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kick back and relax in your favorite aloha shirt


would like to eat watermelon with a sexy lady


what would you do when she starts spitting the seeds at you


spit em back


thats filthy


File: 1528832120470.png (94.39 KB, 640x480, 1528831327524.png)



why do you keep doing this


get in here


i choose this one


just finish the old one first


getting sad that i will never read hima posts from 2015 again ive almost forgotten what they were about but once in a while someone posts something that reminds me a bit like the gas the chinks thing


time to smash


what old one



that thread is broken for some reason cant load anything past the underage gif


naoko was also already streamed what else did you miss


i have never watched a stream in my life


this is the one






did it work




im flapper














i think it might be working for real


i am boss


told The Boss that all my internet friends are getting bikes and that i want one too but she says its too dangerous


lol pmako deleted the good thread so everyone would be forced to use aNOTher shitethread


did you know that ants farm aphids for honeydew


neetblog made this thread


put me out of my flipping misery


why do i sleep twelve hours every day thats half the day


imagine being 28 years old but only having lived 14


jerked gonno jerk again


truly ‘’mindboggling’’


made double boulion cube ramen again hell yeah


put panfried slam jam in ramen its good


愛 a good knorr boulion


slam jam is way too expensive wish it was like 1$ instead of 4.39


really like the taste of slam jam theyre good emergency food that doesnt taste bad
considering getting an amergency cookset with a propane dual burner stove and a collapsable fry pan and pot to make slam jam and ramen or rice or baked beans or really anything


get some tuna cans instead



its a dollar cheaper here im thinking of cooking some up tonight i can bread and fry it for curry or pan fry it with some hardboiled eggs for ramen gonno go with the latter and pick up some raoh tonkotsu


when you fry it long enough it gets kind of crispy like bacon thats when you put it in the ramen it will absorb the broth and elevate your dining experience to the next level


wish i was smart enough to know what any of that is so i could eat nice food


grill up a steak instead


File: 1534794303481.jpg (1.77 MB, 3024x4032, n4f8e9gxb3w01.jpg)

hell yeah


looks like brick


wish i had a pet rock that looked like a steak














getting a new tire on the vfr should be nice and scrubbed in by the next time im with trainee girl


no i didnt


neetblog made this post



hell yeah full episodes of meltrek


hol up


File: 1534800978745.png (731.35 KB, 881x823, n3Fzve7.png)

wish i was a blood elf


wish it was acceptable to wear a rag over my face in public


been waiting for this to be the thread forever


File: 1534801618766.webm (953.33 KB, 352x640, 1534758285629.webm)


average sexnorm


onseki delete that webm


flipping boredHELP


File: 1534803094747.jpg (102.51 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0001.jpg)




what colors should the new theme use




im NOT switching from claura or invertmas


just woke up slept for 12 hours hows it goin hima time for a latte


why are children so underage



going fine im having a nice cup o coffee myself


good to hear


had a mr goodbar


mr normbar


never had a goodbar whats it like


baste james



baste dr gene kim


cash rules everything around me



wow thats really cool


The Boss got greek food hb


flip off mathnorm


NOThin norm


think im mentally challeneged


File: 1534807375516.jpg (4.05 MB, 4160x3120, 20180820_191938[1].jpg)

new visor came looks cool seems like it might be slightly better for riding when its darkish out

i took it for a spin to the walmart and a girl said nice bike when i was getting ready to leave wish i could wear my helmet at all times like raimu i bet my smv would go up 2 points


should have asked her if she wanted to boost i bet she would have said yes



chuuni visor


if you kill me now you will do me a favor hehe


sigh envy got eliminated and came last


wish i wasnt a flapper


gooks are baste


you are NOT you just need to learn one step at a time


no im too flapper


but i used to know how to integrate and differentiate and factor and ligma but now i only stare at the wall


sigh why are they interviewing envy after he just lost


its extremely easy


i learned how to pinch my own dick while you were learning that


had to stop wallstaring because the parts i stared at were starting to get dark spots on them



everyone needs to be kinder to envy on hima now that he lost




flip that chink


just flipping kill me


gonno have some sausages


master of the house
doling out the charm
ready with a handshake and an open palm


im javert


wish i was chink


should i stream making some curry




whats ligma


ligma puss


stream a nice dark souls sesh



can i post something


gonno watch some ninja stream fortnite




File: 1534811612738.png (481.91 KB, 800x900, eb542eb00dada7cb7d9642f1b1840cd4.png)

ok does this ever happen




File: 1534811676197.png (1.28 MB, 1600x1800, 6c9a45a909f072c1f14f2f77ac1f7c63.png)

what about this


hope thats a nvidia card


she let the mate sperm her mouth for a 1070 but when all was said and done he gave her a 1030 instead


guess ill make some frozen chicken pasta


wish to sperm in a young girls mouth


i recommend defrosting it first


just had some chicken pasta what a coincidence


summer almost gone and we havent even told ghost stories at night or gone to a festival and then light fireworks on the beach


thank goodness we havent done any of that dumb b00sting shite



just lost dimas flip


nya nya nya nya nya nya nya
nya nya nya nyaaaaaa
nyara nyara nyara nyarara


did you know half your body weight is made up of feces at any given time


gonno tell trainee girl that


seki check it out


why are they doing losers interviews this is just depressing


to make them feel better


File: 1534814945577.gif (1.25 MB, 500x280, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a6f6e6177732e636f….gif)


it makes them feel worse


those fingers have been in her vagina


the local news wanted to do an interview with me after the incel thing blew up


whenever a cashier girl hands me change i think about that


File: 1534815168607.webm (2.74 MB, 1024x576, 1534795106678.webm)




File: 1534815487689.jpg (1.05 MB, 1050x1400, 29ba89b5782e75dc1f7c793962526d06.jpg)



File: 1534815580157.gif (1.99 MB, 500x280, ARIGATO_~pRI.gif)


never seen mirei like that is she ok


her idolmode is the flappermode


she looks horny


sigh i really like that arai adventure bucket and he was talking it up but when he said 700$ i got sad


hey hima i took a nap as soon as i got home and i spent the last hour reading and catching up and reviewing the motorcycle manual for my state
got pretty much a full nights rest so i think ill dip


dip on


was just at a dealer and the bell helmets were suspiciously cheap at like $170 for a qualifier but if you want an arai or shoei theyre expensive


hope its a nice cope long cut


went to aldi yesterday and they were selling full face helmets for like $40


my little matecrashed wearing one of those and instantly died


File: 1534816835670.gif (284.78 KB, 500x281, 1c2fd6ad7d33f654e1060bce52ff2a6e.gif)


yeah i cant imagine entrusting my life to something i got out of the aldi bargain bin


dear cunnilingus no please i cant even begin to imagine lala wearing a mascot costume


whats so good about mascot costumes


the obstructing nature of the mascot costume leads you to idealize the body of the girl wearing it


File: 1534817028072.gif (773.99 KB, 391x220, PriPara_91_8.gif)


thank you for these wonderful gifs


seki have you come across yammie noobs channel yet he does clickbait list videos about bikes

he stopped riding because he crossed a double yellow and got in a head on collision with a porsche and literally went flying 30 feet in the air


shoop pilled me on arais and shoeis
i still want one but honestly the bells and hjcs feel fine ill probably just get a bell and put an arai sticker on it hehe


yes you know it buddy NOThin like straight long cut in the jaw


i have a bell vortex with the darkest visor


shoei is baste


i think the store i was at had qualifier dx matte blacks for 150 and they included a free dark visor with the clear already onthe lady said it was a mips helmet but i dont think so


i always think of akira because he had a shoei sticker on the bike


this mate is cancer i can already tell NOT gonno watch any of his vids
feel bad for the porsche owner i hope he got sued


should i jerk it




dont feel like joing
i stress ate hard before i morphed and i woke up debydrated and with bad heartburn


jerking it quietly


should i become an escortcel


im pedcel


that visor is part of the color scheme for that helmet


tired of the pedcel meme
yeah sexy ladies are mindblowing and all but i cant flip one so whats the point im almost 30


you can always flip one before you die


the childflip is a forbidden technique



gonno watch one piece and morph


rarely is the question asked


jerking it with sis


File: 1534820041336.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, vk_video_ext.phpoid=4623578864&id=420039019&h….webm)


you can't do that


atashi pegopa


why does my spit smell like vinegar


and my pits smell like ramen what the hell


dead hours


classic symptoms of ligma


bad heartburn im farting and stomach hurts too oh no no no no


whats ligma


Liga sack m8


ligma scrote


strong urge to kill myself


it looks like the visor was an afterthought


yo mama


now that school is starting again my life has meaning


glad i dont live near a school anymore
flipping hate kids


nice schoolnorm


how can you hate kids i 愛 them especially sexy ladies


time to jerk it


same i jerk to sexy ladies


my firemaking level is now 93


got two and a half bottles of wine left time to crack




theyre dumb little cunts
hate listening to kids talk they get carried away with hypothetical stuff and repeat the same stuff over and over


dont mind if i do




i know that kids are curious and are more creative than adults and letting their minds wander is how they learn but they need to be pilled and taught the harsh realities of real life early


thinking about napping


thinking about raging


whos the nightly sexy lady/ped rager


we have always hated sexy ladies here



watakushi wa baste


hima i really lucked out i found two cans of guava strawberry juice so i snagged them both up when i got some tamales


File: 1534831254557.mp3 (8.13 MB, 13. Tool-Assisted Speedcore (TQBF Frame Advanc….mp3)


wish i had some tamals


i literally have 8 cans of pinto beans


get the chips and make some dip


whos tuned in to the koshien final


the what



going to speedrun through this shite life


sorry but there will NOT be any resets


basted pannenkoek2012


gonno see if sis wants to jo together again


that's sick


gonno make bacon sandwiches now


she lays on her back and jos and i kneel next to her and jo with my dick only a few inches from her face she 愛s it when i sperm on her


thts nt a good thing


miss futari_lollies


liking this new blog with the nice kids



baste vnig


gonno buy a pack of cigarettes after 6 months without


cigs are badass


daddy opened up a bottle of ipa to share with his little angel


cant imagine how much more annoying vgains is irl


File: 1534833457013.jpg (1.09 MB, 1480x2446, 85f478470e072111d2ea7bd849e9a306.jpg)

what the fuck is loud house and why is one mate drawing very underage looking girls from it



havent celebrated my birthday in over a decade


hehe i remember watching this one when it got uploaded


flapperlaughing thinking about sonic the hedgehog


amazing sandwiches today hima best ive ever had


im happy for you and your sandwiches


made cafe americano




is it ok if there is shit in my ass


bored guess ill make sushi


was making sushi but i raged and quit



i remember dreading my birthday in middle school because i was embarrassed that i didnt have friends


why didnt you get some


dreaded my birthday because i knew it meant writing thank you cards


going to start getting into elliotcore


skrr skrr


265 posts while i was snoozin


highlight em


nah die reader i mutated em all


you know how you cant understand someone else its the same for them they cant understand you and its a scary mystery


what the flip are you talking about


didnt understand that post


it was deep


been too lazy to wash a blanket so ive just been sleeping exposed on my mattress


shat hard because of the coffee now my tummy hurts



same spilled some food on my mattress too now it looks like shite


fool use a mattress cover


sigh The Boss tripped over the dog and bruised he cheek chicken nugget and has a black eye it looks like i beat her up


sigh 9 posts while i was making sushi


alright good night hima


you cant sleep now its 7am


i sleep when i damn well please



File: 1534848682589.jpg (384.63 KB, 600x614, 01-AT7-FRONT.jpg)

The Boss saw the album art ony my second monitor and got really angry


thats what you get sexnorm


gonno watch this


lookin good


File: 1534854109229.jpg (62.23 KB, 720x790, 1534853497200.jpg)


whats there to get angry about


why are peds always norwooding


their hormone levels are whack




gonno jerking jackoffing jo off


what did you just said


i promise i wont go bald


gramps was bald


gonno get a tub of minoxidil


finished reading sigh hima accidentally stayed up for 32 hours gonno permamorph now mata ne


its raining what should i have for dinner


theres supposed to be a thunderstorm so i brought a portable rain jacket


how will a thin rain jacket protect your from a 500 trillion watt bolt of electricity



having a nice coffee in my room hima i didnt go to work hehe im using teamviewer to work though


cant believe i missed this one


boss' dont like when their slaves work from home because it doesnt make them feel as powerful for controlling your life you better be there at the crack of dawn tomorrow and everyone is having their pictures taken along with a bio for the company website


yeah makes it feel like theyre paying you NOT for your services and to achieve a result but to control you for eight hours even if theres NOThing to do at all


File: 1534861793735.gif (3.5 MB, 472x264, 1534860502016.gif)


Twenty-six pedophiles and 16 nonviolent nonsex offenders were compared on baseline values of Luteinizing hormone (LH), follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), testosterone, estradiol, dehydroenpiandrosterone sulphate (DHEAS) and cortisol. Pedophiles had significantly higher levels of LH and FSH but lower levels of testosterone.


how did a tiny island of nips manage to conquer and snap all of china


only one here




baste betas


chinks are inferior



they should just wait until those old gook ladies die then thered be no one left to apologize to


why should they apologize
the chinks and gooks should have defended themselves better if they didnt want their wiminz snapped


its like the modern nationstate of mongolia apologizing for atilla the hun snapping women 1000 years ago


hate the pol hours gonno morph


wish japan respected women more like me


i am but a disposable low status male i must kneel before women


turt rp


14% of men account for FIFTY ONE PERCENT (51%) of male reproduction in the USA.


File: 1534867375334.jpg (656.54 KB, 1280x1822, 04 2.jpg)



nice emirin wonder if they met on japan-guide



wish looking normal and giving compliments was enough to get a girlfriend
too bad in this shit world you cant even get a pity flip unless youve got inches dollars or connections


wish i looked normal


mate askee me if i want to take a christian survey told him to flip on outta here and said im a varg worshiper


you need the three 7s
7' 7" and 7 figures


got the 7" down


what inches


basted flipping dickmog


mines at least 7 inches and i never flipped a girl the inches meme isnt real


thats because 7 isnt even impressive and girls cant tell how big your chicken nugget is without you telling them height is infinitely more valuable


they call me the chicken nuggetblog


sis quit wow and started ff14


愛 when virgs talk about dick size on the internet
most women couldnt care less and if you get shamef or left for a man with a bigger dick she probably wasnt worth it anyway


if this booster posts even once again about his reflappered 16 year old sushi chef sister or herkz i swear to cunnilingus i will end this board once and for all


File: 1534871421555.png (443.25 KB, 750x1125, 68303953201216275c469d22abb374fa.png)

did she make a lalafell


File: 1534871586618.png (1.35 MB, 1600x1600, 097d2f89adad638d86174ec3474da7bf.png)

once someone at the office knows you have a huge_penis all the girls start to look at you like this


nice cope


saw a regular earlier at the store but didnt say anything to him hes the one who said he 愛s how european girls look like miniature women at age 14 and hes the same mate who called trainee girl cute and made her call him creepy after he left


愛 the if your partner left you for someone else they didnt deserve you meme
its the other way around they got an upgrade


if you cant handle me at my neet you dont deserve me at my blog


keep thinking about what its like to have a lgf


probably NOT that great the little angels are only good for flip


sexy ladies are very horny


what about hugging and watching movies with and bathing with


those all lead to flip


File: 1534872775551.jpg (Spoiler Image, 333.55 KB, 836x1174, 9578bd21a6fa410403692a14a669f066.jpg)


having a sexy ladygf would be cool until you realize that all the affection and presents will mean NOThing in a few years when all her friends are saying its unnatural for her to be with you and she dumps you


everyone was nicer to me after deligran bragged about me flipping her


girls 愛 having older boyfriends when i was younger my friend had a little sister and she said she was jealous of her friend who had a 20 year old boyfriend


File: 1534873113638.jpg (Spoiler Image, 491.71 KB, 1137x1200, 53551971.jpg)


thats too big


sighing remembering that mate sending two girls a picture of his dick and then calling to see if they liked it you could tell they were horny as hell and got really fidgety when he was calling and talking to them


girls hate dick pics


the one girl was showing pictures she had saved and swiped too far and started getting into her collection of dick pics so some out there obviously like them



it was posted here a couple of weeks ago they were finnish scope girls with nice accents but the mate calling was north american


always laugh when a girl scans through her pics and says “oh you didnt see that”


wish i was an autistic finn


File: 1534873795638.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.12 MB, 1200x1119, 6c15913ab6ac52e0969a8fcc35db5ac5.jpg)



the one with brown hair was really cute too he wore a choker and seemed more mellow than her friend


me on the left


愛 fantasizing about "accidentally" sending a dick pic to sis i might do it one of these days


die sisflip


愛 a nice chokersexy lady


scape bosss old boss is asking me about buying a bike


the hima bike gang


pnig when are we hitting up the canyons


soon the canyons here are going to be filled with old people from canada taking in the scenery and driving in the direct middle of the two lane road


The Boss said no bikes allowed


trainee girl rides but i can tell from the things she says that shes NOT very good or maybe she just doesnt care
she said when she comes to a stop she pulls in the clutch and shifts all the way down to first and then applies the brake
when i told her about vtec she asked why a person would even keep the rpms that high and if the valves opening was bad for the bike


File: 1534875298669.jpg (97.99 KB, 1024x575, VFR800 FR SIDE.jpg)

thinking about getting a set of anniversary plastics and tank


install an onahole in the bike


File: 1534875463008.jpg (93.15 KB, 1600x1000, Honda VFR 750F-G.jpg)

the good old days when engine specs were stuck to the bike on a decal


balls ache


is it because sis was touching them


when his cc is <1000


do you NOT know when to shut up teen


no raging


herkz had a weird thing with age too


herkz has been posting here for months


File: 1534876817999.jpg (41.42 KB, 249x249, 9e7.jpg)


File: 1534876838189.gif (45.52 KB, 554x400, 1525899209214.gif)


rager no raging


looks good very patriotic
they can sell these color schemes in france russia england and norway too or any country thats red whit and blue


red white and blue are the honda race colors but yeah theyre pretty standard colors


ive been looking for a used klr on craigslist for a couple days seems like out west they can be had for 2k and theyre plentiful but around here theres five on craigslist and theyre too far away or too expensive


whats drawing you to the klr anyway is it the styling or what because there are lots of dual sport bikes out there like wrfs and crfs and xrs or drzs


its NOT that great


mainly the huge gas tank simple engine and nice real estate for bags its heavy and pretty slow but around here i would have yo travel at least an hour to hit some trails or go motocamping so a bike that feels good on highways would be better
really like the klr community too and theres loads of aftermarket parts


aside from that i really have no interest in sportbikes or dedicated tourers id rather buy one bike that does a bit of everything and put a crazy amount of miles on it
id probably commute to work on it at least three days a week


wish i had some mountains to own


well if youre set on a klr there are loads here simply buy one and ride it back
an xr would fit for what you want too but its air cooled


really want to pick up a grom or a z125 one of these days they seem like a lot of fun to mess around on


get a nice scooter instead


like half of the vids i see of bike crashes are of mates on wrs and drzs etc NOT being seen and someone pulling out in front of them and nailing them
NOThing against thin bikes but the klr is pretty massive i feel like it would be harder for a driver to miss it
maybe im wrong


mate at the bike store had a grom and i asked about them and he said the z125 has a much better suspension and youd pretty much only have to change the pegs and be done with it compared to the grom that youll probably want to immediately change the suspension on plus its overpriced


wrs and drzs probably draw in people like this flipper since they have factory supermoto options and maybe theyre just shitty riders
i dont think theyre much thinner than a klr


prefer being a slave theres honor in it


hima has ruined my grammar knowledge i couldnt remember if there should be an apostrophe before the s if its a possessive


you should never use an apostrophe


wrote a letter to my boss with no punctuation hehe


this looks fun
the klr could probably do this stuff no problem but dropping it and picking it back up all day would really pinch hard since it weighs 430 pounds without aftermarket skid plate and crash bars


die apostrophenorm



piss' piss


try and stop me f'ucker


flapperlaughing at the thought of a bunch of grom mates going offroading




you get used to picking up whatever bike you have if you go offroading a lot because you will drop it very often


愛 when trainee girl sighs and says i make her life hard after i ask her if we have something at a different store


do you 愛 when she screams and begs you to stop too


groms are super cheap for insurance because theyre 125cc probably like less than 100$ a year
ill look a little harder at drz650s and xr650s i guess just NOT a huge fan of the road legal dirtbike look


stop polluting our environment with your queer 2 wheelers


blocked the oxygen sensors on my vfr so i pollute more than normal flip you


i should get some aftermarket headers too because the stock ones have a catalytic converter in them just so i can pollute even extra


can only imagine that in the context of her being flipped it makes me feel weird


oh cunnilingus help hima broke again


false alarm


ya do it its NOT like you have to do emmissions testing


you dont need to do emissions testing for motorcycles here


professor is a fat degen said eating healthy is reflappered and rather be in a casket with a smile on his face called everyone who doesnt stuff their face with hotdogs kale eaters what a fag then he said this is america and youre a pagan if you dont eat like a pig need to varg pill this gastropod stat


think ill earlymorph




File: 1534881097689.png (60.92 KB, 290x352, 1531977596556.png)

die polluters


she deserves snap


road laws here are actually reflapperedly relaxed
you get one license that needs to be renewed 50 years after it was issued
there are no vehicle inspections
there are no emissions testing for bikes
no sound limits for vehicle exhaust either


saw a gang of bikers a few days ago next time i see them ill buy a burzum record and throw it under one of their wheels



gonno listen to some ‘zum


when everyone on hima has a bike we will be known as the himasozoku


hes right


19% of university professors are pedophiles


File: 1534882031357.jpg (580.86 KB, 1600x1200, Chibi-usa-rini-sailor-moon-25198162-1600-1200.jpg)

speaking of which ive seen a lot of cars with anime characters on them
i saw an altima with a decal of kuroneko on it with some japanese writing but thats NOThing compared to the fiat 500 i saw with a custom teal paint job and a huge decal of chibiusa on it
the decal wasnt this exact image but it was a very similar pose with her face resting in her hands
i did a uturn and followed it and they were going to the secondhand bookstore with a huge used anime and manga section


just woke up going to the farm again today in like an hour


that was me


the person driving was some girl with tattoos flip you


yeah that was me


oh ok cool


norm bitch doesnt deserve anime


hate when women larp as otakus


you know she only watches anime so she can get attention just like the tattoos and the anime paint job


time for a latte


hate animenorms who broadcast their hobbies as if theyre proud of them
i would never in a million years tell anyone in real life that i watch moeblob seasonal trash and jo to lala


wish fiats were good theyre humble like early mazdas


saw a fat mate with a neckbeard in a tiny car the other day i thought it was funny


File: 1534882604585.jpg (65.3 KB, 640x480, i244475.jpg)


File: 1534883175911.jpg (114.93 KB, 839x1280, 1a808018f22dd6e9eb9416e3dbd1803f.jpg)

gonno get some custom decals for the vfr so i can be otacool


i will paint my klr red and get a reimu decal and some paper seals and a big sticker that says small hitbox




File: 1534883652995.png (1.02 MB, 1020x1233, d350c6c9d400621d9ff66e244f072530.png)

put this reimu on there


File: 1534883702659.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 133.75 KB, 768x576, 2480AF2E-45B8-4907-83B9-32E52040C236.jpeg)

hell yeah


愛 jerking it to nanoha


File: 1534883945719.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 292.57 KB, 1280x1849, 6931F433-792F-40E9-AAC3-51FAE27A3560.jpeg)

rin was way too underage sigh suzuki is the angel brand


dumb bitch
no way her katana needs even half that much oil get back in the kitchen cunt


saw this video where two mates get a bike and gear for less than $1000 and one mate gets a katana and they both make fun of it i bet rin could feel someone badmouthing the katana


File: 1534884148911.jpg (889.27 KB, 1000x667, itachari5.jpg)

i will continue walking with haruka


walk in hell


what should i get off uber eats burritos or sandwiches


NOThing idiot go to the store and get peanut butter and the cheapest bread you can find


nah i dont want to leave and uber eats is easy




if youre going to get a klr you should learn to do some engine stuff on your own


thanks burritos it is


grilled chicken and broccoli time


File: 1534886584944.jpg (626.16 KB, 1066x1491, ce9fd90a4d8fd6d86c280a32b7572df4.jpg)

that sounds utterly disgusting













cant find even one vid of a sexy lady playing pripara its NOThing but 20 something ped japs




that kougeisha mate streams on scope regularly


gonno get a lithium ion battery for my vfr so i can hit a bump and catch on fire


that doesnt happen


think i lack testosterone


tell that to the people who sat down on their samsung phones and blew off their dicks


get a test test you can get one done for $30


slow day today only had 3 people but over 250 in sales


women are flipping incompetent why did we ever let them work


nice beats varg


need to get a new test test ive been taking vitamin d pills for months and eating better


dont need chink made vitamin pills because my ancestral diet is supreme


i think trainee girl is kept around so everyone has someone to make fun of in secret
also she grew up mormon so the clothes she wears are clothes that a mormon person would go their whole life wishing they could wear


mindblowing that ibm is making a 50 qubit prototype cpu


the first track sounds like some sexy ladycore stuff like goreshit about 20 years earlier
is he saying he composed these or are they normal somgs with certain frequencies cut out


like what



a couple of weeks ago she wore a tshirt that was tied and was short enough to show about about an inch of skin right above her pants
she wears some shirts with lower cuts on them too even though she doesnt have much of a chest and because of that i can see that she wears a see through lace bra fairly often i think its one of her favorites
last time she was here she wore a black tube top that would have shown her whole belly had it NOT been for the short overalls she wore over it


File: 1534889322840.gif (1.35 MB, 400x224, Shion_dorothy_gif.gif)


those are normal girl clothes


shion is so underage i cant tank it


he made these before he got into metal


im underage


dislike shions gran voice


they arent bad you can tell he was just fooling around but with a little polish they could be pretty good


post the shion mad


and i know it


am i the only one on hima who likes any of the following
diet coke
mint chocolate chip ice cream
licorice jelly beans and licorice
pineapple on pizza
german musflapper




scape boss told her to NOT dress like that at any of the meetings because she aroused everyone and her face turned red and she got completely silent
she hasnt worn stuff like that to meetings ever since


cant say i like any of those


i like mint chocolate chip ice cream and licorice


there is a crow cawing in the backyard i think it has come for me


is it singing



what does it mean if i like all those things
am i flapper


whats german musflapper


german stone ground musterd


is it brown i dont eat brown foods



cant find it sorry



new maxmoefoe new idubbbz this is great


drop dead


post that maxmoefoe


hoo boy new danielfromsl



gonno have a wank



happy hardcore sounds the same as it did 20 years ago because thats when it was perfected


File: 1534890987558.jpg (51.83 KB, 480x480, 22639398_608705966186938_3505807591261339648_n.jpg)


File: 1534891195119.jpg (989.2 KB, 2100x2100, ae214c069940763230f30a87bd180e1a.jpg)

morph time


someone post that shion mad please its the one that goes puri puri ne puri puri yo






this ones for seki


that girl sounds like she 愛s being flipped


watched the whole thing for some reason this mate is funny


its because hes australian


what anime is this
i am a historical anime otaku


ban the mate that thinks maxmoefoe is funny


found this when i searched シオン MAD


taisho yakyu musume fool its right there in the title


die japnorm


NOT only am i going to jerk it to this im going to jack it


def. jerking it tonight


wasnt sure at first but i started dancing hard around 1:00
ive been adding nice anison denpa moe tracks to my jazz playlist because im too lazy to make aNOTher playlist


die jacker


its stormin




i thought youd heard it as a mosaic.wav song that ones the original
cant find just the mosaic.wav version uploaded except in sushi bars so here it is


File: 1534892755876.png (893.2 KB, 1234x960, 1531677055760.png)


my favorite part about the shion mirei mad is that if you understand jap its almost like a little mini plot cant think of too many other mads that are like that
hate lazy mads where they just chirp the same milliseconds of the same sound


jerk jacking


very cute


wish i knew more mosaic.wav still i only know obscure eurobeat tracks now


heres a rare mosaic.wav song


i like pineapple on pizza


woke up and mutated 150 posts what did i miss


b00st off mutant


NOThing happened



saw a slavgirl do weird things today that gave me a huge chicken nugget




crying hard robbie rotten died


im baste




why dont i have terminal cancer


he got cancer from all the sexy lady slime he came into contact with


gonno start wearing a hazmat suit



baphomet is baste


scape boss is talking about having an end of summer party for everyone


puri ne puri yo


you mates have a lot of parties for a company that barely makes 500$ a day


jealous of that water money


havent done anything all day feel like im going reflappered from boredom


pick up a math book


the two stores did 38000 last month combined




cool how 99 percent of hima is composed of literal teens and norms no different from your average current 4chan poster


go back there


just got out of the shower
do i really need to wash my back or is letting the water roll down it good enough


im tryna make it bruh



gonno take a double dose tonight


drug abuse kawaii


where are the teens




talkin bout da meltrek



they call me the teenblog


boomers vs zoomers


had a nice touge run tonight


actually im gonno do one more for stefan


and discordmates of course


File: 1534905068153.gif (676.55 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nq9reccqwr1u7fin7o1_500.gif)


gonno watch some one piece and morph i guess



File: 1534906449069.gif (2.33 MB, 500x280, fuwari.gif)


havent hit the touge lately the roads have been bad i came maybe 2 inches from running over a big ass log last time and almost crashed into some jaypee boy cyclists in the middle of the road


laughing at that filter evsn though i made it


im offended that tumblr teens are arrogant enough to put watermarks on their anime gifs


baste tumblr teens btfoing you


feel bad for teens missing out on the real internet


the one here is flooded with people with horrible lane discipline and 80% reflapperation someone ran off the road today i dont know how it was at the flat part and NOT the actual mountainside


oh hell yeah


the girl at the bank asked why im always so sweaty so early in the morning


long time ago when i got a job after years of neeting they made me help a girl in a room and i started freakin and she NOTiced and asked if i was having an allergic reaction


and then i freaked it 😜😂


allergic to girls you flipping fag


allergic to sleep
havent gotten a good nights rest in days
think ill stay home tomorrow i have shit to do


women are the embodiment of evil its expected to start having a flight or fight response around them if you havent been exposed in a long time


i dont get that way around trainee girl


gonno start frying up some slam jam


thats because youve always had a baseline norm level youve never truneeted


i was neeting for years before you even graduated you flipping norm


theres a big difference between being a lazy jobless norm and being a truneet elite


you mean like dropping out of school when youre 13 and doing NOThing at all until youre in youre 20s


always wondered how fats get fat makes no sense to me no matter how much i eat im still thinneet


shitty genes


you dont actually eat that much


back in my ck days i used to eat a ton ive posted about this before


1. NOT everyone has the same genes
2. youre skinnyfat




ya i do


slam jam is fried hima the eggs are boiled the soup mix is in the bowl the noodles are simmering im ready to feast


die slam jammer


tonkotsu ramen is a miracle of the universe almost like rikas vagina or satokos ass


never disrespect rika or satoko again


gonno jack to satoko and jerk it to rika tonight and you can NOT stop me


File: 1534913109711.jpg (56.69 KB, 634x425, rdn_4f403e42dd3ed.jpg)

still fat no matter how little i eat its the genes


thats a ban


truneeted so hard back in my day that even my hair started to fall off


bored might nap


what does one have to do with the other


ive been listening to buying goods in palmira for the last 45 minutes time to turn this off and enjoy my ramen


never tried ramen


you wouldnt understand because youve been cruising through life


gmm started back up yesterday




this recipe is truly one for the ages hima im telling you

hardboil some eggs
slice some slam jam really thin and fry it low and slow until it gets dark and crispy and smells like bacon
and then let it sit on a rack to dry and get extra crispy
peel and slice the eggs and lay them face down in some soy sauce
make the ramen
add the eggs and slam jam into the ramen its delicious


hate soy sauce


mutate that part then fool


im hardboiled


its umami


umami isnt real idiot


tell it to ck idiot


flip ck




flip you


ck is baste


miss being a touhou teenmate


touhou pinches


File: 1534914611000-0.png (978.4 KB, 1133x1671, 9fd70506edfeb8fdf67cdfb3e3d2a622.png)

File: 1534914611001-1.png (866.07 KB, 900x1200, 7628fd81528fa67d287a3ab993d956ca.png)

ok which one


nevermind its already been decided


the norms stole my 20s from me


what are you gonno do about it


neet my 30s up


cracked my knuckles


File: 1534915537306.gif (698.86 KB, 400x225, 1483410497_tumblr_nn4fperFte1tb018oo6_400.gif)



File: 1534916135777.jpg (252.37 KB, 768x949, 5691eeec7db75435f782c1fd24926a43.jpg)


panting hard


see its real



i put pepper on my pasta


File: 1534917570914.jpg (374.14 KB, 1180x843, e62afba9f6be88f2944471cd8f26dce2.jpg)



literally in tears playing azur lane


cracked open a nice umami modelo negra cerveza



translate this shit chinks


morphed hard and finished reading


how do chinks tell each other apart




basted flipping nonwhites


was trying to jerk it and saw this now im crying


unironically feel sad for stefan but i knew this day was coming


found a half eaten burg under the bed


is it a fast food burg its probably still good


no but im gonno eat it anyways


hope you get worms


why would you say such a thing


intestinal worms are high level neets deserving of respect


me and herkz knew a mate who had pinworms




lets play


File: 1534923493362.jpg (165.17 KB, 750x1000, 508be24a8541d8f92327c39382d7eada.jpg)

going to sleep remembering cure cusflapper



cant believe i was fed formula and vaccinated i never stood a chance


back from the farm hey hima hows it going time for some wine


die farmboy


That's 2 now! I seem to be having a sudden surge in getting flat tires. The first one was the rear passenger side. That one had to get replaced as the hole was too close to the edges so a new tire had to be bought.

The second case happened on my way to work - it went flat overnight without my knowledge. It caused me to be 25 minutes late for work. TLE has been getting a lot of work from me recently, in the T aspect (T stands for tire).

It's only been happening since I've been in Florida. I suspect that the culprit may be the usually "strong" speed bumps in my apartment area. Even going 5 mph means you'll get a considerable jostle. I do have modest doubt on that though.

On a side NOTe, I now memorize how to get to and from work back to home. I do NOT, however, memorize how to get to the main beach I go to: Indian Rocks Beach. I go to that one because it's the only high quality one I've found so far that even has free parking. It's much cheaper to drive an hour away (and an hour back) to get to a decent quality beach than it is to pay $20 for a 10-hour pass at the beach. The other beaches are all either paid parking or poor quality such as having underwater grass going out as far as the eye can see.




未来が眩しくて見えない watch a movie


which movie


morphed and mutated


death wish


morphed creamed bleated and curtailed



made coffee


showed up to work two hours late wish i had the balls to just tell the boss she scheduled me for no reason and that as a part timer i have the right to say im NOT coming in


wow look its the male protagonist being held up by the throat and about to be killed by an an enemy when all of the sudden the enemy mates face goes from an evil grin to wide eyed surprise and he falls over and then the camera cuts to the ground by the feet of the saviour and slowly pans upwards to reveal that the person who saved the male protagonist from the bad mate is a woman
boosting brav the boost o mother booster i boosting 愛 it when that shit happens
the only way this flick could possibly get any better is if the space marines are sharing pictures of their families back home and the bald headed white hispanic female space marine shows a picture of her black wife and her son back on the moon colony and none of the male space marines think that its weird at all even in their own heads


had a nice cup o joe


raged at this


turt whats the cause of flat tires


whats there to rage about





File: 1534947796655.png (32.24 KB, 600x600, 9086512044196.png)


gonno listen to some pastor jiminez


File: 1534948630268.png (33.21 KB, 382x189, 33.png)




what the flip hima is on the news



have to be out of the house by 5am tomorrow




jimmy wales is begging for money again


throat hurts hima


flip that queer


kick him over a few bucks


hate my balls



i never click links on hima


naruto looks different in almost every panel flip this shit why couldnt they just let it die along with my teenmateyears


did he died


hello i am new here and am investigating whether or NOT this will be my new home thank you(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


gonno have a wank


wankers go to hell



flip this mate and flip p anderson preach in hell


feeling horny again thinking about sexy ladies


im a horny sexy lady


baste pnig stealing my meme that i stole from trevor that stole it from janny


thats NOT me


see its NOT me


had to turn off wifi woops


the hima collective consciousness


why is there a anderson serm for the last half of this


that mate didnt deserve a ban we need some fresh blood


still cant unban so theres NOThing i can do about it




i unbanned him his appeal was very cute


wish i was cute




File: 1534960684552.png (837.18 KB, 997x1054, ed2ee3861603a2329af02805958eff71.png)

sakurako is cute


attractiveness should be judged by hima theme


himawari has some big boobs


thought the text was ribcages from the thumbnail almost mutated it phew thats a underage one


sakurakos boobs look weird


gonno watch some fortnine videos


never seen such a mean canadian


pissed and quenched


bored as hell two hours and NOT a single person has come in





intel can eat shit


oto nashewa bii neko gozaimazi ^____^


cant wait for zen2


its amds time to shine intel will NOT have any other than 14nm refreshes for a very long time meanwhile amd is rolling out shrinks at the fastest rate possible


nice flapperalien


really really need to shite


hold it in


looking into gopros it seems you can stream with them but only with iphones and i am NOT buying a flipping iphone


why NOT


because apple can eat shit for ditching ibm and going with intel


i eat shit


the norms did that


thinking of going on aNOTher touge run tonight


stream it


i dont have a mount for the phone


buy a rhino mount


jealous wish i lived near mountains



File: 1534971340591.jpg (90.58 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

ive seen some ram mounts in a bike store nearby the problem is finding a way to mount it on the vfr since it has clipons


that looks difficuly to work with i have no suggestion


can probably figure something out with the mirror mount
if this were flipped around it would be perfect


compromise motorcycles like adventure tourers sport tourers and naked street bikes make no sense if you really think about it
especially adventure tourers seems like an adventure bike should be as mechanically simple as possible without luxuries


wouldnt say theyre compromise bikes just different from eachother


they are the largest buyers of vega amd is already owning intel now they need our support with the gpu branch



ibm pinches


wish i was in yunnan right about now


scape boss said trainee girl didnt do anything she was asked to do things are NOT looking good for her especially with goat boss being biased against her because she refuses to go to his store


sigh trainee girl


just woke up hey hows it goin hima


jerkin it


since im going to be alone the rest of this week and all of next week i guess ill bring my vfr into the back and do some work on it i need to replace the coolant and tighten the chain
i can probably figure something out for the phone mount too


gonno ask The Boss if i can get a bike like all the himamates


i already asked mine and she said no


get something cool


just going to post this one too dont know if youre interested in these sorts of videos this mates been at it for a very long time


took a nap now i feel like shite




refunded something like three months ago and they still have NOT sent me the money


call them and ask whats going on


thats what im gonno do but i have phone anxiety


sick of The Boss watching the same donald trump news every single day


why trump is basted


have The Boss call them or if you have a sis have her do it and say youll repay her with oral sex imoutos 愛 it


need a hugo The Boss shirt


just use the web chat


sent them an email instead


and my sis does NOT like fellatio die potato chef


there will be no fellatio only cunnilingus for her cunni




die pedcest


new adoredtv


gonno finish this then ill start on that adored video it must be important if the video came out this quick


being girl looks like fun


its really NOT trust me


its NOT that great you get creepy stares from creeps all the time and unwanted comments about your appearances and you get told to smile all the time and theres an expectation that you should be cute and cheerful at all times sometimes i just want to eat a whole pizza and chug a liter of cola and loudburp all day but i cant because of reasons


die girl


would NOT be able to stop myself if a cute girl did that in front of me


omg umaru is like literally me


should i shower


worst part of being girl would probably be having to get flipped by disgusting males


the worst part about having a huge_penis is having to flip gross females so it goes both ways


wonder what the new mate thinks of hima


外と 中は
ウ ラ オ モ テ


cant stop flipping ugly girls


still dont know what makes someone a creep but i know one when i see one


i had a dream about hima all of us were living really peacefully in some cave system and i buried myself in the dirt and when i woke up it had been hundreds of years and there had been nuclear war and i really missed my himamates a had one of you mates diaries that i kept while i wandered the wasteland for a really long time until i died of starvation because it was there was NOThing left but ash and flat ground


ugly girls dont exist everyone is beautiful


hope he starts posting more so i can give him a nickname


can i have a nickname




even the sexy ladies


File: 1534976379593.jpg (327.89 KB, 600x800, unknown4f23abee6db0be136b8053274749a658.jpg)


nasty whore


i merely smiled at a cashier and he asked for my phone number
to live life as a woman is to live life on the defense


what a kind soul to offer complete strangers the chance of a lifetime


i think im a creep how can i tell


do you jerking jo it to kids


same im twig with the creep grin and the adam lanza haircut and style


ya but its a secret to everybody can people tell that i wank to kids


they can tell by the pedshuffle



im a virgwalker


im autistic weirdo


teengirl from the paper store across the street came in advertising color flyers she looked directly at my penis area and then would NOT make eye contact i think its because im a creep


wish i was indo or flip


im a creep
im a werido
what the hell am i doing here
i dont belong here


im a weirdo but NOT a creep


cunnilingus has cursed me with this mortal form


whats a paper store


they sell paper and stuff printed on paper i guess


should i take a shower


showers are unnatural you should only bathe in rivers


bold move to open a paper store right next to a water store
they need an oil store in between for protection


ran out of ink at midnight now i have to wait till tomorrow to continue writing might end it


how did you write that post if youre out of ink


head on down to the calligraphy store


File: 1534977532576.jpg (425.47 KB, 1716x1495, Ovalpiston.jpg)

is seki still here have you ever heard of the honda nr750 it was a bike with a v4 and 8 valves per cylinder and to account for the amount of valves they made the cylinders oval

there are a ton of really neat and weird motorcycles out there with unique features the thing you need to keep in mind is that with most modern bikes youre basically riding an engine with a couple of wheels and brakes tacked on


why did cunnilingus maked me ped


cant believe someone would go through all the trouble engineering that when a coil of copper wire and a magnet is superior


what else would the demilitarized nation of japan focus on after the war its only natural to create overengineered machines like the nr750


ped is the natural state of men


i create overengineered machines in my free time


im overengineered


i may as well be a slug


i wasnt ped until i was 16


i was born ped


went to the store but accidentally left my aura blasting people kept stopping in their tracks to let me pass


theyre hoping that if you shoot up the place youll have mercy on them


their hopes are for naught
everyone is guilty


weird i had the exact same dream a while ago


File: 1534978164138.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.11 KB, 621x519, 1534310537845-1.jpg)


doc said you are NOT ped unless you want to flip prepubescent sexy ladies and that anything older is natural


so im ped


what if i like preteens


i guess this is why sexy ladycon is a useful umbrella term


what is prepubescent how can i tell


if theres no hair down there


look at the tanner scale


slavs dont get hair down there until their mid to late teens


who the flip is tanner




got a bottle of wine left time to crack


stop cracking and start jacking


sickmorphed im up now this flipping pinches might end it hima


steal some of The Bossmys pain medication


File: 1534979038724.jpg (548.01 KB, 1000x1300, __inazuma_kantai_collection_drawn_by_imachirek….jpg)


i only take medicine if The Bossmy gives it to me personally and checks my temperature it cant be trusted otherwise



does this happen in real life


baste brandon owning the roast


i self medicate and everything seems fine so far




im the chicken nugget of my sword


what kind of store is this


caught a roach and flushed it


it will crawl back up the pipe and bite your toes while you sleep


wish i could work at that store the music is sick


theyre playing perfume


nice pnig at the register


where the flip are they ive never seen cosplay stores in the west


california has loads of that stuff


looks like you could pick up a milky holmes shirt at that second store


cant wait for the cebu mini akihabara


im a milky holme


homie milk


the what


File: 1534980323105.jpg (Spoiler Image, 509.01 KB, 770x1050, 3f5b6f15d25d0175ffc33e123fb52ed8.jpg)


sigh just woke up


File: 1534980406251.jpg (50.13 KB, 928x633, 84efda7e2d379ce6eca950188fee64dd.jpg)

is it ok to post this her body is NOT offensive


playaz like me in the sushi bar just boosted
bitches going hoein’ blowing man im broke boost a hoe


out of coffee


wish i had a gf like sherlock


just checked looks like my raise went through im making the big bucks now


feel like robbing and murdering lately
just gonno wreck havoc upon this shit world


im autist


die murdernorm



nice havocseki


File: 1534981043172.gif (29.8 KB, 281x276, test.gif)

think my vision might be going i cant even see the number


thats a gay test


its an upside down 6


die troller


teenage basteland


flip you trollnorm


hate trolls


found himasugi.org in The Bosss browsing history


The Boss found the neet net


The Boss posts about shota


they call me the shotablog


The Bossmy...


愛 a good shota on milf


you mean milf on shota


he does


the best is the horny older sister getting her little mateto flip her because she has the dreaded teenage kitty ache that can only be cured by being flipped


i like when the older sister gets sleep snapped


wonder when the norm hours are going to end today


File: 1534981470172.png (Spoiler Image, 695.17 KB, 707x1000, __shiina_aki_and_sunohara_ayaka_sunoharasou_no….png)

you mena like this




sleep snap is a really good one its a shame that there isnt more


when the norm hours end the dead hours begin


you boosting with a real one



its illegal and immoral


im a dumb roast


NOT illegal or immoral if those girls didnt want to be flipped their vaginas would squeeze shut to prevent the flip


today i drove like 35 miles to get to a motorcycle store that doesnt sound like much but its a lot of driving for me especially at 80mph on the interstate in my rolling death trap with distilled water in the radiator instead of coolant
anyway i checked out a bunch of bikes and i still like the klr compared to the drz400sm but i think i was overestimating how easily my feet reach the ground on it i would be on my tip toes unless i bought some 15$ lowering links


it pinches because the girl doesnt struggle and suffer


nice manlet


why cant i flip a slimy sleeping girl


im dicklet


can you put one foot down thats all you really need


weird how the mosha mosha girl in bakuon rode the serow those are pretty tall
dont understand how this bike would be as popular as it is in japan and in south america where the average person is even shorter than me


hate when they reveal that the girl was pretending to sleep


thats the absolute worst i literally canNOT finish jerking when that happens


google says the serows seat height is 31 inches thats NOT that high is it


die tallmog


you can put in your info and it will show how you will fit on bikes


yeah one foot is no problem with my other foot on the pegs i just wonder if NOT being able to use both feet would pinch trying to keep balance off road going up inclines for example
the klrs were on sale for 5800$ which was kind of tempting


tempting how you dont have that kind of money
were you going to steal it


File: 1534982330497.png (421.32 KB, 750x1334, 9A8937F8-8BC3-45A7-9031-B0B44FA70169.png)



File: 1534982431451.png (341.9 KB, 807x778, 2e93fd2047773de081a5f4411b3ea972.png)

might be too uncomfortable for me


youre only one inch taller than me but your inseam is 5 inches longer what the hell


File: 1534982598921.jpg (53.82 KB, 700x499, women-laughing-12-surprising-ways-to-be-happy-….jpg)


it probably wont be a problem i dont remember having a hard time riding my wr with a 38 inch seat when i was 15 and on the road one foot is all you usually put down unless you have extra bad balance


gonno take the msf at a community college soon hope i dont have to actually enroll or do anything serious to take the course besides pay them money


you pay and sit and read a little pamphlet and then take a written test and then if you pass they tell you to come back and take the riding part of the class


whats a msf


sigh to get a bike license id have to have a regular license for one year and i cant even apply for one without having a learner license for 1 year so it would be at least 2 years before i could even ride a bike flip this world


masochist sexual fetish


is there a bike permit you can get before i got my endorsement i went and took a written test at the dmv and i got a permit to ride on roads and NOT highways and only when light out it was completely seperate from my drivers license


motorcycle safety foundation course


the laws are different here even after those two years you can only ride with an experienced rider following you for aNOTher 3 months after that before you can ride alone


this is the exact same thing i was feeling two years ago when i had just gotten my learners permit it seemed almost impossible to me so i shelved the bike idea until now since i finally got my full license
i say no better time to get your foot in the door than right now no use procrastinating or feeling bad cunnilingus knows i did that forever and it just made me feel worse
you dont need a car just smooth talk The Boss into paying for whatever you need to get your license


what the fuck is that bullshit


i really dont like driving a car and in the back of my mind i always banked on the idea of riding a motorcycle as my main means of transportation eventually
i blogged about it here as far back as 2015 when pnig was blogging and posted his riding vids but i felt like it would never happen


yeah cars blow ass


whats a good bike if youre 6’4


a grom


africa twin or a bmw g1200
most sportbikes will be uncomfortable besides the biggest ones like the zx14r and hayabusa


let hit the touge


wonder if those wheels are for sale they look mint


/o/slam jam gonno mutate hard


theyre redoing that road because its basically asphalt with some gravel sprinkled on top at this point


yeah youre right i just need to bite the bullet and get a normal license itll pay off in 2 years i guess luckily you can still get a bike license after getting an automatic license for cars since The Boss only has an automatic to give me lessons in since you need like 200 hours of documented lessons


gonno document my dick in your ass


got a bullet for you to bite right here


where do you live that sounds insanely difficult in the us theres no difference between an automatic and manual license
youre NOT driving any differently all the same rules still apply youre just using aNOTher foot




File: 1534984309640.png (126.67 KB, 511x574, 06si1060JcSYJUyUyUyUyUy0pDARx.png)


me and my lgf


can hear the people in the sexy lady clothes store banging on the walls might go to where i hear the banging and put my face against the wall and yell again


australia the license requirements are really stringent


baste papa wont be silenced


papa john is a jaypee boy


always found it funny how in the states a teen on his 18th birthday can go to the dmv take a simple 25 question exam on a computer get his learners permit and immediately go to a dealership and buy a s1000rr, zx14, etc


wish to eat miku pizza


16th birthday its even worse


also you cant ride any fast bikes while youre getting your bike license you need to ride an approved learner bike which all pinch


never had a 16th birthday


plenty of richteens do it
some parents think a zx14r is a bargain compared to a new car and theyre right if thats where their rational thinking ends


nice permateen


what about the cbr250rr its a tiny 4 cylinder


wonder if grandpa would loan me some cash that old boomer does NOThing but smoke weed all day in colorado


cbr250 is a v twin


the newer ones are twins but the older ones are 4 cylinders


theyre cool but youll get bored of a 250 in a few months


never had a grandpa


and the new ones are an inline twin


what the hell do i really need to know how to drive a car before i can get a bike license flip this gay shite


i think you can get a license for motorcycles only in the us but then you cant drive a car


they need to teach you what road signs mean and how to read oavwnemt markings and simple stuff that anyone whos rode in a car would know


cbr500r is included in the list


gonno start counting the cash drawer i could have been sleeping all day or jerking it and it wouldnt have made any difference ive been posting on hima all day and watching twilight zone


guess i should call grandpa instead of emailing him maybe hed be more likely to financially help me


it matters NOT


twilight zone pinches


nah it rules


have to force myself to sleep right now
been late to work every day this week


take some pills


File: 1534986588762.gif (482.05 KB, 155x229, 1394394863241.gif)


nice the rtx 2080 ti cant even hit 60 fps on 1080p with ray tracing on


gonno cum on my face and sleep


bacon sandwich time


stop eating so much bacon


bacons good for you


your hearts gonno explode


red meat is poison


File: 1534987621788.png (2.1 MB, 1920x694, 41862578_p0.png)


now that were moving to a farm ive been trying to convince The Boss to get a gun but negotiations arent going well


thats illegal


jukes look so weird theyre almost creepy looking somehow


gonno watch one piece and morph





good night


guess ill nap then


theyre turt in car form


im going to juke that lady if you know what i mean


File: 1534989774267.jpg (282.68 KB, 1536x2048, zx8dzrawvph11.jpg)




great touge run this evening theres a gt86 at the top here


愛 a lady in full bandos


nb only likes skiller girls


that post the other day about nice smelling pajama sexy ladies got me going im losing my mind hima




oh hehe there we go


only cummed on my face once it was a warm surprise




still dont know the difference between a teaspoon and a tablespoon and a pinch and a dash how come cooking is so cryptic and difficult


pinch this


same i never measure stuff


gonno watch this


north korea is really NOT that bad


wheres everyone


here i was lost in sexy ladythought



i just got back from the touge run now im eating 2
a pizza and cheese fries


愛 messing with teenmates in their dads cars especially when theyre muscle cars


thinking about those sexy ladies


same its one of the great joys of life


i went for a walk


did you see anything nice




the only one who has ever given me a run was an s2000 on the downhill section a few years ago


im tar d


i fear nvidia is too strong for amd


waiting for 7nm navi



thinking about flipping trainee girl


a friend is flipping baste


File: 1534995829130.jpg (841.16 KB, 800x800, 1914808245297.jpg)


File: 1534996349575.jpg (427.92 KB, 1186x2969, 1451716021434.jpg)


gonno nap



hate footnorms


hate all sexnorms


what if i just want to rub my face against her legs and NOT flip


wonder what its like to be a


a what you flipper



i reject your reality and substitute my own


nice flapperchink


havent heard that in a while


does anyone want to move in


pap is baste for raging amos yee


normos yee


move in where


my apartment


what the flip amos yee is ped


nah its too far away





baste pednorm


yeah i jerk it to kids so what


woke up from my nap hiya hima


sigh overwatch is down for maintenance




wish i was smart enough for overwatch


that pizza dehydrated me gonno chomp some popsicles and rehydrate


sigh can i please post something


nah go to hell


sis made this and is sad its NOT getting views


yeah go ahead



that video is 11 years old


yeah shes 13 now


dad used to call me a jaypee boy for watching sailor moon


no way 2007 was 11 years ago


less than 500 views in 11 years


flapperlaughing at the second orcs voice


why does that mate have such a massive nose


hes jew


ice is basted


i wish i was basted


its NOT that great


gonno down a 5th popsicle and then chug a half gallon of ice water


File: 1535004335102.jpg (90.54 KB, 750x1334, ybd4u4q0spmz.jpg)


just resubbed to ffxiv


should have picked up a good sushi bar instead


like what wow pinches


fire up lr2


scape wow tera bdo are all better than ffxiv


nah ffxiv rules


will a raven ridge laptop run wow decently i know they enabled dx12 recently and since its single threaded it should at least be playable i think


isnt wow a 2004 sushi bar why wouldnt it run decently


they make weird changes to the engine or use weird textures that randomly make it lag
there was an issue a couple years back where a warlock spell made people disconnect because it lagged them so badly the same happened for a mage spell



the new spell animations look great sigh especially corruption


gonno morph



installing tera


is there a new class


how should i know i never played this sushi bar before




plumbers inbound multi feeder bbws


gonno fire up the wii sports


The Boss 愛d playing on the wii


what about the kinect



jerked gonno coma


Broadcast NOT found…


there were two very generous slav girls competing for attention


wish i was slav


bored as HELL




only one on hima sigh


im molting


stop molting
start posting


theres NOThing to post


theres always something to post


sick sigh


im playing wow


if you never leave the house you dont get sick its great


wrong The Boss brings in lots of sicknesses and food carries it too


havent gotten sick in like 2 years its good


gonno make something to eat


liar i never leave the house but im sick now


sigh 3 hours till tera is finished downloading wish i had 900 download like speedbrag



sigh chris


she posts here



hope this songpyun raises my songbun


hiding in the bathroom


what are you hiding from


File: 1535027949342.jpg (8.54 MB, 4160x3120, 20180823_083737.jpg)

ok found a a sitting spot
today will involve a lot of bored sitting


sit in hell


gonno jerk it


first run botched this happens every time why did i have to be born autism


finished installing tera and the servers are down flip this


cant get my glasses clean


wish i had glasses but cunnilingus cursed me with 20/20 vision


die visionmog


File: 1535032673492.jpg (33.31 KB, 1500x624, 51JvoHauoDL._SL1500_.jpg)

get yourself a pair of sushi chef glasses


wore glasses for eight years it pinched


i like wearing glasses it makes me feel safe


tera is teenshite


gonno sleep now hima bye


good night


only one here who actually wears real eyeglasses


what are real eyeglasses


i wear an eyepatch


if i lost an eye id wear a cool eyepatch like the one from operation valkyrie glass eye norms are unbelievable


remember reading that blind people dont see black they see NOThing never understood that


lenses made of glass


its like deaf people hearing NOThing instead of no sound


how is no sound different than NOThing


no reference to anything else so they cant define a color


its just shut down like how you see no magnetic fields instead of no magnetic noise there are infinite possible senses that you dont have and you dont see their version of black


all i see is darkness before me


why is there nowhere in this world for me


youre an entity separate from the masses


time to chug some coke zero


theres hima




might have a scream later myself hehe


saw a french girl cosplaying as gasai yuno she was pretty cute


last nights dream was a weird one


never watched normai nikki never will


wish i could move in with a himabro


met a cute korean girl from luxembourg named tina we were gonno get married but when we were about to you know i figured out she was a boy and her dad walked in and they all thought i was a girl the whole time all a misunderstanding so i left with the ring then some mates were tryin to own me in the elevator ended up falling in a river when i was trying to run and drifted out to sea and died


nice birlseki


was almost ran over while i was walking back home the lady looks traumatized i just smiled at her and kept walking


move in with me


are you ken


im freakeye



i dont want to live in australia sorry


shhh just come


brought some chicken from home gonno grill it up and watch twilight zone all day


fool go to work


i am at work


amd just cut the 1920x price by half


amd is destroying intel


how can we save intel


they need it NOT they brought this upon themselves


gonno buy an i9





slam jam hours gonno jerk it hard to some kids



kids deserve jerk


shut the hell up


you shut the hell up


no you


chicken is defrosted gonno fire up the grill


train ticket mates on the metra have all been replaced by nigs



hehe wc3 finished downloading too now gonno grill up some chicken and play wc3 and jerk it to kids and get paid


File: 1535050551400.jpg (204.3 KB, 1500x1000, 1529870874900.jpg)

and theyre paying me for this shit lmaoooo



play some custom anime arenas


im playing the story mode so i can absorb the lore this way when people complain about sylvranus raising skeletons in the siege of lordaeron in bfa i can be a smartass and tell them to play wc3 because it was one of her main abilities




have probably beaten the entire wc3 and tft campaigns over five times and wc1 and wc2 maybe twenty


why didnt they keep khadgar looking really old did he reverse the curse in wow or something


only just now made the connection that warosus archiver is named fuuka because of yotsuba


flipping idiot


its in the documentation


im just flapper you wouldnt understand


its explained right there in the github


a group of teens came in while i was about to cook my chicken they arent even doing anything theres like 5 and theyre loud as hell


File: 1535051512396.jpg (425.99 KB, 1280x1826, 007.jpg)

yotsuba no


no it isnt



diablo 2 finished downloading


mate killed my maxed hc necromancer


gonno quickjo and hit the pool


dumb norm
mutated through the dialog what the hell


this chicken could use some bbq sauce


File: 1535053332427.jpg (669.37 KB, 1024x768, WC3ScrnShot_082318_122716_01.jpg)



he took four scoops


baste turt


bored with life wish a freak accident would just send me to the grave already


got hit by a bike crossing the street once


was the driver a sexy lady


no just some flapper looking mate


the dialog is shit


File: 1535054609430.jpg (509.01 KB, 770x1050, haitukun.jpg)

what is this i cant see the thumbnail


its vile


wish that was me


she has nice boobs but does that really happen you mates told me girls dont like having their private parts licked


made an easy 1k from amd stocks now i can buy a single stick of 2133mhz ddr4 ram




good mythical normnig


they call me lil pump you wanna know why


NOT really


The Boss got capn crunch dont mind if i do


the hell did he do to her


thats NOT real


that happens all the time sexy ladies 愛 joing


NOThin beats some fine sips of artesian water


File: 1535059264136.jpg (Spoiler Image, 90.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1531522274385.jpg)

theres one thing that beats it


feeling a wank coming on


so what do you think
if you decide NOT to kill someone do they owe you their life now or NOT
every time i meet someone i dont like i make the active decision NOT to kill them and every time i walk out as if i had saved their lives by sparing them



still on good old 4gib 800mhz ddr2 ram


overclocked my ram now i can browse hima



same overclocked mine to 960mhz actually


when i see a chink all i can think is baste


hate when my chicken nugget goes down my leg its very uncomfortable but the ladies like looking


middle mouse button stopped working again


just woke up hey mates


hey hi


ive been fooling myself no matter how nice i am or how much i try to blend in the average norm will still instinctively feel hatred towards me just for existing theres no winning scenario


thats the point you realize its better to get a lgf and be happy


get a child to snap and torture and youll be happy


trying to eat but The Boss is talking to me goonnnnnnnoooo rage


File: 1535062959736.jpg (597.4 KB, 1024x1280, 2d8a90fb42d6f350b7487d7cf63ff396.jpg)

the little angels 愛 it


wish to have a platonic relationship with my lgf


its impossible in the end all roads lead to sex when it comes to sexy ladies they are driven by instincts and desires


i can confirm


caught a fly that was bothering me and put it in a ziplock bag he cant fly anymore


File: 1535063722234.jpg (506.26 KB, 900x900, feb466e7548d3c239c5cc1c15590ede6.jpg)

cant see the thumbnail to this




hes going to suffocate idiot


its a 12 gallon ziplock bag


what tags would lead me to this


? + – summon night 1.2k
? + – summon night 4 122
? + – enishia 1
? + – lisher 23
? + – ikezawa shin 152
? + – 1boy 398k
? + – 2girls 452k
? + – arm behind back 8.8k
? + – ass 202k
? + – bisexual (female) 825
? + – blush 971k
? + – breast grab 27k
? + – breasts 1010k
? + – closed eyes 244k
? + – cunnilingus 3.9k
? + – eyebrows visible through hair 212k
? + – ffm threesome 1.4k
? + – french kiss 2.8k
? + – grabbing 30k
? + – group sex 14k
? + – hair bun 21k
? + – hand on aNOTher's hip 946
? + – hand on aNOTher's shoulder 4.5k
? + – hat 517k
? + – hetero 124k
? + – kiss 21k
? + – sexy lady 48k
? + – long hair 1485k
? + – lying 146k
? + – monochrome 313k
? + – motion lines 10k
? + – multiple girls 710k
? + – navel 334k
? + – nipples 269k
? + – nose blush 24k
? + – nude 171k
? + – on back 72k
? + – oral 26k
? + – pink 4.4k
? + – pink background 18k
? + – profile 36k
? + – reverse spitroast 234
? + – sex 75k
? + – short hair with long locks 8.7k
? + – simple background 377k
? + – sketch 72k
? + – small breasts 135k
? + – straddling 18k
? + – sweat 139k
? + – threesome 4.0k
? + – tongue 97k
? + – tongue out 66k
? + – trembling 24k
? + – vaginal 58k
? + – veil 14k
? + – character request 21k


愛 a good 1boy 1girl sex hetero search


lame my default is sexy lady snap


File: 1535064928372.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.65 MB, 2000x2000, 63c6bfb413e2d8b191ff7eb0755f1abb.jpg)

decided to check out the sleep_molestation tag
isnt this a bit more than molestation


NOThing better than sliding your huge_penis into a sleeping girl


think im gonno buy a logitech g203


sexnorms hours gonno nap


dont let someone flip you in your sleep


oh no


how do i level up my aura


File: 1535066197186.jpg (32.95 KB, 294x294, 1479778346001.jpg)


it feels extra good to jo to nadja and i sperm far each time


File: 1535066574643.jpg (62.27 KB, 600x450, 532fa09239e340d1d78c84c398f2708f1502036308_ful….jpg)


File: 1535066742375.jpg (115.3 KB, 500x500, c998604e04bd745ce7cc3a297a747949.jpg)


phew nadja is underage as hell


The Bosss gone time to take a big shite


File: 1535066831092.webm (439.34 KB, 640x360, 1530859348436.webm)


File: 1535066897636.jpg (117.33 KB, 420x630, 016688d0d77a10f50042e8f193f6e973.jpg)

its expected that kazunori sensei has already drawn artwork of her


youve left me no choice but to jo to her pits




wonder how many girls have jod to me


File: 1535067095705.jpg (118.57 KB, 585x900, 3ac38b9d3210ef480a410b872c30989e.jpg)

kazunorisensei only draws the good stuff


the fastest system in the world


sigh turns out cleaning lady stole two of my books and some of The Bosss clothes too this is a disaster


she stole your books and now its time you steal her life


track her down


baste cleaning roast


its important to practice forgiveness


very bored


The Bosss a cleaning lady but shes never stolen anything since shes NOT a minority


its kind of annoying because it was my hardcover copy of lotr and one of my hp 愛craft collection books both of which i keep in sets so i know theyve been taken and i really liked them i hope she didnt steal anything else


your The Boss is lower class trash


extra horny today gonno have a long jerk sesh


did you ever hear about the mud flood hypothesis


pray the outer cunnilinguss bring her to madness as payment


die richnorm


she did you a favor
read some real books


File: 1535070487601.jpg (Spoiler Image, 151.44 KB, 556x786, 6a5a936f77e1364a9e50615fa356bcbd.jpg)


File: 1535070592239.png (Spoiler Image, 217.08 KB, 1296x1458, 016688d0d77a10f50042e8f193f6e973.png)


File: 1535070809420.jpg (119.04 KB, 900x780, e937f03a334d12891ca9cb0324291c14.jpg)


File: 1535070974824.jpg (119.36 KB, 660x900, daf88582619fce706c701d4d5825364d.jpg)

need to jerk it


whats she doing to that melon


File: 1535071291252.jpg (82.54 KB, 650x396, wpid-20141008__10-8BigAssPumpkin_2.jpg)

its very common for girls to jo by humping melons and other round large objects why do you think they invented giant pumpkins


im just fond of them because i liked them as a teen


wish i was indian it seems like a lot of fun


File: 1535072625897.jpg (833.95 KB, 1200x1702, __original_drawn_by_toy_box_r__d428cf2a8364432….jpg)


time for some sausages


i jo therefore i am


eat this sausage


present it


hoo boy


thats your fault because you never left the room while she was there idiot


File: 1535075411814.jpg (40.4 KB, 640x480, 1480111144594-1.jpg)


nice intel releasing a security patch and then specifying in the eula that after the patch is applied the cpu is NOT to be used in performance benchmarks


that eula change is NOT valid at least NOT in america or europe


You will NOT, and will NOT allow any third party to (i) use, copy, distribute, sell or offer to sell the Software or associated documentation; (ii) modify, adapt, enhance, disassemble, decompile, reverse engineer, change or create derivative works from the Software except and only to the extent as specifically required by mandatory applicable laws or any applicable third party license terms accompanying the Software; (iii) use or make the Software available for the use or benefit of third parties; or (iv) use the Software on Your products other than those that include the Intel hardware product(s), platform(s), or software identified in the Software; or (v) publish or provide any Software benchmark or comparison test results.

literally who the fucc can stand behind intel now


starting to believe that you need to be an evil person to buy intel


dont victim blame


or just very very misinformed


every norm sushi chef ive ever met have been brainwashed intel drones


first computer i owned in the late 90s was intel but every single computer ive built for myself has been amd


wish i was smart enough for poe


same never bought an intel chip or an nvidia card


playing poe is less mentally engaging than staring at the wall


saw jackfruit at the store and started laughing


i guess that makes me pretty flippin dumb then


jackfruitss are bast


never owned any amd or ati hardware


ban this mate right now


NOThing bannable


File: 1535076328893.png (Spoiler Image, 460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)

if onseki is now the legal responsible for hima doesnt that mean that he has to open even spoilered image


wonder what trainee girl is going to wear to the meeting tomorrow


does this ever happen in real life


whats that sushi bar where hundreds of people man a space ship and they battle


world of warcraft


dead hours guess ill jerk it


does what


nice frogger


how does he make his voice deep like that


die norms


raging at that norm mocking anime


alliance is so flipping gay


would you stand up for anime irl


one part of me stands up for anime if you know what i mean


still cant believe raja betrayed us all


get owned aninorm



its raining should i put the pilot roads to the test theyre supposed to be one of the best rain tires


just woke up


raja wakes up early everyday to go to intel hq and research gpus all day


is wow a thing in japan will jaina in the blighted lands be drawn as her being flipped nonstop by tentacles of old cunnilinguss and multiple_men all with a huge_penis i think i would like to see that


i thought there was just one intel place out here but there are two the one i see all the time if the fab and the other one is a research campus i wonder if ill see raja one day

this is the fab that intel is supposed to be making 10nm at


nevermind i guess i have that backwards maybe i should apply and see if i get hired


``making'' 10nm




i was going to make a joke saying that with the type and amount of people i see wearing intel badges around here im NOT surprised theyre having trouble



flip those modnorms


got a new router phew nice and snappy the old one was dying


basted dovy


File: 1535081287872.jpg (16.53 KB, 468x431, 1535080271468.jpg)


jaina is pretty underage


phew spent two hours jerk jacking joing


whats the difference


its like a jerking jo off


morphed read gonno remorph might mutate


While I was swimming, the earliest in the day in which I've ever done it, I encountered a turtle barely 60 feet from me. It was about 16 inches long from head to tail, 12 inches wide, and, I think, about 4 inches high. It just popped up to the surface for a brief bit, allowing me to get a good enough look at it.


bast turt


what if uli got attacked by a shark



does anyone still play scape


File: 1535087279976.jpg (114.38 KB, 622x910, 29f3f0130eec3daed671795d0744329a.jpg)

jerked and farspermed on my face and neck again


are you going to keep behaving that way for the rest of your life


File: 1535087388287.png (293.56 KB, 640x422, tenor.png)

you better believe it


File: 1535087451435.jpg (1.35 MB, 1125x1500, 93f50d6e4f06e4737206abcdc7df94d9.jpg)


her mouth would be painful thats why you use her legs to jo and her vagina at full force


blew in the top of a beer bottle and the dog flappered out and ran off


where did it run to


File: 1535087846671.jpg (783.58 KB, 1385x2048, Act6o4K.jpg)


its weird to think about frieza just being out there and NOT being dead i wonder what hes doing




hes joing