juice


mindcrushing that the freak is a type II individual living in a NOT even type I civilization


sick of the remoaning at work


get mad when norms seriously claim that someone who has obviously well above average intelligence is low IQ or an idiot simply because they disagree they dont even realize how stupid they are


ignorance is pisss


theres seriously NOThing you dont get mad at


look forward to firing up hima and ctrf+fing mind to see what new variations there are


girl at work was ranting about how trump was stupid because of a historical inaccuracy but while explaining it she didnt even know what events he mixed up or why it was anachronistic she just knew that cnn told her it was


miss when shitting was NOT always accompanied by showering


whats better spider man (1978) spider man (2002) or spider man (2017)


i am the piss


sigh pnig loved spiderman 2002


guy at work said on slack that women should be believed when they make claims about sexual assault


whats this slack thing you keep talking about


he said he liked homecoming the most but spiderman 2 is the best hehe


getting real tired of how westerners just recycle the same characters again and again giving them different powers backgrounds and sexes and races what causes this


hate norms so god damn much and all of a sudden theres a lot of posts on hima that sounds like norms just love the weekends so much go back to work you god damn norms


think its an irc client that employees of a company have to use so their boss can spy on them


whos the least neurotypical hima




then that guy was probably just saying it so the boss wouldnt fire him no big deal


raging at double digit iq teens commenting on hxh vids about how the point of the chimera ant is to show that ants and humans are the same


wish i had a bunch of slacknorms to pill but only three of us use it at my job and one of them usually ignores us when we need something


i like moro


hes dumb flip him and his dumb prison bros


whos moro


he was better when he was an old wizard he looks more generic now


hate the ant arc and the hunters introduced during it


watching the new its me or the blog


i choose blog


i like the tournament arc its just like yyh hehe


were running out of time to put together a team for the big tournament


guess were going to have to put neetblog on the team if theres no other takers


we should all be grateful that super exists


miss super release day on hima


mom made nachos


dont think frieza was ever made light of in Z he was a scary evil monster so why did toriyama bring him back for gags


toriyama is pasted everything is a joke


File: 1567917301530.jpg (Spoiler Image, 211.38 KB, 1000x1000, spermed.jpg)


dislike how he even made him an ally at the end thats vegetas job


File: 1567917351482.webm (2.8 MB, 720x540, add40f539bc8ebdd4a8c807e580d47d7.webm)


you mean piccolos or yamchas


File: 1567917360600.webm (5.81 MB, 960x540, 1566828101612.webm)

the team has assembled


wish freeza would have actually imprisoned goku in that thing and became one of the main antagonists of the tournament arc


yamcha was never a threat he could only beat starving goku


thought twitch was a gamer website


same used to wake up at midnight make a couple of tuna melts and watch


whats wrong with them


they were born female


plastic monsters


oh in that case it would be wrong of me to hate them for something they were born with


theyre team himasugi


we are supposed to hate bad inherited traits openly in order to weed them out


frieza was a horrible monster but he got owned by trunks and then was reduced to dumb gags in heil or whatever for the rest of the series


there is no supposed to in evolution


gags were non canon


replying to this guy


what is the biological advantage of ass hair besides god owning me every time i shit


reducing chafing


dont get why this world has to be so bad


insects NOT biting your ass and your ass being NOTiceably warmer when its cold sound like good perks in exchange for some dingleberries


its because of what you did in your mortal life


dont get dingleberries because my low fiber diet my poop is always rock hard and doesnt smear


drinking a gallon of milk a day will make me have rancid farts and sometimes fart mucous because im slightly lactose intolerant


feel bad for women they live a cursed existence


scalp hurts bad need to wash it but mom will rage if i turn on the shower at night


why do they put fiber in dog food if wild wolves would never be exposed to it they’re carnivores


have to buy lactose free milk costs 70% more sigh


himas going too fast flip you raid norms


they get exposed to it when they eat the cows 4 stomachs


glad i dont have to worry about momrage can loudly shower at 3am if i want


hated when i had to sneak out of my room whenever i thought mom was asleep or NOT at home but sometimes misjudge it and get ambushed


i live like a king when mom goes to bed


sigh everyone elses moms are submissive and leniant while mines a rager that i have to walk on eggshells with


hehe miss being a darkneet


you dont get it i dont have to be careful of mom because shes NOT here


my mom is a saint


hate mom hate dad hate people who love their parents


gonno showerjo


you mean joshower


dont think that means youre lactose intolerant even the most tolerant person can drink so much milk that they dont have enough lactase to deal with it all at once truly lactose intolerant people have so little lactase that small amounts are problems


nah if that were the case mark would never tell you to drink a gallon face it you can be a significantly more tolerant than me


File: 1567918645677.jpg (224.97 KB, 840x604, f9a6be97de32bd59ffd39596526a46a3.jpg)



hate that artist


shes so beautiful


oog beauty


get mad when i see a norm getting mad over what they perceive as someone using a word for being too esoteric and thus obviously pulled from a thesaurus or only said to make themselves seem smart when actually that word is commonplace

last time i saw this happen was with the word beautify


i do this every day except get caught talking to myself


dont care blogger


ban this guy seki hes a loose cannon


kitchen was right next to two big sliding doors to the living room where mom would always watch tv so had to sneak to the kitchen then flee as soon as i heard any movement which might suggest she was coming to the doors because the moment they opened it was too late to feasibly escape while making it look like im NOT intending to


love reading about other tards experience metal gear soliding mom


NOThin tard


always wait until moms in rem sleep before sneaking around anytime before or after that and she will sense my presence


use to dodge mom hard hiding under tables and in the bathroom for hours NOT to mention the staying outside after a sunbathe sesh because i dont want to walk past mom


had a strategy where instead of flushing the toilet first id wash my hands first because you couldnt hear that throughout the house id flush the toilet only last and then immediately rush back towards my room because flushing would alert mom i was out


never avoided mom


mom talks in her sleep so sometimes id think she was on the phone and couldnt go out


cant do my business without the sink on full blast


same it masks the sound of my piss and shit


i piss on the edges NOT into the water that removes most of the sound


are you guys making this up why would you be scared of your own mom


wish i could have had a normal mom i wonder if i would have been a norm


die nicemom



File: 1567919452994.jpg (82.69 KB, 608x1183, 330bc029b6f37e6de4140a8e78236409.jpg)


wish i had tried to hide how much of a retard i am from mom shes seen it all


hide my interests from mom


never done any of that stuff to avoid mom or dad


if the christian god exists mom will probably be going to hell for how her kids turned out


File: 1567919608039.jpg (311.21 KB, 1200x1600, gamer.jpg)


die dadnorm


scared mom will spontaneously decide to limp upstairs and see my wallpaper


theyre freaks


hows it moms fault you were a bad roll of the genetic dice nurturenorm


post that wallpaper


because i started with her genetics then spent the next 18 years being dragged around by what was essentially a woman with the mind of a 14 year old



File: 1567919751034.jpg (1.19 MB, 2280x1080, hakumei to mikochi house-0.jpg)


uh whats wrong with that


it has sexy ladies


phew sexy 14 year old mom


what game is this looks nice


File: 1567919821895.jpg (444.25 KB, 1600x1200, PB8Afii.jpg)


that describes all women


hehe trolling some otaguy hard into thinking im pro-women pro-tranny im epic


whats wrong with being pro women


otalads are too easy


wonder if id have a better life in an earlier time or if this is the best i could get it up until this point


oog me make insincere post me epic


that post was insincere


accidentally read the ingredients on mcdonalds bbq sauce


always weirded out when you read the ingredients list of a simple product and theres 45 things there im NOT horrified by it like a panicnorm or anything im just wondering why they really need all that stuff


hate the literal teens ruining ota lately NOT surprised they are onsekis discordbros


just murdered a horde



was it some dumb tauren with a cow name


the only weird ingredient is succinic acid everything else is normal


miss when seku was called edowardo eruriku




hate horde


when was that


flip ota and the qateens they advertised their site to



have no clue whats going on should i check ota


hate adhd undead rogues who simply cant sit still


report all the dumb names since im on an rp realm


basted freak


wonder what the jannies feel like going through all those reports from steaming erps just because the tauren was called befffburgr


you cant have triple letters in your name


hate momblamers


mindquestioning roze actually looks better and more snappable when brown


blame mom for NOT marrying a billionaire


stop playing alliance its for children


File: 1567921222536.png (2.4 KB, 283x92, 98&F)njq.png)


horde is for children who dont want to be seen as children and for soy sjws who think alliance are the real bad guys that was before horde actually became evil though


File: 1567921347265.ogg (19.39 KB, EN-AU_ck1_bogan.ogg)


forsaken are pretty evil in vanilla what about the tirisfal glades questline where you do experiments on captive dwarves




yeah but they were the outsiders in fact undead started with less rep than usual with all horde races but now sylvanas quite literally leads the horde


just piss in the bloody bottle mate


it all started going downhill when they decided thrall was the new medivh


at least he wont shoot you and steal your stuff


File: 1567921766282.jpg (202.52 KB, 1280x853, 73645874_p0.jpg)


thats because they banned guns


thats what epstein made except with teens


why does she have condoms
lord knows i aint gonno use em


oog me hate contraception


those arent sexy ladies


i cant pick one of them theyre all sexy as hell


anyone in the mood for a bj


hate when pnig harassed me for posting girls with breasts


those looks like teens to me


hated when pnig would ban me for posting comics that were mildly critical of child molestation and its effects on children


ya sigh would be nice to own a girl so i didnt have to work to jo


you really freaked hard that one time hehe


File: 1567922934873.jpg (1.33 MB, 2800x1600, 0b012758f6a013818ef76b4b9c1a48a4.jpg)


cant play a female gnome without getting a bone


NOT that kind of bj


love japanology love peter barakan love based matt alt


dislike how they copypasted japanology


dried permissions are fleekin' delicious




NOT sc2 my friend just proclaiming my fondness for a rockin' japanese snack


hate this dumb norm that makes these same posts every day


is it me


quote em


its freak


made a few of the top hima memes by spamming the same thing every day


hope he flipping dies god damn discordnorm


lost some weight now my vagina bones are showing


you dont have vagina bones freak


sorry meant penis bones




File: 1567924810317.jpg (171.23 KB, 750x1000, 9ac61452d4cf1edf72cc77d4e5d289f1.jpg)


the original




going to some merry making and turn her into a big meme again




gonno cry to




dont cry its what separates boys from men


love to snooze


hate snoozing it cuts into game time




love gaming


File: 1567926510066.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)


im a gamer


i game


wish my basal metabolic rate was doubled


File: 1567927782404.jpeg (25.84 KB, 440x561, 166-1663758_post-pepe-whip-nae-nae-hd-png-dow….jpeg)

Jannies = trannies


go back there teen


File: 1567928044317.png (145.74 KB, 332x332, pepe_suit_toast_hd_download.jpeg.png)

[spoiler]N I G G E R[/spoiler]



the heck some asian gentleman with a student address from https://isqchina.com/en emailed me a bunch of photos with no message


this might be like the time some guy signed me up for instagram i think because his email may be one character off mine


turt is having one of his moments probably from the test shots


too scared to take drugs bet i could benefit from speed


File: 1567931915708.jpg (233.92 KB, 996x747, bsd.jpg)

yep thats a yum


where are the bans


hate venture bros


boomer dad imported an african wife instead of an asian one he must have mixed up the information somewhere


i remember the african wife arc


dont remember that arc


it never took off


The study found two significant associations with older virginity: regular attendance at religious services and abstinence from alcohol.


nice vagina bones


no shit captain obvious


mindblowing that women can love men


File: 1567946533744.jpg (1.14 MB, 2800x1594, 1567941127860.jpg)


women are the embodiment of evil


File: 1567946945399.webm (3.87 MB, 1280x720, 1567461558218.webm)


File: 1567947022456.gif (269.12 KB, 369x251, 1551777187566.gif)


how did she know


File: 1567947721350.webm (2.71 MB, 1280x720, 1567943101690.webm)

anyone still got a link to the meetup dropbox


link me to the thread where you got that


absolutely mindbroiling


The median price for a detached house on the lower end of the property market in Sydney costs $1 million dollars. If you’re an individual buyer you’ll need to be earning a wage of at least 160k a year, before tax, and pay the 20% up-front deposit, in order to avoid mortgage stress. That’s the equivalent pay for a paediatrician or a member of parliament.

what the flip i cant ever make 160k what am i even living for


you are supposed to get married and double your income


i know that if i was married to a girl who made as much as me id already have 160k but thats NOT ever going to happen so where does that leave me


fire up the tinder


cant stand the thought of presenting myself to women as if i have something to be desired


those are austrailian dollars what are those like 1000 to 1 in real money


the chinks have taken over australia


its australian dollars and the australian property market wouldnt make sense to be looking at USD but for reference that would be 680k for the house and 109k income required


simply ask for a promotion


why does life have to be so stacked up against me cant even disregard women and acquire currency


the demiurge


File: 1567953762566.png (410.6 KB, 730x410, fatshame.png)


dont know why they bother with that generic hime when hibiki is around


if god loved me he would provide me with a gyaru plumper gf


hime is prettier and cooler


is it really just turt and his ricecel bros that pioneer every single incel lookism meme


you know turt loves his memes


File: 1567957553687.png (484.63 KB, 991x634, 1567954408702.png)

gender roles will switch before 2020


the one im probably most proud of is inventing the saint title for cels of extraordinary circumstances


im talking about the big memes like high iq


uh shes just trolling right


translate it


curse god every day that i wasnt born a pretty boy that could live off a rich japanese gf


wonder if it would be rude to tell japanese girls NOT to speak english and only use japanese because their bad accent makes them look childish might be too hypocritical


hope train girls doing alright


once was waiting in line for a urinal and someone had taken a big shit in one of them so nobody was using it i said 失礼ですね then the japanese guy in front said 最低ですね made me laugh because of how much i understated it and how id never heard anyone say that in real life before based


anyone else never get sick


rarely get sick due to NOT having close contact with other humans


theres a big sale but i must resist my primal consumer urges




the sleeper has awoken


File: 1567959971701.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


just woke up too its time to game


should i watch the abababa girl anime


yryr ripoff


no havent you had enough of maou anime


accidentally threw away my high school diploma
NOT even sure if that part of my life happened anymore


ya fire it up and abababababba a a aba a


hate how i cant blame anyone for my problems when its obviously my own genetics


genes made me a fat 30 year old bald gamer cel


genes are part of it but NOT the cause


ya i forgot environment to which means hima


hima is the result NOT the cause


gonno bake some more croissants today whoo boy hima


dont worry because when you get sick then it will 10 times worse than it will normally be


File: 1567962794785.webm (1.67 MB, 368x640, 1567958098680.webm)




do boobs really jiggle that much when girls walk braless




File: 1567963877700.webm (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, boing.webm)



gonno brew up aNOTher mug



would probably cry if that happened to me


if what happened


a girl picking on me like that with her sexuality it happened once when i was 18 and it took a whole year for my brain cells to fire and tell me what happened before that i was just confused


thats her brother


glad i dont have a sis id be getting sisbones every day


File: 1567966425778.jpg (109.34 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru - 10 [….jpg)

became powerful enough to spawn a 100 reply ota thread without having to post in it a single time


hey hima forgot to post today hehe


were you gaming


File: 1567967581290.png (133.71 KB, 1349x511, 1547071399359.png)

baste turt


no i woke up about three hours ago had a nice shower and a cup o joe and had lunch with mom


File: 1567967781836.png (52.75 KB, 310x115, image0.png)


any gamers


moms supposed to go grocery shopping on sunday but she hasnt
im gonno starve




evil bastards condemning him to a life of worknorming


id tell that norm to die


wish i was korean


im retard


dont fall for the gook propaganda


gonno jerk it to some gooks


cant picture asians as being the same species as me


we outnumber you


mindtaking that everything i used to find enjoyable involved sitting alone in front of a screen and now all thats left to escape into is outside my room


need the blankie stat



wheres turts page


bought some compression gloves





for my mark of the gamer


game on brother


File: 1567974786548.png (557.47 KB, 1041x841, 1507069320700.png)


what else is there to do but game


NOThin better


mom asked what kind of fish i wanted and then she said yuck those are fishy and got some garbage shite fish instead im raging hard


my whole life has been influenced by moms picky eating im going on a food strike this is the end


aunt sent me some emojis



playin some neopets


game dungeon all loaded up and mom just returned with the blogweisers hell yeah


hated neopenguin


feeling an urge to larp in the forest with cloth clothes a sheathed sword and a cape but making that happen is impossible sigh


was supposed to be a warrior but was born in the wrong time


hehe our posts were in the same second


sorry i usually wait a few minutes so it doesnt look so obvious


File: 1567980860224.gif (489.57 KB, 500x300, 1567895432355.gif)

me when a foid shows up on hima for the first time


you would grovel at milks feet if she allowed you


we consider milk garbage since she isnt a virg dont use her as an example


hima is a brigs board


whatever happened to pygma


File: 1567981568287.jpg (Spoiler Image, 312.53 KB, 1200x1600, panty_pull.jpg)


im a gamer i game


simple as that


need to shit real bad hima real bad


hold it


for how long


get the shower warmed up


havent posted all day hima sorry


whats your excuse


better have a doctors NOTe


wish mom had gotten burgs


need sugar


a burg a day keeps the doctor away


mom made porkchops




never had porkchops or pork


NOThin better


File: 1567990902863.jpg (143.44 KB, 1024x658, 1567533581833.jpg)


shes getting ripped off i would flip for free


the death of hima


sigh what the flip 5 posts at once


is that milg


phew just remembered i have burg supplies dont mind if i do hehe


burg in hell


veggie burg supplies right


better to burg in hell then starve in heaven


love a nice tofu burg


mom says tofu gives you the autism


hair hurts


you mean scalp


might move to shenzhen and get one of those jobs where you get paid just to be white and show up


im paste im pasted


gpu fan went really loud for a second after booting up


onseki must be stopped


anyone else shit while browsing hima


i close hima and lock the computer every time i shit



File: 1567996023529.webm (903.93 KB, 480x270, 1567848492308.webm)

me dropping by hima to make a quick posty before going on my way


just took a big shite phew


File: 1567996352022.mp3 (293.34 KB, bushwhacked.mp3)


same did NOT shower after


you dont get sisbones even if your sexy ladiesis is cute as HELL trust me


how come pnig got cousinbones then




what about ross


might start hitting the gym everyday until i get abs and then move to china to get paid to flip chinks


they were adopted


bush was baste as hell miss him sigh


mindscathing to know that if i was still able to deep dream i would be totally content with life and wouldnt need to suffer daily or blow my money on stupid purchases


dreams are just that you wake up and feel worse for knowing that it wasnt real


i didnt do that back then because i knew that night i would be dreaming again it made me excited for bedtime


raining hima


never got excited for bedtime in my life because thinking about the next days always made me anxious so ive been going to bed as late as possible in order to extent the current one



sleep is the best escape but it also makes the next day roll around sooner sigh


File: 1567997670818.jpg (74.65 KB, 659x969, dd0e4646c4e548d22d3c5f23caa09db2.jpg)


simply permasnooze


how do i self induce a coma


love the longfarts after a nice shite


hope i dont wake up


File: 1567998964529.jpg (218.33 KB, 1102x1209, maid.jpg)

every room in the mansion will have a pinchslave


yeah it will be the hima user residing in it


dont want to interact with any of you just have one of the norms slide my food under the door


i will sacrifice myself as the pinchslave


dont do it you wouldnt be able to handle it


shes so beautiful


why do norms love sports so much might need to get in on the business of selling norms hats for eight times the price and trapping them in a small area with thousands of other norms to hold them willingly captive to buy overpriced beer gonno fund the hima mansion


File: 1568000723080.mp4 (6.33 MB, mcd.mp4)


made pizza gonno watch super now


dont understand fightnorms


what did you put on that za


What is this?




moved back to the city today finally got fast internet for the first time in my life hima this is so exciting


tell me more speedmog




theres NOThing else to tell really


File: 1568003943929.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1518707560243.jpg)


File: 1568004178859.mp4 (1.88 MB, orb.mp4)


nice ice-nine


had no idea that was how they made snowglobes


love this pic


forgot i was lactose intolerant and had some chocolate milk sigh


owned chink


File: 1568007386621.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204.37 KB, 1600x1176, pre.jpg)

how about this one


cant image being a lactose chink


im a white male


im a gamer


wish i was white


wrote a huge post and edited it down then deleted it what a waste of an hour


i would have skipped it anyways


chairdancing tonight


normsiferum make music for 14 year olds sorry


sigh ill go back to dragonforce then


hehe feels good being back in my old room drinkin that wine just like that whole year didnt happen but now ive got blazing fast net feels great hima


mom found the puni ana miracle dx


hardly anyone will interact everyone will stay in their respective rooms until the player arrives to do battle and if you lose they get to go to the next highest room


whats wrong with her


woke up


File: 1568035300083.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, woke up.webm)


morning hima lets work hard today


gonno play some wow while wow is down


File: 1568040570856.gif (1.93 MB, 600x350, 1568039134995.gif)


File: 1568041405920.jpg (615.08 KB, 1000x1200, 9.jpg)


still raining


might have to try raindancing hasnt rained in ages here


File: 1568044207921.jpg (118.61 KB, 810x1013, EECJBC5UUAAVVND.jpg)


woke up hima had a long vivid dream about justice for my murdered sister


mindblowing that a couple of curved lines on a canvas can give me an oog


File: 1568044997751.jpg (4.59 MB, 2480x3507, 626739.jpg)

would you mankiss your past self


looked like a girl before puberty so probably


File: 1568045074831.jpg (3.35 KB, 251x251, tree in winter.jpg)


sisters cat pooped on the stairs


i am the iceborne




die icenorme





hope nb is having fun at work






tree men have been attacking the neighbors house all day loud and annoying as hell



cant believe nb got a gf



we are now approaching the dead hours


ate too much feel like im going to explode


woke up its time for some hair o the dog hima


uh why would you eat dog hair


File: 1568057063871.png (360.14 KB, 923x607, Hair_of_the_Dog.png)


gonno jump on that roof


paste jebrim


ate aNOTher cupcake


File: 1568060761574.jpg (63.45 KB, 750x744, um1j68irvc001.jpg)

NOThing basted


phew hima cleaned my room did all the laundry cleaned the fishtanks cleaned some other stuff and got some nails at the hardware store to hang junk from my walls feels cozy in here and NOT like a storage closet with a bef


time to game


my woman


its ironic


just coma napped


nice cleaner


hope the fish are hale and hearty


File: 1568066152385.jpg (69.23 KB, 600x600, d922b3742bac26e4a31b1e1a4b9d29bd.jpg)




hope nb is well


is she building the mansion


aint gunna build itself


gonno gunna


i didnt




paste eetblog


do you talk to the people at work


his aura says more than words ever could


whats neetblogs mbti


mines incl


leave nb alone hes doing his best


love orbiters


you love my dick too little girl


baste pnig


gran is sending me funny cat videos


as little as possible


blog about it


die orbiter


even nb has a job now whats my excuse


NOThing to blog about


yes there is


2nd pasta bowl finished


is intel finished yet


File: 1568072736922.jpg (179.84 KB, 767x820, 1479810660042.jpg)


im cia


hate myself hate everyone




should have enjoyed what i had now i cant enjoy anything


buy yourself 1 share of amd and make mom proud when you get your 18 cent check in the mail on halloween


spamming greater pyroblast in battlegrounds


wish to eradicate humanity perhaps every intelligent species inevitably purges itself at some point and thats why they never explore the stars



lemme pull on yo dick a while





love bones



norm hours


no norms here


we need to get jacked


jack in hell


mom gave me the cel ultimatum


give her grandkids


currently one of the 9 most powerful cels on the planet wonder how long itll be until the norms come for us


die norms


wonder what its like to be a norm





did my main man start the cycle yet


wish i could get jacked but i caved in tonight and am eating ice cream hehe


hima im making myself a couple of tuna melts


going to get jacked in 2020


hope you put hot sauce on those melts


sorry i dont have any just put some mayo cheese salt and pepper


eating some extra spicy burgs rn gonno have a shower after so i can keep drinking


as for me im gonno snooze right after


rogue and mage opened up on me while i was questing but i managed to kill the rogue before i died later i found the mage by himself and have been camping him for the last 2 hours straight while sending him abusive messages on bnet hes moved about 100 yards since the start now this is a game


havent ate tuna melts in a coons age


melt that tuna up


superb melts hima i gotta say


gonno start buying farm raised tuna to melt


wish i could melt


never kill any horde i see unless they attack me


alliance children only attack in greater numbers but soon find themselves owned


theres no reason to inconvenience others everyone should be at peace


he started it and i finished it


except its NOT finished yet because im still spitting on his corpse


File: 1568080063194.webm (3.99 MB, 780x438, 1568064508094.webm)

one heck of a wk


crazy that yyh beat dbzs ratings during the dark tournament arc


eating melts and gaming all night with the bros


should i play this


whats crazy about that its better


need yuka to step on my balls


skipped for days hima iceborne is paste


wish to feast on yukas shite






thats NOT how you join two pieces of wood at a 45 degree angle!!
may i recommend a mortise and tenon joint



NOThin norme


play this instead


rented kingdom sharts 2 and brought it back within the hour


always remember hima NOThing good will ever happen in this life for any of us there is no justice and everyone will always betray you


something great is gonno happen with my life i just know it


you made a mistake it was the greatest game on the ps2



same the chances of us being alive right now are so remote there must be a reason


only person i ever met who liked kingdom sharts had snake piercings and wore eyeshadow


thats NOT true because classic wow came out


was it a girl


it was a guy that mogged me hard even though he dressed like a queer


i put on mascara




gonno normulate some games


emulate yourself a book


the hell am i going to do with a book


File: 1568083621202.jpg (116.85 KB, 405x561, 1567220260529.jpg)


whos that gentleman


laughed before i even opened the vid


check the wiki


its impossible for anything good to happen


petitioned the wikijan to change the neetblog page to eetblog


even imageboards are lost now with norms infesting each and every one


simply imagine the posts in your head


NOT sure why but i actually like watching pewds vids


cause youre a norm


File: 1568085647110.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.06 MB, 960x540, 1565020062053.webm)


might fire up a nightwalk


pnig used to nightwalk look how far that got him


i nightwalk with the full bushcrafting setup


this is why hima is dead just shut up already


never nightwalk without a weapon


is anyone still watching boruto



nah flip you bh little baby


sigh have like 30 pirated 3ds games and literally none of them are fun the ds had way more games i actually liked playing


himas dying cause of norms like you who the flip wants to read about your favorite youtube e star norm


i would watch neetblogs vlog series


uh i just said i like watching his videos i dont follow him or anything but ill watch anything a fellow himamate links


the only thing that lowered himas speed was losing our most active poster to prison


my wool boxers from lithuania came in today


half of himas residents got jobs too


mom made chicken cutlets


ate two aldi pizzas for dinner
id guess thats about as much food as one dominos large pizza


farting up a storm wish my gut bacteria wouldnt do this to me





hope im reborn as a tardigrade




hope nb has a nice day at work


love when games are on GOG means it will be easy to pirate


thats NOT very nice theyre taking a risk to give us a drm free experience you should reward them with cash


my dick is going to reward your ass if you arent careful


love pirating gog games


made a tuna melt


already bought iceborne twice to support the devs


should i stream wow sometime









you fool the devs already got paid youre just supporting the greedy publishers with your money


the publishers deserve it


dont go around calling people fools how would you feel if i called you a fool


gotta support the publishers


dont they get a constant stream of cash when people buy them


senko snekko as ennekks sebko senkko


im tard


whens a good time to stream wow




oh ok


im sorry i didnt mean it


hope its a nice bfa stream and NOT a classicnorm one


File: 1568098075811.jpg (113.72 KB, 952x1271, EEEv7FbUcAACs2O.jpg)


stream now


gross she has hair down there


all women have hair down there


dont think virgins do


its the opposite


hate hair hate foids


what the hell cant get my stream key without 2fa


bought an onahole



love a moist hairy kitty


what the hell youre NOT supposed to be using addons it ruins the vanilla experience


i use questie


cant play without addons


based cheaters


think im getting isekaied to the pokemon world in my sleep tonight hehe wont be able to fall asleep


good luck


NOT smart enough to make money on the auction house


buy low sell high



flipping bitches after we agreed to feminism they were supposed to become the providers


okay streams over gonno go watch columbo


nice tunes




ate some big ass hotdogs with extra onion


losing it hima


getting nervous


amazon is punishing me again by waiting a week to ship my order




wish i had a balcony