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how are you guys prepared for 2020
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need 240lb men to piss on my face so i can get mean and tough


mom wanted to see a movie but she wont go unless i go with her


tell her to wait for ford vs ferrari to come out


go see the joker with her


mom bought hot chip hb


was about to make a hot chip post weird


i was just trying to sound cool one is one too many


File: 1573419338492.jpg (283.09 KB, 1262x946, bkmoujo7s9ey.jpg)




File: 1573419381930.png (158.24 KB, 240x356, Once_Upon_a_Time_in_Hollywood_poster.png)

imdb says there are no sex scenes maybe ill go


tried driving moms car today it stalled about six times in ten minutes in some points there were people behind me waiting for me to turn the car off and back on again and now i want to rope


88 posts left


dont you will get mogged hard by chad pitt and caprio


what about the foot fetish stuff


dont think mom knows what that is


hope mom doesnt still think i have a foot fetish but the fact she offered to play along sort of makes me think more highly of her for being nice about it


nice woman today said 30 years old is still young


new offices cleaning lady told me she thought i was 18 or 19


is that supposed to be a compliment


can you repair items in minecraft


she was mocking your excess of feminine facial characteristics


mindnumbing that brad pitt is 55 and still mogs everyone hard


ya on a grindstone



wanted to make some tea but there was fungus in the french press


installed a completely legal pirated copy of code vein


building a nice zombie farmer


norm vein


any c sectioned circumcised formula fed head hit vaccinated fat depressive hypomanic gamer ptsd avoidant ocd schizoid 30yo balding cel retard hikineets


its over


me but NOT circumcised breastfed twigger and 28


found a glass hut on a sand barge in the ocean


me but norm


were running out of time hima its the flipping amagami challenge


File: 1573422194244.jpg (Spoiler Image, 64.12 KB, 664x955, d190c7543cdb623dfa267ad75e35d0e8.jpg)

wish this was me


gross manpic dont open


you mean the man correct


NOThing wrong with being vaccinated


got a letter from some health company saying that i should sign up for their health care since i need a vaccine howd they flipping know


wonder if more vaccines will give me additional super powers


moms made me rake up leaves for hours hima i cant deal with this forced manual labor any longer


vaccines didnt give you autism



File: 1573423204759.png (80.62 KB, 250x250, 250px-Hima_logo.png)


dont remind me of that raidnorm


NOT sure what im building anymore


why did the norms take hima away


did you actually fall for the neet loser meme


shut it norm


hope nb is still fighting the system


he is the system



children need to be stopped


listening to that dbz trunks theme from yesterday its cool


built a forest path


nice pather


gonno build a pier later



is this a beauford vid


post above you confirms it


thats just a teen


File: 1573426019573.png (287.14 KB, 872x529, thing.png)

what is this




he made that when he kept losing his stuff


File: 1573426197817.jpg (508.06 KB, 1176x1037, 1573340637003.jpg)




wish to wig out with riamu


im a drug addict and the internet is my drug



woke up mornin hima gonno need some hair of the dog that bit me


theres a tall guy with purple eyes out there staring at me


File: 1573426523911.jpg (89.62 KB, 1280x716, paste chink.jpg)


File: 1573426611700.png (688.58 KB, 1489x909, h1.png)




just what i needed a soy thumbnail


File: 1573426787128.jpg (521.33 KB, 1536x2048, strong zero.jpg)


cant trust asmongold he has sanpaku eyes


taking a break then sending out a scouting party by boat to visit distant lands


File: 1573427029923.mp3 (5.39 KB, abbea7a8-a60d-4832-9c4e-539da94f3c8c.mp3)




is that a shader


cant wait to play minecraft in 4k with raytracing


File: 1573427443223.jpg (11.04 KB, 562x50, rt.jpg)

what is this dystopian shite


its just jews creating tension


NOThing wrong with russians


might start squatting


wish i could slav squat


every hour i do a few pushups and squats dunno if it does anything but at least im NOT sitting screenstaring for 16 hours straight


love being told by the norms that a television network called russia today receives funding from the russian government dont know how i could have ever cracked that code


spend 2 hours a night 6 nights a week lifting heavy pieces of iron while seki is lying around eating chipotle flipping all of his teen coworkers what a farce


File: 1573427924865.webm (2 MB, 540x960, 1527813642564.webm)


what a fuckin beast he could probably pull a wood sled


wine time bros


ya its called enhanced default


installed one too hehe


no wine left but womens wine


no such thing drink it down


what does that mean


salad night

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