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got left behind sigh


what happened to that mate in 2006


gonno start using a dvorak keyboard


cant stop joing


stop you fool


wish i could its really superior


been watching lots of planet tank vids really want to get into it but its NOT cheap a bag of aquascape dirt costs like 50 dollars


feeling weird


File: 1537921143998.png (209.9 KB, 600x849, 1537916139298.png)

wish that was me



you do NOT want to know


is that the qbyur or the '<>pyf one






gonno oog



heres onseki stealing some poor nips gf having the time of his life and yet you can catch a glimpse of me in the background looking under benches for my wallet amazing how cunnilingus makes life so easy for some and so difficult for others thats why we need to kill cunnilingus


File: 1537921540295.jpg (107.22 KB, 1200x1000, __original_drawn_by_nakane_nata__c6599736a1e12….jpg)



you make it hard for yourself



愛 some good road ragers


whatever helps you sleep at night onseki
i just want the money i had in my wallet back


keep rereading that and laughing because they were on groms


i can wire you the money from my payout


that mate doesnt even look good hes like low chadlet tier i guess jbw is actually true in japan


wish i was a creator but all i can do is consume


create suffering


what payout


gonno mutate the locomoco tonight and get some chicken strips




probably handouts from gran


my gran


i dont see you


the 100k



ooooooog ooooog


how is dirt 50 bucks a bag


norms of course boost them and boost the chiwanese


bastef supermoflappers


is shenmue 3 out yet


thats for the stuff that is absolutely perfect for growing plants and regular ph you can use whatever you want


simply use baking soda or soda ash and make your own perfect soil


simply ooooooog


sounds like you need some power sand


did i ever tell you mates that you can develop film using soda ash coffee and orange juice


hoping tomorrow when i come home from work the tank is clearer these filters work slow for 100 gallons per hour theres been a cat hair floating around forever


should have gotten a bio wheel


File: 1537923190959.jpg (484.33 KB, 2448x3264, lz6ot9bpedo11.jpg)


what 100k


flip wow tell that bitch to fire up overwatch instead


she gamin


nice sis





that mate doesnt look anything like a cholo



seems like people dont like the bio wheels that much


File: 1537924024164.jpg (81.81 KB, 800x600, 4d0.jpg)





this alternative life might be bad at least im NOT a fish killer though


fish dont feel pain anyways


wish i was one of the fish that mate killed


wrong again


firin up some aris boys


physical pain is NOThing


true i wonder if the fish experienced what we do being killed off by the norms while the norms boost eachother up


wish for a sexy lady to cause me physical pain


those weaklings would have been eaten by a fugu or something or died in the store if i hadnt got them they should have enjoyed their five hours of freedom


norm fish killer


they died because of you


to make an omelet you gotta break a few eggs


9 piece chicken nuggetless wings extra biscuit extra fries and an extra leg gonno feast


gonno make some tuna sandwiches


So, every now and then, whenever Alliance comes close with Blood Elves or Horde and Alliance comes in conflict this problem arises, but actually why does the Alliance player base wants the Blood Elves on their side?


anyone want to smoke


gotta admire her persistence the mate tries to distract her by looking at the police but shes still staring at him


now you understand the power of smv


got a cigar at the liquor store should i fire it up


do you know how to smoke cigars you do NOT inhale


why are there so many posts already should i mutate


the sb norms trying to gain control again


always mutate


ya who would have thought attractive people get more attention how many sub 5 girls did you give a double glance and why should mates be any different


i pay attention to the girls who are appealing to the norms because theyre the ones who jo with hair brushes


Thinking of Cameron happy gets me so mad


youre in luck i havent been happy since 2006


emo fag


i dont look at any of them especially NOT the attractive ones because the last thing they need is aNOTher ego boost


baste conformist


wonder how trainee girl would react if i said fag in front of her


why do chinks eat the chicken chicken nuggets


then why did you expect girls to fall in your lap when you went to japan


because im a nice mate


miss roombamate


he fell for the memes hard


never fall for the memes i did then i became a meme


if you dont give dont expect to receive


cant wait until the next time i can jack it


fell for the self improvement meme


trainee girl was built for the bbc


the roomba got him


self improvement starts from within


watched a bunch of movies with female protagonists and got a complimentary gf


might watch star wars


next time tg brings something up im going to take her up on it i should have known when she said she wanted to go to a bar with me


stop right there



going to become a sith lord and kill people like varg using the force


feeling nice and full


my varg collection consists of 24 videos


are you a young city slicker or a country hill billy


trainee girl you there




got left behind cunnilingusdamnit




the 2006norm owned you by posting a useless comment as the last post


gonno go stare at my fermentaion lock bubble for a few hours later hima


File: 1537926362389.png (9.53 KB, 190x156, purpil.png)

found a purple uli


always wondered why people turn cool in american prisons


cant wait to master a craft then everyone would pay top dollar to have something made by me


i heard when you do time in county you get hands huh


i am the chicken nugget of my sword


the lack of female attention turns sexnorms gay its why theres been an explosion of tranny freaks on the internet
if you locked hima in a mansion with no internet theyd be flipping one aNOTher within a week


what you said




愛 a good hardstare sesh


i stare in my gfs eyes and go i 愛 you baby


File: 1537926653891.jpg (119.14 KB, 1200x900, youmu.jpg)


big herc said thats a myth


File: 1537926710542.png (380.91 KB, 630x604, 1537763029282.png)


baste teen



remember when everyone thought darling in the franxx was going to be good


badger youre all ptsd'd out


phew tuna melts really hit the spot


remember when hima thought dragon maid was gonno be shite


we were right


and they were right


I need to start working on my core because my back hurts


it was shite




we are going to japan together in february like i said right hope you mates have been saving up


Wonder if Cameron got door bushings


how do i get rid of dandruff


how can i save up when i dont have a job


I have a disability


just realized i got left behind


by pinching some dick


ask The Boss


too many posts


stop using hot water


time for the last of my pork sandwiches


hair is getting thinner gonno fire up the minoxidil


simply shave your head and embrace it



Don't do it Cameron


no one understands just how greasy duck is once they buy a whole one and cook it


the only person i listen to is my mother


been watching aris play slots in a 128 bit era video sushi bar for over an hour


EXTREME Chinese Street Food Tour DEEP in Sichuan


dog eating chinks


gonno boredjo


idle hands are the devils playground


愛 duck but havent had it in a few years


idle sexy ladies are the peds playground


Cam hates his The Boss


out of almond rounds gonno put a round in my skull


What's an almond round


gonno play yakuza heard that sushi bar has pachinko machines hehe


die gambler


going to japan with neetb is going to be a blast cant wait hehe


last fish died
pretty sure they all died from lack of oxygen their bodies got really tense and they slowly ended up hanging out around the surface and then they got so weak they would get pushed around by the filter outlet and then breathe softly and eventually die
the water is filthy too gonno let it filter for a few days get an air stone and a few other small things before i try again with new feeder fish
if i can make feeder fish last a week then ill get something else


File: 1537928565406.jpg (89.26 KB, 1024x682, 3e9d82399070ec0c76c21f56645fed3d.jpg)

its a dutch pastry



in all my years of fishkeeping ive never had any die that fast classic flapperseki


Don't put the fish in right away you fool i had plenty of fish too and a 50 gal fish tank back in my day


classic flapperseki indeed


try putting the fish in a container thats half the water the come in and half water from the tank for a few hours before you drop them in there to make that transition easier


vomit boosting piss


File: 1537928709876.mp4 (27.74 MB, 10000000_363389204195788_229941576840518938_n.mp4)


The Boss said i smell like fish


i read on amazon that this filter is okay for dissolving oxygen into the water but i guess NOT
the filter is pushing a lot of volume too i found out that if i put a sponge under the spout it makes a lot of bubbles


years of bike riding and swimming have given me a very strong core


die norm



take a pic of the fish



the fish didnt die from lack of oxygen they died because you dumped them into a fresh tank of cold chlorine


theyre no longer with us


fish killing norm asshole


really want to play slots now or pachinko cunnilingusdamnit


disrespected these fish hard in death i had to piss two of the times i dumped them into the toilet so i pissed all over them for target practice and flushed em
the other one i dumped a pint of dip spit on






imagine dying in a sea of frothy brown nicotene spit hehe




ooooog piss fish oooog



this girl looks generic as hell kylie wannabe


why is she so pale


girls cant be funny


onseki themesong


im funny




no creep



what are the odds of dying


50/50 about 70%


you cant lose




if your owned by the fishkiller then its 66%


gonno go to japan with onseki and cuck a bunch of jaypee boys hehe its gonno be a blast



is the japan trip a meme


crying remembering himako


Seki would personality mog you cameron just give up now


you mena 100%
that girl didnt have sex til she was 21 i respect that


no im going


hope youre going to kagoshima because thats where i want to go


shes a nerd like you


japan is a meme


hate japan


Should i pretend to be abstinent


i wouldnt go with onseki id only go with fellow incels and wed patrol the streets throwing water balloons at couples and eating takoyaki


wont they see you standing there


愛 salsa posting




japan is tiny so we could go anywhere


Can we drift everywhere in a s15


im volincel but i do want to test the jbw theory


think im getting bped but im pretty sure its NOT rare for wgtows to exist there are probably attractive women who completely exclude themselves from sexnormalcy either because theyre rped and realize how flipped everything is or because they are completely engrossed in the female equivalent of hima and youtube vids whatever that is



well you can go freeze your ass off everywhere else im going to kagoshima


chink ducks are probably the greasiest since they just keep them in cages



NOT unthinkable that there are women who have similar anxiety to incels and absorb themselves in hobbies and escapism to the point that theyre unable to have normal interactions with people let alone sex
people are really more screwed up than it seems like on the surface there are going to be big problems in ten years or so


File: 1537930415172.jpg (2.45 MB, 4160x2340, IMG_20170601_171825.jpg)

next time going to rent a car

name one



how am i supposed to name them
just ride the bus or get a job at a high traffic place like walmart or sheetz and youll see every type of person
there are plenty of women who fit the profile just ice cold bitches or plain boring npcs with thousand yard stares who look like they couldnt possibly put any effort into getting flip


ok don juan


1. i dont ride buses because im NOT a norm
2. i dont work retail like some common urchin because im NOT a norm
those women are ice cold bitches to you because youre low smv and no woman has to put any effort whatsoever into getting flipped no matter what they look or act like

there are some out there that dont care about sex usually because theyre autistic and preoccupied with their hobbies like this one but they havent gone their own way they never were on the way to start with



maybe if you bped yourself you could get better dreams


inceldom is a jewish idea to stimulate genocide




that girl need a baby to keep her busy


miss the good old days of last weeks hima


hima is better than ever



dont post blacks


NOT watching that if its real


Need to shit Really debating cause i don't want to but i don't want to shit myself when I'm squatting



made a thread to find josh earlier but there was no contact


shitting your pants is fun
NOThing better than dragging shit down your thighs and calves as you gingerly peel off your 2lb underwear in a gas station restroom


Haven't shat myself in a couple years


hate when i wipe for five minutes and the paper never comes clean


need to shite bad right now should i go in my pants


Pissed myself in my sleep a couple times this year The Boss always warns me about drinking too much before bed


未来が眩しくて見えない start carrying a guiro in the car to scratch at lights i already wail at lights


sigh this is NOT a dub this is real


same sigh


you have poor pooping posture


there were only so many video sushi bars


miss himako and maltamate and molesterman and pnig sigh hope theyre ok


gran asked for me to take her to the fair since seniors get in free but i blew her off with a idk because i defiantly dont feel like pushing a battered old roast around the crowds and waiting for her to finish playing bingo she wouldnt even be paying my way


Kanye said if you don't use wet wipes you are never really truly clean he said if he went to a girls house he wouldn't boost her if he didn't see wet wipes in her bathroom


onseki implement oekaki again plesae thank you


those were all the same person


too much fatty foods


mmm kanye


dont worry in japan all of the toilets in hotels and hostels have bidets with heated seats youll be feeling fresh and clean at all times


all three of those people are here right now


Laughing hard in the stall after reading Cameron call his gran a battered old roast




he has no respect


turt owes NOThing to his mum and sis but if anyone deserves a favor its gran
cant approve of my man turt treating his only worthwhile family member this way


ban ytslam jammer


she doesnt deserve favor shes a legitimately bad person at least The Boss has the excuse of being reflappered

how can you be a boomer who lived through the golden age prosperity and in 2018 have literally NOThing to show for it she was also a huge angel in her day all of her kids agree her shitty parenting is probably what ruined them


mindboggling that 0 is the double of 0 such a dumb concept



theres no such thing as 0


i wouldnt want to push around a 80 year old barely sentient gertriac with a gambling problem too turt has agoraphobia he doesnt like crowds and feels everyone is out to get him


blame the arabs they invented zero
zero isnt a number it just represents a lack of integer


nah the chinks started math


turt doesnt have that hes just a pretend battered nerd who spent the last ten years buying cars and Driving and being worshipped on the internet


what about negative integers


chinks dont invent they only copy


my life is a negative integer


NOT real


like for example in how many ways can you choose a 10 balls from a group of rgb balls such that theres double the amount of red to green balls youd think theres 3 ways since you can have 2r 1g then 4r 2g and 6r 3g but no theres 4 because you can have 0r 0g


what did you just said


hes a dormnorm dont bother


The Boss said i was a quiet baby


post those baby pics


Wonder if Cameron was a babbler


File: 1537932619705.png (281.21 KB, 338x423, 1536845097191.png)


zero is defiantly a number you just do NOT comprehend its intricacies


cunnilingus gave me 0 intelligence and 0 attractiveness


The Boss said i never shut up i asked everyone questions they didnt know the answers to
literally born a genius and ended up like this why bother living i wasted everything


okay now this is epic


File: 1537932794619.png (1.62 MB, 1334x1080, 1537837986856.png)

remember goths and emos yup those were the days


The Boss was one of those that told everyone how much of a genuis i was because i learned to read at the age of 3



The Boss thought i was a genius but i ended up a flapper


was reading nietzsche in the womb


onseki do you check the reports page every now and then or NOT


The Boss always said i should be the next zuck since im on the computer all the time


realized the other night at the chink restaurant that all i did was sit there as the others took turns asking me questions and i gave them answers if im this wise at 37 ill probably be a mythical sage by 45




so hows the sb doing bro


die snitch



hate the turt is in his 30s meme


Think I'll just squat some hammy curls and leg extension with a elliptical machine for 10 min on max resistance my back is killing me


used to think the 30 year old virgin wizardry meme was dumb because its so unrealistic but im about to become one for real isnt life grand and interesting what a laugh


hopefully ill be fully vargpilled before i reach 30


gonno get some morocco oil my hair is going to look great


feelin a ooog coming on


never really thought about gfs and marriage and stuff as a kid and when i was a teen i figured itll happen on its own eventually like how it does for everyone else but now i realize i goofed up and now im one of the 4%


Just be bald Cameron don't fight it soonyou'll be wearing a wig



use spermaceti instead


File: 1537933600327.mp4 (2.82 MB, Chick Pulls Her Man Off Stage After Catching H….mp4)


hima and onseki on the right himako on the left


himako chan.................................................................................................



how am i idiotic


File: 1537933927435.mp4 (2.7 MB, Instagram post by Ciara Apr 11 2018 at 416am ….mp4)


Chink looks like he's on the roids Should i ask for some and advice


hope theres a ddr cabinet in the hima mansion


gonno go to the store for a 10 pack of undershirts ill post results afterward



im a ddr cunnilingus


schizo of the month award


File: 1537934169212.jpg (176.88 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


whos a schizo



File: 1537934500415.jpg (72.31 KB, 964x829, rachel_alucard_01_by_varappi_alucard-dcnshr0.jpg)


pretty good for a beginner


flipping they dont even have the shirts i want


File: 1537934844754.jpg (237.16 KB, 1600x1071, DSC_1434.JPG)


flip you




File: 1537934964199.jpg (2.13 MB, 2340x4160, IMG_20170604_142037.jpg)



i wonder what it feels like to have so many beautiful girls in your life


gonno lie down and drink some gin


File: 1537935200980.mp4 (3.2 MB, Yikes Mom Tells Son To Find A Friend He Bring….mp4)


white people are creepy


sigh left behind


The Boss heard a dropbear


those arent real


yes they are and ive got the scars to prove it mate


NOT that great


its late as heck already gonno watch one piece and morph




Working on your core what do you do Cameron give me your core routine


wish i was russian


Crickets are cricking what should i do to get rid of them outside they're pissing me off


File: 1537936305216.gif (1.23 MB, 350x260, 920ffc4697a076c7dd3c6b5825eb962b.gif)


愛 knee farting


File: 1537936529008.jpg (50.91 KB, 474x692, d25d696506284e7509e0a5c054d4a903.jpg)


got my shirts and the small skelton





imagine if you got your arm stuck in a fence and nobody was around to help you xtianity is to accept death and to stop struggling satanism is to struggle and try to free your arm from the fence.


File: 1537937945479.jpg (24.67 KB, 381x412, kuroneki.jpg)

what is it to destroy the fence


you're such a boosting reflapper cunnilingus damn


gonno cry





dislike eva


my crafting level is now 48





why is he an idiot


like going on anime related normbook groups and scanning the comments from old boomers youd never expect to be there


hope my scape character isnt feeling lonely



hes dead
he starved to death since you arent there to feed him


die normbooker


almost october my favorite month of the year


like any month but the summer ones flip summer


onseki just flipping answer my question with a yes or no i want to know if im completely wasting my time reporting im the only one that does it besides neetblog


i barely report posts anymore since it seems like he doesnt check them


my birthday is two weeks away now oh gød im panicking hima help


never reported a hima post in me lifee


my birthday was two months ago i turned 24


mines got thousands of shark and monkfish in the bank im sure hes fine


also woke up from my nap and it was storming hard


scape is a kosher sushi bar


might have a glass of cold gin and watch stuff then


pour me a glass


Been shifting at 3-4k wasting 27% more gas


okay itll be waiting for you on the bench


gonno try to go 72 hours without sleeping


i shift at 10k-11k get on my level




stream it


Calculated and its actually 46% more gas with less benefits i need to get an exhaust system and headers so i can rev a little higher


got some shirts but i have a bad feeling about them theyre 60% rayon 40% polyester the old ones are 60% cotton 28% polyester and 12% rayon feeling buyers remorse right now


only wear things without sleeves now


You're going to fry your piston rings fool the mad genius and i are gonno have to replace them


guess ill snoze


you morph you lose


Yes we know your wardrobe consists of wife beaters


he beats his wife i beat off my dick


i just buy used towels in bulk from hotels for like 30c each and cut a hole in the middle for my head the savings are incredible


Cameron doesn't have a wife


gonno watch the duck hunt video and start crying again


why does it make you cry


hated playing against duck hunt in smash online


still dont know how duck hunt can be a character


seeing some characters makes me tear up and duck hunt is one of them kirby is aNOTher ness is aNOTher but NOT lucas


male ducks routinely snap the females


why NOT


i saw that video it just seems stupid


its all about the can and the clay disc if you can master those you will be able to master it all


it is stupid i hope they remove him from smash ultimate


Wonder if Cameron ever got spanked as a kid


didnt you read his origin story about being told to sit in a tub of water and the water got cold and it caused him to lose his sense of smell


No i was banned during that time post it


no that was in the ova


take it back hes a good character very cute and lovable with a very high skill ceiling and high skill floor


dont think ive watched more than 2 ovas in my life


nah flip projectile characters


Wonder why Cameron showers if he can't smell


i wont forget this night that you mocked duck hunt


ya you will


he didnt used to shower in high school because of the aforementioned incident and stunk really bad so the kids made fun of him


NOT surprising


That picture of him in that magazine his hair is greasy


speaking of scents i still recommend bearg愛 and fiji tg is especially fond of bearg愛


anyone else have really hot farts its like my bhole becomes as hot as the surface of the sun for a The Bossent


boost you smellnorms y ou dont know what its like


no thats disgusting


my boss saw this image


ive never been disgusted in my life


Ya it happens occasionally


caught my The Boss browsing hima she asked me what a jo was


which answer did you give her


File: 1537942132178.jpg (486.52 KB, 1280x1815, 1531098136045.jpg)


jam off i told her its a music forum


is that supposed to be sperm


wish people would posts mp3s more often i used to save a lot of good stuff


daddy got some gsnapfruit juice for his girl she may NOT like it but she needs to get used to it


lost all willingness to be a good poster with onseki at the helm steering things into the ground


reform your shitposting ways


gonno learn how to draw


now i think i know why i like duckhunt he reminds me of boomer


good luck


File: 1537942647194.swf (65.33 KB, Jigglypuff.swf)


used to be a talented artist in middle school but gave up because drawing is boring as HELL and im too perfectionist so id draw for ten hours and then throw everything away


never too late to start back up again


i do NOT have a tablet


File: 1537942878284.jpg (708.37 KB, 600x839, e6949781ebad6d64957ae3423cbc7220.jpg)

draw some girls begging for it like gofu does


get yourself a nice huawei


i mean huion


feel like no matter how good the end result would be if i posted it here nb would reply saying it looks like shite and everybody else would just ignore and keep talking about whatever and i would feel like an idiot


always wished i could draw but i was given flapperhands


its time to activate the oekaki


reminds me of what happened to onseki when he posted the video of his night drive


fire up the lazy nezumi


hope the people who can see into my apartment dont mind seeing me NOT wearing pants almost all the time


had some really great drawings but threw it all away now they only faintly exist in my memory


ill appreciate it


i watched that video i just didnt have anything to say about it


only the readers would even see it


same but i haVE one saved


i wouldnt say that


theyre gonno call the cops on you


does anyone have some hima oekaki saved post it


File: 1537943999468-0.png (17.18 KB, 500x250, 1488777033843.png)

File: 1537943999468-1.png (34.18 KB, 640x480, 1491042673931.png)

File: 1537943999468-2.png (51.05 KB, 640x480, 1488590147779.png)


File: 1537944035422-0.png (28.26 KB, 500x250, 1488603968610.png)

File: 1537944035422-1.png (79.82 KB, 640x480, 1488648816415.png)

File: 1537944035422-2.png (17.06 KB, 500x250, 1488763467094-0.png)


post the one of haysuz standing next to cams grave that ones a masterpiece




File: 1537944058263-0.png (58.14 KB, 640x488, 1489387681812.png)

File: 1537944058263-1.png (14.93 KB, 500x250, 1488846091324.png)


flapperlayghing hard


bring it back


might have aNOTher glass of gin feeling pretty good


wish i had some gin


would be sincerely impressed if onseki were able to bring it back


alconorm hours gonno morph


if i were a norm id have alcohol right now


daddy isnt going to be doing any drinking tonight


why NOT


is it hard to become a ventriloquist





asobi asobase op just keeps getting better every time i listen


the op is great but i cant stop listening to the ed


wish i was a sexy lady


if you were a sexy lady a certain mulatto fellow would fatally snap you


gonno start collecting hummel figurines


gran gran had a few hummels


i know where to find a bavarian boy


should i refry some pork with onions and sambal


fry it up hell yeah


alrighty then




is it the onions


no i watched a sad episode of a show


File: 1537946299574.png (1.28 MB, 1000x1371, fe0fb7119aafa985ddb86d60450646c0.png)


hate those stupid hats


didnt know kirby spoke japanese in ssb4


wish i had a guild of mates to play sushi bars with pinches being a loner full of spite


pretend to be br in sushi bars it makes everything more fun especially solo play


ill play with you


what are we playing


i dont know


mates im starting to think the bowsette meme is NOT organic


die thinknorm


its just more jew programming i NOTiced it instantly theyve even infiltrated hima



link a properly encrypted host and i just might click


i refuse


think i have carpal unnel


thought i had carpal tunnel a little while ago i posted about it because i woke up with two fingers numb every morning turns out i was just sleeping in a way that blocked off blood to those fingers


death awaits me




though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me


my brightness level is now 74


dead hours


im here





File: 1537951142632.webm (2.28 MB, 1280x720, 1537943807424.webm)



cant be bothered frying just gonno eat pork sandwiches sorry


read regret NOT mutating ytnigslam jam hours might fire up a good ol longmorph


mutating was the best choice i ever made


File: 1537951870961.jpg (54.13 KB, 440x713, linus4.jpg)




you cant ban me im the neetblob


morph time wish me luck




that makes two of us


its a hard life when you can only enjoy competitive sushi bars but you also pinch boosting balls at them gonno morph cunnilingusdamnit


wish there was more competitive stuff to do outside the making sushi realm




might slam the rest of that gin and morph bye mates


get a job and work your way up to ceo


愛 work
fourth day of work in a row
got two more days straight after today
big paycheck but whats the point if i cant even stay up late once all week


rather die than work


i'd work if someone would just give me a job


forgot to flush the sink toilet and The Boss smellraged


had a big thick white hair growing in my nose


made coffee


think ill go to petsmart after work today and see what incan get for the ol ‘quarium


you need to treat the water before you put the fish in it


Treat the water while the fish are in there fool


That's how they get used to it and don't die next time


Wonder if Cameron is sipping on coffee and eating a donut


having flashbacks of my parents letting 14 fish in our pond be snapped and eaten by herons




Still had eye boogers oh my cunnilingus I'm so embarrassed i went to the store with eye boogers!


Should i get krispy kreme tomorrow for the co workers


just woke up might resnoze


File: 1537975981334.png (237.37 KB, 891x1300, 06.png)

wish i had a pissbro




got the almond rounds ready whats up hima


What's an almond round



File: 1537976445593.jpg (97.32 KB, 720x720, chuffed.jpg)

well howdy


pretty sure i actually need to buy beneficial bacteria and the tap water treatment liquid
would like a small sponge filter that aerates the tank too


i told you this yesterday you fool


my hitpoints is now level 98


lookin good nb


were battle shounens NOT homoerotic enough already


Is that blimpg-d


the only reason i didnt buy them yesterday or today is because i only had 40 in my wallet


Wonder if Cameron watches YouTube on his making sushi laptop clicking fast as hell with his sushi chef mouse


File: 1537978926049.jpg (49.61 KB, 520x520, 1537965085347.jpg)

Thinking of buying this tired of buying q tips


i use a pen lid to dig wax out of my earholes


you shouldnt use any of that shite just put a drop of peroxide in your ear every few months


File: 1537979862560.jpg (56.67 KB, 595x489, BIO-5777 Safe Ear Curettes Variety Kit.JPG)

i use an ear currette when mine gets bad its similar to eastern ear picks (the white one)
it probably works a bit better for white/black people than a pick though since our earwax is bulkier


gonno ooooooog oooog


just ate a spicy chicken sandwich gonno rub my belly and morph


File: 1537981040686.jpg (4.47 MB, 4160x3120, 0ba11e28-9c52-4be9-a69d-607e5fd2155a.jpg)

hell yeah they restocked the fridge and my request for v8 was acknowledged

wish i could try a cheerwine its been decades but at 42g of sugar thats NOT happening


hello mates im havin some coke zero and relaxing in the office


i simply use dry qtips


hehe good news hima the tank came with three filters when i got it and i bought aNOTher one just assuming that none of them worked
turns out with a little tlc all of them work just fine and all three are quieter than the one i bought
only problem is the cartridges in them are done luckily one is a tetra unit and the other two are fluvals that take pretty much anything


im running all four of them at once i made a little fake filter with some cubed kitchen sponges for the fluval hang on back one
thinking about going to home depot and getting some filtration media i bet theres something good for cheap


didnt realize the mate that turned down the japanese chick is the same mate from the boost me webm


the former webm gives me hope


what are you going to do with it


hell ya filtration media is easy to find lava rocks and pillow stuffing and brillo pads work fine


that mate has to beat the jap girls off with a stick and yet i was one of the 3800 all that year in japan to get robbed what a flipping farce i swear


dropping a wallet is NOT considered stealing


got a way better jaw than that mate hed be a ropecel in america gonno go to japan and slay hard




gonno shower and shave


turt is the mate to study these chads and mimic their behavior to a point just to land a jpgf



thats pointless
its all about lms


File: 1537983974189.jpg (52.02 KB, 395x402, 1529662965528.jpg)


whats lms having a hard time keeping up with lookism terms


nevermind figured it out


its all l ms is only important when looking for a betanorm to fund you while you flip high l all day


Has Cameron looksmaxxxed yet i think he's careermaxxed


flapperlaughing hard oh cunnilingus


File: 1537987458276.png (837.82 KB, 901x676, 23423.png)


is that a tranny




I'm bh as boost had to fork over 195 to collections cunnilingus ducking damn it


Want to call The Boss and talk to her but i have a new phone so i don't know it


Wish i can be like turt and NOT give a boost about my credit score


gonno invent a cubed visual monitor


gonno flipping invent a way to change my disastrous life choice


i only need one more fresh pineal gland to turn on the time machine


if i were a yokai id be a betobetosan


looks like its already a thing but mine will be better


wow imconvinced avril lavigne should be my nupengyou


die seki


That mate is here to pick up the girl he's having an affair with but he's parked in my spot so i parked in that girls spot get owned bitch


he was a sk8r boi i said c u l8r boi


hell yeah owned that roast


Got a 32 oz of hi c and a slim Jim


hate roasts


wish i had some hi c right about now



used to be a tapper cunnilingus


were so boosted


hey mates just woke up hows it hangin brewin some coffee


okay phew long day
bought some lava rocks for five bucks and some quilt backing for six bucks these are pretty well established cheap filtration media plus the lava rocks make a cool bedding
then i went to the pet store and got some fluid that removes chlorine and ammonia from the tank a therThe Bosseter and four more 36 cent fish
got home dumped out all the old water recleaned the tank with a razor blade and a microfiber towel very thoroughly washed off a couple pounds of lava rocks in the tub with a mesh bag and then filled the tank up with cold water to the point that i could get the filters to pinch up water
after that i cut up somd 6x8 pieces of the quilt backing and folded them accordian style and stuffed them down into the filters along with smaller lava rocks that i also washed at this point i poured in the tank prep fluid
had all four filters running for about 40 minutes then i took some water out of the tank into a smaller fish bowl and mixed it roughly half with the water from the fish bag and gave the filters aNOTher 15 minutes or so
turned off two of the filters but left them in for now in case the fish flapper out and i have to put them back into the small bowl which i filled with brita filtered water
theyre genki right now this new filter oxydizes the water way better


is 21 inch shoulders wide


depends how tall you are


get some of those orange snails


couldnt find any snails at either pet store might take a trip to one of the aquatic specific places


dead hours


just dumped



ate waffle


napped hard


File: 1537997533825.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 2.19 MB, 4032x3024, BFCE76C2-E2F1-47A2-8041-729299C1E686.jpeg)

put that r34 gtr model in the tank hehe


made coffee hima


the lava rock is a bad choice




pretty basted


got a real nasty cumreek hb


cut my finger with a razor


did you died


die one thousand deaths


i am the chicken nugget of my sword



File: 1537999878063.jpg (30.64 KB, 469x598, linus3.jpg)



that was already posted


its translated now


turt that you im 15




its me tallbro


no tallnorm is a mateof mine


go to hell tallnorm


if she 13 i 13



then explain how neetblog is most gentle saintly man i know


hes NOT gentle hes just perfectly stoic


NOThing more terrifying than the righteous anger of a gentle neetblog


measured myself again last night while jerking it


baste women


did it get bigger


what were the results


hope wk is doing alright


hes up there respecting women in heaven now


7 long 5.7 around


go to HELL big dick booster


7 long too but im borderline pencil dick


ive got all the girth in the world but no length at all


This is cam


the primary filter is working too hard wish i could solder in a resistor and cut it down a few amps to like 70gph but theyre sealed units


drop some koi in that aquarium and eat them later


get some shrimps


shrimps are on the agenda everyone says amanos are best
it would be cruel to put a koi in this tank maybe some cichlids and let them tear apart feeder fish


get a sea cucumber


dont do that


File: 1538002699296.jpeg (19.95 KB, 210x240, FECA4FF9-D71B-4E2D-A51B-0BD7A1CC4BB9.jpeg)

normies ree


uh oh thunderstorms coming


saw some little shrimps in my cats water bowl after a big rain two days ago no idea how they got in there but they were alive and shrimpin


its raining here too


guess ill make some chicken fingers


you should have cultivated them


wish to sperm on a sexy ladies face


gonno draw


Have you mates passed the toilet paper test


no but i passed the pen cap test


hope founder navis look as good as vega fe


my dick is too big for a toilet paper tube do i passed



that means you failed i think


cant stop smelling my fermentation lock its so exciting


it was storming and thundering hard hima so i opened up the garage door and sat in a lawn chair while drinking a blogweiser and roasting that cigar to the sounds of rain


File: 1538004139911.jpg (74.02 KB, 750x719, 59de75ddc150553c008b487d-750-719.jpg)

what color is this shoe






nice boomer



bluish peppermint and gray


we should play a dnd campaign set in the diablo universe hb




shooting heroin and smoking crack


how come i only see pink


gonno fund the hima mansion selling fentanyl at the playground


that sounds a lot worse than just playing dnd


only nerdnorms with friends play dnd


my brother plays dnd


that shit goes hard


im as dumb as a madrepores


im dumber


got the melonpan banner heck yeah


blackpenredpen is okay but i think i found someone better


did the toilet paper test


howd it go


it does NOT fit


failed miserably


wonder how long until japan gets pie eating contested and becomes as shite as any other country


File: 1538006485007.jpg (Spoiler Image, 107.22 KB, 1200x1000, __original_drawn_by_nakane_nata__c6599736a1e12….jpg)


thats sick


whats sick about it


File: 1538006684807.jpg (19.83 KB, 443x332, 8HgVgCZ.jpg)



gonno have some gin then make some bacon sandwiches and shower


tallnorm hours became dicknorm hours glad i morphed


got a micropenis sigh


let it hang


The Boss is clapping at the tv


File: 1538007727623.gif (79.07 KB, 711x664, 1538007448896.gif)

sciencenorms btfo


im nebraska man




pretty much thats a chart from most to least sexnorm


the more i listen to pastor anderson the more i get convinced


same gonno worship him


beware of false prophets


basted nobita dropping more blackpills


this showed up in my recommended the other day no idea why


ya know what if you get a chance to get yourself a good day and be a nice mate to be a nice mate and a nice mate to be a nice mate to you get a good mate and a nice mate to be a nice mate


peking man was stolen by the ccp because the chink overlords didnt want their citizens knowing man didnt involve from protochink


im peking man


sometimes i dream hard enough for oxytocin and such to get released and i have visions of life back when i was still human


just watched the whole trump press conference


think its time to fire up overwatch




NOThin norm


flip overwatch we need jeff kaplan back from that shite sushi bar



NOT clicking that



thats literally child porn


he cums in under a minute




its epic


dont know if thats good or bad nobody taught me how to have sex


should i stream project diva future tone


shes tight


ban the degen


should i click this


does that url look like something you should click




its a jav site dingus


prove it




im a risk taker


you say that like its NOT a reason to blacklist that site


wish i was a friendly giant like turt


just got a virus from that site


just download the video dont surf that site you booster


short hair underage girl mouth is very fierce - white silk underwear is very boosted


her boobs are too big


its a 31 year old woman from the czech republic


i was meant to be born in lithuania with all the other scapers


what happened to those perfect machine translations


big boob girl hi


we should hang out sometime ;)



Pair of 3 ton steel jacks cost 23.99 should i grab 4 Cameron


wish i had a cool name like cameron


Cameron is the name of a woman


what the fuck?


I really want to buy medicine but don't want to spend money unnecessarily


Look up Cameron Diaz she was big in the 90's and early 00's you might be too young to know her


guess ill have aNOTher glass of gin and play some wow




The aluminum 3 ton Jack stands cost 44.99 wow what a rip off


wonder why i didnt deserve a dad


what do you need a jack for you dumbass


just get the cheapest ones off amazon theyre all the same
your car is low try to find some that are meant for lower cars but those are obviously more than 23$


Fathers abandon their youth if they accidentally knock up the cock sleeve it is determined what kind of kid you'll be


NOT a Jack a Jack STAND I've got a low profile 3 ton Jack from harbor freight


his car isnt low its practically a monster truck


why do you need a three ton your car only weighs 2300 pounds two tons would be fine


Shut the he'll up Cameron


my low profile jack is ok but it doesnt go high enough to get the car up on my stands i need to get one of those steel cup things that goes on top of the jack wrist joint


3 ton just to make sure i don't get smushed when I'm changing the oil


Why don't you just put a block of wood on the Jack brainlet


that doesnt make any sense are you planning on someone who weighs 3500 pounds jumping on your car while youre under it
two tons is plenty of capability


smell a pie eating contest


in the engineering world we go by something called a factor of safety


wood isnt safe could easily slip on the type of jack points on my car one of which is a tow hook


new gm got hired today hes been at goat bosss store he comes from the restaurant industry so he knows absolutely NOThing about water


File: 1538013868284.jpg (4.01 MB, 4160x3120, 20180926_190339.jpg)

There is no 2 ton Jack stands


File: 1538013979109.jpg (222.82 KB, 1200x642, 562a54fb03626343dbfcabb57daea54e-jpg.jpg)

you must be at least 6'3" to visit japan


they have them theyre just NOT on sale
feel like 11 3/4 is high youre going to have to get the car 12 inches off the ground minimum to lower it down onto the stands


Why would you Jack up your car from the tow hook


manufacturer specified


im over 6 feet tall


its discord


shouldnt have bought this fish tank should have bought new rotors and pads


going to talk nonstop about aquariums with trainee girl on friday


Need to tell The Boss to call me so i can have her phone number


Did you get an aquarium to talk to a girl you're going to be like that mate that got a koi pond and never got that girl to look at it


Hey Cameron did you buy a brace


What's that other app that's like offer up




Rx8 on offer up for 1500 with 97k miles


haysuz my man does 110$ rotors pads drums and shoes sound sketchy to you
complete brake kit


pnig are you getting a tank too lets be tank buds


making grilled cheese and playing with the kitty


kitty or kitty


For a Honda civic seems reasonable 40-50 each rotor and 20 bucks for front 20 for back
Are they used


made three ham and cheese sandwiches for dinner because im all out of meat and substance for my ramen
think tomorrow ill put ham in ramen


no new
probably fine ill just keep the old ones if they feel bad or unsafe


Do a quick inspection


hima gets pie eating contested all the time now and onseki does literally NOThing hes too baked on weed browsing reddit memes and posting on b to care


my g203 prodigy arrives tomorrow cant wait


are you reflappered


do an unboxing vid


i dont understand the point of unboxing vids sorry


sushi chef mouse


its an anticipation thing you make the vids for other people who just ordered it to watch every day before it arrives
well maybe NOT in 2018 everything is five day shipping or less kids will never understand 9-10 day wait fimes


Had a pimple on my dick


I have to wait 10 days forall my car parts since i got them all engraved with "cam" and a heart around it


forgot about pimpledick


baste homosuz


time for some bacon sandwiches theyre gonno have extra bacon extra onion and extra sambal


what do you mean tank


still dont know how to fix pimpledickness



oh an aquarium

probably NOT if i did it would be a filterless nano or pico



wonder if pimpledick posts here



is pimpledick = dickslam jammer?


Im most of the personalities from warosu


File: 1538015525903.png (1.62 MB, 1273x714, girl.PNG)


sigh miss posting on the w with my buds and flappering out


sometimes when i look at a girl i imagine what theyd look like as a boy and think about how much worse their life would be


life as a girl is pretty bad


i would cream anyone here in melty


being a girl is NOT that great trust me


its recruit difficulty with the 99 lives cheat


flipped up bad at the start and accidentally selected hell mode gonno back out to the main menu so long boys


kitty reeks


you cant handle my c arc


playing this one on dante must die wish me luck



got the donte haircut


told the barber to give me the pageboy


only played f kouma back in the day



rock doesnt sound good if theyre NOT all high





trainee girl said we should smoke some time what does that mean


smoke your cock


should i rewatch haruhi in the airing order or the chronological order


She wants flip bro


fucc ya


haruhi used to be the most overrated anime in existence but it was forgotten by the sands of time now its rarely mentioned


new gm is supposed to show up at my store some day this week for training


gonno make some japanese style apple pies this winter


eva is the most overrated anime




shut the boost up


bh evanorm


madoka is defiantly the most overrated


if you watched madoka you were browsing /a/ circa 2012




Never been there sorry


once overheard some norm trying to convince aNOTher that madoka was the best anime ever it hurt my ears


i havent jacked off since the 16th im proud of myself



i dont really like asian girls i like latinas


how did someone like haysuz even stumble into jp warosu or any spinoffs in the first place


youre ascending soon youll be able to perform miracles like hear grass grow and keep popsicles from melting while holding them


by having norms like turt around to lure him in


making a pizza cookie for dinner



superb sandwiches today hima i must say


i wasnt i wanted something to watch in 2012 so i went to a database site randomly chose the letter M and then scrolled a bunch up and down and landed on madoka


wish i had a bacon sandwich



did you mates ever remember how miley cyrus was the one who introduced twerking to white america


i watched it when it aired


hope onseki did something about the greentext slam jam on the front page


File: 1538017069546.webm (1.18 MB, 640x360, 1537507768667.webm)

what is this i cant see thumbnails


its that stupid rember happy day meme



File: 1538017224180.webm (2.7 MB, 640x480, 1527988587353.webm)

interesting what about this one


its onseki what do you think


hate when people tell me im smart


im smart but lazy


pizza cookie is almost done


id boost her if she let me but i dont think asian culture is very compatible with mine every asian person ive met doesnt really like me


shes NOT an asian person shes a white person from new zealand?


asians are a race of norms so they decide how theyll treat you pretty much solely on lms


why would you think shes asian



File: 1538017710287.jpg (462.86 KB, 1920x1080, sigh.jpg)

wish i was chink maybe then id be good at rhythm sushi bars


if i was asian i could get into sph


any cock is big enough for any normal girl a finger is enough to make them freak out


what about me and my 7x5.7 incher



the average roast with a body count above 50 wont feel anything under 8"


ban the dickmog already


turt doesnt like people with normal sized penises posting on hima


good new mates my pizza cookie is done




is 6x5.7 good stats


any girls on here post a pic


dont do that onseki will ban you


File: 1538018253391-0.png (66.47 KB, 300x100, 8cd620d9d57e253c993c2f3d94696661.png)

File: 1538018253391-1.jpg (47.53 KB, 300x100, 4aa3f26b4ef331ec323485f429a11218.jpg)


ho need a daddy yous a pretender


File: 1538018346870.jpg (829.69 KB, 1000x1489, ac827c922599e7361e503942f0e106b9.jpg)



child abuse is a sublime pleasure
all the great extremes - genital torture forced unlubricated snap butchering - all these pleasures and more reach their pinnacle when the victim is a small child
the orifices are extremely tight and usually virgin an absolute joy to mangle rip and violate
the pained screams ring more shrill more empassioned unhampered from years of growing up fat and jaded
virgin territory brings the fresh cries and intense reactions of crushed and forever delayed innocence
there is an added pleasure in child torture a pleasure that lives on even after the child lay dead and rotting
the pain of the parents allows the libertine to forever enjoy his crimes
liddle kidlings are precious to parents their lives become meaningful and important because of the little bundle of 愛 that bounces on their knees
their grief and sense of loss is immense when their tiny go ds gifts are destroyed
their entire lives crumble and break an excruciating pain that becomes omnipotent as the childs memory is rendered burdensome due to the brutality and masterful eloquence of the dominant
every time lesley ann downeys The Bossmy remembers her little dead child her twinkling images are quickly torn to bits by ian bradys ingenious tortures
she hears the screams and tastes the tears that brady wrested from her little girls body
she sees her daughters 10 year old body covered with bradys hands and cum
she tries to block the picture from her mind but cant - its a permanent pain that lives on growing like a cancer with her darling daughters memory


speaking of butchering


me but im NOT posting a pic bye back into the shadows i go


is it possible to make creme betweens at home





obviously NOT


cremé between my legs sir



Post your abs cam



Found a bloatmaxxer



Big black man doin db bench press with 120's


i stand with israel


elliot give me strength


chicken nugget



new vinland saga chapter was a big fat existential sigh


stopped reading vinland saga when it turned into a farming manga


low iq


wish i had the enthusiasm of a nig


farming is baste


flip you rancher


File: 1538019853025.png (27.42 KB, 300x100, banner 03.png)


post legs


add the pastadog and silent pasta banners to the halloween banner list


didnt think himako would add any of the panderson banners if only onseki added banners as easily


hope pdog is safe and happy maybe having a morph


File: 1538020172320.png (29.25 KB, 300x100, banner 02.png)

this is terrifying


it was truly the lasta his pasta


himako was baste miss her


File: 1538020478164.webm (1.53 MB, 400x300, 1538009348601.webm)

me dealing with an arrogant tallnorm on hima


Damn literally perfect middle eastern girl perfect symmetry perfect nose perfect body athletic nice thick ass NOT like fast just normal ass that looks thick with muscle


愛 hitting my head on the concrete


thats NOT a good thing


bh tallnorm


i just realized the scene starting at 6:44 gets cut at 7:15 he barely lasts 20 seconds in her kitty


What movie



feel bad for the tall mate if you watch it he had a bunch of chances to own the napoleon syndrome mate hard but he didnt take them because he felt bad for the shortnorm


he cums for like 30 seconds he was really turned on


they should rename it turt syndrome or just call it what it is plain jealousy


you mean envy


nah the tallnorms body is weakened because of his height his chicken nuggets are brittle his blood is always draining from his head and limbs and it takes too long for his reflexes to react thats why the scrapper laid that arrogant fool the flip out with his superior physical ability



ya envy


remember when we thought pastadog was dead


12 inch cookie down the hatch with a half gallon of pog juice gonno do some stuff


you are NOT welcome here tallnorms


Some tall big and heavy mate benched 385 for 1 he's like 6'2" he looks like a typical football player from high school who's been had too many concussions oh boy he's moving up to 4 plates


未来が眩しくて見えない leave before he kills himself


ya thats why 5'4" football players marine soldiers and ufc fighters are desirable the smaller you are the better


ya i cried but it was just a prank bro


File: 1538022408749.png (48.76 KB, 300x100, pastor.png)


gonno watch one piece and morph later mates


the last time i came that hard i just stared at her i hope she knows i 愛 her i should of told her


should have


dont leave me



snoze time


you snoze you loze


flip this im outta here


why did he turn reflappered


eye itches


totally forgot about it left at like chapter 3


having really bad farts and need to shite bad


Are your farts violent


no but they smell rancid


gonno take a nap


daddy was just going to get the party started but it seems like an inopportune time


ive been searching for a man all across japan


wish i was living one of my alternative lives right now


Check it out Cameron never been more proud to be an Angels fan


cant remember the last time i saw a cockroach


cant believe ohtani got tommy john


what the flip


that girl aint right


memes for the meme cunnilingus



watakushi ga baste


woke up from my nap hey gonno have some coffee


gonno make a pbhmp


whats a pbhmb


peanut butter honey n maple syrup sandwich


some car on the highway was on fire and my boss is 3 miles behind it backed up in traffic so the store wasnt open when i got here


diarrhea again whats wrong with me lately



why wasnt i chink sigh


gonno start wearing a black suit around with a black shirt and no tie


feel like drinking but ive been exercising daily for a while now and i dont want to flip up my chemicals


drink some gsnap juice


hell yea



Everyone's asleep big ol sigh


im here mudman


In the year before he moved out, Griffin was violent, sexually aggressive and prone to smearing his own feces.


yall aint shit




Hitting up Starbucks


Gay mate at the counter was overly friendly saying my name slow i should've decked him in the chin when he leaned in




Got a small white chocolate mocha and acai bowl


File: 1538061333811.jpg (85.55 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Asobi Asobase - 03 [720p].mkv_s….jpg)


gay mates probably wouldnt lean in if you werent mating with them


asobi anormase




gleeked me keyboard




Cameron has lived long enough to become the gleekee


sleep with one eye open the chinese are everywhere these days



mouse sensors are a meme




overclocked my ram and hima still crashes


download some more instead


wonder what i should do todayu


make a delicious stew


do some pushups


i am boss


File: 1538071737717.jpg (46.93 KB, 1280x604, DoHQ8O9UYAA0VyS.jpg orig.jpg)


time to begin the sperm expelling procedure


gth spermer


gave up on learning how to draw


dont give up


one fish died at some point when i was at work he actually sunk to the bottom instead of the top
it was the same one that was basically ramming into the walls trying to get out pretty sure he was flapper


his body wasnt all stiff like the other ones either dunno what happened
the water is really cloudy today i can see bacteria swirling around in the tank it looks almost like miso soup


does it taste like miso soup



he probably was just playing dead so he could get out


You did it again fool


It's a dangerous path you're going down playing g-d


rigor mortis doesnt last forever


corporate mates are at the other store theyre supposed to be coming here today too


the warosumates


So hot today got myself an Italian soda



big boss wants to fly us to mississippi in his plane for a project and live in the condo he has down there for a couple of weeks but honestly dont like the thought of NOT having access to my car or training room even if i do enjoy flying


flying is baste but usually NOT worth what it entails


File: 1538077262497.jpg (4.06 MB, 4160x3120, 20180927_122953.jpg)

Would you pinch it yes or no


yes nice converses bro


baste haysuz


gonno download thugpro and play some tony hawk underground


anyone else watching the kavanaugh hearing


r/braincels was quarantined the norms will NOT stop


invite them to hima


just did i also posted a thread on incels.me and pm'd a mod to have it stickied


gth polnorm
gth turt


the tank is so cloudy apparently its bacteria in the environment colonizing in the water and it takes about a week for the good bacteria to cultivate
i knew this was supposed to happen but i didnt expect it to be so scummy
wonder what happens to the non beneficial bacteria i guess they get eaten up by the good bacteria and whats left gets caught in the filters


scrap the fish plan and get a hamster instead


he will kill the hamtaros just like how pnig killed those ferrets


should have went for the tadpoles


downloading thug2 now


cant believe fish killer killed aNOTher fish asshole murdernorm


dont bother buying anything else NOT even a plant fishkiller


fish are just plants with tiny brains


i told you about cycling the tank you fool ive been trying to guide you but you refuse


he just wants to hurt little fishes


waiting for the corporate mates to get here the other store gave me a call and said they went over everything


mouse is here hima hb


make an unboxing video


hell yeah become the next linus


I use my old converse to drive because i can feel the pedal on my foot big i refuse to drive bare foot


guess ill make sushi


File: 1538082689068.mp4 (42.73 MB, xvideos.com_fc3f725a1eca12fb808b31a579958713.mp4)

whoa i think i found aNOTher video of that girl from yesterday, can someone help me figure out her name?


nikki wolfe


when i die the residual hatred will become a storm that lasts hundreds of years and will be considered to be earths dark spot similar to what we see on jupiter


i have a dark spot on my penis


NOThing comes up when i search that


lmao thats NOT the video i meant to post


oh nvm she has a pornhub page lol


got some phlegm stuck in my throat


die porn watchers


its sperm


no its NOT


start recycling


stopped buying bottled water only use the hose to fill up the water cup now



chicken nugget


File: 1538083755839.jpg (693.69 KB, 847x1200, 70516415_p0_master1200.jpg)


nice commentary


what does it say


read it yourself loser


go to hell japmog


hb lovin this mouse hima




File: 1538084736809.jpg (883.01 KB, 4032x3024, 2Ii5aXQ.jpg)


nice making sushi mouse


its rgb gonno use the breathing effect


Wish g-d stopped using the breathing affect on me


foolish rgbnorm


why would you wish for that


yeah rgb blows


whats wrong with rgb


rgb is basted


its for cool sushi chefs


stole some of The Bosss pills gonno flapper out


what kind of pills


installing thug2




the schizo pills


probably xanax


never tried xanax before whats it like






1000 mg oral Naproxen (daily)
Pharms - Cyclobenzaprine


I have a herniated disk with 2 pinched nerves/possibly three. I was given by my doctor Naproxen (l 500 mg TEVA-Naproxen EC twice daily) and also Cyclobenzaprine (1 three times daily as needed) as a muscle relaxant. I took it for a very short time as it made me feel like crap. I could only take the two together at bedtime as I could NOT function on both of them.

I took both to avoid pain while in a test situation and even though it was open-book, I was completely lost. Impossible to concentrate and focus on work. One must take with food but I won't take both together unless I am going to sleep. I only want to sleep when I do both together and it ruined my day when I needed to do something other than sleep...

Exp Year: 2010ExpID: 89717
Gender: Female
Age at time of experience: 52
Published: Feb 28, 2011Views: 40,114


corporate came and left they had NOThing bad to say


its wrong to steal


hey mates just woke up how goes it


How do i get into finance


get a finance degree


What's that



File: 1538086962458.png (424.13 KB, 543x1002, 1538075550623.png)


wish i had a gf to bash


if i ever get a gf im gonno make war machine look like a joke


my gf is 12


Roast asked to have charges dropped sigh Cameron and his Chad posse win again


if wanting to flip that girl makes me ped then consider me a babyflipper


going ok if NOT for the pie eating contestant thats been pie eating contesting every single day


its just haysuz




have onseki do something about it


just think of him as like a 愛able mascot


What's a pie eating contest shitpost


call me ray rice i knock a roast out


the only thing youre knocking out is a plate of doritos


wish i had a plate of doritos


thinking of making loco moco tonight should i stream it



i dont mind haysuz now that hes NOT slam jamming about turt 24/7 im talking about this mate >>834503 >>834501 >>834497


sigh theres only angel hair left in the cabinet gonno end it


gonno sushi bar with 8000 dpi



think i fancy an early morph
why would i cycle a brand new tank what would that do its hasnt even had time to balance out
the guides say to jusy let it get scuzzy


File: 1538089022880.png (800.27 KB, 807x719, blackbestg.png)


uh that is the best kind


baste pie eating contestants


File: 1538089618620.jpg (36.48 KB, 696x393, nitrogen-696x393.jpg)

cycling establishes bacteria in the filter and substrate to help convert ammonia into nitrates it is literally step one of starting an aquarium you fill it with water and either piss in it or put some unscented household ammonia in it or put biospira in it then let it filter for a few days i told you this before >>833324


what about the mercury


youre supposed to sanitize your tank and remove the bacteria theyre evil


gonno ask trainee girl if she wants to get a pizza tomorrow


wish to flip this cheating cat


File: 1538089862583.jpg (36.81 KB, 550x309, best-pizza-in-chicago.jpg)


just 2 minutes ago The Boss said she wanted to try her hand at a deep pizza like that and i said no way chicago style is disgusting i told her to make it authentic the italians know better about cooking than some dumb fat americans


i just wanna boost


phew is that the famous two layer lasagna


chicago style isnt deep dish you fool deep dish is deep dish and chicago style is chicago style


whats the different


i didnt say deep dish i said deep she was defiantly describing chicago "style"


a deep dish pizza is just a pizza with more cheese and sauce with the sauce on top
a chicago pizza has the sauce on top and then below that is a thin crust and below that is the toppings and then below that is the cheese and below the cheese is the bottom crust
and sausage in a chicago pizza is going to be a sausage patty that covers the entirety of the pizza its NOT just little pieces arranged in a pattern


gonno jerk it


i dont get it


basically chicago style is for reflappers that have no taste and only want to eat a mouthful of hot cheese


File: 1538090702042.jpg (193.5 KB, 425x282, ChicagoPizzafamily.jpg)


had chicago style pizza in chicago once it pinched just stick to their hotdogs


File: 1538090807466.jpg (74.3 KB, 642x428, 119256_640x428.jpg)

have a feeling that pg would like sonoran hotdogs


made sushi


australian coordinating officer said i should keep the door open a few days a week so that the smell of water clears out


File: 1538091097887.png (151.93 KB, 1700x650, 1aREmPd.png)

14nm shortage helping amd a lot


nice bogan


australian warned me about dropbears in the area


i gave him a traditional greeting hey mate howre you goin


nice intel less chips selling for more


you should be more worried about the hoop snakes


does this really happen


made some rice and lentils was a little boring so i sauteed some sausage onion and tomato with a dash of vinegrette to throw on top gonno follow it up with some sliced asian pears fried in butter and cinnamon


had a pear once it tasted like sand


dont like pears either


oh yeah i have honey that im gonno caramelize with the pears


Shitting myself cause gas light turned on I'm 15 miles away the nearest shell


ST next to me revving his engine I'm looking away


cam go save your boy haysuz



might have some toast


File: 1538092623766.jpg (188.29 KB, 770x770, lxtyg1nnnuo11.jpg)




cycled the water a bit with the gravel vacuum it looks clearer
kind of want to get some proper pebbles for the tank i live the lava rocks but the gravel vac doesnt get shit out from in between the heavy rocks theres NOT enough suction


is that supposed to be olmette




im too baste to be real


should i play thug2


dont understand this norm humor


i think you have turnover and cycling mixed up just watch this video you obviously dont read anything i post


a foid wont know shit about fishkeeping



eating that toast


put some honey on that toast


i already ate it and i dont like sweet things on toast


watching the episode of tng where wesley and the other kids on the ship get stolen and transported to a planet and are forced to flip eachother because the inhabitants cant get chicken nuggets anymore


play thugpro with me


File: 1538094141853.jpg (3.55 MB, 4160x3120, 20180927_172132.jpg)

Seen so many 370's today


i miss dubstep


dont worry im bringing it back


File: 1538094322440.jpg (175.41 KB, 640x640, Acting_Ensign_Adults_7_medium2.JPG)




pastor anderson said women with short hair are a disgrace


im a disgrace


pastor anderson also said neetcels are a disgrace


cant wait for the locomoco


im mutant i dont read anything


Miata is always the answer


wish to flip platelet chan




had some bls and fries for dinner


bacon lettuce sandwich


does thug have multiplayer




die thuggers



post her ass


doubt turt would be enough of a man to call me a roast in real life probably NOT he seems scared of girls




File: 1538097328818.png (Spoiler Image, 4.71 MB, 2114x3047, 0002.png)


can electric tape short circuit a chip no right


turt seems too scared to do anything that he says online


i dont go around starting trouble for NOThing if thats what you two are getting at



just organized the shed for a bit


i was putting back my keyboard tested the keys it was all fine then i put electric tape on a loose chip later realizing it has screws to keep it in place now its saying usb is NOT recognized


Oh my g-d don't want to brag or anything but this is just so perfect


owned tinkerer


File: 1538097775200.jpg (3.09 MB, 4160x3120, 20180927_182046.jpg)

Whoops forgot pic


ive been using the same keyboard for over 10 years


its a small ducky chip might just be a few dollars but what the hell that couldnt be the problem i flipped the 5pin connectors thinking that would fix it but it didnt this stuff is chintzy


get a filco


you here fishkiller


The m is a little too close to the numbers


$200+ keyboards are a meme theyre all sourced from china anyways should have gotten the k70 like i originally planned


Looks cluttered


lets all hop on thugpro


how the flip would a chip be lose what were you trying to do


Want to install short shifter and everything but i think I'll wait until tomorrow or Saturday most likely Saturday so i can have plenty of time and NOT be pressured or worried to hurry


Hey Cameron how are those foot long throws working out for ya buddy


I'm selling only 2 rpf1 wheels! They are 17x8 5x100 with almost new tires (all season)! They have alot of life left on them. For 425$ they are used. No dents!

Y'all think these are stolen?


Selling my RPF1s wheels with tires, pretty much brand new tires I have only driven them for 200 miles so still have alot of thread.
18x8.5 +30 offset
18x9.5 +15 offset

NOThing is wrong with them the reason why I am selling these is because I need a square set up for my car with that being said price is negotiable.



File: 1538098983797.png (413.43 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-27-18-42-47.png)



cant tell who is worse carnorms or keyboardnorms


i must say these pears are simply exquisite




recommend me a good compact keyboard with no numpad


Hey Cameron what size wheels you got I'm looking at the mate who only had 2 I'm going to tell him 300


File: 1538099293560.jpg (2.61 MB, 5312x2988, IMG_20180927_204453.jpg)

this was loose after i realized you can screw it in i spilled soup on my kb a few days ago cleaned it now i was putting everything back


downloading thugpro


I think the tires alone would be 300


can you play with mouse and keyb


never understood the appeal of those tiny little tenkeyless keyboards id rather have a nice big one



bh nopear


What do you think cam would 300 be okay for those 2 wheels and tires


dad 愛s a good pear he likes the hard and sandy ones


im a keyboardlet


dad or daddy




the norms are all around us


blizzcon tickets include a wow classic demo maybe theyre closer to launching it than i thought


will you join my hima guild


[Hidden link. Register to see links.]


chink sites make you post 100 times and acquire forum currency on top of registering


glad i have a hima gold pass


i need to make a decision


just disabled my limiters


hate chinks


愛 jerking it to chinkgirls


same specially on wmaf tumblrs


should i fry the burg in bacon grease


heck yeah


dont cross contaminate


flip it gonno save the pack of bacon for later ill just fry it in snapseed oil or as the japanese say 菜のはオイル



kitty is climbing the wardrobe shes like seven feet tall already



might have reversed the polarity


dragonforce is a chink band


normforce post some freedom call


the rice is boiling hima its boiling


rice isnt supposed to boil


well mine is



first time i heard about paladins was diablo


Fortnite girl is telling me ps4 asks xbox people can play together now ok do you wanna ask me to play with you


hima we must find a way to save intel


File: 1538102279676.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.73 KB, 603x710, linus6.JPG)


intel can eat my dick


File: 1538102473863.webm (3.34 MB, 642x480, Denpa Shounen Nasubi Prize Life Contest part ….webm)

made this webm just now


the hima apartment


accidentally quickmorphed


gonno have one big loco moco instead of two small ones


thinkin about thos beans


is that a reference to rhett always loving beans


daddys one cup has a picture of fuji-san on the inside


anyone watch the new south park episode




die you enormous freak




thugpro is full of moggers


Wonder when cam will reply to me about the wheels 300 for 2 doesn't seem bad but i don't know what size he has


hes too busy doing discord things


mutated hard howd this thread get so many posts


slam jam


himako came back


Tell him to come back discord is alwaysawake


yea it was p good


Got some California raw honey 300ml for 10.49


phew gonno play some thug


highly recommend locomoco hima


so here i am growing older all the time looking older all the time feeling younger in my mind


Can someone ask Cameron what size his tires are i think it's 17x9.5


this is about the time when haysuz gets banned


hes got nowhere else to go




Uhh ban causei don't like what he's saying i need my safe space haha ironically


File: 1538105170167.jpg (128.52 KB, 722x1280, 1538105113934.jpg)



almost impossible to play using the keyboard i can barely do 100k combos


nice idubbbz teacher


do sexy ladies know glue is made from horses


Is glue horse cum


its boiled old horss


is sniffing glue fun


time for some bacon sandwiches


ask onseki/turt theyre the resident drugnorms


time to watch one piece and morph


activated the snack mode


File: 1538106918114.jpg (148.55 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

saw a cappuccino today


File: 1538107063836.jpg (293.07 KB, 765x994, 1534036152281.jpg)


too bad im NOT a degenerate neet


flip you eetnorm


eating okra


愛 okra wish i had some


ok ill send some over


i eagerly await


File: 1538108722410.webm (5.45 MB, 642x482, Denpa Shounen Nasubi Prize Life Contest part2….webm)


I'm too dumb to make webms


thats one hell of a chink




File: 1538109235770.webm (368.7 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Hanebado! - 11 [720p].webm)

me thinking of a funny hima post


gonno jerk it to sayaka tonight


pretty sure shes thinking about paying back the norms


alexa fire up fortnite


ya she needs to pay her rent


i do NOT understand the concept of instagram models


whats an instagram model


a bimbo that posts pictures of herself on instagram and for some reason thousands of people worship her


theyre literal whores


made a big bottle of tea for tomorrow put it in the fridge its chillin hima


gotta drive da to walmart




but they dont make any money


actually they do


sigh cant get into the noodle cabinet because theres a spider guarding it


simply crush it


was jerking before and a spider crawled across my chest and arm so i froze and made sure i didnt crush it then continued jerking about 5 minutes later hope its doing ok


kill the neetblog


i dont kill any bugs sorry i even feel bad killing ants and mosquitoes


instagram whores make me want to purge norms



may i recommend wearing glasses made of actual glass NOT polycarbonate which ends up worsening eye vision


that song reminds me of one of my alternative lives to


still repeat the 10 dollars line years later and laugh


we have to go back


File: 1538113857238.jpg (36.99 KB, 640x480, FuckTheInternet.jpg)


didnt think id ever see varg mention jeremy clarkson


phew 愛 when a girl opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue


NOT doing too hot as of late


life and the norms got you down huh


do you have any evidence for this claim


mutant there were dozens of posts made about that topic in the past year


i cant remember more than 15 minutes into the past


im NOT a mutant i simply have bad memory


gonno make sure to get polycarbonate lenses again the next time i get glasses


gonno sail around the world



think i might nightwalk


youll get stabbed mugged shot and snapped



i always nightwalk with my trusty japanese steel


wish someone would fight me on a nightwalk so i can show off my muay thai


File: 1538119552427.png (934.63 KB, 928x641, panzermadels_is2_by_generalvolks-d9wkxqu.png)


File: 1538120540820.jpg (1.25 MB, 1764x2508, cecb7ed7a83e1c6680819a9e6f36a745.jpg)


arms_behind_head is indeed probably one of the sexiest poses


File: 1538120675874.png (499.41 KB, 875x557, in this moment I am supreme.png)


gotta take a big piss


got the carpal tunnel going in my mouse hand


fire up the wrist splint


cunnilingus bfa is so terrible what are they doing


Cricket chirping inside my room


die cricket


gonno head out and split some wigs with big herc


have fun


you need to use water then


he needs to prop his legs up


nice rat sexy ladies


Bad crash Ford focus base model jeep compass looked like a 2015 model and ford f-150 focus mustve read ended compass who hit the f150 looked like a big mate who was on his phone im gonno guess he was on his phone and wasnt paying attention


wrapped up all the work i needed to do in 2.5 hours now to wait till 3:30 or so and sneak out


Foot long throws


Think i might head home early too I've got a cold or flu or something headache with sore throat throat and boogers


File: 1538145888787.png (571.47 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2018-09-28-07-44-02.png)

Check it out Cameron im definetly gonno snatch these up if theyre still available


File: 1538146525196.jpg (95.45 KB, 1024x1024, 1538103416422.jpg)

Wish this was Cameron


bored as hell


hate when my foot gets stuck sideways in my pants




it just happens


think i have arthritis


you dont have arthritis


how do you know fool


i just do


then why am i munching on these teva naproxen pills