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File: 1548174182087.png (939.25 KB, 704x1000, __toosaka_rin_fate_stay_night_and_etc_drawn_by….png)

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im raid


wish i could grab her feet


mom spilled my peas


got left behind flip


got left behind
gonno watch that subnautica playthrough



left behind again sigh


want to buy a castoff figure but not sure


wish i could give rin a big hug i love her so much


more of a sakura guy


i would be sakuras knight


File: 1548732518511.png (7.29 KB, 771x63, Screenshot_2019-01-28_21-22-29.png)

nb you seeing this


sakura knows suffering and pain just like me


hate sakura rin is way sexier


every man is a lonely soldier boy


the moon landing was real


thought the comments were crazy until i saw the gun barrel disappear


firing up kh3


its kind of weird hehe people will reflexively think something like that must be fake because it doesnt look like what they see on tv 'wheres the blood!' the fake is more real than real life


raging hard it unlocks at midnight


sigh whys hima so slow did everyone get left behind


flipping post you cowards


scared of getting banned if i post to much


flip that norm just post


i dont feel safe


i will protect you


can i post about splatoon




house is making weird noises im scared


that was me sorry


mindblowing that its negative degrees out


thermometer says 30


made sushi all day


i did the laundry


nice flippin amerinorm


gth centigrader


File: 1548740975657.jpg (114.99 KB, 796x1200, __original_drawn_by_oouso__a26dd4bb1cb54901875….jpg)


will she mind if i jerk it to her


youre not supposed to look freak


i cant help it


hope pastaguy isnt still mad


gonno speedrun kh3 in the next gdq


mad about what


cant stop singing old mecha songs


just finished claire b hima damn good game days like this make me glad to be alive


gonno replay it now with the original soundtrack turned on and costumes hehe



play it the way the creators intended


File: 1548746093446.png (Spoiler Image, 1.04 MB, 1200x1600, 1517821910610.png)



hate kitties


i did already the creators also added the original games soundtrack as a option


tried a hunk run but died once i got to rpd


heading to bed hima


cookin curry hima i made it super extra spicy the fumes alone made me weep and cough


cap cramps oh god


got a nasty case of the goofballs


File: 1548754311735.png (1.94 KB, 97x45, 7ce01c9807d6dc0798a0c322d2be5c2e.png)

mobileblog posting from the club


phew nice kh sesh


the sleeper has awakened


File: 1548756497416.png (81.82 KB, 428x630, let it go.png)


holy flip she deserves worship


dont worship women


but do you see how sexy her genital is


its vile


dog woke me up to ass piss



dam she thick


treat her with respect


hate the foul tongue of the commonfolk


sick of crassnorms


at work hima dislike the boorish norm


File: 1548767213862.jpg (169.64 KB, 988x768, csm_automatisierung_05_2561d75269.jpg)

gonno become a switchgear otaku


im a sleeping otaku


woke up ate read gonno watch the sunrise


having a bagel and covfefe


stop eating bagels


theyre delicious



been having dreams about my keyboard lately had a very lifelike one where the space key was dislodged and there was a ton of hair and debris in there think this is a prophecy wish i knew how to clean it sigh


just take the keys off and clean it out its not hard


no you dont understand my hands are incapable of performing tasks other than typing and jo


woke up its sushi making time


File: 1548770294482.mp3 (2.59 MB, Boss_FDG.mp3)

jammin hard hima hb might shed a tear


File: 1548770547280.jpg (1.17 MB, 2912x4068, 1548766531704.jpg)

youve made me the happiest girl in the world neetblog




why is there so much dust in my room how does it even get here sigh


i have the same dust problem


its mostly coming from you
your dead cells and such


i have a dust problem in my room too
cleaning doesnt help everything gets dusty again hours later


alcohol bathed


recieved three calls for the someone who is not me back to back whats going on here


answer it


im answering they keep asking for richland wilson make it 5 what the hell


training myself to only eat one meal every 6 hours and im 1 hour away from a meal hehe




got left behind


ive got a cod package of wasp jerky for you from grabahan


got a rocket in my pocket


this can't be true


File: 1548783754543.png (294.3 KB, 524x411, bLu-NMmqUL1CXMM8JIyX--0k1fdSMYn8knymUoTsDWw.png)


whats that image supposed to represent


get too nervous and sad at night i need to start seeing night as being cyberpunk and cool


gonno buy a weighted blanket to keep me cozy at night


sigh i want one


got another call saying someone referred me as interested in health insurance something is defiantly up


and just got another one holy flip


norms are coming for you I told you guys something terrible was about to happen


File: 1548784944836.png (7.78 KB, 706x95, Untitled.png)



ya they seem great not sure how heavy i want mine to be


get the heaviest one you can find


love my shobon pillow


confirmation bias norm


mom locked me in the squeezebox


just calculated the norm of γ''(s)


should i watch kakegurui its elons favorite


dont give elon attention


why not


keep hearing police sirens people cant handle the temps



hes helping destroy anime by introducing his millions of fans to it


one day hima will end up on the news


hate incels


pnig is going to get hima on the news and the media will want to interview us


i nominate nb as the pr man


im incel


isnt that pnigs lawyer


he has dickspammers same tardsmile


its time for my annual reading of my twisted world


read the bible instead


god has already forsaken us cels


god cant exist in the same universe as cels


incels need to be stopped


hate how the bottom of the bag contains nothing but fragments


all hail supreme gentleman elliot rodger


might become an incel looks fun


cringed and closef


he posts here


why are incels being characterized as violent killers i thought it was just a bunch of tards like us


speak for yourself incel


only volincels are nice tards


incels are a bunch of norms preoccupied with sex and money flip them


whos going on the soul winning mega marathon this year


it gives norms the excuse to openly hate virgs


im saving myself for my fwbc wife


what does fwbc mean




faithful word baptist church


why do you bother breathing your next breath


suffocating is too much effort


dont know what that is


thanks now im manually breathing again


what happens if the weighted blanket i buy is too heavy


what if you cant lift the blanket off and get trapped


sounds like a fine way to go


simply yell for mom



going to suicide by weighted blanket


sounds like a heckin good way to go


the norms took over my own flipping chat room but if i remove them it will die im in a hassle help me himabros




let me join your chatroom ill give them a piece of my mind


File: 1548791778940.png (1.53 MB, 1280x720, 51210485_10155842975931861_7128135764067483648….png)

hope neetblog put on enough blubber


wind is howling but i can howl louder


kind of fascinating to watch norms interact with eachother


cant believe i got mistakenly raised as a human


i know how to shapeshift


prepare the rope


firing up some splatoon


File: 1548794100220-0.webm (3.9 MB, 1280x720, 1548760934357.webm)

File: 1548794100220-1.webm (3.82 MB, 900x506, 1548513755256.webm)


girls have the same reaction when touring the hima mansion


need some food hima gonno starve to death here


wanna go to taco bell with me


hate the mansion larp


youre just mad you didnt get an invite


heck ya i do 2 crunchwrap supremes it is


wonder what their reaction would be if i passed by them i imagine pure disgust


mom sent me an emoji


they wouldnt even notice us thats how they treat cels


hate being noticed


increase your cel aura


shes horny


the life of a cel for you


how do i do that


exude a depressive miasma


is that like sperming


never been depressed


File: 1548794769947-0.webm (2.92 MB, 1280x720, 1548642923468.webm)


File: 1548794991488-0.jpg (34.14 KB, 564x400, 1548625582074.jpg)

now i get why japan is the only country turt likes theyre the ones who drove out the chads


eating some cottage cheese


no chad has a neck like that


dont understand that image sigh


thin neck compliments the frame like a nice wine bottle


hate necknorms


its a flipping whiteout outside


the weather outside is frightful


but the fire is so delightful


got taco bell myself hehe cant believe the fries are back


File: 1548798852199.png (272.02 KB, 500x454, 1548794213140.png)

do girls like it when fats confess like this


girls like it when you flip without asking


they dont fats are a step away from cels


havin a coffee hows it going everybody


wish a fat would confess to me


im fat male so i cant help you but i wish you luck with your plumpergf


im twigcel


arrogant fat flip
a fat walmart employee tried asking my mom out on a dating site and it made me angry if youre such a failure what makes you think you deserve a gf
she turned him down of course but he needs more punishment than that


is that momgf on the right


bastard old single moms are low worth you shouldve supported him
besides a lot of fats are that way due to genes like me


yes shes a battered old roast well past her prime but she still has more value than a gross fat norwooder working retail when hes at least 35

i wish i could get my hands on him to cast him into the throes of despair so he wont make such a mistake ever again


listening to yes and singing along with mom hehe


woke up heya hima


would it be okay if he wasnt balding that sounds like me in a few years


fat bald walmart employees need love too


yeah why are you all so full of vitriol


mornin remember to read highlight and get yourself a coffee or cappuccino


got a big mug o joe right here


no they dont how can they deserve a gf when theyve never once attempted to improve themselves in any way im a skilled engineer in peak physical condition and i dont even get to have a gf what makes that arrogant fool think he does


File: 1548801877975.gif (11.61 KB, 220x165, tenor.gif)

when the fwhr is <1.8


why would you have to improve yourself to get a gf if women wont improve themselves


when every girl has at least a dozen guys to choose from just by virtue of being a female you either rise above the other or give up




hate sex obsessed moids


huge sigh


hair is getting really gross but dont have the effort to shower


put your santa hat on


i only have the motorized one that flips around


planning a bathe right after i eat then going to game hard


going to get myself a small wooden shelf and a pair of edifier R1280Ts tired of having shite pc speakers


File: 1548804312444.webm (2.74 MB, 960x540, 1548802813814.webm)

neetblog getting in the hima jacuzzi


brutal mog


need a pet capybara


rude flipper


going to snooze someone sync up with me


File: 1548805103726.jpg (73.36 KB, 707x1000, __astolfo_fate_grand_order_and_etc_drawn_by_ha….jpg)


im gonno bathe real quick then snooze if you wanna wait thirty minutes


love blackpenredpen


hes a smartnorm


my lifes a joke bros


hes the only chink i like


File: 1548807558705.gif (4.14 MB, 450x450, 1548799645827.gif)



gamed a bit


bathed gonno read a lil and snooze


might make up an elaborate ex vegan story to get interviewed by sv3rige


going to end up buying a model 8



mindblowing how ugly women are when you uncover their mirage of hair and makeup


we must do something to ban fakeup


gonno shower and grab some quiznos


nice canachink


not chink one of the few


File: 1548811193175.jpg (116.01 KB, 1440x1080, 18.jpg)


spider in the tub hima


pour bleach on it


guess ill make curry


hate spiders


spiders are our bros


we have an alliance with the spider realm


hate them a lot


never used to mind then but now they have to be exterminated


i dont feel strongly about them either way some of them look cool though


always used to call mom to get the spiders for me sigh


youre the man of the house now son


they kill the actual bad insects and make pretty strings leave them alone


gonno lay down and watch some vids and snooze


spiders are loud and annoying and shit all over the place i hate them


theyre terrifying


damn good curry today hima


wish i had some


what did you make


woke up




mom is going to get 200k from her grans inheritance and shes giving me it all hehe




hate richnorms


wonder if hima will end up in the news when all of dickspammers victims come forward


not spending it that all goes to the dividends neet fund


good idea


pnigs crime was victimless


what about all the children who had their modesty outraged


it wasnt him


going to outrage the modesty of a child right about now


not much longer until they start rounding up virgin males and throwing us into camps


never camped before


gonno moisturise then snooze time


only girls should moisturize


need to open my pores


keep my pores clogged shut at all times




die meat eater


just reading the title gives me anxiety


what a freak


pasted fl4pper


does this make the vegan girls horny




singing simple and clean


hate this meme there are no worse insects


flies and mosquitoes are worse than spiders because theyre annoying




is it okay to get a forbidden bone to this




mosquitoes enrage me hard


im right





tard chink


where is everyone


only one on hima




im pumping iron


i was doing yardwork but im taking a break for a bit


i was dropping a neetlog


norming normron


gonno attempt to make french toast tomorrow i have acquired all the materials unless someone uses the eggs


File: 1548830705064.png (1.33 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….png)


what do you mean attempt how could you mess it up


what do you mena how could you mess it up literally everything could go wrong


why is he such a freak he went straight to swearing when talking to that humble half buzz haired lady


hes the only normal one there everybody else is a freak


its okay id fuck up french toast to


havent made french toast since i was a kid


what do you expect from a scaper


gonno browse /a/


dont do it the norms have complete control


File: 1548831482711.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.11 KB, 1920x1280, dw.jpg)


why would anyone be expected to treat a foid dressed like that with respect


whats the video about i dont want to watch it



plantrager eating a raw chicken in a vegan market


watch it


why would anyone ever eat raw chicken


dressed like what she looks graceful


pastor anderson said shes an abomination


could imagine varg flying there on his oak tree and dropping a massive pill on that norwooding head


sigh have to update my switch to play splatoon


dont do it


wish i could splat


love software updates


sv3rige is ten times as pilled as varg



bing bing wahoo


File: 1548832263899.gif (124.74 KB, 800x371, 1517633614031.gif)


it was a quick one time to splat


ordered a switch and smash


File: 1548832341455.jpg (186.01 KB, 1242x1493, 1547859523739.jpg)


add me and we can smash together


uhh youre only more pilled if youre a bigger freak


was about to play salmon run then it made me update again


too many anti nutrients have clouded your brain


what the hell is a anti nutrients



File: 1548832778029.jpg (251.84 KB, 850x601, 1547619596965.jpg)


not watching this norm nevermind


wish that was me


your loss


its either that norm or splatoon


File: 1548833196551.png (7.85 MB, 4135x5845, b8525cf4a31b4e5d6dee02da72370f43.png)


sense of dread returned


feel like screaming in rage


let it out


feeling like a freak on a leash


great now mine has too thanks a lot


whyd you take this


the sleeper has awakened




its 3am


heading to bed hima hopefully i dont wake up


i want you to live for 70 more years


cant wait to hang out with my oldbros in the hima retirement home






funny how the omeglejo posts suddenly stopped once pnig got arrested


why is that funny


funny how you know what stopped as well


you mena the linus and gmm spam


holy flipping flip going to email the prosecution that little piece of information wonder if theyre aware thats going to add at least 2 more charges


mindblowing how hima as a whole has improved drastically since a certain poster was arrested


falseflag theres a reference to an omegle post on the 13th


link it


thrusting into the bed again really need to make that johole


stop doing that it cause ed and doesnt even feel that good


beyond that imagine how your bed feels


how do you know its causes ed


only slept for 3 hours but feel adequately recharged im a flipping beast


wish i had ed so i could stop being a jonorm


take ssris


they did a study on it im trying to find it


holy flip i am not the fondest of experimental music but i cant stop listening to this one especially at bedtime it can terrifying yet exhilarating hearing all those pulsating rhythms and sharp sound effects makes me fear for my life as im drifting off to sleep


wasnt aware bed joing was commonplace enough to warrant scientific investigation



love the term stroke


are you saying im snapping my bed


well its not like the bed consented is it


those are grave accusations i wont have you defaming my good reputation like this


read the site and stop bedjoing before you ruin your pecker for life


why does he need erections anyway


my pecker has never done me any good


well as long as youre informed i guess its your choice


the seed of a neet is highly valuable all gentlemen on hima are destined to reproduce to populate the new world once the transfer of power is completed


reproducing is the most arrogant thing possible


not if its through snap


forcing a being to exist for nothing more than satisfying your own will is disgustingly narcissistic


if everyone followed that line of thinking thered be no neetblog


its gods will


neetblog probably agrees with me


neetblog agrees with no one


had a big fight with nb a few days ago and havent seen him since


did you win


what a foolish question nb can never be beaten


nerf neetblog


this is scary


cant believe i fell for the duckduckgo meme


thats horrible dont even joke about that i love my bed


i take my bed by force


i will make this whole planet suffer


you will do no such thing while the forces of good continue to exist


your perception of good and evil is misguided


how come i noticed the pizza delivery teen fighting back laughter as i completed the transaction what did he find so amusing was it my new hair sigh




good idea gonno make poverty pizza


sigh mom just told me shes sending me to live on my uncles ranch in montana to become a man whether i like it or not help me hima


whats wrong with being a man


thats not the biggest problem i have with this


wish mom would buy real butter for once instead of margarine


whats the difference



hey hima hows it goin
left elbow hurting


make the best out of it
do they have an internet connection they cant not right its 2019


slept like 13 hours just been farting around in bed on my phone for two hours think ill go get some coffee and breakfast


teeth hurt


slept for 5 because i went to bed at 3


went to bed at 10pm and woke up at 1 am


nice quicksnooze me too


cant be squandering the limited amount of time i have on this earth in a state of unconsciousness when theres anime to be watched


you will never watch every anime might as well not even bother


extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence




gonno sleep bye


the proof is in the pudding


just watching the good ones is enough




there is no such thing as a bad anime


anime flipping stinks


making such outrageous remarks on hima is tantamount to treason are you prepared to accept the consequences


i have made my peace


miss posting about amd and anime sexy ladies with my buddy choco


had too much soda going to burst


hate fat flips who drink nothing but soda


i cant help it moms the one who keeps buying my favorite


mornin hima not sure what to make for breakfast


cant believe that all yuru yuri collection albums are on spotify this is grat


grat whats grat


a big one a grat one


next thing you know all the norms will be listening to mosaic wav and well have to find a new niche


got intimidated by the size of the pan and gave up


dont worry the reason they dont is not due to accessibility


my exquisite musical tastes could never be imitated by the lowly masses


mom wants to watch brokeback mountain


she thinks you like man ass


if anyone on hima likes man ass i would support them through and through


even turt


enjoy man ass from time to time


but im not cool


im not cool


so bored
thinking about screaming


thinking about scaping


did a years worth of content in 2 days im scaped out


going to get a runecraft level today im excited


nothin exciting about that


was getting ready to go for a hike and all the sudden felt very exhausted and started shaking from my hands to my feet and my heart rate shot up and my stomach got queasy wonder if im diabetic or something im still shaking violently and cant get out of bed i drank a bunch of water


seems like textbook anemia the more i read up
ive had fits of anemia my whole life but never been diagnosed with it on any blood test and i donate to the red cross too
anemia feels kind of nice when youre alone and just recline back in your chair or bed and the pain slowly melts away


need to find magic and excitement in the little things thats whats important


do you think the developing team foresaw the testicular devastation they were about to unleash on boys around the globe when they were composing this sensual little piece


what happens when you cant level up anymore


simply start over on another account


Hello hima,

I hope this email finds you well.
I'm reaching out to you because there's something that I must say:

im tard

Kind regards,



headphones are starting to feel real cumbersome even the little earbuds are unpleasant times like these i wish i had a badass speaker system



you must reocver


woke up still a lonely fat balding cel sigh


just the way god intended


mindblowing how shite that looks now


smash is cringe as hell play a real fighter


it looks great


nsxr with 351 horsepower ie very lightly tuned blows everything else out of the water six seconds faster around the deep woods track than an sti with 150 more horsepower and ten seconds faster than an evo six


do you expect me to understand that incoherent technobabble speak english flipper


car norms for you


dont need to know any of that to drive my truck


flipping hate drivingnorms so much might as well admit to having a wife and kids while youre at it


dont have a license so i cant drive mom has to drive me or i take the bus and train


knock out 1:26s and 1:25s on laguna seca all day with a light tune and dialed in suspension the nsx is the greatest production midship ever created


wish i had a driving sim


once mom goes i think i wont last much longer


hope driving is outlawed in the near future so all the flipping norms scramble desperately to find something else to preoccupy their feeble little minds with


same whenever she brings up the fact that a job is necessary for self-sufficiency in the event of her untimely demise i just tell her im fully prepared to starve to death


never got a license never will


not sure id want to starve death but i probably would in the end sigh


dont think im capable of finding a job even if i needed one to survive


norms dont really like driving that much


i want stop im the infamous outlaw neetblog


driving is the norms famous hobby picking up their girls going on dates to the drive in


same im just psychologically incompatible with any sort of obligations even if it were an activity im normally fond once you introduce any kind of deadlines or expectations i instinctively flake


says the jonorm


i do that as well i like taking it easy though


drinking a liter of milk a day lately hima damn good stuff cant get enough


love chugging a nice cold glass of whole milk


you are going to get very fat


already am


need to get rich quick so i can daily an nsx


burped up some of my breakfast and gulped it back down that was good




already am


doc told me to drink whole milk to gain weight


whats the point of gaining weight if youre a twig youre doomed to a life of perpetual childhood accept it



it isnt so bad my period stopped when i was supertwig


what do you mean period


what do you mean by period isnt that something only girls endure


hate the female larpers pnig would never let this happen to hima


pnig would be the first to privately message them with his seductive routine


dickspammer is gone you have to come to terms with this


extra busy day at work hima


good hope theyre straining your norm ass to the max


gonno make some 1pm breakfast


you cant just use words as you see fit a meal ceases to qualify as breakfast past 11;15


food for thought


-41f room is cold


full and hungry at the same time hate when this happens


preposterous you cant be both


accidentally bit the tooth cleaners hand and she yelped
dentist man said my teeth look above average considering i havent had them cleaned since i was 17
then he said i was bulky and asked if i played football in highschool but the whole time he was doing his shitty rapport building exercises all i could think about was how shitty his chin was there was barely anything there help me lookism


havent been to a dentist in years


havent been in 7 years


been using hima for 7 years


having brushed in 7 years


whoops meant havent hehe


guess ill go to the park now not sure if its still windy as hell but whatever im bored


take some pics


yuru yuri is five years old


forgot im visiting gran today traffic will probably be low since everyone is tucked in warmth


misconstrued what you said as a bad word


hungry hima ran out of milk to eat my shreddies with cause i drank it all after my bath


wish to bathe in milk but itd be too expensive to get that much




cleopatra used to bathe in milk


going to get myself some chocomilk


new super is out


flip super and flip you


rude guy


gonno buzz the sides of my head but keep the top long


just get the chad cut


nah i want the chinkcut


is it okay for a girl to shave her head


cant go to the dentist get too anxious and cant make small talk


no its criminal


cant stand normtalk


leave the foids to me


wish some foids would try to fight me id show em their place


can already see the roasties calling that guy a incel and saying he should have just stood there and took it


hate vertical vid norms


We civilised men, on the other hand, do our utmost to check the process of elimination; we build asylums for the imbecile, the maimed, and the sick; we institute poor-laws; and our medical men exert their utmost skill to save the life of every one to the last moment. There is reason to believe that vaccination has preserved thousands, who from a weak constitution would formerly have succumbed to small-pox. Thus the weak members of civilised societies propagate their kind. No one who has attended to the breeding of domestic animals will doubt that this must be highly injurious to the race of man. It is surprising how soon a want of care, or care wrongly directed, leads to the degeneration of a domestic race; but excepting in the case of man itself, hardly any one is so ignorant as to allow his worst animals to breed.


why am i not propagating my kind then


im imbecile


norms are already talking about rounding up virgin men and calling virgins terrorists why do the norms hate so much


suit up virgs



2 tb might buy that one when it comes out what do you think


why do you need a 2 tb ssd


my froggers


for peace of mind


grab one then if you have the cash to spare i have 1.5 tb of ssd right now


almost out of space on my 6tb never thought this would happen


start having a panic attack whenever i consider the possibility of hard drive failure


never had one fail maybe thats the impending doom i knew something bad was coming hdd failure and camps for virgs


same i have nothing backed up my life would be in ruins


moms bf thinks im an esper he asked her if i have mind control powers id tell him yes just for fun but hed probably think im doing some sort of devil stuff


im incel


i have 250gb and 120gb ssd might just buy that 500gb getting real anxious


im always anxious


wouldnt post that anymore you might end up on a list


seeking aliens time travellers and espers


im an incel on the edge


its time to finish what elliot started




File: 1548883413589.png (7.38 KB, 284x145, df166729062291580d4513ca6cd01903.png)

thats it i cant take it anymore the consumerism has taken over


hima is going into the semiconductor industry


cancel it quick you need to get the evo plus thats brand new


feel like absolute shit just want to banish this world


lets all banish the world at the same time and get a wikipedia page


File: 1548884595234.png (1.38 MB, 1614x1212, q6sl4evsgkd21.png)


dislike how women are so stupid they cant come up with their own stuff moid is a lame attempt at copying foid


feel some inexplicable emotion looking at that image not really an emotion at all more like the intense desire to ignore that i ever saw it


hey hima im having my second coffee


really dont care about redpills or foid shenanigans anymore im way past the point of being outraged or surprised by anything the only thing left in my body is complete and utter ambivalence i dont understand how turt is still posting this trash at 29 youd think at some point he would get sick of it but his entire little existence hinders on his supposed rage


crazy how they think that women and men are interchangeable


did some light exercise yesterday and i cant move my arms


that wasnt me fool


everything about this image makes no sense


acquiesce yourself


got trapped under the weighted blankie


weighted normet



feelin like shite


game the pain away


gamed for 5 minutes got a headache


mom got this for me last year for my birthday


wish i had a weighted blankie


are there adult sized beanbags used to game on those


get an acer game station


nothin more soy than an adult bean bag chair


mom is only 20 years older than me and all women in my family have lived until their 90s she exercises and eats healthy and shes a woman so she will probably live for longer than me ill be over 70 by then and at that point i think ill be able to accept it


theres no reason to live beyond 30


hope mom strangles you in your sleep or slowly poisons you


its not that bad after the first week


the only good thing about flying to hq is the hotels weighted blankie its so amazing


why would you say that


get the HELL in here minna sama


nb you there



woke up scalps itchy as hell gotta shower


gonno shower


File: 1548889859018.png (76.23 KB, 1247x169, 38d1a07deb0376317461d5441da446db.png)

scapers are nuts


showered shaved and shited


i have the neetblogs blessings we shall now commence the purge


feeling nervous


time to get a weighted blanket and weighted vest


imagine being from one country but being obsessed with the artstyle of another country


its where my soul is



wish i could afford a weighted blanket


really like my banner hehe


vanuatu denied my request for asylum


what country are you trying to get asylum from




gonno snooze anyone gonno sync


mom keeps making fun of my neetbeard


remember someone from america got asylum in the netherlands somehow but he was stateless for a while and had to argue for weeks




mom always tries to convince me not to cut my hair and says she likes it long but the rest of the world says they hate it




opposite for me actually everyone tells me to cut it


mom wants me to grow mine longer but i refuse


got a satoko banner love her so much were two peas in a pod


stay the hell away from her


File: 1548893457884.png (544.24 KB, 604x453, 1548862649162.png)

this is my final form


back from grans this old black chick went through my moms backpack when we took gran down to the basement to train she ate the cookies mom brought opened yogurts and took her water bottle why are nigs so inclined to steal she also shat the bed so the entire room stunk outside was cold as hell my nose hairs froze in under 10 seconds thats once on a life time low temperature


why is she training


phew did some leg exercises hima theyre trembling i cant stand up hehe


how many plates did you squat


why wouldnt she she can barely stand up


whats she training for


the tournament


just realized we will never see another dbz post


moms mad too uncle and aunt came when we were there she told them to kiss her behind then we left


【10000kcal】Deep Frying 2.5Kg Of Avocado!! Deep Fried Avocado & Salmon Rice Bowl!


File: 1548893899884.jpg (47.24 KB, 1280x720, f198832f-e97f-4401-8564-7212891d1835.jpg)


body weight


in a scaping mood but i dont have enough time to achieve anything worthwhile so im not even gonno bother


wouldnt mind flipping satoko


i still watch dbz


File: 1548894079272.jpg (Spoiler Image, 28.75 KB, 480x369, 20190130.jpg)


she also took grans stress ball sigh


what the hell never searched for gunz just posted about k style maybe once or twice here and got this as recommendation


report her



you cant ban me im the neetblog


we were waiting to report her to the social workers but family came and mom hates them but i feel pnig should also pay for this


die imposter


was she a nurse or another old lady



had to grow out my hair too for this cold wet your beard and stick your head out the window for a few seconds and see if your beard freezes


shes a patient no nurse would do this




not clicking this


im not an impostor


need to work up the motivation to watch the broly movie


pilled hima several times on how not to get tracked but no one ever listens


time to jo to ass lover jav


im too tard to not get tracked


gonno build a faraday cage


die impersonator


File: 1548894972581.jpg (53.73 KB, 1200x675, 1545902070139.jpg)

brolys wife is in it


i am the next hokage


jo to voice lover instead


go to hell sexnorm piece of shit


im not an impersonator


dont talk to him like that


how about joing to a nice song instead


im the blog of a thousand faces


are you a lovable tard that vows to become the next hokage to get recognized by your village and to protect everyone who just so happens to be the son of two legendary ninjas and have infinite bijuu chakra and two of the best masters of all time


hes an asshole


what did you said wap


nice live sakurako song hehe


might make chicken and taters today hima


wish i could start watching anime but its too late


dont post roasts


tardlaughing imagining pnig songjoing off


tardlaughing imagining pnig getting his cheeks busted in the yard


dont even remember how sasuke lost his arm the whole ending sequence of naruto is a blur to me just endless final attacks and yelling like dbz


never mind theres not a good subbed version out yet


cant wait to play some splatoon in a bit hehe


flip you splatter


be nice




gonno jo in 6 minutes


you have plenty of time just do it


File: 1548896203436.jpg (256.8 KB, 1272x2073, 1522541714552.jpg)


i remember a very long time ago josh used to make fun of anime and anime viewers then the timeskip happened and when we met again he had taken a liking to it and had watched plenty


gonno fatally snap sarada


ill never be accepted by the elite otaku


i already accept you


never been accepted before


completely forgot what a goldmine gunz remake would be just like at poe why hasnt anyone attempted it




sis is havin a girl talk with mom wonder what it is


korean companies are soulless and greedy unlike ggg it wouldnt work


they sold to tenchink



its a remake why does it have to be korean



hate that guy




seize the day


rather lay in bed with splatoon


just jerkjod my bone off


his humor his appearance his voice he reminds me of mick foley


youre only supposed to jack


cant sleep hima keep having weird dreams


wish i had some dreams


my ASS is in PAIN


had a really weird chain of dreams last night


want me to kiss it better


wouldnt recommend it


snooze time hima see you tomorrow


cant stop thinking about how good it would feel to lick a girls ass and kitty


dont think kitty would like that


i exist to serve women


File: 1548900137359.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1522117678624.webm)


makin chicken and taters


cant believe onseki lets his discordbros post here


we need to really with gnfos


meant rally


youre sick


its completely natural



let r be the set of all sets not members of themselves


i am an animal



is r a member of itself


no its the universe


whats the universe




the flip are you norms talking about
is this a scv raid


that doesnt answer my question


we need bans now


dont bring up fallacies if you cant handle russells paradox


is it russells paradox ya thats a weird one


hope freakeye is doing well at his job


he got fired for freaking out his coworkers


he got fired and finally made the leap


no boss would fire freakeye that would be burning money


hit myt knewe agains thte chair real hard ho god this hurts


hr fired him after his female coworkers described him as creepy and weird


imagine being freaks coworker hehe cant stop tardlaughing


dumb little bitches


wish they died


hes the guy who would mumble to himself


nothing wrong with mumbling


its weird


gonno eat some ice cream and watch anime


File: 1548902435886.png (1.12 MB, 1200x934, 1547718991255.png)


must be nice having a nice girl room


works a bit more bearable now that i can listen to anison all day on spotify™


cant believe god sealed me in this disgusting meat sack and then tormented me with the existence of anime


please ignore the letterboxing


wish i had a tidy room filled with nice belongings


thinking about that big ol mug of covfefe on the desk


drink birch juice


drank pure aloe vera juice when i was having stomach issues it tasted like shite


really need a good slurp


drinkin some coffee right now


its 10pm stop drinking coffee




dont talk to me while im having my coffee


chicken and taters time


wish i had some taters


they were good


need a sexy lady to pinch my stress away stat


now i snooze


woke up


why did god invent snoozing


might take a big fat nap


going to snooze any one wish to sync up


i just woke up so i cant


cant believe everyone stops posting when i wake up flip you syncers


everyone is drinking their coffee




norms hate coffee its too bitter


coffee is just about the most norm thing i can think of


a rage is building inside me with no outlet to release it


norms only pretend to drink coffee by mixing it with milk and sugar only freaks drink black coffee


drank my coffee with milk maybe once have 4 cups a day to


kind of want to catfish an ugly tranny and chain them up and torture them


sounds like something a norm would do


go back there


where youre the one that wants to date a tran


wish i had a big slice of catfish right about now


never had it how does it taste




dead hours


woodcraft or bushcraft










hate when my fat spills over the top of my pants


they dont say not available but then it doesnt let you pick a shipping date im raging


why would you need a terabyte of ram


fell for the 1000gb of ram meme


you mena 1024 gibibytes




hate base 10 norms


gonno run around howling at the moon


File: 1548912616253.png (59.74 KB, 577x543, kilobyte.png)


File: 1548912897943.png (Spoiler Image, 2.32 MB, 1702x2501, __eldridge_azur_lane_drawn_by_hina_bird_salty_….png)



cant believe a drawing like that got pnig arrested


you can't get arrested for drawings


what did he get arrested for then


you know


sigh another day gone by


wonder if pnigs cousin will testify


forgot to do anything today


i hear neetblog got subpoenaed


he wont be able to fit in the witness stand


i wish
i would testify in favor of pnig


woke up from my big fat nap hi boys


therell be an objection and your testimony will be struck from the record


cant wait for neetblog to get ripped this summer


neetblogs been dirty bulking for the past 5 years and the results of his cut are gonno shake the bodybuilding world to its core


wish i was dumb enough to lift weights


might start swinging a sledgehammer around my room like the pros




gonno get angry if no one posts


File: 1548922357038.gif (3.97 MB, 700x375, 1547745680381.gif)


whipped up a fresh batch of gutter oil


the sleeper has awakened


when is neetblog going to start his mukbang channel


kitty is meowing hard


me too


im the gutterblog


was that her reaction or your reaction


it took you way too long to reply to that hes never going to read your response now


i trust hell read and respond when he wakes up


practicing my k-style



gonno build a pc should i go for intel or amd


if you can wait until july you can get a ryzen 3700 which will probably be better than intels best cpu for half the cost


not gonno wait


get the ryzen 7 2700 to stick it to intel then


what do you have against intel


they accused amd of gluing on extra cores when they were mad that they started getting real competition theyre too arrogant


at work hima


they were right


guess ill make some curry


morning boys had a really weird dream


they glued together their own xeons to try to compete with epyc but even then couldnt


im a man


dreamt i went on a school trip but they put me with the girls and everyone thought i was a girl hehe we spent a lot of time drawing with crayons


never went on a school trip before always skipped those to game


repress that dream its a bad one


no its a good one trust me


if youre dreaming you look like a girl it needs to be stopped or it might leak into reality


crayons are meant to be eaten


going to irrigate the keyboard


got bored on the toilet and put some of moms nail polish on


what the flip that isnt a normal way to alleviate boredom


why didnt you just pick up a magazine or something


i didnt have a newspaper to read


did you feel pretty


what kind of question is that hes a man


alarming frequency of effeminate behavior on hima lately


we lost our father figure


hope staff wont be forced to take action


saten guy is up to his old tricks


wish i was pretty




you should desire strength and wisdom not fleeting external qualities


should i get into alchemy


currys really good today hima extra spicy


wish i had some curry right about now think ill purchase some today


wish i was like the crocodile hunter but instead of crocs it would be neets and instead of swamps it would be their rooms


never liked curry too many ingredients


simply throw in a block of vermont curry


File: 1548942167917.png (27.05 KB, 281x525, f9ec43a735aa94ca44da2d62393264fe.png)




doing wilderness slayer


read a book you brainlet


hate slayer


listen to slayer daily



teen music yawn


whats teen about slayer


nothing the guy is just a norm


chewing on some pepto bismol tabs hehe


cant believe i got a stand and all it does is make people forget their passwords


got a coke zero


gonno sleep


File: 1548949674567.jpg (127.45 KB, 720x1034, 1548936655418.jpg)


nah youre the norm slaynorm


those new flavored diet coke are really good i like the strawberry gauava one


thinking about writing a hima rap with a grimy beat and southern flow triplets


not sure what that means but have fun with it


dj sekis first single “fuck yall neet niggas”


might stalk a random person for fun


thought about doing that but get scared


wish i had a stalker


the rap isnt coming along very good


post it


day walker


need 16 gibibytes of ram


woke up think someone hit me with a truck while i was sleeping


that's just life in the day of a cel


cant wait to witness the freak once he gets back from his training arc


dont like wrath runes think ill stick with astrals



make double deaths


do souls to 99 and be done forever


im boycotting zeah


steam runes are 800k an hour and same xp as lavas


didnt like lava runes


miss when hima wasnt full of mmonorms spamming their incomprehensible jargon its actually hard to believe a period like that even existed in this sites history


just start scaping with us its a lot of fun


how about i slap your shit


what do you do all day if not grinding a mmo


i made that bread


im a shiny hunter


almost out of food


saw a guy using baste on reddit


should i make a desert only uim


there is not much content in the desert


there is not much desert in the content


started writing a list of stuff you can do but youre right


nice g spam


gonno rope




theres literally no reason to not rope
the things might get better cope loses effect after some years


dont joke about that you are important


File: 1548962057571.png (497.35 KB, 750x1334, 52E999D9-BFAB-4C81-B675-7645BEEA5D27.png)


pee nig


do you mean clique



yeah whoops


sing it on vocaroo


N.O.R.M clique is said as the letters i think that has a little ring to it en oh are em clique


i have a terrible voice i sound like the fat guy from superbad


lose some weight then





File: 1548967001204.png (81.54 KB, 637x150, 1548965517505.png)

just fix my shit up


ate some broccoli


wish i got paid 50 grand monthly just for existing


File: 1548968183437.jpeg (68.94 KB, 800x600, hehe.jpeg)


how do i do that without outside assistance


how did he get back down


he didnt


is that moot


wish onseki would take me under his wing


ate a lot of mcds today hehe im about to explode


youre killing yourself


ate a box of cookies



havin a coffee hima hi


if only he spent all that money on his face instead



her reaction


mom walked in on me singing the hima rap sigh


its not like she can be even more disappointed in you


File: 1548974637611.webm (4 MB, 1280x720, 1548974108687.webm)


thanks for replying i knew youd come through


the guy that pulled that off was shrewd using that song knowing the dumb foid would place her hands in the air far away from the mouse in order to delay the reaction


meet swampletics
my morytania locked ultimate ironman


just ordered a motorbunny


the scapers must be stopped


was just thinking about this song the other day



woke up dreamed turt and nb moved in next door


woke up and wish i didnt



should i runecraft


whats your runecraft level


hope i die in my sleep tonight




you must live for 70 more years


craft some astrals with me


hows wraths


more gp less xp less cozy


remember to vote in the polls


wonder if mind runes are still the best for pet


just realized im smart as flip


every hima poster is in the top percentile of human intelligence


die smartnorms


just watched the kh3 secret ending


kh is garb


the roomates son is playing kh3 right now looks just like kh2


by roommate do you mean mom and son you mean your brother


i rent a room in a house and the two owners have a son


sounds miserable you should just live with mom




ban this roommate guy


dont like his attitude


if i needed a place to stay could i live with one of you


sure why not


okay thanks i need a place to stay now


you can live with me as long as you get a job


like what i dont have any skills and i dont like being outside




you can be my scapeslave


nice scaping is the only thing i enjoy anyway


im not


sekis not going to ban himself


look ok in the mirror and like a monster in pics


gonno watch vids and snooze
cant believe tomorrow is friday already hehe gonno neet it up hard during the weekend


getting really anxious need someone to tell me its okay and that i can live with them


its okay you can live with me


it didnt work


cant believe mom wants me to be independent when id go from living lavishly to minimum wage scsnapping by its basically poverty



feel like a side character in my own life


pastor anderson said evolution is a wicked lie from the pit of hell


stop being a leech


gonno snooze any syncers


can you wait 15 minutes


we need to talk

please look at me while im talking to you

ive been very worried about the way youve been living your life lately
dont you want to be independent have your own house your own car your own stuff
what if i died how would you live


why dont you start looking for a part time job and if you dont like it you can quit later




what does ynaj mean


you need a job





been 3 weeks since a ban this is unacceptable


it was just a question jeez


die pie eating contestant


its the roommate guy


no the roommate guy is onseki


mom sends indeed links to my email every few months




thats sweet


did a big water change on both tanks and cleaned out the filters goddamn they were filthy
figured out that i can use a pasta strainer to dump the water into the tank without kicking up stuff from the bottom i can dump the water in full force now


might grow some hemlock to ingest


cant wait to bathe n snooze


why did onseki accept taking care of the site if he doesnt give a single flip
how arrogant do you have to be


no one else wanted to


get very anxious reading these kinds of things


boogiepop is getting better every week



broke a plate


remember freaks bowls


gamed too hard now im latesnoozing




make yourself a pint of dwale




yyh complete bluray series finished downloading 115gb hells yeah


makin some pasta


cant tell if wataten is a ped show or not
not any more ped than barakamon


is it the lasta


it most defiantly is both of those things



yeah but im gonno get more tomorrow


moms dryer wont heat up looks like ive got another appliance to fix


earning your neet keep huh


sigh of course something bad happened to mom im sure she never deserved it not one bit


sliced my finger open sigh


real great pasta today hima


gonno make myself a strong drink



File: 1549000173063.flac (26.68 MB, 02 ロリ神様は突然に。.flac)


gamed hard


nice flippin flacnorm


i'm not going to convert it for you


mp3 is immoral


missing the pre normphone internet


missing it to no women to ruin everything


suck at csgo


sigh only the women worthy of worship existed back then


never worshiped a woman whats it like


it gives you purpose in life


File: 1549003486853.jpg (183.33 KB, 675x1200, 1549002877600.jpg)

girl gamers are pasted


why is that picture filling me with rage i know if they were 2d i wouldnt care


thought i was the only one who did the micropenis grip


because when 2d girls do something its cute and funny but when some roast caked in dry semen does something its just gross and annoying


File: 1549003887677.jpg (Spoiler Image, 646.13 KB, 1141x1545, 1439493594297.jpg)


we have to go back to 2006


when was the exact point where things started going downhill


iphones in 2007 imageboards died summer 2006


why does the rin pic in the op look like she shite herself


thought that too


somewhere 2009-2010 is when our timeline shifted
we are now hurtling through the shiterealm and now i find myself striving to put right what once went wrong and hoping each time that my next leap will be the leap home


there's one way to go back


wish nogpu mate was here


he is scapin in hell


ordered the 9980XE


feeling really greasy hima might bathe


hes sleeping right now


heading to bed hima wish me luck


woke up feel like shit


bored waiting for shadowbringers


missed my orthodontist appointment


turned on smooth scrolling


neetblog at 1am


im sick of weeb shit im going to be like nb and buy war bonds


shower time hima loving the ambiance of these nighttime ones in the darkness makes me feel like im in a sewer level or something hehe


cant shower in the dark or even close my eyes for long because im scared demons will grab me


File: 1549018675260.png (161.58 KB, 409x545, 8450281_orig.png)


always bathe with the lights off




it lets me meld into the water


how do you turn off the sun


oh god hima i cant stand up my legs hurt and i peed crimson red should not have exercised it was a terrible mistake


what the flip


whats the resolution might download it myself
does it include eizou hakusho two shot and all or nothing


should i watch black lagoon


no the girl has a tattoo its gross


its fine shes a virg


love tattooed girls


great jam


dont support tattoos or youll ruin my supply of girls to court


how many have you courted thus far


none but my real life hasnt started yet


if youre over the age of 23 youre already doomed to be a stepdad anyway


simply snap


snap is highly unethical


gonno sleep it


my dad was exactly my age when i was born all i need to do is find a 20 year old girl to marry and flip in the next 2 months so i dont lose to him


what do you have going for you


if it werent for snap i would have never been born



its not too weird for a 28 year old man to marry an 18 year old right i still look like a baby


thats actually how it should be
as a 28 year old man youd have your shit together so you can provide and the girl will be tight and fresh ready to breed


a girl should be with me for the journey not just waiting at the finish line


nothing but i should be able to get a gf why would i be single


because hypergamy has put you in fierce competition for mates


hima is normcentral now terminating my account bye may fortune smile down on all my fellow deadbeat recluses and may nothing but misery befall everyone else


same im outta here


you were the only deadbeat recluse left


not gonno eat anything until dinner to atone for my mcds feast yesterday


going for an early bathe and wont have to bathe again until monday gonno neet it up hard this weekend


dont forget to shave


no wait


you got it


cracked open a big can of peaches


bathed shaved lotioned restocked the tp got the emergency snacks i have no reason to move for the next 72 hours


raining out hima just woke up and the sound the rain calmed my rage


why were you raged


think i had a zombie dream last night


i had a winter dream and there was a family and some bears and i was outside


gonno start playing ffxiv and meet my first friend and a wife playing it and people to talk to outside hima


good plan


i met my wife on hima


doesnt that game cost money




woke up and drank a coke now im gonno puke


youre supposed to have a coffee not coke


are you alright


ya its better now but still hurts to stand up and amble


i dont think you should shrug off pissing blood unless you ate a lot of beets


shit showered shaved brushed flossed and mouthwashed


if i buy ffxiv will you play with me




ill be fine i think


play tera instead its free


miss the pnig tera streams




nb will enjoy this one




lets fast until monday together hima


ya id play ffxiv with you


dumb vargnorm


File: 1549050603483.png (129.3 KB, 1200x490, Screenshot.png)



same flip gamers


nap time any one want to join me


he works at a restaurant he owns in my city i havent gone though



thought about fasting a few times i think its a good idea we are priviledged enough to gorge every few hours starving for a day kind of reminds you to appreciate what you have


the forecast foe today: moe sunshine


fast from joing


going to order a pizza for tonight and after that fast for 64 hours


gonno play the long dark


might order a pizza as well


varg is flipping stupid


hehe the ending
dont even like pokemon but i always watch max vids to the end


peed normally think im going to be ok


nice japan and europe just closed a trade union now we will be able to buy stuff from amazon.jp and other japanese sites and just pay shipping on top no taxes or fees


nice waprope


spermed to lilith




made tom kha ramen with coconut milk and paste from the asian market
would be much better with some chicken stock water doesnt work
gonno cook the noodles separately too


pizzza was great havin some coke zero now


why are russian girls so cute


fried chicken night


wownorms on rope watch


you were either a d2bro or a wownorm


scaped my whole life


never played a even a second of wow in my life


sigh pigs are ancestral and ive been abstaining from pork for years


pigs are only ancestral because jews and muslims dont like them and varg is contrarian


love me some d2 gonno fire it up later after i nap and get my daily splatoon session in


woke up mornin hima


havin a big cup of joe and playin some tanks





you cant play d2 anymore it aged like milk




destiny 2 isnt that old




accidentally longnapped



new jablinski


File: 1549066076480.jpg (158.38 KB, 1133x1566, __grea_manaria_friends_drawn_by_koretsuki_azum….jpg)

hate when the tail comes out of the back and not the tailbone


the butt would look weird if it was anatomically correct


they gave the credit to reddit too


well now the back and the tail and the butt look weird anyways


remember when pnig btfo the sp bros



File: 1549067311825.webm (1.71 MB, 1280x720, 1549031734112.webm)

this is what turt jos to


just picked up 40 yous feeling pretty good




hope shes alright


im still here


oops meant to link >>882314


i didnt


why would i jo to shitty foid idols pretending to be stupid for attention




baste now go back there


what the flip


ate some chickens and feel weird


need a footjob asap


asmr hasnt worked on me since the incident


hate whispering asmr it just makes me rage


played the long dark a bunch its not that fun


go back there and ban


why not its funny


guess im too dumb


going to watch some vids and then snooze im real tired


just had some milk with a dash of that scotch pretty good hehe




never had scotch before whats it like


itching hard


wish i could swap my beard and pube growth


dovys too dumb to do a series like this


like alcohol but tastes like wood


what about absinthe


absinthe tastes like shit


ya hes tard as hell you need to be a scape encyclopedia to do one of those or at least plan every step before starting the account how do you just do it without checking for major quest requirements and xp rewards


why is luke so fat


why arent you fat



File: 1549072312844.webm (679.08 KB, 480x480, 1548733351324.webm)


i do that but im american


cant hear him


found a big rhinoceros beetle in my bathroom it wouldnt stop hissing at me while i wrangled it to put it outside


you need a net


the problem was it wouldnt let go of the shower curtain eventually i got it to climb on to a piece of plastic


why do you have shower curtains dont they touch you at inopportune times


miss my childhood summer vacations when i would go beetle catching with takashi and akane


feel empty inside


youre not empty inside youre full of bone muscle tissue and various other life sustaining substances




inside or inside


im flesh and bone


big headache hima


big boneache hima


want me to kiss it


only girls do that


File: 1549077846683.webm (260.67 KB, 1280x720, 1487407969536.webm)


wish i was pasted like p anderson


bed time hima lets snooze


woke up had a nightmare about hima


pasta time


having a nightmare about hima at this very moment


File: 1549080668850.jpg (167.91 KB, 1280x720, 1544918164748.jpg)


that is an anatomical impossibility


whats impossible about it


what do you mean


a womans breasts cannot be that disproportionate


thats not a woman its a drawing


it is a drawing of a woman


File: 1549081042050.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.85 MB, 720x1280, 1548244489497.webm)


thats what gravity does to boobs when girls lie down on their backs


they are far too large


moms boobs are bigger


you should encourage your mom to achieve and maintain a healthy weight so that she can lead a long and prosperous life


then how will i get the life insurance payout and fund the mansion


sigh hima not feeling splatoon tonight


just end it


fire up a wall stare


gonno ceilingstare


whats the matter sport


finna sperm and snooze


File: 1549082276511.png (2.24 MB, 1107x2016, 1549041197023.png)


i found that image very artistic and tasteful thank you for sharing


just tired hima i was looking forward to splatoon all day but now i dont want to play


its mate just have a wank and youll feel better


girls shouldnt expose their bare shoulders


girls are free to do as they please



sigh guess ill wallstare and think about playing splatoon tomorrow


you must search within to find the source of your disinterest


nice tired gamer


what do you mean


this is only the beginning of the end soon youll hate gaming and gamers


i just want to splat


papa dont preach


File: 1549083620624.jpg (Spoiler Image, 126.6 KB, 1280x985, marina.jpg)


gross nigger


control your explosive racism


just ignore that rager and focus on splatoon


gross racist


hate soulless western art


nothing grosser than dark skin


there is and its you rager


there is nothing more unsightly than unrestrained bigotry


you're wrong


left ball hurts


File: 1549085636707.png (71.03 KB, 600x600, 1548959302409.png)


knew it was a raid


upset that my bitmask ips are all banned it was a nice service


too dead to raid


unban mullvad so freak can come back


remember when we would raid hima and pretend to be raiders


miss spamming with my boy cooleyes good times


File: 1549086072895.gif (Spoiler Image, 135.97 KB, 266x200, partyhard.gif)


let's get some public bans going


pnig wouldnt have allowed this


ban these raiders


pnig isnt exactly the greatest role model


3 weeks without a ban just slap me with one for old times sake


seki has gone soft


fire up the whitelist


seki is tired of this place boy just wants to drive


hate the discord teens


theyre pasted


knew you were one of them to


gonno filter discord to irc


pretty much the same thing stupid norms


not at all


exactly the same


you couldn't be further from the truth


made a sandwich with some salamis wish mom bought pickles though that would make up for splatoon tonight


File: 1549087555693.jpg (109.39 KB, 800x600, 8e0bea97-b874-4153-bfb8-f4d90ca8f62f.jpg)

gonno open a neet museum


dont let irccord norms in


had a nice bowl of rice


if you've been neet so long where are your great works of art? what great feats have you accomplished?


as if id show you my masterpieces norm


you have nothing


shut it norman


nah your puny norm brain just cant comprehend my accomplishments


what happened to hima on june 19th 2017


love how everyone is raging he broke the rules but when swampletics does its ok


people are raging because he didnt do any planning or research or put any effort into the series its just another boring cashgrab


he needs money for his unborn child


what the hell is wrong with wotc are they retarded


feel like pukin ever since i stopped drinking every day ive felt like pure shit


gonno bathe in mustard


you need some wine to cleanse your system


apparently its something to do with acetate need to start drinking vinegar


wont that make you puke


even a small whiff of apple cider vinegar makes me throw up uncontrollably


no just a little bit each day so i dont feel so tired and awful


going to bed hima hopefully i can play some splatoon tomorrow and i hope you get through this guy that quit drinking




sick freak


nice cant wait to harvest neetblogs stem cells and fry up a neetburg


File: 1549092458183.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.85 KB, 480x800, neetfrog.jpg)


could go for some lab grown meat


never noticed before but neetblog has really nice boobs


how did you not notice that before


we will have to keep you two separate in the mansion


rager stunk the place up


crazy how so much passive aggressiveness random insults and aimless vitriol seemingly evaporated overnight after a certain poster was arrested


cant believe nb was instigator


we all were instigators


what about coby


drinkin some vinegar and honey


use to drink acv straight


got some local acv its real nice


File: 1549094112352.jpg (71.17 KB, 800x600, A01.jpg)


bin it its bad for your teeth


i can identify with archer since he has suffered only slightly less than me


wish i could be archers master


my suffering cant be quantified


never suffered in my life



it would be cool you could make him do anything you wanted


why werent there any h scenes with archer


very good question


hes a man


so is shirou


File: 1549096688764.jpg (342.48 KB, 960x960, 1549037067766.jpg)


hate when girls do that to me


really i love it


fought off a cry


installed blade and soul


File: 1549099576812.jpg (150.36 KB, 1200x1200, 0bdc3e2a372385421615ce849a8cc021.jpg)


the sleeper has awakened
feel annoyed at my constant morning bones but i guess i should be grateful for my libido


yes grateful to be a slave of the demiurge


might fire up gunbound


in the mansion id like a bonesucker to help me get an extra hour of sleep as im dosing awake hope a good samaritan volunteers


tried sucking my own bone once it didnt end well


im gunbound


File: 1549101555389.webm (260.67 KB, 1280x720, 1487407969536.webm)


nothin cool about being your own pinchslave


freezing hard


brain hurts might snooze


i just woke up you cant leave me alone


need a good mousepad


same i might buy one of those big gamer ones


its really fun i played it when it came out in english the pvp is really nice and competitive its a shame the end game sucks so much or at least it did then


successfully sucked my own bone once when i was a teen never been able to do it again though


prefer a good ceilingstare over wallstaring


did it feel good


it was okay


File: 1549105725219.jpg (146.54 KB, 1125x1296, mzr0y3rjq1e21.jpg)

this is exciting hope we get benchmarks today


is there going to be a new budget gpu i need a new one soon


the rumored gtx 1660 will be like an rtx 2060 but without raytracing and amd has navi coming later in the year


in english technorm


like this but 250 dollars


thats too expensive


posted a birl pic earlier and no one noticed that is how you accidentally sperm to shota


you stare at a monitor for the majority of your life dont cheap out on it


quote it



hands are so dry that they are on fire


thats just a drawing of a girl that they arbitrarily labelled a boy


my screens currently covered in red pixels from my gpu breaking but i have no money


how can it be a drawing of a girl if he has a penis


File: 1549109848102.jpg (130.99 KB, 1200x846, DyZftqmVsAAiyT-.jpg)


wish i understood techbabble


hand smells fishy


File: 1549112764887.jpg (92.51 KB, 450x345, 1447899634001.jpg)


my alienware is finally here


should have got an ibuypower


you mena ironside


hope you like it your eyes deserve the fastest computer


gonno buy the radeon vii and give sis my 1080


wish i had a flippin gamersis


wish that was me


you mean the boy right




if you admit to wanting to be a girl you become the dumbest one on hima


ill buy it if it actually competes with the 2080


File: 1549118177915.jpg (517.57 KB, 1786x2768, __airi_original_drawn_by_satosi__f88261ba8122a….jpg)



hey good morning are you feeling refreshed


i will after i let loose a nice sperm


had a dream a dog spermed on a girl and i lost my phone but someone found it and gave it back and there was a sexy lady following me at one point and an old lady that just wandered around also we were in school


no father figure sigh


ill be your gamersis


just preordered anthem


im gonno try the demo this weekend


hey hima woke up havin my coffee with mom


slaves to caffeine


wish i was dumb enough to drink coffee


die nocoffeenorms youre missing out


only an intellectual can appreciate a nice black brew




everyone who drinks coffee had an aged face


play some quake instead


lets play freeze tag


wish i could sperm without jerkin it


use a buttplug


sigh should have told mom to make some pizza this week but she already went to the store


if you havent been well behaved you dont deserve pizza


should i install windows 10




install macos


windows 10 is alright


fell for the dual monitor meme


woke up hima might head over to mcdonalds for some hot cakes


dont understand why fats like mcdonalds so much


simple biochemistry


get a mcfish and bic mac too hehe




need to find a lazy chink wife to breed me an elite hapa mass monster that doesnt feel pity or remorse or fear and will not stop until you are dead


gonno lay on the couch and watch some vids
kitty is snoozing in my wardrobe



love that movie


new joseph anderson


fates been irreversibly tainted cant look at it the same way


gonno play some fgo


type moon needs to stop pumping fate shite out and go back to tsukihime


wonder how that mate spent 50 grand on fgo what could he have possibly bought for that money