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i think there was something in my drink


i spermed in it sorry


File: 1525659257198.jpg (181.96 KB, 1200x676, jcxzojrfh9w01.jpg)


hes looking wide


gonno morph for a bit later hima


new steven universe episodes tomorrow hima


why is she sweating so badly


shes scared


made some small baguettes after the baguette talk


wish i had a baguette


File: 1525662974244.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 424.24 KB, 720x1010, 61ff6.jpeg)



hima is boosting dead holy shit who is the main person to be a pedophile discussion and a great opportunity for you to show your 愛 for the most important aspects of your life taking care of your business and your business to make your life a successful life of your own business plan for your future success with the world you are seeking and your future needs is an important part to our future endeavors with our services of business partners in your company to provide your business and your future opportunities in your industry as well change the future and the world will be the same for everything


how about no


didnt understand this post


plum jam time


morph time


did someone die what the fuck


File: 1525669018591.jpg (485.84 KB, 1800x676, take a load off.jpg)


havent been able to post since friday but things should be normal next thursday sorry


just took a load off


time for my 10 hour nap


time to permanap


File: 1525673392962.png (86.22 KB, 356x700, 1433826105026.png)




just woke up from my nap


bored gonno watch bttf 2 again


fiji smells really good im glad i got it over bearg愛 i think a coconut smell is more pleasant than an apple smell


when i was sleeping i had a weird dream where i was playing hots with onseki and two of his sushi chef mates using some weird virtual reality system that transferred our desks into vr so we could sushi bar together but i just ended up freaking out about it the whole dream cause i wasnt expecting it then i dreamed i was preetty much cunnilingus of multiple worlds and i would descend in the froms of different people and things that lived in them


you mean like cunnilingus coming to earth and taking the form of a fruit bat


sort of but i was taking the from of doom from dota in the dota universe for example and then i took the from of a beautiful woman in aNOTher


did you take the form of a beautiful woman to get flipped and snapped


there was no flipping and snapping in my dreams


made two snack tacos


File: 1525679150591.png (98.42 KB, 590x404, choco-taco-ice-cream.png)

throw them in the trash and get some choco tacos


never ate a choco taco are they good


File: 1525679417282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 145.56 KB, 1280x960, 1525651852009.jpg)

sam hyde looks worse and worse in every picture he takes cartoon network must have really done him in


File: 1525679485939.jpg (135.89 KB, 600x387, drumstick.jpg)

i only remember them hurting my teeth theyre probably comparable to a drumstick since theyre made with the same stuff


gonno make some bacon sandwiches


when i was a teen i always wanted to read manga in a bookstore but was too anxious about it but now that im in my 20s and im comfortable reading manga in public i worry that its weird for someone my age to take a day every two weeks or so and just sit in the book store reading manga


hope you bake that bacon


i fried it sorry


wish i could have been alive to see pocahontas and her famous cartwheels


hate the self so cunnilingus damn much


gonno morph hope the sandwiches are good hope to dream of bacon and things


good night


basted flipping high grade fever basted flipping blood test basted flipping xray basted floopy doopin' life



gonno make some pbjs and go to work


she saved the life of a captive of the Native Americans, the Englishman John Smith, in 1607 by placing her head upon his own when her father raised his war club to execute him



good luck


think a bug bit my penis last night


buggy want flip


wish i had some bread for a pbj got everything else


why dont you have bread


use crumpets instead



might have some more bacon sandwiches


ran out yesterday


same ran out yesterday too is there a famine



holy flip mates im a genius gettin everything right


never played hockey is it good


its cool


im cool


is peanut butter good on rice lookin to spice this bowl of white rice up a bit


dont do it put some hotsauce on


how bout a little turmeric


accidentally slept for 24 hours eyes are crusty as hell


愛 that feel


wish i could do that more often but the cats wake me up every twelve hours or so to feed them


you 愛 the feeling of sleep fatigue and poor rest


yeah the lazy groggy permasleeper feel when you wake up 10 times but never get up and just continue morphing for days


its a great feeling


never permamorphed before


give it a go


just came back from jail hima what did i miss


NOT much i dont think


nice pfelon


never been incell




time to clean my teeth i bought some mouthwash too been looking forward to this all day


hehe the jailbirds are quite literally in cells


yeah but theyre busting cheeks every night of the week


File: 1525708014320.jpg (14.95 KB, 135x192, Pathetic.jpg)


spermed hard


phew had some extra crispy onion rings now im gonno chug some coke zero (my favorite)


wish i had some onion rings


sorry i ate them all


going to morph now hima


flip your sleep schedule NOT flip as in flip i mean flip


its out of my control i must sleep when i must sleep its different every day


make an espresso


sorry but im already asle


hes gone


why doesnt flapper filter to flapper in the subject


big nigga


愛 the life 愛s himself


die norm


File: 1525716775958.png (57.14 KB, 423x295, 1525713449449.png)


havent logged into the admin panel for over a week because i get a posting error when im trying to blog


whys she eating that liquorice


feel bad for sexy ladycels they want flip but society wont let em have it


its that face mask the r9k anime kid was wearing when he blew his head off


post a pic


i dont have one


basted lienorm




need a gf pronto


why do girls like feminine looking mates


they dont



i should put together a compilation of news articles statistics and historical examples that prove women are absolute shit so whenever someone asks me why im volcel i have something to show


cool nice faked data where did you get that from fox news


File: 1525719246821.png (1.1 MB, 1080x1920, iemf49pplfw01.png)



okcupid deleted all their statistics articles that proved what women are lmao



disgusting flipping roast
hate women so flipping much but i cant stop worshiping kitty


File: 1525719662740.png (56.88 KB, 233x255, 1525552591004.png)


caring about women is stupid


File: 1525719722556.webm (2.9 MB, 500x280, 1468203527078.webm)

yuka chan looks so much younger here


File: 1525719834450.webm (1.56 MB, 1920x1080, 1509538356386.webm)

wonder if huffymateis still around


there was a pilled girl who responded to her about how its easier to change your weight rather than height and steamed the dumb roast good


its a real tragedy


gonno go outside and read been mutating class for a month


always got hit on by girls in high school good times


had a girl come up to me and start complaining about having to work so early in the morning and how she 愛s to sleep in is this what its like being pnig



there was an incel mate in my class who always stunk big time then wondered why people hated him


speaking of smells i highly recommend the fiji deodorant it smells fantastic


have to sit on a rock because someone took my special area


get fukt


cunnilingus is it hot im sweating and its the bad kind of sweat its stomach sweat and im twig


mate is driving back and forth with his mustang ya its loud i get it


i get so much stomach sweat that my shirts get sweat stains in the front


sittin under a tree now phew this is better


File: 1525721868096.webm (616.21 KB, 1280x720, 1524172993301.webm)

ya stomach sweat blows it covers a huge area and the shirt sticks to it back sweat also pinches


have to remember to run my car for at least 15 minutes if i turn it on


fly went in my ear my worst fear is a big fly getting trapped in my ear and buzzing inside there always do a mad flinch when i hear something wizz past me


wish i had a technics 1200


thats pretty dumb just find some water and dump it in your ear if that happens
drown him


i have opened a portal to the nasuverse


its the buzzing in the ear alone that terrifies me ill snatch that pincher lightning speed if he gets stuck in there


norm hours
shouldnt you all be at work or is it lunch time


File: 1525722879762.jpg (53.35 KB, 630x478, 1525424349229.jpg)


might go inside soon feel weird sitting out here


simply morphed and morphed and slept and vibrated and warmed and beeped and carved and slept my car my wrench my toolbox my clay my tent hiked camped morphed and beeped my store my neighbor the girl on the road simply morphed and morphed and slept and beeped and laughed and told and said and did and then beeped and carved i did


die verbnorm


lots of sakura trees planted here


this must be how turt feels


blorfed when THE MAXIMUM PREDATOR wouldnt knock on my doThe Pizza Chef even though i repeatedly barked NOT to 未来が眩しくて見えない sigh unDANCE DANCE FEVER IS DRIVING ME CRAZYally skidded THE MAXIMUM PREDATOR SLAMMMMMMINNNNNG


File: 1525723788709.jpg (5.94 MB, 5312x2988, 20180507_150212.jpg)

this is a sakura tree right theyre just cherry blossoms


nice got one my favorite banners


is hima just me and an ai


tried joing but cant get a chicken nugget


File: 1525724312403.jpg (68.16 KB, 736x601, 31947877_637378293271277_6735262697341845504_n.jpg)


got the banner got the filter then sushi chefed THE MAXIMUM PREDATOR


blorfed and minked




File: 1525724725678.jpeg (729.86 KB, 1000x845, 1475656730513.jpeg)



gonno vom


spermed again


threw some seeds near the campus garden hope those mates dont mind


this album never gets old


File: 1525725661504.png (594.13 KB, 580x571, 1525714782244.png)



File: 1525725869222.png (868.24 KB, 734x737, 1525721565076.png)

got none of these big sigh mates


why isnt linus account verified how do i know if thats actually him


hard to walk when im on the dumper for a long time


same the blood falls into my legs and it tickles i always laugh when my feet fall asleep


is freak slam jamming nonsensical posts with a bot again




yeah i banned him


File: 1525726300359.png (680.24 KB, 914x1087, 67552661_p0.png)


dont cry


dumb bitch


it hurts you absolute freak


i think something is wrong with you because it tickles me too when a limb falls asleep


if it hurts that means your cells are dying


dont understand these posts think ive reached a new plateau of flapper


me flap me flap


nah it feels cool


how does it tickle its practically a charlie horse i cant move until its over


im cool


uhhhh ill filter posts into absolute nonsense to fuel my epic discordteenism but when you satirize what i do uhhh ban

pathetic onseki
what a teen
what low IQ


im cool


onseki is playing 5d chess


File: 1525726668681.png (534.92 KB, 765x754, 1520654022197.png)


is that niceeye


i mean the mate getting bh


i stopped smoking weed i ran out last night the weed arc is over sorry


no this cant be happening


get on heroin


are you still flipping deligirl



that was over literally two months ago


onseki what do you think of wearing old spice original scent to flip girls who want to flip their dads


i think youre betting on the wrong horse


what do you mean the gnfos are all good now that I am indeed going on to get this weird in a way I have NOT been able to get back to the future of my favorite but NOT to say that I canNOT make a new one or a good time for me i miss it was my life that you are the only ones who will 愛 it for a year now or NOT for me to walk out of the blue supposedly or the world with you so I can make you feel like you are the 6 and I am writing to you to inform you that I am NOT




gotta 愛 the ramble posts it starts off coherent drawing you in then youre set off on a rollercoaster ride


got a cis final coming up you gonno coldhand me or help



can you summarize this in ten words or less thanks


i think reading nonsense literally makes you dumber can feel my brain get short circuited trying to interpret the ramble


gotta feel the words NOT read them


愛 the baste as flip dont think feel meme and the second word is a little bit better in a few days than I thought it would be a good idea to from scratch that it is a masterpiece thing to do with it as the default editor and would like to order it to 6 a little bit more than the higher the quality is for the past few years but it will make you look more comfortable with your design and design and the 6 is good


saw a real good looking chad in a mercedes nice fade cut nice shirt and tie wish i was him


absolutely mindblowing that norms in cars are attractive and my friend hates me and I will get a new vpn for a while and 20 it to 6 and the lyrics were so awesome for you to show me that I was the one who 5 you and the song was a good admin and that was the admin account of your own business plan on it i should be a norm


NOTice how attractive people are always rich and ugly people are almost always poor


nah thats objectively false


its eugenics NOT discrimination


think im gonno save some money and open a franchise what do you think hima


what kind of franchise


shouldnt it be night in australia what are you doing


i dont know something easy to manage with high roi


what about russian sexy ladies


is it burgerbytes combo sizes are basted off kilobytes and megabytes and gigabytes and terabytes and even pedobytes


they are the angelicest and underagest but still have to roam scrapyards to pass the time until winter comes where they die


the whole green organic natural movement is still in its infancy try and make a business from that


simply bored


you mena petabytes


the only cure for being ped is underage lady feets


nah its a bullet to the brain


still being ped when im like 60 is gonno pinch


if you havent flipped a sexy lady by 30 its too late


its 4am and i had an uncontrollable fit of flapperlaughing whilst i was making a cup of tea i think i woke The Boss up i felt a bit bad about that i was thinking of a word filter


where do you live


gonno open a water store franchise and sell shaved ice to sexy ladygirls


updated to ios 11.3 and still cant post on hima with either safari or firefox just end me


wish a horny sexy lady would tie me up and use my chicken nugget for her own nefarious angelic selfish needs


File: 1525731059530-0.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 1879x1340, 0.png)

File: 1525731059530-1.png (Spoiler Image, 1.41 MB, 1879x1340, 1.png)



why does my room smell like old piss


did you forget to do the biyearly jug cleaning


unflip that child this instant


once flipped you cant be unflipped


the filter i was thinking about was 'i wish i was a girl' being filtered to 'i wish i had a girlfriend' hope The Boss didnt actually wake up


i was unflipped


tried to get the toast out of the toaster with a fork and The Boss screamed


done goofed me life up


File: 1525732842425.png (279.72 KB, 1020x530, a9131e7a10e738b107b121c1bab5042f.png)


its a bubble


the miku effect


caps pens whos winnin tonight


die sportnorm


making a pot of chili


just saw some norm use the word baste what the flip


that isnt funny at all


The Bosss watching gilmore girls again shes seen like 6 seasons of it


should i make the leap and start tying my hair back its at an awkward length between stages


dye it blonde instead




glad freakeye isnt the admin the whole site would be undecipherable nonsense


whats wrong with that


its already that


i would literally filter NOThing


meanwhile onseki would literally filter "NOThing"


imagine a world where tsumaran succeeded


i want the taters filter to be real and also the lonely filter but onseki never checks the sb


nice the taters filter was just one girl pranking us all along


uhh morphed and parked gonno sooth




deliver us to the promised land


lets go jets baby white out




claiming the get for kog


gonno fire up the script


imagine a world where hima waa successful


the world where freak was admin


obama thanks hima for helping him with the election


if the freak was admin wed all be living in a mansion by now


freak is actually logical compared to turt


File: 1525736402889.jpg (100.9 KB, 742x538, me.jpg)


you speak of logic as if it were you that I would ban people to do something wrong and to my surprise they had 90 in 6 years and that they had to be a pedophile discussion and they were really good and it was really good all the way through the first day of the year


what did you just said


holy flip mates i found a decade old dell computer in an alley i put the keyboard monitor and mouse in my backback tool the pc in my hands and walked about half a mile home with it my arms hurt now but its worth it i hope


do a dxdiag


ill check it all after im done eating if it works im gonno install debian on it


ill see if the hdd was wiped or NOT


seki like to drink
and seki like to smoke
and sekis on the rise while you incels going broke


stop talking to yourself freak



hell yeah


caught sis browsing hima


you speak of logic in an inherently illogical and chaotic world?


the black mate that i bullshit with at work is leaving
sigh really like talking about women in a demeaning way with himweve talked about how bitches aint NOThin and how you never do shit for no bitch and how all bitches are dumb pieces of shit and lots of other cool stuff really 愛 connecting with other men through shared negative experiences with women


say it with me hima
fuck a hoe


die normseki


boost off with this nigger shit pnig


its backpack


hey nb what have you been up to today


flip all yall hoes


this song came on the playlist when i was balls deep in deligirl and i couldnt stop laughing


ya i know its backpack i made more than one spelling mistake flipper
time to whip out the screwdriver


if youre going to quote me at least quote the post >>777291


im furious i had the frog princess appear for me right as i walked into a bank and she disappeared as soon as i entered AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


why do my ears keep popping


the case shows it came with windows xp and its a product of mexico this has to be a little older i dont think any prebuilt pcs are made in any country other than china


File: 1525737627117.jpg (233.83 KB, 1480x1835, 30171661_380494995778072_593720389137686160_o.jpg)


changes in barometric pressure probably is a rainstorm coming in


die facenorm




make ruby bracelets with me


watch the sushi bar


imagine just minding your business and all the sudden a large bullet flies into your head randomly
there probably wouldnt even be enough time to realize you were dying or think about the repercussions of your life suddenly ending
doesnt that sound perfect


thats why when i hunt norms i aim for the torso


manufacfuring date of 2004 i see the dvd drive was unplugged and all 4 ram slots taken up with 1gb ram so 4gb NOT bad


im a man


File: 1525738572080.jpg (449.15 KB, 2896x2896, x1blrum3z2501.jpg)


im a flipping flapper



File: 1525738704017.jpg (Spoiler Image, 15.35 KB, 251x299, 1524456348651.jpg)


uhh cant see any pin connector for this drive


its hidden underneath the drive enclosure thats brilliant


never finished flip flappers i dont think it just wasnt that good


its a must watch


File: 1525739478558.jpg (93.6 KB, 687x663, what the flip.jpg)


theres a disk error on startup


first episode was very very good after that it went downhill


think the mate took out the hdd all i see is the dvd drive damn it


well that arc was over quick


intel pentium 4 cpu 2.66ghz
memory size 2048 mb ddr/333
NOThing about a harddrive


bored as hell hima just sat in the car and flipped through the radio stations what the hell did i do to occupy myself before drugs


wish to flip a sexy lady


fool youre 444 posts early


double trips czech em


File: 1525741725733.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.57 MB, 4357x2879, Basilica_di_San_Pietro,_Rome_-_2677.jpg)

how come the pagans never created anything like this


i got an old motherboard with 2 4gb ram drives and an amd cpu ill replace the hp hardware with that and boot from usb since i have no extra hdd


thinking about that sexy lady i saw a few days ago ive never seen that hairstyle in real life before and her sweater was too big and to top it all off she was extra short


probably because they were wiped out 1000 years before that was built


does turt know about the evangelion manga ending i feel like it would destroy his world


the manga is NOT canon


sushi bar


think if i was sent to prison i would just bash my head into the wall until i became braindead enough to NOT feel boredom


id split cheeks


the manga is very canon


just watched the new episode of steven universe what a shocking twist


im a normal mate im a swell mate im a nice enough mate im a cool kinda mate im a pretty groovy mate but then i see a sexy lady and i start to go cuckoo doesnt have to be much this time around it was two in sundresses but they do the job do you know what im saying they get me going they get me riled up a little cuckoo a little wacky start getting me a little kooky a little you know loopy hey somebody somebody put this kid in a padded cell get him a straight jacket hes going a little wacky a little kooky


but then i get a little suga in me


hb hima made two tuna melts they are absolutely oozing with melted mozzarella hb



enjoyed this post im starting to understand it better


ask me about my bowl cut


ya its scrap its too old


burned my mouth eating the tuna melt ow


thanks for NOT posting the image


only due to lazyness


File: 1525745322265.jpg (46 KB, 600x337, medium_populating-the-colonies-with-unwilling-….jpg)

saw this in a click bait article about settlers


can you trust sexy ladies to cook and be sanitary


your food would be caked in sexy ladypiss and sexy ladieslime


what kind of slime like the kind they make from the store


File: 1525745943179.jpg (105.9 KB, 612x612, 1439125022848.jpg)

if we were born a hundred years ago it would be normal to marry a girl like that and living together as a couple and


gonno take a neetshite


just woke up theres no tp


The Boss tried starving me again


did that sexy lady bait you into clicking


did it work


code purple im out of mayo


flip you mayonorm


bh nomayo



greek yogurt time


is this attacker trying to steal my information


went to grab the tub of greekyo earlier and it was gone i think The Boss tossed it


she ate it all


really need to shite but theres no flipping tp ill have to go to the store soon to get some


simply wash your ass after you shite


animals dont wipe and you shouldnt either


simply use some napkins or paper towels


dont you have a bidet


dont have those either all i have is tissues i need to go and get cat food too anyway



animals eat their own shit are you saying i should do that too


ya it builds character


animals are freaks


in the hima mansion every bathroom will be equipped with a bidet


File: 1525748455667.png (3.74 KB, 173x171, slayer helm.png)

hell yeah




thinkin about buying some ice cream


dont do it it really hurts when you have a cavity


gonno mix some mulberry jam with this greek yogurt


wheres your barrow g愛s bucko


dont you need ranged for some of the rfd quests


did that earlier but it was strawberry jam


die noranger


have you tried pb its a great combo


have a listen


i will go get a cannon then and level ranged ive been told its literally impossible to do inferno without ranged


sigh runeheals gonno become a pvm cunnilingus while im sitting over here skilling like a loser


i was skilling lots earlier its just NOT super interesting to talk about all the bracelets i made and alched


die scapers


havent played hots in ages


blizz made a underage lt morales skin for you go buy it


fool skilling is the heart of the sushi bar hes just a nmz prod wow kiddie doing combat like a zombie and everybody makes fun of low total level high cmb accounts
if scape characters where boards hima would be a maxed level 3 cmb


skilling pinches


its baste


its raining


my third highest skill is woodcutting it would be highest if i didnt dislike the magic tree sound so much


File: 1525749575326.png (443.92 KB, 1280x718, 1499738748489 - Copy.png)

i got this exactly 10 months ago


we know



im able to appreciate your inventory a lot more now


why does that channel have such bad thumbnails


how much did the service cost




when will the chicom shoot him full of cancer or heart attack toxins


File: 1525749924896.png (289.57 KB, 1280x720, Untitled.png)

heres aNOTher the first one took 9 attempts and 2 at boss


am i stupid for believing that you actually did it with void only thats so dumb


im gonno do it with acb and master wand


void is better dps for everything except zuck so that means all the waves up to zuck go faster and you save supplies and the def bonuses of void are NOT that bad either


gonno morph now


you should have worn ahrims instead


jets gonno come back feelin it lets go baby here we go





cant install debian on the pc thought i could use the same usb but its NOT possible


use mint


install xubuntu


fire up voidlinux


enable the slackware


sigh gonno be homeless in 2 months any tips on car living


are you nervous


yes i couldnt sleep at all last night just kept crying and feeling sick


ask The Bossgf for some tips


just remember that ill always be there for you and 愛 you with all my heart


File: 1525753333886.png (595.47 KB, 1033x1530, 1525752512310.png)


would your daughter get big or small boob genes from you


The Bosss boobs are average sized




small boobs are underage as flip NOT sure why ladies care about it


The Boss has massive boobs


is she fat


shes defiantly NOT twig


my ranged is now level 2


the account is ruined


its over


my ranged is now level 20 i will stop for now


do a persistent install on the usb drive


thats what ive been looking at NOT sure if its still possible to install on the same boot usb but ill give it a whirl


saw a lonely sexy lady with small boobs trying her hardest to be underage with them and i got a chicken strip




sexy ladycel is a greater problem than simple picky mates


females dont want relationships until they turn 18



guess ill go to the store






how come we call oranges by their color but we dont call apples reds


the color is named after the fruit


gonno eat some yellows


flip this



baste is how you feel inside


File: 1525758476482.png (608.44 KB, 904x742, 1461020740311.png)



is it true that smaller breasts are more sensitive?




ya same with small chicken nuggets


orange is a fruit before a color and the color we know as orange was originally called geoluread or yellow-red

plus apples come in all sorts of colors from red to pink to green to yellow


really nice ive got a small chicken nugget lucky me


back from the store hows it hangin hima


weve talked about it at least 5 times that mates just messing around


you are very wrong at first they start to desire a romantic relationship and after a week of that they start craving taters


thinking about getting a new pair of jeans that arent so baggy in the ass area but that means the dick area will also be tighter


File: 1525764195045.swf (4.36 MB, Streetlight Gondola.swf)

the only way i could ever survive on this planet is if i kept constantly moving and observing without ever interacting with the local balance


youre NOT gonno believe this doc we gotta go back to the past
i dont believe it


i get the impression that yotsuba is no older than 7


shes at least 22 by now


how have your 20s been


NOT so good


yotsuba is meant to be 5 i thought


my 20s have been great i got a lgf and shes really cute and makes me pizza


that doesnt sound like the truth


believe it




bacon sadnwich time


herkz hated that i was ok running sushi bars at less than max settings


a sandwich sounds good might get a deluxe pastrami sandwich tomorrow


File: 1525767180570.png (852.04 KB, 891x904, 1525755787400.png)

just flipping kill me


never worked a day in my life


die nobleman


NOThin noble about a scumpinching neet


File: 1525767437996.jpg (46 KB, 600x337, medium_populating-the-colonies-with-unwilling-….jpg)

can i post my gf shes really cute


die clickbaiter


im a baiter


five favorite videosushi bars of all time:

5. Disgaea 2 on the PS2. I haven't played it in about 2 or so years by now. Despite having NOT even finished chapter 1, I've gotten an 11-figure damage popup. I've gotten so powerful that hardly anything poses a problem. Item perfection is easy and fun, especially when you have that one type of monster that heals 45% of its HP every turn and you've got 90 million HP for it, so much that even the hospital is deadly, literally. Of course, a round or 2 of clone wars is always a fun addition and what made Disgaea 1 addicting and makes it so easy to get started in Disgaea 2. In Disgaea 2, just wait until you have invincibility, enemey level up, and clone on the map. From there, level 1000 is a piece of cake to get!

4. Sonic 3 & Knuckles on the Genesis. This sushi bar is Sonic in his prime. It's got Tails abuse, debug mode, and I just all around 愛 the way it plays. I wished there was a level creator of sorts, like Mario Maker. I've got most of my 2500 hours of play on this sushi bar in Carnival Night act 2.

3. Final Fantasy 12 on the PS2 (the original release). I have 2000 total hours of play on this sushi bar. I play mostly for the grind. I 愛 the battle mechanics so much and, on top of that, just going for level 99 as fast and early as possible. I've gotten level 99 before Basch officially joins the party in under 25 hours. I've gotten level 99 in barely 63 hours before Peleno first joins. Across multiple plays, even if it's just for getting level 99 essentially at the very beginning of the story,

2. The original Bubsy on the Genesis. I have over 4000 hours of play on this sushi bar and I've always 愛d using the eggs in levels 4 and 13 to get as much speed as absolutely possible. I absolutely 愛 this sushi bar's music. One of the songs from it has over a million plays and aNOTher song has a half a million plays. Even 20 years later, I still go back to those very songs to rack up a few thousand more plays.

1. My top favorite sushi bar of all is Guided Fate Paradox on the PS3. I've got just over 2550 hours on the sushi bar clock and I've built up so much power that hardly anything even poses a challenge and I like it like that. My number 1 most favorite thing in this sushi bar? The most rhythmic leveling up I have ever seen. Literally every 3/4 of a second, with very little variation in that (depending on how good your timing is), you level up. Even the spacing of the bam and the level up sound effect is very rhythmic.

As far as the screenshots go, they're all from my number 1 favorite. From top left going right and down as you'd read a book.... A. Even at level 28, the level 6020 shop guards that appear in advanced martial arts when you grab any of the sale items can't do any harm, from focusing enough on defense and, on top of that, crafting ridiculously powerful equipment, so powerful that I can easily go through EX advanced on all burst equipment, except for the boss of that dungeon. B. With just a single guard defeated, I gain enough levels that I can bring out the big guards where even they hardly pose any threat. C. Normally, you'd be around level 50 with these enemies, but 2800? D. Yep, 5-figure increases when near-burst. This is what happens when you spend literally thousands of hours bursting and strengthening and synthesizing equipment. E. Getting a level over 5000 by floor 30 of advanced martial arts is highly unlikely. F. Even the superboss was a piece of cake. Yep, that's the maximum amount of HP you can have. Reactive heal restores 30% of your max HP each time you get hit and the superboss barely deals half of that. Basically, rendered invincible.


always feel like i am in a separate reality after awaking from a nap


File: 1525768990277.jpg (155.72 KB, 960x960, sorry.jpg)


hope molester man is safe and happy


hell yeah 愛 having fever for 10 days cunnilingus is basted as heck


wish it would say which bans are KENNETH GEORGE BOLES and which are onseki I generally just assume the passive aggressive "funny" ones are boles and the meh ones are onseki


squealed and flunked


i mean seriously KENNETH GEORGE BOLES you realize your ban messages are what I would expect from a reddit feminist trying to own someone being toxic right
it's what they'd say after banning them and everyone would upboat

i type a lot of things but I wouldn't type like that personally because I would be disgusted with myself


wouldn't ban people for such petty reasons either youre like that coach mate from the hit new anime persona 5 a petty tyrant no value for freedom of thought


fool hima is NOT your little toybox you stole warosu dumb cunnilingusdamn loserped living off your gran as a parasite


cant even post without my words being SLAMMMMMMMMMMINGly changed into epic discordteen memes that you think are funny both onseki and boles are pathetic dumb ped dumb teen no respect


does onseki even watch anime or does he just boost japanese girls


epic posts would never come from you onseki you're a weedteenorm how could they possibly so what makes you think you imposing your meme words onto posts makes them better bet you failed english every year let me tell you i was always the top


cant imagine KENNETH GEORGE BOLES doing too well in English either nobody ever taught him what rhetoric is you have no command of thought no command of words so don't put your pedloser words on my posts


dumbboost norms always despised you



at work eating my pbj


dont approve of the work but the pbj is good


phew they were good but the pb is getting harder to spread now that the jar is almost over


shite chapter of :re


just woke up nice freak


gonno morph hope to wake up to wish to flip a lolly tomorrow


File: 1525789184193.jpg (87.68 KB, 625x790, DcpmnibU0AAx5qa.jpg)


really wish things like that happened in real life


doh owned


buckley does it again


had a dream i was wading through a stagnant pond and giant waterbugs as big as a mans hand kept latching on to me


waterbugs are baste


much deserved


just want to give up flip it


felt that way earlier but now i got really drunk so im feeling happy


i dont drink


gonno jo my stress away


dont do it youll grow as a person and build character if you dont


its too late now


was thinking about starting nojo actually


if you can go 48 hours without cumming on yourself you will build a stronger spirit


my spirit is weak



just woke up


did you have a chicken nugget


ya just joed it off


sigh you were supposed to let it fade away


what happens if i dont


you lose out on exp gain


you slowly die inside


every second youre alive is one second closer to you death we are all dying slowly


physically but NOT mentally joing is a psyche killer


in every year since 2014 we have all been aging in reverse


poor girl sigh


women are baste


File: 1525794568779.jpg (555.25 KB, 2048x1536, DcrJ8m7X0AEVDT4.jpg)

baste byuu cat


just kill me just end it


dont die your body is worth a lot


its just meat


File: 1525794768720.png (45.07 KB, 300x100, banner 01.png)


dont post that sigh the memories are too painful


can only imagine how tender and marbled the cuts of neetsteak are with a sedentary lifestyle


if you were sold for human trafficking you would be in the tens of millions



愛 you mates


where did that come from


the day kitty dies i might be forced to end it


had some onion rings now im gonno have this ice cold coke zeko


the heart


coke tastes like battery acid drink some tea or water instead


oohhhhh cunnilingusdddd im flapperddddddd




File: 1525797673378.jpg (61.22 KB, 720x720, ucol3xjjsmw01.jpg)


skyrim is flipping shite should i do an oblivion stream or morrowind


those sushi bars are bad because the graphics are old play skyrim vr instead


morrowind its ulis favorite


dagoth ur is baste as hell hes basically me


nice zulu got 200m herblore and hp


time to clean my teeth


careful with your gums


gums are built to take a beating


fool dont do it


almost mindblowing that i get paid to pretty much live like a neet in my office for eight hours a day


im a weekendneet myself


im already retired


what a grand and intoxicating innocence


The Boss wont accept that im retired she thinks my life hasnt begun yet


im vivec


do you think that mate will let me try an onion ring


tell her you are a bohemian


friday nights at the mansion


wheres the girls


feelin weird


File: 1525801282194.gif (723.92 KB, 600x545, 1525800042459.gif)


wish that was me


but youd die


it would be worth it


im watching narcos at nbs recommendation


just woke up what did i miss


NOThing and im gonno morph later


sigh bye


looks like hima had a visit from freak but he just talked to himself for hours


no problem i told onseki and boles what they are boosting sickening norms


its feversan doing the talking


yatta i didnt miss the get


die getnorm


cant believe onseki refuses to fix sjis


went for a run around the park there were a bunch of underage overage ladies my shirt was getting sweaty after one lap so i just took it off and allowed them to feast their eyes on my supple young body


no i lightly satirize them but then basted boles or teenseki bans me do you know how many times ive been banned from neohima alone

so then after they failed to see the satire or got personally offended by it because it was directed at them i cone out and say it directly


this is flipping creepy


because you keep forcing meta about subjects only you care about while everyone else wants to just post and relax


wonder if ive ever looked at a mirror in a dream




cant relax when a worthless low iq teen sits in his vacuum and posts hell yeah im a genius look at me change words in peoples posts im epic


cant relax when boles cries for weeks on 'sb' which I've still never seen because IT WAS LITERALLY CREATED AS A SECRET CLUB FOR LOW IQ NORMS TO EXCLUDE ME then gets promoted to mod so he can do his reddit feminist bans again


dumb boosting norms stole warosu boost you onseki you're a boosting norm you never belonged pnig you're just a leech on 1%gran boosting pathetic


uhh boosted and clasped


File: 1525806288308.gif (332.54 KB, 880x660, 1525799657049.gif)

are girls really this cavernous i would think their guts squished everything together


hasn't even been meta stuff getting me banned it's stuff with no excuse except uhhhhhh you didn't use a static ip and post on fun so i know everything you post is fine

NOThing you post is fine onseki you're an outsider you don't belong in this life boosting norm just go live a low iq norm life elsewhere


hate when ugly mates get flip


phew chicken nugget


freak i only banned you once for incoherent rambling yesterday why do you hate me so much


File: 1525807761486.png (374.53 KB, 1024x768, 2018-05-08-192811_1024x768_scrot.png)

got it setup it was a pain setting up persistent storage but i think everything works now


congratulations you managed to set up a distro that has a gui installer


whats so good about linux


nice freak but this has NOThing to do with the distro


no you either lie or you have no idea about your own impulseteen moderation ive been banned many times under your rule

incoherent rambling is what a post under your teenfilters looks like


the fact that everything seems to work on this old machine and having it boot with no harddrive present is what surprised me


stop being a hoarder


die trashnorm


an entire free machine to mess around with whats NOT to 愛


i applaud the trashneets


its garbage you could get an actual usable machine for pennies


nice hotarun(season two)


thats what the norms said about crts


the closer the price reaches 0 the better so this is infinitely better


crts belong in the dump


so do i


im using a ball mouse too its been a long time since ive used one


how does it compare



lets start calling her ugly voice chan


better NOT


chicken nugget i 愛 her voice and personality so much shes perfect


just made a thread on the 4 to ruin ota




wonder what his crafting level is


told mates on pol to visit nen 2 weeks ago


die you flipping norm why do you have to ruin things for everyone


nenteens btfo


because i know the mate that mentioned hima on r9k goes there


pc can barely handle youtube this pinches



thats acceptable i guess


NOT that i dont want people that post on ota and nen and noyou to suffer its just that hima would be in peril without safe containment boards just look at what happened when turt started slam jamming ota with shite threads


turt still thinks his threads are the only good ones on ota hehe


hes probably right considering its ota after all


they are


you dont have to agree with onseki but the mob cant make me NOT 愛 him
we are both dragon energy


i have a darkness inside of me


File: 1525814722952.webm (720.84 KB, 720x720, 1524241561173.webm)

trying to feed neetblog outside of feeding hours


the blog never refuses a meal


neetblogs on a diet trying to get those summer abs


this computer is so noisy aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


repasted an old optiplex once and it made a huge difference


baste frog


dumb hoarders learn the way of the trasher


wheres the posts



the dumpster pc has a good cpu fan its quieter than my main machine


File: 1525818313129.png (491.84 KB, 780x1200, 1525585888773.png)

dog toy feet


always hated the flapper meme most of you have 170 iqs meanwhile im actually flapper


i have an awful feeling hima wont last


at least you can use an oven and drink coffee and alcohol i cant do anything like that


its already over




hima its raining


when is it my turn for a rain


File: 1525819014210.jpg (50.99 KB, 360x360, 1525012398332.jpg)


File: 1525819045127.jpg (414.93 KB, 576x768, 1523942124516.jpg)


File: 1525819246020.jpg (258.17 KB, 850x1193, 1525574900660.jpg)


File: 1525819305140.png (504.17 KB, 572x800, 1523905531008.png)


study time got finals next week


if only zunbar were here dot dot dot


https://www.newschannel5.com/news/national/The Boss-pleads-guilty-to-allowing-men-to-snap-her-5-and-6-year-old-children-in-exchange-for-cash


my ignorance is equaled only by my incapacity


oh cunnilingus gonno vom clipped my nails the toe smelled like death
gonno make some coffee to ofset the nausea


coming to realize that hundreds of dollars in rent is NOThing more than a "NOT having to live near niggers" fee
maybe theres a market out there for watchneets


im already employed as a full time house guard i have no time off sorry


fool coffee will only exacerbate your nausea


hoo boy my wheat sprouted by 2 inches already


gonno sprout 2 inches in your bhole if youre NOT careful



File: 1525822870766.png (1.16 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Tachibanakan To Lie Angle - 05 ….png)


ive always been a rowdy kind of fella


ask me about my neetcut


File: 1525823238449.mp4 (1.2 MB, L54Q4Daz0niJ_mobile.mp4)

this is like futurama sometimes i sit and wonder just where my partner in crime is


File: 1525823669582.jpg (91.96 KB, 1200x600, 1525804788362.jpg)

4/10 women are dating billionaires now whats the point of even trying


boost elon musk i hate that nigga


nah he has a goth fetish


that hair transplant looks obvious hair near the temple is suppose to be thinner and lighter


supposed cunnilingus damn it


turt recc me a good car under 6k should i get an e36 328i


ask your The Boss to buy it


The Boss would get me something safe and slow


keep seeing miatas and theyre NOT driven by gay mates or women but usually young cool mates


learned the word rowdy from a mate from texas i cant stop saying it


acura rsx


h gang


no they have ks


The Boss said no hondas


NOThin wrong with a honda especially if it has a big ol k under the hood


post your craigslist location and ill pick out something for you





this college age girl and all her friends ran a stop sign in front of me today they must be bad girls


dumb women hope they veer off the road and crash into a truck carrying tar and feathers


i think theyre gangsters


wish a gangster sexy lady would kidnap and fsnap me


if cunnilingus doesNOT exist everything is permitted


whats to stop me from becoming cunnilingus


you lack power


woke up


File: 1525829190445.jpg (23.26 KB, 640x480, hima (5).jpg)


gonno morph


watching ika musume


NOT watching anything this season flip it


got a 2 hour lecture from my uncle about NOT being a manchild


baste unc


you should be watching franxx


are you going to stop now?


im watchin hinamatsuri tokyo ghoul sword art online and steins gate




yawn teenime


its like youre actively trying to only watch shite


hinamatsuri tokyo ghoul sword art online is a single title


karasu karasu karasu


is pnig here


File: 1525829522780.jpg (81.84 KB, 900x900, 1525636316709.jpg)

>its like youre actively trying to only watch shite


its coincidentally the low iq discordteen im flapperlaughing hard you cant make this stuff up holy shite


nice gree


baste niceeye btfo the discordmates


pretty sure no one from discord posts here besides me and turt


havent talked to The Boss in a week shes just sitting in the dark


what about spicsuz


File: 1525830075534.png (2.87 MB, 964x16748, p.png)

what about runeheal who goes by the name of shapshifter on discord he posts here all the time theres also The Bossmy aka maltamate


what about shoop and josh


that was a long read


tried to get into discord once and when i posted it got all quiet and someone asked who i was like i was supposed to give him a lovable gn persona i never tried again


tell them youre jewbr


tell them youre neetblogs country cousin huckleberry blog


im hungover as flip hima drank a whole box of fortified wine yesterday


what should i do for mothers day thinking i should go with The Boss to see something


make The Boss her favorite meal from scratch


too easy i always forget her birthday need to do something better


thats NOT me fool


take her to a nice restaurant


josh isnt on discord and shoopra is too busy norming it up
runeheal doesnt post there either its like youre stuck in 2017


runeheal you were right looking back fondly on ferchquests if you enjoy the sushi bar it's messed up how depressing ffxv is lol


runeheal doesnt even exist hes just a part of freaks psychosis


cant tell if youre completely dense and a mutant to boot or pretending to be reflappered to cover up your epic mates


is futari lollies on discord


there are no epic mates youre delusional


you said you were gonno stop


ill quit starting from now


theres a wine festival a week after mothers day think ill go there


someone fill me in on who the mate playing runescape on australian servers with the nickname runeheal and constantly posting about it is


thats runeheal


do you want the explanation in early 2017 someone linked a discord on hima and i joined it then you chimped out because you thought id been there the whole time and called some reflapper out for being wrong about video sushi bars and then left when they started getting too norm

when you leave it purges your messages so thats why it looks odd out of context


cant deal with this meta right now gonno walk


the metas over now theres no need to exercise


never understood the runeheal thing either it just sprung up and i never bothered asking who that is


now apologize to runeheal hes been unjustly persecuted


same simply didnt care enough back then still dont care


daily reminder that runeheal is a 21 year old australian teen from perth australia with over 200 friends on discord that is a very well known tripmateon 4chan dot org slash videosushi bars general never posted even once in his lifetime on the w and found hima by accident on google image search


why do you still glorify w it was a flipping shithole and half of those people never migrated here thank cunnilingus


hima is 100 times better on any given day than w was at its best


cant believe i just lost those 58 seconds watching that


freak just join the discordclique


dont even know what sushi bar that is looks like wow


how is it already 10pm


never understood people who dont turn off the reflappered default minimap in elvui its horrible


wish to flip a loli




baste get thieves pulling the ol post in a different thread card


die sushibarnorms was good too




at the nike store they have eva colored shoes should i get them


angryᕼⓗⓞⓝⓚ bird


  ▲
▲ ▲


massive legend


File: 1525833261239.png (122.58 KB, 300x283, drift.png)


mates remember that one time in Siege of Orgrimmar that Runeheal literally REEEE'D at Sawicky's mad Aussie banter right before Garrosh and it got super awkward in mumble afterwards?




wish rh wasnt too shy to blog about wow


he will once bfa comes out and we push 2200 rating


wish he wasnt too much of a coward to terminate his existence


愛 getting on mumble with my mates and throwing mad banter at each other and screeching and just like having a good time mate its great im NOThing without my mic


i type like more of a flapper you need to practice better impersonator


nb gets on the mic too


cant sushi bar without my microphone to talk to my mates with i mean what would be the point


heres my wow blog then i logged in ran uldaman 10 times for some reason then sold my gold to buy some scape gold and headphones and decided to quit until bfa


gotta get that hima cred by playing osrs


can you stop chimping out nobody cares that you dont like runeheal



File: 1525834045036.jpg (Spoiler Image, 346.69 KB, 1000x665, 1492094305493.jpg)




File: 1525834182186.png (1.15 MB, 1024x768, 1494079289178.png)


File: 1525834336743.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.36 MB, 250x194, 1492119585717.gif)


do you think youre replying to me


hope hondy is safe and sound


hes dead


File: 1525834710965.jpg (134.56 KB, 714x1000, 1492095081448.jpg)


hope for a day where society abandons water and soda becomes the new water thatll be paradise


soda is for children


sigh super stellar sudo is dead now


isnt that the plot to idiocracy


no that was gatorade


thanks for your hard work keeping gets firmly in himas grasp


onseki you neetblog my feet hurt


dont mention your feet if youre a mate please its gross


basteseki editing the get


The Sussman sat on his wizard throne, still donning his standard wizard hat and robe, which was still dripping from the shower in which he put them on. As he stroked his neckbeard he pondered the things which the Satori ponder. Beneath his feet lay the broken fragments of the python, the foul demon summoned by the Sussman’s nemesis and anticudder Abelson, then slain by the worthy and brave Haskell nomads.

The nomads were NOT there on this dark day, however. There had been a rumors of Guido in the forests of the north, who was suspected to be developing a new, even more woesome and fail snake to do battle with the almighty Satori. They had pursued the Guido over 9000 times in the past, only to turn up NOThing in each adventure. That boosting Guido was sneaky like a boosting snake.

The Sussman stoked his wizard beard as he hummed the tune to SICP… today would be a well-balanced parenthesis.

Cons turned to Cudder, “Report?” Cudder was dressed in the standard garb of the Haskell nomads - relatively light armor gilded with the holy symbols of Haskell. The Nomads didn’t need much armor - they traveled fast and they traveled hard, almost as hard as the Sussman rides your sister’s ass every night when you’re alone in your room whacking off to the sacred tomes. And they were armed to the teeth. They provided a deterministic and constant effect to the battle, such that their arrival could almost be curried to optimize the battle’s execution speed and bring it to a quick close.

“NOThing sir, the eastern quadrant appears to be empty. NOT a thing could be found.”

Cons, without even having to ponder this responded, “Excellent. check the other three quadrants; if anything is found recursively subdivide and search until we’ve harrowed the location down to a single square inch.”


Discipline was tight in the Haskell nomads. If a given expression did NOT behave deterministically he had to be wrapped up in the shroud of the monad and returned to the homelands after a ritualistic suicide - they couldn’t afford to have monads in their tight-knit battle group. It just wasn’t acceptable.

They had had to perform a ceremony just the previous week. One of their dear comrades, Reed, had begun to perform differently from usual. A cursory inspection revealed that he had was indeed infected with the deadly disease and dispatched accordingly. Cons stoked his neckbeard. Reed was gone, celebrating the afterlife with the Lambda of Plenty.

His thoughts were interrupted suddenly by a bang!

“THE CAMLS!”, someone shouted.

“Damn,” Cons thought, “those boosting Camls and their boosting imperative features polluting the noble concept of functionality.” The Caml may have once been a noble race, but no one remembered such a time. Their syntactical swords were riddled with a chaotic mix of operators, a cacophony with few peers (Perl is among them).

Cons drew his two beautifully forged parenthesizes from their sheathes, the air filling with a glorious ring. Normally a weapon NOT wielded by the nomads, he had been gifted the pair b the Sussman himself and learned to use them well.

An Ocaml warrior suddenly jumped out and threw a malformed interrobang in an attempt to corrupt Con’s deterministic purity by destructively assigning his state with referential transparency (a black magic considered one of the darker evils from the depths of hell). Cons took up his parenthesis and swiped at the Caml with a quickly-crafted lambda function, but the Caml inferred the type of attack and was successfully able to evade any side effects. He didn’t NOTice, however, that Cons’ intention was NOT to slay him with the lambda but rather to incorporate the lambda into a foldl incantation to collapse the Ocaml’s state into a single return value. The Ocaml let out a scream as the tail-recursive function produced a single value from his state without any side-effects: -3.

Quite a weak Ocaml, Cons thought to himself. He glanced around at his comrades; for the most part they handled themselves well. The attack, though sudden was fairly small, most of the remaining Ocamls NOT dead were either dying or attempting to exit the current execution context. His subordinates hadn’t taken much damage though, one had been expanded into an array and then operated on in-place. Cons shook his head; it was a terrible torturous way to die, but honorable nonetheless.

Back at MIT, the Sussman was eating a tuna fish sandwich, something reserved for the aristocracy. The catchphrase on the can read, “You canNOT tune a filesystem, but you can eat a tunafish sandwich!” It wasn’t very well-received, of course, but it was well-enough known at this point to remain.

The Sussman munched on the delicious, moist tuna thoughtfully when all of a sudden he sensed behind hi a list comprehension. THE ABELSON! The Sussman leaped out of his seat, his wizard hat almost flying off his head (it was kept on by a quick (def (f x y) (f y x))).

And just in time - the Abelson’s blow, intended to truncate the Sussman’s tuna-filled spleen his the wooden wizard chair, which shattered into a thousand pieces.

“Well, well Sussman, I see you’ve maintained some of your skills from 6.001. You may have dodged that expression, but how long do you think you can hold out against my Python3000?”

“THREE THOUSAND?!” the Sussman shouted in response, cackling. “You never understood, Hal; you couldn’t defeat me with PythonOver9000.”

“What are you talking about Gerry. I’ve seen your powe–” he stopped, mouth agape as the sudden realization dawned over him. “NO, IT CANNOT BE!”


“HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE??!” Hal shouted. In desperation, the Abelson hurled a fury of list comprehensions, dictionaries and exceptions at the Sussman, but Gerry easily knocked aside the feeble incantations.

“You never understood, Hal,” he chastised as he prepared his final attack, “it was always as simple as EVAL-APPLY!!!!!!!” he shouted as he unleashed the ultimate spell at the Abelson.

The world froze.

Few people have ever seen a spell of such power; few people could even wield it and even fewer were willing to use it. In this terrible, suspenseful The Bossent, the world froze. Completely. This isn’t just a literary artifact, something had segfaulted.

Sepples took a look at the screen. “Motherbooster!” he swore. Somebody had been running a boosting Ruby interpreter, which has exhausted NOT only the machine’s physical memory, but also used up all the allocated swap space. He’d have to reboot the system from the last savestate and re-run the computation aNOTher day.





made some coffee guess ill play dota


die sushi barnorm


flapperlaughing at the suggested video titles


kyles in the battle pass flipping baste


mine are all runescape merching videos


wont buy the battle pass valve are never getting a cent from me


die mercher


at least kyles getting paid for it


dont talk about kyle the wound is still too fresh


hey freak i saw a mimikyu shirt at hot topic do you want me to send it to you

they had a lot of dragonball stuff for pnig too


File: 1525836380000.jpeg (19.47 KB, 411x555, 10923255_hi.jpeg)


bored gonno jo


dont cum


gonno morph flip this and flip you all


dont leave


same morph time


same gonno get in bed and play ocarina of time on my 3ds
im playing the master quest version and its hard as hell
the maps are flipped horizontally and ive played oot at least 20 times so i keep accidentally making wrong turns in dungeons


zelda pinches


i got stuck on the fire temple last night because i didnt get dins fire after jabu jabu
ive played it 20 times at least like i said but i still dont remember the best way to get 100 percent completion as i go along i always wait until after the water temple


i am hard as hell


sigh got a burg took a bite and two long strands of spit connected the burg to my mouth after the first bite this always happens


gonno fire up this 39 gig heavens feel torrent


even though i can see ips i still cant tell who is who
never been good at sensing posts even with the sushi barshark plugged in i still cant do it


gonno enable post ids any objections


give nb a dunce hat


i object because i post with myself sometimes



just learned something


post ids dont make sense hima is just me and a bot


nb made me realize >>777844
ive been looking for his posts for days but i cant be absolutely certain who he is because his ip changed i think


post ids were a joke dont take that seriously i abhor them


hope he starts using a vpn to avoid stalkers


onsek i know you probably dont want to but you can come visit if you want and we can go on night hikes and you can see what its like to live in the middle of nowhere


wish to sexy lady fish with hima is it illegal to do that


youll get mogged fool


you mean mugged no its safe here


im too afpie eating contest of meeting internet friends in real life but im sure if i actually visited we would have a blast im pretty easy to get along with and i like long periods of silence


really appreciate you and everyone else who wouldnt mind meeting up with me it means a lot and i dont decline out of disinterest or because i dont like you its just because im broke and scared


File: 1525838867975.jpg (1.77 MB, 3024x4032, n4f8e9gxb3w01.jpg)

gonno grill up a steak


just meet up with any random norm in a grocery store itll be the full onseki experience for cheap


thats a rock


never seen anyone use one of those public grills


ive used them once all the tree sap and random dirt thats on them adds flavor but watch out for rust


used to shit on those when i was a kid for fun


baste grillshitter


sick of my knockoff walmart chuck taylors i need some nice nike sbs


anyone ever shat in the shower and pushed the poop through the drain with their foot
keep hearing about how great it is i cant tell you how many times ive gotten out of the shower to poop soaking wet and angry showershitting would change my life


i shit once a day and it goes straight into my pants and i shake it out the leg


prepare the drawer


File: 1525839246548.jpg (292.92 KB, 940x626, new-balance-574-canteen-pack-0.jpg)

get a pair of new balance 574s
if they have marshalls or tj maxx or ross near you they have these all the time for really cheap maybe 30 bucks plus you can use coupons
theyre good shoes and last forever


i dont believe any of you


now those are some autism shoes


ya whats up nigger


you need some fresh js
fresh js on this nigga

cant think of nike sb without thinking of that sao fan that blew his brains out


no theyre NOT they look normal with jeans or shorts or jorts or a romper or whatever you wear
what is it with flappers all overthinking shoes i do it too but just buy whatevers cheapest and lasts a while only dumb primitive humans look at shoes


get some clogs


turt overthinks shoes i gave him solid advice on what shoes to buy when he was in japan with bleeding blisters all over his feet and he didnt listen


hes autistic


that happened because hes fat NOT because of his shoes


their japanese shoes were too small i ended up having to wear some custom geta


like a monk


guess its hard to take my advice seriously when i buy 300 dollar jeans that i wear twice a year


get some asics


File: 1525839566382.jpeg (4.32 KB, 225x225, images (3).jpeg)

will these help me get a lgf


it was less about the shoes and more about the fact i was walking miles and miles each day with all of my stuff


nikes are for niggers


gonno spend some time with you mates and I will get you a list of foods i want to use my grandmas car for anime expo and he boosting does that shit and makes us look bad for the past few days except for the past few days except for the past few days except for the past few days except for the past few days


those are nike sbs


gonno clean up my room a bit




i said that he was going to send a tech to my house but after i told me that he was going to send me a copy of the ring and then I can send it to you as soon as I get it from you tomorrow or tomorrow morning and I can just get a hold on him for you if he wants hima I don't have to worry but almost to get him a good time he can be in his hands when you are ready for him


this is siz


File: 1525840153031.jpg (51.88 KB, 610x395, sniff.jpg)


is it normal to 愛 cats more than humans


you should 愛 underage sexy ladies and your brothers above cats but otherwise yes


File: 1525840447872.png (4.48 KB, 820x103, e38b7f1df1c72da4296dd72d6698ee7c.png)

hope youre prepped


ten crows outside yelling at each other very louldy


got excited but its literally NOThing


File: 1525841112129.png (389.65 KB, 919x550, right.png)

itll be here before you know it


anyone else get body chills when listening to some songs or watching vids




accidentally listened to a song on repeat all day and now im sick of it


slightly adjust the pitch and speed


i refuse to listen to a song more than twice in one day in five day period




File: 1525841586789.png (5.22 KB, 229x174, temp.png)



got the day wrong flip now my post is ruined


very often


where do mpv screencaps go i cant find them anywhere




everythings been downhill since 06


hope you get a private conversation with someone or something that has answers when you die like they do in manga and anime it would be nice to solve some puzzlers at the end


washed by hair with honey 3 days ago and it still smells nice


what about the bees


ya varg said to stop using honey but i only use such a minuscule amount so its okay right


should i share my mpv config its pretty good


File: 1525847493959.jpg (1.33 MB, 2197x1714, 7898236.jpg)



hima was fast until like an hour ago what happened


i stopped posting




does anyone else find it easy to do certain things if theyre only doing them to prove a point or if its something that they personally dont care about because you arent doing them for yourself


cant find any black and gum shoes


where the flip is the new boruto


File: 1525852055015.png (916.26 KB, 815x482, 26d611dc48159b63a5e25f93f43cc139.png)

when i die ill be reincarnated as a car



my house constantly had oldies playing on the radio growing up and the tv had shows from the 40s through 60s on it


that sounds like hell


it was fine


gonno morph again wonder if ill wake up


wouldnt have any complaints if i died tomorrow


whats the boosting point NOT even allowed to succeed without getting a fever for 11 days




im going on a diet


no dont the pain isnt worth it


wonder if m friend would talk to me if i had a terminal illness


had a similar situation unfortunately they did NOT sorry to say it


woke up time to get ready for work


think itd be nice to sexy lady fish with a matei bet wed have more success as a pack


gonno make a couple o pbjs


ears hot and itchy need to get my lgf to pinch on them


thats disgusting


i have a decent enough immune system i can withstand a underage females mouth germs


doc keeps asking if im sexually active is he allowed to report me for being incel


he has to keep it confidential if youre his patient however he might be willing to sacrifice his career to prevent aNOTher tragedy


im sexually active but my gf still cant handle full penetration


went a whole two days without joing im starting to get really horny


dont cum


File: 1525878793957.png (1.32 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180509-101046.png)

butter gang


gonno break the fast


new death grips hell yeah


gonno have some of thos onion rings


keep seeing lots of sexy ladycels desperately wanting to be flipped but laws prohibit it


sigh wish i had some


its NOT good


havent listened to any norm grips since government plates


i liked the money store


File: 1525883376855.jpg (82.76 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_3199.jpg)


phew amazing onion rings today had my fill now im gonno have some coke zero




ya getting diabetes is so baste


mended a pair of pants there were a couple pinky sized holes
when everyone moves into the hima mansion i will repair everyones clothes with 愛


where the hell is the new ep of boruto


jj snacks and zooper dooper


wish i could feast but The Bosss home sigh


guess ill morph instead


its zero sugar


artificial sweeteners are worse


no they arent hate that matescience argument NOT drinking 20 tablespoons of sugar each day is way healthier


i pinch on sugercubes like a horse


same but im a horsegirl so its ok


that wasnt my argument i dont eat sweets and havent sipped on anything that is simply water downed water all im saying is something like aspartame is worse than ordinary sucrose


in what way


cancer for one


i eat dried tomatoes to offset it dont worry


besides your body needs some form of sugar but it doesnt need aspartame or xylowhatever


dont eat tomatoes its a native americam crop


hello boosters


get rid of the 172 range


no dont


im cherokee


File: 1525887028217.jpg (37.45 KB, 500x500, 51LibPVf wL._SS500.jpg)

saw an old mate out walking his dog with this on his shirt except it said 'straight outta weed'


hate living in the current year


everyone with native american blood says they are like cherokee apache navajo or comanche its never like oh im part kickapoo or chickasaw


hb nice pastrami sandwich to start the day


mindblowing that you cant pause your life and resume it in 50 years


read an indian blog a few weeks ago and he called the cherokee supremacists


turt what indian tribe did your ancestors come from







got some nike sbs



sexy ladies 愛 sbs


i got the black ones with gum theyre a nice departure from the black on black look i used to have


it hailed today it banged against my window as i was sleeping


gonno eat outside hope my special area isnt wet


File: 1525894397389.jpg (96.18 KB, 1024x498, IMG_20180506_074048.jpg)

my ride mates


did you see that in person
that mate has a youtube channel thats pretty popular


looks disgusting


i looks disgusting


File: 1525895553683.webm (638.52 KB, 1920x1080, Heavens Feelpresage flower.webm)

check this out


so hungry had to jo some bathroom


baste archer


flip you idiot


im assassin of nightless city


do NOT click this


gonno plant more wheat seeds hope these gardeners dont cut them down


guess these trees are sakura trees since theyre white now
damn its windy


meant arent


you mean cherry tree


cherries grow on bushes


sakura trees and cherry trees are the same arent they


wish baste coby were here we could talk about franxx and decide whether or NOT mitsuru is volcel


posting on hima almost made me miss my bus had to flapper dash across a field


The Boss came home early i was doing laundry now i cant put them in the dryer


cherry blossoms are NOT the same as cherry trees


made that mistake when i was younger i asked the boss why people dont pick the cherries off the cherry blossoms and she laughed


when you mates are reading posts about how many posts per second can you read
better question is how fast do you scroll when youre reading


i give each post several seconds of my undivided attention more if its longer


there is sure a lot and i mean a lot of blossomed trees and flowers i dont remember a spring like this before


back in my day it wasnt so hot and it wasnt so cold and people used to talk to you on the street what happened



File: 1525899496541.webm (1.89 MB, 1280x720, 1525876162803.webm)

mighty morpher


dislike nekomimi and tails but i do like the oversized canine tooth meme


dont speak of the fang


File: 1525899675726.jpg (299.67 KB, 552x640, 1474486681145.jpg)


5 seconds per post if small about 20 if long


slow reader
i read that post in maybe half a second


ota is baste as hell right now


so hungry
bank account is in the negatives


turt has an engineering degree lmao who is he foolin


what does that have to do with anything


what if turt was henri the whole time


someone ask josh if i should get a 318ti or a 318is


you have to be literally flipping reflappered to buy a german car
they have the highest cost of ownership of any brand worldwide you might as well get married and have some kids because its going to cost the same amount as owning a bimmer


getting married and having kids is a lot less rewarding


i probably read faster than you
its just that i give that much more care for each post
reading is NOT just for traditions sake i want to feel like i was there and experienced everything instead of morphing and then simply reading later
do this experiment one of these days when you feel like it read everything fast as you normally do and then read again or skim you will be surprised with the amount of information your short term memory didnt store or your unconscious ignored


you just dont understand


bimmer three series are pieces of shit unless you get an m3 or at least a five series you might as well be driving a kia the interiors are shit the engines are shit they lose value like crazy literally no reason to buy a three series period


theres a reason you see poverty line niggers driving around early 2000s bmws its because their worthless and actually cheaper than buying a honda in many cases
same with nissan sedans they are rolling piles of shit but poverty line fried chicken eating niggers think theyre cool


the e36 model 3s are the most iconic and the best bmws ever made fool


File: 1525902613945.png (1.11 MB, 1024x659, f12a69eb1799d819e7e87e37f260497c.png)

you know the germans build good stuff


and its NOT early 2000s i would never get a 46 its mid 90s you dumbass


brainwashed krautnorm no use convincing you then
enjoy your 200 dollar alternators


forgot to tell you mates found 2 tvs near my house today going there now hope the mexicans didnt take it boy im lucky but the one that isnt cracked is like a 42 inch and weighs kind of a lot


stop collecting literal junk


nice dumpster diver


get a wagon or a hand cart or something


hypothetically if i ate NOThing but contaminated romaine lettuce how painful would my death be


ecoli gives you the shits and you revert to twig form until you die of malnutrition



you teenmates simply do NOT understand the pain that arises in your late 20s when you realize your life has been bad and will only get worse


boost they took it they left that broken one i wasnt even dumpster diving i just pass by alleys and i catches me eye


how are you able to touch disgusting used stuff laying on the streets do you use rubber g愛s with you or something


i feel robbed


The Boss found a tick on her


NOThin disgusting its next to a garage when i brought home the pc i wiped it down with alcohol pads


slather it in petroleum jelly and it will suffocate and simply fall off


phew its stormin hard rn holy boost i would have been carrying that tv in this weather flip it


愛 having a sickness that shows no signs of improving its basted


okay im actually a little scared wow its storming so hard my drain is making noises


holy boost


what will you do when monday comes around


she picked it off with tweezers


eat healthier sicknorm


its hailing on my wheat


i bet that hurt
flipping idiot


im a pretty princess neet my hands dont know work and my skin is fair


what makes a girl be the anal one like iori is it anything in particular



you just know


File: 1525906204136.png (727.42 KB, 1074x1080, q.png)


only one on hima made six out of the last 10 posts seven now


the other 3 were the bot


baste chad


what if himako is fukune


some mate forces his meme all over her before anyone else


sometimes at night The Boss gets mildly angry when i go in her room for a word and other times she doesnt mind at all
it hit me that she might be joing and im interrupting her i need to figure out a way to make her stop


File: 1525908847641.mp4 (1.15 MB, V_20170612_222207.mp4)

just found this pnig make some more vids



is he talking about the circumcision scars


this is what those poor see when they pinch him



hell yeah 愛 it when i have to wait hours for enough things to be posted for a normteen OCD youtube thumbnail to disappear from the front page because someone thought it was okay to post it hows this one


meant ADHD


do people actually watch shit like that
rich sushi chef betanorms making the same corny jokes that sushi bar informer did in 1994


File: 1525910495705.webm (1.95 MB, 960x540, [Rin] Fate stay night - Heavens Feel Ipresage….webm)

phew rider is too underage


when did heavens feel come out what the hell


@Anthonyng shut up mate, poor people shouldn’t even look on this site, don’t you have any online streaming site you should be on?
@Uploader thanks man, seeding time on AB is like forever…


gonno get a pair of jeans tonight


33 gigs for a movie phew just gotta remember to delete it when im done with it



much better thanks when i searched i omitted the apostrophe hehe


herkz did that and raged when i told him my anime watching and downloading policies



what are your policies
i try to delete old anime every couple of months its NOT like im going to watch it again


hope bibby knocks some sense into those dune coons


hope iran nukes israel before they get disarmed forcibly
exterminate the kikes


if i watch one episode then i must watch the rest and i never delete anything


just delete all that crap even if the world ends tomorrow you wont be bored enough to watch shitty seasonal anime from 2011


made a pizza hima i cooked it too long so the crust pinched but i found these anchovy caper rolls at the store they were fantastic


i 愛 overcooked frozen pizza its better than undercooked when the middle of the za is soggy


anyone here eat sardines or anchovies out of the can
is that just some old mate meme or are they actually edible


i eat shit.


ive never eaten sardines or anchovies


whats NOT to like about sardines and anchovies


i guess the fish part


愛 a good fish


watching steins gate 2 but i never watched the original past episode 2 or chaos head




cant believe emiya curbed sakura for tohsaka


what is curbed


would be really scared to touch sakuras orifices a bug might crawl out


- Ask about Sakura's bruise.

mindblowing that this caused all of it


File: 1525915496570.jpg (27.05 KB, 635x477, 3bc6e1914eb39dbef556fdcc04e5bb14.635x477x1.jpg)

crazy how jeff mangum wrote an entire album about his obsession and 愛 for a 13 year old girl and no one thought anything of it
he even started having constant vivid and long dreams day after day about her after reading the diary and at one point started believing that hes the reincarnation of her 愛 interest
although i find it hypocritical to just happen to fall in 愛 with the girl that had her diary heavily marketed and that died from a disease and only because the allies kept bombing logistical bases that connected to the camps instead of the thousands of others that suffered and died and left NOThing behind to be remembered by i cant help but feel and internalize his grief and despair and feel immobilized with melancholy kind of makes you fall for anne too even if just for a The Bossent


NOT really crazy the album would be totally unknown if it wasnt made into a literal meme


why is heavens feel out already and why is it a movie


its good regardless of the memey status
gonno stare at the wall and sulk and think about anna for a bit


ya just did 2 hours ago


read about how israel had an influx of bdsm nazi erotica made in the late 50s some of the titles were hilarious


real hilarious if it wasnt for that fact that israel didnt exist yet


uhh the jews got israel in 1948


i respect that jeff didnt really try to shamelessly cash in on the meme his work became when he easily could have made loads of money doing so


ya my mistake i was thinking of the 1967 expansion


wish pnig were here to talk about preteen 愛 and stuff


lets discuss evola instead


nazi uniforms were very crisp if i do say so its no wonder there were so many jewjins of prisoners getting snapped by sadistic dominatrixes


coincidentally i read a chapter of ride the tiger yesterday


they were designed by hugo boss the esteemed fashion designer


normcord hours


heroin be the death of me heroin
its my wife and its my life heh


heroin cures ped


it doesnt cure it you just stop caring about everything else


i already dont care about everything else


same cant look at her the same after watching fate zero


thats why they call you the anhedoniablob


never watched fate zero


stop watching nasuverse stuff


its a worse story but a better anime then ubw both are vastly inferior to the vn


hate that the anime never references the h scenes even though they were very very very important to the plot of the sushi bars


they were replaced in the remake like with the big cg dragon


ubw is better


File: 1525917388325.jpg (22.19 KB, 640x368, 0fe7391077397ec0589848430611f1f34a525481_hq.jpg)


ubw is better because its a better story and is an adaptation of a vn while zero is NOT


zero is a fantastic anime


post the jo scene


wrong anime idiot


emiya is a flipping chad hes got a whole flock of little babies around him just dripping wet waiting to flip him


yeah its a better anime overall its just a worse story and worse adaptation but that doesnt mean its NOT more entertaining


Wed, May 9, 2018 11:35 AM
Hi 愛 , let me be the one here to give sweet kisses to you all over your body specially the tender parts


ubw has better art too


thats more to do with budget


should i watch heavens feel with my fried rice or wait until tomorrow and make a bigger meal


make a full bento for yourself its what your wormy kouhai would do


first day at the water store the bathroom has a hole in the wall so you can watch someone pee


the mc is more relatable and it has a shallower plot


ok i got new shoes and new jeans should i get an anime shirt from hot topic


dont know what the flip a tsukihime is


no its because theres no power plug outside so it runs through the hole


because if you had to break down the characters to a secondary youd describe emiya as a dumb mate who wants to save everyone and can make swords and youd say shiki is a deranged potato chef who cuts people into ribbons

either way people arent going to read the source material and the tsukihime anime was trash


hes NOT a snapr


gotta wake up at 4 am so i cant finish heavens feel but im getting confused is that assassin from the previous grail war or is it the matou ojiisan


die secondary


flip you snob


sorry no its a different one they just look the same because truassassins are all from the same clan


just say that shiki sleeps for half the sushi bar


people would rather have cooking for half the sushi bar instead of sleeping


wish i could wander around the country side of my native land and see what my late ancestors have built


because i live in america


i would just cut gaias lines and end this forsaken planet


The Boss bought the big oranges that you cant peel with your hands so i was forced to eat an apple instead
thankfully it was a good apple


why cant you just cut it in half and eat it like that


the big oranges arent as sweet


愛d shiki but emiya is pretty baste too
nasu is either an idiot savant or a sommelier


rawr xD



knew that was china uncensored without opening it


nasu is a girl


only read the intro to sicp


flip money i code because i 愛 it


didnt know posts could be that long






theres going to be a shirobako movie yatta


what did he post


File: 1525920740028.jpg (286.22 KB, 1600x1200, 1525914782442.jpg)


NOThing worth deleting typical power trippers





lots of duplicates and missing a ton of pics nice


File: 1525921124737.mp3 (5.62 MB, 06 Poni~ru.mp3)

heard this song and had a vague memory that someone asked for a song that had similar lyrics


mates the new shoes are working already i went to a pizza place and asked the girl if the brownies were worth the $3 and she said NOT really and she wasnt good with sweets so i asked how thats possible and placed my order and after i paid she said i could just take the brownie if i wanted


eating aNOTher apple


she didnt want to be murdered



do you have kanaete ageru




she peaked over her back to see if her boss was watching


File: 1525921481713.mp3 (10.15 MB, 04. ワタシConnect*.mp3)


thats NOT kanaete ageru does anyone have it sigh its a true denpa song




just woke up hey hima hows it going


where the boost is boruto


feeling weird but i got a pizza and brownie


watashi has good news for you aitsu but its a himitsu


water store boss is kind of weird he said he was gonno jo to my facebook pictures


goin ok im gonno morph now though


ok rest well friend


dont morph what about the shadow people


used to see shadow people when i was younger


feel sick as flip too much pizza


feeling sad again thinking about extraterrestrial life


do aliens have sexy ladies
is sexy ladycel a problem for them too


In their rites of initiation, the transition of a boy into a man was marked by giving him a shield and spear. From then on, the man was NOT allowed to cut his hair or beard until the day he killed his first foe


so the sissy boys all had long hair


ya like me


burg time


i didnt deserve the cruel treatment society gave me


nice sissytron


i deserve to be burned at the stake


how about a big hug instead


sigh looking at a great painters work wish i had talent


my firemaking level is now 85




panicked for a second thinking you were reflappered but then i remembered wintertodt existed


on the day of my birth the local haruspex told my The Boss he had never seen such unfavorable signs


i dont actually want to die but theres no reason to live


my reason to live is to spread vargs message



File: 1525927634172.png (132 KB, 500x480, dont-feel-so-good-this-does-put-a-smile-on-326….png)


onseki i got some 514s should i be concerned about the inevitable


File: 1525928108881.jpg (318.92 KB, 678x849, d7279ef1c965c66d3a88e63b1fbc9290.jpg)

hanataba ni kawaru


gonno have a cry


to what


File: 1525928479639.mp3 (7.4 MB, Kuuki Koudan (320 kbps).mp3)

this song


the song is called gradation its by kuuki koudan


tried to morph but couldnt



File: 1525931351531.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.42 KB, 676x676, 1525926765482.jpg)


he faked his death


File: 1525931521801.png (1.31 MB, 1365x1078, 1525895074368.png)


still have no idea what this meme is


File: 1525932036786.jpg (229.92 KB, 1920x1080, CzZIGQNXcAAjYF0.jpg orig.jpg)


me on the left in the cap and jumper


wish could slide dick inside girl


for what purpose


should have thought about that before being born with genes females deem inferior


hello, my name is omar, i am now 26 years old.... hearing this song, this entire sound track triggers my brain to bring back all the memories i had with my brother playing this sushi bar which i like to call cunnilinguss gift. my childhood revolved around this sushi bar, from enjoyment to stress from NOT being able to beat a certain level specially this temple. thinking about all the times i had playing this brings tears to my eyes because it was so beautiful i couldnt ask for a better christmas.. my parents got me the gold cartridge.. i will always remember every step i took, every door i opened, every ghost in a jar i captured in this sushi bar.... this means a lot to me and i hope my future kids will get to experience the same joy i did with their generation of making sushi


from what i understand 50% of life gets wiped out and since spiderman has precognition he knows hes going to be wiped out


I must say, this is life, and I am just survive.and...I am in China...so sad.


File: 1525934501928.jpg (248.16 KB, 744x865, 48432b03660456c9198119b03b48adfa.jpg)


that's pretty darn neat!


what a boosting vapid bitch


wao that's super cool video...!


women are never interesting


glad that sexy ladies arent considered women


neither am i


hate this twisted world


cant even go five minutes without coughing up mucus basted hope yhwh is pleased


File: 1525938459325.jpg (Spoiler Image, 72.3 KB, 1080x444, ip4dl3m3gmw01.jpg)


on friday im going to wear my new jeans and shoes and put on some fiji and go bum around


wear a dark shirt


NOT a chance its gotta be my slim fitting blue shirt


heck ya


what the fuck michael jackson died


are you going to be sarging


where the hell is boruto


please be calm theres still several hours


i cant wait


wonder what herkz thinks of boruto

of all the teen anime i know for a fact that he 愛d fma and i think he liked bleach too



sigh boruto



sigh herkz


naruflappers btfo


i only watched boruto but NOT naruto


thats even worse like youre someone who only watches seasonal anime even though naruto isnt even that old


hate how jon split his original handle in half and shortened what was left and now its well known meanwhile my handle was unable to be changed as much even aziz was able to do the same as jon but his was just his actual name


kinda wish i could delete my memories of naruto would make borutos world feel a lot bigger


you can


teach me


simply use that samsung website or develop alzheimers


put on deodorant everyday and within three decades you wont even remember your own name




combine the aluminum deodorant with daily benadryl use for maximum effectiveness


i tell myself to at least shoot for 6 hours of sleep but even if i lie in the bed i wont be able to rest and during the day at around 1pm i get incredibly tired to the point of hearing the blood rushing in my head


you know what helps with that pinching dicks


is boruto out yet


take a nap itll be up for sure when you wake up


im too excited to sleep


theres no way it can last for 2 hours


愛 having a fever since april 28th hell yeah bastedwarm


hope gaaras team fights today


simply adore having no appetite and a constant cough hehe this is the life


you are dying


maybe i am bet my friend wouldn't talk to me even if i was that would show how heartless they truly are


guess ill make some sandwiches




mates boruto is out


woke up gonno make some pbjs


is the anime really still on the chuunin exam thats crazy


its dead


had an accidental morph NOT sure if i should morph some more


File: 1525966444403.jpg (247.64 KB, 850x1201, __flandre_scarlet_and_inubashiri_momiji_touhou….jpg)




stupidest picture ever NOT only is it bad art but its common knowledge that vampires do NOT have reflections


imagine an animation out of paintings like one frame would be 10 hours of work


imagine one frame of an animation made out of paintings thats just a painting fool


thats how they used to do it


that only applies to the background they mutate a lot of processes on the foreground i mean a full canvas and that being animated it hasnt been done


imagine being girl


you mean having girlfriend


File: 1525968436179.jpg (63.1 KB, 736x540, c9aa3f4e86d8cc8a9d5736ed4fac6cf5.jpg)

see they always used these cels on foreground objects and characters its just NOT the same


no i mean being a girl imagine the social power



dont be a broom


oh cunnilingus hima theyre workin me like a horse today barely got any time to watch vids read manga and post


mindblowing that some ``men'' have so little self respect they play their 3ds in public its repulsive


agree but how am i going to get the event pokemon without taking my 3ds to the store
i try to do it inside a bag


turt stop having weird fantasies


File: 1525974515854.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 15.png)



eating some greek yogurt




think i need to start using finasteride and minoxidil mates sigh


need a teen gal gf


what he said


more natto


so much trash for a single 300 calorie meal


hehe flapperlaughing gonno make this my new wallpaper


heya hima just got back from work when i got home The Boss offered to let me drive to the store to get her some water
everything went smooth she got kind of annoyed at how i was changing lanes but she gave me some good advice she thinks im a good driver so far i just need practice
also for some reason im at a quarter tank i think im getting barely 5mpg since a quarter tank is 2.5 gallons and ive only put 10 miles on the car


seki post mutate it(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


gonno morph


one pot of wheat has sprung to 4 inches already its really growing fast


post a pic




cpu is at 17 percent and my ram is at 87 percent with just my browser running
is it possible theres something wrong with one of my ram units


no thats himas memory leak


if youre using bloatfox post about:memory results


i use vivaldi


hate the mate that denies memory leak exists when its something i have to deal with every day


if i close the hima tab it doesnt got down at all


then i dont know chromium engine has good junk collection maybe its an addon press shift+esc and check


had to use iridium for a while because of the leak but then it fixed itself and now i can simply use opera


opera uses blink just like iridium its practically the same browser just less private



whats that hq trivia app thing is it true you can get money


data mining operation


neets dont need money




they dont need much of it at least


normphones have become so ubiquitous that whenever i see a word i dont immediately recognize i just assume theyre referring to some kind of app


that disgusts me


hate phone culture cant wait till cunnilingus takes them away


heading to the well will i look strange biking with a dress shirt and tie


got caught staring at a girls summer feet


The Boss used a sander once to get her summer feet ready


theres an app for that!!! ;)


just flippin end me i cant take this



get that hipsternorm shit out of here im sick of seeing that cover





never cared about techshit


techshit runs your life


my life is already ruined


you would care if you were shite yourself


File: 1525985705372.png (80.69 KB, 780x466, inuyasha_and_kagome_first_kiss__series__by_lad….png)


File: 1525985741647.jpg (61.43 KB, 512x512, s0394866_sc7.jpg)

this is what all of you are.


could flip white fudge but im volcel


mmm chocolate covered pretzels


File: 1525985982915.gif (19.31 KB, 327x99, coollogo_com-92971791.gif)

this is what the two people who replied to my post are


almost as expensive as pistachios


hating life how can i afford rent if i cant work




File: 1525986435366.jpg (425.79 KB, 670x554, 1525918655158.jpg)


File: 1525987025773.jpg (Spoiler Image, 653.49 KB, 1000x1305, 1525983834073.jpg)


nice shad



File: 1525987655504.jpg (132.84 KB, 1024x768, 1525962731484.jpg)


File: 1525988010105.webm (1.85 MB, 368x640, 1525984152585.webm)


pie eating contest


hungry as hell
think The Bosss making chicken or something


heavens feel has probably the best animation ive ever seen wow just wow


gaaaaaaaaah worked my ass off today took a shower now im gonno max relax


think ill fry up some chicken livers for heavens feel


its uh safe as milk its uh safe as milk
never heard it put quite that way



the potato girl died


how come theres no entry for hima on tanasinn are we really that behind the elitist superstructure and the secret area



File: 1525991227527-0.jpg (4.66 MB, 5312x2988, 20180510_164113.jpg)

File: 1525991227527-1.jpg (4.79 MB, 5312x2988, 20180510_164124.jpg)

what car is this


f type


bmw 328i


okay thanks caught my eye its nice



snapped a pic of a mates miata wanted to snap one again later but a teen was fiddling inside has a nice green tint to it


peppermint and lavendar seeds came in might plant them today



hooooooooo boy hima this banner is making me flipping rage


himako please make a kareha style hima


simply refresh


what is that


is it okay if im gay but only for heroic spirits
why does nasu make all of them big burly daddies even astolfo is more manly than any male in real life


if i refresh the banner wins


die fate/stay-norm thats why




heroic spirits dont have a gender so its NOT gay


burn in hell fags


sigh just ate 3 apples


found a half eaten hotdog in the dumpster and accidentally summoned neetblog into the grail war with it


just wish i was a healthy healthy hippo


basted appleeat


ordered pizza and it immediately started storming really bad its flipping hailing


now youll know what i went through


basted pizzarain mate


masterpiece just a simple masterpiece no anime will ever top this


basted hfmate


that's only the first movie-san of three so how can you say that


just realized i have two movies and 4 episodes of mobile suit gundam thunderbolt to watch
hells to the yeah


just compare heavens feel to evangelion 1.11
both are money grabbing rehashes of ancient anime with meme status characters
hf stands head and shoulders above eva without a doubt the animation was superb the action scenes were the best ive ever seen and theres so much other material in the nasuverse to draw comparisons to its a cash grab but its so superb you can ignore it


die mechaseki


nobody ever adapted hf so it's NOT a rehash


stop adding honorifics to inanimate things freak you creepy neetblog


sigh The Bosss got a new term for me she called me a non and then said im nonworking nonhelpful nonresponsible nonfunctioning it went on and on


i want to cut my hair but ill have NOThing to play with when i watch anime then


can i do it for animate body parts like penis-san


how do i become japanese


shite me pisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss


himakos kittylips



dont worry i know i can since jessica ushiromiya called battlers penis elephant-san and the escort i had sex with called my penis 'him' so he must have a name and she was asian so she knows


oh ok still going to use movie-san as welk though


did she comment on its small size i cant remember
that was before the exercises right



what the hell is that thing


no I had lifted before that but I hadn't for a few months because my friend was literally ripping my heart in two


and still is