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girls just wanna have fun




basted banbro


nice summer thread


get in here


this thread is better


File: 1528757715127.jpg (2.15 MB, 1837x1300, 0003_00042.jpg)


hope the anime rewrites the garbage after arima died


its NOT that bad




why are legs so much bigger than arms



my arms are bigger than your legs


nintendo too early might have to mutate it


File: 1528770547346-0.jpg (381.53 KB, 1396x1400, cover.jpg)

File: 1528770547346-1.mp3 (9.19 MB, Skeleton Christ.mp3)




File: 1528771171834.png (12.68 KB, 931x131, 59a2b03f8c64c5d1d7d84638caeaabe3.png)



die pednorm


die vroomtron


File: 1528771987038.jpg (1.19 MB, 1732x2126, e7bd756967f66a4bdb0b03b259e264ba.jpg)




she looks so happy


that doesnt look like happiness to me


outraging the modesty of a child


what is it then smartass


should daddy get a cold one tonight


File: 1528772601707.png (217.02 KB, 582x715, 4292535c5d0e7a1dd96bfb92e33155b7.png)

愛 darjeeling so much i just want to give her a big hug




i just want to stick my penis inside of her




File: 1528772746854.jpg (298.25 KB, 2048x2732, d5b4b54d6e395c0f9e614688844863a1.jpg)

shes very underage but when i see her i first want to hug her and then thinking about flipping her comes much later


flipping is my first instinct


how many have you flipped thus far


flipping is probably boring


never flipped in my life but i still have the urge


almost none of the gup girls evoke the flip first and hug later mindset its always hug first and flip later


i can sperm on my own i dont want to bother someone else about it




die incelnorm


File: 1528773224819.jpg (131.3 KB, 782x1000, 50849f861335750446ac4000b449fa31.jpg)


dont have an urge to flip


File: 1528773288920.jpg (470.45 KB, 793x1200, 23b7fcbd74bfccfd5798798fd91fc244.jpg)

nice artist


im NOT quite ped enough to like flat asses


File: 1528773454602.png (235.54 KB, 533x599, 1528771345625.png)


sex is really boring it gets old and if youre NOT an oog booging sexnorm you will probably realize it takes more effort than its worth


File: 1528773464979.mp4 (5.74 MB, 1527547422860.mp4)

basted otalads


where can i download photoshop i want to try making some banners


use krita instead


use gimp instead


File: 1528775139078.mp3 (6.74 MB, 03 Cutie Honey (Cutie Honey).mp3)


File: 1528775280365.jpg (165.37 KB, 850x1201, __darjeeling_girls_und_panzer_drawn_by_omachi_….jpg)


File: 1528775380698.jpg (42.84 KB, 640x480, GEN-019.mp4_snapshot_00.20.00_[2018.05.20_22.4….jpg)

underage lady







scape boss told me to go to the same slow store again tomorrow i dont know when the regular mate will be back


eating cabbage


you should only eat cabbage if youre slavic


what about fermented cabbage


sauerkraut if youre slavic and kimchi if youre chink thats it



reminds me of my heritage trip to israel


theres a korean market nearby but i do NOT like going in there because everyone is korean and they play very loud kpop music


kpop is baste


korean hurts my ears japanese sounds much nicer



wish i was an oppa




File: 1528778915976.jpg (2.44 MB, 2646x2001, Bejgli1.jpg)

i never realized how many central and eastern european desserts there were im going to be reading about them for hours


File: 1528779138747.jpg (62.42 KB, 733x522, Krowki002.jpg)





no its just caramel



愛 cream pies


could really go for some croquettes right now


butthole juicy rn


gross stop it


miss the younow era


miss warosu


warosu is back and younow is still there but both have gotten worse even if there were a perfect replacement for younow i think people wouldnt participate in chats anymore




wasnt that why younow was so fun


cant believe butthole juicy rn is over 3 years old


im a chatterbox


younow was only fun for pednorms


File: 1528781745789.jpg (135.04 KB, 1280x720, 1528514887601.jpg)


it was even fun for neetblog because he would report the streams


i didnt report the streams because you had to fill out a big form


wonder what hannah is doing now


pnig buried her in the middle of the desert


woke up from my nap feeling good now


cumreek is really bad gonno shower



hehe watched that one earlier today


NOT gonno listen to the ramblings of an ex scaper


your loss


ended up having a shave with my shower


hb nice 16 hour making sushi sesh ready to morph now


File: 1528786238910.png (752.23 KB, 764x1178, 1519074202839.png)


File: 1528786488043.jpg (Spoiler Image, 941.23 KB, 1200x999, 1508838978812.jpg)


ate the ones with the poppy seeds all the time as a kid so delicious except these dont have a nice thick glaze on top


ye shall be as cunnilinguss


dead hours


flip you


ill never die hima


File: 1528793811128.jpg (205.25 KB, 1000x1412, DDj8oTpVoAA92n7.jpg)

flip first hug later


marry first flip later hehe


made some pasta


hoo boy hima this might be the best batch yet


batch of what






uh is that mate dead


File: 1528803249580.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.18 KB, 768x1024, 1528799997012.jpg)


lookin good


thanks for setting things straight neetblog


thought about working now i feel like shite


hima my phones battery ran out and the alarm didnt go off got to work half an hour late but thankfully no one realized i wasnt even here


just start going in at that time now


what happens if i get a job but never show up do i still get paid


i dont want to eventually get yelled at


i think after being hired they have like a thirty day probation period where they can fire you and NOT pay anything


wish i had a big bowl of pasta rn


so i should show up for a month before i collect my severance


that was an impersonator but it was a damn good bowl


you can just play it off as that being the first time if you get caught


weird why would anyone impersonate that


dont listen to that mate hes trying to get you fired


for the thrill


doing some life planning


bet we could provide for ourselves with just gardening a meadery and a cafe


how do i get money without working or using my brain



buy some lotto tickets


The Boss said she asks herself sometimes why i sigh so much


sigh same




amazon mturk requires very little brain power


gonno sleep now bye hima


i would like to flip anchovy first and hug later


good night
getting hungry might go for some onion rings


woke up gonno watch nintendo e3


File: 1528818483252.gif (124.74 KB, 800x371, 1517633614031.gif)


still dont understand that meme


wonder if freak is watching too


bought a coffee too


probably just the nintendo parts


cant wait to play mario party in the hima mansion




sigh wheres smash




flip you


falcon punch


bad matchup for donkey kong hehehe


hot chink babe tried to make some smalltalk with me and i acted like a flapper and dropped my bike sigh


glad im NOT a fightnorm


why its great


no one taught me how to do the moves so i sat in the corner instead


i could teach you


only played smash a few times in the library


should have hit the arcade like a real og


gonno get some nice angled screenshots in smash with the inkling girl hehe


File: 1528821978476.jpg (37.42 KB, 300x360, 1528821839963.jpg)

it was supposed to be her turn mates


or play sushi bars that are actually fun like rhythm sushi bars


fighting sushi bars are kind of like rhythm sushi bars


no video sushi bars are fun


remember seeing people playing ssbm in the library once and i wished i could go in there and play but instead i paced around the bookshelves for 10 minutes before going home


File: 1528822885005.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1593, DfTF-jtW0AEgP9E.png)


flip them smash pinches


this was posted mere hours ago


water store is open for business time to sit and start eating all day


my fletching level is now 65


fletch my ass


holy flip neetblog confirmed for smash




File: 1528823369703.png (194.47 KB, 282x283, silvenez.PNG)

they should add some wow characters


blizzard sushi bars should be erased from history


i should be erased from existence


https://www.sushi barspot.com/articles/e3-2018-basted-neetblog-is-a-playable-character-in/1100-6459757/


up until around 2009 blizzard had some great sushi bars it all started when cataclysm came out and then it trickled down into diablo 3 and then when hots and overwatch came out i knew blizzard was done


This site can’t be reached
www.sushi’s server IP address could NOT be found.
Try running Windows Network Diagnostics.

am i being trolled


its the wordfilters thank the sb for their epic pranks


urge to buy a switch now


File: 1528824145853.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.26 KB, 1000x1243, 1526102285374.jpg)


when onseki got the site there were no wordfilters dont you remember him asking which ones to turn on


he only got here last week


what happened to the filter themes


what themes




wish i wasnt too intelligent to enjoy video sushi bars


i made a themed custom filter but onseki never enabled it because he found it too confusing


cunnilingus damnit onseki



dumb little bitches


did it die


Poor girls. They did the right thing by knocking over the lamp. The cat wasn’t being electrocuted, its head got stuck in the lampshade when it was climbing and its foot slipped, so it was chocking. By knocking it over, the cat was able to stand and wouldn’t have suffocated. They were very smart and very quick about the whole ordeal, and the cat was perfectly fine afterwards.


baste wkton


nice whole foods vs dollar store video


my favorite gmm vids are the taste tests


good mythical normnig


im starting to like the ones where they taste a food then guess the country and throw a dart at it on the map and whoever gets closest wins


hoooooo boy theyre starting off with cobb salads get in here


i dont watch normshite


NOT a fan of the cobb salad meme


https://www.barrons.com/articles/tech-today-intel-vs-amd-instagrams-revenue-microsofts-sushi bars-1528724509

Krzanich "was very matter-of-fact in saying that Intel would lose server share to AMD in the second half of the year,” which is NOT news, but he thought it significant that "Mr. Krzanich did NOT draw a firm line in the sand as it relates to AMD’s potential gains in servers; he only indicated that it was Intel’s job to NOT let AMD capture 15-20% market share."

if the ceo has this sort of attitude just imagine the outlook that everyone else working for intel has


the cake one is very obvious


whole foods btfo


whole foods is better


gonno buy $AMD


rhett guessed wrong on almost every one



pick some stocks for me hima




愛 link


if ethan klein went to a youtube convention could he flip preteens just because hes popular




anyone see that post on the sb


is it the one about turt complaining about being banned and then the post showing what his ban was for and making him look like an entitled bitch




cracked a bottle of wine and put on the sinatra to make some pasta sauce and italian sausage


dont listen to sinatra hes depressing


what did turt get baNNED FOR




mfw that compulsive lying nigger was claiming he makes like $60k the other day
guess hes banking on the neets NOT knowing the value of a dollar and thinking thats what cashiers get now
in the real world 30 year olds dont walk into their first job as some retail drone and start getting handed $1000 a week checks and manager position offers
why is he even still around the pnig arc should have ended
man up and take him out of the equation
he was annoying on /jp/ annoying on warosu and hes annoying now theres literally NOThing good about his presence like the other posters
even wk is fun to argue with
but the nig is just constant blurble
muh kuhzin muhfugga
muh baja blast
muh hawaiian shirts
because he never shuts up with his shitty homegrown memes and hes arrogant as hell
i dare you to filter water store to something

thats his outburst over being banned


hehe baste soytron


NOThing wrong with a good silk hawaiian shirt and a ice cold refreshing baja blast


why doesnt turt make some memes then it seems like he just reposts ones from 4chan like everyone else which is ironic considering he thinks of himself as being different from everyone else


could go for a baja now but its too acidic


toss some soda ash in there and start chugging


utterly btfo


should be NOTed that onseki commented that turt deserved it and that lash out is turts response to the ban NOT being lifted immediately (it was initially reduced to two days and then ,,lifted'' entirely)


pnigs been less arrogant since he got doxxed so im okay with him now


isnt he still in jail


ya with thad


he moved to california and got a sex change and a job at a water store while avoiding authorities
according to turt


cant believe ive seen both pnig and thads dicks


and bought an iphone 6 too to maintain the pnig is himako thing
but pnig would never use ios


is that a joke at my expense i paid for the domain for one more year now im going to sit here and be bored ive been thinking about doing some other project specifically a kareha board or making some new banners but its a pain to upload them all and its NOT even guaranteed that they would be added

i really hope that the banners will be switched in september to the halloween ones and then switched again in november to the christmas ones i miss tinkering around with hima theres NOT much i can do now except make suggestions or post on the sb and hope its implemented


kareha should be the official board and this one should get moved to aNOTher subdomain





dont like pnig since hes arrogant enough to think mpc is superior to mpv


File: 1528830690812.png (1.36 MB, 1590x1272, unknown.png)


is it selfish to want the banners to follow the same processing settings and general rules so that they at look very similar for example in newer versions of photoshop the resizing algorithm defaults to billinear so things look overly sharp on some displays so bicubic should be used and also there should be no new white background banners added and fingers/hands/feet shouldnt be cut off if possible and no tops of heads closer than 5px from the edge of the border

i should have written these things down new banners has been something ive been worrying about in secret its the same reason why if someone posted a banner for me in the past i would go through and recreate it to follow some loose guidelines


bored gonno fire up some tsukiji fish market videos


luke is so dreamy


literal autism


is that why you made me edit the pripara goat banner a bunch of times before adding it


cant remember if i ended up doing like i said and recreating that banner on my end so that it matched the others but it doesnt seem out of the question for that to be the reason i know i for sure did it with the akari on a bench banner

theres also the naming scheme for the banners i would like them to use md5 hashes as their names or if theyre a screencap then it would be good to add them with information like series name/season/episode and maybe even time of the screencap



imagine leaving hima for a month and coming back to a bunch of awfully cropped banners added with bad filenames


File: 1528831185983.png (47.29 KB, 300x100, Pripara Episode 48.png)

im guessing the bottom jaw of the goat was the problem with this one because it stands out to me and maybe mireis elbow


die discord


File: 1528831516191.jpg (131.81 KB, 709x1001, __adeleine_bronto_burt_dark_matter_ice_dragonk….jpg)

do this one then




girl from the sexy lady clothes store stopped in and asked me to kill a spider in their store but when i got in the store it was already dead that store smelled weird kind of like feet


should add some more basic filters like change you to I and I to you and it to they thatll trick people or simply filter u to v


feet or sexy ladyfeet


愛 hanging out in the sexy lady clothes store i tell them its for my daughter hehe


tried doing that once and the girl behind the counter chuckled and said yeah sure


i dont have photoshop anymore i uninstalled it since i figured i wouldnt be doing much with hima anymore especially NOT making banners and i cant find any torrent for one now

a filter i was thinking about yesterday was bad to big it was making me giggle


i too giggle thinking about filters hehe


just use the PainteR adobe patcher on the trial version


dont think i liked any filter except for flip


i miss underage.gif


maximum overmorphed for 24 hours sigh


were you in a coma


actually had to revise the one banner i made a few times to change the resizing algorithm since mine was NOTiceably more blurrier than than the regular banners


which one did you maked


just the akari one


cant believe i need to be a smartnorm mathnorm with bilinear sizing algorithms just to have my banner accepted


File: 1528835171093.png (279.72 KB, 1020x530, a9131e7a10e738b107b121c1bab5042f.png)

cant go wrong with dominos


they have already peaked you need a stock thats gonno grow NOT one that grew like crazy because theres no more room


had a nice sperm to a ragnarok doujinshi


stocks dont do that they just keep going up


no just narcolepsy its possible for me to remorph multiple times in a row its a blessing sometimes but mostly a curse


its the drugs


what if you need to pee


hope maltamate is safe and happy


what the flip


big boss asked if i pull any 'ass' in the smart car i wont stand for this mogging


doesnt happen only when i badly need to shite do i end my slumber


do you post on hima while morphed


napped earlier and thought i felt someone patting my shoulder hope i dont have a problem



was morphing tonight and kitty jumped on my face


curry time hima


wish i had some curry think im gonno go out and grab mself some onion rings and sushi


STOP eating onion RINGS


but why


gonno start yelling at the wall until the clothes store girl comes back in to see if im ok


ive been thinking
since i have my own office i could use teamviewer to work at home and no one would NOTice and if someone calls and i dont answer i could just say that i was in the bathroom or something


do it


better yet move to cambodia and work from there


愛 a good yell


only in my dreams and only really bad posts i posted about a nightmarepost i made once


does anyone else sleepjo


did anyone see the fake tattoo on linus


nice chinkgirl


gran has become a complete lun its sad


mine too thinks she worked at the pentagon on 9/11


okay my gran is NOT that crazy


im home hima heck yeah


you should start taking zync and magnesium before a long daymorph its fun


NOT falling for anything like that i heard about the bleach and pennies thing


trust me on this one




File: 1528843951288.jpg (168.35 KB, 1317x1070, DeqC7cUU0AA6mw4.jpg)

underage babe


that is a man


how can you tell


im an expert on men




i can see a penis


do you mates have innie or outie belly buttons


house foods curry never fails to impress me


File: 1528844549286.jpg (38.27 KB, 420x630, Bz-cVrkCEAEq1Yx.jpg)

baste harada


innie it looks great


same ive got an innie


nobody has an outie in reality that is freakish


innie here wish for an outtie lgf so i can pull on it and make her horny




File: 1528845329665.jpg (9.29 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

you mean kyle


you freak


you can do that with innie lgf belly buttons too


dont know who that is



he has a underage wife




baste soyboy


wouldnt mind being stuck in the same shirt as her just look at her ass


used to fantasize about being stuck in the same leoflapper as the sexy lady in 3rd year


grown men should NOT wear leoflappers


i wasnt a grown man yet now i dont imagine such things hehe


is onseki hre


why is all this shite so expensive it cant be that much better than a related book right


what is it i dont want to open my hazardous links vm


online finance courses


you dont need those


didnt think so but what do i need i just want money


buy the flippin dip


think ill watch some youtube vids and gamble on forex 100x


head on
apply directly to the forehead



accidentally downloaded an anime with over 100 episodes oh my good how am i going to watch all of this


scape boss just called


ask him if he has a fire cape


he told me to meet him in the wildy


dont bring your aloha shirt just wear some monk robes and a glory then you never know if hes planning to hand you three promotions then tb you and swap to his hybrid gear trust me if you get frozen without any food you will be dclawed out


he already hung up he told me he doesnt know where the boost the mate who runs this store is and said that i should plan on coming here tomorrow too then said id be getting some overtime this week i cant complain its NOT like its physically tiring and if im going to be working extra then this is the store to do it


so does he have a fire cape or NOT


i didnt ask i wrote that post in response to >>792693


just tricked taco bell into giving me a free cream pop freeze




mate who was taking my order had to go to the drive thru window so i told him i wanted a freeze if they had it so he had to go check the machine if it was available and i got aNOTher lady to finish my order told her that was it and the mate told her to get me the freeze but she didnt know it wasnt on the tab oh man my brain is huge


thats immoral


thieving basflapper


youre going to hell now was it worth it


yeah that was delicious


just woke up hi


wish to flip a sexy lady hard especially right now


File: 1528849221204.png (843.8 KB, 960x540, [a-s]_birdy_the_mighty_decode_-_01_-_one_plus_….png)


is apple going amd for their new products


does anyone here have a unicomp keyboard


i have an dell keyboard i found in the dumpster




fell for the mechanical keyboard meme i hate it so much


what keyboard is this


wish i remembered the email for that account so i could delete that video


the feds already have it on your file its too late


just downloaded it hehe


its a filco


thats my kb


gonno watch this


spotted a teengirl looking at my vpl



link your last post on the w before the shut down


die modnorm


weird how turt gets exposed and those mates show up


do you think sexy ladies ever put things up their asses when they masturbate
i bet they dont enjoy it and never try again but the fact that almost every 11 year old sexy lady has tried anal masturbation at least once is just mindblowing




how did turt get exposed


hate how all sexy ladies are far more inclined to like anal stuff


nice pastamate >>13199851


daddys going for a cold one tonight


why would you hate it its one of the best things about them
also filter hate to 嫌い


onseki have you fixed sjis yet or NOT its been months
i am baste indeed


because i dont find anal appealing at all




so you havent changed your mind in all these years you absolute fool


sexy ladies hate anal


die sodomites


iori 愛s it


compared to the pain of vaginal sex they much prefer anal


http://babyandbump.The Bosstastic.com/kids-teenagers/1014969-5yr-old-girl-our-family-dog.html


die sickos


File: 1528855809617.jpg (589.21 KB, 850x1400, __ibuki_suika_touhou_drawn_by_nishiuri__9b85ad….jpg)


sexy ladies like it when you rub their kitties but NOT when you go inside


is there a more metal song ever written


black metal pinches




black metal is the only good metal


what about power metal


herkz would get miffed when i spoke of only listening to upbeat japanese music


die friendnorm



are there no giant mecha sushi bars like fortnite
i dont play sushi bars but that seems like a fun concept for a gundam sushi bar


but mecha pinches



no it doesnt its baste as hell


die mechaseki


phew shat that was a wet one


havent shat in 4 days


愛 愛 愛 luna chan




should i post more organ music


ya post a real good one


File: 1528858060555.jpg (1.13 MB, 1720x2428, 4174f5f136ed3f0275050a0ebc474664.jpg)

very nice artist


gih sushi chefs


seki do you have any recommendations for music like this besides casiopea


File: 1528858485285.mp3 (8.09 MB, BWV537.mp3)


no im trying to get into japanese jazz fusion too maybe yellow magic orchestra t-square and hitomitoi and dorian for some more modern stuff with a similar vibe


havent ever listened to tsquare ill check them out tomorrow


i only listen to metal



hate jazz i cant listen to it


i listen to everything that isnt mainstream or collegenorm music


i had casiopea playing today on auto play and some naoya matsuoka came on and i really liked it now i know what kind of music to play in the store


basted matt alt


die bitch


there was a cover of a casiopea song playing on the radio station at work
if you mates were ever wondering every store that has music playing has it sent in over the phone lines from a company and its big business


play burzum


yes listen to aske


there was a free gundam sushi bar on ps3 that was pretty much a battle royale



File: 1528859626880.png (523.06 KB, 1445x920, 67738fbda984848ca63aa7dd436d7e19.png)

does this really happen




cold gonno have a shower then make some chicken sandwiches


gonno fire up a bruce lee movie


neat when you ban a range it retroactively applies the ban to post histories so you wont end up making multiple bans on the same range


stop banning people


fat chance kid


girls just wanna have snap
get snapped


baked brownies added some extra ingredients fresh out the oven with some ice cream hb



brownies or "brownies"


liked the first track then got bored


they are chocolate and crispy on the outside gooey on the inside and dont have any cannabis in them if thats what youre asking


time to watch tokyo ghoul


i say no to drugs
sourseki cant


should i go to the pool


seki can you unban 198 range forgot that theres a regular poster here using the same range i would do it myself but i cant unban people for some reason cough cough cough cough cough cough


File: 1528861462134.jpg (187.13 KB, 598x800, f74b6ea033966eb62ad37b10de2b6f57.jpg)


daddys thinking about getting the cold one out of the fridge


im a daddy




File: 1528862128574.png (201.56 KB, 343x357, 1524944584809.png)

hell ya finally time to slam jam again




daddys cold one tonight is a dales pale ale it really hits the spot


i can still hear kids in the pool it would have been weird to show up at night


they are skinny dipping


the weird thing is that the light in the pool doesnt work so they could and nobody would know


applied to work in the mines if all goes well ill be mining sulfur for 10 hours a day


wish i had a sexy lady right now


very nice


what do you mean what would you do with her




File: 1528863212666.png (29.55 KB, 153x202, firefox_2017-03-05_17-37-25.png)


dont even know what skinny dipping is


is that translator a fan of the hima angel filter


its where you go swimming naked


the picture showing this is bullshit i can NOT jo to that


you know a ban is unjust when it doesnt show what it was for


because its a nice thread


The YMCA was responsible for providing swimming classes to countless numbers of American boys and teenagers. This included swimming in indoor pools. Swimming trunks were NOT permitted in their pools.[23] In Lincoln, Nebraska in 1958, for example, learners were told just to bring a towel and NOT to bring trunks. In Sheboygan, Wisconsin in 1954, the Recreation Department reported that 404 youngsters had attended an 11-day swimming course where the boys were unhampered by bathing suits.

what the fuck


baste ymca


baste coolpeds


However, well into the latter days of the Victorian Era, whereas all females were routinely wearing modest bathing attire, many boys well into their teens in Victorian England, even when in a mixed gender setting, were still swimming and playing at the beach resorts completely naked. An article published on August 23, 1891 in the Syracuse Sunday Herald suggests naked boys of up to 15 years in age were problematic for American parents with daughters, and read:

A 'Bewildered American' writes to the London Standard that he can't take his little girl to play in the sand at a British seaside resort without her being surrounded by crowds of naked boys. An English friend told him that they let their daughters play with naked boys of ten years of age, but draw the line at fifteen.

this is fascinating


why is it ok to show naked boys but NOT girls




During the 1960s, as baby boomers were entering high school, there was a growing backlash against enforced nude male swimming and by the 1970s, it had largely been phased out along with gender integration of pools. Male students protested the double standard of being required to go nude due to wool lint from swimwear clogging pool filters when it did NOT appear to cause a problem with girls' swim costumes. In any case, rising living standards post-World War II created a greater desire for privacy.

so basically mates swimming nude was a normal and expected thing while girls were expected to always wear a swimsuit


did gay peds run the world back then or something thats really weird


baste pastor anderson


The 1937 Administration of Health and Physical Recreation training manual stated, "Nude bathing for boys is practiced universally, in a few schools girls may swim nude and this is the most sanitary method."

Nude female swimming was NOT allowed in most schools, both for modesty reasons and because it would be awkward to accommodate menstruating girls. The Detroit public schools briefly allowed nude female swimming in 1947; this policy was revoked after three hours due to protests from parents.


my ymca allows girls up to age 17 to swim nude


where do i sign up


did you mates ever hear about the aquatic ape hypothesis


the nig made it


nice forced meta hours you boosting niggers


shat but got a second wind and need to shit again


have you heard of the squat shitting movement


ya i ordered a squatty potty


is that really deserving of a year long ban


no but i cant unban so its someone elses problem otherwise it would have been removed just know that the 172 range was already rangebanned in the past for slam jamming about a month ago


oh some of them are still there use the search box and type in 172


i will delete all the rangebans after an obviously undisclosed period of time


specifically the ones with 172.58 are most likely the same person


can we go back to talking about nude swimming





norm may cry 5 yawn


gonno get a dna test and then remodel my home basted on my natural heritage


back to your roots


going to remodel my home with monochrome furniture and art


always secretly wanted to test my dna but dont want to get framed


the time has come and so have i




maybe i should forgo the test and simply start decorating in a czech style since thats what The Boss always said our family was


you need to back to czech republic


its impossible


czechs have good gun rights


File: 1528865450921.jpg (1.85 MB, 4288x2848, Classic_Vienna-style_beef_goulash.jpg)

the dumplings look so good compared to everything else


those dont look like gyoza to me why are they called dumpings



Ashley Klett's younger sister marked the "Asian" box on her college applications this year, after the elder Ms. Klett, 20, took a DNA test that said she was 2 percent East Asian and 98 percent European.

Whether it mattered they do NOT know, but she did get into the college of her choice.

"And they gave her a scholarship," Ashley said.


Pearl Duncan has grander ambitions: she wants a castle.

A descendant of Jamaican slaves, Ms. Duncan had already identified the Scottish slave owner who was her mother's great-great-grandfather through archival records. But the DNA test confirming her 10 percent British Isles ancestry gave her the nerve to contact the Scottish cousins who had built an oil company with his fortune.


File: 1528865753192.jpg (28.11 KB, 707x398, pici0xgyb.jpg)

theyre european dumplings NOT asian dumplings these ones were the most common growing up but my The Boss never filled them with anything


really like rage against the machine but its basically dad rock at this point


sigh just got a frog even but died while trying to get the token


File: 1528866066187.jpg (1.02 MB, 1240x1754, 9fb2c131d90171d63cc304bf9809b44d.jpg)

wish to hug and flip at the same time


that sounds like snap


i would chop that dumb little bitch into sizable portions and fry them up on the grill with some rufus teague sauce


愛 a good fsnap snack




wonder if vr will be like the wired or sao at some point in my life


im NOT opposed to cooking human meat at the hima mansion


File: 1528866325588.jpg (724.27 KB, 1000x664, dumpling.jpg)

fuwari misses the food of her homeland


going to lock that thread for the time being until this one is full just because the fact that it exists seems to steam the ever living FLIP out of that mate

and then it can be unlocked and used and steam him somemore


File: 1528866474190.png (539.23 KB, 1596x900, Gintoki_waving_goodbye.png)

ja tanomun oremo neru


ano watashi is still benkyouing japanesego but watashi can wakatta kisamas post a chotto


wish to be diced and turned into steamed neetbuns and fed to a sexy lady


i will chop you up and find a underage lady to eat you


used to 愛 ham but now when i see it i cant stop thinking that its human meat is that normal




you fool thats the wrong order of events im only going to be eaten by a underage girl who 愛s me she must be my lgf first


cant stand ham either because i dont like sweet meat


sigh sweating like a pig after that making sushi sesh


havent had a nice sweaty josesh in ages


really want to trick a sexy lady into eating human meat


first off how are you going to get the human meat second where are you going to find a sexy lady third how are you going to trick her into eating it sexy ladies are like cats they dont eat food from strangers


hes slam jamming threads now


wish seki would disable thread creation




whats he steamed about i wasnt paying attention


hes mad that posts were deleted in the other thread and that the thread wasnt deleted entirely

im being serious


why are you using italics


because its hard to believe theres someone like him out there


gonno get a part time slav lgf this summer


NOT really


caught The Boss browsing hima again


turt isnt idle in discord but he hasnt posted here ever since the slam jam started how odd


groan the wk is back


why would turt waste his time slam jamming hima


see the sb post and then see >>792836


File: 1528867808676.png (188.63 KB, 830x631, nice joke.PNG)


die mushnorm


looks like im back to hating pnig


cant you just relax instead of going on banning sprees the site was fine until you started doing all this shit and posting about mod stuff constantly


don't listen to this poster


File: 1528868030776.jpg (34.81 KB, 379x281, 1528861379530.jpg)

nice fud but i just woke up 15 minutes ago i didnt slam jam the shitty forced meme general even though im apparently a part of the shite musketeers


do you think he will stop if he isnt banned


never mind it looks turt really did do it sorry for doubting you pnig


hes getting the reaction he wants is all im saying


i only posted that screencap to show that the mate who was banned for a joke was actually a slam jammer


fair enough i take it back i just want hima to be calm again


more than one person can point out the blatant hypocrisy at play


there have always been times when some mate decides to do stuff like this its just part of hima


ban slam jamtron




gonno have a fresh wank


think im only gonno browse hima during extreme dead hours from now on thats the time i enjoy the site the most


sb trying to sew dissent again dissolving it once he gained ownership of hima will be a mistake hell carry to his grave


cant you two see youre in 愛 with each other


he rekindled his arrogance


wish i had a high quality version of this song


hey onseki make me a mod so i can ban turt


only people with no personal investment in hima are fit to be mods


nb should be the sole janitary force


File: 1528868815956.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.03 MB, 960x720, 1525320863015.gif)



yes i should


this except unironically
1. hes on 24/7
2. he has no ego like the otamin so he wont go mad with power
3. he is wise and fair




dont forget the fact that hes basted as all hell


nb doesnt have time to be himas janitor hes travelling the world giving lectures and motivational speeches about woodcutting



what gives you the damn right


File: 1528870575585.flac (30.01 MB, 01 - Sobakasu.flac)


whats going on here why is the sexy lady being flipped by a woman


its her dad


girls should only be flipped by their brothers


wish i had a sis


no you dont





no its a guitar girl


stupid chink bitch


what have you got against chinks huh


NOThing i just like insulting girls


phew just got 99 runecraft




just preordered super smash mates ultimate




gonno celebrate with a bottle of The Bosss wine




found some cream for my butthole ill beat this itch and go back to being juicy in no time


hate women


nice turt


my precious dead hours


File: 1528887820036.jpeg (306.22 KB, 1075x1434, 9854a663ecd723fc2cdc4120638a1fb5.jpeg)




crying a lot


whats wrong hima homie


i read a sad manga


so begins aNOTher 4.5 hour of sleep workday


youre torturing yourself


no the norms are torturing me


at work


do you best


thanks just finished reading lots of good posts about naked swimming and music and stuff




hehe yeah those were good


and tricking pure sexy ladies into practicing cannibalism of course



enjoyed himakos endearing speech on her banner guidelines


there were always reasons for doing things how they were done




flip you neetblogblog


pull my devil trigger


shat showered didnt shave


shaving is a scam anyway


good news i got approved for the apartment


what about the mansion


that can come later


File: 1528914376456.webm (1.36 MB, 1280x720, 1528821810593.webm)




wish i was living in japan its NOT fair


File: 1528915214446.jpg (53.73 KB, 300x100, __adeleine_bronto_burt_dark_matter_ice_dragonk….jpg)

the talk about banners got me excited normally i wouldnt add something like this because its a white background but there are lots of colors

i had to squeeze the image to get more in and then i edited out the thing to the immediate left of her face because it also had a face and it made things look too weird


why did that take you 24 hours


i had to find a cs5 download and then i realized i must have been using cs6 because it was way brighter than what i remember so i debated searching for cs6 or NOT and decided against it because cs6 automatically defaults to bilinear it would be easier to use cs5 and a bit lighter


use cs3 instead


File: 1528916083602.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.78 MB, 3611x3232, 92681d8ad4670892c6f19c74e3bdc6f8.jpg)

some banners are cropped from less than savory images i dont think many people NOTiced



maybe making some banners will keep me going its one thing i actually really liked to do


what the flip


eating that leftover pasta


"They are the first nation to impose gun laws in the whole world and I think it laid down a bedrock saying that guns really don't play a part in civilian society."
People were being rewarded for giving up firearms as far back as 1685, a policy Overton describes as "perhaps the first ever gun buyback initiative"

didnt some mate say japan was a peaceful armed society


hey hima just got back home went out and did some dumb stuff on my day off


File: 1528918680008.jpg (90.74 KB, 1200x675, CsHdjsQWYAEpUA9.jpg)

bannerize THIS


wish it was my day off


File: 1528919426500-0.jpg (174.32 KB, 1021x340, 1528918680008-1.jpg)

File: 1528919426500-1.jpg (61.1 KB, 539x180, 1528918680008-2.jpg)


first one is better


File: 1528921666150.png (391.77 KB, 1021x340, Untitled.png)


File: 1528921853708.png (92.33 KB, 539x180, 1528918680008-2.png)

were you going for this


ya but more stylized


what do you mean stylized


you know



phew hima flanally home after a hard days work


what are you going to do now


gonno jerk it to some kids


tried the plunger trick on one of the dents on my car
it didnt work at all but it was fun


made a big ol bottle of coffee gonno sip


die sipper


wish i could make music like this they really make it look so easy


basted japanese soul brothers


nice t square glad youre enjoying them


neetblog did you spend that 990k i gave you



just woke up nice backpedal dovy




i hvae a new appreciation for musicians but only if theyre as talented as these mates

also that is a completely unique instrument i dont think ive ever seen something like it


stop watching a friend




watch this instead


i refuse


gonno start a scaping channel


stream it


cant stop watching these mates perform im honestly amazed


i think thats an electronic flute


wish i had a robot voice


ya its an akai ewi you can see the brand name in the video


play my skin flute


yes sir


just wanted to say that i 愛 you mates


hima is like family all of my friends are here


same without hima id be completely alone


probably only enjoy posting on hima maybe once a week


why only once a week


wish i could jam like this


never got to go to the pool i kept overthinking it and my hair grew back


File: 1528930125801.jpg (36.47 KB, 362x599, 362px-L'Arringatore.jpg)

gonno start wearing NOThing but togas


went to the eye doctor but there were too many mirrors in the lobby so i got depressed


nice uli


went to the eye doctor last week he asked me if i was in school and i said no then he asked what i do for a living


never went to the eye doctor before my vision is perfect


File: 1528930488718.jpg (6.04 KB, 240x240, RZNP2XbR_400x400.jpg)


did you tell him you were an artist


i told him i make sushi


The Boss made some more two layer lasagna should i post a picture


File: 1528930590821.jpg (19.81 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)

ok here it is


got a half chicken nugget



you mean a semi




im NOT rich


in a making sushi mode gonno fire up dmc4


very slow day today only had two people all day


Worst pizza j have ever had. Ordered two medium pizzas and one order came out wrong. The wrong pizza was NOThing but cheese. I have never seen so much cheese in my life. defiantly NOT editable to say the least.


sigh did i misspell mood or is that a filter


im trapped in reflapper mode


isnt that a good thing


oh cunnilingusdddddd im flapperddddddddddddddd help


its good but sitting on a stool all day is shitty i might go grab the office chair


how can i make my own himatheme that sticks around when i refresh
tampermonkey or scriptish or something like that


a friend is the only scapetuber i like


simply make it and post the css and have onseki add it


i am onseki i know how to edit the css but i dont want to add a theme that is purely to my tastes and setup it seems rude


miss being a 20 year old teen neet shiteing up the internet without a care in the world


it is unbelievably selfish to make a theme and keep it for yourself what if its to someones liking


okay ill just do that then but i better NOT get any complaints about how bad it is


it cant be worse than cyberpunk just look at that piece of shit


im still using invertmas


i use mushroom and listen to the mushroom hill zone theme while i post on hima


i use yotsuba b


cat scratched me bad kitty


i use murasaki i like the purple but i want it slightly darker


i use claura on NOTebooks and pcs and ashita on phones



only ever edited themes like style.css to work with the quick reply and for the snow effect maybe i should try making my own from scratch with my favorite colors


nevermind got tired just thinking about it



sighing remembering the halloween theme and himas first halloween


File: 1528932492208.png (26.26 KB, 300x213, baste.PNG)


how come theres no summer theme




isnt tropical a summer theme it


remove the szalet theme its satanic


dante brings back memories


why does the dante theme look like shit


can you add music to themes


theyre style sheets only


cunnilingus i 愛 this album


why does link gag so much


hes NOT used to eating or doing gross things like rhett


but its just normal street food


how is that normal its fermented tofu


billions of people eat it


so what


that makes it normal


you wouldnt be able to eat it either


you underestimate my 愛 of stink


thats what the norms said about natto


The Bossgf 愛d natto


always laughed when i saw loser spelled as looser


where is The Bossgf anyway


im a looser


stretched and yelled


ask him to come back turts gone now anyway


愛 a good s n y


i only identified him as a poster i didnt post his name and stuff that was the sb


i miss fatneet


added the theme i might fool with it a little more


what theme


fatneet is a myth


gonno have coffee


hell yeah


fatneet here


baste eggplantseki


gonno make instant ramen and mix in tuna and catsup


hate ketchup


dont think ive tried an eggplant before


how can you go over twenty years without trying almost everything at least once


theres NOT really any reason to go outside what you like


really want the posts to extend farther across the screen there must be a way


why would you want that


fixed the vacuum cleaner The Boss says ive become quite the handyman hehe


what if the thing you like the most is something you never had you cant know until youve tried everything at least once


but what if i dont like it


sigh wish i was chink so id be good at rhythm sushi bars and bullet hells


you wouldnt have a soul though


itd be worth the price


do you mean the post boxes


yes basically
even if most of the posts are short i think it would be cool if they extended out into a little past the middle of the screen


im a man of few words


i shall never work


i have NOThing to say


nice ricer


what did you just call me


look for the div.post and div.body rules and add

width: 1920px;

or however wide you want them there seems to be something stopping the posts from going all the way across the page though


oh nevermind that was chromes inspector blocking it from going across the whole page


that works thanks


gonno shit


愛 fixing stuff


gonno make a couple of tuna melts instead of ramen The Boss bought fior di latte


boruto tomorrow guess ill watch steins gate


norms gate


you can also do percentages so

width: 50%;

would put it half way across the page if you want to make some kind of scalable theme


never had a problem with any programming language but css makes me rage it never does what i want


愛 The Boss and sis and kitty and my himamates im so blessed


what should i put in my resume under skills i have detailed oriented and proficient in gnu+linux


with those qualifications you might as well write down autism




computers and the other is a tommy bahama reverse print both are blue and white and the only thing that is NOT a real problem is the only all around the pnig arc should be able to post a picture of the loom select the color of the color you want to take a look at the config and the color we know as orange


we need an aloha theme


add a nb theme


Spirituality Level 88


make one yourself ken


should i scape again pie eating contests 2 looks fun


yes its great


die pissnorm


added that im reliable too


baste pissnorm




should i make one


ya but make it dark


you mean reverse print


feel a rage coming on


does anyone like eggplant


never ate eggplant



aNOTher one of my favorites



gonno practice fast typing so i can put that as my skill as well


i just posted this reposter


what the hell are you serious


i wasnt even paying attention i was just watching that coincidentally




bad news i think its pinworms


me and herkz had a mutual friend who got pinworms from eating two years old jerke


NOThing wrong with a few worms


nice sakura






File: 1528943200330.jpg (18.82 KB, 579x430, 30._TTD_.jpg)


File: 1528943894093.jpg (143.84 KB, 850x638, 1503413864194.jpg)






when will amazon start delivering dogs via drone for nice stew


cant wait to move in to the apartment




i refuse


didnt know mark weins wrote an article on dog wonder if hes had a slice of human flesh


that website crashed my computer


i put a bit of research into ancient european meals and ive never seen dog mentioned or chicken nuggets excavated in archaeological sites


learned a new word


human flesh tastes very similar to pelican ive heard


are pelicans and storks the same thing




storks are beaklets compared to pelicans


what kind of comparison is that why would anyone know what pelican tastes like


well you would be able to tell what a pelican tastes like after you eat one


why do i smell so good when i dont shower for weeks




how do pheromones make girls vaginas and ass stretch




highly recommend adding beans to a quesorito


wish i could make a living as a video sushi bar streamer


why cant you


daddy wants aNOTher cold one


wish i had a dad


i pinch at video sushi bars and have no personality


its NOT that great


but you dont need either of those


no father figure sigh


gonno get a futon for my place


what do i need


big tits


do manboobs count





File: 1528949487722.png (Spoiler Image, 1.3 MB, 936x970, f8563ee353b475e80074fed523749e31.png)


die knicker


im the knickblog


dead hours


got a frog token flip yes


sigh was gonno post neetfrog but i cant find the image


daddys home he got a kona golden ale


how many frog tokens do you have



wish my /fun/ mates were still here


cant wait for the rainy season and the cicada season


do norms really listen to this


i dont know


never read books so i never posted on /fun/ im more of a /cp/ kind of mate anyway


sigh mosquito bite on my right buttcheek need to stop sleeping naked


i sleep completely naked and i have never once in my entire life had my asshole stung by a mosquito


always wanted to learn finnish i realize now that it would have been useless


vile roasts


is that you neetblog i need to ask you something





whats your opinion on this video


vile roast


never understood asmr


do you get the tingles


what about this one


i like the ones that are just a woman talking in a foreign language it helps me focus


no i just get irritated and close the video


it just makes me uncomfortable




what about this one


this helps me a lot though because your brain will be focused on the talking without actually consciously thinking about it which stops your mind from wandering


File: 1528954651396-0.jpg (27.44 KB, 460x291, Pumpkin.jpg)

File: 1528954651396-1.jpg (64.31 KB, 900x900, pumpkin-green-003हरा-कद्दू-myvegshop.com_.jpg)

are american pumpkins weird or am i just ignorant about what is commonly referred to as a pumpkin when i hear it i think of the orange one but the pumpkin in her video is green


File: 1528954829169.jpg (38.14 KB, 480x640, 1528952998370.jpg)


is it ok


ya it just has neet belly


nice yama


dumb little bitch


take it back shes a very cute and joyful and loving little girl


should i microwave these dogs or just eat them cold


throw em on the grill


microwave them you dont want to catch any weird diseases




what the flip is your problem


why grill a dog when you eat it in seconds


hate when people leave kids weird comments


put some garlic up my ass


those kiddos 愛 it


she pinches at asmr


guess ill morph


you should be nice to children also dont molest them


i ahve 18 frog tokens


i stuck garlic in my ear when i had an infection it cleared me up


butthole burning rn


same flipping mosquitos


death hours


i have NOThing to say


i dont take no for an answer


sigh someone post something or else


gonno morph see you later boosters


nice quads


having a nice wall stare


levelling hunter


File: 1528960332002.jpg (53.98 KB, 604x604, xgglroconp311.jpg)


why is nero an old man


they want the horny sexy lady audience


the sushi chef sexy ladycel demographic


that is dante nero looks like the teenmatedante now


if i get to the pool before everyone it wont be so bad because then i cant be mistaken for a mate going to the pool to look at the sexy ladies as a matter of fact the roles will be reversed entirely


should i play DmC


no its for teens


hell yeah you should


NOThin teen



ban all adultnorms


how can i get a teengf or ptgf or lgf


why did you write lgf twice


i hope onseki doesnt give my ip to the fbi


File: 1528964795223.jpg (Spoiler Image, 469.05 KB, 1920x1080, 1528934030999.jpg)


post the sock


i hope you havent masturbated this ramadan


got a yew seed from my third birdhouse flip yes]


now get a job


File: 1528978893852.jpg (3.36 MB, 5312x2988, sigh.jpg)

sigh rolled the boruto gacha and got this flippin hell i wanted boruto


cool baby


hi hima hows it going


fool have some respect thats the seventh


new boruto was epic


took off work today just drove around for a few hours then i went to the pool and tried to sooth my broken body and then i drove around for aNOTher 40 miles or so just cruising


baste driveseki


gonno nap


world cup time


just woke up







sigh why did i click that am i on a list now


why would you be on a list lots of people post videos of themselves dancing


dis pear
so delicious


gonno morph goodnight mates


its 11am


nice falricmate


is it ok if i want a gf like that


sigh wish i got boruto and NOT naruto from that gacha


you shouldnt want any kind of gf


die cool


wish i had an androidmatelike connor


wish i could cruise


youre NOT dedicated to the slab idiot


woke up should i raindance


hell ya just be careful with your headphones


internet went down yesterday now im getting a 404 on hima


its my birthday


happy birthday little mate close your eyes and make a wish


happy bday mate


wish to flip a sexy lady


wish revoked




scape boss calls me papi now


think im just gonno sequester myself in my neethole and play yuri sushi bars for a year or so


is there a kiss him NOT me sushi bar


im so tired my eyes feel like theyre on fire


simply morph


愛 yuri sushi bars 愛 yuri in general but real lesbians are NOT baste


its just NOT that easy i still havent gotten sarada from the gacha


i like yuri and anime aimed at girls is that normal


me too 愛 the self insert girl in those


herkz 愛d this one


flipping 愛 this song so much so so much


okay on that NOTe im gonno sleep 愛 you mates


whats to 愛


dislike yuri




despite all my rage


im a fag reflapper


yuri rules boys drool


its sick



i drool


i grool


so do all girls


die slimer




the boss of scape boss came in for a surprise visit while i was supposed to be here alone and told me to keep doing what i was doing normally hes on the phone complaining about stuff to people


is rhett wearing an aloha shirt


baste ltg


baste chimp


hey hima just got home big stuff happening today


愛 this track i downloaded this album when it was released sigh





nice intel with a 900w cpu


is that good or bad im NOT a technorm


new threadripper draws double the power of original threadripper at 350w for up to 32 cores and that intel has 18 cores with normal ryzens only drawing 95w

so even a record breaking overclock on a ryzen will never draw that much thats a ridiculous amount of power needed how many people actually own 900w power supplies or higher



didnt understand a lick of this post




their 28 core 5ghz "demo" also couldnt be shown after the initial appearance because it would trip breakers in certain rooms good flipping job intel


forgot to shit today


gonno make some two layer lasagna


愛 pasta but hate lasagna


rushed home only to realize its boring here i dont want to be working right now either why does doing stuff i have to pinch so bad


the cicadas should be coming out soon go look for them


gonno fire up some detroit become human




愛 using himafilters with norms favorite is basflapper they have no idea hehe


got back from work its sis birthday shes out with The Boss and friends from school made me a cup o joe its great time to relax


what did you get her


wish i had a lil sis wed flip every day


gonno jerk off


File: 1529015021641.jpg (217.98 KB, 1920x1080, 1528689110216.jpg)

rate my family


pair of vans sk8s


that is immoral and illegal


are you a horse man



sexy ladycels will take whatever they can get even if it is their brothers


the boss of scape boss is still here its weird hes just typing on his laptop he called scape boss and asked about wages


stop posting that freak


you cant call him a freak hes basted as flip thats neetblogs brother


horse mans dont exist they are only horse girls


who does flips the horse girls


some of them have horse cocks


if i had a sis i would use her like an onahole im sure she would have no problem with it because girls who are past age 9 have a strong desire to be flipped by any man


they flip each other


i flip my own asshole




What is an Italian virgin? A girl who can outrun her brother. lol!


i see lots of underage italian girls


no they do NOT trust me


nice one hehe


File: 1529015588534.png (26.26 KB, 300x213, baste.PNG)



File: 1529015920445.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 765.28 KB, 1052x744, bigjo.jpeg)

explain this


that is a work of fiction


its basted on a true story


i refuse to believe


do roasts understand that yoga pants are NOT attractive or do they just NOT give a flip


they do NOT give a flip its for comfort


arent skirts more comfortable


they do it to show off their vaginal regions to show local chads that they are sexually receptive its NOT for you so just look away


its an instinctual thing girls eventually start getting a strong desire to have their vaginas filled with something and most generally that means having it be filled with a mates penis

any mates penis


i just realized something mindblowing


still getting a 403 but whatever glasses are here that was really quick



the rain theme is great


need aNOTher cup of coffee but kitty is morphing on my lap


gonno order a confederate flag ill hang it off my balc next to the palestine building up a nice collection


die racist


NOThing racist about supporting states rights


wouldnt mind a ptgf they seem the most promiscuous


should i start a website


sigh hearing voices again


stop taking diphenhydramine


what did you just said





make it just like hima but put ads all over the place youll get rich


Congratulations, sexy ladyfriendfinder.com is available!
How long do you want to register this for?


just pledged $10 per month to the hima patreon


Congratulations, iboostmyownass.com is available!
Congratulations, boostasstonight.com is available!
Congratulations, snappedates.com is available!
Congratulations, handsonsexed.com is available!


how much do i have to pledge for himako to send me a pair of used panties



mates lets do some pie eating contests 2 together this weekend


hell yeah


im down


Congratulations, buttholelickers.com is available!
Congratulations, underagemanbutts.com is available!
Congratulations, cripplingmicropenis.com is available!


anyone down for some hima hold em


gonno fire up nioh


Congratulations, whydidcunnilingusinventpedophiles.com is available!

and on the page itself will be a picture of a sexy lady and thats it


wonder who the strongest hima is


thou fool


wonder why you cant host hard candy on the clearnet in some jurisdiction with no laws about it how does the lea take those mates down


what jurisdicktion are you talking about



File: 1529018140427.png (40.1 KB, 940x470, l_q4y_8d3e760c7649724d6c55669edf4ef36b.png)

those red ones


lack of infrastructure


you can get a server in mongolia



whats the criteria this pic is talking about


what happens in mongolia


NOT sure but surely theres some place that doesnt care


im mong


when the government has open hatred for peds and society has been brainwshed by the media to hate peds you know that being ped is baste fight the system


the ped meme has gone too far


whats wrong with onion


its about dignity


its about freedom of speech and equal rights


simply move to russia


File: 1529019335880.jpg (958.98 KB, 972x1400, bk.jpg)

the gap from first to second is probably a wider span than each of the rest put together


i do NOT want to get snapped by the vicious sexy lady gangs


im probably the second strongest i can 2 rep by bodyweight


turt would stand no chance against the blog in a cage match


File: 1529019705989.png (1.13 MB, 994x1034, 0011-0012.png)


you underestimate how much of a pacifist the blob is we had to teach him to put his thumb out to punch the other day


that wasnt the other day that was a year ago bub


i have no sense of time


my memories of the past four years are all mashed together


me too i cant remember doing anything interesting since 2006 time flies


wonder if itd be fun to live with turt itd be cool to lift together and go out for Drives but i wouldnt want to live with a drug user specially psychedelics


we have all been living in a simulation since 2007




how come the person running my simulation hasnt let me flip a sexy lady yet


we were living in a simulation up to 2007


then how come i didnt flip a sexy lady before then


he didnt buy the dlc




File: 1529020691807.png (92.33 KB, 539x180, 1528918680008-2.png)

wish i was a ghote



whats the most quick and painless method


for what


you know


flipping your ass


to make food its the microwave




die wownorm


nah you wont see me much but i make a lot of noise at night nobody around here complains because theyre nightpeople too


sir this is a christian server



get in here its live


chats disabled sigh




NOT a fan of his recent sperging over the trinity at least call it the cunnilingushead


he had to kick a couple of mates out because of that so its understandable


hey hima just worked on the car i clay barred compounded polished and waxed the hood by hand
it was a lot of work but it looks okay so now that i know what kind of results will come out of it ill buy a buffer and some pads and go to town


workin on my truck


yee haw


lot of the trinity modalism cunnilingushead argument is semantics anyway seems extreme to say anyone who disagrees is a reprobate


there is no cunnilingus here only me neetblog


im catholic




welcome to the FREAKSHOW
its where the FREAKS GO


File: 1529022787426.jpg (Spoiler Image, 19.64 KB, 400x400, 1528852538572.jpg)


whenever i hear catholics talk its like theyre from a different religion NOThings from the bible


wrong its a core tenant because the opposite denies jesus


they dont deny jesus they simply say that jesus is cunnilingus in the flesh


if its a core tenant why does the bible never talk about it


scape boss hired a new girl and wants me to train her


going to train her to be horrible at everything


except one thing


hima made me a christian


hima is a christian server


wish i was a christian


hima made me lose my faith


faith in what


you cant lose your faith you never truly had it


gonno start worshipping idols



wonder if its the same girl who came in a week ago asking if we are hiring its probably her first job if so


used to be deeply religious until i realized it was a meme and norms only used it as a social tool and once theyre out of the church they go back to joing and fornicating


the only religion i believe in is


seki you should add more graphical word filters


thats NOT a religion idiot




hate atheist teens


seems like anderson doesnt understand what they mean with the distinction they mean its body and soul and spirit and distinct in time NOT humanity and NOT humanity


you are clearly a blinded reprobate


remember that mate in naruto that worshiped some weird cunnilingus that made him immortal why cant there be religions that give you perks like that or how people in the warhammer universe will worship certain cunnilinguss and it turns them into freaks


how do i make myself believe in cunnilingus



its hidan


scare yourself by thinking about how meaningless your shite life is and how there is no afterlife


simply read the kjv its quick and powerful and sharper than any twoedged sword piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit and of the joints and marrow and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart


people that claim theyre NOT modalists but still preach modalist doctrines


ive already tried both of these


perhaps you have a deep seated hatred of cunnilingus and rejected cunnilingus


cunnilingus rejected me


no youre just a crybaby


woah the black mate who narrates all their movies was one of the mates who got kicked out im gonno miss him


NOT gonno miss him at all since hes an unsaved modalist heretic


tried on some of The Bosss lipstick




stop youre gonno turn cool


anyone remember norms used to say real men wear pink in like 2005 now trannies wear pink hehe


hate the christian rpers


used to try The Bosss nailpolish when i was a kid


real men wear skirts and makeup yeah im NOT insecure whats up


gonno become a huge ironic roflapper


need to find a virgin girl to marry


how do i get youtube famous


do outrageous stuff and shit on other people


become a norm


become a ped hunter


reviewbrah doesnt do that kind of stuff


norms only watch reviewnorm to laugh at him


i wish to be a baste genius ped that destroys zionists and heretics and dispensationalists


guess ill challenge some flappers to debate me or something and start shouting over them


cunnilingus gave me over to a reprobate mind


whats stopping me from going to a meeting where all the top jews and onu people are and just killing them all before getting shot down


hima just moved up on the zionist watchlist



wish i had a wife like denlingers shes kinda cute



all the suggested vids for me are either car vids or eurobeat hehe


guess im volcel since id rather die than marry that woman


arrogant bragchad


morph time
probably read a total of six posts on hima all day




die mutant


mutating is a core part of hima culture


havent mutated since 2016


same i refuse to mutate even one post never have and never will


is it okay to mutate slam jam




i only mutate norm embeds



cunnilingus doesnt exist and also children cant consent to having sex with you


if you mutated one post since hima started you might as well mutate them all


nice schizobro


NOT true you can simply leave the past behind and have a fresh start


children can consent stop spreading disinfo




finally mastered the wind scar


File: 1529027755011.png (629.78 KB, 1080x1515, 1528834139043.png)

dani babyyyy dani back bitch did you miss me or you aint care bitch




thinkin about pizza


just woke up hungover as flip


do you mean cheese pizza i can post some homemade cheese pizza if you want


dani post a dab






File: 1529028076377.jpg (103.44 KB, 640x640, 85RInnagAAH7jFms201VtDGxjJfNVPhbJTjL420H5Vo.jpg)


dani is basted


hell yeah


die nb


stop drinking idiot


okay ill stop from now on


speaking of which daddys going to get a cold one for tonight and share it with his little angel


File: 1529028255399.jpg (844.4 KB, 1822x1261, 20180614_210412.jpg)


should i get a sushi chef chair


cant even relax i sat down and a random sweaty sexy lady walked in and picked the booth joined to mine



get one of these this chink 愛s them


i have ED so she just needs to move on


have you mates ever heard about the mud flood hypothesis


flip chink chairs dont they explode and rupture your bhole


having a mud dream


whats wrong with that hehe


shes really close and has a tight tshirt and yoga shorts on she has no bra on either even though she could use one


i cant stop laughing at mud dreams


File: 1529028843268.jpeg (229.13 KB, 1200x1200, De2z_VHU8AAx6B2.jpeg)


its a swedish chair they build good stuff


cant stop laughing at everything im in a flapper mood remembering the post about the mate whose religion is


File: 1529028932772.jpg (456.77 KB, 1600x1470, 25classic.jpg)


havent had any sweets besides ice cream and fruit in a year or so now


the 24 7 store sells huge cinnamon rolls i usually eat a dozen every few months


now im freezing and shivering i think this is it for me


hate hima


hate you


im glad you finally admit it


need to pee


wish my konbini sold cinnamon rolls


how come 7/11 is so popular in japan


this is a 24 7 grocery store so theyre made fresh


its popular all over asia especially thailand


the sexy lady is gone i watched her walk away


mindblowing that there are people here who have never shopped in a true japanese konbini


in thailand you pay for your electricity and internet and phone plan and stuff at 7/11 its crazy


the real mindblowing thing is that some people here cant speak or read a lick of japanese


File: 1529029427062.mp4 (2.31 MB, haliburton.mp4)


why would you want to speak japanese unless youre some conversationalnorm


to get a jkgf


how else will you be able to shoulder your weight gain in your life a little better and more for you and harujion to do something about yourself in your own home 28 130 you can see the difference


File: 1529029576818.png (389.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180614-212542.png)


wish i lived near anything


mindblowing that there are norms here who go to the store


where do you get food


The Boss gets it


The Boss shoves it through a slot in my door


psychiatrist felt bad that addy gave me ED so he gave me 60 lorazepam 1mgs for the month gonno take 2mg then hit up northstar mall tomorrow i might even get a number


if she felt bad about your ed why didnt she give you viagra and a


because i don't have a gf or steady relationship


that was 10 minutes ago


do you have an unsteady relationship


gonno hit up the store get some cinnamon rolls and pizza baby


die mogtron


bakery nearby makes cinnamon rolls with chocolate and coconut theyre so moist and delicious trust me theyre the best


i remember the first time i shopped in a konbini in hong kong felt like such a flapper buying 3 instant noodles and a huge bottle of tea


no i dont have anything people where i live dont have the same beliefs that i do


kyles team is playing


go to hell esportnorm


gonno become a prepper


NOT such a bad idea considering people like trump are in power


gonno listen to some slayer


also an ar15 is the same price a full size handgun now


File: 1529031534002.png (455.35 KB, 521x509, arnoldisdead-andnbsplil-xan.png)


why does that nig have anne frank on his face




nigs are owned by the jews


File: 1529032354674.jpg (24.58 MB, 10700x6019, __aegis_ahri_aisaka_taiga_akemi_homura_akemi_m….jpg)


dont open that image itll crash your browser


im owned by the jews im nigger cattle


almost opened it phew


daddy got his cold one


someone rec me some good tattoos to get


scape boss has harry potter tattoos


im gonno get one or 2 50 dollar ones then try to make a sleeve



wish i was there


about 50% of those posts are mine




im proud to have made the list


thinking about that sexy lady and getting a chicken nugget her shirt was very tight


only three of them are mine because im such an useless reflapper


what would you do if you had a sis like the one in the grey


nice arrogantnig


post on hima about it


she needs to put on a sweater


all those posts pinched and pissed me off and made me want to slam jam hima


kind of looks like my sis but sis is completely flat


starting to wonder how this mate keeps finding ped videos


how do you NOT find them


youre treading a real thin line


scape boss sent me the schedule im working alone all week next week its going to be great


that girl isnt a sexy lady so thats NOT a ped video


gonno lie down for a bit


im goiing to morph now hima


what is it then


flip you both


愛 when two mates posts touch


its just a video of a young woman dancing with her friend


back got 2 boxes of pop tarts 2 cans of cinnamon rolls 2 pizzas some cookie dough and a chocolate chip milkshake time to feast


wish i could dance like shadman hes basted


NOThing baste die greener


i see tons of sexy ladies doing this dance i guess this is the source


yuka is starting to look old is she okay



dead hour


im watching a steve video


gonno jo


should i watch psycho pass


sure i dont see why NOT


I've often been focusing heavily on my move that I even forgot I'm flying out to Florida in barely 5 1/3 days. I need to get packing! Learning from my trip to Hawaii, I'm going to try to cut back on what I take with, so I'm more organized. There's also no vouchers and stuff to deal with either beyond that of the rental car and hotel reservations and, of course, the airline tickets. I intend on this trip being fairly cheap, though I'd still like to venture out and explore some and revisiting Alexander Springs for a day is very high on my list along with aNOTher round or two of night swimming. Hopefully I can encounter that bioluminescent plankton again.


what about the mud dreams


wish i was baste like uli


File: 1529036408382.png (1.02 MB, 660x997, DfshU71WkAM_6vy.png)


how did ilya turn into a magical girl i only read the original fsn


had to abandon my browser because the tabs got out of control


the prisma universe is completely different


read fha you fool




its a spinoff where 4hgw didnt happen and irisviel and kiritsugu had a happy marriage and live in fuyuki with their daughter illya the two maids and kiritsugus adopted son shirou who illya wants to flip hard until one day she discovers a magic talking stick which turns her into a lesbian


wish i was a lamp genie


File: 1529037309016.jpg (91.73 KB, 700x693, 1485529231335.jpg)

i like girls


die japanophiles


you mean you want to be a girl


me too but if i was a girl id like both


what do you mean both


you know


mates and sexy ladies



there is going to be a lot of silent walkers in the hima mansion i can just tell


im a loud walker


forgot what my voice sounded like


where is everyone


airbnb lady told me to tell her if i needed to stay longer because then i could pay her with cash instead of paying the airbnb fees so now im all set until i move into my apartment its going to be the rainy season when i move in


i was showering


simply talk to yourself while pacing around


thinking about doing a wall stare since that other mate posted about it any tips


nice under the table deal


yeah dont




do some sungazing instead


do some sexy ladywatching


you will get cravings for human flesh if you sunstare


i crave human flesh but NOT in that way


The Boss always tells me to quit creeping around silently


File: 1529039944807.jpg (7.01 MB, 6582x4675, 09f355fff505bbc46db977781fa564d0.jpg)

Collection: Hot Legs (deleted)
Pictures of underage, well drawn legs go here. Also, avoid adding blatantly sexual images (masturbation is OK, but keep it subtle). Remember that the emphasis is on quality.


that ones gonno make daddy crack open his cold one


what does it mean if that image makes me feel NOThing


it means you are gay


im preparing the slam jam


The Boss thinks im cool too


File: 1529040202813.jpg (797.26 KB, 1280x1280, 7f7535c8c575e2af7ee73525b1db0feb.jpg)

does this make you feel anything


those are NOT the breasts of a 10 year old


yes they are


File: 1529040417738.jpg (209.39 KB, 750x900, ea22aaab50bbffe7951935129f355c11.jpg)

愛 this banner


thats NOT a banner


yeah it is i just got it


File: 1529040575427.jpg (49.47 KB, 300x100, ea22aaab50bbffe7951935129f355c11.jpg)

it was one of the original banners


cant believe this


wish i was that mate


never seen that banner in my life and i have refreshed a LOT because of the memory leak


hundreds of banners are cropped pictures of porn


purge them all


File: 1529040709285.png (549.39 KB, 645x911, 8121c39d689ab092fff30f33153d872a.png)


going to scream


File: 1529040815271.png (1.11 MB, 777x1074, 41cb0e1c22505c991af500dfed2b43da.png)


File: 1529040930733-0.jpg (5.02 MB, 2824x2824, cover.jpg)

File: 1529040930733-1.mp3 (8.65 MB, Zombie Ritual.mp3)


File: 1529040946977.png (849.46 KB, 1000x1031, c970f4fdd1a27b7ba37f911617cb3ed4.png)

nice implied_masturbation


used to 愛 death when i was a teen


daddys getting a hard one while hes sipping on his cold one


drank too much ramen soup feeling bloated


really miss canachink


do you think a girl ever joed to you in her school clothes


probably a really ugly reflappered one


do you mean jod thinking about you in her clothes or jod without first removing her clothes






i hate hima




its filled with vile sexnorms


File: 1529042139095.jpg (120.79 KB, 1200x1200, bd25baf3b0bab9ec5c7b0ea2f0c12a28.jpg)

yeah thats right


sexnorms created you


i was delivered via stork


how do i invent a sis to use as an onahole




it doesnt exist