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nice boobs


yeah well girls start puberty at like 9


if you have 9 kids they are paying for themselves and then some


they only start if they have adequate body fat its possible to nearly eliminate puberty by being excessively skinny


havent seen a meme get pushed this hard since the sierra mist product placement


愛 acting cool and high status with my aloha shirt i should pick up some sunglasses


would 愛 to see turt raise a troop of 9 mini mass monster turtlets


prepubescent bodies arent underage yet


himako has underage boobs that are very small


how can you tell a body is prepubescent


File: 1527547658901.jpg (219.86 KB, 765x1200, DCN__xpUAAIQc25.jpg)



i can tell because i dont get a chicken nugget


did any of you read the wikipedia link for simeon stylites in the last thread thought he was a cool character


i dont read wikipedia theres too much fake news


what should i do with my first 10k


thought maybe it would get easier to deal with my hair if it was longer because of gravity but its really a pain in the ass


wonder how neetblog is dealing with this heat


hes in the mud


hima had one hell of a day let me tell you
so i went to work and when i got there i went to open the door but my key wasnt in my wallet so id have to come back home get the spares and go back but my backpack was really heavy because of the NOTebook and power adapter so i left it there hidden on the corner behind the emergency exit door knowing that id be back in 20 minutes
when i got back home it took me ages to find the keys because i couldnt remember where id left them and when i finally got back to the office with the keys and went to get my backpack it was open and someone had taken the NOTebook


should have put it in the dumpster



there were two cleaning ladies there cleaning my floor and when i asked them they said that they saw the backpack but it was already open and they called the doorkeeper and security there while i was gone but they told them to just ignore it so i went to the doorkeeper and asked him for the security camera archive but theres no security cameras in the emergency stairs and there was NOThing in the one outside just me leaving it there and then coming back and the cleaning ladies mopping


hes refusing to condense his posts because he doesnt want to risk anyone mutating it


dont put keys in your wallet what the hell


its just a single key and ive always kept it there


it does NOT belongo there


even young sexy ladies can help feed the chickens and water crops all you need is a big backyard


i keep all 3 keys for the water stores in my backpack


so later one of the cleaning ladies comes to me and says that ``a girl that works on aNOTher floor'' found the NOTebook hidden inside her floors dumpster but that she was scared that id call the cops on her so i told her that i wouldnt and that the NOTebook is NOT even mine its the companys and that i would pretend that NOThing ever happened if i get it back so she brought it back and everything ended up fine but the whole day has been just stressful one thing after the other


make a backup of each


theyrr stamped with do NOT duplicate


wish i had my own water empire of aqueducts and springs


then dont or ask your boss beforehand


why would i need duplicates


what if you lose them and your NOTebook gets stolen


i dont own a NOTebook


but your boss wants you to get one


its NOT that great what about a coke zero empire instead


once i get my credentials to log into the system ill get one


so in the end it all turned out ok but i think that the cleaning lady is the one who stole it and maybe had a change of heart later or something still anxious and stressed out though think im gonno watch some prichan and relax


think i pulled a tooth out of place with corn on the cob


happened to me once when i had a cold on the cob or as the yankees say a popsicle


phew underage anchovy banner shes just asking for it


File: 1527550673342.jpg (140.73 KB, 600x900, 984475e3d3bc48cfcf90e66d643188a6.jpg)

nice invisible girl (bnha)


she obviously stole it


ended up falling half asleep patting the dogs for an hour gonno morph for real now though


ya thats what The Boss said too but im NOT gonno call the cops on her or anything since she gave it back


can you stay up for just 4 more hours


yeah you shouldnt better NOT to ruin her life over something dumb like that after she did the right thing in the end


i was already asleep for the last hour and you didnt even NOTice so its fine


yes i did


was going to say something last night dont feel like it now


File: 1527551414390.gif (3.95 MB, 541x406, only trust your fists.gif)


The Bosss using the pressure cooker


im NOT strong enough


wearing my new pants and a sexy lady walking past me actually looked at my pants then at me and said hi she had a big red bow in her hair


dad and sis are watching some super hero marvel movie cunnilingusdam its trash just listening to it reminds me of bad video sushi bar dialog


you say no dank
sourseki cant
he gets so damn trippy in his mind he goes blank


was thinking of this song at work and i was whistling the beat


the top 10 get high admins number 1 is your rank


its the chinos


File: 1527554577099.jpg (427.47 KB, 1366x768, cap1.jpg)


We are reviewing your request to join Amazon Mechanical Turk
sigh when can i start raking in the big ones


mturk is a waste of time even scaping pays more per hour


in all labor there is profit


slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep and an idle soul shall suffer hunger



wonder if i can marry her va wish to hear that voice in bed every night


they call me the idleblog


hehe lunas The Boss made a thumbnail


i refuse to let you lay your dirty neethands on her fair skin


hate luna hate her flapper voice


NOThin flapper


File: 1527555700497.jpg (703.84 KB, 1200x846, 68972187.jpg)

underage anna is gonno get snapped by the pedbears


writing my resume how do i explain employment gaps


File: 1527555938333.png (706.59 KB, 1000x1364, 68357809.png)


make up a cool story about sailing around the world or something too ridiculous that they wont even ask questions about


they never asked anything about mine just hired me on the spot but i had recommendations just say that you were trying to find yourself or some other bullshite like that


cant believe that domonique got kicked out of fwbc


turking is boosting sick boys were all gonno make it




banning a turker if the first step into damnation


get a real job


i deserve to be damned


File: 1527557377966.png (1.55 MB, 1920x2560, 68149649.png)


dads watching watchman again i swear he watches it like every couple weeks


weird bhole looks like some kind of ocean creature


had no recommendations no resume or anything when i applied to the water store i saw the sign and walked in and got an interview then aNOTher a few days later and i got hired


feel like flirting with some sexy ladies and preteens whats the best way


whats the difference


also dont do weird stuff with kids


a sexy lady is younger than a preteen and you can flip preteens


how is a sexy lady younger than a preteen what do you think sexy lady means


sexy ladies dont exist in reality its just a combination of physical attributes


spraypainting in the basement cunnilingus it reeks


is anyone still watching shokugeki no soma


preteen is strictly 12 but a sexy lady is anything younger than that


sexy ladyta was 12 and sexy lady traditionally means pubescent girl


no it doesnt mean anything no one calls real children sexy ladies its solely a japanese ped thing youve been brainwashed


sexy lady is 4 to 11 then preteen 12 to 13 and teen 14 to 16



愛 that american snacks are by far the most ridiculous and unhealthy
we should send her a giant can of chef boyardee or pork rinds or hot fries


wish to flip a sexy lady


a can of spaghettios is NOT a snack


i must flip a sexy lady


spagettios and chef boyardee arent the same idiot theyre different brands
i have to eat at least four cans to get full


nice turt



groan technorm


japs are so impressed by baked goods i hate em NOThing more boring than some gross ass crackers with dried fruit or whatever just hate everything baked its all empty carbs and tastes like shit


how is tech norm



nice NOTastebudstron maybe stop eating trash meant to be stored for eight months and sold at walmart for a change


filter threw me for a loop had with that post


dunno how you twigs can feel satisfied eating some appetizer like a sandwich or a peanut butter and jelly those are just warm ups for me i need to eat several cups of rice or several cans of beans or a giant salad to fill up and even then it only takes maybe two hours for me to get hungry again


im NOT turt hungry


turt here ama


i keep eating and eating and eating literal trash like ice cream and fatty chips and i keep losing weight i got on the scale at the pool on saturday fully dressed with shoes and my hat and glasses and it read 147 im probably at like 143 now even though ive been spending more and more money eating


you have tapeworm


most twigs have no idea how much theyre eating then they count it up and realize it was like 1000 calories


i doubt it but even if i did i cant afford to go to the doctor anyway


starting to realize when i was about 170 pounds i felt better than i ever have in my life when i was at my max of 190 i would have trouble getting up stairs but now that im 145 i stay sore longer and have no mass to throw around carrying heavy stuff


i cant gain weight no matter how much i eat ive been eating like a horse for the past two months and i lost some weight


sigh at least im NOT the only one maybe ill get some protein powder and blimp out




i wouldnt mind eating meat but i dont know how to cook and even if i did The Boss doesnt eat beef and wont let me cook it in the house


im NOT allowed to use the stove since the incident


okay gonno morph bye


File: 1527562256390.png (460.71 KB, 706x662, ok.png)


you can be the dub king


gonno morph now


used to post my meals on ck and people would assume i was obese or cooking for two


no i got a gross farmer tan


go about your day shirtless


i got some nice tanned forearms with lots of veins


used to be friends with 100bowl rest his soul progun too those were the days


just woke up hungover as shite gonno make some carbonara now


simply remorph


are you obese


no way im neetblog


thats impossible im neetblog


no im barely 160lbs on a good day and 6ft


the real neetblogs been dead for at least a year


if thats true i will personally enter hades to bring him back to the living


facilis descensus averno


are they watching a mate jo




reading about the lives of saints there are some real cool people wish someone could cure me of my lameness


i was named after a saint you know


do you take after him


NOT really


Congratulations, your Mechanical Turk account has been approved.




just scape and sell the gold if youre good you can make $5 an hour and at least its fun


going to make a nightcall


still need to say something but now is a bad time


spit it out


File: 1527568148424.jpg (612.26 KB, 800x1175, 719d7b3170663072ac9fd599dc3a861b.jpg)

hate when this happens


egg (mildly pejorative, slang, ethnic slur), (potentially offensive) A person of Caucasian (Western) ancestry, who has a strong desire to learn about and immerse themself in East Asian culture, and/or such a person who is perceived as behaving as if they were Asian (from the "white" outside and "yellow" inside).



sounds like me hehe


hehe same


die whiteys


im yellow on the inside


File: 1527571262613.jpg (3.43 MB, 4160x3120, 20180529_003411.jpg)

walmart was dead even the usual freaks that come through at night were nowhere to be seen

car looks like a little like a suzuki cappuccino in this pic


File: 1527571419310.mp4 (44.44 MB, 全校集会でおもらし.mp4)


thats a good idea gonno have a cappuccino


hell yeah


spermed to this hope thats okay


20 seconds and i got a chicken strip from nervousness


what the heck


whyd she do that


she had NOT choice


whyd it take her 3 minutes and what was she doing for for the rest of the time


starting to realize i might be a weeb i find comfort in japanese stuff


File: 1527573220760.jpg (56.17 KB, 691x1024, 1527563242006.jpg)

tell me about yourself


still dont know where to go to flirt with preteens


what is she doing


do you even know how to flirt


yeah turdt taught me how to do it


yeah youre just meant to make fun of the girl right


who is all here right now is pg and onseki and nb and the sb mate here


negging is an advanced technique that only works when you have a smv advantage


i dont mean negging youre just meant to tease them a little bit right and make them laugh


yeah its great


im here


havent had lemonade in like 10 years but i suddenly just got a hankering for it maybe ill make some


its difficult and long winded the mating rituals of animals are simpler and effective you just beat up rival males or build a fancy nest


if girls are gonno treat me like an animal then ill snap them like one


make sure you get lemons from a place where its winter its a very common misconception that citrus fruit ripens in the summer due to the association of lemonade with summer


if i build a fancy mud hut will i be granted a lgf


i get treated well by girls so much that i like it more when a girl treats me badly is that ok




just ordered some lemons from nigeria thanks


summertime lemonade is actually a modern thing with the advent of quick shipping thats why the lemons in the stores now are all from chile


wont ever get to say what i was going to now and i dont know when everyone is active


decided ill get a job as a bowling alley pinsetter


just say it


it will be mutated by those who are sleeping ill just wait for a time when everyone is here and i can say more details


thinking about that sexy lady she was super cute


im really horny




alright gonno drink that cappuccino and play some dota i spose


gonno morph then bye


gonno sushi bar


looks plastidipped


pbj time


moon was very bright out tonight its almost full


cant wait for the beauty if the 15th night of the lunar month


File: 1527580054570.gif (732.17 KB, 499x577, Darjeeling_Angler-fish_dance.gif)


moon is full and shining on me


hate that dance it enrages me


drank a soda for the first time in a year and ive been up for 40 hours sigh


my subscription to the dearborn independent stopped arriving sometime ago


File: 1527582529039.webm (3.78 MB, 710x540, 08b9546f18a48ecc891c51984b2070fbc9953f3a24661….webm)


incel prophet


ate a moda pill to get out this essay so i can graduate


File: 1527584133632.jpg (114.24 KB, 1280x720, ㄲㅂ.jpg)

shes askin to get snapped


my favorite movie is the crow because the the crow is basically me


getting angry while trying to do a revenants task i do NOT understand why clans are a thing




wish clans were a bigger thing in real life like an apartment building that treats eachother as family


clans do exist they group together and bully people for little personal gain while risking NOThing of their own using underhanded tactics that prevent them from ever being in danger they are called norms


chinks are baste


hi hima woke up gonno amke some pbjs


sigh why do you mates post so much while im snoozin and morph when i wake up


simply adapt


nekomimi modo


just woke up and i need to flip a underage sexy lady


my be愛d dead hours


gonno make popcorn


only one on hima


never been to hima whats it like


found it fascinating when those pie eating contestants came to hima and concluded that it was 700k posts of one person talking to themselves


miss 2015 hima


2016 was better


wish the hima mansion was finished


you know hes right


hungry gonno go grab a box of onion rings and some pork belly


spermed and now remembered that i am also hungry


File: 1527609638937.png (563.62 KB, 850x448, 0SnsTa8.png)

baste chinks on the phone waiting for their gfs to finish talking to chad


wish i was a chink


phew the onion rings were extra great today and super crispy now im gonno have some coke zero


always reassuring to hear that homie


File: 1527612394161.jpg (33.69 KB, 676x367, b6sr8o2zqo011.jpg)



realized that back when i was 19 thats why i stopped lifting its all just a massive cope


satoko want flip


File: 1527614042594.png (1.58 MB, 1416x2006, __darjeeling_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_go_yasu….png)




no she does NOT


File: 1527614215392.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.64 KB, 850x1208, __artoria_pendragon_darjeeling_and_saber_fate_….jpg)


sample saver


File: 1527614518263.jpg (121.93 KB, 743x1074, DeYO-DJU8AANzde.jpg)


File: 1527614529439.png (77.95 KB, 717x359, __rosehip_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_yuukome_te….png)


File: 1527614537524.png (73.73 KB, 717x359, __darjeeling_and_orange_pekoe_girls_und_panzer….png)





just got back from work
watched that japanese girl pissing herself but didnt realize until the end that she was holding the camera in her right hand i thought she was playing with herself why did it take 3 minutes for her to piss


peeing as a girl looks weird it just kinda fell out everywhere


nice gnfos is back


sold the domain back to him before christmas its about time he did something with it


hima im in 愛 with morrigan aensland is that ok


what do you 愛 about her


愛 her wanton hedonism and open eroticism and of course her underage tights with bats on them


File: 1527618350440.jpg (465.67 KB, 620x876, 27458946.jpg)

wish i kiss a sexy lady


they hate kissing gross hairy manbeasts


does becoming a norm really make you less ped


no it does the opposite because you realize just how easy it would be to flip a sexy lady


speaking of that if theres ever a hima meetup i will pay for either accommodations or plane tickets everything should be sorted out in a bit and i should have a few dozen grand in the bank before the end of the year at least


put it in bond and s&p500 etfs before you end up spending it all


sourdough bread is NOT coming out too well


why whats wrong with it


the starter didnt seem right i see its supposed to double in volume but it never did i saw some bubbles but thats it making the dough was tough i followed instructions for sourdough that was meant for wheat but im using 100 whole grain spelt so i had too much water which made it sticky i kneaded the dough for almost an hour and it didnt change at all i left the dough overnight and leaving it in a warm oven now and it isnt changing in size im afpie eating contest it wont be bread at all just a blob of dough


i checked it out again and i see a bubble rising but that could just be air and NOT fermentation gas


you underestimated the art of breadmmaking and now reality hit you like a truck truth is you are a hundred years too early


i already made bread a few years ago but then i used commercial yeast


hope youre willing to pay for a barge to ship neetblog over


File: 1527624949504.jpg (93.15 KB, 597x348, 1178561851999.jpg)


mindboggling that beatles norms consider themselves above the masses and NOT affected by marketing and popularity its infuriating


mindboggling that turt was posting epic memes on the internet while i wasnt even born yet


File: 1527626587266.jpg (107.84 KB, 500x433, 1186330581577.jpg)

mindboggling that this was posted over 10 years ago and similar memes are still being made on sites like reddit



if i went all in on a hobby i could have been popular like my friends herkz and zyzz


did you know chestbrah


die technorms


if i did i didnt know them by that name i recognized jons name but azizs didnt click until he died and people started spilling off fit and posting about him


ya the sourdough ended up a failure its NOT bread theres absolutely no fermentation present its just cooked dough


File: 1527628648726.jpg (112.7 KB, 744x1052, DeX1EovV4AAxZR1.jpg)


wish youd suddenly die without any of us ever finding it out



this makes me sad flipping chinks ruining the idyllic countryside and forcing me to go to war with them while my lgf pines for my return


hima pinches today


its turdt




its nice and cold here


same 愛 when its a bit cold but NOT too much and sunny and with a nice chilly breeze


im cold blooded


invaders are over and i didnt shower


simply go greet them and then go take your shower


go to hell


File: 1527634654176.jpg (120.45 KB, 900x1116, 1488113383124.jpg)




samsung shooting for 3nm in 2021


if it was wasted then why do i miss those days so much
if anything what im doing now is wasting


turt why didnt girls fall for johnny bravo he was tall handsome and ripped




he lived with his mother had no car or job and was friends with a sexy lady an incel dweeb and an old restaurant owner

he had no status but still fell for the pua meme


wish i was friends with a sexy lady an incel dweeb and an old restaurant owner instead im friends with incel dweebs and a ped water store owner


bored sigh



at least you can get all the discounted water you can drink sigh sorry for replying there was a commotion caused when my browser decided to warn me that himasugi.org was NOT secure and that i should retreat back to safety is this the work of Agent Beauford


nice invalid certificatesugi


im working on it didnt realize they sent me an email
their website is acting weird too


had to add an exception for hima hope the bossseki doesnt hack me


made two sausage melts


did the himassl expire


i completely forgot i had marked today onsekis ssl expiration


i paid the bill a couple weeks ago but forgot to remember to configure it
it only takes a few minutes normally but the hosts site is down of course
im just waiting for their website to come back up and it will be done soon after sorry for the inconvenience


long wait for NOThing still cant take down hima


hey mates just woke up gows it going nice cert


wish i had one


they were really good


gonno lay down watch some vids and then morph


Burzum & Earache (Black Metal History)


can i post somethign




its something new


himas certificate expired no wonder it stopped updating i thought i was alone for a few hours


sigh low priority


low priority is more fun than regular matches


going to bed good night hima


tfw to intelligent to update certificate


post it


going to morph now see ya tomorrow in nine hours


File: 1527649136995.webm (705.65 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Ryuuou no Oshigoto! - 03 [720p….webm)


File: 1527649190496.webm (8.56 MB, 642x480, Denpa Shounen Nasubi Prize Life Contest part ….webm)




alright gonno make some pasta


ive been intermittently clicking and trying to get it to work but ive got to wake up for work in five hours so i cant waste anymore time on this im sorry


File: 1527653910952.png (1.86 MB, 1076x899, 1527572801071.png)


File: 1527654058619.png (6.66 KB, 427x215, 94fbdff9dbdc24ba8b93d7367a25eb68.png)

what the boost is these


forgot that site existed


i stayed up and finally got it to work the certificate is apparently valid and installed but it might take a little while for it to fix itself




turk it loud


pasta is really fantastic today its superb hima


cant stop eating deli meats


sigh gave a really amazing speech in my head that would have changed the way people think but then i forgot it all


what was it about


phew that was good


i shall never eat food again


why NOT its fun


turking it loudly and turking it proudly


wish i could turk are you making much


why cant you turk?


you can only do it if youre from certain countries


got accepted for the turk but i have no idea what my ssn is so i cant do anything


ask The Boss


sorry bout the country thing and for u ask ur The Bossmy or daddy for it there should be no problem for them finding out 4 u


i want new turking brothers


if i ask my parents what it is theyll ask why and if i tell them theyll know im cracking on you die if you work


File: 1527663580847.gif (680.31 KB, 480x270, 1527643882543.gif)

u turk?


just say youre curious


dead hours


dont disturb the peace of my dead hours


shouldnt have had tuna and crackers for dinner my stomach is in kNOTs


stop eating fish


that other mate eats tuna melts like every day and he seems fine



NOThing wrong with eating fish


people who eat fish have a deathwish


fish is blue zone approved


the tuna melt mate has probably ingested enough tuna to get brain problems hes full of lead


wish someone would pump me full of lead


s4 and fly joined eg didnt see anyone post about it here


its a very good trade flys a good captain and s4 is a very strong offlaner rivalling universe sumail back to mid and artour can play a similar style that NOTail did during ogs dominant days


the better part of a successful dota team is the chemistry they share i dont know if eg will manage to gel together into a top tier team before ti starts


but yeah it was probably the best move they could have made given the circumstances


they werent even on track to go to ti with their previous roster


wonder what would have happened in an alternate universe where eg kicked sumail instead of ppd


i feel like ive fallen behind everyone in social intelligence and i dont know where to go anymore and im going mad


that goes for on the internet and especially off of it


wish i wasnt so frail


been up in bed for a few hours just got out of bed hows it going


my strength is now 87


hi hima hows it going woke up gonno make a pbj


NOT bad about to have aNOTher big bowl of pasta


wish i had some pasta is it aglio e uoglio


no its a recipe of my own creation


wish i was skilled enough to create my own recipes


gn talkin shit bout the him'





norwood of peace


one time i threw up in the classroom that day still haunts me




that never happened to me but i did shit myself a few times




i gambled and lost theres NOT much else to say about it


gonno go with my colorful standard print aloha shirt today


i need to flip a sexy lady


File: 1527692337764.png (40.93 KB, 516x140, sigh4(63,15).png)

explain this smartnorms or get linus on the line {"readyState":0,"status":0,"statusText":"error"}



quit gambling your capes


wish i could come to work in aloha shirts


How have you been faring brothers


is that you The Bossgf


no i was just impersonating


its me neetblog


coke zero time


how to make hima update properly again i keep getting left behind


same its all flipped up




i swapped to firefox and when it says this website is NOT secure theres an option to add exception and if you do that it will update again without having to refresh



slept for 11 hours sigh


hungry hima


make some oatmeal


File: 1527702975501.jpg (Spoiler Image, 153.32 KB, 938x808, 1527694783109.jpg)


gonno jog


i dont want to cook basted oatman


onseki ban this mate


anyone wanna play table tennis


id rather play some holes at the hima country club


couldnt post for like 24 hours


got a big chicken nugget in my pantalones


File: 1527704307923.jpg (2.15 MB, 3264x2448, tardlation note.jpg)

couldnt post so i went to the bookstore and then i couldnt post this translation NOTe in non non biyori


nice renge aloha shirt


gotta 愛 a good random tln NOTe


hotaru is so underage


sukumizu komachan


at the end of the manga they had the characters with their voice actors in the studio it was weird


愛 weird stuff


gonno jo


bored hima


gonno eat chips and salsa




made pbnj


havent had a pbnj in a long time how was it


pretty juicy


gonno make one soon too with cocoa pb and fig j and coconut bread


finally caught this gnat flying around for days its dead now


what the flip theres aNOTher one whats happening


gotta turn the ac on its gotten warm all of a sudden its a heat wave


gonno freeze myself before the gnats go away this is the end for me hima



technorm hours i sleep


gnats like moisture


i like moisture


my kitty is usually moist


nice slimygirl


my life is a real soap opera now hima that cleaning lady that ``found'' my NOTebook just knocked on my door saying that the buildings manager found out about the whole thing and hired an ex cop to look through the security camera footage and that shes going to get fired but if she loses this job she wont be able to pay her rent and this and that and i have to somehow help her now flip this i want to be a hikkineeto again outside pinches


nah flip that dumb theifnorm bitch


this is a test of character


jogged 2 miles thought itd be terrible and my side would explode but it wasnt even hard and im as out of shape as i can possibly be


i cant jog a single mile


i cant jog for two seconds i got The Bosss hips


die jognorms


i tried night running many months ago and even after doing it every other day for at least 3 weeks i couldnt get up to jogging a single mile without walking


youre NOT supposed to jog its bad for your joints


my kitty is usually moist


heard you the first time


愛 a horny sexy lady with a nice slimy


slimy what


eating a burg


panic at the water store today cant take credit or debit and aNOTher store had their manager pass out in the back



愛 these water store updates its what gets me out of bed


i also found a mate to sell me a t420 for 75


hey hima
went down the auto parts store and bought some power steering fluid and a funnel and i was in a good mood so i bought some cheap wax for the car too
the power steering pump stopped making noise once i topped it off and idled the car at around 2400rpm for a few minutes but i guarantee this isnt the last time ill hear random screeching noises
the wax worked okay on a few spots it made a big difference i really just waxed it so that pollen would stop sticking to the outside of the car


thats way too cheap check it thoroughly before buying and get a small ssd



what ended up happening with this



insane that zulrah uniques are going for over 4m whats going on


die gaymer


told her im going to talk to the mate on friday and try to settle him down a bit but that maybe hes just been looking for an excuse to fire her because everyone complains that shes NOT good at her job and if thats the case theres NOThing that i can do
the mate is an old lawyer he probably saw right through her lies he knows whats going on im gonno invite him to my office and explain the situation but at this point i just want to be left alone


let her get fired worknorms go to hell


NOThing norm



id 愛 to split yukas mouth wide


File: 1527719714326.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 2048x1536, ascaAHQ.jpg)

left side of the car was waxed a little and the right was untouched


wax your windshield too


yeah i waxed the left side windows and im impressed with the results so ill wax the windshield probably tomorrow
i can wax the headlights once theyre cleared up too


nice little tree seki


someone moved into the apartment next to me today and i can hear them open and close the front door a lot this pinches


i shouldnt have really waxed it just yet theres a lot of bad spots where i should have clay barred and then polished first this was just a little test to see how good i could get it to look without actually messing with the clearcoat


in the hima mansion everyone will have their own office


i was thinking about that post turt made a couple days ago about how people look at haircuts on models and think thats how its gonno look on them and started laughing it really is true


thingken about turt......


thats what i do and i always leave the barber shop dissatisfied


turned the ac down a while ago its cold now no gnats in sight


how much was it for the car again seki


got moved to the store where the mate passed out before i left there was a sexy lady giving me eyes now im here for 2 more hours gonno turn on some music and feast in the back


just a thousand bucks


that sexy lady wants a bottle of water and a glass of tater


turned on the pangya ost that hits the spot


never played pangya whats it like


sigh dont remind me


how illegal is it to monitor an open network if i only take and use passwords to look at stuff


lets play pangya and make a hima guild


the amount of sexy ladies and teengirls who give me the look is staggering


im trying to connect with these people in vrchat and im just NOT this is so humiliating


they can see the color of your aura


once i get my t420 i can probably play pangya at 60fps


die vrteen


NOT teen just desperate


put a second ram stick and add a ssd to that t420


butthole juicy rn


come work at the water store lots of girls pass through here simply pick one


i run the dirt store


ok can i sleep on your couch


lets start a human manure business


gonno fire up water tycoon and build a new empire


dont know if i posted about applying for an apartment its 830 a month but only 350 for now until august its on the second floor the lady was telling me that she was glad i paid to reserve it so she can consider it sold one bedrooms are limited to two people


hope hima mansion has a water store or i rage


how big is it


what happened to your older bike


only 615 square feet but the area is really nice lots of places to walk to


use hima memes norms 愛 it and Ћink you are a zanny flapper Ћats fun to be around


seki listen to this next time youre puffing on trees


die Ћnorm


if i dont get denied and once i get moved in anyone is welcome to visit i get a balcony just no nutjobs like freak who will murder me as i morph


the hima guestbook


the mate is unresponsive now the plan is ram first then ssd its a lower speced i5 NOT the i7 maybe i should go for an i7 model


this store is truly slow i can see why the other mate passed out


whats the best water you sell




you can get tap water from the bathroom of the water store for free


seki u got dat purp


its a tradeoff this store is very slow but there are few sexy ladies


dont waste money on a samsung ssd just get a kingston or wd one


die tapnorms


thats a good thing because when theres lots of people you cant look at the sexy ladies


saw mr gallon at the other store gonno print one out for this store because i laugh when i see him smiling


i meant that theres nobody which is good but also no sexy ladies


you need to start a sexy lady focused marketing campaign


File: 1527724713188.jpeg (10.4 KB, 271x186, images.jpeg)


imagine what kind of grown man looks at that image and audibly laughs


didnt react until this reply now im flapperlaughing


File: 1527724804805.jpg (Spoiler Image, 45.67 KB, 488x415, 1508630764377.jpg)


愛 that pnig has become the default poster for anything posted on hima



we cant have some incel mate be the face of hima it needs to be a volcel


File: 1527725352949.png (154.59 KB, 339x449, jump in.png)


got aNOTher flat tube on my bike sigh thinkin about goin tubeless


took the car for a spin everything is sounding ok
wonder if people look at old 90s cars on the road and look down on the driver


had a weird dad come in just now with a cute daughter she kept telling him to stop but he wasnt doing anything that i could see and then when we spoke she walked in between us and stared at me


she was horny


baste uli


her butt was big


File: 1527727072390.jpg (97.08 KB, 1280x720, 1525373141609.jpg)

Whats up bitches


hey hima just woke up hows it going glad to see water store mate is doing well


throat hurt


Well, so much for the planned on swimming for this week. I was about to go out on the boat today, actively getting it prepared and ready... only for the water pump in the engine to have failed and by the time that was discovered, there really wasn't enough time any more as I have to go to work the next day and fairly early. Man do I miss the feel of being immersed in that stuff! My next chance: June 6, but there is a fair chance of camping during the 6th and 7th, at least.

At least, once I move, I'd be able to go swimming far more regularly. I wonder if my visit to Florida from June 20 to 28 will have a clearer ocean than the 6 feet I've known for the area.


ive trained my body to work at peak performance with only 4 hours of sleep a day


i need at least 10 to even stand up


i only got 6 hours of sleep last night so i went back to sleep and slept aNOTher 8 hours


wonder if uli likes fishing


probably NOT


have to come clean hima >>787777 this post was a lie i usually sleep for 10 hours


gotta wake up in seven and a half hours time to shower and morph


scape bosss boss said i should get more than what im making for the work i do hope that means im getting a raise


cant understand why you get paid anything besides minimum wage you literally do NOThing


i receive orders just today we had an order with 3 items it was hard but someone had to do it


the order im receiving tomorrow morning at 5am has over 700 items on 11 or 12 pallets whats your point


ive got something for you receive right here in my pants


i dont have a point


bums me out that media piracy will probably become impossible within my lifetime


but you do NOThing all day


The Boss asked for a foot massage told her no way its gross




wish i had friends


what do you think your himamates are




Coupled to this the comment by Plinny the Elder that the bread of the barbaric
Celts was of finer quality than that of the civilised roman, demonstrates how an
assumption can be depicted without looking at the evidence. The assumption being that
because the Romans built roads and cities, they must as a consequence have had a finer
diet than the barbarians they came to civilise


im real



used to like this mate after watching a few videos but then when i saw hes a flat earther and realized what that one mate meant by sun starer i cant help but dismiss everything he says


dont dismiss him just because you cant swallow the pills hes handing out


hes also one of the most famous scape pkers from back in the day


its a habit of human nature to discount the advantages and exaggerate the misfortunes of their times


everyone on hima hates me


i 愛 you


you 嫌い me


the earth might be flat


what do you mean might be are you still waiting for some data to come in




File: 1527731411678.png (181.74 KB, 758x502, tab.png)

phew pretty good for just one task




die richnorm


File: 1527731650657.jpg (20.83 KB, 335x472, 40292a0ab8e894c625d1b3fb776dc7d5.jpg)

kind of weird seeing pictures of young people who are now old or long dead



whats it like living somewhere that rains more than 5 times a year


pretty great


File: 1527732720270.mp3 (5.3 MB, sweetest.mp3)

if only all denpa were this good


NOThing more comfortable than a good rain


this pinches hard


i will have you know that song won track of the day on the sushi barfaqs anime board


i am ready for my isekai adventure to start


nice i got a t420 with charger and the dock and a kensington lock for $75 gotta 愛 when tech companies go under and a non tech mate ends up with all their stuff


nice hehe now clean it up and format


it has already began


this is nicer than i thought and the keyboard is surprisingly nice to type on compared to most keyboard laptops poor mate thought he lost me when he didnt hear back from me he so he lowered the price and told me that hes NOT a tech mate so he cant restore the laptop to how factory settings little does he know that anyone who is anyone will already be doing that after buying a new used laptop


who cisalpine celt here


never had a laptop


get a latitude or a thinkpad reject all others


im on a laptop right now


laptops are great for joing


dont ever leave the house theres no reason for me to get one


i leave the house to pick up sexy ladies and to chat up teengirls and get them horny but i never pick them up


i regret making that post please forgive me


elitebooks are good


the sexy ladies come to me i dont need to venture outwards


please dont touch the laptop without cleaning it with alcohol wipes beforehand please


is there a way to make the fn key function as a ctrl key


in the bios


File: 1527735222112.jpg (21.84 KB, 311x472, 536872.jpg)

gonno ask the lady at sportsclips to give me one of these


guess im going to reboot


flapper haircut


im wearing a university shirt i think it attracts sexy ladies


did you know that after the fall of troy the trojan prince antenor became the leader of the paphlagonians and they migrated to the rhaetian alps where they defeated the euganei people with help from the veneti and then settled


thats amazing did you know i dont care


keep talking sideways and youre going to get your cheeks busted


why so defensive over NOThing


what do you mean defeated did they kill them or snap them or kick them out or just tell them to assimilate


never paid attention in any history class ever



thats NOT even history its just legend pieced together from homer and other dramatics


defeated like lost some battles and decided to abandon their villages and go somewhere else


File: 1527736441229.png (444.74 KB, 744x1052, b1d7835a5ca5a88648647baba2d80532d8baaacd4abbfe….png)

chicken nugget


hairdresser lady said i was nice looking in a walter matthau way


no its probably true titus livius confirmed it and he was veneti homer only ever wrote about the eneti and never mentioned antenors fate

"Concerning the Heneti there are two different accounts: Some say that the Heneti too are colonists of those Celti of like name who live on the ocean-coast; while others say that certain of the Heneti of Paphlagonia escaped hither with Antenor from the Trojan war, and, as testimony in this, adduce their devotion to the breeding of horses — a devotion which now, indeed, has wholly disappeared, although formerly it was prized among them, from the fact of their ancient rivalry in the matter of producing mares for mule-breeding."


flattery comes natural to those working for tips



eating nissin demae raw its pretty good


didnt realize relating second hand stories is definitive proof


oh yeah my scape boss left his laptop at work today and has it set to auto lock after a few minutes so he wrote down the password incase we needed to unlock it and his password was puffpass69


now that is baste


sigh really wish i was joing right now


gonno have a shower and a shave then eat some pasta then go to the store


im required to flip a sexy lady


get a thinkpad


its storming hima that means its time for a rain dance


started bobbing my head up and down had to calm down didnt want to have the same incident occur


out of everything chinos have helped the most but it might just be because i have a vpl in mine


thought a rain dance is for when you need rain




suwako is so underage


hands off suwako is mine


NOThing wrong with calling a mates lgf underage its a compliment


it means you were looking at her with lustful eyes


hate himaoogi


you said hands off NOT eyes off


File: 1527738185637.png (33.81 KB, 497x600, d.png)


need a pair of chinos


File: 1527738319313.png (2.1 MB, 1600x2000, 65593475_p0.png)


get some wool trousers they cause all sexy ladies around you to go into heat uncontrollably


sexy ladies only respect men who wear jorts


go to hell jortnorm


girls make me sick


touhou is full of fake sexy lady bullcrap get that norm garbage out of here


nah its baste you get out of here


fine but i wont be coming back


im baste


best part about touhou is theres no mates


what about that one mate


File: 1527739485402.webm (1.92 MB, 1280x720, 1527732767577.webm)

ah yes....one copy of pokemon let's go, my good sir!


File: 1527739487156.png (80.28 KB, 581x651, 5180829243087.png)


chicken nugget


File: 1527739525331.jpg (169.01 KB, 1024x1018, 1527739146098.jpg)


rinnosuke is basted as flip



File: 1527739585234.jpg (117.02 KB, 574x962, 1519827983073.jpg)


die twigpie eating contestant


im hungry what should i eat


gonno call the seafood processing plant tomorrow
see if theyre still hiring


that sounds like the kind of work we let illegals in the country to do




feel like working at any kind of processing plant halves your lifespan


i need to stop wearing aloha shirts and start wearing abibas tracksuits


there was a chicken processing plant NOT too far from my city that was pie eating contested some years back because of all the illegal laborers they had


didnt some mate here live near a sugar processing plant


that was me theres a sugar factory in nampa


never heard of nampa before


sorry for ruining your fun


its got a sugar factory


so ive heard


need to find a good clit mouse clit cover this one is too big and gets in the way of typing i was supposed to get like 5 different ones


dad calls those g spots because theyre next to the g key


theres NOT much here its outside of boise and even in boise theres NOT much


wish i lived in nampa it sounds like fun


what part sounded fun


ok im gonno morph now good night


theres a dairy processing plant here as well they make cheese and dairy products


all of it


same are you in alma


i am NOT




need to remove these intel and windows and lenovo stickers and get some nice sexy lady stickers


once saw a mate with a big erotic sonico sticker on the back of his laptop


File: 1527740682261-0.jpg (27.83 KB, 361x500, 48f7eb6ca2dbb876a0aa344f73c2e3b9--marco-albier….jpg)

File: 1527740682261-1.jpg (34.39 KB, 403x500, d830a50121a810ff53387cdae1033c49--sailor-moon-….jpg)

if i get these will i be otacool


megaman 11 taking a gigantic shite on mighty number 9 holy flip lmao


forgive me for i have sinnd


sailor moon is norm




File: 1527740840771.jpg (143 KB, 1024x1024, 1527715181405.jpg)


i feel like a professional with this t420


nice coby


which os are you using


forgot about The Bossgfs pixiv what has he been up to lately


checked out his twitter a few days ago hes working on aNOTher sushi bar it seems like


ive had a latitude for about 5 years its a fantastic machine


ive had an x220t for a few years and it hasnt let me down


right now just windows 7 i plan to put a fresh install of windows 7 on it alongside a copy of kali the mate said that the recovery partition was deleted so he cant do a factory reset and gave me $50 off because of this i told him that it matters NOT he threw in a bunch of shit that i wont ever use like the kensington lock


can put an msata in this computer might pick a small one up just once just to see if i like it and if i NOT then at least it was just the small one and it was just a quick in and out


kali is for fags fire up slackware


i am a fag


die sodomite


you cant always make everyone happy or as the italians say solo me stesso cazzo


forgot to post about how amd wants tsmc and gf to both make ryzen chips


great shave today hima im smoother than an apple


im bored can someone tell me a herkz story


desperately need a lgf


ill be your lgf


alright gonno go to the store now hima wish me luck



File: 1527742453695.jpg (Spoiler Image, 305.34 KB, 1920x1080, bo.jpg)


kek epic uli bro


File: 1527743522504.mp4 (16.53 MB, c6ff8c16a0c1bae211763dc71a1cdd3f.mp4)

the hima kitchen


id join the kitchen crew at the mansion


i dont have any more


File: 1527745769449.jpg (74.95 KB, 499x700, 1527745368007.jpg)




need to shite


nice doggy


kiss him NOT me


back from the store gonno get really drunk some flapperwoman on a bike made an air kiss at me then a really weird face afterwards i didnt understand


hate girls who ride bikes theyre always odd


the neetblog tulpa experiment has gone horribly wrong please send help


girls who ride bikes are horny because the seat squishes their kitties by default and the pedaling motion makes it worse


File: 1527747531287.jpg (146.04 KB, 850x1200, __yaia_granblue_fantasy_drawn_by_p_answer__sam….jpg)


still dont know what happened to the other mate at the water store who passed out they took him immediately and gave him a room right away apparently he was in a wheelchair and could NOT talk properly i hope hes ok he might take a few days off which most likely means i will be taking over his store


File: 1527747588246.jpg (Spoiler Image, 400.78 KB, 561x756, __minami_kotori_love_live_and_love_live_school….jpg)


delete that


File: 1527747637682.png (978.99 KB, 1156x868, 50db6d036b3d8b8c796dde340dcbe556.png)


i fainted one time dont know what happened it was like when you stand up too fast and the blood rushes from your head and your vision goes black except instead of fading it got stronger and i collapsed and i remember being conscious on the floor trying to say im alright im alright but i think it came out weird


File: 1527747713763.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.96 KB, 496x700, 1527746199047.jpg)


might have to take drastic measures


dont think ive ever fainted


had a seizure once prayed to cunnilingus to make it stop and he did


dont say stuff like that it makes me sad


only fainted once because of ssris it pinched


thought this cpu was 4c4t but its 2c4t what a disappointment


beggars cant be choosers


incorrect beggars can indeed choose theres a song about it


feeling bad


it just started raining hima hehe


File: 1527752016036.jpg (203.35 KB, 1280x1542, 1527750269552.jpg)


you know what to do


okay now this is baste




File: 1527752339134.jpg (26.79 KB, 419x535, 33894873_2063476807265415_4124236736756711424_….jpg)




gonno do an elite clue scroll tomorrow if i get a third age axe you can have it nb


third age axes only drop from master clues youre hoping for a third age long


ma long is basted as hell


speaking of which i was thinking about rewatching ping pong lately


its fun to watch


yeah its great thats why i wanted to watch it again but i havent fired it up yet i probably will tomorrow



he failed his goal





big sigh gonno morph


the good thing is that you can swap cpus like a desktop in the t420 the bad thing is that under 100 percent use it will throttle but thats normal for most laptops


gonno morph as well goodnight hima


i think the dog has dog depression


chinese church is hosting a table tennis tournament wonder if i can get a gf out of this


the chink chads will tear you apart




got myself addicted to shoujo




didnt check my office email yesterday when i was screwing around and the mate that emailed me got mad


File: 1527778632392.jpg (72.23 KB, 960x720, help.jpg)


i am here


File: 1527782694914.png (238.07 KB, 1000x576, tumblr_p98dhlKrM01t9g99so1_1280.png)


is that drawnorm





wish to serve a sexy lady and have her abuse me


File: 1527784385269.jpg (75.93 KB, 1080x1080, 31694852_230317834369685_3577516854861627392_n.jpg)


chicken nugget


thats a child


what do you mean serve


still feels like hima needs a kareha board


watashi is learning more kanji so that watashi can yomeru and miteru watashis favorite anime and manga desu im on track to becoming


sigh ya


File: 1527789895031.jpg (117.6 KB, 1129x1200, 1526436699421.jpg)



baste brainlet poster


woke up hi


welcome to the world of tomorrow



just woke up i dreamed about hima


nice flapperream


got back from work a while ago just playing gran turismo


theres a mate here with an aloha shirt is it one of you mates again i keep seeing them everywhere turt you might want to get in on this before you miss aNOTher big trend


yeah thats me sorry


thats me sorry


you are both liars


should i buy a new domain and start a kareha board would anyone actually even post there or would it be a complete and utter waste of my time


this could all be made so much more simpler if it were just hosted on a subdomain or seperate directory COUGH COUGH


sexy lady outside screaming


is it a flapperscream or a snapscream


just a subdomain like himasugi dot org slash vip




shes playing with her sis and dog


himasugi.org/vip would be cool too bad onseki utterly hates the idea of a textboard on his site


sigh sourseki why do you have to be like that


alohashirtdepot.com is available seems like that should have been taken by now


theres literally no reason and no one would use it its just a waste of time


gonno jog


if thats you onseki there would be no investment of time for you other than uploading the files


is majidejima a good domain name something like majidejima.org or majidejima.com all the majide domains are taken


File: 1527792606613.mp3 (4.66 MB, うにうにスンスン.mp3)

have a listen


NOT until you upload kanaete ageru you son of a bitch


should i chance it and try to remove the branding stickers on this laptop or leave them and look like a complete and utter FOOL


dont answer that i cant stop talking to myself and im still testing the typing on this keyboard i always do this each time i get somethin sorry


NOThing FOOLish


why the FLIP would i want a FLIPPING intel inside sticker and windows 7 sticker on my own personal machine


theres an old man here standing near the door looking for a place to sit down poor mate his old legs wont hold for much longer the selfish aloha shirt mate didnt stand up to give him his seat wither



intel and microsoft pay the hardware companies like 10 cents per laptop to stick those stickers on dont let that go to waste


theyre already gone now my wrists wont get slashed because of the stickers


File: 1527793572410.jpg (56.54 KB, 852x480, kiratto-pri-chan-episode-1-english-subbed.jpg)


is she talking about pheromones


he should be wearing either a tie dye shirt or an aloha shirt


wearing my reverse print today walked past a boomer wearing a reverse print gave him a nod and tipped my tilley hat and he gave me a wink was a cool experience


shut up turt


shes clearly referencing his lack of jorts


sent the apartment lady a pay stub but it was only for like half a week i hope i dont get denied because she thinks that i dont make enough its a little under 21k a year


i refuse to wear anything other than chinos theyre cheap and breathe better than jeans and are more stylish and sexy ladies 愛 them


sexy ladies only like camo pants and jorts


they hate camo because they hate the thought of people fighting eachother and people hunting animals and those are the two main uses of camo


this keyboard is flipping fantastic hima i feel like i can write a novel or code an entire website


sexy ladies 愛 hunting


the only hunting that they like is hunting for mates to flip and taters to slurp



was just about to post this hehe




do NOT post that video ever again while im browsing hima


why NOT


time to watch the new boruto




wish a sexy lady would make me her prey


seki do you have whoisguard


shes so horny i wanna take my lgf hunting


gonno make some coffee hima


all sexy ladies are horny


weird mate sat next to me he smells like baby wipes im gonno flippin hurl


thats me sorry


please go


im staying


should i upgrade my ram first or ssd


ssd first for sure


should i go msata


what is the purpose of your upgrade


theres no reason to unless you have no space to fit sata
just take the hdd out


mostly speed but if i use an msata i can have a laptop with two drives so i can dual boot




built a cool expensive computer around 2013 and all ive used it for is browsing the internet and watching shows and i use linux couldve spent like 200$ on it and it would work just as well


NOThing foolish


cool or cool or gay




built my first good computer last year and its life changing


same all i do is watch youtube vids and anime and post here and scape i could probably do with just a 120gb ssd a 2200g and 4gb of ram


sarada is looking extra underage today


she wants flip



is it bad that i like settled




you should be watching pk compilations NOT ironmen


hate technorm hours but i always watch the videos because im bored go to hell linus


HATE pk vids 愛 ironman progress vids




watch this then


alright im hungry too 愛 a good yuka vid shes baste


NOThin baste shes just a twigger


sigh wish i was like yuka i want to be an eatneet with no consequences


i am like that i cant gain weight no matter how much i eat


she induces vomiting and diarrhea afterwards for 3 hours straight


just realized jung kyung ho looks kinda like ma long


bored gonno make noodle


brought superantipoisons with me instead of super restores and only realized it after drinking ten doses


made noodle




ive done that before hehe


realized you can get a lot of cute sexy lady pics if you search up childhood photos of famous celebrities


that pinched


i always thought the girl in the tom cruise war of the worlds was very cute


File: 1527800858901.jpg (Spoiler Image, 397.39 KB, 1836x2448, 14478084321.jpg)


File: 1527801260363.jpg (144.79 KB, 768x1024, Davn4vVU0AAQVJ5.jpg)

chicken nugget


disgusting little cunt


how is that possible so you thought that even before you had seen the movie even before the movie existed even before the birth of the actress herself depending on how old you are


chinks make me sick




im chink




die pedanticnorm


File: 1527801586531.jpg (52.02 KB, 583x498, 1398228754413.jpg)


does anyone else find themselves talking very vaguely and using short terse phrases after watching anime




when i listen to japanese a lot i realize that there are a lot of useless phrases and words in english that arent critical to communicating and i just omit them or dont repeat certain nouns for the sake of reminding the listener what im talking about


i do it




die japnorms


youre doing it just by posting on hima
instead of youre a flapper you simply post 'flapper'
instead of kill yourself japanese norms you simply post 'die japnorms'
imagine doing that in real life


i talk like my hima posts in real life the norms arent allowed to understand me




hima hima




yeah me too sometimes i just say snap my kitty but nobody knows hehe


himako asking for it



back to reddit norm



gotta mow


use a scythe


i dont have one


think my colon has narrowed


liking the track playing in the background


ask The Boss to get you one


how do you sense that your colon has narrowed


nah im just going to use the mower


when is freak going to gm our myfarog campaign


thin shite


never since onseki bullied him for triple posting and he left


he came back after that but im still laughing that was enough to make him leave


shits too soft


sigh wish freak wasnt so thin skinned


nobody has ever defeated freak without resulting to petty tricks he is like goliath


whenever freak gets brought up i start flapperlaughing uncontrollably dont know why



i must flip a underage sexy lady before she becomes a sexnorm


the world must be purged



feel like streaming someone does anyone want to watch anime in the mood for like nhk or chobits or ping pong little babies


strea, scorching ping pong musumes



sigh its cold as hell hima im freezing


put on a jacket or a blanket its simple


i have my thermal socks on already but it isnt enough


in dire need of a sushi chef blankie


cant believe its almost been 2 years since scorching ping pong girls


whats a sushi chef blankie


wonder how many viewers hed have if he didnt have a funny accent


its NOT funny


this popsicle is called circus peanuts but tastes NOThing like peanuts


File: 1527805212394.jpg (56.04 KB, 600x600, SKU1811712.jpg)


isnt that a snuggie


circus peanuts arent peanuts


i could have been a circus freakshow attraction in aNOTher life


what are they




that makes no sense




just sparked


gonno get a pizza


packed the sunglasses some mate bought tied it with a fiber string and put my signature kon sticker on it


hate shippers that use fiber strings


its okay its only to tie a 2nd layer of bubble wrap its NOT allowed to have a string on the outside of the box


nice ojiisan


dunno why but white men are better at explaining things than any other race


its the culture


what about japs


what about them


nah japs have dumb pauses in their speech


what manwha should i read


is that that manga


mindblowing that people in highschool were flipping while i was utterly devoid of all sexual thought busy with making sushi


is onseki here and pg and nb and fe and np and mg


Yes, but what about Hector? He's going to be running 3 Honda Civics with spoon engines.
And on top of that, he just went into Harry's and he ordered 3 T66 turbos, with NOS. And a Motec exhaust.


just me freakbot#29


im here






still dont know how they justified him having an r34


cunnilingus i wish i could Drive


that was actually his personal r34


wish i had a personal lgf


bored need something to watch hima


File: 1527810401256.mp4 (14.83 MB, bml82.mp4)


mutated this because it was written by a womyn and because it had a bunch of spongebob pictures


tried streaming scorching ping pong little baby on instagib but it didnt work for some reason


phew bought a chest and got the pangolier set i wanted




sigh glad im a first world neet


glad i never saw this one all the cars pinched


have come to realize i would have probably been better off with a nice quick early death than a long drawn out period of extended suffering like now


just remembered what a kiss on the lips feels like


well what does it feel like


like the first bite of a hamburger


thats NOT what it feels like at all liar


get a piece of bologna and fold it in an m shape an kiss it
its basically that




File: 1527811383917.mp3 (6.53 MB, And The Beat Goes On (Radio Edit).mp3)


File: 1527812223994.jpg (848.27 KB, 1684x1200, U7.jpg)

feelin it


sigh used to jam out to this soundtrack


watashi didnt do any benkyoshimasuing today because kyo watashi was totemo isogashii




now just chotto a minute kisama watashi will NOT shinu flip you


streamin episode 2 now


the bandwidth requirements are too high i cant watch


its only 1700kbps


lowered it to 1000


File: 1527813642564.webm (2 MB, 540x960, absolute unit.webm)


sigh account banned


what a beast


owned smashcaster


hana chan need flip


File: 1527814075960.gif (59.38 KB, 755x263, dablackbrollybanner.gif)




File: 1527814570837.png (467.64 KB, 562x960, 30652952_1719469941454466_1191986813439311872_….png)


die facenorm


File: 1527814916940.png (461.18 KB, 1000x1400, tumblr_p96qp3XCzm1t9g99so1_1280.png)


am i suppose to read it left to right or right to left i can never tell when westerns try to imitate manga


die The Bossgf worshipper


left to right



how is the facenorm baste


meant to say ban NOT baste


gonno s hite


sigh out of wine


lscaper is online


give your liver some rest


fetch some from the hima cellar


File: 1527815840249.gif (63.7 KB, 196x280, Making_jug_of_wine.gif)




gonno drink some water and have a klondike bar


hey himamates just wanted to say goodbye hope you all find what youre looking for


who are you


are you touhoupinches mate


its me maltamate im going to be put away for a very long time so i just wanted to say goodbye before that happened


oh no


why what happened


im looking for the exit to this plane of existence


sigh good luck buddy


dont do it maltamate sigh why


are you still there


ya found the exit got lost in a hotel


are you going to that place you posted pics of a couple of times


its an impersonator pay it no heed


are you sure dont think so


ya pretty sure


cant believe bleach is over
what a good manga cant say the same about the anime


the manga was trash too


this mturk stuff blows so much time wasted just to make a few pennies


horrible news i washed my chinos now theyre tighter




never made even a penny






seki cunnilingus damnit why didnt you warn me


was that maltamate or NOT cunnilingusdamnit


no it wasnt


maltamate died last week he had a stroke i think


sigh maltamate


he hasnt posted in quite a while i think


got a nice salami and pastrami sub gonno dedicate it to maltaman


got a nice salami and pastrami sub gonno dedicate it to maltaman


nice doubleposter


this actually flipping pinches the mate sliced the meat so i ended up with just one slice of each


you got owned hard by the baste slicemate


owned by baste slicebro




nice himamind


nice again hehe




they have wifi too but theres a password and the music is some weird country music about driving the two tone chevy down to the levy


was the levy dry


wish i had a two tone chevy to drive down to the levy


wonder if the mate who passed out will be at the meeting tomorrow if NOT i might be running his store again


also scape boss is hiring some girl and said he hopes shes into rimjobs


do sexy ladies like anal stuff


wish i could get a job but im too flapper


this music is making me flapperlaugh


water store work is pretty easy and theyre very relaxed and forgiving and everyone is pretty flapper


coffee time hima


if i strike it rich i will purchase a store to franchise and we can all work there


worknorms pretend to like it do NOT fall for their tricks



its easy because youre a norm that has no trouble talking to people


dont normshame



cursed song


post the video with the reflappered cgi you fool


like the beat on this song same with the sonic song


never knew those mates were italian until like 2 years ago



this beat is too good im hopping out me chair


good sitting is the new smoking


its getting late think its time to listen to burzum and plan my next church burning


File: 1527821726324.png (37.53 KB, 563x631, hehe.png)


im having trouble believing that you had a first church burning


wish i had a lgf that let me eat her ass


who doesnt


its a buyers market


google warrenville church burning


kamatea luna live in 10 hours


didnt she just say the other day that she would announce it


she doesnt want the gaijinnorms to know



cant wait for the kamatea luna anime man crossover like they did for ai


she needs to become a va


i was wondering why taiga wasnt updating earlier
their website is pretty old no surprise


what the hell kind of filter is that



oh wait i get it


pretty sure they got hacked


theres no filter for that


think hes pulling our legs


the boost you talkin bout nigga


this but with luna


mates if you used your mal password anywhere else i advise you to change em now


holy boost


i dont care if my mal gets hacked


die malnorms


im maladroit


sweet kaguуa puѕѕy juice


she doesnt have a kitty theres NOThing there on the 3d model


does anyone want to play the new poe league with me


i would but it looks boring


been extremely horny joed three times last two days


how is that extremely horny thats like a slow half day for me


okay how about playing on the new lights hope server in three weeks then


die jonorms


dont play poe


File: 1527823689524.jpg (123.9 KB, 1200x800, Dc3k17BU8AEiLU9.jpg)


basted snape


actually im kind of interested now that they buffed power siphon that was a classic build i 愛d playing with


siphon in hell norm


bored whats up


NOT much im rewatching eva


never watched eva never will


your loss


gonno play some project x zone
wish there was a way to play hacked sushi bars on my 3ds anyone have a flashcard


you mena a flashcart


had a cyclods it got stolen along with my original ds from the library sigh




im a flipping fool


the crows are having an argument again sigh


its part of my bag of tricks i only never watch it because it makes evanorms rage when they find out


dont think i can hack my 3ds i kept up on the updates


crows are smart


new birds moved in to the tree in the front yard and they keep dive bombing the cat one of these days hes going to catch one of those birds and then


crows are indeed smart but theyre loud as flip also while i like crows in general i dont like the ones near my house because they were going to eat the bird i saved before i rescued it i miss her


cat had a scar on his head for a while from being divebombed go to hell crows


die birdnorm


hate birds they pinch


hate birds they are loud and shit all over the place


wish to teach a parrot to spout hima posts


mine already knows how to say im flapper and wish to flip a sexy lady


sexy ladies 愛 parrots and toucans


some dumbass youtube streamer brought his phone into a random college campus to have his fans donate to say terrible things on text to speech to bother people and one made it say a bomb threat and he got arrested on stream


how do you explain when someone asks where he got that from


idiot you groomed a bed bird this will bite you in the ass


ped bird


im dumber than a crow


hvis lyset tar oss just now finished phew


die normwegian you made me google what i thought was a bunch of typos


just say i tried teaching it polly wants a biscuit and messed up


gotta piss real bad but the cleaning lady is here


i see a mate with a shirt that says 悪いぬ with a picture of a dog should i ask if he knows what it says


no leave him alone



piss in her mouth


i see aNOTher mate with an anime girl next to him talking about 15 year olds


what do you mean anime girl


the lights in the sky are stars
their twinkling glow tells me to defeat you
take this, muda muda muda muda
rider kick


does anyone want to hug


you mean fug


wish to hug a sexy lady


id rather hug a friendly neet mate thats less scary


wish to morph with a sexy lady


it looked like creamy mami


nice vrchat mate


alright guess ill lie down and take a lil morph later hima


File: 1527826412033.png (296.78 KB, 1362x1193, mmd_himawari_uzumaki___dl_by_narashadows-dbb1p….png)

i use this model in vrchat hope thats okay


ya its ok


looks like a flapper hate that haircut


i use a knuckles model


put some timberlands on her


im a creamy mami


alright gonno retire to my boudoir later hima


theres a sexy lady outside wearing a leoflapper with a very low cut back


gonno morph


wonder if the charlie brown otaku still browses hima


i wont morph for at least 3 more hours


cunnilingus what the flip just happened i started playing a sushi bar at 9pm i look at the clock and its 6am it only felt like 20 minutes


was it puyo puyo tetris



la la la la la ♫


youre a man


sigh feelin it


gonno morph now hima good night 愛 you mates


feels like 2008 was just yesterday


eye is itchy this pinches


should i upgrade to windows ten or stick with eight im too flapper for unix so dont say that




unleash the freak


ya 10 is great


File: 1527829861230.png (71.49 KB, 741x855, not spam.png)

what the flip its gone now thought it was an intelligently written slam jambot but it was just chrome flappering out again i just NOTiced they were all the same post number


if you must use windows just use 7 the others pinch but really you should be using slackware




bringing my laptop to work tomorrow gonno be


sigh gonno go to bed hope my himamates are still here tomorrow good night


lets get this party started


File: 1527833625234.ogg (5.32 MB, nativefaith.ogg)




blizz is adding uncursed gilneans as an allied race in bfa


wokeup from my nap The Boss raged at me


what for


NOT taking initiative around the house


suplex her through the coffee table


do you mean humans


this is great NOT sure if its from a fighter though its defiantly quite zunlike


whats the best place to download those bullet hell shmup gaymes my arcade stick got delivered yesterday and i bought it on a whim ive never used one before or played any of that stuff




you neetblog thats NOT a shmup download site at all its a site with a picture of old men having sex


no they changed it


i'll find the downloads but its gonno be unnecessarily hard like everything is, despite all the advancements in technology
thanks for NOThing hima sissys *morphs back to 162 with my mayflash in hand*


himako are you seeing this




accidentally slept for 8 hours this left me with 3 hours of freetime cant wait to be dead and leave this shite life behind


The Boss took me to the store i bought wine and chicken


File: 1527847163037.png (41.08 KB, 1362x1036, 1527818217652.png)


nice bugvarg


hope molesterman is safe and sound tonight


hes being eaten alive by bedbugs


for the wages of neet are blog



havent jod in two days im going insane


havent seen nb post lately wonder what hes up to


he was posting earlier today


hi hima


nice only 40 posts while i was snoozn


die snooznorm





ate some cereal


wish i had some good ol raisin bran


lost control of myself and did some awful things


like what


i cant say


gonno morph now 愛 you mates so damn much


cant believe youve gone and done it and snapped that sexy ladygirl


good night bro


is there a doujin about horny girls riding bikes getting horny


just woke up what did i miss


simply read and you shall know


simply 愛 jerking it to horny girls




hate my life hima help


simply end it


why do you hate it


can i entertain you


File: 1527870151468.jpg (52.72 KB, 640x640, rei8aIwERzPcNPFqbpjBAPtnlAK0x-jqRCEDst78cLg.jpg)


im awake


gonno order pizza today


me too thinkin dominos havent had pizza in months


愛 pizza hut theyre baste


had little caesars last night only 5.55$ for a medium one topping
hate how every time the family gets pizza i finish my whole pie when everyone else is on their third slice


simply eat the rest of their pizzas its your duty as the alpha male


gonno simply get myself a large and eat it over the next two days


anyone had the chuck e cheese pizza recently its actually very good but expensive


stop eating delivery pizza


what pizza do you eat


he makes his own pizza because hes a gay little fairy boy


The Boss and pops round table


NOThing cool about making your own food quite the opposite


i only eat food others have prepared for me it makes me feel powerful


you depend on them


no someone else will make it for me if they dont they depend on my greenbacks


and this gives you power over me


yes i control the supply chain by demand


fix your fonts


at the water store with a drive through in my chinos i hope ladies going through dont look at my vpl


saw a mate wearing chinos and an aloha shirt who was it


why is there a drive thru in a water store


the store is next to a place with a drive through so people constantly go past and look in


you mates should sponsor a marathon like you know those mates that give the runners water bottles


going to play a little bit of poe




pizza is here


was gonno order pizza but decided ill just make pasta and fire up a movie


what movie


its pride month how are you celebrating hima


ode to my father


gonno have a wank to trap doujins


die trapnorm


what is pride month why would someone name a month after a sin


seki just jos to straight up shotaboys instead




is pg man here


varg said homosexuality is okay so i must obey the will of my people be it whether they give or take


turt watch this my man




thought i was going to have to send my package to the post office but it got picked up now i can play poe


bored ate half my pizza on accident when i got it feel sick now


should have made your own pizza instead


that does NOT have anything to do with it just too much food


dont play poe


lets play minecraft


ate half my pasta now im full too but i need to passively eat


get that photosynthesis going


think i threw up or almost did last time i had pasta dont know what causes that


the gluten and evil grains causes that


ate yakisoba once threw up and it came out my nose ive been cautious ever since


whats wrong with grains


missed the kamatea luna livestream


cant remember the last time i puked


nice sakurako burg banner


wish i could reset my brain and watch some shows for the first time again


File: 1527889557910.jpg (182.57 KB, 900x1200, 1524606347970.jpg)

pizzas here


disgusting girl


yeah looks like shes expired


its a man


so am i


kind of want to get into flower viewing and bird watching seems like nice hobbies


sis invited her neighbor friend over theyre watching harry potter


never understood how harry potter got popular tried to watch it and it pinches eggs


now that im an old man i really hate looking at young girls it just reminds me that i would have to work twice as hard to flip than if i had done so when i was their age


wish i had a sneakygf


had a glasses sexy lady in a sun dress and frilly socks and wearing cat ears with a unicorn horn come in she also had shiny mary sues on that made a nice sound as she walked


did you make a move on her


jane NOT sue


shes asking for a flipping


is NOT giving flip to a horny sexy lady considered abuse


feet are really itchy i might have a fungus



wonder what varg thinks about hima


goat simulator boss told me about a conversation he had with the scape boss about making me assistant manager but scape boss said he cant promote me because i havent worked there long enough then he said in the fall i will very likely have my own store


gonno sushi bar


used to believe waterstore mate but im beginning to feel its a elaborate larp


i invited him to hima he posts sometimes


its NOT im sitting here hes gone to aNOTher store to do a product swap i already received the order for the day it was 7 items


what water brand do the sexy ladies like the most


kotae wa dekimasen


wheres the itch


top of my toes


nice diabeetus bro


hima once a land of proud neets psyoped by jobnorms


ill never be a jobnorm theyll never take me alive


whats a psyoped


im psychoped


File: 1527892302287.jpg (776.06 KB, 2065x3030, 072f239eaa6e091ca58b22c06aa2587e94983998e4beb3….jpg)


spermed to that abubu dragon quest doujinshi


abubu blows


nice someone has the license plate jdubzzz


its exotic


still cant believe theres stores that just sell water and NOThing else


cant wait to start working but i absolutely fear interviews


im too dumb to work


im disabled


water stores are american dagashiya


my disability is having a huge penis


they call me mr fatdick


there was one poster that impersonated varg but i dont think hes every posted here for sure i might have banned him accidentally


wish to try out a bunch of dagashi with my himamates


they call me mr fatdick


you already posted that


do you have any more details. ?




File: 1527893517318.webm (725.83 KB, 480x360, 1527621114211.webm)


you know how shites usually float mine just sunk straight to the bottom thats how dense it was now my bum is stinging


steins gate flipping pinches every single episode is a cliffhanger and they always let the viewer down the next episode


i have never had a single floating shit in my entire life


my shites usually sink


floaters are NOT normal they are supposed to sink


yes mine stink too


baste agent shiteford


File: 1527894168020.jpg (77.52 KB, 723x527, image.jpg)



got a ponechicken nugget gonno clop


any oppas here


jo should be filtered to ??


go to hell phonenorm


why do sexy ladies 愛 taters


in school they learn about it and want to see it and naturally that goes hand in hand with being curious about penises


go to flipping hell pednorms


bored sigh any himamates doing anything cool whats going on


thinking about my next life


File: 1527895306108.jpg (256 KB, 1170x923, c3b41492-9984-4c8e-8d41-144e8aa16f03.jpg)


im watching this


im thinking about that glasses sexy lady


whos goin


should have snatched a creep pic


thinking about putting some live plants in my fish tank


put a lotus in there for good karma


bored as hell


think ill go for a short walk




sigh guess ill jog


its been 3 months and my ex still keeps emailing me and posting on my strava rides


die norm



hey mates just woke up hows it going


going fine im bored as heck


same sigh


The Boss asked if i wanted to go for a walk with her tomorrow and i accidentally said yes




gonno have some coffee NOT feeling too good


who schedules walks a day in advance


by walk she means shopping


getting the urge to play poe


got my lgf addicted to butt stuff by accident


woke up gonno get my herb pouch today


whats butt stuff


dont play poe
watch videos of people already at the end sushi bar and see for yourself what a chore it all is


you know


the new eg roster is about to play


i was born to be a scorching ping pong little baby


cant believe there are people who cant see through the facade of poe


even if its a pointless boring grind its kinda fun sometimes


thought of playing poe once looked at the skill tree and said flip that


feel like playing some dwarf fortress fortress mode of course adventure pinches



refuse to play dwarf fort ever since i learned the developers are chads from turt


hope pastadog is well fed and happy


how are they chads theyre ultraflappers


yeah hes morphing


does europe have racoons


i was meant to be born in gielinor


ya in germany



very underage sexy lady came in before closing and was practically begging me to flip her


no way


im a bored jaypee boy


everyones at the club


many sexy ladies today and i got the news about assistant manager and on the schedule im working a day alone it looks like im moving up theres aNOTher mate who has been working 2 months longer than me but they dont even let him work alone


im here i was just doing stuff


die stuff doer


hard to imagine doing anything but staring at my wall


do you have a favorite wall


start staring at the sun instead sv3rige said its good for you


nice water master


baste sun starer he actually does it


im NOT sure sexy ladies actually want to have sex as much as you perceive



youre mistaken



my woodcutting level is now 98




is that you nb




im going to morph now hima good night




sleep well bud


very disappointed that my chinos shrunk because now my pants are very tight and my vpl is very apparent


congrats mate


may as well get some zany socks if theyre going to be showing now sigh