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mornin jups nadda happinin w/ me jus making bfast thought id check in on me fav kids

hows it goin


left behind






left behind


this is the one


guess ill use the pnig meme girl thread


NOThin meme


god i wish that was me


which one




how long has he been in prison for it feels like yesterday


2 years now



had a nice darkshower thoroughly degreased


what are they protesting


think they just do it for fun


why did you autosage the other thread


should use it anyway to keep the norms out



how come fatneets alll get gfs but i cant


foids are insecure and like to be more attractive than their men


sigh was cursed with cunning good looks but god made me schizoid


women dont care about how men look nearly as much as cels would have you believe


sigh avoidant fat bald gamercel


File: 1591260195708.png (4.82 KB, 365x56, severe.png)


okita alter is such a maiden


what do they care about then




girl just called me oppa hehe


could make up for experience even with a double xp boost sigh


meant could NOT


File: 1591261272233.jpg (721.34 KB, 1020x1442, EZnfqeNUMAEgPPE.jpg)


marine was raised by a single dad explains a lot


devastating how accurately he describes my childhood i never had a flipping chance


wonder if shes a papacon


should i click that or will it give me a panic attack


couldnt finish that vid took it too personally


its over


hate early waking with NOThing to do


you can post here with us nightneets


gonno attempt a nice darkshave


accidentally revealed when i sleep to mom now shes gonno bug me when she knows im awake


thinkin tonight might be a nene chicken night


i hunger



sigh haachama


made a single mother sandwich added pepper this time


how is it


it was great might try toasting the bread next time


toasting in an epic bread


never used a toaster before


the order is in hima got a garlic soy sauce chicken fried chicken and side of tteokbokki on the way


got a nice big 8 dollar discount too im stoked




damn fine chicken damn fine tteokbokki a damn fine evening if you ask me


im jealous


reminds me of trump telling everyone that theyre smart people to butter them up


hate when mom says im smart


love how mom always says im too smart NOT to work but when i try to explain that im in the top .1% of intelligence she says that im intellectually average outside of math and NOT actually smart


dumb bitch just says whatever she thinks will get me to do what she wants


so in other words she actually thinks youre stupid


ya which makes it even worse when she tries to tell me i had so much potential and im so smart and did so well in school how could my son have turned into this


mom broke down into tears over having a cel son


its her fault for giving you a big head as a lad she should have had you digging ditches to build character


love the norm logic that quiet=smart but in reality it just makes you a wallstarer


File: 1591276694812.webm (636.15 KB, 960x540, diejobu.webm)



trash pile in my room is almost up to the shoulders gettin hard to move my chair around


clean it up


why hasnt mom cleaned it


ketones at 1.5 mmol/l




wish i wasnt a slave to glucose




you have to have an iq over 140 to wallstare and if you pacemumble too you can add aNOTher 10 to that


File: 1591279132275.jpg (72.55 KB, 1200x687, EZq1INXXkAELbx3.jpg)


hair looked like the guy on the right for a while boss didnt like it


File: 1591280497223.mp4 (2.38 MB, spidey.mp4)


mom called me a lazy tard all the time its only when i started slipping into neetdom she tried to tell me i was smart



mom used to tell me i was ugly and gross up until i started getting up in cel years and she realized she was never going to be a grandmother


mom calls me handsome and good looking and doesnt let me do any chores or manual labor


im baby


the boy king



mom used to brag about how if i ever tried to bring a girl over shed oppose it and kick her out
she got too excited about it early on


File: 1591282503314.gif (3.19 MB, 276x204, aqua.gif)


like how if mom isnt here people will come by and NOT even bother trying to speak to me



love a good rng speedrun


why NOT simply become one of those rich nerdnorms


gonno get a vtube mobile


File: 1591286709941.mp4 (4.14 MB, pizza.mp4)


dead hour


cant believe mom puts up with so much shite from her loser son think she knows id rope if she kicked me out


why doesn't she kick him out and try again


she got her tubes tied and shes almost 60


https://virus.cafe/ gonno make some friends


panicked when it said trying to connect to camera


File: 1591290273416.jpg (371.28 KB, 1200x1674, EZQIfb0UcAAksA7.jpg)


usamin usamin


woke up showered had a big coffee



the pizza girl


File: 1591290904276.png (35.69 KB, 583x420, 1591286730101.png)


love social media posts



going to get in a debate with a freakeye type


gonno watch the miko


snoozey time


love racemixing and giving my kids higher susceptibility to genetic diseases so i can win arguments on twitter easier


thats NOT now genetics work


opened the garage door for the cat and found a colony of stinkbugs on the screen


nice garagedweller


ground units alert response code engage quell inquire


same thought it was gonno be a text thing no way i can talk to someone on video


whos buying clubhouse games tomorrow


NOT me


why NOT were supposed to play poker


how much is it


its 40 dollars


what the hell


the more i learn about clubhouse games the worse it sounds texas hold em is capped to 4 people and you only play 5-10 rounds what a joke NOT to mention you cant host lobbies and post them online you have to add people just to play with them this sucks


sorry to hear that clubhouse games guy


the clubhouse games i played on ds pinched hard


NOThin wrong with a nice clubhouse


cant wait to play hold em all night in the mansion treehouse


you gotta know when to hold em


strip poker with the boys




File: 1591297121383.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, premium rounge.webm)


no one told me menards still exists


sigh ars


any sheep webms




File: 1591298441039.webm (6.26 MB, 1280x720, 1589648346710.webm)


stop posting that dont want to admit vtubers are for babies


its okay that were manbabies


File: 1591298785155.jpg (Spoiler Image, 147.61 KB, 900x1253, 7c20930b51aa7fa200e152ff0fe79854.jpg)


uh why are there 3 manhands


neetblogs holding the rattle


havent even seen a neetblog post in months


gorona got him



thought he retired whys he still posting vids


he loves his job


File: 1591299999449.jpg (584.57 KB, 1632x1920, IMG_20200604_092258.jpg)



too big


thought pa was holding a math lecture from the thumbnail


sigh loved watching babar maybe thats why i turned up cel



semitic hours


mom said theres gonno be a protest today dont think its happened here yet gonno get my bat


wonder what arnie thinks of this whole situation


File: 1591300894892.mp4 (4.25 MB, glitch.mp4)


bought a jis screwdriver


how do girls keep sand from getting in their vaginas


the same way you keep sand from entering your bhole


the bhole is a sphincter it closes with a muscular ring vaginas dont have that


how do you know


i read a book on it when i was 13


sandy bhole rn




might rejected my humanity and join a brood of vampires


i post daily


the discordblog


File: 1591302421516.webm (11.2 MB, 640x360, cummed.webm)


might doublecum


File: 1591302684086.png (66.1 KB, 246x388, btfo.PNG)


go back


File: 1591302728767.png (71.43 KB, 302x459, d2d922449a0a38b807610e7ca46ff82f.png)

nice cordblog




hate the discord impersonator


spent $3 on a nice cash shop item


what did you buy


made some noobs alt f4 hehe


File: 1591303152023.jpg (419.25 KB, 1536x2048, EZpX4lCU0AAjAbL.jpg)


File: 1591303251253.jpg (29.13 KB, 269x426, knickers.jpg)


heck ya


File: 1591303332327.jpg (456.65 KB, 1015x1500, MV5BOTMwY2EwZjctMGYwMi00Mzg3LWJlZTAtZWMyODgzYT….jpg)


ordered some amazon prime soylent


mom bought soy free sausages


File: 1591305371011.jpg (122.43 KB, 831x1024, 1588037913362.jpg)


mom ordered a turkey bacon club with fries hb


wish i had one


how come soys make that face all the time they have to be doing it on purpose


funy faec


that norm isnt posting them anymore but just look at some the youtube vids being posted here its pure marketing to norms




File: 1591305736089.webm (3.47 MB, 1280x720, timing.webm)


File: 1591305946148.mp4 (1.73 MB, 1587873721377.mp4)


damn good sub





File: 1591307336826.png (827.14 KB, 1080x844, 1591290904276.png)


craving the taste of bourbon


love this song



gambled and had a blood shard earlier



starting to miss pnig


simply get thrown into the slammer with him



finna fire up the vicodin



cant believe bloodborne is coming to pc its like a dream




gonno watch the new dovy


ill finally be able to try it out wonder if its any good


mom was so excited to go back to work and what do you know shes instantly whining about her coworkers again which are all women


its a masterpiece the finest work miyazaki has to offer




looks like a game for norms that cant parry and roll


its based



moms raging about memes now


the kakigori ga girl


File: 1591310618189.jpg (369.6 KB, 2002x1345, ast opener.jpg)



Why don't you guys capitalize your sentences?


gonno buy a merino wool shirt


File: 1591311574185.png (925.47 KB, 776x957, 42449CBD-521C-4282-ABDF-CCA0B248C720.png)


careful with fake merino wool



its NOT chink shite


wouldnt mind a nice baconator rbn


my imam said bacon is haram


simple ask for no bacon


need a flippingadwijwokmflgwqw pissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss in my pant


i have some bacon but only a half pound


im out of bacon


havent eaten pig since mom bought ribs tainted with literal piss


why would there be piss in the rib cage


okay it wasnt actual piss but it smelled like it




love sympathizing with a nice teen normeme


how is it coming to pc


jo out of obligation


joing is my duty


need to hurry up and play bloodborne


its NOT its just pcnorm cope


6g of carbs left to spend might splurge on half a cucumber hb


eat cucumbers in hell


how about you shove that cucumber up your ass and splurge on a nice coors lite


the aggressionbros are back


blow it out your ass


File: 1591313562818.jpeg (46.65 KB, 750x420, 1591308965018.jpeg)


whos that bitch


an american doctor


hope my wife lets our boys keep their foreskin


girls do NOT like foreskin


its rumors but its practically confirmed at this point


never had a foreskin whats it like


really wish i had a foreskin whenever i get in cold or hot water or go on a nightwalk in the woods


love getting excited about pc ports of games that come out 10 years after everyone played it shared it talked about it explored it


girls dont like penises in general


why does she like adidas tracksuits so much




crying cant wait to go on the hunt with hima


its the only thing she wears


File: 1591314110547.jpg (226.66 KB, 1600x1175, angora wool.JPG)

no one told me theres a wool made from a rabbit



thats a skip


any good blackpill vids


this thing was designed by nature to be ripped apart and eaten it serves no other purpose


NOT true its designed to make coats and socks


mindblowing that the only thing that ensures rabbits survival is there ability to flip and sperm all day


flipping is the most powerful skill in the universe



coco is so talented dont know how she can do it all


shes a genius


dont praise foids you could do it all too if you were pampered and groomed from birth


bilingual people are smarter


wish i was smart enough to learn japanese


sigh i couldve learned japanese if i was more attractive


damn chadeye


coco went through hardships too


crying thinking about how devastated korone was when her 4th boyfriend broke up with her


shes jap and doesnt look good enough to have had that many bfs


File: 1591315307128.webm (288.82 KB, 426x240, ok.webm)


hes NOT even that ugly he mogs me hard


youre white


youre wrong just look at him


his haircut certainly is NOT helping


NOT like your neetcut does either it makes you look like an unhinged metal patient


looks like it suits me perfectly


NOThin wrong with a nice neetcut i look better with a buzzcut anyway


he needs to shower dress up and get a nice haircut



no pictures of me can exist


is that so your cope remains untarnished




post yours first


File: 1591315900459.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.28 KB, 604x453, 5260_101404989875148_100000169437605_39982_681….jpg)


he looks innocent


File: 1591315952477.jpg (31.6 KB, 800x600, funnelneck.jpg)


looks like a molester its over for him


File: 1591316234342.webm (2.81 MB, 640x800, 1588782213348.webm)


post the one of arnold getting dropkicked and NOT even flinching


why dont they beat the piss out of him are they just NOT used to being challenged


because theyre big guys NOT maniacs




wheres the jiggling




they dont have an inferiority complex





mom bought masks wore one outside to go to seven eleven


dont support western 711s




711 was a part time job pendejo


soups on hima finally used the months old shredded carrots thatve been sitting in the fridge surprised they were still good


might have sharted but too lazy to check


mornin hima went to bed way too late last night feelin pretty shite


nice dadbrag


wish i was as strong as coco


coco graduated from university twice meanwhile i couldnt even get through high school


stop beating yourself up
she was a foid born in a safe country with both parents from birth she has been pampered and coddled and worshiped


cant cope anymore


wasnt she born in america


imagine your family being so rich that you get to live in aNOTher first world country for a while


i would make her feel special sigh


going to start saving up so i can at least have a nice burial after my roping since i couldnt have a good life



scared of mom giving me a funeral and nobody attending


no one would attend mine either


i just want a casket that will perfectly preserve my corpse for future archaeologists to uncover



guess ill fish



just got a message NOTification from a forum i seldom check and it was a nice person he complimented my avatar too

Hey man, I've been on this site forever and I've seen you posting for a think a decade. You seem cool and I was compelled to say something after all this time! Nice touhou.


thought girls hated fishing


they like fishing for compliments on social media


damn fine fishin


girls like the same things we like


love getting roughed up and penetrated by a 6'6" chad




never thought of girls as human until vtubers


the wks are out in force tonight might have to drop a nagasaki blackpill


how about you die and go back to discord instead


going to open my blackbook and pick out a particularly devastating one to nip it in the bud in one swoop


then why is there no girls on hima


anyone gaming


watching protests


have they overthrown the system yet


milk visited once


NOT yet but soon


theyre trying to abolish the police


demilitarize the police and give americans back an ounce of freedom




love how norms are worshiping a criminal nig that was violent and high on drugs at the time of his death all because he was 6'4" and had the bbc


wonder how itll work when theres no police and guns are banned


we will master the blade


heard some protesters on the radio demanding reparations


forcibly remove the presinorm from power and end the age of hatred


force neets to work


neets can be employed at the gallows as we hang every politician


absolutely genius to kill a nig during a pandemic so they all spread it to eachother and die


america screwed up so badly that everyone already was dying


norms dont care about the gorona anymore


things would be so much better without darkies


gonno bust out the leftover chicken


File: 1591324328677.jpg (29.99 KB, 692x692, image0.jpg)




miss lelouch


you mean the girls right


did r3 come out yet


why did cc wear that straightjacket the whole time


too frail to wield a sword


it was a different time


she likes it


the blogtousai


this shark game all the vtubers are playing looks so tedious


most great men have a birlfriend but in lelouchs case it was a more masculine boyfriend


what do you mean


File: 1591324771002.jpg (9.8 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)


how come i dont have a birlfriend


you arent a great man


you still have some pride honor and dignity left


dont see a point in doing anything if i cant be a great man



dont see the point in being a great man if i can be a gamer


i game


wish to feast upon yukas shite


thats unsanitary



nice foids claiming to be introverted so they can pander to their meek nerd fanbase


stop posting coco shes norm


quit being contrarian




shes a noseless freak


smell is the most norm sense


turt might enjoy this one


cant imagine buying a car even if i somehow managed to survive the interaction id get ripped off by the jew salesman


gotta buy from a police auction


just talk like this guy


hate his voice


how does that girl eat 100000k burgers


she pukes them all out after she stops recording




File: 1591328303377.mp4 (1.31 MB, mancar.mp4)


nice mans car for attracting other mans


she doesnt



any gamers gaming tonight


gamed all day


hehe doggo


ordered a hdmi cable hope the dp adapter or the slot was bad and NOT the monitor itself gonno cry if it doesnt work


dont think id mind being a single dad with a sexy daughter wonder how hard itd be to get married have a daughter then get divorced and get custody of the daughter somehow the easiest way must be to kill your wife and make it seem like an accident


die ped


love walking in on my daughter getting flipped



simply trade a crackheads nice sexy lady little baby for drug money


anyone here would most likely end up being a better parent than the ones ive been exposed to a lot


nah because nobody here takes responsibility for anything


thats only because mommy is always there to give them an out
and dont think anyone here is a bad enough person to rope to get out of raising their own child


no way to get a sexy lady gf in this shite timeline


File: 1591331301079.jpg (269.85 KB, 1353x687, Screenshot_20200605-142635__01.jpg)


love how mom still thinks shes gonno be a gran one day


let her cope


mom is a gran thanks to teensis


post that sis


cant imagine having a sis thats been flipped and impregnated


File: 1591331471736.png (1.93 MB, 1350x1920, image(3).png)


only way to keep a good daughter today is to put her into some strict religious school or homeschool her


having a daughter is the ultimate form of cuckoldry


religious foids will do anal at the first opportunity


File: 1591331789462.jpg (548.52 KB, 4160x2080, 1591330684445.jpg)


nice comments


File: 1591331848779.jpg (994.95 KB, 1080x1080, pa.jpg)


you were late on that blackpill


he would have loved that one


File: 1591332099421.jpg (Spoiler Image, 33.05 KB, 288x604, 1591221640098.jpg)


sick of lefty and his lies


mindpilling that the comments say hes hot or hottest guy theyve ever seen when they can see NOThing but his height getting mad that some foid commented saying straight men are going gay for him


if i was a manlet cop id wait for the smoke and then belt him in the temple with a gas canister


didnt you watch the video hes so hot


would you do a little jump to reach his head


they have guns that shoot the canisters


File: 1591332698670.jpg (106.87 KB, 1439x548, oog.jpg)

nice wet foid


wonder how dad flipped mom if he was the same height as me


pretinder era
the rules were more relaxed


get mad when foids acknowledge and justify their 99% swipe ratio


im sure she knew males over 6 feet tall maybe she didnt want to get abused again


mindblowing that its just assumed people use tindr ive never installed it because im based


didnt know what tinder was until a year ago


the foids all use it


nice bing nice pat nice bing nice su nice patbingsu


if youre non nt avoidant schizoid youre cel no matter how you look


im mentalcel


stop mentalcel coping you ugly goblins


hate patbingsu gimme a real mans kakigori


mom says im handsome


its too late for literally everyone here except nb so just chill out and enjoy the time you have left


NOT handsome but im on the taller side


File: 1591333240612.jpg (1.95 MB, 4000x1824, 162.jpg)

thats a phew


dont eat fruit


love me fructose love me water love me fiber love me fruit simple as


probably tastes good but looks way too messy to eat dont like messy foods


cant believe she eats all that and stays thin but i eat 2 burgs and im suddenly bloated up


they rarely give zoo chimps fruit because its NOThing like what natural fruit is supposed to be and it makes them sick


File: 1591333463589.jpg (332.21 KB, 2334x1568, ybmmajknbd251.jpg)

cant believe my bro birlfied just to live on easy mode


she has thin genes


File: 1591333494322.jpg (1.97 MB, 4000x1824, 162 (1).jpg)

the hima fish


one of the most norm posts ive ever read




youve got it better than him because hes honorless


File: 1591333687684.png (984.62 KB, 2274x998, tinder.png)

feel when on the wrong side of the 99/1 rule




who would want a brown eye female in scandanavia





if shes from scandinavia why come shes NOT white


lots of eskimo or finnish looking people over there


nice pick me penelope


File: 1591334127565.jpg (524.04 KB, 1440x2995, ook.jpg)

this guy sends me everything he oogs at just like hima


nice discord raider


im nice


teen hours its snooze time



miss my neet days


wonder when the "aliens" are scheduled to show up this year and if theyre planning to do it before or after the yellowstone eruption


they are coming from inside the earth


they came in april but everyone was too busy with corona


might go for a nice patbingsu myself


we need a meeting place for after the infrastructure comes down


its a raid


crazy how were all standing on top of a massive planet sized ball of nuclear magma and no one NOTiced




File: 1591334840889.jpeg (51.72 KB, 602x709, mlkBfEw.jpeg)


love waking up to 500 posts of teenmeme including discord phone screenshots




gonno fleshbite


my reaction when someone groanowns me


any good anime this season everything i was supposed to watch got pushed back a few years due to coronacold






File: 1591335288396.jpg (231.56 KB, 1800x1283, EO0iR_7VUAAs10n.jpg)


are you okay miss


woke up hi drank some joe now im gamin


sounds like a damn good time


slow hours


File: 1591335788777.jpg (330.54 KB, 759x1075, 1590929923966.jpg)


the otagirls


havent had a drink in 5 days hima hope youre proud of me


thought groan was a pnig meme wonder how many other things i falsely assumed were him


File: 1591335964359.jpg (8.72 KB, 225x225, job.jpg)


drank 5 blogs


nice tard background


wonder why pnig didnt sell hima for like $100 or something instead of just giving it to onseki for free


no one had $100


i would have bought it for that but then again i wouldnt want to fund pnig


crying thinking of all the snacks pnig couldnt buy with his trumpbux


cant believe i was funding and supporting a pedophile ring


did pnig even do anything wrong maybe he just had pictures of naked anime girls


dont think naked anime girls are illegal in arizona he probably had his naked cousin as his desktop bg



they werent naked it was just a desktop wallpaper of the yokai watch girl fully clothed it was enough to arrest him though


mindtickling that the word "pedonig" is going to be read aloud in a united states court of law


id buy hima but i doubt onseki would be willing to come to an amicable agreement


and who are you


ill beat that guys offer


lots of norms tonight


is the girl on the left supposed to be wearing shorts but she forgot or is she just bolder than the other one


gonno snooze now its getting late good thing its already friday


shes on the right thats your left


whats the market price for hima


ill start the bid at $7000


ill give you 100 bucks


onseki would probably just set up hima2gi.blog nobody would use this domain and your 100 would pay for the hosting for a while


new site without the norms


File: 1591337132912.mp4 (1.58 MB, 1g.mp4)


what do you say to my $100 offer onseki


whats going on here why are they bullying him


if thats your idea of bullying you had it easy


making 250k gil an hour gonno fund the mansion



nice list ive been thinking it would be good if you had a website that just documents every single public figure whos a communist


maybe private figures too just a full list of everyone whos supported antifa or has a rose on their twitter


too darkskinned for a jpgf too lightskinned for a jpgf im ready to end this simulation already


dont post race videos


gil to usd rate is 1m to $4 you will never make enough


wonder what happened to iodiner


how did pnig transfer hima to you onseki what were the specifics and was there any compensation


part of our contract stipulates that i keep that information private and there are currently no plans to list himasugi.blog on the market


give it up norm hes NOT selling hima to some power hungry janny its got sentimental value and you stole the idea to buy it from me


ill make enough to buy a nice mansion in shirogane


how about a cool $300 thats a good price for something you got for free


chair is leaning to the left again sigh i need a new one badly


ill keep any agreements with pnig you have in place unless those pertain to moderation policy hehe


nice jan


miss himako


wonder if this janbrain would actually buy a site with 7 total posters for $300


ya i would but im NOT a janbrain i would be more lenient if anything


things are pretty lenient as is


im NOT a janbrain either and stop trying to weasel in on my deal please


never bought my iodine thanks for reminding me


i think theres more than 7 posters but hard to know for sure unless youre the janny in charge


just bring duegi back if you care so much leave things as they are hate change


teach me how to duegi


dont know if onseki is even awake hard to tell when im NOT on discord


dont sell to this guy hes jan


wonder who the last two posters will be and how many people theyre going to pretend to be


hate meta hours


must be a bit boring to be able to see through the charade and see just one schizo guy behind all the posts instead of 7 nice friends


whats your official contact information onseki lets discuss our deal


been pasting slightly modified warosuposts for the last few weeks and nobodys NOTiced


thats because nobody here posted on warosu except pnig


NOT schizo anymore havent heard the voices in about a couple of years feels a bit lonely actually


you dont need to say except pnig isnt here



unironically had a psychotic episode in my teen years sigh bad times


wish i went to an all girls school


nice lying vfoids


File: 1591338858167.jpg (93.91 KB, 600x1013, ukmdszvzv0351.jpg)



why would they lie


for simpcoins


surprised onseki wont sell for $300 thought it would be a done deal wonder what its worth to him


love ooganime where a male protagonist goes to an all girls school for some contrived reason


nice arrogant rich jan thinking he gets everything he wants with a little green


nice watame


how many decades ago is this story from


onseki traded the site for his dox


dont think 300 is a particularly big amount and didnt intend to jan but does surprise me that onseki values the site at least more than that


sekis NOT here


nah hes here didnt you say he said hed start the bidding at 7k


gonno snooze go to hell and die norms


wish seki would give hima to a turbojan


why would you need to buy the site he doesnt even own the original domain you can just set up a fresh one and everyone would be over there faster than you can say capital punishment


why is there so many posts tonight


look what happened to tsumaran and duegi hima doesnt accept usupers so there needs to be an official trade of ownership


one brings shadow one brings light


banter stops


i would immediately switch boards


whats the banter stops meme from


and then youd come back after no one else switches


hima is a monarchy


love posts for the sake of posts


then why didnt you switch boards when pnig handed over to onseki


there wasnt aNOTher board to switch to


you simply set up the scsnapr to dump all the posts and images and reconstruct the database over there then turn on the himabot to start feigning new posts in the meantime until everyone switches simple as that


you had kissu


norm spamming he wants to buy hima probably to turn it into gnfos


i dont have the himabot so its impossible its proprietary software


had a bot that stole posts from hima and posted them on duegi hehe


sigh the story of pnigs undoing and the destruction of himasugi


mindblowing mufasa is even an african name just like pnig


if hima becomes even more gnfos i give up


scar strikes me more like a freakeye than onseki


are you going to rope because there wasnt enough vtuber talk


scar is turt


File: 1591339784684.jpg (368.41 KB, 1259x2048, EZrgeOmU4AYXRR9.jpg)


onseki is just a pawn even he has admitted it


File: 1591339815608.webm (591.37 KB, 960x540, 1590976603982.webm)


lion king is propaganda mufasa and simba are both righteous because theyre the rightful king and scar is evil because hes NOT


NOThing about the lion king is righteous the premise was stolen from japan


File: 1591339900227.webm (11.2 MB, 640x360, 1586382621701.webm)


no hes evil because hes gay and british


File: 1591339992320.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, chink.webm)


nice normjan haggled himself up to 30,000 yen while onseki was literally asleep






never watched chaika whats it like


weird pelvic anatomy


its epic


rage quit it because it broke its own universes set up rules


its ok


didnt watch it because it became a teen meme


nice autorager


what aspect of classical otaku culture hasnt been overrun with norms
im waiting


went to the store got two bottles of whisky and a beef roast


wish i could go back and unwatch kobayashi dragon instead of autowatching since it was kyoani even though i knew it was teen


kigurumi trains and being ped


File: 1591340234081.gif (1.89 MB, 960x540, 1417987994437.gif)


those are both big hits with trannynorms


File: 1591340296321.jpg (157.13 KB, 480x589, kill.jpg)

the nrms


so youre saying its epic like fate


File: 1591340358473.jpg (341.57 KB, 1280x1440, 1398056764839.jpg)


File: 1591340387460.jpg (134.19 KB, 633x636, 1400899754154.jpg)


File: 1591340411268.webm (438.93 KB, 960x540, lele.webm)


sound effect girl guy is a chaika fan good to know


File: 1591340444624.webm (422.5 KB, 1280x720, pujya.webm)


File: 1591340455906.webm (453.35 KB, 1920x1080, huah.webm)


stop spamming norm


File: 1591340501310.jpg (13.2 KB, 98x289, [Anime-Koi] Hitsugi no Chaika - 03 [h264-720p]….jpg)


spamming isnt ok unless its paid female youtube personalities


no no nasu was smart about it because sabers luck stat was high enough but chaika had no excuse


luck doesnt even show up on my character sheet


cage those flippin snow animals


File: 1591340563154.gif (1.78 MB, 434x720, 1426917049097.gif)


File: 1591340566543-0.jpg (112.57 KB, 667x1000, EZrqLAwUYAA19Q7.jpg)

File: 1591340566543-1.jpg (173.06 KB, 474x875, EZug26zUMAcuU89.jpg)

love the patreon artstyle


File: 1591340573539.png (95.37 KB, 256x190, 1571461842740.png)


File: 1591340597456.jpg (157.78 KB, 850x924, 1421211596650.jpg)


knew a guy who actually drank soylent and let me tell you he was a spammer


File: 1591340614990.png (821.11 KB, 1280x720, 1421208271477.png)


hate freakeye


File: 1591340632597.webm (639.31 KB, 939x528, soylent.webm)


File: 1591340641157.jpg (277.49 KB, 1280x2160, 1398051514569.jpg)


nobody mention chaika again we know what happens now




File: 1591340734424.jpg (845.56 KB, 1200x853, 1574025445392.jpg)


the red chaika was the best one


why ive never done anything to anyone


File: 1591340758840.jpg (Spoiler Image, 591.1 KB, 1280x960, 43124211_big_p0.jpg)


File: 1591340767062.gif (81.18 KB, 453x573, 1363249792213.gif)




would rather have a mclaren than some big boob bimbo


File: 1591340827218.jpg (344.66 KB, 1280x960, 1363249519601.jpg)


wonder why i lose my bone the instant i see a realistic bhole


only reason cars exist is to get boobs you could just cut out the middleman


File: 1591340891647.jpg (479.44 KB, 800x1200, 1365030063292.jpg)


looked away for 15 minutes and theres 120 new posts


why NOT both


fool its NOT a choice between the car or the foid you simply drive the car and the bimbo hops in


dont like the patreon bimbo shes NOT my idea of an anime girl


dont even know where shes from is she a new gachaoog character


shes probably NOT from anything patreon norms always make up their original oog characters


ugh hate when girl isnt from thing


File: 1591341188747-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1740x1214, __ishtar_and_ishtar_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_r….jpg)

File: 1591341188747-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.06 MB, 1336x2075, __ishtar_and_ishtar_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_r….jpg)




dont think ive seen a single original character art with a patreon watermark



when i see art like that i wonder if theyre just taking a photo and putting some anime on it


love how im considered an irredeemable loser in society because ive never put my penis in these holes


die failednorm


no youre considered an irredeemable loser in society and thats why youre NOT allowed to put your penis in those holes


found ou sis considers buttsex to mean gay sex and when i pointed out it can be straight she said ew but thats for pooping


she was right a few decades ago


same feel like i just woke up and checked hima


always leave the room when people start talking about sexual things


always leave the room when people start talking about driving because they might find out i dont have a license


wheres onseki doesnt he want his cool $300


hate the 300 guy


mindblowing the producer guy tells them to have a collab and gives them a rough script and they just follow that while throwing in some ad lib and he rakes in 50% of their super chats


why i might be a better admin than onseki you never know


only virg in the room


onseki is snoozing so he can wake up nice and early and stack


should i play persona 5 royal or doom eternal


play fortnite


play apex


vtubers stopped playing those games play valorant instead


none of those are on the list



gonno vom


if youre willing to sell hima onseki hit me up heres my contact info


love leaving a paper trail linking me seki and a pedsite together for beauford


havent watched the other pikamees


gonno stop using hima if seki sells it to freak


why whats the worst that could happen


neohima cant get worse than it is


this is the end


imagine being so bh that duegi didnt work that you fork out 300 dollars to own the teens


mindblowing someone expects seki to be able to sell a website after the snowjs incident


whatever happened to the yardworker


what snowjs incident



are hosexy ladyves allowed to collab with pikamees


they have a noncompete clause in their contract


she offered but they made fun of her for being a nobody


File: 1591343496659.webm (2.1 MB, 1280x720, sayit.webm)


whys she in a real room


cant believe onseki is considering selling hima for less than the price of the average simpchat


i could use a hug right now


its 40 times his hourly wage


dont even want to imagine what would happen under freaks rule


havent seen a hugger post in years


that means he can make it in less than 2 days how can hima be worth less than 2 days




freak willing to drop 300 big ones just to get some sort of smug satisfaction over pnig


seki makes $12 an hour


onseki should do it then wire it directly to boles


why is everyone assuming who the buyer is all of the sudden


i raise the bid to 400


i make $0 an hour


would buy hima but i dont want the fbi investigating me


bet ota would go for more than 400


he otamin doesnt need your money


thats why you must buy hima and cast away its reputation


File: 1591344241623.png (28.32 KB, 719x492, ota.png)


firing up a scalp chunk dig


File: 1591344635892.png (4.69 KB, 277x73, ota.png)






the fbi got left behind in the domain change


bout time one of these female youtube personalities plays a female game


mindスッとing that NOT a single one of them starts a fight guess they dont need to prove their strength


todays bread is the best loaf yet hima hb


nice freak back from work quoting posts from ten hours ago


mindblowing some female youtube personality can entertain thousands talking to themselves and i cant even make small talk getting my hair cut


take the neetcut pill


same even if i streamed here with the home advantage nobody would watch


the dog clippers broke


you can buy hair clippers for the price of a haircut


watch every hima stream in aNOTher tab


still no correspondence from onseki in my mailbox


its 4am hes getting ready for work


did i ever post about the time i unscrewed the neetclippers to clean all the hair and gunk out because it wasnt vibrating properly and one of the screws fell into the sink so i had to go under the sink and open the pipe and get gross blood and plaque and other miscellaneous slime all over my hands to get the screw out of the drain and nearly puked and then spent the next half hour trying to fix the pipe leak before mom NOTiced and raged






love working all day at my office doing java boilerplate for enterprise applications for 40k usd coming home to my roach infested apartment then ordering overpriced korean sugarshite to make myself feel better about the fact that some korean girl blocked me on msn messenger 5 years ago


did you find a slime sexy lady


it was probably the san francisco go arm that pushed for this nice japs had no idea


it wasnt msn messenger


File: 1591346345874.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.87 MB, 256x256, __original_drawn_by_sb_coco1__sample-b2e7ff12….webm)

the slime sexy lady


thought freak was a six figures millionaire


love announcing my donations so everyone can know how good of a person i am


what donations



what about my superchats


gonno complain in chat until okayu says my name


mastered timing my comments so they have the highest chance of being read by a vtuber without having to donate


whats your secret


love how choco thanks superchat simps


whys there choco and coco isnt that too confusing




get in


should i donate


smash that like button


didnt choco post on warosu


does coco get the most views on average


can you guys go make a vtuber general thread or something this is getting absurd


anyone know the name of that term where you have to win x times to make up for the bad feeling of a single loss


two active threads on hima now thats absurd


sunk cost fallacy


i believe thats called an inferiority complex


we only have to resort to vtubers because nobody on hima streams sigh pnig


thats NOT it found it though it was called loss aversion


ill stream some wow right now if you stop spamming vtuber links for a third of the thread




wow is for norms fire up a nice eorzea fishing sesh instead


sirens are goign off


still havent streamed from my streamer configuration pc


do his streaming specs still hold up


write the pc off as a sunk cost


nice pnig buying 2 pcs while gran gets a cup of cereal a day


Make sure your Nintendo Switch is in the dock. Find the HDMI cable that runs from it to your TV. Unplug the end that's connected to your TV and plug it into your Elgato Game Capture HD60 S. Plug the Elgato Game Capture HD60 S' USB cable into your computer

what the heck its suddenly assuming i have an Elgato Game Capture HD60 S


grinding levequests because i dont know how to level a second job


fire up palace of the dead levequests are better spent on crafters and gatherers



deal then im watching planet of the apes hope thats okay


nice multitasker


got a phone call started panicking and didnt answer


nice flippin sergeant muddreams doing maraudon for transmog


this is classic theres no transmog


cant tell the difference between classic and retail they both look like shite




youve only got 3 viewers fresh has 16.1k


love opening up a hima stream for 15 seconds then closing the tab


you cant just close a himastream tab you gotta mute and minize it


stream sites are smart now they know when you do that and dont count you as a viewer


lilypichu has 10k


can you start talking about how you went to all girls school and would grab each others boobss


holy flip okayu just said shes my cat


no she said it 22 hours ago to someone else


kinda want to jo but hate the stench of opening my sperm bottle


mask the scent by firing up the shite draw


this movie is too masculine


its NOT masculine enough


need a woman in my life


you have mom


hate these arrogant apes


sigh wheelsis


theyre only doing whats right


can you NOT constantly post stuff without subs and also that looks like a norm spam channel


would assimilate with the siamangs


damned dirty apes


File: 1591355127249.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.04 KB, 900x1200, EZl7BM0UYAIDZ_b.jpg)




File: 1591355357500.jpg (320.97 KB, 1400x2400, Dwt6fBsU0AA5Mnw.jpg)


wonder what chad thinks of the fact that she streams to ten billion simps as he flips her


chad doesnt flip him thats a man


im talking about sheep just got tripped up by the noquote meme again


cant put my penis in a wet hole NOT even once the suffering is unbearable think i might kill myself


your third act hasnt begun yet when youre my sidekick in the isekai holes will beg for you




we need subtitles


File: 1591357050910.mp4 (5.37 MB, doutei.mp4)


sigh no jkgal to snap me because virgins piss her off


okay there you go


fake subs


dont know what im living for


living for vtubers


tried listening to vtubers in the background for practice but im finding these weird manga videos much better


cant believe it ended without him killing zaius


gonno move to japan because being virg is socially acceptable there


what the flip the last part is corrupted turns out it was earth all along anyway next up easy rider


nice flippin yify


File: 1591357702389.mp4 (4.99 MB, 1268628742622138376.mp4)


all of them are probably married with a little fun on the side foids simply love a powerful man in uniform


mindblowing she thinks thats a counterargument uh yeah ill just quit my job so i can publicly cheat on my wife and fuck a prostitute for free


nice tickytock instantly closed


yeah thats the mindblowing part NOT the fact that shes so brainwashed by lefty that shell flip any random man to grandstand for him


shes the prostitute thats just normal for her


you mean a prostitute


easy rider sucks gonno watch my favorite movie instead


fool never rewatch


bored whats a good anime


this ones worth rewatching trust me


NOT 5 times it isnt imagine all the things you could have done witht that time


just saw a teen use the term "writing aesthetic" what the flip




mindblowing that there are people on mal who receive requests to review things because people need their views validated


die malguy


hate lefty been thinking i need to do something about him for a while


mindblowing that despite everything humans have done their lives still revolve around getting people to flip them


why do you identify lefty as a man when more women vote left and they only like women as their leaders


women are better leaders simply look at taiwan


bit confused as to how coco can be famous to the level of being endorsed by kaguya but only have like 200k subs


they have gay marriage and are westernizing xi is superior


women are inferior just look at germany



what the flip it has a pikamee thumbnail but when you click it its just holo­live


coco is so intelligent sigh


nice sharkgame bet shes only playing it because its suddenly all the rage with teens


she should play female games


what are these these female games you keep talking about


sims lots of mmos because of the social interaction bejeweled zelda defiantly


wish i had the ability and the shamelessness to talk nonsense and fake reactions for 4 hours playing a video game and a vagina ill need that too


fire up that minecraft animal cager she was genuine


File: 1591360046531.webm (5.6 MB, 954x530, tardout.webm)


girls can explore eorzea as healers ranged dps or weavers


correction zelda is for males girls wouldnt play a game where you can only play a male protagonist


cant lost the url to her channel cant be bothered finding it


same i prefer watching sargbro fake laugh as he reads articles about politics


nah girls simply love zelda cant explain why but for one thing its NOT hard and aNOTher they love link and want to see him flipped


File: 1591360224081.jpg (695.17 KB, 1723x2500, DmgOxKnU8AAv_lH.jpg)


which way do you read this


dont believe it girls never ever play male characters like how men play girls


when twilight princess just got announced i put link as my background and sis made fun of me saying that hes a heartthrob so i had to change it


sis saw my boruto wallpaper and got horny


reminds me of the time i locked my pc while talking to my dad but tardxp was so slow that for about 2 seconds it showed my background that was a zoom of a high res katagiri yuuhi dakimakura instead of locking even though i wasnt even on my desktop before that and ever since then ive had to wonder whether he saw it or NOT and if so does he remember it


she found him attractive but she wouldnt play as him thats only a thing males do


almost forgot pokemon is big with girls sis simply loves it


even though i get the feeling shes never actually beat the elite four even once in any game


girls only play cute pretty games and play characters like elins and lalas


peds play elin NOT girls


females simply love firing up the ol female tauren druid healer


must be weird constantly walking around with a vagina and having it ooze whenever you see something above 6 ft


height doesnt matter its about canthal tilts


what about specops mate


bit of a shame that the one himamate who gets imprisoned for three counts of felony sexual abuse of a minor under the age of 12 just so happens to be one of the more jap fluent ones


everyone on hima speaks jap they just pretend NOT to ironically


File: 1591361462007.png (504.28 KB, 912x1134, 1591361304277.png)


sigh wish i was that creative and confident


wish i was you


what are you gonno do in my body




File: 1591362441833.png (368.34 KB, 836x437, knk.png)

sigh what a nice story glad the world is such a nice place


any vtube that dont pretend to like male games dont fake their reactions and dont have a weird roleplay personality like being a witch or pirate


stop spamming with vtuber shite seriously take it to a general thread or something


take it to /qa/ metanorm


you dont know who youre talking to


is that you onseki




then whats the problem


the problem is youd get literally the exact same post or responses in some shit general as you do except youre taking up half of the threads on hima with your stupid shitr


but theres only one thread on hima


pastaguy is raging hard


nice reading comprehension


love when norms think you dont comprehend them because they dont understand the implicit assumptions in your post


is that what happened




File: 1591363231361.png (61.06 KB, 500x306, EYrdx5RVcAAWVyr.png)


might as well be classified as a different species than norms


you cant breed with them that by definition makes you a different species




so are we supposed to breed with each other then


a female has never been discovered


need a nice himagirl to breed with must be plenty considering all the vtuber holo live youtube streamer collab 2d girls who are broadcasting themselves talking about joing to hentai


there would be girls on hima but turt talks about killing them all the time


nice victimblame


File: 1591363811532.jpg (416.9 KB, 1200x1775, 1591363180806.jpg)


File: 1591363921897.jpg (86.55 KB, 1280x720, woman.jpg)

the hima female


mindblowing that my real life would have begun if i had just got the flip away from mom at 18 and lived on my own like coco


sigh shes so beautiful


youre a man its okay if your real life doesnt start until youre 40


she goes into estrus only once per 10 years dont be late


what the heck this girls youtube link on her twitter directly makes you subscribe to her unless you click no and shes only got 1.5k subs


can i get the stats on vtuber sub counts subguy


File: 1591364210554.jpg (286.52 KB, 1139x1600, virgin hate.jpg)


forgot i was supposed to go vegan after watching those poor animals get caged


eagerly waiting for mays stats


hang in there okayu


freak must broker a peace deal between the factions


what the heck never NOTiced haato was that unpopular what do we do bros


must be shameful getting beat by the one that looks like a boy


gonno buy her some subs




sigh miko


did he flip her like konatas dad


love how everyone raised by a single dad ends up cool and popular and everyone raised by single mothers either end up as criminals sluts or avoidant schizoid manbabies


masterful fake reactions no wonder shes the top dog


should be against the rules to quote anything NOT in the last 100 posts


File: 1591365174975.jpg (41.92 KB, 574x593, dog.jpg)




she knows her teentube fanbase


browser crashes when i have to open a whole thread


the way she bobs her head down when doing a reaction is a nice touch hope the others learn from her


why NOT simply make max posts 100 it would help with the memory leaks too


sigh no crazy usa hamburger loving japgf



all i know about my jpgf is she likes riding the shinkansen and she likes leather


nice she sounds hot


File: 1591365409530.webm (298.07 KB, 1280x720, shinkansen.webm)


cant believe sound effect guy bothers to clip some of these


must be annoying to be constantly forcing yourself to move around exaggeratedly for the live2d to bounce enough for the teens so they can do their zoom in videos


shes live get the heck in


wonder if they have a loose streaming schedule to lower the amount of overlap to double and triple dip on simps


they categorize them by the types of simp they attract and try NOT to have two of the same category streaming at once




love being at the bottom of the rankings because of my low quality avatar and annoying ear breaking memelaugh



gonno drink a big salted coffee take a snooze pill and a vicodin then tardout to some NightFever★


just remembered mom talking to the woman working at the store and my coming trip got brought up and that was it and then when i came back i went to the store and the woman asked if i met anyone which i thought was kind of weird but i said yeah because i did have to meet random shopkeepers and hostel managers but it was later i realized she meant met as in a gf so mom must have told her i was going on some sort of sexpat mission


would have given the same tardanswer


love being too socially inept to NOT understand what people mean until months later


wheres my japgf who sits my curating her social media accounts then tarding out on youtube only to get 5 views per video until its time to flip


whats your skin tone


wouldnt want a streamgf i think theyd be grooming their fanbase to find an upgrade or at least sending nude photos to select whalesimps


mindblowing that this is what vtube sounds like to japan




File: 1591367207943.jpg (106.87 KB, 1439x548, 1591332698670.jpg)


will never be able to NOT hate foids


jbw isnt real if it was i wouldnt be cel


its real it just doesnt work when youre hiding out in your room all day in an anglo country



im actually mindblown that females are wired so they dont even have to see someones skin or face to want to mate as long as theyre 7ft and mogging everyone around them


dont post my photo


someone should do a study of this vs swiping tindrfoids


File: 1591367568576.png (903.31 KB, 609x610, mog.png)


File: 1591367765968.jpg (641.3 KB, 1021x1023, a730731b6f14cafc094726ad3d1a388b.jpg)

nice moutheye



ya this isnt for babies at all




im baby


babies dont know that song


File: 1591368047336.png (26.72 KB, 565x355, simprule.png)

nice rules


turn watame off whenever i slip too far into the manbaby hole


love posting on hima complaining about manbabies


wish i could join the ranks of the honorless manbabies and clap my hands to foids reciting sesame street songs while knowing those very foids would wish death upon me if i didnt send them money


can imagine pnig shaking his penlights to this performance


love when okayu flips out and says youre a leech if watch all her streams and dont donate at least some


sigh wish pnig was here to stream vtubers




love vicodin hima NOThing better


nice drugnorm


weird theres 1.4 billion people out there unable to type tiananmen square


its what the doctor ordered


love my enablerdoc who prescribes anything if i cry enough


wish i had the sense of of soul judgement and perception (lv 3) so i could only superchat vtubers who genuinely appreciate their audience instead of cynically viewing them as simps secretly




what about pikamee


Lol, is Coco really taking a shot at them on Twitter? Bad look.

I mean, I get it that it’s (most likely) in a joking manner (I’m aware of the “Dark organization” running joke) but when the Towa thing happened, she could have still called her embarrassing on Twitter to joke around. Why didn’t she? Because of course you don’t do that, you support her. You don’t joke around with the situation. Either this means the situation is NOT as serious as it seems and there’s room to joke around, or that Coco simply regards individuals and organizations in different ways. Kinda risky to take shots at your boss like this. Maybe she did it to lighten up the situation by joking around with it, but unless the first sentence uses language that gives the whole tweet the “ridiculous joke” tone and that went over my head... well, even then, I wouldn't go around trying to help in backhanded ways like this one.


i always wonder why people think nijisanji stream is longer? like, korone average time streaming is already way longer then half of nijisanji members. nijisanji got 100+ member, of course there's gonno be someone who regularly stream 5 hr+ like shizurin or chihiro. mito, gibara and honhima also posting shorter highlight clips of their stream. if you looking for english clips official nijisanji channel is posting highlight clips with english cc (they're translated it pretty quick too, that clips is from 5 days ago). you can also join english nijisanji discord, there's channel for spaming english sub in that server. you can also always searching nijisanji tag on this sub reddit, people posting english nijisanji clips everyday, it just rarely make it to the front page.




dont understand redditors they seem inhuman


File: 1591369194014.png (45.14 KB, 693x355, 73782023.png)

NOThing like reading redditsimp posts to snap you back to your senses


theyre simply optimistnorms who have never taken a single pill


its almost like there exist different types of people from different backgrounds who may be interested in similar things


File: 1591369380876.png (33.35 KB, 700x243, 73782024.png)


i have no background


same im a black slate main character




sounds exactly like a pnig warosu post



think i might have to quit otaku culture after seeing those posts


File: 1591369880946.webm (1.06 MB, 1280x720, premium rounge.webm)


you cant let other people ruin everything for you


how is this different from some pewdiepie vid go ahead explain im waiting


shes anime


pewds isnt cute or japanese


whats wrong with pewdiepie


NOThing hes just NOT for adult audiences


wish i wasnt such an ingot of hate


think fubuki is the worst vtuber ive seen so far no wonder shes the top


File: 1591371091526.jpg (134.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)




File: 1591371272158.jpg (53.79 KB, 640x714, 1565074223935.jpg)


why does this guy have 35 million subscribers



english dont click



The license problem with Nintendo and Hosexy ladyve seems to be magnifying and leaking out to the surface.

NOThing is concrete yet, but yesterday Suisei's Tetris stream got dislike bombed and there were talks about Nintendo, now Subaru's Gakuen Handsome is also under attack, with its chat being invaded.

I feel like usually when shits happen they stay inside 5ch, but this time the legal problem is serious enough that it's leaking out to the actual streams.

Like fucking hell, it's getting harder and harder for me to just enjoy watching VTubers. Every now and then something bad would happen, I take a break for a few days, then get hit by aNOTher shitstorm.

Edit: Some additional thoughts. If Subaru was more popular around here there could be posts asking why she's getting so many dislikes already, which is hard af to explain.

Fucking do something COVER, your talents are under attack and one simple statement of "We did get the permission to monetize the streams" could invalidate most of them.


dont get it why would someone care their favorite fvoid gets dislikes


always hated the thing where people turn random words into links like they think theyre writing an article


File: 1591371887126.jpg (95.47 KB, 1080x2246, fvrEj5O.jpg)

paste chinkchat


File: 1591372068997.png (85.88 KB, 576x568, skipped.png)




what the flip


tardlaughing cant even understand this its like complete schizo rambling but that could just be the vicodin


why is she taking so flippin long to start the fight


theres no rush


cant believe you were right about girls playing arcanist


File: 1591373069096.png (837.9 KB, 787x572, 2 minute rotation.png)

theyre in for a treat


what the dap


theres a 20 second one thats 95% as effective right




gih technorms


File: 1591373475757.jpg (247.83 KB, 871x1220, deep.jpg)


File: 1591373538770.png (1.02 MB, 800x1131, R10.png)


never NOTiced how huge garudas boobies are


its NOT that bad since youre just mashing a bunch of instant casts



why is a dog playing a cat


the same reason 40 year old men play sexy ladies


like this dogs voice more than the doggo


back from my bike ride gonno game a lil then snooze


crashed my bike and broke my leg as a shota then became a hikkineet manbaby loser after staying inside and using the computer every day to pass the time



File: 1591375664583.jpg (Spoiler Image, 251.3 KB, 2069x1121, Untitled.jpg)


uh why are the comments agreeing with her are they all crazy


nevermind its just chink bots


im sure this dirty diseased obese tattooed skank is well versed in her peer reviewed research and statistical data to back up her bold statements about police hope she doesnt call 911 when her boyfriend is bashing her skull in with a baseball bat for sleeping around


File: 1591376937709.jpg (1.36 MB, 1080x1080, pa2.jpg)


what would the parole officer think


shes a grown woman now ordering off the adult menu


nice groomer



File: 1591378038337.jpg (193.16 KB, 804x587, 1591377973526.jpg)


why hate them they are the natural eugenicists


nice acting did he have a blood packet back there


paste booting licking cel first the ccp now the cops


nice chads


the males look too weird


love seeing plebs get put in their place by the legitimate legal authority


theyre meant to appeal to women


love killing people why didnt i become a cop


avoidant manbabies cant be cops


any cels in the force


time for more vicodin


youll become addicted



woke up having a big coffee


File: 1591380978263.jpg (962.54 KB, 1000x1415, f5e1842f64a4fab4f6238b252ae1fb61.jpg)


cant jo to girls from series ive already consumed or plan to consume feels weird


hate being the office sperg


it feels better


nice arbitrary rules joer


the soylent has arrived


wherever i go
im the sperg


the himasperg is nonverbal




roll over and take it willingly


should i play doom eternals or persona 5 royals


persona 5 but only if you stream it


i only know how to stream pc games


raining hard


let it pour


doom eternal with the denuvo free always offline patched binary



i support denuvo


dont play games if youre NOT going to stream it


nice streammonster


gth bootlicker


he hates freedom and the constitution im sure he will also get on his knees for papa xi


wouldnt mind being enslaved by the chinks it cant be worse than what we have now


you dont know chinks very well


File: 1591384415926.jpg (Spoiler Image, 311.39 KB, 848x1200, 1591344480416.jpg)


dont click agp picture


cant believe i sympathise with the chinks now it must be horrible having to deal with those hong kong riotnorms all the time


missed the vtooba rant hours too bad NOT worth it replying to old posts now


groypers report in


people will fight for freedom and against you




was going to watch korosan play subnautica because i like that game but the chat is filled with literal children spamming reddit zoomer lingo constantly so i had to stop


hate how my gfs penis is 1/2 inch longer than mine i didnt want to compare them in the first place and now she jokingly brings it up all the time


love subnauticers


why would you have the chat open


wish i could give her my controller setup


would love work a 16 hour shift in the iphone factory with an extra 2 hour delay because got stuck in the suicide nets again only to get locked out of playing games on chinksteam because its 23:00 and the government thinks no one should be gaming past 22:00


hope no one is breaking curfew in america


placed an order on wednesday and they printed the label but still havent shipped it bravo




i like it when the japs spam うまい すげえええ and ナイスッ


no i need it to datalog with i have to have everything perfectly tuned before the event 2 weeks from now



might buy a boobpad any recommendations



used to love when someone would say marisa is a girl then the teens would rage


or other anime girls thats an example


got the chicken patties soaking in water


woke up havin a drink


Bald men at higher risk of severe case of Covid-19, research finds


does it reach the brain faster without hair


what if im balding


theyre at higher risk because hospital staff wont triage balding men they may as well already be dead


mom hid the vacuum so i couldnt give myself a neetcut


stand up for your rights demand vacuum access




haachama is a flipping tard


i dont get the dog meme why wont the kids say something now



simply listen to the large breasted dragon with two stem degrees explain it


based literal teentubers


back to discord


the fact you defend that proves youre a teen yourself


didnt even watch it but i know youre a discordraidteen for sure


File: 1591388032778.webm (288.82 KB, 426x240, 1587781922456.webm)



nice incel tard probably fell for the peanut butter cookie meme too


love a good tardbomb


lock all of those failednorms up and go straight to the execution they arent even human


because they are on their phone and the teachers are too political correctness to steal the phone




sweating hard hima



will that make me rage if i click it


wouldnt have minded if i couldve had all my high school classes online in the safety of my room teens have it easy now


NOT if youre a foid worshiper like the tuberteens




whats wrong with her eyebrows


NOThing wrong


she drew them on


mindblowing that foids dont have to do anything to get anywhere in life


File: 1591390219765.jpg (68 KB, 800x450, 1591389880175.jpg)

that oldfag feel


what was that thing a couple years ago where the foid got all the credit for doing something with a black hole by copy pasting something off stackexchange and her simp actually wrote all the code and did all the work but wanted her to have the headlines


its all so tiresome


what do you mean what was the thing you just said what it was all about


i cant find the story


found it hehe



your cel brain made it up


nice little femsteve


love thinking about how bluepilled i was as a young simp who was that guy


norm hours


wonder what pnig wouldve thought of that little lady


he would have thought of brutally snapping her and then flaying her corpse before the alter of his heathen ped gods




glad hes in jail and people dont have to worship him


saber altar


the worshipers are still lurking in the darkness theyre just scared to openly worship


the black king will be back



File: 1591391303628.webm (3.65 MB, 1280x720, onahole.webm)


its a spam


mindmelting that this article mentions NOThing of the actual research and just whiteknights throughout the whole thing then spins it off into aNOTher political dissertation about why you should worship foids


found the gospel book from one of his worshipers



lets start the hima orchestra


it wasnt a lie bloodborne is coming to pc


of course it wasnt a lie i told you it was happening


love remastering a game thats 5 years old


whats the peanut butter cookie meme


exploding cookies recipe


File: 1591392219477.png (8.68 KB, 188x268, sony.png)


no railgun god flipping pisssssssssssssssssssssssssss


File: 1591392342546.jpg (73.27 KB, 1024x662, b1b34115e18f29a6a93acd3b0d2f48de3917866ed5fc49….jpg)


demand sony refunds my ps4 and bloodborne for their full msrp they arent allowed to let other people play it


what will you have your arbiter do


File: 1591392695265.png (1.5 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Schwarzesmarken - 07 [720p].mkv….png)

do military girls really walk around with their boobies out




File: 1591392765583.mp4 (759.05 KB, schwarzesmarken.mp4)



its for morale


woke up mom left the door open for the cats and the stinkbugs got in also found a big wasp and smashed it to pieces


i could see americans demanding a refund all they know is how to consume


might #gobaldforblm


hate #killwhitey


if that exists it was started by some shit eating kid on pol


who cares where it came from as long as its duping foids for our enjoyment


why would i care about duping women


theyre the enemy


they arent


hate niggers wish trump would do something about them


might tard out and burn the american embassy to support blm


File: 1591393721079.png (381.54 KB, 840x1250, 1591393617489.png)


love how google nonchalantly asks me for my phone number and home address like its NOT a big deal


unless you have something to hide



did the racewar start yet


why would it


i look forward to watching gleipnir every week dont even have to force myself like with most shows



been salting me coffee but now im gonno start salting me whiskey too


dont do it youll get heart disease


p anderson said race isnt real



then how come the nigs are throwing a temper tantrum and stealing stuff from privately owned businesses and causing millions of dollars in damage because some felon nig died of corona while being apprehended by the arm of the law


the cop suffocated him


a massive minority of people are doing that most protests are peaceful


its always the pigs instigating violence


bunker bitch didnt help either


go back to discord


hate cops hate niggers


yeah im sure some teenagers detailed account of what happened from some screen recorded vertical video off snapchat through tiktok then reposted on twitter accurately describes the events certainly the dictation given by the medical examiner who went to medical school for 12 years is wrong


always blame the person that started this hima was normitics free till this guy forced it on us


you mean the coroner that said he died of asphyxiation


wish i could have been the one to lay his knee across pnigs neck


the prosecutions documents had no indication of asphyxia


america is uniting against bunker bitch and his mindless slaves


turned off my adblocker


the coroner did youre wrong and you can lie all you want


File: 1591396494029.jpg (1.17 MB, 1414x1000, 76887678_p0.jpg)

sigh wish i had a birlfriend like this


get aids and die


File: 1591396576952.jpg (347.7 KB, 1125x908, rsZHz2z.jpg)


sad that those young men were driven insane by celdom and were driven to transition into freaks just so they could hear people compliment their appearances for the first time in their lives


is that a birl


sigh poor digibro


we need a second liberia


saw a tranny in real life once and there was a group of fratbros nearby talking to each other and making fun of him


dad introduced me to his tranny friend once they gave me a hug


how mean did you stand up for her


of course NOT
hate tranny freaks



never met a birl what are they like


saw a tranny in real life once when i went to their apartment after seeing their profile on an escort site and contacting them to arrange a meeting


hold up


File: 1591397175770.webm (1.15 MB, 266x360, luna angry noises.webm)


that link you posted was the preliminary report it was updated the same day to cardiac arrest caused by the knee to the neck keep it up liar


which is the one that says he was high on meth


it even says right in there that it was cardiac arrest stop lying


why do you care about some retarded nigger criminal being killed by some dumb cop they kill people all the time its NOT racial


it is racial and you know it


die instigator


you started this



heading out to the local rally


so which is it cardiac arrest or asphyxia


no i didnt


which hima would make the sexiest sexy lady




the plumper himasexy lady


groan racist statistics


NOT me unless you like oppai sexy ladies


mom made brownies and ice cream


you seeing this cardiac choke


when is the gods flipping damn summer sale


youre supposed to buy games at full price to support the devs


you already got corona sales youre NOT getting anymore


we didnt even get corona sales


gonno start saying desu when talking to mom


i request my tray desu


shall i duskshower



blue its the fast color


all in on limequack



was gonno jo to something and then looked at the artists other pics and its all scat and gore


hima the mtg core 21 spoilers are pretty good they might redeem themselves with this one


whats wrong with gore


paste niggers


sigh need a gyarugf


why would you want a slutgf


my defence level is now 60


gonno take a snoozey brothers coming over later


damn good peaceful protest hima damn good


love peacefully throwing bricks through windows


nope totally peaceful here


sorry better luck next time


he was the nig of peace


im in a conundrum hima in one hand i dont want to change anything about my life at all and would like to keep living this way going forward on aNOTher im absolutely sure that if i end up living like this until im old ill look back and deeply regret wasting my one chance at existing by NOT living in a more meaninful way


File: 1591402223961.png (136.28 KB, 1274x370, 1503405133903.png)


what would you consider to be a meaningful way


get out there and fight for freedom


tried to kickstart my life last year by applying to all sorts of jobs but NOT a single one was interested think its out of my power now


achieving something or being a big part ofsomething or having a family of my own


the norms wont let you have a job because they like telling you to get a job it makes them feel superior


join the cel corps


feasting on a whole pizza


get out into the streets right now and fight back


the protesters want diversity quotas for jobs so that white men have less chance of getting one its gonno be worse once its all over




thought getting a real job was what was holding me back but all it did was make life easier now im NOT constantly freaking out over possibilities i have the money to throw at a problem to make it go away everything else is exactly the same


im kind of like don dsnapr except im a neet


might have to go to japan and get a jbw job and jbw gf and have hapa kids


nice norm


dont do it your sons will suffer as cels



simply raise your hapa sons to be birls


still no correspondence from onseki


my hapa sons will jbw in school because they will be whiter


working on the next big hima meme


having some pizza



you have to be brave and move on



cant believe im the only trucel on hima


might stream wow again with aNOTher movie any suggestions


gonno report you this time


dont like how aggressive this indian is


been trying to tell people that but they dont listen dont really game anymore or anime but still get stuck in imageboards for half the day sometimes but sometimes go months without using them


you dont have a neet soul


neeted enough time to move onto the next meme


fell for the neet meme the ped meme the cel meme the gamer meme just a flipping sponge


if you won the lottery today youd keep neeting it up


fell hard for the japanese meme


die norm


wheres onseki still no response to my offer


rather have an absentee admin than a needy freak like you


so begins the hima protest


secretly day drinking and watching michael jackson videos in my room while mom cooks


File: 1591403697626.jpg (428.04 KB, 1316x900, peasant revolt.jpg)


he got home from work 5 minutes ago


the admin must be neurotypical thats why onseki is a good fit


post those mj vids




top button buttoner dont click


hes NOT going to do stand up


only norms dont button the top button


i button the top button because im insecure sigh


if youre truly interested in buying hima youll have to stop using broommail and make a discord account


File: 1591404082275.jpg (398.56 KB, 1000x667, stand user-kenbo stand name-smooth criminal.jpg)


sigh where did it all go wrong


cockmail isnt boomer its young and hip and why do would you need a discord to own hima im putting an end to the discord era


such a masterful shot he had talent


i said broom


he interviewed pikamee


what the heck does broommail mean


File: 1591404317410.jpg (Spoiler Image, 517.36 KB, 1364x2048, 13603651_1353446414668702_3869120771142820610_….jpg)


sigh got a rash under my ballsack think i need some antifungal cream


post the edit with the amerimutt face


quit playing dumb


shes adopted idiot


think my ballrash might be caused by rogue sperm


its caused by NOT showering enough


is this what you meant by broommail


i shower once a day sometimes twice


used to get really bad rashes on my armpits that smelled like hell NOThing could stop them




hell yeah fire up that antifungal cream


love grinding the loofah on my sack


norm hours bail bail bail



File: 1591404543098.jpg (2.68 MB, 3600x3600, 1526515894985.jpg)


loofahs considered harmful


weird onseki wont sell hima unless its to a discordteen


if he wont sell it to you then start your own you can call it tsumaran


youll have to at least go on there and tell him to check his email
he rarely checks hima


someone go on there and tell him to check his email maybe you can get a cut as a commission


File: 1591404699259.png (211.75 KB, 737x787, 299e1da0929a48b7e8345264b07e451f.png)

guess einstein wasnt so smart after all


wait a sec i never emailed him he needs to email me


hes NOT going to do that


he will if he wants a cool $300 for hima


he was a jew who stole all his research


NOT sure why hed work 40 hours for the same money when he could send an email instead


they had a lot in common




hee hee


sekis making $600 a week thanks to the corona and riot panic


make a new site