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hate when this happens
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almost truneeted in me blooms


Your Amazon.com order of "Zojirushi 586361-CV-DCC40XT..." has shipped!
hell yeah boys hot water at the push of a button coming soon


got a gold bottle cap from my poke pelago treasure hunt jackpot


tried really hard to make this pasta and i think it turned out good


do or do NOT there is no try


browned the sausage in garlic olive oil and rosemary then took it off the heat and cut it into slice like shapes then browned those up real nice in the same juices
finished those up and poured the sauce in the same pan and added more garlic and italian spice then when that was done i dumped it over the already cooked sausage NOT a bad dinner


that sausage must be dry as HELL and bitter and overspiced you fool sausages already have everything they need inside they dont need rosemary or garlic on the outside


two cloves of garlic in here
NOT enough actually should have put like five cloves in


its NOT an italian sausage just a foot long beef sausage it had no seasoning


foolish noseason sausage


they were on sale the nice italian sausage was too much
should have gotten a baguette


my favorite italian sausages are $1 each from the butcher
thats about the standard price


foodnorm hours gonna watch venom




thats too expensive i buy the 4 pound packs for 5 dollars


love taking a dump on hima closing the browser and giggling hard




you mean posting about my tulpa and killing discussion and then skipping for 2 hours and then posting about her again


File: 1544484507518-0.png (1.11 MB, 841x1000, 91c62bf12bee225b3ecc25ad1d2dc0f8.png)

File: 1544484507518-1.jpg (713.24 KB, 800x1003, 2ad54b173d79ab75275cc11f56d73c9d.jpg)



nice cute suwako


big fan of that girls mouth expression and how small it is


hima hima


needa get fucked by suwako asap


which one


suwako is tard


sigh fell over while putting my pants on and made a huge noise


im tard


what kind of noise like from your bhole


love tardgirls so much theyre incredibly sexy and easy to fluster and easy to excite and love to flip


flip my mhole


File: 1544486482903.jpg (Spoiler Image, 281.61 KB, 692x913, 1544234971514.jpg)

what do you think of this lass


NOT going to go into the details but my tulpa fingered my ass then she made me smell it i almost gagged




flipping liar my tulpa doesnt finger assholes
she has been turning up the amount of teasing and is making more and more sex jokes and innuendos
i think the stress of school is finally getting to her
it seems like the first thing she wants to do when shes done with her finals is come over to get rid of that pent up stress


File: 1544487538252.png (228.08 KB, 500x534, f6fcbc2cb0c09907ed63d9c872ccc109.png)


does she belong to you or is she up for courtship


i already jacked off to her face so shes mine now


shouldve joined the sos brigade sigh



gonna watch venom see you guys in a bit


are you remarking at the name sadpandaa or his question


very mature


the name hehe


theres an intruder hima


intrude into their asshole


the french guy in index is wearing a yellow jacket nice coincidence


wattman keeps resetting my settings so flip it


hope you have snacks and pee bottles in your room


pasted hehe


File: 1544490652055.jpg (152.3 KB, 960x720, 5043547.jpg)

like this


theyre full



hey pastaguy are you here


you mena flooring guys guy


that was the black man


watching bubblegum crisis


what do you think of this pastaguy


fried up some sausage and made a sandwich with string cheese gonno eat


didnt know aris chased the brown dragon


ooog me like twitch ooooog aris


someone explain this post please


NOT surprised a fightnorm doesnt have a clue about arcade controllers they just buy into whatever trend their favorite eceleb is pushing


doesnt look like something id like


cant believe pastaguy doesnt like pasta anymore


it looks too sweet for me


aris is an aficionado idiot he knows everything there is to know about sticks


gonna make some burgs



hate that blindnorm


your cat is joing


girls dont jo




oog jo ooooooooooog


ban this blindnorm



flip you seer


weird how motorcycles are faster and cooler than ever before but overall interest in riding has plummeted in the last ten years
honestly think distracted car drivers are going to kill off the motorcycle its only a matter of time before the government requires you to ride a goldwing sized behemoth with a roll cage and seatbelts


most people dont want to die so it makes sense




natural selection is going to weed out the bikenorms


asked my tulpa if she wanted to go for aNOTher ride sometime and she got very excited and said yes
its feels really good when i ask her to do something and she shows such a strong response


bought a new hot sauce this week thats supposed to be an award winning habanero sauce but its NOT even hot and it just tastes like way too much shitty liquid smoke



you keep asking her to stuff but you never do anything last time was what touge run like a month ago


love chugging some raw liquid smoke


cars need to be afraid of bikes
carry around a brick or two to throw through dumb carnorm windows of a steel pipe or even a baton whatever puts the fear in them


we havent done anything in a while but i think its just a genuine case of bad timing
first she was passing out and throwing up for like a week then she got the news of her eviction and then basically just cried and drank nonstop for a week and stopped doing everything including going to school so now she feels like she has to study extra hard for her finals this week because her grades did drop
she said she cant let her psychology grade drop from a b plus to a b minus

the good news is that she keeps bringing up coming over so i know its something she really wants to do shes planning to do it one or two days after her finals are over so within the week
the bike ride isnt a huge thing i said to her i thought was fun so i want to go for aNOTher ride with her and she agreed

it seems like lately more than ever shes always saying stuff to build me up and wash away my worries


die bikenorm


all you need to do is carry around some pieces of broken sparkplug
the ceramic fractures into incredibly fine points so when it touches glass it completely shatters it


its this easy


bad idea in a car or a bike that guys just an idiot


bought myself some alcohol for christmas NOT gonno open this one up till then


thats incredible


nice hairline


dont understand road ragers
i rage about all kinds of stuff but never on the road


i creep out teengirls on the road


2018 is peak internet boys its all downhill from here


tardlaughing hard


never played gaylo


hope some road rager kills pnig

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