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too lazy to get up and check if moms awake


call her


the norms shut off my phone last month because it was 3g


File: 1633767933624.jpg (161.43 KB, 875x1000, FBK2uG-UcAAiQX2.jpg)


wish we could stream movies together


wouldnt be able to watch a movie stream without tabbing to hima and getting up to get snacks and missing the best parts


just get a second monitor and make all the snacks beforehand


would always pause for an intermission if anyone asked


would rage at the pausers


you could pace back and forth while tardmumbling until they got back



typical roastoid getting contracts with cable networks for receiving any amount of success


loved stickdeath.com


most of the methods were too good for me


damn good movie hima


spent an hour trying to decipher the 4norm captcha and got it wrong


havent posted in probably 4 years but didnt they change it to a slider


what do you mean slider


i dont know its like a thing you slide back and forth until the characters line up so you can read them then type them in


what the flip


only opened it once since they changed it to see what everyone was talking about how the flip are there any posts


mom wasnt awake but i already brushed my tooth guess ill have that tuna for breakfast


guess ill snooze


woke up hima kitty raging shredding down under the bed




gonno make food before the big stream


moms sleeping on the couch NOT sure if i should risk sneaking aNOTher biscuit


woke up found some pizza



sigh theyre so precious


gura knows like three words of japanese this is pathetic imagine having every reason on the planet to learn a language and still NOT doing it because youre a lazy dumb whore


i love gura unchi


can you do better


yes but thats NOThing to brag about


everyone on hima passed n1 ages ago


gonno watch cocos bollywood movie with watame


tarded out and spilled water all over the floor luckily the pc is slightly elevated hehe that couldve ended badly




watching lulu


didnt she retire because of a stalker why is she streaming with her real face now


foids tend NOT to think too hard about these things


she said she wasnt worried about her own safety with the stalker so its irrelevant


woke up remembering why i swore off blogs


File: 1633789771351.webm (1 MB, 1920x1080, p.webm)


wish i was pomu


frying up a potato


spermed right before the air fryer dinged


sigh that was the ship house where her first cat died really sad memory


NOT air frying frying em up in some month old oil


burned my mouth


sigh im dogwater compared to this jap girl what a great game i doubt anyone will be speedrunning super mario galaxy or metroid dread in the future theres too many cutscenes and fluff text


dread looks fast


havent watched a 120 star run in a while bet theres a new wr by now


what the flip new wr posted today


File: 1633791281216.png (2.23 MB, 2480x2938, 92855132_p0.png)


played botw for five and a half hours yesterday i think and only got to the dueling peaks tower almost want to restart but what an incredible time waster felt like i got pulled through a pinhole


i didnt realize there were clothes in the spawn i was naked for the first four hours and i didnt know how to cook food either until i got clothes


nice tard


few games ive considered buying a switch for botws one but just too expensive


its time to eat a pear hima


hope you got it to the correct ripeness


its NOT


NOT looking good for the new niji wave one of them was a political twitch streamer and two are esl hope pomu stays far far away from them


overripe or underripe


underripe but alternatives are eating an overripe banana eating 3 apples in one day or skipping fruit this morning




kill yourself


frying up aNOTher


only one im considering picking up is the chink


dont care


even when i had no job i didnt have time to watch tubies got bored after five minutes and played games or read or did projects just wake up man you could be spending your time so much better only genetic dead ends gravitate towards streams




bought a deluxe switch lite case for 3 dollars hb


remember shopping for cases like 8 years ago they promoted this heavy duty case as being the one seal team six uses


uh projects


what would trevor do


lol bh teenmin


sigh second day the graphics tablet still hasnt arrived useless fucks at amazon or wherever mom bought it


have no qualms banning entuber fans you are a special breed of retarded nigger


cussnorm drawnorm


sounds like someone needs a diaper change




only jo to tubes need to game myself because im gamer


nice 3 day ban you sure showed him


you can have one too


sigh still remember that time i got a 2 month ban for posting a based frogger and i actually waited it out


hes chimping out




that guys post history is like all streamteen entuber garbage


why was pnig afraid of frogs anyway


why NOT perma


File: 1633793141711.png (2.91 MB, 2500x3800, 88536624_p1.png)


the janny fears the frog


im permad itll be reversed one of these days


only place im permad is ota and i still to this day dont know why


dont post that western shite


nice weekendmin taking his few precious days off from waging to read post histories


a bones a bone


i was thinking about reversing some of the permas because theyre unsightly but then i remembered that one time that we got raided by random ips and needed to form the three piece janny voltron to take care of it i dont want a repeat


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