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pretty baste


based ken



sis went out to see the joker with her friends




wonder if pnig actually did make this one it was posted before he was arrested


blasphemy pnig is a failed norm who beat and battered his grandma to a bloody pulp turt on the other hand is a true freak of nature in the good way


love turt hate webm guy


paste wrongreply


neetbucks just kicked in yo straight to the liquor store to celebrate hoo boy hima


dinku it durinku it


this is it


weird posting in a pnig thread


just want him back


File: 1633522173152.png (34.86 KB, 328x153, unknown.png)



the holo minecraft arc where everyone goes to en server pinches



die random name norms


the name norms are raiding


love when my hand tards out and spills my drink everywhere then i realize its tapwater and itll clean itself


watching the jps force a reaction to their pitifully meager creations once was already more than enough


alright enough fun and games now when is it my turn to have sex


simply become 6'4"


wonder if i couldve been tall if i ate healthy food and slept more as a teen


big bros 6'4 wouldve had the genes but stayed up til 6am every day in middle school sigh




File: 1633537764972.jpeg (838.67 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0043.jpeg)

found a frog in the house took him outside and hosed him off a little wonder if hell be ok


paste thread



ordered some late night burgs


makes no sense i didnt choose to be cel yet here i am the demiurge did this to me i had no say in the proceedings


didnt consent to being cel why should i need a womans consent for sex


because youre NOT a potato chef


File: 1633539925627.jpg (124.12 KB, 1200x675, FA_Zq4xVcAUv2Af.jpg)


you must have done something terrible in your past lives



anxiety is lower at night so i stay up later to soak up all the time i can and shorten the length of time in my day



might jo




got an ethernet switch for my two pcs now i can use barrier to share the mouse and keyboard with no lag works like a dream cant wait to show mom




botan already streamed that


selen is better at fps than botan


would be upset over this blog if it wasnt for the fact were going through them so quickly


crying for the witch blog


only pmbs threadrage


im fragger i frag


i was born a pmb ill die a pmb



die sager


let me think about it



hey hima still no power at least i can make coffee conserving battery im at nine percent tried to sleep as much as i could
dont know if everything inside the fridge is still cold or NOT and scared to open


its time to go outside and begin your real life


why NOT charge up in the car


you were supposed to be filling the fridge with bags of ice and replacing them as they melted dont tell me you just let everything sit there







starting to become enraged




oops hehe only deleted the top part


what the hell thats a great idea are you a genuis


nice tard


have you seen the top twitch streamers leaks hima aris makes 30k a month from subs alone and then theres donations merch ads and youtube


no hope for the future of humankind after learning that piece of information


why do japs suddenly love apex anyways thought they hated pc gaming and fps


will never understand the appeal of watching someone else play video games its like watching sports simply do NOT care


thats because you are NOT a npc


he deserves it hes a baldcel shortcel that had disabled parents through his whole life and shitty low pay jobs he started streaming when he was thirty and only really started getting traction at the age of thirty four


sigh never gonno stream again


its NOT a great idea youre going to drain the battery


hes going to Drive around as it charges


File: 1633547527496.jpg (101.38 KB, 1080x1080, 73a.jpg)





you can stream thats like watching a friend play video games


watched some of selen play bf2042 game looks bad and shes annoying i recommend the soundtrack separately


dink it



NOT gonno play but ill always listen to a soundtrack


dont have the energy to fully shower but the arseitch is becoming a problem gonno have to fire up the detachable showerhead and the rag


the greatest pleasure ive ever experienced in this life was being a boy with an improperly wiped arse and having it become extremely itchy and scrubbing it hard with a hot washrag


uhh simply use the bidet


whatever youre trying to do takes ten times more energy than a shower just stop thinking get in soap yourself get out turn your brain off and do it


im too large to fit in the tub without getting hurt




what the hell how can anyone be that fat


please do NOT judge me


graphics tablet gonno arrive in a few days see you on the other side hima


NOThing beats pencil and paper


selen is NOT annoying shes genki


are you going to become a mangaka


check the wiki norm


bought a graphics tablet used it maybe two times before putting it back in its box and completely forgetting about it


File: 1633550884579.gif (2.88 MB, 350x185, 1330584239278.gif)


gonno keep drawing cubes until they turn into nice pixiv illustrations


sigh so jealous of the chinks they basically get free musical and drawing training with their shitty hieroglyphic scripts and tonal languages all their lives while wed have to start from scratch



too bad theyre soulless bugmen




its back


what is


oh sorry your power sigh im tard






mom got doppel keks from aldi had a nice kek when i saw them in the pantry


just want to beat the shite out of a neet until they start squealing and trying to crawl under the bed


die norm


wagie ragie


stomps his feet


sigh would be mangaka tier if i drew consistently instead of just having sporadic episodes of drawing for a few days and then NOThing for a year


wish i didnt waste all my time in front of the blue box


love gaming


there has to be some way to make a habit out of working on a skill but i never figured it out and now its too late




wish i could game


brain transplant


File: 1633553062202.webm (5.39 MB, 1280x720, 1633499653585.webm)


doc prescribed me 300 grains of hollowpoints to be applied directly to the forehead


doc prescribed me 200gb of 角巻わため to be applied directly to the eyes and ears


the sheep girl


hate the divorced sheep




watame wishes mukkun had married her enough to divorce her


moms raging


rage back


its NOT about me


validate her rage then


i cant its her fault


simply lie


starting to feel some dangerous rumbling in and around my lower intestines


simply gonno avoid her until later cant be bothered with the problems of mortals


the rumbler


pochi sensei is dropping redpills hima


File: 1633555642013.jpg (558.57 KB, 1200x900, 1633501885346.jpg)

popura no...





File: 1633555829780.jpg (133.36 KB, 1005x1200, FBC17BoVkAgoMjy.jpg)


love a good anime bitch toilet


File: 1633556447765.png (1.22 MB, 1500x2028, 93242983_p0.png)


File: 1633557100311.jpg (171.52 KB, 1280x720, Tsundere_To_Aru_Kagaku_no_Railgun_-_04_BDRip_h….jpg)


only my railgun can shoot it


wish i was mikoto


canNOT believe one of the new nijiens is named reimu


wish i was misaki


what is this




the pressure cooker makes a lot of scary noises


lets hear em


it shouldnt be making any noise besides the air coming out


might be haunted hope you looked into its previous ownership


hate paranormal


File: 1633558629054.jpg (82.83 KB, 1280x720, [GJM] Re-Kan! - 02 [40D58010].mkv_snapshot_04.….jpg)


gotta say love using my pcooker for almost everything fire up some nice pcooker pbelly


bomb some norm gathering with it


die fbiplant


love it when the fbi creates problems to justify their existence


need to justify my existence


File: 1633559064699.jpg (39.15 KB, 490x344, 1345877997331.jpg)


this existence is an injustice



File: 1633560179653.jpg (373.52 KB, 1280x1811, 01.jpg)


im paranorm


the cryptonorms


how do i get a gf 10x my size like that


hate having to drink water


shes only 6'2





oh flip was just about to post that never played those games


im pomu


wonder what foul obscene things will come out of finanas mouth today


the microblog


hate it when my mermaid accidentally leaves the vibrator in her mouth


what if a gf really is that great and thats why norms will do whatever it takes to possess one like you get one and suddenly all of your individual problems are solved ive known a few virgs to change somewhat drastically once they got in the guts




its NOT that great


need a silly hat with a fish on it


doesnt change anything either way im permanently cel


monks dont have gfs


a teen couldnt handle being a monk they arent comparable


monks flip boys


most monks written about did major teen shite but with rocks and sticks or no electronics


ran out of gsnaps


hate when i make a jerking motion like trying to get something out of a bottle and feel myself jigglin


NOT good at horror games love playing them but cant handle the jump scares


drawing stream later tonight




dont know maybe three hours from now




eating genoa salamis and watching outlasts


ran out of twizzlers to snack on though


rice and bean night again hima NOT gonno burn the vegetables this time


rice and beans are my favorite vegetables


think i read that rice production is suffering because the planet is dying


wheat is also dying for the same reason and it turned into a pasta shortage


stopped eating pasta this year its just rice


NOTiced gas prices are up


thanks biden


bunch of stuff at the grocery was on sale frozen meals were like 50 percent off


wont be much longer till even more crops fail


crazy how all the norms raving about climate change have 20x impact on the climate than me since theyre busy norming it up buy new tech travel the world while im busy doing NOThing


neets are carbon neutral we should be the model citizens of the climate awareness era


might be too late for that now


the neets shall inherit the earth


you are NOT carbon neutral youre burning up plenty of electricity with your high spec gaming pc and microwave dinners made with beef that had to be raised and transported and onaholes that you ship overnight from across the planet


none of that applies to me


my high tech gaming pc is a used hp with a 10 year old cpu and 8 year old gpu scavenged from a dead pc


5600x running hot with pbo enabled


wont be long before widespread power outages and the ultranorms start isolating themselves from the rest of us wont even be a internet then


god willing the glowing rectangle will die within my lifetime


File: 1633563589569.jpg (104.65 KB, 848x1199, FA-14AdVEAQ49Tp.jpg)


dont understand why we dont simply sterilize males at birth and then offer men the ability to pay a $5000 fee to regain breeding rights just make sure you do it to the third world countries to in exchange for food and money instead of giving it to them for free

i mean they mutilated my penis at birth so why NOT take it one step further for the good of the planet




well just fall back on the hima ham net


heavily judge anyone with a busted phone screen


hope you can run an offgrid generator for that


the hima sneakernet


thats a downscale do you NOT see all the artifacts






love downscaling 1.2MB pngs to 100KB jpgs and posting them on hima


might go ham


in the future their will be wealthy enclaves heavily guarded by private militia with large scale power generation and satellite internet connecting them

the other 99% of the population will be in the stone age




we will be in the 1%


wont be long now till that happens


power just went out for a split second heard a click monitors went blank but computer did NOT die im safe


we wont be


feels like that when look outside and see all those scavengers tweaking


theyre already testing the power redirects


you mean the fentanorms


do NOT know what drug theyre using just see them jumping jerking their arms around yelling to themselves


probably would have ruined my life with drugs when i was younger if i was norm enough to know how to get them


whats she saying


more and more people are gonno end up like that as the system collapses and fresh water becomes scarce and crops die and the norms hoard the remaining food just hope mom doesnt have to live through it


its over


gonno be a lot of fun scavenging the ruins of society shooting someone over a granola bar


NOT sure ill want to i need imageboards and the internet


going to form a band of highway bandits that terrorize the east coast interstates


cant game in a future like that cant game at all


we shall play games with the lives of the norms


can i join you if i make it across the count


the game will be real life


thats NOT a game


scared one day the subs will just be gone and gonno panic but nobody else around me will care


will it be because theyll all be fluent in japanese


good thing theres so many doomsday preppers in america theres gonno be lots of norm stashes to loot


the kinds of people that prep are the same kinds of people that stockpile guns and ammo what are you going to do


probably die


i can easily outsmart some dumb norms


i need a weapon


just drop a nice smoke bomb down their ventilation shaft and mow them down when they run out


crying hima


theyll have mine fields surrounding their normbunker


your only hope is to be extremely aggressive when things are first getting bad because the norms will still be soft i hope youre prepared to murder parents in front of their children at point blank range before turning the barrel towards them


got a barrel to point at those kids


minefields are easy to deal with you just train a few dogs to always run in front of you


im NOT i just want to play video games and eat pizza and watch pomu and watch kemono friends and sleep all day


have absolutely no fondness towards humans couldnt care less if your entire species died out tomorrow but i do have a code of honor and fairness that im forced to abide by


what code


japs will fair the best probably theyll just revert back to their samurai feudal society and become self sufficient just hope the collapse is fast enough that nuclear war doesnt break out


japari park pizza party


are you gonno have one


File: 1633565037754.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x1504, 20211006_164103.jpg)






damn good rainbow damn good


wonder whats at the bottom of that nice rainbow


did you find the pot of gold


the third wave wolf girl is hitting on pomu very aggressively hope they stream some erp collabs




dont like stuff like that pomu should only have nice streams


hard times create strong men


feeling down but then remembered that right now someone somewhere is watching a one hour long youtube presentation on how to become an alpha male


gonno sign up for sigma lessons


wish i could have been aNOTher sniveling beta chump instead of being born as a sigma


instead you born as a teen


it was so worth it to go shopping today hima the serranos and ginger give my rice and beans more flavor




File: 1633566328632.jpg (25.28 KB, 224x438, mashu.JPG)


had a cat 3 spergout but the potato chef doesnt need to know that i spent forty minutes wringing my hands and pacing while repeating i need to flipping kill myself


woke up mom made reubens with store bought tater sald


you could always tell them that is why theyre there




youll get thrown in the loony bin if you tell them that


tarded out and made the entire continent of africa dependent on food gibs while at the same time destroying the smalls farms that couldnt stay up because of that and increasing their population by 10x


sounds like youve been reading some epic pol threads


tbones dad loved reading pol threads


no shit thats why i didnt check the depression or thoughts of suicide boxes on the form


they wont only if youre coming up with plans to hurt someone or yourself otherwise theyll just dose you up on sedatives


a plan and NOT the idea of it


what does that even mean who hasnt researched methods but been too pussy to do it


no idea i just know they separate the idea of doing it from planning how


10 years ago read a method called adobo use it sometimes in the kitchen


NOT gonno risk mentioning anything that could get me hauled off what would be the point the norms just want everyone to suffer with them


if you tell them youre planning on dying on tuesday by hanging theyre gonno haul you off but if you just say you wish you were dead they will just try and help


tarded out and became a nice 29 year old manbaby nopersona on the most obscure corner of jp spinoffs


you didnt sell out thats something to be proud of


live and die anonymous


shadow hide you


wonder how hard it is to become a monk for real



tell her to play sonic racing




wish i wasnt trapped in here with the norms




im norm


File: 1633568972093.jpg (249.48 KB, 1024x1024, 4647159387_697e6e033d_b.jpg)




hate this prison planet in this prison dimenion


the norms are trapped here with me


gonno shove chunks of dead animals into my meat holes


tell the thepotato chef everything so they can turn you into a profitable goy


teeth hurt hungry no food


you mena like turt


pomu made think about shadowmen


teeth are great think its because chew at least 3 pieces of gum every day sometimes more


got a gum habit after developing permanent drymouth


asked mom to buy some mints


dont know the difference between spaghettis and spaghettinis


watched a video of a bartender describing all the drinks people had asked him to make and he made fun of their requests could NOT understand all the different drinks


love paying 30 dollars at the bar for 2 dollars worth of alcohol and being made fun of once im out of earshot


ill have a gin fizz


never been to a bar planned to save it for the big three o but there isnt enough time left for me to have a personality change severe enough that would make me able to voluntarily spend time in a public place


woke up hi


try a heroic dose


hi woke up hi


File: 1633570363656.png (203.35 KB, 800x800, 93276130_p46.png)


File: 1633570387216.png (496.06 KB, 600x423, eet.png)


is that pog or kekw can never remember which is which


kekw is the spanish laughing man one






a to


probably crack


NOThin to pog over


told mom i wasnt hungry after the sperging now if i try to get food shes going to think i was lying




moms been gone for like 2 weeks now its great outside of my diet getting lazy


dieting is for women


that doesnt make any sense


rika satoko hugging banner


sigh rikishi


i mean diet in general like i cook meat then just eat a cucumber like a candy bar as a side


File: 1633571272909.jpg (208.48 KB, 850x1202, untitled.jpg)





thats a skip


nice kinderficker


OR replace($1,'_','') LIKE '%love%anal%'
OR replace($1,'_','') LIKE '%inmyass%'






hot men


wish my pc werent so loud


get a nice mugen or fuma 2




moth got in the fridge closed it before it could escape now its gonno die a slow and painful death hehe


found a sandfly in the freezer the other night was struggling to escape crushed it


its gonno thrive in there and youre gonno wake up to hundreds of moths


bugs just turn off when they get cold


need to be crushed by a 60 foot sexy lady


where do they come from open the door to let kitty relax on the balcony then suddenly a dozen little flies are in the trash can


spontaneous generation


need to hibernate


never jod to giantess


need to spontaneously combust


fire up the gts clop ssbbw vore


give this one a spin


go to hell and die nnorm bet its the vtuber norm


hes sperging out




love making myself enraged by reading nnorm comments


dont have the energy to care about this site or that site anymore dont think ive logged on to ex in 3 years




that makes you a norm


its a flipping raid


its NOT just a teenbro raging


hop in the weighted blankie


love a nice teen rage


wonder if therell be any tardsquealers in the mansion


wish i was still a passionate teen dont feel anything anymore


weathers cooling down might get blankie out of the closet


hell ya best time of the year


according to the ota teens if you dont want vtuber spam all day youre teen


die instigator


File: 1633572837045.png (831.67 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


need a good rage once in a while to spice things up




you need to rage once in a while to stay alive


1280x720, untitled.png)


no im NOT interested in drama


cause id rather feel pain than NOThing at all



why are onion ips NOT blacklisted


why would they be


might puke


they are but some get through


I have Autism. Sometime people treat me like a baby. Why is that?


last year in washington state a bill legalizing the conversion of human remains into soil went into effect




gamer neck is acting up


crack it



all games should come with gamer back and gamer neck health warnings


stream ended need something to do now




been gaming hard but have NOT started the new season getting scared


why does komi san anime have movie level production values


what stream


money and the prospect of making lots of it


was watching pomu maybe ill play some diablo 2


die tubeteen


theres got to be some diminishing returns thing though this seems like its way past that


knew thats why you asked still trying to instigate




love when tuberager gets home from work


ban all tubies


maybe ill start calling him tuberager too hes probably one of the original teenbros but tuberager works


starting to rage myself


File: 1633575162821.jpg (403.74 KB, 698x1014, FBEBlmsVcAIulId.jpg)


thats just NOT attractive


mogs me


looks cool


File: 1633575255918.webm (1.01 MB, 629x343, kani.webm)


cool or cool




love gathering all the spit in my mouth and sucking it loudly through my teeth


youll never get an ojou sama gf with those kinds of foul habits


ban the vteens


love filtering thick sNOTty loogies through my teeth and thinning it out into a fine slime




didnt puke earlier


gonno watch elira collab with one of the dog eaters


why are they a dog eater


tried playing god eater once it pinched


wheres the flipping drawstream


NOT sure its just a tradition over there




the oh guy


getting bad rng heart rates starting to rise feel a rage coming on if this keeps up


i just have lots of questions


wish i could reroll my stats


ground my stats to the extreme and am NOT impressed


when i failed math in middle school the teacher said i had to play with the hand i was dealt


never failed math since the answers were in the back of the book


wonder if god tells you the answers when you die


ragequit thats enough gaming for tonight


you dont encounter it they simply recycle your soul and you get reincarnated as a dung beetle


you simply cease to be and time leaves you behind before the heat death of the universe ends it all


that doesnt make sense you have to exist


File: 1633576101173.png (7.27 KB, 1000x370, hd.png)


sigh brutally blackpilled in middle school


its okay now i just play games and have fun on the internet


File: 1633576264747.png (1.87 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)




self therapied myself by telling myself over and over that NOThing matters in the grand scheme of things so being anxious or sad is stupid you should just b urself but all i did was made myself lose fear of the rope


youre on the path to enlightenment dont think


need to achieve satoru


overrambled to mom and she brought out the when you find someone and have a kid youll understand meme wish i was as dumb as her


theravada buddhists in thailand meditate beside corpses as they decompose while reminding themselves my body also has this nature


wish i lived in the dark era


hehe moms love that one


memento mori


mom and her bf tried to sell me on a chink they said asians are very uh submissive


doesnt it smell really bad


that just means you can wail on em and they wont say shit


they already act like im some violent freak on a hair trigger feel bad for that imaginary chink they assumed i would beat the flip out of of routinely


asians have very little body odor


are you violent and on a hair trigger




heard corpses on mars would remain perfectly preserved for centuries might be cool to die there


is it wishful thinking or is there something in norm brains that allows them to block out reality


asian immigrants smell awful


hehe just scared the hell out of a norwooding norm i feel better now


File: 1633576836482.bmp (1.37 MB, ALCG0211.bmp)


think i give her too much credit in understanding what im saying she didnt even understand the glass half full analogy i was making to explain why i dont understand unconditional love after saying i felt bad that she got suckered in to paying for me to live this long and if i had to support someone like me i would go out of my way to make their lives awful as payback


File: 1633577031754.jpg (658.33 KB, 976x1632, 1457927162066.jpg)

tfw no kotse fixing, ube chopping, puso racing, damit wearing, kumot weaving, puwit slapping, paa rubbing, buhok combing, ilong blowing, ulo scratching, simbahan attending, parol hanging, kamay washing, tuko calling, jeepney driving, kanin picking, manok chasing, tinikling dancing, tiyanak finding, aswang hunting, kabayo riding, carabao herding, baboy wrestling, duwende stomping, lechon roasting, lumpia cooking, pancit making, sinigang eating, forest loving, hima posting, qtp2t filipina gf


flip you hairnorm


had lumpia at family gatherings theyre pretty good




feel violated that slanted eyes are reading hima at this very second


would rather eat dog feces than have a pinoy gf




never eaten shit


File: 1633577297060.jpg (241.58 KB, 1537x609, im chink.jpg)




i dont think any of us will have a chance to die on mars or in orbit or anywhere but here


we just missed the boat by a hundred or so years


NOT gonno die


thought about what would be needed to build a rocket to send yourself into orbit to die all you need to do is reach escape velocity and then shoot yourself or suffocate


gonno sign up for mars colonization die in transit


think i might jo off to some nice jap smut comics


heres one to start things off with




they look a little goofy sure but she will be nice and cook and clean after you and beg to be flipped by your massive jbw penis just look at the disgusting middle aged fats they usually get stuck with theyd be ecstatic to get you


might i reccomend a nice yuzu machi


uh havent you been paying attention well be on mars by the end of the decade


no third worlder could understand my sense of humor


humans might we wont be


did i post that thing here where asians had their eyes stretched out and were surprised that they actually did get a wider field of vision


dont understand why theres no mars base for launching mining operations into the asteroid belt yet


were all the chink countries deserts at the start of evolution or did they end up with deformed eyes because of an ice age


the norms went out of their way to keep space exploration back


third world is any country that was NOT allied with the americans or the soviets it doesnt mean poor


i read that they got fat deposits around their eyes to keep their eyeballs from freezing


as a kid would get asked why i was so literal thats you right now


flip off prescriptivistnorm


mornin hima stretched shited skipped and brewed a nice joe


File: 1633577770016.png (2.26 KB, 211x23, die nnorm.png)

already had that one open


mild chinkphobia glad that we wont allow them in the mansion



you know


the mansion needs at least one chink for comedy relief


ive never seen a westernized chink that wasnt a norm though are you prepared to live with a norm


i can just laugh at the teens


were getting an eastern chink of course


none of those post on hima


we can recruit one on weibo


post a link to hima on that weird jap diaperboard


File: 1633578122573.mp4 (1.07 MB, cobybottle.mp4)

hey guys which room is mine


nevermind i cant even laugh at this one


we lost that one need a new drawchink


squeezed a weird hard sphere thing out of my zit




the picker


belay that pic request


whats belay


belay deez


take your post and type it into the google search box and press enter


cant trust google




deez what


File: 1633578641444.webm (769.33 KB, 640x360, google.webm)


gonno go do something else serious teen hours right now


came up with a bunch of rock climbing stuff when i searched belay deez now what


hate doing things


listen to those retarded zombies chuckling to themselves because they know how to turn on the computer without calling their kids


theres your answer


mom tried using the linux but she didnt like the command line


leftover shrimp burg


whats the point of a command line when you can click


you wouldnt get it youre NOT a power user like me


theyre happy and saved and youre spewing bitter hatred on the internet about people who dont even know you exist




im glad they dont know i exist theyd probably be calling for me to be burned at the stake


thinking about tater tots and raging


wish i could become saved


what hinders you


love happily listening to a pastornorm chimp out every sunday


simply accept jesus into your heart as your personal lord and savior


read that as pastanorm



computer literacy among baby boomers is sort of funny mom still has to write herself post it NOTes on how to do anything that she doesnt already do at work and used to get made fun of by her similarly aged coworkers for NOT having a nosebook account its like they decided to prove how NOT out of the loop and hip they are to their kids by becoming mentally ill zogcogs


me too and got scared for a second my sunday chimpouts were being spied on


cant get myself to believe in god


hehe same


funniest part is kids growing up on smartphones will be just as bad as boomers with computers


File: 1633579186522.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.85 MB, 2171x3050, 000.jpg)


we are the power user generation


pcs wont exist in 40 years


wish i was her


probably 75 percent of the kids that already grew up on computers are just as stupid as both of them no one should even be using technology


nice ted



tardlaughed hard at that article about zoomers NOT knowing what file directories are anymore


dont they learn that stuff in school


File: 1633579528787.png (1.3 MB, 1920x1080, [Anime Time] Sekai Saikou no Ansatsusha, Iseka….png)

this girl doesnt look 13


doubt half the people in my elementary school windows 98 computer classes did either


huh didnt know there were any abandoned shanty towns in gangnam might go try to find that later


the zoomers im talking about are in college


still have NOT started the new season havent even decided what to try getting nervous


File: 1633579638341.jpeg (3.1 MB, 4800x3500, 89904AC2-313B-485B-97C2-5B76696606B1.jpeg)

never realized how long spain was controlled by the moors


if only thad had waited a couple more decades the zoomer cops would have never caught him


they probably had xp computer classes and didnt pay attention i dont even think that was a real article because no one old enough to go to college didnt learn how to use a computer in school for at least half of their lives


gonno watch everything except for the sequels


thats what 13 year olds look like here


dont know what a moor is




thats amore


even 13 years olds are too mature for my tastes now what are they putting in the water



eyesight got bright cant see


only watched 3 so far but they were all good enough for me to watch the whole thing within the same day of starting the episode


they probably opened their word files from the cloud or recently used and never needed to find something themselves


uh youre NOT supposed to stop watching an ep in the middle


resisted the tater tots and substituted them for some nice microwaved brussels sprouts hb


somewhat upset mug cup got s2 when it wasnt good that slot should have been given to a good show of the same genre


huh xp is 20 years old


glowing rectangle fried my dopamine receptors too hard to watch anything in more than 5 minute spurts


would still be using it if it was supported


supported by what


loved pinballin on moms 98 rig


microsoft and other software developers


dont they still support it for hospital computers and the military


love a nice 5 minute spurt


developers developers developers developers


time for a 6 month detox with no electronic devices


got four words for you


what are they


where is the flipping drawstream



File: 1633580418502.ogg (6.25 MB, Saka-ROW組 — ROTTEL-DA-GOURMET-RACE (PAAAAAANNN….ogg)


we are we are walmart


wish i was a developer



File: 1633580530392.jpg (204.49 KB, 1447x2047, FAYhBlbVEAg_qoX.jpg)


any expert programmers


wish i was her


gonno learn to code and get a 200k starting remote job


the norms rigged the game too blatantly and torpedoed this country shant be contributing to it in any meaningful way


assassin isekai show has a pretty good hook think ill pick it up


never NOTiced ballmer looks and sounds a lot like that guy in dumb and dumber


coding is boring as hell and no one will hire you if youre a straight white male


if its remote cant i claim to be a tranny


explain freakeye




what about at regular jobs outside of major urban centers


hes a bogan
he has a freakish eye
NOT much else to it


freaks an albino abo


mindblowing how freak gets paid 6 figures to chat about science with teengirls


classic turt demoralization despite being one of the only people here to have had anything even close to resembling a normal adult life


love making $100k annually to look over indian code and chat up the girls in the copy room and driving home to my sydney penthouse suite in my porsche flipping one of my seven japanese wives and then loading up himasugi to spam some pokesmut


yeah that sounds pretty good actually


any sexy pokes


canceled the draw stream


thats strike two bastard


trolled hard


just NOT in the mood to stream to two people probably watching american vtubers in aNOTher tab while im pity muted on the other so NOT gonno bother is all


File: 1633581723609.png (Spoiler Image, 351.63 KB, 1280x1280, 91892811_p7.png)


cant believe while i was having fun playing the games and trading the cards there were freakkids out there jerking it to the thought of snapping the pokemon



who do you think you were trading cards with


File: 1633582021426.png (375.34 KB, 1280x1280, 1633581723609.png)





whats that in her kitty


tennis ball


its a yoshi egg


sexy birdo


wouldnt mind a nice slurpjob from birdo


File: 1633582854534.jpg (401.41 KB, 1920x1080, [ASW] Heike Monogatari - 04 [1080p HEVC][E19CB….jpg)

wish i had a biwa player


whats wrong with her


shes asian


NOThings wrong with her why would you ask that


oversalted rice balls


why dont the norms recognize we already live in a hellish cyberpunk dystopia and do something to stop it


because they are kept sated by the bread and circus


might drop aNOTher chinkpill on mom




any streams


i can stream just give me 10 minutes


flip yea streamer



crying for doomer girl i asked about her NOT long before i got fired and he talked like everyone disliked her for being stupid


love a nice teen meme




sorry gonno need aNOTher ten minutes


thats my mene


liar youre NOT streaming someone ban this guy


need a doomer kabukicho randoseru menhera gf




listening to viptronics and drawing simply love dqn music hima we will never get even close to VIPPER greatness


miss textboards


any cool free ringtones


dont know how anyone can be optimistic about continuing to exist here


deranged 16 year old brazilian genshin fans: reeeeeeee give us more primogems fuqq u mhy come 2 brazil i pee on ur mother

japanese fans: uooooooh sayu chest and belly erotic




File: 1633585522701.mp3 (828.16 KB, RINGTONE 136.mp3)

ya hehe



cant believe nb is a lama reincarnate


we have one and there are many still active whats to miss


uh active



faster than the board youre posting in


honestly amazed that journalism and academia are still functioning against all odds in the modern world in academia theres a strong profit incentive to overload researchers with teaching and for researchers to publish spurious results to get ahead during the rare times when theyre NOT teaching and a massive replication crisis in some fields but the overall project still grinds forward on the basis of maybe 5% of what gets published mostly in hard science and math
similar in journalism except that journalism isnt even a non-profit enterprise generally newspapers are businesses and the administration isnt concerned with the truth theres no incentive to bite the hand that feeds and publish shite like the panama papers and yet they still do it on occasion cant really say the project goes forwards because journalism is sisyphean in a way that science aint but still its amazing that good work ever gets done




die normseki




watched muvluv and takt


which muv would u luv


was gonno post that




we should all get jobs at the post office like bukowski


sigh they were all so good


wish to start a business so i can abuse my employees




the muvluv pink girl and black girl and rabbit girl and purple girl


weve no choice but to start the himasugi petting zoo


File: 1633586254842.mp3 (10.68 MB, 28 Lieze Love (Instrumental).mp3)


would have to get a drivers license first lets become rural letter carriers and just Drive around listening to music all day have no plans to move out so it wouldnt even matter if i got fired


would be happy if i could just live on a farm with a herd of sheep


anyone watching anything else this season those are the only two on my list




tell me how they are next week and if i should bother


havent started yet but will defiantly be watching more than two


should i watch the pharmacy one


i can tell you right now





maybe we could open a caffe and just divide all money equally and everybody works however they want


dont think that would be possible unless we schedule a few people so they dont overlap


yeah let a bunch of 30 year old manbabies that have never so much as washed the dishes for mom choose their hours good plan


everybody would be over conscious about it and end up working more than regular working hours


will it be a butler cafe


id do my best to look busy but have a laptop out of sight to post on hima and watch pomu


and id clock in early to scam hours and pocket a small amount of tips for blogs


i also wouldnt show up for my shift after the first one


why NOT make a store like this


uh nevermind never seen this on the street before but apparently the post office makes you Drive your own car from the passenger seat instead of giving you a mail truck so to work for 16 bucks an hour you need to buy a new car if you dont want to sterilize yourself by hitting potholes while your crotch is against the shifter


File: 1633587497776.png (423.73 KB, 580x428, 1631888439804.png)


wonder what the hell theyre doing with all those trucks down in their parking lot if you have to buy your own


they still drive llvs here


thought harder about the cafe and decided even a single shift is too much work sorry


went to the bathroom and threw some water on my face and combed my hair
if i could only comb that face but i cant




comb your mind first


ive washed the dishes for mom


look at jobs on indeed for a few minutes then became nauseated and stopped


good decision


wake me the flip up


we have to get jobs before the end of the month


i dont but if you do good luck


we dont


it wont be long before moms no longer able to support you


the cagie calls


thats in the future i dont have to deal with that now


why would she no longer be able to support me i cost less money to maintain now than when i was a kid


when she dies


kitty jumped on my lap shes snoozing


could be tomorrow could be 20 years ill have at least a few months worth of life insurance when it happens


all of your friends are waiting for you in the anime world


wish mom had life insurance


gonno wake up in 5 hours


wish me luck


asmr doesnt work anymore


wisdom tooth is giving me a tardache again



scared of taking my schizophrenia pills and hima fading away


simply post on mindhima with the shadowneets


theyre rude


eating a nice chocobar


can i have some


ya post your address so i can ship you one


sigh we could have made the mansion a reality if we had all been born in the 80s


612 wharf avenue


wed have roped already


our memories of spending the early 2000s with our gamerbros would have kept us going


or worst case wed be exactly where we are right now posting about the good old days except with jobs and wives stopping us from posting on hima more than an hour or two a day


we would be more like ross and less like ourselves


brb wife aggro


one of the tards would have raged and killed everyone inside


should i watch muv luv how is it


no one on hima is violent


more violent towards myself than anyone else


guess ill play some wflipper


what about turt


hes all bark




any arrested development depressed avoidant manbabies


watched muv luv was NOT as bad as i expected i liked the ost


File: 1633592202204.jpeg (86.66 KB, 1242x833, FBBz0H1UUAwoCr_.jpeg)


at least i wasnt born chink


cant wait to kill chinks in the war


hope my nanomachines malfunction


File: 1633595171717.jpg (Spoiler Image, 612.24 KB, 1280x1794, 1612482268939.jpg)


they call that giving a girl the neetblog


File: 1633595324754.jpg (932.57 KB, 1280x1794, 1633595171717.jpg)



never understood why anyone liked that game dont think i had ever seen so many cutscenes in my life up to that point and the first hour is basically a cutscene




returned both of those to the video store before my rental was up and replaced them for something good


feel bad for you


dont that was probably the peak of my existence


go to hell and die already teen




uhh did you NOT play any ff games before that


ya i thought they sucked hard too


guess theres no accounting for taste


taste isnt real


gonno have to put a lock on the game cabinet in the mansion to keep neetblog from tasting the cartridges


guess ill snooze


woke up early to go running outside but its raining hard


do it anyway youll look like a badass


tummy hurts


hate when im starving but dont want to accidentally run into mom



im sure mom would love to see her handsome son


woke up think i had a weird dream but dont remember what it was




File: 1633608881628.jpeg (150.69 KB, 964x1236, FBCd5NiVQAEeoch.jpeg)

sigh shes beautiful


raging subaru stole watames sunglasses


its the og nword



dont think japs can appreciate that game


File: 1633612288637.jpg (Spoiler Image, 568.19 KB, 2515x3904, FBGK4jQVEAYvQ5C.jpg)


dont think anyone can appreciate d2 as barb because its a bad game as barb


File: 1633612504003.jpg (856.71 KB, 2515x3904, 1633612288637.jpg)


the unspoilbot


File: 1633614280890.mp4 (8.29 MB, feast.mp4)


literally cant sleep even though i went to bed five hours ago because im raging nonstop in my head so hard that i got a headache might end up giving up








if im rager its because others make me rage


opened youtube instead of newpipe on the normphone and got an ad for the new nijien debut


did it work



got a call for a job offer for $30 a hour but i feel like my days of wageslaving are over and i want to go out on a high NOTe


were those braindead norms really just gonno stay in there unless the cop broke the window


yes norms dont act until an authority figure gives them permission


nice 31 year old manbaby with pockets full of mountain dew


back from my bike ride hima gonno crack open a melona and look at the stars


theyre NOT programmed to handle that situation



gave up on sleeping today after laying down for seven hours and just thinking about life without getting a second of sleep


did you have any nice revelations


whats on your mind


used to do that but then i got a white noise machine


File: 1633619969535.jpg (66.36 KB, 500x500, 1633571245156.jpg)

mornin hima
its time to seize the day


File: 1633620049991.webm (163.31 KB, 640x360, 1543712392058.webm)


used to sleep with the fan on before the tinnitus started now i have my own white noise


you know ive come to the realization that i hold everybody to the same high standard that i do myself and thats the source of every conflict im invested in


this >>1274776 but twenty different scenarios of it that end up with the same conclusion


what standards


jod with a gomu


just the standard of being a good person and doing the right thing NOT even for other peoples sake but your owns i dont know how to put it into words because its NOT just one thing



whats a good person mean


you know


mindblowing thats a new switch game looks almost as bad as the psp monhuns


uh its a port of the 3ds version


NOT going to get into this conversation that will drag for hours and lead nowhere


hell ya


do people still buy mobile gaming devices that are NOT phones




uh switch has been selling really well


a good person is someone who acts according to kants principle of universalizability


rambled to mom multiple times about how everyone believes themselves to be a good person merely because they dont go out of their way to do harm


soyitch doesnt count


File: 1633623783982.jpg (1.24 MB, 3264x1836, 20211007_122006.jpg)


was going to say that actually adding of course what kant wrote about moral duty


i play pokemon and monster hunter on my switch


thats great sweetie


and splatoon i forgot that one hehe



cheap graphic tablet is going to arrive tomorrow cant wait


how far did lamy make it in d2 today has she beat act 1


love splatoon still play almost every day


hehe its so much fun




are you going to drawstream



uhh if you want to see my kindergarden level drawings sure


i do


every artist says stuff like that youre probably a prodigy level illustrator whos been drawing since childhood and youre just imagining and anticipating all the adulation and envy youll receive when you summarily artmog us


File: 1633626830443.png (Spoiler Image, 11.8 KB, 500x250, 1517975169027.png)

sigh wish i had a nice tablet best i can draw is this with the mouse


sigh no i havent even learned how to draw a face correctly ill watch the youtube videos again maybe ill memorise it this time


File: 1633627581059.mp4 (8.03 MB, あずまうど🐿️ - ひと狩りいっちゃいたいの (密林エリア10) #デレステ-1396467….mp4)




sigh henri





giant enemy crab


things keep evolving into crabs


going to revert to my nudibranch form flip this


love crabs wish i had a crab aquarium with crabs in it


can nudibranches game


what about a bucket


they deserve a cool crab aquarium


cant really remember what crabs taste like


refuse to eat crab unless its all you can eat


why would you need crabs when youve got the biggest crab bucket on the planet on himasugi.blog/jp/


i want them to be my friends


crabs are kinda creepy


love how mom knows exactly which buttons to push to make me rage while still maintaining plausible deniability really drives home why all those 1950s housewives got beaten so often


calm down



can you summarize the page for me


sounds like moms cruisin for a bruisin


put mom in a headlock in my adolescence after she unplugged my gamecube and daydreamed about beating her within an inch of her life as a teen NOT so much now


brother cut contact several years ago admire his resolve and whenever mom talks about trying to speak to him i talk her down


then again im probably giving him too much credit since he had a dad to fall back on arrogant dadnorms





gonno hide that one




NOT sure what purpose kanata serves now that her position as dragon sidekick is defunct


shes cool


File: 1633631620150.png (71.87 KB, 198x340, m.png)



norm deck


File: 1633632599607.jpeg (1.36 MB, 1152x2048, 6VrHGJd.jpeg)





love how whenever mom is here we pack the trash can and recycling bin full and have them dragged up to the road with with the can being unable to even close but when mom is gone for the week i barely make it to 3/4 of a bag


same barely produce any garbage even though im tard you would think it would be the opposite



can we get a ban in here please


what did pomu mean by that


File: 1633635387536.jpg (80.98 KB, 1200x900, FBAk-2FVUAAu4vP.jpg)


very disturbing


nice chink


the tuberager


having caffeinewater


same mom brought home mcdonalds for me and theres a coffee hehe



sigh sumika




stupid teen




hand smells like garlic


brain tumor


watched the whole vid hehe


thats a perma




back from the potato chef why do the norms fall for this is it just because they have problems that can literally be solved by just being themselves or is it because theyre too dumb and lacking in self awareness to know whats wrong with them on their own


how can they help if you wont tell them your problems


i do it to get mom off my back


same all the advice is just to tard out and change my thinking




wish i could reread muvluv clannad higurashi umineko fsn and so many more for the first time again




never finished most of those but wouldnt bother reading them now the circumstances arent right i needed to have done it as a teen or in my early 20s


dont know if id reread fsn in a post fgo world but id read tsukihime and muvluv again


i didnt fully appreciate them the first time around but if i could redo it i would treasure them more dearly like i did when i first read novels


zero interest in post-fsn fanfic crap like fgo


File: 1633636845308.png (105.16 KB, 512x512, 1299577252797.png)


dont have the energy to read uninterrupted for that long anymore


still remember falling in love with arcueid sigh


this world is a flipping joke


any good easter eggs


NOT capable of doing anything consistently for that long anymore sigh even a mere 5 or 6 years ago i might have been able to


whys that


simply cant turn my brain off


unfathomably angry they skipped straight to alternative for the anime going to ruin it with secondaries who never got the true experience


then do things you enjoy should be easy to stay focused if you enjoy what youre doing i love gaming and diablo 2


sigh i was raging hard last night watching the first episode thinking the same thing no god damned reason to even watch alternative first without going through every character route in extra


wont be long before the norms start complaining about it and saying it was overhyped and fsn was better


they also are skipping unlimited right so dumb hate norm production committees just interested in oog robots


ya no unlimited either the whole experience is gone


i do things i enjoy its just NOT enough to register


NOT gonno watch and give it a 0 on review sites pointless even downloading it to verify


the first episode was anime original


get owned vnnorms


dont tell me you ended up on jp without reading muvluv


most of the current spinoff posters never even posted on jp


dont say that its too horrible to even consider


File: 1633637922795.png (349.85 KB, 479x601, 1506515077409.png)


posted in the monster girl threads everything else on /jp/ is gay




im sure you did norman


File: 1633637988721.jpg (118.85 KB, 893x1024, 1525399575712.jpg)


from qa every single one of them


sigh makes me want to puke


File: 1633638162783.jpg (1.35 MB, 1439x1425, king bogdanoff.jpg)


might have a classic 2hujo


which 2hu


might be a sexy rumia night




File: 1633638330461.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 970x1400, 81381932_p1.jpg)


File: 1633638659031.png (183.8 KB, 427x373, 1613092923793.png)


i game


raid hours cant i play league in peace





its already unspoilered you gods damned retard


check again dunce


File: 1633638918301.jpg (Spoiler Image, 276.72 KB, 662x796, FBHeADTVEBUwPYG.jpg)


nah the thumbnail was unspoilered




sigh wish i wasnt a god damned retard


it may have just been spoilered because the janman is currently logged in


he does it for free



pg is out of control


hate when the maids forcibly milk me


whats going on with this guy cant tell if hes a raider or someone thats been here the whole time that doesnt like the cordteens making hima safe for work so they dont get made fun of for looking at cartoon porn in the break room


its just an immoral sexnorm


getting anxiety


pg is the sauron to pnigs morgoth


the fellowship of the blog


if he makes any other posts on those ips id say hes just a norm but if thats all he does the odds lean towards him being a real motherflippin neet


i like trains and gaming and diablo 2


theyre always the only post under those ips


what are the unspoilered pictures




its his atsui kokoro forcing him to carry on the protected heritage of janitorial combat


no its just a sexnorm with a vpn


oh it is the pictures


i hide them all right away


i support any poster who antagonizes the jans


wouldnt the sexnorm be the one initially posting it hes just fighting the norms trying to keep hima safe from a coworkers glance


theyre both sexnorms but at least one isnt rude


sigh limpdick


File: 1633640173358.png (Spoiler Image, 399.64 KB, 1153x1000, df2c6c4f57637ac09757529ccb9a8982.png)

finna clopjo


mom said she might get pizza tomorrow but tonight theres only fish sticks


File: 1633640330922.jpg (113.69 KB, 1152x648, 1483398978336.jpg)


whyd it draw a circle around her ponypuss


the new linus vid is basted


File: 1633640587335.png (1.1 MB, 871x1230, 82936812_p1.png)


sexy flan


moms bf is taking me out to eat defiantly NOT looking forward to this


sigh thought someone would immediately fall for that


make sure to give him a firm handshake


wheres he taking you


probably the mexican place since we both like it dont want to be told about how i should be buying a house asap and how i should be getting a job asap and how his work is coming along


ask him which vtuber he stans


dont like people saying stan


told that guy to flip off my wagecel days are over


chest is feeling weird this might be the end for me


are you doing this on purpose


good bye do you have any last thoughts to share with us


uh haha


ogey (rrat)


felt bad after your comment


fired up the disgaea gachashitege


love when my heart skips a series of beats and i wonder if this is going to be it


yeah im a spider so what



File: 1633641955100.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.58 MB, 2100x2965, 87466595_p1.jpg)


sexy rumia


she has been flipped


crying for all the deleted pixiv artworks


sick of this jan censoring posts no one here has a job and if they do they deserve to be mocked in public for phonenorming


its about being gentlemanly


the chinks would say the same



for the record no one has ever been banned for posting nsfw unspoilered and you can post sfw pics spoilered as well every poster can use the spoiler function as they please and you will keep getting banned for reposting pics and NOT respecting the original posters decision to spoiler or NOT


quit spoilering pics you dont like



because it was a rage post from a 0 post ip right after a ban because of spoilered pic reposting otherwise it wouldnt be


dont care if you ban him but you can go flip yourself for spoilering someone elses posts


File: 1633643732790.mp4 (5.54 MB, 700703729425312129.mp4)

just flippin end it




File: 1633643866710.mp4 (772.14 KB, sc.mp4)


you spoilered the first nude rumia pic which was NOT from a 0 post ip


hes out of control


stop fighting i cant take it easy like this please




whos that


the liejan


its me and my future jwife


what would trevor do


@boku_yome on tiktok




getting angry



its out






dont noobshame


had to use a fork


thought for years that wwtd meant what would trevor do


is that NOT what it means





feel better after removing it


uh yea thats the correct reading


its NOT


what would teens do


what would toshiaki do



gonno eat the lasta with some meatballs theyve been in there for 3 days but mom thinks theyre still good and would probably keep them in the fridge until saturday or later if i didnt eat them tonight


fried food is only good for one day


id eat them tonight but i also couldnt hold myself back from feasting on some damn good meatballs


wish i had some lasta


File: 1633645736152.jpeg (127.02 KB, 667x800, 4.jpeg)


she made them in the oven


what the flip


wish mom made me meatballs but she got me mcdonalds so its ok i had a large fries and large coffee and a big mac


in what universe are meatballs fried


shes part of the first generation to refuse to learn any kind of basic skills because of feminazi propaganda she cant cook things in oil on the stove


shes smart using the stove is dangerous and oil is dangerous


File: 1633646169809.jpg (133.56 KB, 1024x853, 小学生って最高だな.jpg)


thats fine for you but moms the adult


mom just arrived she got me a nice subway


hope its a nice italien blt


File: 1633646392874.mp3 (10.95 MB, 01 SHOOT!.mp3)


its a chicken something


nice song


gonno try to watch some of this seasonal normime think ill pick one at random and move my chair back so i cant touch the keyboard to tab out


good plan and good luck


moms home smell food downstairs too lazy to get out of bed though


i cant believe that


heating up a can of clam chowder on the stove gonno eat it with some bread


hope its new england


prefer a nice lobster bisque


dont like clam chowder


ya my chowders white


all this anime talk made me consider my no seasonal anime rule that i have been maintaining for over three years now but i looked over the fall 2021 list and its completely unwatchable


love following random self imposed rules simply cant live if im NOT being forced to do or NOT do something


holy flip its fall already


its fall but the new season has NOT started yet im NOT ready


in less than three months it will be 2022


i dont want to waste the good ones i havent seen by watching them under the wrong circumstances


my real life will begin in 2022


chowders too watery


thats what i thought about 2021


wish i had chowders


splash a little heavy cream in there


do i look like i keep a jug of cream around




if it was homemade id simply blend some of the potatoes into the liquid


ya you do fatty


lost weight but NOT in months dont even fluctuate as much as 5lb anymore simply stopped changing


wonder if fats are happier than me


maybe when theyre eating but probably NOT in general



time for hima to migrate to a new imageboard engine


go to hell




back from the meal got told how youre supposed to try for happiness and you cant blame anyone nor yourself for bad things and god only sends bad things our way in order to create hidden opportunities and children are great i just said yeah on repeat and this song was stuck in my head the whole time

i got fajitas


the more time goes on the more that becomes NOT an insult


we need to reincorperate filters and increase the filter count by at least a magnitude of 10


uh why would the cashier tell you that






never skip some posts simply do NOT make an entry in the memory logs




dont like when everyone stops posting right after i post


why puke



polishing off that loaf of bread


just had to i had no control


hate freepukers


need to become otacool


wonder if its biological that whenever i rub across my body and feel a bump i mess with it until its bloody and gone


gonno need a pic


File: 1633649959801.jpeg (12.38 MB, 5857x4653, bdsmlr-131505-ZnwRyQf454.jpeg)


12.38 MB


proto jpsies


jbw ruined my life


wish i could skip sleep


being a teen did that


wish i could skip being awake


love being asleep and warm in my bed and love being awake gaming hard at my pc


post on hima in my sleep and post on hima when im awake


wish i didnt break my laptop miss gaming on the bed


used to pull all nighters all the time until the hallucinations started


were they cool


miss having the energy to pull all nighters


no they were scary




might be time to game


wonder if im puking because im dying


what are you gonno game




still playing sengoku rance doing better than previous attempts think im NOT gonno have to restart before beating the game finally


i never thought about it like that guess ill get a job and wife and kids now


what do fajitas have to do with a wife and kids


have fun gaming then


just stop puking


cant i just puke at times




havent puked in years havent puked sober in well over a decade


learned too much about this realm during my time in the void i canNOT see a good ending ever happening here




we will hold larp sessions in the woods behind the mansion


can i be a mage


only if youre a wizard


can you cast any sick spells


no my spellbook ended up empty


File: 1633651579462.jpg (37.77 KB, 426x520, wizard.jpg)


File: 1633651591977.jpg (1.82 MB, 1320x1577, 93285169_p0.jpg)


sigh wish i had two icecreams


would rather have nadeshiko


youre NOT her type


you could have simply NOT posted that


learned a few simple enchantments and some lesser words of command but thats it


what enchants


this is NOT true


cant hear music in my head just repeat lyrics or do this


can enchant controllers to boost gaming skill


thats cheating


all is fair in love and war


snoozing bye hima


maxed out summoning so i could get a succubus but ints too low so they all come out looking like a neetblob




the nurgleblog


holy flip


stop messing with the timeline


NOT clicking


crying today i would be watching higurashi but its over




havent played ciconia


the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya is based on azathoth the blind idiot god which lovecraft based on mana yood sushai by lord dunsany so you can blame lord dunsany for anime girls that can destroy the world


might buy a drawing tablet maybe a cheap one like wacom one


fried up some chops


have NOT found drawing tablets to be useful


wish i had porkchops


theyre NOT that good




why NOT


woke up mornin there hima hows it hangin






die die norm


dog is smarter than most hima posters


occasionally get upset when i see happy people


thats extremely norm of you


think im the most bitter man on hima


its NOT voluntary


its a bitter pill to swallow


theyre NOT precise enough


ate bitter melon before




realized i stopped gaming starting zoning out hadnt even NOTiced


been roof staring myself


tired as hell after eating think its because i had like 80 grams of sugar from the sugarwater then ate three or four cups of pasta


dont drink sugarwater


File: 1633655403485.png (1020.16 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


i didnt have any rotten grainwater




calm down its NOT even a meg


uh its NOT the filesize its the raidteen posting it


wish i could get good cupmen flavors like shoyu miso or curry all they have here is chicken and beef


can you order online


hes NOT a raidteen i just like saying untitled


uh he revealed himself as one




would never order food online thats weird


its edible but i wouldnt call it food


rice and bean night again hima


are they good you seemed to like your serrano night


yeah bought 5 serrano peppers so this was serrano night 2 of 5


hell ya


what would you call it


baths almost ready


get in the bath while it fills


its too hot


thats the point NOThing better than getting out of a steaming hot bath warmed to the core somewhat lightheaded


i sit in my baths for 2 hours


would do the same if id something to do in there read game watch


File: 1633656858656.png (1.94 MB, 1920x1090, untitled.png)


i just post on hima and watch streams and videos


my pcs NOT in my bathroom


me on the right



watching the pigskin game


never understood how other kids could watch sports on a regular basis theyre boring as hell just play a sports video game instead and at least get something out of it


ya it sucks


gramps always had the game on



need to learn to like football so ill have something to talk about when i eventually get aNOTher job


cool octopus


chicken ramen is an abomination no jap has ever put chicken in their ramen nor does the broth have any chicken in it ramen is only to be enjoyed with pork for that sublime umami


used to name my devices after various species of octopi because some anime prominently featured an octopus 10 years ago


i dont think thats right


i like your naming scheme


File: 1633658474214.jpg (314.52 KB, 1920x1080, [SCP-2223] Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san - 01 [Blu….jpg)


how embarrassing he said it so confidently


hell ya give me a bowl


can sense the arrogance of a norm from a mile away


gonno ask mom if she will make me soup


mom likes making soup then dad loves to vacuum seal it in frozen bags they save giant stacks of soup bricks


NOT sure but doesnt your body process carbs and sugar the same way no wonder i was so tired looked at the pasta box and had around 150 grams on top of the sugarwater


nice octo otaku




gonno raid the freezer and grab the soup bricks for the mansion food fight


flip yes random jap im following on pixiv is streaming time to steal the jap secrets


wish i had emergency soup bricks


what do you sense on me


guess the body cant tell the difference between pasta and corn syrup so that was like chugging a 2 liter of soda on an empty stomach


glucose is glucose


someone said no its really different but then someone else said no its NOT that different hfcs is only like 5 percent extra sugar


you can look up both on wikipedia and see how theyre broken down


rage hard at long unskippable game overs


wiki tells me one thing hima tells me aNOTher dont know who to believe


theyre the same


woke up was going to crack but i feel kind of sickened hope that restaurants 89 point sanitation grade doesnt have anything to do with it



try the himawiki


youre NOT supposed to crack right after waking up


you gotta do what you gotta do


i need that crack my manic phase is starting to wear off and the darkness is seeping in


shouldnt have ate all that hot genoas


whats the problem as long as hes got enough to last until bedtime


File: 1633661463147.png (144.34 KB, 440x639, b112c235a4b6ad15bcaac4a14069f58f.png)



hes going to have to take his own life now




rest in peace happy japanese car guy


hope he did a nice dogeza after hitting send


ordered some fish and chips


global supply chain is completely busted thank god we allowed money hungry corporations to create this incredibly brittle rube goldberg machine for the sake of a 5.2% increase in profits


hope you got some tartar sauce with those


nah gonno put vinegar on em


hell ya


die limey




love lemons hate limes


im rube


sigh the wks


mom said she will heat up some campbells homestyle chicken noodles for me


simply eat it out of the can


weathers getting colder think it may be about time to make my famous chili although threw out all my spices so dont have any of the ingredients


threw out my spices bought new ones the old spices expired in like 2014


can you eat it out of the can wouldnt you get sick


hb cant wait for hot apple cider season


hot cocoa


should be fine as long as the chicken isnt raw


made some damn good hot chocolate half a decade ago dont remember the recipe


NOThin wrong with eating some raw chicken


the secret ingredient was vanilla


dont think so defiantly added spices maybe pinch of cloves


i just drink the powder stuff


sigh used to love eating cocoa powder


would make my own powder secret is to add dehydrated milk


gorged hard on the fish and chips now i feel greasy and nauseous


wish i could go back in time and trip my younger self into a woodchipper or something


gotta pay attention to how much you eat with fish and chips its easy to make yourself sick


what did younger you do to deserve that


stopped getting the bubble tea from the thai takeout after saw how they just dumped powder in a cup mix charge multiple dollars


crafty chinks


you already said that


yeah but thought it was relevant here because were talking about powders


only had bubble tea once it was okay dont really get why gooks and chinks love it so much


didnt choke on shite in the womb


sacrificed everything for his ideals


sigh he would have loved the new dbs movie with pan


hot pot place nearby has good macha boba


sigh the hima hot pot will never be a reality


someone would spike it with a nice ghost pepper or worse


the spicenorms will never be trusted in the kitchen


at high school camping trip 14 years ago the teen boys tried to prove their manliness by eating spicy peppers contest





bet the teengirls got all horny and slippery when they saw how manly they were


think rng gets worse more tired i am guess thats enough gaming for the day


are you playing diablo






youre growing


mom just texted forgot that i agreed to a halloween road trip gotta have all my stuff packed by noon tomorrow


still NOT 6 foot


its over


halloween isnt for more than three weeks why are you packing now


got some buffalo sauce and a bowl of pretzels


she has work so its gotta be an early october halloween roadtrip


are you going to durham


uh no


good luck on the road we will all be here when you return


how long is the trip


10 miles


just for the weekend gonno watch the big pumpkin and eat pumpkin pie at grans spare house


sounds nice


whats the big pumpkin


sigh wish i had a gran that wasnt a fat blob o shite


are you teen or nonamerican




then perma and die


despise the foreigners


what the hell



a pack of wild raiders


from their perspective youre the foreigner


dont spoonfeed just ban


you said that already and i still dont give a hoot hima is by americans for americans the foreigners are weird and have ulterior motives


uhh if you werent alive in 1966 youre a teen


spoonfeeders starting to irritate me


teens are going at it again


love reminiscing about the 80s with my 1989 bros


mom took me to a garage sale and bought new kids on the block cassette tape for me but dont remember listening to it did that even happen


sigh missed the 80s by one year


still have some old cassettes but NOT sure if the player i have still works


why wouldnt it ive got one under my bed


hima was made by a man of african descent


vaguely remember having a device thats sole purpose was playing one or two backstreet boys songs


still have my tapes and a bunch of 8 tracks


remember single mom driving me to the beach and back several times a year in her third gen camaro with the t-tops out listening to this shite



curious how norms say african american instead of black its like they want to distinguish them as being NOT pure americans instead of distinguish them by their distinguishing features


i say it ironically in place of nigger


eating a bunch of clementines


he loved his clementine trees


thats all of humanity


File: 1633665682139.png (226.2 KB, 741x739, be4ee839e777edb6d7aea18414934865.png)


love a nice jpegified twitter screenshot


they were good


out of africa theory is stupid bullshit


ace of paste


remember listening to cassette maybe a book on tape and at the end there were many minutes of silence dead air but turned up the volume really high thought could hear secret things


hehe remember hearing secret things on tapes too


mindblowing that nigs have so much less neanderthal dna than every other race


thats because theyre a separate species from humans


only own a handful of cds


lost all my cds


spent my childhood having to answer with uh i dont listen to music whenever i was asked little did i know that id end up listening to japcrap


die bigot


im big


im hot


dont understand how norms can live in cities cram into public transportation and NOT be racist


mom asks what music do you listen to tell her japanese stuff then a few months later she asks the same question again


ate 8 clementines total had to eat them when i got out of the bath


you cant just tell her play some of your favorites for her


show her this


love eating tangerines under the kotatsu in winter


dont know any of those people stopped watching ll after the first batch


i have become very powerful


why do idol shows all have that same horrendous style makes me sick


statistically the more black people you live around the more likely you are to be racist


think id like idol anime more if they didnt all consistent use disgusting cg for the dances


do you mean the terrible cgi


sigh henri


no i mean the art direction and character design




characters look fine to me


hope you guys will watch my idol dances in the mansion


its NOT horrendous


as long as youre kigged up


strange wikipedia says love live s1 was almost 9 years ago that cant be right


kigged out me flippin gourd



im sorry its been 9 years


uh no


she wants you to start listening to norm music


theyre soulless


hate that meme




its NOT a meme it perfectly encapsulates the overproduced corporate focus group marketing aesthetic


mom cant be trusted shes a norm


i dont understand


sweat hard when i drink


moe moe kyun


only idol show i like is aikatsu


that ones on the backlog



love the smell of the night


mom was making fun of me for watching football shouldnt she be happy that im trying to get into a norm hobby


wonder if any girls like legos


ya there has to be


nice whos winning



wonder if osaka likes legos


neanderthals werent real


why do whites like niggers so much


sigh osaka



need to shove my head in a box of flour


the autism girl


sigh wish there was still a himarealm



how about a nice himasim


love a good manbaby sim pissing in bottles and refreshing imageboards and eating fast food


wish i had some nice fast food


what happened to the rest of the flippin endwalker leaks


id rather tardbuild the himaempire


the tardleaker didnt realize there were watermarks now hes in jail


i dont eat fastfood mom gets a pizza every week or two but thats it




gonno toss been a while


love fast food




toss this


thinking about those tater tots again


gonno nap for a bit