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i like this one




dont tell seeders to die theyre the backbone of civilization


got left behind


love seeding for my leechbros


post in the other one




got left behind


gonno watch some vids and snooze


got left behind


okay time for this one


hes a glad because he plays with people vastly better than him and has been playing arms for 10 years hes not a good player hes a piece of shit and ive personally owned him in arena multiple times


also 2500 isnt even that good


time to get in bed gonno read some balzac


hehe ball sack


got left behind


die wownorm im sick of your shit


ban ropetron


drank some hard liquor now i dont feel like roping anymore


left behind again flip this


did you look at swiftys armory while you were waiting


sometimes wonder if im the only real neet on hima


now that pgs dead youre the only one left sorry


fatneet and proud my whole life but im applying to jobs right now


gth jobnorm


whats wow pvp like never played wow


used to be pretty fun now its just okay


gonno nap


hate the pastaguy is dead meme


ya i prefer the pastadog is dead meme


went through 5 iterations of designs for my lamp they all blow


post em


its on paper dont feel like snappin a pic


snap it


snap that pic


dont use snap its an uncivilized term


love a good snap


gonno shower and bathe with a nice candle


think mom smelled my johand when i walked by her


you shouldve beelined for the bathroom


dont sperm on your hand


she was in the way


feel bad for your mom


playing some splatoon


eating meats


drank too much hima its spinning help


how hard is it to get a temporary visa to canada


for tourism its not hard at all why do you ask


not tourism a study or workers visa


if youre from a commonwealth country you can get a working holiday visa easily other than that its quite difficult they ask you a billion questions and only let in a few people


darn reading about that holiday visa thing but its only for 1 year really would like something that would guarantee 4 or 5 years


you can just walk right into canada on the border


been having slight chest pain since friday


gamed hard and got left behind


chest pain and short of breath here


go to the er your heart may be slowing done


last year i had really bad chest pain whenever i breathed in for a week or two dont worry about it


have really bad chest pain whenever im about to snooze it goes away when i wake up though


going to bed with chest pain hope i dont wake up


i will pray that you will survive for 60 more years


dont wish such a terrible thing on anyone


severe heart problems would be felt in your back as well


who invented eating


i want as many people as possible to live until 2089 so that im not alone


mindblowing to think that primitive man didnt know how to eat until they began copying animals


woke up from my nap hi


File: 1548143126622.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1600x1200, mikan.jpeg)


boobs too big


thats me when gaming


watching dota hate nahaz so much dont know how that loudmouth albino wormed his way into the dota scene


have you tried autochess


same hes the most obnoxious freak ive ever seen


no ive barely booted up dota at all since the last patch


boot up league instead


boot up a nice book


feelin real bad hima feelin shocked and tired and dull need some hair of the dog that bit me


wonder how different my life would have been if my mom wasnt a feeder


File: 1548148170633.png (1.49 MB, 1332x982, Screenshot_20170504_234908.png)



was planning on having lots of fun playing classic with pnig sigh now its tainted


i will be the raid leader in his stead


bet he wouldve been excited for radeon 7


having a lot of funning playing gruul in rna hasted ghalta makes me laugh every time


never played wow before should i play classic


no were boycotting blizz right now


its simply a really good game so maybe


wow pinches hard


instead of boycotting the whole company simply boycott the offending products the classic team is separate from the retail team or the diablo team so supporting them if they do something good is a great idea that being said blizz deserve to fall for their wrongdoing so im conflicted


how does wow compare to the likes of scape


completely different games classic has a lot of mindless grinding like scape but its mainly for money rather than stats


classic has some good grinds like winterspring reputation


wonder if well be able to pug 40 mans it should be easy


wasnt freakeye a huge wownorm


the mmonorms have taken everything from me


pretty easy to pug mc and zg bwl falls apart pretty easily going by lights hope


yeah but he said he wont come back and play with us


sigh remembering all the good times i had in vanilla and tbc with my norm guildmates somebody take me back had no idea id become such a bitter loser


whats his problem


glad im not tard enough to have nostalgia for world of flipping warcraft


you can only say that because you werent there its just like nam


those of you who use gaming as a substitute for social interaction by playing mmo crap will never know the joys of true gaming


you realize you can play mmos and also great single player games


i was the diablo guy youre either a wownorm or a diablobro


played yoshis island while mom was sick with pneumonia and she would rage hard at hearing crying mario all day


what do you mean the diablo guy i played the hell out of both those games


why didnt you used headphones


feel sad when i think about nerdy neets who didnt get to play vanilla and experience just how epic it was at the time


flip you your sympathy is the last thing i want mmonorm


isnt that what classic is for


you hate what you dont understand


and just what is there to understand about the crude diversions known as mmos dont make me laugh it is you who doesnt understand the plight of the lone wolf


they didnt exist back then


bh nommo



dogs got arthritis sigh makes me cry pretty hard seeing him get up from snoozing and struggling to walk started hima on a good diet for it with glucosamine condroitin and fish oil at least feelin pretty sad feels like just yesterday we got him as a pup and now hes getting old


just 3d print another one


i was too busy playing mmos that didnt suck


like what eq or ultima i played both extensively and the only people who say they were better than wow when it came out are lying to themselves


i played swg wow was designed to appeal to tards and it ruined the genre


fair enough swg was pretty paste


spent hundreds of hours becoming a jedi and then got owned


funny how the guy who said you think you do but you dont was also the guy who ruined swg


you mean the chink


no i mean j allen brack who became lead designer on swg right before they put in nge


when swgemu gets jump to lightspeed you guys are gonno play right


ill play when the wipe happens in 2027


swgemu is such a mess

that being said i recently watched every single mobyus1 video


itd be better if jedi wasnt a thing


mainly the economy is seriously messed up because of dupes and glitches etc if you werent playing from the very start youre fucked


like nasomi hehe


actually nasomi is a lot worse it pinches real bad


vanilla wow is kinda nice compared to those games because you really can just play solo and get really rich and geared the only interaction required is one whisper to join groups


you can make money and get gear without talking to anyone on swg


sort of but the grind is enormous i guess thats a good thing but youre incentivized to trade


stop inventing your own words


sigh what do i do with this 26 inch crt i barely use it but i dont wanna throw it out but it takes up so much space


curry time


you are hereby sentenced to death for capital obesity


put it up for auction the smashmates love crts


ill take it


got the hiccoughs oh god


thought it was over it but my stomach started hurting after eating maybe half of what i should be and going to bed and i sweat all over my bed guess this is it ill starve to death in a first world country like a retard


nah youll be fine


its curtains for me fam


made curry its really good hima really good curry


hi himaim at work


oh for flips sake hima staff better not overlook this blatant norm colloquialism


thats turt he cant be banned or your real life is over


its snooze time see you tomorrow hima


hi good morning do you best today


stop that norms dont deserve encouragement


stay up for a few more hours please im drinking hard and having a lot of fun dont ruin that


if everyone who has a job wasnt welcome on hima thered be three posters sorry but the norm takeover is complete


what the flip am i reading i dont this is no no no

words fail me


its over the norms won

they aint so bad though theyre pretty nasted usually


please tell me that was just some cruel misguided joke and you dont really mean that


no i mean it as far as neets go on hima thers like me nb josh and some otherguy while theres like 6 or 7 workers who posts simply adjust to it


im a weekend neet its fine


the work norms are baste theres a lot more stimulus for them each day to make posts off of even subconsciously

neets do nothing all day so their posts are boring


think im ready to nap too lets all sync up and snooze


im going to go lie down now maybe after some rest i will come back to my senses and i can forget all about this painful revelation like it never even happened


im gonno sleep in about 2 hours can you wait please then well be synced


lets all sync up exactly 2 hours from now can we also please jo at that time so were synchronized sperming too


im awake and gaming


that other guy already went to bed we need to catch him and snooze quick


no he didnt no one goes to bed straight away when they post about it they wait 10 minutes or so or at least i do so he probably saw the post and is waiting two hours to sync with us


it takes me at least half a hour to go to sleep after lying down


File: 1548160859033.png (89.95 KB, 616x433, cxkd48fvj8921.png)


i lied cant w2ait two hours gonno znooze right now and jo also


hate brian may so much so fucking much every time someone brings up 'the best guitarists' they mention brain may and as someone who plays guitar and knows about that kind of thing it really enrages me so much really brings my piss to a boil


queen fucking suck balls honestly hate how much they get worshipped producing such mediocre music even for their time fuck em


yet they made millions and earned the adulation of countless people across the globe can you boast the same


ok thanks


hope nothing but ill fortune and tragedy befalls you today norm


scaruffi rated most queen albums as 4/10 but a night at the opera with a 7/10


yeah lets measure the quality of a craft by the amount of stupid norms who think its good guess garth brooks is the best musician to ever exist


cant really forgive or respect scaruffi after he rated eye of the hunter higher than any dead can dance album its pretty pissening


i watched an AI presentation of his and he said nothing enlightening or informative whatsoever it was all crap anyone with even limited exposure to the technology should have known


yeah i watched it too hes a dumb overrated norm that gets respected simply because hes reviewed so many things


gotta love popol vuh


questioned why im raging and im simply raging at nothing important as i do every day
why do i exist


the blood of conquerors and adventurers courses through your veins


no scaruffi is a genuis he lectures at harvard and stanford constantly


i rage impotently while the world passes me by there are crueler fates but not many


gonno piss myself


hes got a bachelor in mathematics and thats it hes a fucking hack


does a bachelors in mathematics even unlock any useful skill trees


+10 iq is the only notable benefit id imagine


whats your bachelor that makes you so superior


i have a bachelor in imageboard studies


my bachelor is in domestic security and loss prevention


cs its like having a mathematics degree but actually useful speaking of which caught a dual math cs degree guy who did a subject with me posting on 4ch using vocaroo clips for some reason so i called him out and he deleted everything but not before i archived it and mailed and caused him great anxiety since he was talking about questionable stuff

fuck that norm i owned him hard


youre a real life bully


holy flip why did you have it out for him if you dont mind sharing


he was an obnoxious arrogant norm piece of shit he posted some thread where all his posts were vocaroo links talking about how he was a psychopath and how he tried to kill his mother i recognized his voice since it was super distinctive and when i mentioned his real name in the thread he deleted everything but i emailed him with the evidence and his sanity crumbled he deserved it since he really pissed me off but i didnt actually hurt him


computer science isnt even a science and just teaches you how to become another code monkey


bh nocode


he was a monster youre a hero


he actually fucked me pretty hard for our project so it was nice to get anonymous revenged


File: 1548163138900.jpg (134.44 KB, 480x640, 18perelachaise_Raspail012.jpg)

take back my comment about the rusted is-3 think the raspail grave might be my favorite its close though


how is computer science more useful than mathematics cs is pasted on mathematics thats like saying studying surgery is more useful than biology


theyre basically the same degree except one teaches you the same stuff but how to apply it practically and the other puts you in debt with no way to apply it

good cs degrees just teach mathematics but through a medium where you can make money through what youve learned rather than being useless


also surgery is more useful than biology just look at trev compared to a doctor making 150k a year performing surgery because he learned a skill that has practical applications


yes but you cant perform surgery without knowing biology is my point


well its a stupid point to separate them then because even if theyre pasted on the same knowledge on teaches practical application of the subject while the other teaches worthless theory just like mathematics and cs


dad listened to flipping queen all the god damn time wish he was into jazz or something else instead


one not on


having to move around outside in 17 degree temperatures as i slowly starve to death from illness as the neets are all snugged up in bed together for their first nap of the day i deserve better than this shite i have a mechanical engineering degree


literally never experienced a temperature below 60 degrees youre lucky


sitting on a park bench eyeing little girls with bad intent


look dont touch


think im friendly and cool enough to ask random sexy ladies for hugs without incident going to try it out some day


just need to perfect my sasuke haircut first


wish to hug a sexy lady


aqualung my friend.......




really dont mind if you sit this one out


lately ive been cutting my own hair my brothers a barber and he said it looks fine except last time the guard came off and i shaved a bald path into the back of my head




post that cut


nothing like playing oot in the living room and going to lon lon ranch for the first time
clearly remember how mom went to her sis that day and me and dad made bread and put the dough outside to rise he fired up some vivaldi and had a smoke while i gamed


my words but a whisper your deafness a shout


gth dadnorm


dont really like jethrol tull dont know why i posted that


hey hima at work poopin


might microwave up some corn dogs since mom isnt coming back until tomorrow how many carcinogens can i expect to ingest


hes a fellow twigger


at least 2 packs of cigarettes worth


【Girls Talk】 Love Consultation With Sowanwan


yeah i dont think you should look to the japanese for any advice on relationships


File: 1548171805030.jpg (65.32 KB, 720x960, 1548171005177.jpg)

wish i had friends


how do i chinmax like those chinks


none of those do anything


im ate im ate im flippin ate


got icepilled hard gonno start using ice wraps to get hollow cheeks


simply starve


dont think ive ever gotten actually drunk just inebriated


just woke up hima got my coffee got my splatoon its time to splat


going to start training my esper powers


when i was a kid and still believed in god i would pray to him and beg for powers


join koizumis organization


i volunteer to be the one to join the sos dan


cant wait to get home and have a big ol cuppa coffee


pnig what do you think


just sent money to pnigs legal fee crowdfund


am i even on hima what is this


hope my reports of dickspammers posts got him thrown in jail


File: 1548180584826.png (1.06 MB, 723x1513, 1548178402934.png)


nice vid



wonder if pnigs going to get any special treatment in the pen during black history month its starting up in a few weeks


wonder how hima is going to commemorate the event this year


File: 1548184002960.png (1.14 MB, 1242x1349, 1548171707713.png)


remote viewing on nb rn hes snoozing hard


bastard this is why the chinks hate us




i cant


glad know your land still makes videos



no better way to cure a bad mood than online shopping


mindbending that im the only one on hima who is old enough to remember tom and jerry


used to watch tom and jerry kids when i stayed home from school


hate jerry


used to marathon tom and jerry almost everyday it was baste


raspberry preserves are a real treat love the crunchy little seeds


what do you watch now


eat blueberries instead


why its going to take some serious persuasion to get me to eat those bland little globules


im out of cope




just got out the hospital i was trapped there for 3 days almost started having internet withdrawals


make a grand entrance




what happened to you does it hurt are you going to die how much was the bill did you jo


hi hima im home gonno make coffee


might start chatting with a replika


cant believe pnig is going to jail


i can


paste aris


girugamesh was 10 years ago


feels like it was 100 years ago


i did not jo i regret that


woke up hi


File: 1548195401221.jpg (83.03 KB, 480x600, BOLES-T512693.jpg)


mornin dont forget to read and highlight


already read dont feel like highlighting


cant stop listening to meme music


File: 1548196790051.jpg (1.1 MB, 3024x4032, image0.jpg)


i dont get it


hes a furry


another winter storm you ready nb


sigh hima ramen didnt turn out very good
got some red curry paste but that in itself doesnt taste that good when i just add it to the ramen water so if i want to make it properly im going to have to boil the noodles and then drain them and add the paste and then make the broth separately in another dish along with the tofu and miso
coming close to the practical limit of instant ramen if it requires too many dishes its not worth the time


if i want to make broth as good as practically possible without using pork i need to buy kombashi and let it stew in a mix of beef broth water and boulion maybe 2 parts broth three parts water and two cubes



my uncle is a lawyer and he said hes going to help me get on disability everyone on hima is invited to my neetbux party


im out all day i only get 4 hours to use the pc at home on weekdays and moms been hogging it for an hour i swear to god im gonno fLIP


im already on neetbux but i spend it all on my gambling addiction


you idiot


get your own computer idiot


laughing imagining a hima sharing the computer with mom


once you give a mom an ipad they never will touch a computer again


i do have my own computer its this one its in my room i bought the monitor the mouse the keyboard the speakers the gpu the cpu everything it is my own computer shes the one that doesnt have her own what am i supposed to do buy one for her if she refuses to


think a little before making a dumb post like that god


dont let mom enter your sanctum so casually fool


buy mom an iphone


mom hates her iphone and ipad


buy her a laptop


could it be possible she has a gamer soul


wish i was shameless enough to get on disability


might jump in front of traffic so i can sue some norm for a million dollars


just finished reading i was thinking the same thing


nothin shameful

doesnt work trust me



it is shameful youre saying im a big dumb manbaby that is too retarded to wipe my own dipes and then you see how those guys end up when theyre old its never pretty


yeah but its free money


highlight the nonhima posts


pride holds more value than any coin


gonno snooze bye




is this the stairs backwards guy


yeah hehe


twoo is also a mtg legend


seki please remove the flipping *


File: 1548200500352.jpg (191.85 KB, 989x783, 1517884208864.jpg)


turt do you think this girl has talent


put that in your ublock filter


i cant figure it out actually
i followed pnigs last words in reverse carefully but i have no clue how to do it i even deleted the snow.js file


her works are incredibly beautiful



its probably cs not js


no its a javascript file that does something three files in total are changed style.css and two others


my god its not rocket science im not asking you to open a blank notepad and create templeos out of nothing its basic html and js just look at it and fix it take the js responsible for the snow and the snow container out of instance-config and if that doesnt remove it check config.php


die smartnorm


i like the asterisk it adds character dont remove it seki


ya its not like hes asking you to program something in c


found my old deck time to shred


its time to duel


remember those tiny skateboards that you could use your fingers to skate around always thought those were cool


wish i was smart enough for c only know c++


ya mom got me those back in 1999


only know c hows c++


remember seeing kids play with those and thinking they were flipping dumb


oop is baste


File: 1548201597579.png (101.7 KB, 376x341, 1548110180750.png)


the underlying problem is that my internet is capped at 60kbps and i cannot even run vnc to get into the files without it timing out every few seconds


found the snowflake container why is there so many weird sites in it


careful pnig set up many boobytraps


wish i would get caught in a booby trap


shifted in my chair and ripped out some pubes caught in my foreskin again




die intactnorm


can anyone else inspect the snowflake element


like what



pnig was selling our data to ad companies


this is mindblowing


groundbreaking discovery by the administrator


im not onseki but can anyone else inspect it so i know its not just me


is that just a rudimentary adblocker


File: 1548202672433.png (4.05 KB, 234x88, 020a3681981fd886d0ea3fc4aa9704fd.png)

its just you theres nothing there


ok good that guy is right its probably just the adblocker


not sure if caracal is sexier than serval cant decide which to jo to


need something to replace goblin slayer but nothing looks good




watch slime if you arent already


slime sucks its the most boring isekai in recent history


dororo has a demon slayer and a sexy lady


endro has too low of a score on anilist


that is a boy




endro sucks hard dont bother
watch tatte no yuusha dororo and maoirita


not a big fan of seeing chinknime on there


too much normme on here im outta here


its a masterpiece also endro is really good


slime picks up once it turns into a sexy slime girl


its a boy


you can flip slimes but you cant flip boys


slid out a 12 incher


a 12 incher what


nah endro is boring trash sorry


the maou is exceptionally cute



wish i was still a teen


theres a starman waiting in the sky


mindblowing how a guy can literally snap a one year old and not go to prison but pnig gets sent to jail for 100 years for having 1s and 0s on his computer


really makes you think huh


cant believe how long its been since the last hima pictionary


i dont have a computer so i cant play sorry


piss jug has been filling up fast hate all these assholes


get a piss aquarium instead


way ahead of you


dislike the boogiepop op just because of that wicked girl smile makes me want to smash


smash what


my piss cactus grows powerful


File: 1548208591868.jpg (86.86 KB, 1024x945, 1548204311599m.jpg)


gamed a bit now im gonno watch a vid and snooz



File: 1548208986209.jpg (238.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)


both her face and kitty


please dont use norm terms


mom made banana bread


nice varg worshiping women


fee fi FOE fum


currys cookin


cracked open a brew in anger


just poured the last of my wine


pissing dogs and cats out there hima


hes right imagine if women lowered their standards where theyd let guys like turt reproduce


just hit the store got a bunch of nice snacks


yes we need more felons like jeremy meeks to breed and less stem degree holding athletes like turt


turt is neither of those things


he was on varsity


woke up


where is everyone




bout to snooze


shoveled some snow


feel bad that mom has to shovel the snow


shovel it for her


spermed to the peanut butter girl


had a cold shower now im drinking a big cup of coffee instead of snoozing


stop taking cold showers





they lower your test


love a nice cold shower


uh i think it is the opposite




cold showers dont affect your test levels


you absolute fool


how do i remove all my test




the european robin is such a cute bird


hate birds


rainin hard gonno crack open some canned pineapples and watch a movie


canned food gives you cancer


snoozed then napped now gaming


no they dont


File: 1548221943196.jpg (Spoiler Image, 178.63 KB, 1000x1000, 1493844998199.jpg)





File: 1548222340644.jpg (82.74 KB, 960x952, 1546692305667.jpg)


shouldve kept that cat securely in the cage where it belongs


made pizza sippin on some whole foods soda gonno watch anime


whats so great about whole foods soda


it is made with real ingredients




love breasts_apart


File: 1548224733233.jpg (173.9 KB, 1150x1354, __original_drawn_by_wadani_hitonori__df917e064….jpg)

for my man turt


where are the posts


File: 1548224940231.png (Spoiler Image, 3.73 MB, 1503x2200, bdec76bdf5328c2ba61073c571dcc96d.png)


where are her hairs


i was making sushi now im gonno watch some vids and snooze


tastes great without preservatives just a lot of sugar



whats peek




the sleeper has awakened


could use a nice jiggly piece of man ass right now wheres turt



why is the audience all old people


young people think sumo is lame


it is lame imagine if a 7 foot 300 pound icelandic man entered sumo they cant let foreigners in because japs would get humiliated


foreigners have no technique


sumo has been dominated by mongolians for about 15 years now actually


technique is just a cope


wonder whod win turt vs nb


everything comes down to born talent


ill be the guy in the robes and the funny hat


they are called the meijin


how many times are you supposed to pee a day


once every 6 hours


no one keeps track of that




why not it seems important


no more than two times a day



oh flip i was walking through the house wondering why it was so bright and it was because my hoodie was on fire






dont wear hoodies in doors


might read some vagabond


its good


gonno read a tao lin masterpiece


File: 1548236095245.png (61.41 KB, 638x554, dlegs42trya21.png)


owned whore


that poor brave girl


i dont get it what kind of porn scenes was she copying


you know having a colostomy bag seems pretty good youd never have to poop again


hows that good nothing like dropping a nice shite


hate shitting


dont mind the bowel movement itself but hate the aftermath


love when i shite and wipe but theres nothing on the tp




i was the bully



if i join the military will they send me to japan


probably not but maybe


got a little bone going on




need a pic of that pecker this instant


girls say they hate dick pics you should be more like them


nothin wrong with a little pecker pic


youd think its gross


lets have a peek


explain why you have a desire to look at a males bone


girls like to do that




time for another hard days work


grind those work stats


is a real job the same as an mmo do you get the same sense of satisfaction and dopamine rushes


the real job system is broken since you cant just advance through hard work


ya kinda specially but with some extra anxiety sprinkled on top
but blogweisers taste way better after a day of work


only if you have an uli brain


real life is pay2win


wish i had an ulibrain he has such a blast working at walmart of all places its crazy


File: 1548248801058.m4a (1.12 MB, 01 (intro) average badass.m4a)


terry crews is 50 years old


so am i


going to become a life coach and scam norms out of their money where should i start


usually not but the cool part is they send you money instead of you having to send it to them


youd need to be good at giving speeches and socializing to become one


ill deliver the best damn speech youve ever heard



firing up some ntr


say i if youre awake


im batin


bunch of feral animals put em all down


shouldnt be glorifying crime like that


cant trust a chink as far as you can throw him hima


just bought an atp shirt


make sure to wear it to school all the rest of the teens will love it


whats atp


File: 1548264621043.jpg (17.05 KB, 616x414, 1548260133557.jpg)


having my coffee


puked my entire coffee up


whats wrong


medication makes me vomit


answer me you fippers




i wont allow it


arizona is full of freaks huh


imagine being the child and knowing your father was some ugly nigger potato chef and your mother is a brainless vegetable


hell be dumber than the dumbest person on hima


it might not be enough


puked so hard when i had food poisoning my neck hurt the next few days





youve got to listen to something more contemporary leave the past in the past


never played the dlc for new vegas heard im missing out


it was okay i got stuck behind a bed and never continuee after that point


i heard the new vegas dlc is bad so i never tried it except old world blues which i immediately regretted


why do you guys game so much


gaming gives you the feeling of productivity accomplishment and skill


wish i gamed more never feel like it but what else is there to do


cant believe i ever related to melodramatic crap like onani master kurosawa and punpun glad im a carefree tard now who knows how to have fun


is this how you feel


thats a pleasant little number


havent been carefree since 2006



now post the strut


snooze time


phew spermed hard to birl


bastard dont give men your psychic energy


File: 1548274846015.gif (Spoiler Image, 617.89 KB, 500x375, 1548273774147.gif)


was gonno post that once but then i didnt


havin a coffee


wish to nap




you cant jo to kids show thats immoral


just pledged my allegiance to the hot sauce and mayo faction


nice one day till kingdom hearts 3 is out should i stream it


we cant play it its only for xbox and ps


already pledged my allegiance to sony so ive got that covered


pnig is suffering while youre having fun


who cares about that nigger


its what he would have wanted


dead money is hell on earth
honest hearts is nice and cozy its not just gray and deserts like most of nv so its really nice
old world blues is nice too but theres like two hours of dialogue with the robot scientists that drives me insane
lonesome roads is good feels like a continuation of the main game while still being its own thing


wonder if pnig enjoyed the broly movie


big ol sigh mates


had to write mom a 5 step checklist on how to operate the rice cooker so she could put it on the fridge
been trying to teach her verbally ever since i got it and i give up


anyone want to see a cat scan of my penis


hell yeah post that pic


no dont penises are worthless


anyone want to play runescape with me


i cant find the scan pics hold on its kind of complicated too since you have to scroll through your body


wish i was a nice guy


give me a bond and ill play with you




wish to watch zombieland but i want to vomit when i see dead blue skin


im at 385 ge


File: 1548283358855.gif (159.97 KB, 800x450, once you pop.gif)


got scared and left sorry


woke up hi mates


your loss


mornin hima


mom got herself and me a gym membership we are going to exercise together


gyms are satanic


mornin dont forget to read and highlight


File: 1548284946502.png (1.58 KB, 157x16, rip.png)

but his name will never turn green again


dont play that shite game anymore


12:30am to 3:30am is the sweet spot


simply kill some kalphites


sounds like prime snooze hours to me


File: 1548285642717.png (Spoiler Image, 83.61 KB, 250x419, 1522376791709.png)





wish i was faroese


dead hours


nice dinosaur


should i get meself a ssd


you mean another ssd right


keep thinking about my old pics sigh


you mean your pnig folder


going to print out my pnig folder and send it to him in prison since he loved himself more than anyone he can paste them on the wall and think about himself for hours


simply send him a mirror instead


i have an ssd a super small


he will want to remember himself as he once was


they dont allow mirrors in prison


did nb ever send those froggers


pnigs not in prison yet


nice got a 76 wpm score


File: 1548289393813.jpg (262.25 KB, 690x388, 000_hkg2004052094427.jpg)


no i only have a slow hdd


thats half my wpm


is it nvme


my peak is around 135 on a good day


die quicktype


eat my dust


what happened to the mate who only types with his index fingers


i type at 58 wpm
i dont use my pinkies


guys i got the part rehearsals begin saturday pasted


nice theaterblog


that wasnt me but the post before it was


thats me


fire up the type racer


sigh keep sperming to sexy birls by accident


why did god make me a femboy




File: 1548290648162.png (15.69 KB, 493x494, 1527384315129.png)



baste pewds


made coconut curry rice gonno fire up james bond


is it goldfinger


opened my window the night is young time for some mating calls


just applied for chinese citizenship



got a surplass of wild tomatoes growing around my house might make marinara with them in a few hours


sundry some its the best


i do love sundried tomatoes but i dont eat them enough for it to be worth it


its worth it trust me


simply make a nice batch it lasts for two years you dont have to eat it all at once


find out why im tard time to fix it


mom bought an 8 pack of cinnamon buns i devoured them all


share with your himafriends next time


theres 10 people here so 2 would have to starve


just cut the buns into ten pieces and give everyone 8 each


wow are you a genius




how does this work


how about cutting them in 5 pieces and giving 4 each




cleaned me keybored


nice keybored


someone can take my share


dont mind if i do twigger


this years evo is high score girl themed guess i gotta watch it now


the author is a sick puppy


dead hours


made that marinara using only fresh wild tomatoes its really good hima really good




might be some of the better pasta ive ever got a big basil plant growing so that went in too


can i try some




starting to get real jealous at how productive other members of hima are cooking and fixing cars and flipping peaking in runescape or whatever when did everyone here become so self-sufficient sigh wish i had a single practical skill




playing runescape is the opposite of productive



beats sperming into the jo blanket for the 10th time


wish i could sperm that many times


File: 1548305052083.jpg (309.44 KB, 648x675, 26728760-2523c63a2b52e3e86cc8923b38aa60fb_p6_m….jpg)


translate it chinks


you have the ability


he probably doesnt
i dont


think my record is like 15 in one day




think i see what you guys were saying now this tough guy badass sasuke uchiha act is killing me maybe i was wrong to look down on the norms and their feeble emotions but the decision to forfeit my humanity in exchange for power was final and theres no turning back now


let me escape my humanity and gain power thats a win win


what would you become


ive traded my freedom for power before


wonder what boobs feel like


would you advise such a sacrifice to your fellow neet


Sexual predator sentenced to 401 years to life for snap, kidnapping, child molestation


a horny pinoy chink let me touch her boobs in social studies in middle school once but i forgot the sensation


see you in 2420 pnig


the hima mansions blueprints


would this work on hima neets or would they just start humping her leg


why didnt they find someone cuter


because then theyd be too terrified to ever open the door


id open the door for nekoten


yeah but you arent a hikikomori


holy flip just remembered the antics i used to engage in in that history class the instructor was a fat spic named mr gallardo and there was this SUPER tard named oscar who was infamous among the entire student body hoo boy hima he is seriously the biggest tard i have ever met and you will have to excuse my failure to bring him up until he was basically just a complete weirdo and all-around antisocial freak constantly messing with people even when they were bigger or more reputable then he was kind of like that one delusional boxer on youtube charlie zelenoff he was particularly notorious for harassing girls and calling them his girlfriend although i cant deny he had good taste he creeped on pretty much all the sexy ones but i digress as you know tard attracts tard and he and i would sit in the back of that history class producing really flipping loud inhuman noises for the entire duration of the lecture disrupting it constantly with one particularly memorable occasion being the time the teacher likened our wailing to the mating call of a cow in heat there was also a kid named isaac whose name wed yell out in distorted form to hilarious effect in our tardout sessions much to his chagrin hehe


flip maybe i should have posted that in segments now everyones going to skip one of the highlights of my entire life


how come i sperm harder to birls than girls


its easier to self insert as a birl


you lacked strong a strong father figure growing up


you have high test levels


looks like hes having a blast wish that was me


i read it it was lame


you had to be there



the sleeper has awakened


One or more videos have been removed from the playlist because they were deleted from YouTube.
gonno rage


thats why you need to compulsively download everything the cruel passage of time spares nothing


another day still no lgf


its either no lgf or be cellmates with pnig


File: 1548310783463.png (453.51 KB, 544x632, faisal.png)

this man shall secure pnigs freedom


baste arab


tired of the bbc making wacky japan videos they really have it out for them


norwooders have to look out for one another


tardneighbor is blasting blackpink again


wonder how hes going to refute the irrefutable evidence


pnig will create a new legal precedent that separates ped from hebe



arizona vs boles will go down in history


boles claimed this post was a joke


whats blackpink


is cookie butter any good


the normest of norm kpop


fire up some cpop instead


when is this going down



huge fan of terrorcore


theyre baste


stop asking this skipper


nothin wrong with a bit of skipping here and there


i dont remember skipping it



i posted that already


and i reposted it


youre not allowed to do that





got a call for a job interview at a gas station hell yeah my real life will begin now


interviewed at a gas station a week ago they decided to go a different direction


what kind of questions did they ask


they asked me to name a time i worked with a team to accomplish something and what i think it takes to run a gas station and for me to tell them about myself and why i wanted the job and why they should hire me


also he asked me what 25 plus 17 is think i got that one right hehe


how did you answer the first one


seems tough but if i dont get the job then mom will still be happy with me for trying and failing so i guess i win either way


doubt having a job is that bad norms just like to complain about everything and dont know inner peace and joy uli always seems enthusiastic about his duties


dont think a lot of jobs are bad its the interviews that terrify me i get brain farts sometimes even when i talk to mom i get embarrassed cant imagine having one during an interview id start babbling nonsense


i would just lie


im a bad liar


some people have morals you deceitful chink bastard


my morals permit harmless falsehoods


really upset with a lot of the content thats being published on hima these days think its time we have the embed talk again


i talked about school projects didnt work i guess


should have used hima as an example


what has hima accomplished


sigh wish i could get a waterstore job


i was trying to think of an answer and thought of that too but they probably expect a team in a professional environment


was the water store job even real


neeting sucks but working sucks more
wish i could just live in a nice cabin with a fully kitted 5 car garage on top of a mountain surrounded by pristine touge and rebuild obscure sportscars and never see anyone outside of the ups guy when hes bringing me parts i ordered


should have bought crypto


why cant you do that as a neet


because it takes a lot of money and i didnt have enough invested in crypto


bought crypto early and still blew it all on leveraged options and altcoins


wouldnt want to live in a rural area itd be scary at night
i want to live in a gated community of old retired people in a nice gaming house


feel safer alone in the deep dark wilderness than i feel surrounded by the friendliest norms


what happens when you get a knock on your door at night



who would knock on my door


the schizos who roam the forest and get obsessions with the people they find


wish a schizo sexy lady would get an obsession with me



gonno snooze


stopped being scared once i realized i was the object to be feared all along


File: 1548319782087.jpg (35.85 KB, 600x450, hehe.jpg)


File: 1548320406085.png (248.94 KB, 2880x1800, CES-Promo.png)

hopefully by the time i have my own place well have the technology to have 8k cameras constantly recording and saving a 360 degree view from your house so i can watch my house like a hawk


just got an invite to join the hellfire club


need some good jo material


just get a dog


had a nice dream about my lgf sasha hehe


report this guy turt


hate when everyone stops posting


be the change you wish to see


i was busy roping


tardlaughing thinking about that ill-fated madden tournament


dont mess with a serious gamer


just realized how weird ears look


just stepped on a screw that was sitting on the ground pointing up and it went all the way into my foot ow


going crazy at work rn lots of stuff going wrong at the same time


are you okay


funny since i stepped on some cat poop around the same time


File: 1548336859351.jpg (55.88 KB, 600x600, __morikubo_nono_idolmaster_and_idolmaster_cind….jpg)



its so soft im gonno worship it


ya i think im ok but its hectic here rn


rough day at the office huh are the share prices plummeting



this kombucha is giving me gas hard


the hima masseuse


didnt post even once yesterday sorry
was norming it up buying socks and walking around downtown


wish i had a kind understanding boss like the economics guy instead of a manlet hypernorm that i have to use extreme care with when speaking to


this was me and my boys playing a prank on the navy hehe they call me 👠じïïïïf馬さん


i will be the first man to flip an extraterrestrial sexy lady


my dad was


importing stuff from a chink his name is mint


brushed me tooth


you will never take my oranges


are you sure its a guy


men and women are equal



vile chinks can just imagine them stepping on cats and eating dogs right now


women are ranked higher than men in society and are ranked as gods compared to hima posters


nothin wrong with frying up a couple dogs


hate chinks so flipping much
there were a bunch of chinks at the lincoln memorial yesterday along with some coreans and i felt a strong urge to behead a few and watch the others plead for their lives feebly


chinks are baste hehe


ooog women ooooooog


actually im not sure


File: 1548348396106.jpg (44.12 KB, 640x601, pe17mfxmk5b21.jpg)


the chinks would throw eachother in your way to get away from you even their family members even throwing their moms


new pants are too loose i need to fatten up quick


gonno dedicate my life to serving the chinks


get them tailored


even grans are better at gaming than me


chinks are born normal human beings but their parents crush any semblance of compassion and individuality the only ones that manage to break free from the cycle are the ones that are americanized and raised around whites
always see little happy chink kids running around and their parents are typical soulless brainlet chinks with no expressions


this is really interesting i want to get a brain scan now


all the americanized chinks are norms flip them


going bald hima dont want to get a haircut either so now im one of those balding men holding on to whatever hair even if its terrible




dont watch tedx


you need to get on test blockers and other hair medications asap


fire up the minoxidil


chinks are simply too intelligent for compassion or individuality


once you reach norwood 3 its time to rope



people who are outdoors a lot live a different life than me


how so


im constantly on a cushion and staring at girls on my monitor and theyre walking in fresh air on hard concrete and getting dirty and stuff


im getting dirty sitting on my cushion starting at girls on my monitor


no youre pampered comfortable and clean


no trust me im a filthy freak


how am i clean i havent showered in months


you get dirty by going outside and letting dirt get on you and pollen flying by and stuff but being inside youre pristine


im in between 1 and 2 and strongly considering getting myself a minoxidil cream


dont forget the finasteride


just get a headband like the pasted sv3rige


i dont want to take finasteride because it can give you gyno and usually lowers sexual drive which ive heard could last for over a year after stopping the drug


going to fire up the carnivore diet but ill still cook my meat


why do you need a sex drive


whats life without jackin it


would you rather be a bald joing man or an anime boy with a full head of hair that never jos


jerking it is not related to balding


ive given up my libido for power before


whats the point of looking good if you have no libido


woke up with sores in my mouth guess this means time to stop the medications


when people see you looking good you feel good


wish i looked good


then looksmax


lookin good


sigh lost quite a bit of mass already after a bit of a depressive episode followed by the food poisoning now i feel too self conscious to remove my coat even though its hot in here


chugged a coke zero but it didnt feel that great id much rather have myself a big steamy mug of coffee instead guess im not addicted anymore


thats what you get for eating jap food


dont care enough about my balding to take meds rather just go bald then hate myself when i start caring


norwooders will not be permitted to stay at the mansion


got great hair gave myself another hitler youth yesterday


groan hitler youth hasnt been cool in a decade


doesnt matter its the eternal cut for my eternal boy looks


gonno give myself a hime cut


dont do it or everyone will think youre a girl


heem sleepy


feel bad knowing im going to die without ever having experienced longer than shoulder length hair


simply stop cutting


ill grow out my hair when im no longer twig


i like long hair twig boys


i tried but couldnt take it anymore it was always hitting me in the eyes or getting in my mouth


same couldve just cut the bangs but


wrap it in a suebian knot


the hair in the back would fly around and hit me in the eyes i eventually learned to stuff it but it was a pain


ask a girl how they deal with long hair


girls dont talk to me


with a brush usually


shoe your dominance just walk up to one and give her a firm hair tug


swear i fixed that error


got a haircut today im lookin decent




what is this haircut week


i was thinking about getting one friday ill defiantly do it now to fit in


die nogrow


do it yourself so barbers go out of business


File: 1548356070069.jpg (346.37 KB, 1218x840, IMG-0952.jpg)


lookin sharp


lookin like an early 2000s actor on the disney channel


going to buck the trend and give myself a buzz


you need to get a cut that matches your face dont just buzz it off like a cookiecutter




how do i know what matches my face


nothing suits a skullcel like myself just going to save myself the trouble


post it and ill tell you


whyd you cut it was looking good


good to see another avengers fan here


thinkign about a good old fashioned jerk it n bathe


File: 1548356361236.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.1 MB, 4000x3000, 299676_4171978025515_788721405_n.jpg)


im a skulllet


is it ok if i jo to jav


no its vile


didnt realize minecraft had nice music


found a gem that might forever steam the chinks




ya found pretty good evidence that the han dynasty was inspired or even created by turks


File: 1548358452391.jpg (35.06 KB, 460x460, 999999-076397889115.jpg)

hoo boy hima you guys have to learn to start cooking with these bad boys


wake up you lazy bastards


nah im gonno snooze


just grabbed a banana and some crackers


my fatneet snack lately has been dipping chopped bananas into nutella


you are a fool theres nothing like relaxing in minecraft to the bgm while feeding the sheep and planting some potatoes


gonno puke again hima






jod now ive got a dip in




time to splat


didnt get enough rest going to retire early for the day


convinced mom to buy a jar of cookie butter hoo boy hima gonno feast


thats too hedonistic dont do it


flip you ill do as i please


owls are pasted as hell


i can rotate my neck like an owl




having coffee number two hima hows it goin
mom wants me to go grocery shopping but i said shut it woman i am tired from working nine to six


dont speak to mom like that


crazy that d gray man is still ongoing


rolled out some pierogis also added baby bella mushrooms to the pot


is it really


i lied i just said but mom i dont wanna


foolish polack


sigh begged ken to open a warosu minecraft server back in 2014 but he never did


do it youself


dont want to pay for a host and keep my pc turned off too much


feel bad for pnig then i realize he deserves it for being such an annoying norm all these years


anyone want to play terraria


File: 1548366138556.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1080, [GJM] To Aru Majutsu no Index III - 15 [B65F61….jpg)

not a big fan of this propaganda


made two loaded baked potatoes time to feast


what do you mean loaded loaded with what




finally i can rent a sis


just realized thats the vid i mutated


actually kinda but nah only foolznorms and discordnorms play that crap i dont mind the game as much as i mind you


im not a discordnorm youre mean i dont want to play terraria with you anyway


play factorio instead


did icefrog get rich from dota 2


factorio is for smartnorms


bit iffy on creating that fighting game knowing im catering to gaymers


woke up hey guys hows it going more posts while i was asleep than theres been in a month or so keep it up


hell yeah go get your morning joe and highlight your favorite ones


File: 1548369526685.flac (56.93 MB, 01-人にやさしく.flac)


just fucking lol if you think your angle frauded squinting cherry picked selfies can compete with these jocks

there is no hope
surgery wont fix your worthless skull and frame


be nice


professor lukisem


its freezing outside


File: 1548371780516.png (5.37 KB, 522x155, d53784d6f5babacb76349ee8b62f7381.png)

maybe ill get a c6 after all and just buy the damn dry sump so i can track it


get a nice roth ira instead


dont understand these norms and their normenclature


i dont actually know what a roth ira is besides being some retirement savings thing i just repeat things i hear


how long have you been waiting to say that one


made myself two tuna melts hima its been a while


every since i was little i have always had the awful habit of wanting to take the opposite side of whatever anyone said



just came up with it because of these norms


im not going to watch that


it wasnt for you


fired up the emergency sardines


could go for a sardine sandwich with a lot of mustard rn


not going to watch it either


mom went to the meat market bought some duck breast and legs but what the hell is beer mustard


gonno cook these bad boys up


hair in my flipping chocolate snack


File: 1548374292786.jpg (376.65 KB, 1242x684, 1548369021814.jpg)



wish i had some beer musflapper too


how do we stop mutts from killing our women




File: 1548375749672.jpg (495.13 KB, 2210x2458, __original_drawn_by_erica_june_lahaie__47d5933….jpg)

dont forget to sign the lease papers for the mansion



finna earlysnooze


File: 1548376793954.gif (798.59 KB, 700x400, 1522542981037.gif)


only one on hima


firing up re2


going to start an asmr channel what noises should i make


classic tard noises


start tootin


how about some gibbontalk
do you find this soothing


its alright


the hima mansion every morning


anyone want a sushi making stream



no he doesnt



die scv


pretty sure pnig invented scv to consolidate power


dickspammers dick is about to get all the attention in the world soon


go back to irc


what irc




ragers back


juniper berries are nasty regret trying one


bh nogin


sippin on birch juice dont need alcohol


going to hard boil some eggs


woke up but cant find my cookie butter jar


gonno start playing ffxiv


wait for the update that lets you solo dungeons


preordered shadowbringers


File: 1548382396353.jpg (227.81 KB, 640x480, 1527453909135.jpg)


nice hima tab consuming 1.8 gib of ram


made mom really happy today


did you clean your room


did you flip her


mom loves talking to me even more now that ive started reading books
convinced her to read balzac and some john updike


when does shadowbringers come out



when wow classic is out


mom and i talked about remote viewing and sumerian alien theory and historical buddhist esp incidents moms pilled she loves occult stuff and she said she read 136 books last year alone i underestimated mom


when does wow classic come out


nice brainlet mom


thought kingdom hearts 3 was out tomorrow sigh ive been trolled


moms oven stopped working all the sudden it just flappered out when you tried to turn it on it looked like it was shorting over and over again i told her it was probably something wrong with the power supply the repair mate wanted 600 just for parts to fix it almost the cost of the whole unit when i took it apart and found the power supply there were 4 chink caps that were swollen and starting to leak


nice handyneet


i ordered 10 superior japanese replacement caps rated for over 10 thousands folds and fixed it for 6 dollars


can i play kingdom hearts 3 if i only ever played 1


no you need to first play birth by sleep then chain of memories then 358/2 days then kingdom hearts 2 then re:coded then dream drop distance then 0.2 birth by sleep a fragmentary passage


File: 1548383983738.jpg (432.85 KB, 800x998, Kingdom_Hearts_TSSF_box_art.jpg)

just get this


just watch neetblogs story summary and jump right in


tardlaughing they casted a chink to play the robot


how come pizza tastes better when you reheat it the next day


basted rimuru


you should bake it


was going to eat some tortilinies but im to lazy to cook


i eat nothing but aldi granola and snack bars


phew im chuffed


it doesnt


File: 1548385415782.jpg (24.09 KB, 234x228, 1541816257086.jpg)



hes right if it tastes better it was probably undercooked


are you a pizza chef


tell her to read ij


reheated pizza is awful it tastes better cold


sigh when will the switch get super metroid


gave the dog some tuna now shes tarding out in glee


cold pizza is gross


tuna is poison for dogs


gonno have a cry


pizzas in the oven hima three more minutes cant wait


post a pic when its done


have a good pizza time mate as for me im gonno hit the sack its friday already hehe


its thursday


got a boost in confidence after growing out my facial hair


sorry already ate it


nice cant wait for 360° anime




should i snooze or should i nightwalk




sleepwalking isnt real


snoozed and skipped


wish i wasnt constantly tired sigh just gonno stare at the wall and eat some beans


same except curry instead of beans


nightwalked hard


day walker night stalker


might become a christian


go for it buddy


been fat for so long why arent i thin yet



quit stuffing your face pig


i get too bored


nice tard


drums are so pointless anyone can play them


dont tell haysuz that


File: 1548400002312.jpg (159.64 KB, 850x1236, Rx5s7P1.jpg)


if i was in her presence i would be so nervous


you should make her fear you


women should be treated with respect



cant believe god was cruel enough to make real life so abhorrent and then invent anime just to taunt me


File: 1548404186048.png (Spoiler Image, 179.7 KB, 500x490, 1543113269564.png)




File: 1548404715027.jpg (Spoiler Image, 538.7 KB, 1280x720, The.Grand.Tour.S03E02.720p.WEB.H264-METCON[ezt….jpg)


occasionally remember the day mom bought me a large semi automatic airsoft gun that i walked with around a school campus cant believe mom would let me get shot by police


why is his body shaped that way


its a blob world no place for us sensible twigs


its not about being fat hes horribly misshapen


die body shamer


sigh cant choose a good chinese name


what for


think i have the smallest hip to waist ratio on hima


ive got the largest


sneezing hard


whats everyones three sizes


got a big cup of joe


40 24 38


did you know that they are primates and not primeapes


i smell rancid


had my weekly shower today im smellin real good


fired up the new candle its great


when will i be able to smell and taste things through the internet


neetblog just made a breakthrough in the lab you can expect it to hit shelves in the next 6 months


mindblowing that nb has a doctorate yet has the nerve to pretend to be a tard


only one on hima


File: 1548414697047.jpg (Spoiler Image, 861.14 KB, 1000x1320, 72810777_p0.jpg)


disgusting little bitch


vile little retard


shes so cute


hate her so much


hi hima mornin in my office grinding that paper hehe
think im gonno order myself some vitamin d pills and cinnamon pills and maybe zinc


whats a cinnamon pill do


wish that was me so bad


do you mean her body or her holding the hot drink


he wishes had a piping hot cup of dirt


increases igp-1 antioxidant anti inflammatory helps agains neurodegeneration


sick of my family being killed by orc bandits


why not just eat a spoonful instead of a pill


im neurodegenerate


going to take the ropepill


maybe ill do that its just that i dont eat stuff that goes well with cinnamon every day


stop joking about that it makes that one hima mate uncomfortable


once joked about suicide and a guy seemed to get upset over it and i remembered that for most people roping isnt an everyday part of life


simply ldar instead


wish i could rope but i cant even tie my shoes


ldarpilled for years and realized its a worse fate than death


what do you mean you cant tie your shoes dont you have hands




hope there will be adequate accommodations for all of the handicapped members of our community at the hima mansion


didnt learned how to jo or tie my shoe until i was 20


skipped dinner yesterday and slept through the afternoon to midnight again mom was raging HARD hehe she even disturbed my slumber banging on my door telling me to go eat but i shouted something incoherent through the door and then went back to sleep


mom makes me breastfeed if i dont eat solid food


hell yeah


态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 諾貝爾和平獎 Nobel Peace Prize 劉暁波 Liu Xiaobo 民主 言論 思想 反共 反革命 抗議 運動 騷亂 暴亂 騷擾 擾亂 抗暴 平反 維權 示威游行 李洪志 法輪大法 大法弟子 強制斷種 強制堕胎 民族淨化 人體實驗 肅清 胡耀邦 趙紫陽 魏京生 王丹 還政於民 和平演變 激流中國 北京之春 大紀元時報 九評論共産黨 獨裁 專制 壓制 統一 監視 鎮壓 迫害 侵略 掠奪 破壞 拷問 屠殺 活摘器官 誘拐 買賣人口 遊進 走私 毒品 賣淫 春畫 賭博 六合彩 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 劉曉波动态网自由门




going to start taking vitamin k2 it sharpens your jaw and widens your face even in adults its really noticeable after a couple of months i really need a better fwhr


youll get a moonface


File: 1548426553913.png (1.06 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Watashi ni Tenshi ga Maiorita! ….png)

nice tard group


the only number smaller than their collective iq is the amount of dicks they havent sucked


is this a riddle


pastas ready hima looks good


sweet what sort of dish did you prepare


heck yeah hows the sauce


still trying to understand what you just said


marinara with ricotta mozzarella and parmesan with a lil alfredo its really good


what do you need me to clarify


listening to some hanson


me on the left


thought about joining a gym today not sure if i will


dont do it


die shitseki


were all going to get gym memberships and start blasting and cruising hima will become the freakiest most buffed out imageboard in history


love being a twig


too fat to move


mom only got me a burger with no fries or extra burgers i raged hard think shes testing me


she thinks youre fat and wants you to stop eating so much


fast food is what bring me happiness one burger is like a tease


its bad for you mom knows best


ill take that burg if you dont want it


going out for lunch hima what should i eat


why breakfast sandwiches of course


metroid news


had some of my best sperms to samus


more like metroid boring


the prime series wont be the same under chink leadership no point in buying the new ones



basted nintendo cant even make a metroid game without american help


holy flip just realized i still have bun in my bookmarks id completely forgotten about that sites existence


go back there pi eating contestant



He also said he had thrown his hard drive down a storm drain because he claimed he was "angry at his computer," and described it as "the danger zone."
reminds me of when freakeye threw his phone in the lake


it was his entire pc off a cliff


metroid is dead that game wont even come out till 2022


think im fat because i dont live near a coast if i did id be on beach every day and thin


must be nice to just be able to swim out into the ocean and never come back


wish I was a fish


i was meant to be a seamen


is your body beach ready


its not that great


wish i had a father figure




bored guess ill make sushi


wish i had some grocery store sushi right about now


you mean japanese raw sushi


never had sushi before


wish there were more eets on hima so the japan trip would happen


what happened to miswak mate


crazy how much people pay us for load balancing adcs with two xeons and 128gb of ecc ram in it


bought some lotto tickets hima wish me luck


File: 1548440387678.jpg (82.33 KB, 719x890, DSC_42.jpg)


wrong not only there are text only browsers such as lynx and browsh but you can also disable images on chrome and firefox and keep them enabled on safe sites like youtube etc


just realized roy g. biv isnt a real person


why isnt it


hima is almost all eets now




name 5


does being in prison count as eet


you still have to work in prison they dont let you just sit around all day


im the only neet left on hima
pastaguy is technically a neet but hes a norm who could easily get a job if he had to


im neet




if they dont convict ken we should go to japan like we were planning to


if they convict him we will go there anyway to celebrate


wonder if the water store is hiring


cold enough theres ice on the inside of my balcony door


gonno boycott old spice because of the gillette ad theyre owned by the same company


dont get why im supposed to worship roasts when theyve treated me like subhuman scum for my entire adult life


mindbending that you get 20 years for possession of artwork


you are harming children


dickspammer is going away for life dangerous violent felon


he assaulted my posting experience one too many times


didnt like vnigs video about furious pete but his gillette video was good


had a lucid dream this morning the first time in my life it was a wild experience once i realized what was happening i started walking to where i knew a calendar was since it was basted off of a memory in my kid years with some sexy teen girls





hi hima makin some coffee


came all the way home listening to mosaic wav cant believe its all on spotify got myself a premium account whats the point of downloading stuff anymore




new bnha out


File: 1548451503737.jpg (128.46 KB, 1920x1080, ysqaejcxwmc21.jpg)



its anti consumer


its cheap and convenient
also having covfefe number two


made some lamp sketches may i post em


post those bad boys


File: 1548453470746.jpg (3.3 MB, 2988x5312, IMG_20190125_155516.jpg)

do they all suck



bottom left is cute looks like its happy hehe


nice art


thanks cant do anything nicer since i dont have special tools


ya fire up loomis



you can draw anything with just a 10 cents ballpoint pen and paper or you could get a g2 gel or a precise v5 for $2


no i meant special tools to make the lamp i dont have table or a router saw to make complex cuts


oh i forgot you were making your own lamp right



ya i finished the circuitry now i just need to find a design i like


what the shite was that speed boost


nice rubberbanding


if you watch the timestamp the 13 second mark goes by in like half a second so it must have been part of where the loop starts and stops


that bull is speed hacking


File: 1548458882059.webm (512.08 KB, 960x540, 1548457268187.webm)

mom left a voicemail wonder what it could be


wish i had a japanese mom


you defiantly do not


woke up hi gonno have some coffee


wish i had some cof to go with my splatting




have a listen bros


dont forget to read and highlight


hate highlighters


whats to hate


File: 1548460521718.jpg (100.12 KB, 1280x720, [Vivid] D-Frag! - 06 [DC4FFD01].mkv_snapshot_1….jpg)

miss the dfrag era on gay neets


whats gay about them


they were from outer space so probably cosmic radiation turned them gay like mercury does to birds


mercury doesnt turn birds gay



nothin gay about hanging out with your male friends more than female ones


thats true those himaboys are a hoot and a half but when you look at the predominantly female imageboards they spend all day attacking rival roasts and talking about sex


wish i was a girl so i could get paid thousands of dollars to play games on stream


but boys get paid more money to play games on stream


those ones are the exception not the rule only the really good ones get paid more but i pinch at gaming


no the ones that make money arent the really good ones and there are good ones that arent popular at all its because they are just entertainers their gamer skill doesnt have much to do with anything


im not funny and i pinch at gaming so my only chance would be if i was a girl


but there is a lot of bad girl streamers too that dont make money


really depends on the game


need an army of wks to donate their life savings to me for existing


wish i had boobs alright thats all i said it are you happy now


spermed to birls by accident


This video is only available to Music Premium members



hima spends all day talking about sex


no it doesnt


gonno play some minecraft


yes you guys are gross and talk about sperming all of the time


thats different


kitty extra slimy today


wish turt respected women


the only woman i respect is mom


explain the difference


you should respect traditional girls too


they are talking about actual sex joing your bone off is not sex


even if its true that theyre talking about sex as much as hima talks about masturbating and i dont think thats true but even if it is true the difference is trivial because both acts are vile


i dont respect anyone unless theyve shown they deserve it by persevering through the demiurges curses


you sexnorms talk about how much you want to flip real life girls


what about neetblog what did he do to deserve your respect


made sushi a lil bit gonno make myself a couple of melts and watch some vids now


what vids are you going to watch



oh flip


so flipping bored this is heinous


simply scape


File: 1548470245878.png (105.77 KB, 811x607, 1518144629750.png)


hate momgf
glad hes gone


think my body is lacking sunlight



phew finished reading


the posts were awful werent they



woke up


the loneliness is starting to hurt again


simply have a chat with mom





woke down


File: 1548473742547.png (630.12 KB, 636x892, 132cc.png)


almost time for curry


wish i had some curry


had curry the other day


wonder how norms survive without adblock


adblock is for norms


love watching ads and supporting my favorite content creators


wish the norms would disappear


eating some cheese cultures


makin that curry


why are you making curry its the middle of the night


im hungry


moms gonno get mad


always shocked when i see a website ive been using for years without adblock on


File: 1548477576415.jpg (201.95 KB, 1000x667, kitty.jpg)




had a dream i smelled a carbon monoxide contamination in the house and started yelling at mom for her recklessness but just learned that the substance is actually odorless


cant cook at night or else mom wakes up and smellrages


weird als parents died from that


do moms have dog noses or something why do they always smellrage


carbon normoxide


gonno eat an apple in 28 seconds


and i am going to snooze in 17


hope it was good


think ill fire up some zappa for tonights ambiance


something bad is about to happen hima i can feel it


smell receptors become more sensitive with age


is it uncle meat


now you made me nervous thanks


i prepared you for it this one is going to be really bad



christ will protect me




im scared


of what


the impending disaster



was hoping for a funny grumpy cat video and ended up with hard preaching


things are warping already


feel sick to my stomach because of this






havent gaymed in weeks gonno play some insurgency


gamed hard now my knuckles hurt



File: 1548480941114.jpg (Spoiler Image, 189.59 KB, 850x1200, 1481702551560.jpg)


where are her oppais


my boobs are bigger


would not let my daughter game unless its myfarog


File: 1548482163200.png (782.41 KB, 1500x2655, 087033269159686538459b1073d7eebe.png)


just more proof that nintendo is and always will be the kiddie company id be flipping pissed if a 6 year old could beat my game lets see her overcome a real gaming challenge like completing the original アランドラ installment for the playstation


simply ask her to meet up at the clock tower in gunz and show her whos boss


gonno show off my k style


dont mess with a girl gamer


was thinking this but didnt want to post it


sigh guess ill fire up some splatoon


sigh out of cookie butter scsnapping the jar with my spoon for the last few bits


how was it


really wish a spidergirl would just eat me


found some inexplicable moisture on my posterior


hehe found a second jar of that c butter


should i play アランドラ
will it help me prove my worth as a gamer


what is your motivation for taking the next breath


no reason not to normhilist


that post made me start manually breathing


just started manually blinking too


started manually feeling my tongue is too big


only you can answer that question always remember that you must first have a noble cause before seeking strength


the sleeper has awakened


just got diagnosed with hiv


poz me


you wont be allowed in the mansion if youre not poz


File: 1548487088014.jpg (27.7 KB, 400x468, chunli.jpg)

himako saying goodbye to pnig


gonno bushcraft hima forecast is looking good


runecraft instead


eating coconut




why would you say that to me


its the rude guy


gonno snooze early tonight got a lot of stuff planned for tomorrow like buying some good bottled milk and playing lots of splatoon


only one on hima


im here


im here too


File: 1548495314508.jpg (Spoiler Image, 148.99 KB, 768x1024, 559b9fd75a538b12a655ea3ab54bb7d6.jpg)



wonder why i hate change so much something like a website changing their front page is enough to ruffle my feathers for a long time


hate change always find a game and stick with it for years or rewatch shows dozens of times






you have autism


is that tom waits


i am not autism


File: 1548499616781.jpg (275.26 KB, 1218x958, asqe7djpglc21.jpg)


can immediately tell a woman made that


wish i was dumb enough to raise someone elses child


File: 1548500449239.jpg (33.71 KB, 461x344, 17b02943bc8638c61177e18da86b0f97.jpg)

this is my favorite foidism because it uses the plate metaphor in two different fashions


youre wrong


just got home went for a nice 1am drive into the mountains got work in eight hours ill probably nap before then


where do manchildren fall in this


im incel


i think they just dont realize that it refers to baseball


what are you talking about



what a horrible night to have a curse


i was born cursed


feelin it


think im in love with the slime secretary


shes not even human


whats the problem


dont think im human


who cares shes got huge milkers and is a babe


wonder how pnig will react to his sentence






where is everyone


in the abyss


guess ill have some breakfast sandiwches


my sense of feeling and taste are off i think im sick


File: 1548514097061.jpg (244.91 KB, 1274x691, int.jpg)


die smarty pants



quaint plantation style home


File: 1548515799078.png (304.05 KB, 1717x632, Capture.PNG)

holy flip spit out my water all over the monitor bravo nirtx bravo


hate nintendrones


showered then snoozed then woke up hair looking japanese again guess ill get it cut today


if you cut it youll look less boyish


turt doesnt look boyish


wish i was a richnorm then i could get a flight sim or driving sim or farming sim


bought story of seasons trio of towns gonno get immersed in my farm


really weird how everyone in anime is always naked but ive never seen someone naked my entire life and no one has seen me naked


phew resnoozed hard


being naked is no big deal ive been around complete strangers naked


love simmering in a hot pit of groundwater with a bunch of japanese men


where how


hand fell asleep should i jo


its nojo february coming up so dont


whats everyone eating


hey hima woke up about three hours ago showered had my cafe au lait watched some tv with sis and had lunch now im gonno read


can you fit some gaming into your schedule


ya i think so


wish i had a sleep schedule


at the pho place


going to have some of this lemon pie


wish i had a nice bowl of pho enjoy


going to investigate the big tv in the attic i dont have a use for it but i want it for some reason


just woke up time to go buy some milk and start the splatting


play indiana jones music when youre up there




made pasta


die pastanorm


be nice please


wish i had some pasta


im happy to share


hell yeah hima got the whole national forest to myself since the government shut down


that is dangerous and illegal


so what its great


gonno make some coffee


if a bear or cougar mauls you there will be no help


i brought a knife


didnt you watch the revenant


was once scared of the dark woods as a boy but then i grew up and realized i was the scariest thing in them


norms could get you out there


no should i


not a norm in sight they cant get passed the locked gate hehe


take some pics


i wasnt built for the outdoors why did god design me to live as a recluse


im meant for living in a pampered gated community


File: 1548527224437.jpg (2.64 MB, 4160x3120, IMG_20190126_122517.jpg)

got a prime snooze zone by the lake


want to go to the theater but theres nothing good playing


are you going to try swimming