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use this one


NOT a bad idea i will accept your offering


does anyone knows why does mmd animation activates my flipping instincts harder than anything


miss old dead hima memes like dr nguyen


thats normal for example the YYB式桜ミク model shes angelic


File: 1545252119684.png (52.6 KB, 300x100, banner.png)

add it seki


is that his sis


brutal mog


so many stragglers still trapped in the christmas thread


im a ten koku guy in a two koku fief


love how mpv has the subtitle selection and audio selection buttons right on the main button bar
like it was made solely for watching anime


got mogged hard saw neighbor has a nice big lit up christmas tree through their window my puny fake tree is no match i was doomed from the start


lets go to bed its time for sleep


die earlymorph


sigh turt


installed devil may cry 4


buying mom a gold necklace for christmas what are some prettier rocks than topaz or opal


i dream of a future where women have no rights and have no legislative power at all where men make all the decisions and put women in their place as simple breeding machines
only when women are subjugated will we have a genuine chance at conquering the stars


that was the past old man




i dream of sexy lady fuck


dont buy jewelry for foids


hey guys just woke up


hey good morning remember to read and highlight


why were women brainwashed into liking shiny chunks of carbon


already read i enjoyed the stairs conversation


im at the hotel hima
my NOTebook wouldnt turn on but i gave it a few slaps and tried about a dozen times and now its working


my mom is NOT a foid


made some soba and soup time to feast


add it>>868616



shes gonno become one quick if you start fulfilling her inner desire for shiny things simply make her a card


she rarely buys herself anything she was looking at a gold necklace a few days ago so i thought id surprise her


File: 1545254941655.jpeg (139.71 KB, 576x437, 89A86E1F-EB28-417C-AE4F-F7858669C8E3.jpeg)

the future is going to be cool everything is going to be made with generative design software and be super light and cost less


gonno reduce my carbon footprint


can your farts and use it as a fuel source


the future pinches hard



im crab




dont believe in the future no such thing as time


ok done readin
had a bit of a fight with the arrogant pregnant ``girl thats ``training me shes such a bitch its so awful hima i always think back of my neet days when i used to lean on the balcony with my coffee and watch the sunrise and just think to myself that i had to enjoy every day to its fullest because one day ill be trapped in a job i hate and think back to those days and wish i could go back in time


is this the new poe expansion


watching that twoo tedx hes basted


on that NOTe gonna have some coffee


File: 1545256136201.png (Spoiler Image, 4.08 MB, 3000x2330, 7bafc2a8e3fa6ff724df5212b4e99c7b.png)

would you suck it




where is the penis


considering flipping a birl is that weird


burned my fingers making mushroom sauce


dont know if i posted about the steak sandwich i couldnt eat yesterday because i was feeling nauseous
gonno reheat it and snack


yeah that would be weird


File: 1545256721959.jpg (807.54 KB, 1000x1655, 327aadd3cc47f870351e0492101942d8.jpg)


moms coming over today to help clean because my brothers coming home for christmas and hes probably gonna stay here


sex is a sin and makes you go to hell



the get doesnt lie


wonder if pnig used his one phone call to call my tulpa


probably i mean who else would he call
maybe the gm instead to explain the situation



why would he call someone who isnt real


File: 1545258166381.png (Spoiler Image, 1.56 MB, 1728x1204, 14e1f7ffd11951b7506b2749ec37c19f.png)

sis sent me this


baste null


hairy pussy


still dont understand vaginas which part does the penis go in


wonder if eve came with an instruction manual


probably NOT theres an in game tutorial after all


File: 1545259169485.jpg (Spoiler Image, 383.13 KB, 830x1000, __miqo_te_final_fantasy_xiv_and_etc_drawn_by_f….jpg)


dreamed work guy got a job at jagex last night


the norms ive asked says you just put it in and it finds the hole on its own


gth ff14


i would give dovy pmod back and remove the rainbow scarf


is it like a suction effect


ive heard of virgs taking over five minutes to find it and ruining the whole thing and becoming laughstock for the rest of their lives and never being able to sleep at night before remembering the occasion


mindblowing how a full 8 hour shift makes all of the bad thoughts come back in full force


shouldnt the girl know where the hole is how does this even happen


simply practice finding it on sis


yup and then when you get home the first three hours fly by like its five minutes why doesnt that happen when im working and counting the minutes go back one by one


NOT sure if its better to be a virg and know youre pure and no girl has seen you vulnerable or if its better to have flipped once and know that you were at least attractive enough to NOT be a complete biological failure


you are a biological failure unless you sperm inside and get her pregnant


i was destined to be a failure


mom says im NOT a failure


think im going to hook up with every girl i can on tinder and sperm them to win the biological race




wonder how many times p anderson spermed in his wife


its quantity of children NOT foids flipped just get a nice wife like zsuzsanna


gonno shower and clean


how do you watch porn all day and NOT know what hole to put it in
love the virg larp


if women are left in control of sexual selection human males are going to evolve into lumbering 8 foot tall brainlets with penises dragging on the ground behind them


false because theres a positive correlation between beauty and iq


yes but the ones who end up having the most kids are usually the dumber ones


ever seen the movie idiocracy


the flip


he seems nice but his facial expressions are weird


he has been through a lot


you mean the snap


think im gonno lose it the postmen must die


hes a freak i hate him


the urge to snap has distorted me beyond recognition i am no longer the kind hearted young man i once was


would rather just beat women




dont do that


why NOT


how would you like it if someone beat you


if it was a sexy lady id love it


File: 1545265204826.jpg (334.49 KB, 1356x2048, 587ab6fd7b2af4c8a3584bffef097c08.jpg)



little bitch needs a good strike to the face


File: 1545265573994.jpg (598.06 KB, 983x935, 1545261914099.jpg)


File: 1545265709581.jpg (169.02 KB, 1920x1080, 144wg.jpg)


need a pinch stat


sigh that pic reminds me of the late 90s and early 00s loved watching cardcaptor sakura sailor moon saber marionette j tenchi muyo slayers ranma yu yu hakusho and stopping by the bookstore with dad to check on new manga and get the new chapter of love hina my god i am really never going to experience any of that again


nice angelic daughter


rot in hell dadnorm


its NOT norm



you shouldnt find that arousing


havin some bacon sandwiches hima


whats NOT arousing about it she has nice boobs and nice midriff and nice hips


a male should only be attracted to the opposite sex


thats no she


tired of the heterosexual meme
when will the cishits leave me alone and let me fuck a birl ass without feeling disgusting


gth reprobate


if you feel disgusting its because you know what youre doing is wicked


how are they


wish fvwm config didnt pinch so hard


they were great


sippin on coke zero and preparing to snooze
i swear to god if something bad happens tomorrow im quitting tomorrow on the spot i almost want something awful to happen so that i have an excuse because holy flip
it doesnt help that im being trained by a 32 weeks pregnant jewish woman if it were a man id have done something already but i cant raise my voice and have the risk of her passing out or crying or having a miscarriage id be crucified so its like im trapped in limbo


fulfill your duty and kick her real hard


yeah kick her down the stairs and keep aNOTher kike soyboy from polluting this earth


whats a soyboy


have a good snooze mate




might snoze myself


die raider


nice poji you might want to check this


gonna morph see you hima


hima is still awful even without pnigs annoying posts might be time to give up and move on



didnt mean it post that


to rather


miss pnig


File: 1545272674247.webm (Spoiler Image, 98.54 KB, 652x562, 1537810091692.webm)


where are you going


thats a good question


what the shite did you just say wap




guess ill fire up the soul caliburs


gonno play some closers


playing gt4
cant turbo the nsx in this game boo boo



why is this in my recommended videos


think turt is hacking me


just had a big revelation


gonno trim my nails


no dont


every day i thank god for the japs providing me with porn and funny cartoons and erotic drawings and jo songs


why did you distinguish porn from erotic drawings do you actually watch that jav crap


NOThin wrong with a nice jav


genuinely think aliens are here and they are watching us
trump has access to classified info and he created the space force with that info in mind he knows something we dont


p anderson said theres no life beyond earth


he is a buffoon


so bored just gonna end it




always have all these things i want to do but just end up staring at the wall


never have anything i want to do just have obscure grand plans for down the road


my tulpa called me and talked about the new bike shes thinking of buying
shes being tard and making the decision pasted off of the color of the bike instead of the actual model sometimes i think shes got a learning disability but i cant stop thinking about her




wish i was smart enough to wallstare


what times the trial


File: 1545282404376.jpg (128.91 KB, 720x720, 1544976224191.jpg)


its NOT a trial its a hearing


i dont understand wallstaring when you could be screenstaring


there wont be a trial its an open and shut case


or you could be book staring


how do you plead


his life is over turt won whip out the champaign


the dog is scared of the cork



hes going to out wallstare nb behind bars probably conjuring up a way to get his revenge


raging hard think i might break something


the judge will throw the case out and demand pnig gets reparations for having his time wasted


feel like prison might be a good experience just pushups and wallstaring 14 hours a day for years


if pnig goes to prison its for the rest of his life


david cantor said the state normally offers a plea for a single count 10 years


i read a blog from some prisoner that had a similar charge didnt seem too bad


File: 1545284060863.png (853.3 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Gir….png)

shes asking for it


spent lots of time researching how to have sex and NOT seem like a virg in case i ever get a chance im NOT going to tard it up like the other mate




what other mate


your wife should also have no idea what shes doing




NOThin norm about waiting til youre married


uh oh usually when i sleep i wake up refreshed with my despair counter back to 0 but this time it rolled over from yesterday


my despair counter is through the roof there is no going back from this


die norm


why did they make us take 2 or 3 sexual education classes in school but NOT classes that actually teach you how to find sex


fridge is empty but i keep watching food videos


i transferred schools from 3rd to 4th grade and i took my first sex ed in 4th grade and the lady was like ok class remember when you learned about this thing last year and i was scared as hell because i did NOT take sex ed at the school before in 3rd grade




File: 1545286492970.png (672.03 KB, 800x865, burg buddies.png)

wish i could share a 30lb burger with nb


nb would never share food


gotta wash my hands three times now thinking about that burger grease dripping all over the floor clothes and hands


oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck oh god oh fuck



makin some chicken and taters again


gonno jerk it to this little baby


today is the big day


why are my pits so sweaty today


File: 1545296931453.png (1.35 MB, 1439x813, retribution.png)


baste edgetron


File: 1545298404272.png (40.51 KB, 787x728, 2018-12-20-033251_787x728_scrot.png)


can you at least post bail with your ethereum money


he will flee the country


why is the court appearance date gone


he was sentenced to death




hehe the us legal system uses the NOT filter



can they tell me exactly what minor was sexually exploited by kenbo


the russian ones kept in snap dungeons who had their pictures taken that were promptly purchased and added in the 16 terabytes of cp that he had collected for his depraved pleasures


think its gonno be a mcdonalds breakfast today


only been at work for 2 hours and stomach already growling NOT good


want me to bring you something


File: 1545320551343.jpg (180.57 KB, 1504x1119, 1545312934292.jpg)


File: 1545322551373.jpg (1.04 MB, 1500x638, __original_drawn_by_waterkuma__fa830565b426ff8….jpg)


learned all about lawyering from gyakuten saiban maybe i should represent pnig


just call it ace attorney you flipping fag


opened a door way too hard because i thought there would be more resistance and it hit a mexican


dont tell me what to do


took 1.5g of phenibut



wonder what penguin tastes like


cant believe himako is about to be sentenced to 10 years


is he out of court yet


hes making a plea deal to rat out the rest of his pedophile ring


tardlaughing imaginging him explaining hima posts to the judge



tried the turkey bacon my imam recommended its pretty good


pretty interesting learning the etymology of the word lady


pill me



is terry back yet


hes gonna come back when pnig does


just got home work sucked hard
gonna turn an s2000 in gt4 and race the nurburgring for a while




cant sorry 60kbps tethered wifi
might as well be a 10 frame per minute slideshow


id still watch



gonno try making this


why is hima so dead today


my tulpa called me up and asked if i was doing anything for christmas i said usually i dont dp anything special and she started crying she said this year she wanted to spend it with me
NOT sure how to tell her im locked up


whats it taste like


probably doughy glue


dont feel anything


never ate glue before whats it like


used to put glue on my hands and peel it off like a layer of dead skin phew that was satisfying


staring at hima waiting for new posts


me too but only on the first grade


sorry mates im playing racing


should i do this


dont have any glue


what do you call someone that plays this


phew nice noise maker


thats NOThin fire this up at max volume


liar it was NOT satisfying at all


hehe already listened to that one


woke up hi


you used the wrong type of glue or NOT enough or you didnt let it dry enough


slept a good 12 hours phew


lets go to sleep hima gnight




gonno become a barista




always hated the crt meme


any word from the judge


simply call the courthouse and ask


he got 100 years


is hima going to die or what


hima im back havent read yet but i will went out for some beers with my boss hes the only likable person in that hellhole hes old and mom says i was born with an old soul so maybe thats why
have been checking mcp county and superior court seems like today was NOThing but status conference which is only an update between the judge and lawyers and there was a ia release order back in tuesday which means he might NOT be in jail since then isnt that nice


why hasnt he posted then


the vigilantes are after him he will be safer in prison


they will come after me


got like 14 gb of bad stuff but its encrypted in 512 bits so whatever the fbi wasted 13 months trying to decrypt a 256bit folder and just gave up


keep it to yourself


dont have any illegal porn just pirated stuff


we are all illegal in the eyes of god


they have a backdoor


maybe instructed by his lawyer to NOT interact
but on the 18th he got the chance to bail for 25k and if he ends up losing the case hed have the money back so its a no brainer at least in my uneducated opinion
anyways theres a preliminary hearing scheduled for dec 24th and thats basically just formalities so dont expect anything concrete until january 3rd


why would he have that much money



he got 150k from the settlement you idiot raider


NOThin foolish i use windows 10 with telemetry off so im safe


post proof of this settlement


didnt turt say that was fake


post proof that youre NOT a discordteen sekiteen oh wait you dont have any because thats what you are my bad im sorry


File: 1545350802901.jpg (66.94 KB, 472x463, hanging-a-negro-in-clarkson-street.jpg)

mesa arizona 12/24/2018


thats racist you cant post that
mrs obama ive done it ive stopped racism


nice chimpout but it doesnt help your case
there was no payout if he got any money at all it was some handouts from his family soon hell be using that money to buy cigarettes and bonbons from the prison canteen


load of shite


gonno buy some lottery tickets so i can fund the hima mansion


already secured the funds but canNOT access them without uncle sam swooping in and stealing all of it


how come only norms post here now


https://www.besmy tulpaore.com/beheading/24-year-old-danish-female-backpacker-morocco-final-trek-beheading/


hate goreteens


thinking my tulpa being all sad and lonesome needing a strong new ped to sweep her off her feet


onseki created a pro discord environment


already called my tulpa she was crying but she started giggling when i told her that i was arrested for having plastic vaginas
she was really understanding she said its okay kenny i know you have needs its weird that theyd investigate that
made me happy knowing that she knows im gonna be okay didnt want her to worry
her voice changed in a weird way when i explained that i put my bone in them though like she was clinging to every word and breathing heavily
NOT sure what it means though sigh


the mans just tryna keep a pbrother down


tulpa wasnt even real


lets all post our throbbing members on the jay in memoriam


File: 1545353112244.png (542.95 KB, 1280x862, color.png)

drew a picture of neetblog and me


right behind you


wonder if onseki checks reports


cant see my penis when i look down is that normal


started getting fat once and couldnt see my penis anymore and i hated it so i stopped being fat


why do you want to see your penis are you gay


NOThing gay about touching your own penis


going to watch some vids and then snooze shortly after


he gets paid 6 figs as the manager of a water store


ive been gaming


are you playing vroom vroom games


nice vroomer


hate onseki hate turt




hope it wasnt a racing game or a dmc game or an emulated game


its an emulated racing game


going to need a psychiatrist if my bro doesnt come back sigh




yeah it was


call him a bastard NOT me





dont get this meme


been making a giant glue ball for the last hour


move along worshiper your god is dead


if only you knew who i am


is anyone going to make a hima spinoff


fire up duegi




whats the point just for aNOTher domain with the same people posting in the same board
i sure as hell dont want more people because theres nobody in the world to add and i dont even want everyone because of raiders so


raiders can assimilate


its like changing your underwear


bring back coby deligirl himako freakeye otalad futari lollies and kamisama apotheosis remove turt and spicsuz


assimilate to what this is basically an anonymous chatroom between people whove been talking for years anyone new is just intruding


futari lollies is dead




you mean …


probably got stabbed by some local bandits


remove normseki as well


wrong they dont give a flip and refuse to change until you adapt because its overwhelming and you got no other choice and administration refuses to do anything and when you see it youre posting with a bunch of ten years younger strangers and when you make a reference to something that happened on the w nobody gets it and it fills you with existential dread and a deep feeling of loneliness and you think to yourself what is really the point of it all but instead of posting about it you keep it to yourself and it gradually gets even worse
onseki loves this scenario because his teenfriends that give him attention on the daily have only to gain and you only to lose


feelin it


still regretting NOT taking hima when himako stepped down and instead letting onseki nonchalantly take it to himself without thinking twice


the previous admin left momgf and runeheal unbanned anyway its NOT any different


complained about hima in 2016 missed 2016 hima in 2017 while complaining about hima in 2017 and miss it now will probably miss current hima next year


everyone who posted on the w is dead except me


i the warosublog am still here


how could you forget about i, neetblog


im choco


always forget you guys are real people feels like im just talking to disembodied voices


wish i could forget behind every post i see a grinning unwashed near 30 neet


im only 26


never grin i have resting bitch face


have a permanent frown


turn that frown upside down


phew just got the motul civic racecar this thing is flipping sick hell yeah kanjo


fire up burnout revenge instead


dont have enough bandwidth to dl it


phew nice road rage


memphisseki turned me onto devil shit now i have evil thoughts up in my head


yes its impossible to avoid those thoughts i have a redpill for you though
90 percent of the stuff those guys rapped about is made up and hardly any of them were murderers


you cant slander lord infamous and the mafia 6 like that


im trying to keep you from committing a crime and ending up in jail like pnig


only black people stuff i enjoy is vipper wutang and robert johnson


i belong in a cage im NOT better than an animal


anyone have the neetcage pic


nah gth vile sodomite


NOThin sodom


oh youre talking about the thing from that video that was posted the other day


you mena the retail archæology video


no im NOT


going to snooze the workers snooze


still staring at the two vag pics posted earlier


File: 1545361249202.mp4 (393.47 KB, bt3lrVn4U8wDaQKN.mp4)




what the shite


disgusting furnorm


need to wash my disgusting ass and brush my tooth


that was disturbing


just found out ballerinas are real thought they were fantasy creatures like gnomes


im gnome


what about gymnastic sexy ladies



ballet is much more refined and graceful than the vulgar, writhing display known as gymnastics


sis took ballet




File: 1545362751745.png (Spoiler Image, 619.19 KB, 780x708, 1542520306094.png)




same might just end it


fire up a sushi bar


what happened to /g/


the jans are fighting back


4norm is getting owned hard


flip 4crap


dont know which sushi to make


tired of getting owned by 2b


play world of tanks


but i already played that too much 6 years ago


shocked how similar the posting styles of several himabros are to 4shitters
its almost as if


cleaned the whole house vacuumed and mopped what are you guys up to


says the 4teen using -shitter


i dont use 4chan i just checked because >>869011
go back there norm


no i mean only a 4norm would use the term 'shitter'


sweating hard hima


what happened


NOThing i just had the ac off


learning economics from a portly jewish professor on youtube think im a natural at this going to be rich in no time


wish i was jewish


hes misleading you they only teach their own kind correctly


havent posted since this morning hi whats up




File: 1545369642440.jpg (32.13 KB, 816x274, volume.jpg)


i dont get it


whats a cool username








File: 1545370073113.png (771.72 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Uchi no Maid ga Uzasugiru! - 11….png)

how pnig got the cp charges


never washed a sexy lady before whats it like


ive felt like an outcast among outcast for years the guy having a crisis just now is a giant norm


which guy are you referring to


use a badass one like envoy of perdition


its too late


uh what crisis


you know you little kitty


no idea what this fool is saying


File: 1545371262617.jpg (Spoiler Image, 73.25 KB, 667x667, 1545365910304.jpg)


too much norm spam going to close my browser for the day


all alone


im here but i might hit the sack soon then go to bed


only one on hima


wonder if evelin or david are his cellmates


davids flipping jacked bet hes busting kens cheeks hard as flip right now


he will befriend them with his charisma


holy flip these are the most pronounced chink features ive seen in quite some time how repulsive



File: 1545375797734.jpg (23.26 KB, 480x600, T512557_030000.jpg)



nice deep one


thinking of planting some bombs in chinatown



didnt freak eyed once said that he was so excited his mom bought him chocolate milk that he went overboard and drank both gallons in the same day and then threw up


wish i was some dumb fat black guy feel like my life would be way better


milk isnt sold by the gallon in australia


chocolate milk tastes better when mom makes it


how do they sell it


by the litre


File: 1545377166904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 23.57 KB, 480x600, T512693_030000.jpg)



wonder if his mom is still with that guy


how many gallons in a litre then


i dont know


around 3.75


that is NOT that many


you mean .26


yeah i read his post wrong i thought he said litres in a gallon


that guy...


Big bold beautiful Manhattan Cafe closed the doors without giving NOTice and left us with empty cups now filled with memories as the whisper wind of Grace escorts him to pastures of peace.


its getting late hima


wonder how pnig is holding up


you got somewhere to be


think my mouse is starting to break the left click is all sticky


fire up the compressed air


my left click clicks twice


i dont have any air


that was happening with my trackball wonder if its still there


there are people who have never did a left click before because all they do is touch screens




tapping the touch screen counts as a left click


what happened to mindblowing guy


no thats NOT correct


he blew his mind all over the basement wall


cant stop burping


what is you continue to exist as a disembodied consciousness after death what kind of things would you guys choose to think about would you still fantasize about jo stuff despite lacking your corporeal form


id probably just follow norms around and spook them


disembodied like a ghost or disembodied like just stuck in your thoughts forever




File: 1545378477590.jpg (Spoiler Image, 119.58 KB, 480x600, 10 to life.jpg)


the first thing id do as a ghost would be to find every himamates room and see just who ive been posting with for years



do NOT come to my room


the truth of my wretched existence has been known to drive men mad




holy flip


can i snap other disembodied


why what are you hiding


snap is highly immoral so i really hope youd refrain even if it were possible


dont ask questions you dont want answered


snap filter always makes me laugh


youre easily amused


what about the potato chef filter


NOThin wrong with being easily amused


farted on the toilet and the tone changed from low to high halfway through and i laughed


surely there has been at least one occasion where it failed to elicit your laughter


no NOT once


remember there was a real potato chef on hima what happened to that guy unless he was joking


would you consider yourself genki


i dont laugh when its like gsnaps but that doesnt count


wouldnt mind a big hug


gsnap juice


why do nigs love gsnap juice so much


whats wrong with gsnap juice it tastes good


cranberry is better


i agree but that doesnt mean gsnap is bad


good work nb


cranberry juice is for elderly freaks


always hated cranberry juice


take it back cranberry juice owns


mom threatened to baker act me


does it really own im willing to give it aNOTher try mom drinks it so theres some in the fridge but if it doesnt im never taking it back


get prune


doesnt prune juice make you shite hard


yeah it owns hard love cranberry juice


my pachysaurus is at last complete


used to drink vodka and cranberry juice a lot but mom called me gay every time i did so i stopped


a mother should never insult her son you are the fruit of her womb


mom never called me gay


being gay isnt an insult its an honor


mom thought i was gay for the duration of my early adult life but she eventually realized i was just a loser incel


just remembered reindeer are real


crazy how the single greatest predictor of success both financial and reproductive is wrist circumference


never figured out the difference between moose and reindeer


and caribou and elk and deer


should i do wrist gains


where the flip did all these posts come from


that was me sorry


just like all other incel factors you canNOT change your wrist circumference


i have a big wrist circumference but im a complete failure


legs hurt


the blood of conquerors and adventurers courses through your veins


made the mistake of checking the index again



nb is up to no good again


wish nb would just die


quit besmirching nbs good name you fucker


what did i do


you went over the basted limit


need a new scapegoat now that pnig is dead


phew my mouse fixed itself on its own



what the flip is that


File: 1545383180976.jpg (235.97 KB, 1280x1085, 1280px-Saiga_antelope_at_the_Stepnoi_Sanctuary.jpg)


dont know the difference between deer reindeer moose caribou elk or antelope


dont even know what half of those are


your ancestors used to travel hundreds of miles to hunt larger more aggressive versions of those animals with NOThing but sticks and rocks and yet you manbabies dont do anything but sit around staring at a glowing square and rubbing your peepee up and down to big eyed cave paintings




if they had happened to live today theyd be doing the same thing


hate rubbing my peepee


think ill rub my peepee to some children right about now


baste pnig


think of the consequences


will anyone hug me


dont hug men only hug sexy ladies
hugging is a sexual act


no its NOT you retard


go out and hug an unsuspecting sexy lady on a playground and see how the public perceives your allegedly nonsexual act then


you shouldnt be hugging anyone against their will to begin with that doesnt make it sexual


so youre telling me youre a retarded norm


i rest my case good flipping day sir


have never enjoyed a hug


i have never initiated a hug


if you crave to hug a male then youre NOT a man anymore


if it wasnt sexual then it wouldnt be a crime when a hug occurs then it implies at least one party desires flip


it isnt a crime


yet your leader languishes helplessly in a miserable cell as we type


File: 1545386597773.png (321.79 KB, 480x488, uli2018.png)



baste chadillillia


im NOT a ped and i dont like pnig


despite what you may say you canNOT help that for we are all ped here im ped youre ped


but im NOT a ped


there are two types of people


i have made a habit of lounging au naturel for so many years now that wearing clothes feels so constraining and alien to the point of physical pain and discomfort no longer will i be restricted by such needless accessories dont even bother to wear my boxers when i make trips to the kitchen anymore ive become skilled at avoiding detection


good night


ate too many springerle


what the fuck is a springerle


traditional christmas biscuit from home country


hate christmas hate biscuits


flip you nobiscuit


im mentally inferior to everyone on hima


no the guy who wants to be a girl is dumber


whats dumb about wanting to be a girl asshole


whats wrong with wanting to be a girl it looks fun


its great dont listen to him


so you agree im the dumbest


if you were a girl youd have no honor and dignity left and youd be exploited for your pussy you would hate your life



just watched freakeyes tedtalk it was pasted


woke up and finished reading


File: 1545405147873.jpg (373.42 KB, 1944x2592, 1545383485790.jpg)


pasted chinkblog


File: 1545409545198.png (1.07 MB, 1134x2015, BD2511DC-EFBF-4776-98C2-983F171AFFEE.png)


wish i was an anime girl so bad


how do blind people know they are done wiping


i see people saying baste everywhere now did hima really invent it


do you mean pasted or baste


the latter


File: 1545414762199.jpeg (82.35 KB, 616x826, B6E6014B-944F-4AAC-B413-68335BA3125E.jpeg)

we invented it


hima is the forefront of meme development



File: 1545419278205.jpg (145.43 KB, 792x1024, 1545286122429.jpg)


where is everyone


sigh just realized pnig made 80% of the posts during the dead hours now theres a void here


no dota to watch for weeks


what happened to league of legends mate



wheres the jp dub


NOT happening sorry


havent posted all day been busy doing house work took a break to feast and to get more coffee


thats because he ran off a lot of people with his normposts


installing lol


cat smells like piss


sheets smelled like piss but moms doing laundry now


did you piss in them


lets go to sleep hima


maybe ill be neetblog


im already neetblog


NOT sure i sleep naked so that could be the case




fell for the nude snooze meme


how is it a meme


its natural


just got back from the junkyard my phone died got a manifold and a downpipe for 28 bucks


wonder how freakeyes holding up in the summer heat


abs for summer


back up to 234 lbs


keep up the good work


im a god damn twig i can slip in a car exhaust pipe


slip in me


woke up hi


hi hima finally in the hotel havent read yet
had to go to the mall after work for some shopping
today is my last day here my flight back is tomorrow at 8am
cant wait to see mom again


File: 1545432011549.jpg (1.28 MB, 1744x2345, __shinjou_akane_ssss_gridman_drawn_by_rosaline….jpg)

gross pussy


moose are like reindeer but tardfaced



i dont get it


youre becoming nasubi


uh oh they changed youtube again



wish i could watch pripara with pnig again


NOT me but i used to play league back in alpha and beta wonder if its fun


i onyl snooze in my underwear


nah it sucks even harder now


saw a bunch of sexy ladies outside today and three jap sisters that looked like they were 7 8 and 9 and the older one seemed bored as heck reminded me of nevada tan
why are bored sexy ladies so nice


but theres like a thousand heroes to choose now that should be fun


theyre all the same


would be flipping pissed if some little chink sluts infested my aryan neighborhood luckily we all understand the importance of homogeneity and racial harmony here


die racist


saw a bunch of jap and korean and chink girls outside today but they all had asian bfs maybe the white thing is a meme


hate this blindnorm


File: 1545435338420.jpg (64.46 KB, 1280x720, 1545240213647.jpg)


rage when i see my reflection


kept passing by mirrors at the store and each one was taking hp i cant let anyone discover my one true weakness or ill be finished



i like to look at myself in the mirror and pose hehe


always smirk when i see my reflection since im basted


saved like 20 images from yesterdays raid on g im glad because ive been saving images at a very slow rate recently


ive developed the compulsion recently of repeating 'ooooh banana' from donkey kong 64 when you discover a golden banana to myself whenever i see my reflection always manages to pick me up


that sounds pretty funny


what were you doing on 4gay and why are you saving raid images do you raid hima



never voluntarily had my picture taken even as a wee lad i knew the dangers


it was from warosu and yes i do enjoy posting a nice frogger on hima now and again is that a problem


someones gonna have to balance this place out


checked youtubes homepage saw a scythe mowing rec i am pleased


toastin up a turkey sandwich


gotta have a little sadness one in a while so you know when the good times come im waiting for the good times now


it is they only date eachother
saw a chink with a white wife last week at church though


turkey sandwich tasted spicy but i did NOT put anything spicy in it


mom invited a mogger into our home speechless right now




race mixers would NOT be allowed in my church


show him whose boss


youd never be in charge of a church since you have to be married to be a pastor


obviously i mean a real church NOT a protestant whorehouse


gonno watch some husky394xp


what did you mates ask santa for this year


to put an end to this twisted life




had something i wanted but forgot it



have to do something during the dead hours


i desire NOThing moms probably gonno get me clothes again




mom got me new sweatpants and a polo shirt


going to sperm


getting christmas eve anxiety


whats to by anxious about its the most relaxing time of the year


how is it more relaxing than a normal day of no consequence


i must return to my homeland japan


because regular days are chaotic anything could happen
during christmas everything is completely set in stone and planned out


gotta say i do like the hotels weighted blankets theyre great


what could happen on a normal day


should i get a weighted blanket


get arrested for 10 counts


forgot my secret partition password wrote it down on a paper somewhere but lost it even forgot the plausible deniability password sigh


i dont know much about them though so maybe you should try them out first in case the weight varies you might end up getting one too light or too heavy


should i snooze or game




game a bit then snooze


its one or the other


thats forbidden


File: 1545442420215.jpg (28.61 KB, 612x408, 1541973450902.jpg)


bored but i just woke up




love how there are some repeating characters like the actor guy in lpc calls


love gamer girls


wait thats NOT a gamer girl thats just some slav whore


its pretty





why would a globalist religion NOT want to racemix the entire globe


File: 1545446620901.gif (786 KB, 500x283, giphy.gif)

Tfw no otaku gamer gf


nice teen


sigh i like her smile


gonno jo off


epic turt


that you bnig


hes gone


wonder if pnig was forbidden to use the net
i would have a disposable device like a deactivated phone and just hang out in libraries and starbucks and ped post on wifi


hes getting his teeth pulled out by agent beauford


ya use the most insecure technology to make references to illegal content


does agent beauford have a statement to make


hes on vacation with the kids got the card in the mail today


just got off the phone with public defender neetblog


would be an honor to have the blog defend me


how come japan is so determined to entice people to jo to feet dont they realize how transparent their schemes are




pasted lpc


trimmed my feet nails


i bite my toenails love releasing the stink from my toenails after a good bite


just applied to work at jagex



File: 1545453810136.jpg (10.67 MB, 10000x4332, Corpus_Christi.jpg)

the hima castle


thats too big


nah neetblog will take up most of the empty space


gonna download some lectures to listen to on my route tomorrow


nb is 100 times the man youll ever be


gonno put some leatherlung firebreathing preaching on my zishan and listen during my walk tomorrow




fire up some water



nip food looks good but i know my tard palate would force me to spit it out since theres NOT enough sugar like in every western food


cant believe thats the serving size at 15:26 i could breath that in flipping twigs


think i ate some chicken bones


eat this bone


getting ddos or comcast is shite


jazz music stops


call them xfinity NOT comcast they rebranded


thought xfinity was just the service


ya but they dont want to be called comcast anymore as an isp


how do i stop picking my nose


do you know how to spot a nose picker


fucking 500 ping fuck them hard


wasnt xfinity verizon NOT comcast


just for this since i only use about 350gb a month ill start torrenting random stuff and deleting it to approach my cap which is like 750gb




ill dl haruhi all br releases


File: 1545461957704.webm (1.14 MB, 640x360, yeah.webm)


i do that at the end of the month right before it rolls over


never downloaded anything before


storming so my nets going slow flip


perhaps its a sign you need to play a single player game




checked my usage 350 is at its peak i see i used 150 in october and 180 in september these guys got off easy but NOT anymore


sick of norms preying on my lack of life experience


File: 1545462753377.webm (2.17 MB, 1280x720, me sing.webm)


happened to me NOT long ago made me feel bad


logging off early again tonight the raider is too insistent


what else should i download


my internet keeps going out so im just gonna watch fishing videos for a few hours


is that you nb


why NOT some scythe videos instead


flipping hate flipping fat flipping overweight flipping piles of motherflipping blubber


youre in the wrong neighborhood twig


regret visiting the doki site



what was the spinoff with the live posting called does it still exist


wish i had a cool haircut but id be too ashamed to ask mom to bring me to a more expensive place


bowlcuts are cool


are you thinking of meguca thats NOT a jp spinoff


might pick up some hitchhikers elpresador style wish i knew how to drive sigh


what about plumpers


theres chakai


there was one about tea or something along those lines that was posted on warosu once


yes thats chakai


once picked up a hitchhiker on a whim when i had the 944 just so i can say i did
it wasnt as interesting as youd imagine i think i spooked him a little which is understandable i just dropped him off at the truck stop where all the drifters congregate


wish i could get a cool bike like pnig but the process for getting a license is too complicated


hate bikeniggers


people being able to see me typing up a post gave me anxiety




onseki should add it now that he has complete command


onseki should fix [aa]


think im going to subscribe to the humble bundle



doesnt keith realize hes too old to watch these


dog woke me up 5 times to squirt liquid shite out her ass


hima im finally back home phew


File: 1545489428001.png (764.18 KB, 1152x800, __kagari_atsuko_little_witch_academia_drawn_by….png)


kitty is so happy to see me shes purring and showing me every room and where she drinks water in case i get thirsty





me live organ sample me jo



actually thought the live organ sample was pretty funny


phew fantastic coffee today


does anyone have cameron mitchells dox we need to avenge kenneth


did you forget what happened to the last norm who messed with turt


turt had NOThing to do with it flip you wk


woke up


morning hi


File: 1545504108647.webm (2.66 MB, 640x480, 1545477927698.webm)


still NOT sure why groids are allowed to live


there probably wasnt even anything valuable in that bag just work or school documents or something


so many cartoons and books and television shows about summer camps yet ive never known a kid that actually went to those


its for richnorms they cost 10k a summer



got a new pair of nbs for 45 bucks


head to bible camp


mom made me go to summer school once


nice tardeye


went to vacation bible school once and i was pissed when i discovered it was just like regular bible school im NOT sure where they got the vacation part from it was in the usual room and everything


cant believe i fell for the meme


taught at vbs once its for tards


mom sent me to a summer camp like 3 times


whats wrong with


it pinches


never went to summer camp thank god


never went to summer camp thank god


went once it was awful never went back


did seki finally bring back double posting


going to spend my first christmas in years without kenny


its a christmas miracle


any word on his sentence



fuck you asshole


File: 1545514765598.png (4.48 KB, 513x49, uh oh.PNG)



File: 1545515010755.png (5.59 KB, 599x53, Capture.PNG)


call the courthouse on the 24th and say kenneth boles has used his internet connections to have a bomb planted in the building


dont even joke about doing that


File: 1545515699353.png (34.25 KB, 392x421, teens.PNG)

fire up the whitelist onseki


im pissed about it dont for a second think i condone that


bring in the discordteens


just woke up hi


File: 1545519711405.png (711.95 KB, 960x638, 48413271_587449898380542_8233852447060131840_n.png)


had three blogweisers


wish i was pnigs cellmate




he would ban you ten times over before giving a discord a warning


this is NOT hima its onsekis personal playground that happens to have hima as its domain


phew just feasted hard on some chili toast and blogweiser


onseki cant turn on the whitelist since it would make phoneposting too difficult for him


does anyone have cameron mitchell's address


i do but im NOT home
havent made more than like five posts a day for the last week because of the travel sigh hate the eet life


when will you be home




how do you have his new address


his dox was posted long time ago


he never moved



i arrived this morning but something came up and then ill go to my aunts house with mom for christmas so only on wednesday and i work on the 26/27/28th
im bringing my offices NOTebook to aunts though


he claimed he moved when he got his current job


he was looking to move but never did


a graduated buff worknorm that hates the world for NOT being born a fullblown norm attacks a peaceful truneet thats only working a tardjob due to a severe life crisis




how is it a tardjob


he only has to load and unload empty jugs of water and fill them with water and load them back into the car


its 30 minutes of work throughout a 8 hours shift


the worshipers are in ruins


oh got the worknorms confused


already starting to feel nervous


who will the worshipers worship now
especially that one really vocal and really rude one from ota that would say how he hates me all the time


gonno eat some chocolate and snooze


why do you want to see pnig go to prison for years just because he banned you


these christmas banners are simply too sexy


theyre too vile


i will be taking down the christmas banners on january 2nd unless everyone wants me to do it on the 26th


jan second please


File: 1545528576562.jpg (121.5 KB, 1280x720, 1545527830119.jpg)


what happened to the rude guy


dead hours


turt was here for a moment but i offended him and he left


take them down on the 26th australian time


is it true toilet flushes spin the opposite way in australia


no i got a lat cramp


only girls get cramps


thats NOT true


and hurricanes spin the other way too


zombie saga caught me off guard and i cried twice


christmas is january 7th


same but it was a constant cry


flip normmas im waiting for chinese new year




weird to think that i devoted the entirety of 2018 to one piece and im still 80 eps behind release
havent watched any other anime at all this whole year


File: 1545533615935.png (155.59 KB, 540x291, 1544577532070.png)

where can i find some chinks to test this on


free to play multiplayer games


hate one piece


kind of a dumb thing but when i get home i really want to play xcom 2 just a nice singleplayer game that i can relax with and play my own way
anyways gonno snooze woke up at 4 am today im spent


its japanese heritage


it needs to end now


grandma showed up without warning she was hoping to catch me alone here and ambush me lucky mom was home goddamnit


the mangaka said its just now passing the halfway mark


doubt theres more than 10 people that own every single volume of one piece


hes milking it



one piece is already by far the longest running manga i doubt anyone will ever top it paper manga will die before then
in the future alien societies will treat one piece books as historical texts


ive been sequestered in my neethole writing and drawing the hima manga nonstop for the past three years its already three quarters the length of one piece and i wont be stopping any time soon


you WHAT


did you put me in it


mom has hosted gatherings for 3 days now flipping flip the holidays


why dont you go out and greet the guests


whats the point im an unremarkable specimen under 6 feet with small wrists my presence will be insignificant wish i could just go out for my daily bowl of cereal in peace didnt bother to stock up since i foolishly assumed mom wouldnt betray me to the norms like this dont even have any water left and the walls rumble with their festivities


grandma gave me gucci cologne


wish i werent so sensitive to external disturbances


just get water from the tap


how im too tard to wear clothes anymore and all the available sinks are within their fields of vision


how do i play dota


just walk into the mid lane and give the enemy laner a firm handshake


you must exceed the minimum number of concussions to play moba


wish i was smart enough to play dota but i can only play league


i wish i knew but im too flipping mentally handicapped


im too dumb for dota lol or any moba


mom got mad i gamed for so long


File: 1545537663182.png (639.68 KB, 1114x1600, 1541013722411.png)

tell her its your job


it is my opinion that i am the smartest hima member of all even smarter then freak eye


it is my opinion that i am the dumbest hima member of all even dumber then the suz


what manga broseph


nah im dumber than you


i dont know raider


hes been posting here for a couple of days its hard NOT to NOTice


i hope he isnt posting here since the feds are monitoring his internet usage


any chinks here


there better NOT flipping be


going to flipping rage at mom when the house clears out holy flip


File: 1545538101661.jpg (64.83 KB, 1023x575, 1545363599869.jpg)

ill take care of it bro

动态网自由门 天安門 天安门 法輪功 李洪志 Free Tibet 六四天安門事件 The Tiananmen Square protests of 1989 天安門大屠殺 The Tiananmen Square Massacre 反右派鬥爭 The Anti-Rightist Struggle 大躍進政策 The Great Leap Forward 文化大革命 The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution 人權 Human Rights 民運 Democratization 自由 Freedom 獨立 Independence 多黨制 Multi-party system 台灣 臺灣 Taiwan Formosa 中華民國 Republic of China 西藏 土伯特 唐古特 Tibet 達賴喇嘛 Dalai Lama 法輪功 Falun Dafa 新疆維吾爾自治區 The Xinjiang


may just have to rage




what did you just said


never mind he beat me to it


chinks use vpns that does NOT do anything



link some of his posts



that was me


flip you


that actually wasnt me but pnigs NOT the only one that doesnt like turt


stop posting this cia niggers videos


nobody likes turt



onseki does
turt is his idol


people defend pnig just because turt makes him seem sympathetic


turt feeds on hatred so i need to like him or he will get what he wants


i will defend pnig till my very last breath


prefer turt to pnig pnig is just way too manipulative i hate it


same hate that nigger


i dont like pnig and im enjoying his absence but i dont want to see him go to prison


he is too soft for prson


those kids cant be unjerked


him and david are playing d&d


zombieland was nice but i didnt cry
the horriblesubs rip had some seriously laggy 3d animation during the climax of the song that distracted me
i dont hate 3d animation but i do hate when its laggy


turts baste as hell there is NOT one thing about him that isnt pasted


with his charisma pnig will become a shot caller and bust the cheeks of all the female prison guards


do people really play d&d in prison or is that a load of hogwash


wonder why is it called hogwash do you think they would wash pigs a lot in the past


nice turt


yawn boruto is filler trash again big surprise the last 85 episodes have been trash


whatever happened to groan mate


there is already 85 episodes wow



groaned his last


thats groanseki


it is hogwash because there is no point to washing a hog


flip thats clever


how did you learn that


i just thought of it


going to rage if you actually deduced that yourself nobody here should be smarter and more imaginative than me


die smartnorm


im tard


from the latin hog and the dutch wash



mine made more sense


you didnt even read it


phew my supremacy remains unchallenged


i read it in 10 seconds and then posted in 5 seconds


ill challenge it once my game is finished it will become a classic like chrono


that is a mathematical impossibility considering only 13 seconds elapsed between the time of posting and your response your brain may be exceptional compared to your everyday company but your level must be much higher to compete around here


how do i remove my libido


whats wrong with it


im horndog


simply restrain yourself and it will slowly go away


hogwash the libido is essential to neet flourishing


tie it up with a ribbon


dont do that itll turn into a faggot


pretty sure it was 23 seconds correct me if im wrong


missed the you oops


uh you mean 23 seconds



very funny onseki but you obviously changed the 47 to a 37 to save face


did you really think your tactics would go unNOTiced by me


NOT even sure what youre replying to ive been watching anime my last post was >>869588


yet you managed to reply instantly how convenient


think january first is the last chance to make it back to the other timeline


paranoid schizo alert


hate the timeline meme


need to get back to the mirror mirror on the wall world


its time to return to the dream world


still stuck in the shimoneta 2015 timeline somebody please god send me back


shimoneta sucked hard


shimoneta was last year wasnt it


my package count is now 503


latest jojo was a mirror episode


you mean like endless eight


im at 806


nice bloater


whats is it like to weight over 500 lb


should i clean my room


solved the haruhi problem


waiting for mom to snooze so i can jack it


hey what happened to momfeeder was he also the mom flipper


miss let me think about it guy




bunny girl was a thriller this week foreshadowing the whole episode and a predictable climax at the end like every other episode
its okay this is a good show reminds me of kuzu no honkai the way it throws twists


the water store pays very well


just got complimented on my musical taste by somebody on jp knew i was a patrician


mindblowing that people pay for water when i can just turn on my faucet and get thousands of gallons for free


how is your tap water free


your still paying for that water technically


mindblowing that you can simply convert to judaism and get israeli citizenship in months


NOT me mine is all rainwater from a tank


too smart to have my mind blown by such trifling revelations i have independently formulated almost every single belief system and every academic discipline just via careful introspection in my room


they have to prick your penis with a needle first


what if im already mutilated


they chop off your foreskin like you are one of the philistines


wish i didnt know what the jew doctors did with the foreskins after they slice it off


they eat them


glad im NOT circumcised feel sorry for you poor bastards


sigh whats it like


guys whatever you do dont load himas index there is an unwelcome visitor here


its great



reminds me that pnig never made those honeycums


wouldnt mind being turned into a big cake and eaten by neetblog



hate when when chinkfood vids appear in my feed


its malaysian


whats the difference


ignorant fool


thinking about becoming muslim so i can btfo foids


gunna go have a rage be back later


stop hating women


that sounds pretty retarded


die norm


you cant speak to nopersona like that


just got a nice cool refreshing glass of milk


they started it


sis is watching home alone


seki are you still using normjaro


File: 1545546286730.jpg (64.36 KB, 718x856, 1545368314438.jpg)



いm boosted


why are raids a daily occurrence now


do you even know what a raid is



one image isnt a raid and theres a high chance it was posted by some guy who has been around for a long time


refuse to believe any self-respecting member of hima would willingly upload an image of that nature


dont think anyone here respects themselves




gonna fire up the new jojo


fire it up in hell norm


stream or else


hope nb starts streaming again to fill the gap pnig left in the schedule


lol owned that norm


File: 1545548182443.jpg (75.61 KB, 563x693, 1545454499450.jpg)

gaymers you seeing this


wish to snooze on that pillow if you know what i mean


did this dumb cow just insult sony


snooze on that protruding mass of fat globules emanating from the medial part of your body


gonna jo


cant believe paul the apostle is revered for being an incel and im reviled for it


File: 1545549128532.jpg (413.38 KB, 1200x1724, 1436121983104.jpg)




gonno go for a brisk nightwalk then snooze hard


wonder how pnigs life would have turned out if he was born in japan


hed be in a cushy japanese prison eating delicious food


japanese prisons are supposed to be inhumane


only american prisons are inhumane


never understood people who like cuisine of a certain nationality the only food i like is my own unique tard blends that cant be classified by such imprecise methods


im so quirky and unique x3


does that fact intimidate you norm


why do you say that


has thad said anything since he got out of prison


whats a package count


File: 1545551340479.jpg (749.45 KB, 960x1280, 1545541968847.jpg)




File: 1545551377035.jpg (16.69 KB, 331x442, 1544739821273.jpg)


thats photoshopped


i was about to post that one the other day before i realized



File: 1545551668952.png (360.85 KB, 851x1200, 054.png)


never streamed


does this dumb pedjap really think im going to read a whole page of him bitching and moaning


about time for my annual eureka seven rewatching


in what world has the blog NOT streamed


what is so great about that show


it rules


i streamed once but it wasnt an official blog stream






gonno fire up some sao


flip you sexnorm


dont like the character design they look too wispy and frail


theyre children


can only watch dubbed anime




cant watch any anime produced before 2012 anymore its too dull and dreary i need vibrant saturated colors to tardmood effectively


cant watch any anime made after 2006


i highly doubt that even i only watch subbed anime on the rare occasion that i watch it


hate reading while im trying to watch something dub is simply superior


wish i could see color


dont watch anime unless i need to jo



watched all of clannad dubbed


house still occupied by norms


big sigh


only watch db dubs


only watch viet and malay dubs


did i tell you guys every time they say eureka i get a huge bone


flip you chink


yes you did vile sexnorm


got a gallon of wine gonna listen to exit trance and play world of tanks all night while i drink hard its been a while


was only able to watch the db kai dub the original dbz dub pinches too hard


what does cv stand for anyways is it character voice


wish i could indulge in an enjoyable activity but my mental faculties have been under norm assault all day


nb here should i stream some scape




hell yeah


might reintroduce the possibility of a separate residence to mom so i wont have to endure this in the future she offered once but i wasnt mentally prepared at the time think i might have what it takes to live independently now how hard can it be if someone else is paying rent for you



i thought that mate got banned


he did but he made a new account


whats it like to neet alone


me too but 2008


anime endlessly improves with the passing of each year


how can you say that with a straight face


never watched anime is it good


its good but in a way only those with refined sensibilities can appreciate you have to give it a certain respect its NOT something you can just watch like an ungrateful norm as if it were netflix


sick of being fat i hate my genes


simply stop eating


do NOT squander your birthright


if i stop eating i go into starvation mode no matter what my natural weight is 270 lbs


better an excess than a deficiency


seki i need you to cross compile with me


big bone


oooog live organ sample ooooooog


lovely song


become a powerlifter so you have an excuse


FUCK chinks



pasted yang


File: 1545560455341.png (461.48 KB, 833x630, 1545559895865.png)


feelin really sad


i wonder if i can retain boyhood forever by just shaving every few days


grow a big beard instead


peter pan syndrome


in bed hi


hate bed


hate when my gf sweats in the bed


qr is really slow on surf sigh


gonna cry myself to sleep bye




wish i hadnt stared at the wall for the past 8 hours


woke up


hey guys good morning whats up


back from church



gth devil worshipper


File: 1545587572363.jpg (822.24 KB, 2048x1362, Lakewood_worship.jpg)

are you saying all of these people are devil worshipers


thats exactly what im saying




started to clean my room but i felt sick so i stopped


those npcs will worship whatever theyre raised to worship
they dont actually care about praising christ or whatever theyre just there for the social points





gonna watch some 60fps anime


like what



put on the gloves coveralls and respirator first


cant believe i got stuck with neetblog as a servant


whats his power


neet bolg




i am the bone of my sword



dbz dub from the first episode to where jeice is introduced is fine


what happened to dbfighterz it was hyped assumed bnig would be all over it


it pinched play soul calibur instead


need that hammer




should i get into the habit of nicknaming my pokemon


never read a west made vn wonder what they are like


garb theyre all mocking vns
unteralterbach is ok



lets start heading to bed hima im tired


its 4pm


do girls stick things inside of them just because like how guys sperm on things


File: 1545599365832.jpg (61.31 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Zombieland Saga - 12 [720p].mkv….jpg)

snooze time in the mansion


me middle right


mom bought a walleye fish turns out the organs werent carved out so mom and i had to cut everything and rip out its guts i was the boss of the operation after watching wacko cut fish


meant wako


theyre mislead souls


hes NOT black enough to enjoy fighting games


nigs pinch at fighters


yeah but they love them


nah they hate em they rage quit all the time


was thinking about getting dbfighterz but i got owned hard as hell in the beta so i didnt


woke up hi


love a good herb run


play life is strange


i blow hard at fighters


practice makes perfect


nah i was born for fps miss being a teen and getting called a hacker for having amazing game sense


fps are the third lowest iq games just above mobas and mobile games


no dont mobas are on the same level of intelligence as rts


cant believe pnig wont be able to experience wow classic


what are the highest iq games


smash mates




nofps cope sure you dont need high iq but you need fast reaction timing


at least he will be able to experience diablo mobile



myfarog and stalker requires high iq


oog me dumb me move mouse fast and shoot


mobas are the highest iq games


i have the quickest reaction time on hima


no you just need a low latency setup


love playing fast reaction pasted games but over the internet against third worlders


gunz was the highest skill ceiling game of all time quake comes in a close second


tried to k style in gunz and gave myself carpal tunnel




think i was a blacksmith in my past life


i was a courtesan




i was a steppe nomad


i was an angry manlet wageslave


being a manlet didnt really matter until the last 15 years or so



what happened in my past life that made me get reborn as a ped


ive been reborn as a retarded neet at least 50 times by now gods having a big laugh


peds are vampiric you become one if a ped had his way with you during your youth


pastor anderson says reincarnation isnt real


love grinding useless numbers in video games


im naturally attracted to girls aged 6-9 because theyre sexy as hell ladies


you hearing this beauford


tried to kstyle in gunz and got owned by pay to win norms


you pinched



flip scape


scape is for terminal reflappers such as a i the scapeblob


have to see family tomorrow how do i make sure i dont stink


gonno drink some more milk


use baby wipes on your balls and ass


take a shower and make sure to wash every sweaty crevice well and then apply some old spice fiji antiperspirant afterwards


simply fire up the axe body spray


hardly brushed my teeth from ages 10 to 15 took that long for someone to mention how bad my breath smelled maybe id be normal otherwise


why didnt mom say anything


wonder how i wouldve turned out if i had a dad


same literally never brushed from 12 to 16
ate candy and cookies and sweets all day cant recall ever brushing


were you tards living in an orphanage or something you dont have you know a mom or something


mom would personally scsnap brown marks off of my teeth with her nails


gonna cook up some pasta i dont have a full can of sauce though so ill have to add butter or something




the fish and chips are ready hima gonno feast


bored someone post


people have been posting


mom said add some olive oil to the pasta water


gonno get the 870000 post


the get will be mine


theres less than 10 people here idiot raider retard die and ban


get lost oldreply


he didnt even say 10 people here


im NOT an impersonator


wonder which persona is gonna get the axe next


feels like a cry night



File: 1545610164081.jpg (198.68 KB, 1254x885, DvHD5_jUUAAaSxV.jpg)


hima only made two posts today
im excited for tomorrow because of a thing that i dont want to talk about in case it doesnt work out



wish that was me


used a pacifier until i was six and a baby bottle until i was eight


wish to flip this dog


cringe gamers groan





i was on the teat



just learned how to mess with dyslexic people




mom is sending me to the uyghur autonomous region


can i come too


gonno snack




are tornados real never seen one


you cant see a tornado idiot its made of air


how come i can see my breath then


thats NOT breath thats water in the air


how can water be in the air stupid


any streams


why is there a monster logo in the beginning of this


you breath in the air and your body turns some of it into water for energy but you breath the water out


thinking about streaming all of zone of the enders 2 but NOT sure if anyone would watch


stream world of tanks


wish i could stream but quality is ass


evening hima whats on todays agenda thinking of having a game myself


its a boomer song


might stream some horror games again like silent hill and ao oni before any ideas


rule of rose


yeah how about you stream a good game instead


is that the dog snap one


dont like horror games they give me nightmares and i usually get too scared to complete them like that one fight set in the sewers in resident evil 4




dont like horror games either but its because theyre boring as shite



like what


why dont you figure it out youre the streamer arent you its NOT his job to do half the work for you




ass doesnt feel too good hima think im gonna blow


more of a war thunder kind of guy


stream scape


should i stream sengoku rance


i remember the days when streamnorms were shunned on hima now look at yourselves pathetic


go to hell


hell yeah


streaming is a tradition stemming from the w raider


yeah in like 2015 get with the times grandpa


changed my mind since neetblog will report the stream for pornographic content


false self-published streams were criticized sonic racing was always met with opposition younow is a different story


neetblog you fucking piece of shit why




nb has gone too far


fire up the dog days stream


no i wont


its fine to stream anime as it is the superior medium gaming however is NOThing but crude entertainment for children


say that to my face gamer hater


File: 1545615983269.mp4 (6.62 MB, 1489877549862.mp4)

flip throatpuncher


someone go get the bike


its already been salvaged for parts


watch this stream


wish someone would salvage me for parts


practice falun gong


ya ive been thinking about the bike since i found out he got arrested think ill fly out to mesa and pick it up


i would say that and more you are but a worm to be trampled beneath my feet know your place


would NOT feel safe on a vfr800 actually
the 750s are more manageable but still too much of a bike for me the power is nice and linear but they weigh like 500 pounds


flip you bikenigger NOThing you said even remotely resembles a legible english sentence


uhh vfr haha


someone post so i can get the 870000 get


check em dubs


you said get twice




cant believe hima will have a million posts soon


we will never make it


it will be shut down by the fbi before that


this is the end


just realized without kenbo i can post whatever i want and even reply to myself if i feel like it


2019 is himas final year


think id kill myself if hima shut down


it actually could be because if he isnt around to renew the domain hima itself would still exist but the domain wouldnt and things never work out after a name change


anyone else watch goblin slayer 11


miss checking templeos.org/videos


its against my individual policy to watch airing anime


dumb policy if you ask me


5 posts left


gonna end it if i dont get this


claiming this get for neetblog


File: 1545619669399.jpg (103.75 KB, 723x1023, 1a8a6297d8b6713107a3e5686162e1bb.jpg)


daddy cool


miss when the epic raiders would come for hima gets




wish to flip a sexy lady


flip you




terry will return soon




wonder what original rager thinks of the pnig situation



life was so peaceful back then


never understood the glass desk meme


you couldnt even be naked under it since someone could see


think im going to terminate my hima account this place has clearly oumy tulparown me feel like a stranger in my own land cant keep up with all the new lingo and events anymore


i uploaded this video


thank you for your courage


your welcome theyre going to come after me soon


wonder if pnig was also a typemogger can anyone deduce his wpm pasted on that video


i would have destroyed him in a race


remember owning everyone on hima ages ago with my 134 wpm speeds



wish i had one


used to be able good at typing tests now im tard but i still type fast


File: 1545621805513.png (22.93 KB, 889x209, Capture.PNG)



you obviously dont know what youre talking about fighting games are half blacks and half asians japs if its vf or sf koreans for tekken and chinks if its kof but almost all western top players are black


nice trolls


himako raging hard


whites and asians are always above blacks in all fighters


had a nice hour and a half mow hows it going guys



miss rager


cant believe of all the people who failed turt was the one who finally defeated pnig


done reading like 400 posts almost regret it so many posts made by obvious raiders really feels like onseki just gave up on pretending to care
pnigs presence held hima together somehow maybe NOT but its gone from 100 to 0 instantly after the incident it cant be a coincidence
the worst part is that hima was pretty good in november it hadnt been that nice since january and now its like im posting on foolz or a 4jp general or discord in board form


shouldve skipped then


can you link the posts you are referring to


covering your eyes wont make problems disappear ill always read even if it takes a lot of time and makes me rage


were there any good hima quality posts among the stinkers id like to think there are still some good contributions


cant wait to see the final fight adapted into the manga


yes this post was pasted


if you want to read posts by a guy talking about a girl hes obsessed with all the time why dont you just go elsewhere


thats NOT the point idiot


ive got a point for you right here in my pant


File: 1545624798548.jpg (164.42 KB, 800x1264, h61.17.jpg)


can i get a brofist in the thread bros
░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░░ ░░░▄█▀█▄█▀█▄▄▄░░░░░░░ ░░█▒░░▀█▄▄░░░▀▀█░░░░░ ░█▒░░░░░▒░░░░▒▄░▀▀█▄░ ░█▒░░░░█▒░░▄▀░░░▒░░█░ ░█▒░░░█▒░░█▀▒░░█▀░░▀█ ░█▒░░░█▒░░█▒░░█▓░░░▓█ ▄▀█▓▓░█▒░▓█▓░░█▓░░▓▄█ █▒▒████▄▓▓█▓░░█▓░░▄█░ █▒▒░░░░░▀█▄▀░▄▀▓▄█▀░░ █▒▓▓▓█▀▀▄▀█▄▄▀▄▄▀░░░░ ░▀▄▄▄█▄▄▀░░░░░░░░░░░░


flipped it up gimme a 2nd chance bros




flip you norm


File: 1545625187264.jpg (Spoiler Image, 646.33 KB, 1920x1080, [HorribleSubs] Goblin Slayer - 10 [1080p].mkv ….jpg)


love the meme hand


hope this guy is alright


thats onseki hes doing fine


File: 1545625841670.png (545.57 KB, 438x526, 1OcoBUW.png)


what the boost




is that guy home yet i want camerons address


its 612 wharf avenue


nice wharfblog


would love to work on the wharf shirtless iwth the blog


listen to this baby scream


flip touhou flip technorms and most of all flip chinks


im NOThing more than an insignificant wharf roach


would love to fall asleep to that fan


wonder how herkz is dealing with his friends arrest


enjoy pointing the fan at my bhole so i can get a nice whiff directed at my face


sick freak


its natural






wonder if kens gonno get swole when hes out in 10 years


NOThing to do on the yard but get swole


thad looked fat in that one pic someone posted hope he stays out of trouble


didnt shadman go to jail or something and make money by drawing porn for the other inmates


File: 1545632900276.mp3 (40.71 KB, YO.mp3)


hes just big boned


isnt kali muscle weak pretty sure he got owned hard by furious pete in arm wrestling


arm wrestling is NOT about strength


NOT purely strength sure but for a guy obsessed with upper body strength he had to cheat to beat someone who barely cares about lifting


nigs bow to slavic strength


going to watch city of the lost children the girl looks cute


never brushed from 15 to 26


what kind of name is furious pete thats like a oxymoron


dont name shame


File: 1545634948750.png (Spoiler Image, 146.03 KB, 600x600, 1288603990646.png)