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sigh want french toast so badly but i need those abs


foids make me rage


planked for 45 seconds


love when women put arrogant men in their place


love when women get killed


you were a woman in the womb


love when men go to war and pretend to be heroes


File: 1568484269418.jpg (561.25 KB, 811x1086, 4a6db758122d43cd76a4f54df206917c.jpg)

sigh cant leave my room without the norms coming for me


theres no way thats real


get used to it incel
youre either willing to join our fight or youre going to be slaughtered by them


might become an incel


incels never die jorge
theyre just missing in action


what about femcels


im a gamer i game simple as that


File: 1568485506083.jpg (129.37 KB, 893x1194, bob.jpg)


firing up the codern warfare beta


why are you too dumb to drive


too big


im clinically flappertarded




john you there bud


sorry to post normtube shite but why do these autistic manbabies become like this while other autistic manbabies stay in their room posting on hima


mindfrothing that things really could be worse


love postin on hima NOThin better


i thought we were just pretending to be autistic manbabies


how come girls never win game tournaments like evo


too busy getting flipped


im deranged retard


fell for the manbaby meme


gonno fire up a big ole cuppa cawfee



left a toothpick on the bed and stabbed myself when i went for a nap



love killin fish


havin a coffee


its chance there are too few girls playing


why do chinks have to be such freaks sigh


god damned ass flippin chinamen



would never be able to live with the dishonor of losing to a foid


wish i had friends as a kid so i could have played fighting games and gotten a gf like that


wonder if i got left behind


loved playing umk3 on my snes but the fatalities were too scary


File: 1568497051606.jpg (1.05 MB, 3024x4032, gzo18ey97mm31.jpg)


spent over thirty dollars on beer this week mom isnt going to be happy when the credit card bill comes


its lowering your test


i might go from 10 ng/dl to 6 big deal


woke up sigh the norms are persecuting stallman


what happened


he said they were asking for it


stupid god damn


he didnt even say anything wrong norms are just too stupid and emotional to understand what he was saying


its 100% manufactured and calculated it has NOThing to do with emotion all of those kinds of people have been programmed their entire lives to act that way


im a gamer hima


im programmed to game


crying ww3 is about to start stupid sandniggers


should have gotten too fat to be drafted when i had the chance sigh


it wont be them starting it and you know it amerifat


love startin wars


dont know why i keep playing sfv when that game makes me rage hard every single time


simply stop getting your ass kicked


have no muscle anymore im completely soft


thought dumbbell girls would get me ripped but im a bigger blob than before



you dont understand


norms never do


is this what its like to be chink


gonno play some under night in-birth EXE:late[st]





almost fried my mobo by dropping food on it again


love opening loot boxes hope they dont get banned



blank in hell norm


gambling is haram


its NOT gambling


hope nb is resting well after the hard workweek


eating a nice slice of pizza



wonder how the sexnorms feel about the coom meme making fun of them


File: 1568504843960.webm (1.13 MB, 640x640, birb.webm)


what coom meme


File: 1568504918085.png (3.28 MB, 2732x2048, 1568349369447.png)


just the teens forcing aNOTher epic maymay


just some 4teen thing that is being spammed 6+ months after it was first posted the norms must have seen some celebrity retweet it


its the norms maymay in the first place


i guess the answer to that question is rage


die norm


been in bed all day still refusing to speak to mom
back hurts from it sigh




they never gained awareness


you are going to get bed sores you have to get up


mom will give in faster if she sees he is in pain


love lying in bed all day with my iv drip and weighted blankie


grown man refuses to speak with his mother because she wont buy him a car


cant let mom win she has to see that she ruined my life


how do you pee


why do norms say grown man like it has any meaning


im a grown boy

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