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here you go


other thread is becoming intolerable


postin here


also ban that one mate


sigh its gonno cost like 13m to get 85 herblore


prefer this one


good news everyone


basteseki owned the pie eating contestant thread


that was me, neetblog


The Boss fell for the evil grains meme


what was you impersonator


its not a meme


boycotting this thread


post some underage himas


why did the brainlet lock the active thread


if i forget thee, o neetblog, let my right hand forget her cunning


the zucc really doesnt look human whats wrong with his skin


hope this pasty kike gets grilled


i stand with zucc


zucc gets fugged


gonno attempt the workmorph


bit my nails again


made a reuben


it was made by an ota pie eating contestant


otalad has a good heart


aka haysuz


baste zuck is owning these old flips



File: 1523388013377.webm (1.32 MB, 717x404, 1521443974366.webm)


flip zuck


you cant talk about our next president like that


everything is unnecessarily clean and all the small decorations look totally fabricated
wondering if zuck and his wife even own a house or if they just morph in their car because their bodies dont produce any odors


File: 1523388977747.jpg (78.25 KB, 750x862, DZ8hivzW4AAilvA.jpg)




isnt 99 only one percent of 200mil




wish to become a 200miler


love seeing him sweat






anyone want me to stream yakuza


why do they have these dinosaurs questioning zucc instead of like computer science engineers


holy flip hes getting destroyed


yeah that question stunned him hehe


posting in this thread even though mods say other thread was first whatever i dont really care in fact i like this thread more cause it has a cuter image. i love squatting girls it makes me imagine they are pooping


baste ped


your gross screw off


nothing wrong with the picture bud


never understood scat fetishists whats so appealing about poop


what was it i missed it


i am not into being pooped on or eating shit, dont get me wrong. however i enjoy seeing girls poop and seeing their anus, its just the taboo nature of female defecation because women are trained to never reveal their pooping usually, therefore seeing the act or imagining it is erotic to me


what do you think about the smell


die pie eating contestant


he asked zucc if he would tell the court what hotel he stayed at last night to make him squirm about privacy


he just got caught in a lie and now he is struggling


just got blasted by deju vu


the smell is not great for me. i am more into just seeing and watching online, i have never seen a girl poop irl but i did walk into the bathroom once after a girl pooped (she left skid marks also) and the smell was awful, i didtn like it


holy flip


kill urself my man


good news everyone


what good news


spit it out


the helium tank arrived


zuck getting boosted


are you gonno sell balloons to sexy ladies


i got a lgf i picked her up last night at the club she was in the corner covering her ears and screaming


clubs are for slags


im slag


teds letting zuck recover after he got flipped by the last mate


die messnorm thats as clean as everything should be


whats the helium for.........................


die pie eater


ban the pie eating contesting pie eating contestants


the helium tank wasnt even the good news mate i was just impersonating him it was a jest and i apologize


i am only concerned with the positive and uplifting good news


im gonno uplift my dick in your ass if youre not careful


zucc is a flipping sperg he sounds like a 13 year old


please dont hurt me im sorry


my little pieeeceeessss


teen hours


zucc is so full of shit


File: 1523395155431.png (1.14 MB, 1012x1090, meat.png)






i stand with the zucc in these troubled times


i take my seat on a cushioned pad for extra height along with him


irc bot told me to donate after leeching his anime


i have nothing to hide and nothing to fear


so flipping hungry think im gonno grab a big bag of chips with msg in them


zucc cucc fucc rucc thucc smucc


gonno eat ducc with zucc


never had duck before is it good



its a bit like chicken if the flavor was a lot stronger or some form of concentrated chicken


i got a lgf i picked her up last night at the club she was in the corner covering her ears and screaming


nice groomnig


put her down


deja vu didnt you just post that earlier


yes i posted it two weeks ago



is that a linus thumbnail


deja vu ive just been in this place before


i need to ask something


ask away


i want to see sexy ladies undress


supernude is better than nude


does axe body spray really attract sexy ladies




get the flip in here




forgot how much i liked the tropical theme




might do something big


File: 1523397199039.jpg (91.78 KB, 1600x900, Lostorage Incited WIXOSS - 3.jpg)


baste autumn elegy watches varg hehe


what happens at the end of runescape


why ban


your brain is like a fruit suspended in jelly. when you go to a grocery store and see fruits and veggies you will check them and choose the most high quality ones. human brains can be the same way just like how some people have ocd, have sexual fetishes, or be scared of spiders


i guess ill fire up puyoquest and wait the 5 days for it to expire while watching hima with the tropical blue theme


why did pnig throw a fit about the other thread


thread rager must have his way or else


stop using the tropical theme


think onseki might be very flapper


未来が眩しくて見えない brew up some coffee mates


what end



File: 1523398604939.webm (4 MB, 640x360, 1523396855574.webm)


File: 1523398679463.jpg (129.42 KB, 900x1200, 1523396630597.jpg)


zuck got snapped


think i might have jewish ancestry


everyone on earth is a direct descendant of papa abraham by now


gonno start eating kosher


neetblog is a child of ham


hehe jacob owned esau hard this is great


holy crap zuck got high level hypocrite baited
also wow that chinese man is just standing around throwing his fingertip into the edge of boiling oil
i wonder if he still feels the splash burns or is just numb to them now?


just woke up hey hows it going gonno have some coffee and watch the new autumn elegy vid


went to make coffee but there was some leftover in the press from yesterday now im sipping on that while a fresh pot is brewing


The Bosss making me go on a job hunt agin


good luck


its almost summer so im sure a lot of places are hiring


movie theaters hire in the summer you can work there


become a fisherman


do NOT do that


i was born to fish the sea is my oyster


commercial fishing is hard work and very artificial i would not recommend it


does onseki know you can use cpanel to see what stylesheets people are using its very


simply go to the docks and ask around all the fishing vessels if theyre looking for a deckhand it may be rough convincing them as a greenhorn but tell them youre willing to work for half pay and itll be no problem


there are no docks in my area


dont do that theyll put you on poop deck duty


no docks here but lots of dicks


lots of turnover at the meat packing plants


consider flower arranging


do something cool like a theme park


remember when that one mate got a job at a foundry and was never heard from again do you think he couldnt take the wageslave life anymore and leaped into a vat of molten iron


he was pushed


no it was l'appel du vide


lot of docks around here but the smell always made me barf


landloving manbaby


im terrified of boats especially big ones




lets make the hima mansion a hima yacht instead


no please dont


i get seasick


if you work in fast food can you have sex with teenagers


hell ya


yes you can have sex with 18 and 19 years olds


what about the


go work at chikfila they employ a lot of christian teengirls


time to read pauls epistle to the romans again


but they dont let men flip them


something must be said


File: 1523402163113.jpg (14.61 KB, 220x265, 220px-Seth_with_AxCx_at_Relapse_Festival_1993_….jpg)



i need to say something


spit it out


can i get something off my chest


i need to say i never worked


camp counselor hehe


ok i really love lasagna


me too i absolutely love it but i havent had it in a few years



i never worked a drive thru or register


i need to say something else


The Bosss lasagna is flipping gross but i eat it anyways because i dont have the heart to tell her the truth


File: 1523402525680.jpeg (148.8 KB, 1100x825, gus-dapperton.jpeg)

i played this on my smartphone at work and used a plastic container to amplify the sound so i could hear it over washing dishes


cant believe onseki would ban someone for a whole flipping week for liking a certain theme but wont touch a fellow norm


ive never worked


i worked two jobs and they were both in kitchens


i worked 6 jobs on your The Boss #neet.life


did you get to flip the teenagers


something must still be said




i have invited my own lasagna style it has 2 layers instead of the usual 12


send a pic


File: 1523403275349.jpg (19.81 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)

ok here


meant to ban >>761711


looks like shit throw it in the trash dumbass


basteseki is too blazed to click on the right post


keeo that 'za comin


youre not wrong i make most of my erroneous bans right after taking a siiiiiick rip


gonno take my weekly shower


thats the dankseki weve grown to love


are there any himasugis with any neat talents


bad news the daiso run resulted in a floppy meiji bar


im talented but i cant share what its in


i have a song about boosting a turkey? down the neck?


i have really good balance and im flexible so i can stand on one foot and lift my other foot into my mouth


i have the ability to sushi bar for 48 hours in one sitting


i dont have any talents






im a pro wow player




smash that like


does anyone else get tears in their eyes from laughing at their own jokes and observations




ya i laugh at posts i made hours ago


hehe me too


i think therefore i am


im listening to filsofem while making sushi


but is the laugh good enough to make you cry or is there something wrong with me




i have a hearty laugh every month or two


i laugh at my own posts but then realize they arent actually funny right after i hit post






link some of your own posts youve laughed at


i do that too sigh





i laughed at both of those posts too


those are all lame


post your posts


got those out of order but theyre the lasagna ones i was checking out as i made them and was laughing i dont think ill go back to daiso for a while


i laugh thinking about funny posts but then never post them



was the good news ever truly revealed


ya its the gospel of jesus


already read it yes im a christian


filter neetblog to christian


daddys home




gag me with a spoon


bible is also an example of neetblog word filter possibility


come here then and bring your own, you wont like my spoon


hope neetblog comes back soon


he cant have gotten far


send a search party


wt th hell


should i go back to the ramen place or will they still remember me looking like an utter asshole from months ago


they wont remember


they will accept you if they accept me


also problem spoon reply function user newfag


im here


baste i knew youd never desert us


if i died nobody would on hima would notice


such is the fate of the nopersona


how do i craft an identifiable persona when posting style here is quite regulated


if i stopped coming to hima an impersonator would take my place and nobody would know i left


blog about your life


how is it regulated


gonno regulate my dick


and ASS


you could probably just post with punctuation and the other users would freak out and call you pie eating contestmateafter a while and there would be some recognizable traits and stories by then


laughing at my own posts again


if your blogs arent distinct enough to be recognized by themselves then maybe you just dont have what it takes to be a persona


i cant handle the pressure of having a verifiable identity i like to keep myself amorphous


if u dont type like this your a pie eating contestant(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


im fatter than nb but he stole the persona from me


that you fatneet


and trust me i have many personas on many boards yes in truth i am known by many names, in truth we have probably talked on other boards


File: 1523406689333.jpg (234.14 KB, 768x1024, 1523328786371.jpg)


is that you herkz


wish i had a gutterskank to adorn my chrysler


whos the pasty hussy


thats nbs sister


pale girls could sit on my lap


File: 1523406905760-0.jpg (115.17 KB, 800x1001, cover.jpg)

File: 1523406905761-1.mp3 (13.35 MB, Tristram.mp3)

File: 1523406905761-2.mp3 (10.62 MB, Catacombs.mp3)




why is this neetblog such a gosh on here ive never seen him post


i dont think the aesthetic really fits


oh wai i forget its a sushi bar delete this


i might as well be a wild animal


neets are more like dumb zoo animals


im a lumbering dimwitted beast


my iq is low to


i like that pic with the polar bear looking at the painted wall juxtaposed with the mate looking at a computer screen




are there more low light sensing cones or rods or whatever near the edges of your retinas or something it feels like i can always see better in the dark out of the corners of my eyes


File: 1523407951343.jpg (53.29 KB, 383x336, download.jpg)

do your eyes glow in the dark


only when im powered up


looks just like my cat baxter


is The Boss brainwashed to think im handsome or is she lying


i dont have a reflection


one of lifes great mysteries i fear well never have an answer


if The Boss had a button to make it so i was never born shed press it without even thinking


my mother will burn in hell for birthing me


you are handsome young man


i have a face only a mother could love


next time i get a ynaj im going to let her know that ugly people arent able to get jobs in the real world


eating my custom mix peanuts and white chocolate chips if it aint white it aint right


boost pedos! How could anyone get off to the idea of removing a little girl's clothes and licking her tiny body all over, nibbling her neck and kissing her adorable little nipples? Only a heartless monster would think about her cute girlish mouth and tongue wrapped around a thick cock slick with her saliva, pumping in and out of her mouth until it erupts, the cum more than her little throat can swallow.
The idea of thick viscous semen overflowing, dribbling down her chin over her flat chest, her tiny hands scooping it all up and watching her pinch it off her fingertips is just horrible. You're all a bunch of sick perverts, thinking of spreading her smooth slender thighs, cock poised at the entrance to her pure, tight, virginal kitty, and thrusting in deep as a whimper escapes her lips which are slippery with cum, while her small body shudders from having her cherry taken in one quick stroke.
I am disgusted at how you'd get even more excited as you lean over her, listening to her quickening breath, her girlish moans and gasps while you hasten your strokes, her sweet pants warm and moist on your face and her flat chest, shiny with a sheen of fresh sweat, rising and falling rapidly to meet yours.
It is truly nasty how you'd run your hands all over her tiny body while you violate her, feeling her nipples hardening against your tongue as you lick her chest, her neck and her armpits, savoring the scent of her skin and sweat while she trembles from the stimulation and as she reaches her climax, hearing her cry out softly as she has her first orgasm while that cock is buried impossibly deep inside her, pulsing violently as an intense amount of hot cum spurts forth and floods through her deflowered kitty for the first time, filling her womb only to spill out of her with a sickening squelch. And as you lie atop her flushed body, she sighs breathlessly and her fingers dig into your back as she feels your cock hardening inside her again. You're all sick in the head.


flip you


not reading that shite


もんだい の こども いい


something is up


im feelin it


are you flipping reflappered how could you not know tristrams theme and diablo you flipping teenbropie eating contestmateand onseki why do you refuse to permaban and del >>761872


not everyone played normablo


you cant perma turt


yes everyone did and even then youd still know about it unless youre the normest of norms because even norms do its like mario and zelda and sonic


The Boss wouldnt buy me it because it had violent rating


think its gonno have to be a red gsnap piss night


you cant ban turt for 5 seconds without him throwing a fit over it


you got trolled


finished the tutorial now its taking an eternity to download


my dad bought an imac not pc


File: 1523410837951.jpg (758.57 KB, 2480x3508, CA0miMh.jpg)


feeling so nervous i think i am gonno be sick


opera is making me go flipping insane since the last update now when you are on a tab and you click on it again it sends you to the top of the page and im double clicking by accident a long and its making me go crazy


why post this if its expired


how do i get to sim lim square


you know


im just a beginner at japanese and this is what i can understand


the ramen shop visit was a success the hardest part was entering and getting 4 or 5 different people yelling いらしゃいませ i was worried about going to the one i went before so i went to a new one and it was utterly delicious the broth was silky and made my lips sticky my only mess up was specifically asking for no のり when their tonkotsu ramen came without any then after i was done eating the owner tried to chat with me asking how i found the place and telling me the tonkotsu broth takes 14 hours to make and how he trained in japan i remembered to not ask where specifically

altogether cheap for what it was but im nervous to go back again now because he said i should try the miso broth next i should have asked if he ever does shio broth





why dont they arrest him do they have some sort of secret brotherhood only they can enter


because they know hes not a threat to anyone and just needs a few hours to sober up and they arent doing anything anyway


but he threatened go stab them and broke a bottle if you did that in the US especially in a city youd get beat up another thing they should have sensitivity classes in jail so there id more tolerance and less racism if i want to sit with the blacks i should be able to


is that cop tall or is he a midget


theyve probably met him before and knew he wouldnt do anything


you cant do that



fool youre supposed to order 大盛りギョク if youre a true veteran


anyone knows who richard.9k.brown@gmail.com is




we know rich brown


im so happy all my friends came over today and we went to a bar and grill


ive never been arrested before


you claim you hard when you never even seen the pen


it must be because im a mastermind i used to routinely steal change from my high school vending machines and they didnt suspect a thing


File: 1523413032151.jpg (12.07 KB, 500x333, handshake-2056023-1-500x333.jpg)


im not hard im soft


ive exhausted all my most virile sperm the ones i have left are all chris-chan tier



sigh didnt get a mobile beta invite


starting to feel anxious over remembering that i stole my friends pokemon cartridge as a kid


with friends like you who needs enemies


ya i was that mates penpal for a couple months


getting that feeling where my hands are really sensitive and everything i touch annoys me


they call me the bloody hikki in the white boy pod i was runnin it until this AB mate with stripes came in


do some pushups


read that post like 6 times until i understood what you were saying


i dont need to learn how to read nigga all i do is count


count to ten backwards in base three


AB mate with stripes came in
didnt get this


a g is never slacking a hustler done got stuck on paper stacking


phew the puyo that looks like marisa is underage


post it


yeah bitch i aint really nuthin like a hero i just wanna get my dick pinched and multiply them 0s


File: 1523414442565.jpg (13.72 KB, 242x288, CapD20170929_5.jpg)


nice lum


Dear Neetblog,

Well done, your popularity score has risen and is now in the top 5%.

Your profile is a high traffic profile, meaning you receive a lot of views from members of BeautifulPeople.

Because of this, we are offering you a complimentary 3-day Premium Membership.

Meet other exclusively beautiful singles.

Click on the link below to log in and secure your complimentary membership.


they call him the uberneet


phew got a cute aristocrat girl


アルデラ hehe


idk if neet life is really for me


File: 1523415358977.mp3 (158 KB, 03 - gangbang.mp3)


watching the simpsons in japan episode the haiku joke was funny


i am incompatible with both the eet and neet lives


get thje flip in here


my brain just released a flood of feel bad chemicals


already watched it a couple of hours ago


have some wine


no lift some weights


have a jo


File: 1523416747515-0.png (380.5 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180325-094850.png)

witch is my favorite but i dont have any of het cards sigh wonder if the osomatsu cards are coming back


going to fire up old cape cod and lay in bed while browsing hima wish me luck


good luck


phew underage トト子 she looks like a bratty shizuka


i cant do it gotta sit in the chair instead


also i wasted 5 silver thingys by accident and got a bird girl sigh



do you mean the stones you get those pretty easily by checking the chest before doing a quest there will be the requirements for the bonus missions usually theyre like clear using only a certain colored deck or without certain colors


die chink


File: 1523417266759.jpeg (395.58 KB, 748x939, 601599086d85d789e2c058ae6ea24e2b.jpeg)


the thing you have 3 of here >>761979


need to make a red only team its the only color i can identify


oh yeah dont worry you get a lot in the beginning


drank a whole bottle of wine


how are you feeling


but the more you play and get addicted the less you get i guess thats their strategy to make money especially when you can get guaranteed rare cards for spending 50 stones at a time


File: 1523418126702.png (632.64 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180409-214354.png)



File: 1523418289852.jpg (5.55 MB, 5312x2988, 20180410_224637.jpg)


fakky used to be my go-to site for hentai when i was a teen but then something changed and i never went there anymore and i cant remember what it was


nice toes


gonno morph


dont think ive ever even been to fakku


thanks i just trimmed them


hell yeah box wine


learned about fakku because someone was advertising it on the wc3 custom sushi bar lobby list



havent had boxed wine since i stopped drinking fortified wine sigh it really does have a certain allure


what ia fortified wine


nice exif data dumbass



first saw hentai when i was 9 at a bookstore they had imported some from japan i guess i thought it was regular manga so i checked it out and once i realized what i was looking at i dropped it on the floor and ran back home


what the flip is a circle of confusion


boost you pnig


wine mixed with distilled wine


and then the second time was about one year later by accident on dial up internet it was a pic of ccsakura naked hehe


dont reply to pie eating contestants


are there pie eating contestants should they be banned


google says distilled wine is brandy so if i just put brandy in it its fortified right


need to fortify my ass




you have a sickness


File: 1523420036590.png (714.66 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180410-231439.png)

chicken nugget


baste humberto


File: 1523420157817.jpg (521.33 KB, 1536x2048, strong zero.jpg)

taking out the recycling at the himabunker


File: 1523420179964.png (410.91 KB, 1213x609, sperg.png)


himako do something


on the way back from daiso a lady handed me a card saying she could help me find true love i left it on the bus


owned that bitch



i can do 10 pushups


what about pulldowns


if theyre anything like pushups then 10


theyre the opposite


himako make me dizzy


the ramen place had some nice japanese music playing im sure The Bossgf would have liked it


good making sushi sesh today im pooped


treat yourself to a cool refreshing box of franzia chardonnay


nah ill drink water instead


crashed my pc writing a program


this afpie eating contest of the dark episode isnt even scary its flapper with a ghost trying to steal a grandpas body


im flapper


anyone want to do the easter event with me




The Boss made some kind of mexican chicken stew with black beans and rice and shredded tortilla on top


File: 1523423190316.jpg (89.44 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (2).jpg)



is it tortilla soup


this pinches



hey im dating that mate you were talking to that means were friends right


no just one of her shitty slow cooker pinterest recipes


do you know who i am im special too i wear pajamas at the UC


>pinterest recipes
im literally a spic anchor baby you reflapper


File: 1523423450829.jpg (824.48 KB, 1527x1080, 00576d7d0cc8f2a3069854a791248631.jpg)

spread em'




File: 1523423692402.png (Spoiler Image, 1.49 MB, 1200x1200, 1471744819264.png)


i think i might be the most hairy person on hima


thought about getting a full body wax like turt


everyone should shave their legs


phew nice


why isnt that a girls thing


i have a large spot on my leg where there is no hair




me too because i waxed it to see what it felt like but didnt do the rest because i dont want people to think im a sodomite


scared The Boss will notice and think im gay


dont let other people block your opportunities


feel like udder shite why did i have to do so many stupid boosting things when i was younger


yeah im sure you have sooo many memories


i remember being a reflapper and making mistakes that still haunt me and will for the rest of my life


File: 1523426339426.jpg (680.12 KB, 1000x1446, 1518715349075.jpg)



wish i could live in the summer of showa 58 forever


File: 1523426557828.jpg (2.13 MB, 1764x2508, 69984d132c235ea9354bffd149bd74a2.jpg)


shes cute


feel like id preach like gene kim if i tried sigh


File: 1523427105499.flac (20.36 MB, 06 - すみれ September Love.flac)


accidnetly fell asleep for a nap on the couch earlier now i wont be able to sleep




still holding onto hope that one day ill wake up in my bed and the calendar will say 2001


so you can stop the jews



File: 1523429277661.jpg (150.74 KB, 900x1200, n4wkc0g2f5r01.jpg)


feel so anxious that i want to puke most of the time


i drink so much box wine my parents buy it from costco and i just drain glass after glass


nice mutant


File: 1523430164885.webm (311.93 KB, 720x810, 1523413031654.webm)


why am i getting called a flooder by this board


die pie eating contestant


happiness is not a station you arrive at but a method of travelling



i rated your post

in my mind


heard that TPE stuff smells bad and stains everything


dont want to get up for work tomorrow but the weekend is coming soon


why youre going to make so much money


im not turt i dont make 75k a year starting


you make 100 dollars a day right thats a lot


another day another dollar


daigo is living the dream


gonno be using a dragon axe to wc soon cant wait


you ninjad it




just joed with my left hand that was a real workout


i dont get that much the financial mate does


when i was a young man playing xbox live and wow one of those mousepads with the hard-gel wrist rests gave me some acute carpal tunnel and basically took out my right arm from the elbow down
i had to jerk off using my left hand and i remember it was really frustrating
also i couldn't sushi bar so i remember spending hours writing this screwed up xbox live letter to one of my dearest clan members using the xbox stick to press the on screen keyboard. one of those tasks you set yourself to and feel like you have a fever by the time you're done.
some kind of satanic ritual indeed... giving myself carp from jacking off so hard
my clan thought the message was cool


555 more chops to go



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=asybQ4vO46o 1:44
holy flip whitelist this


im dreg


at least they can be friends with other trap freaks theyre probably better off doing that than the truneet route


they are giving up their honor and dignity


what has your honor and dignity given you


it will grant me salvation


one day a girl will see how honorable i have lived my life and fall for me


girls are attracted to degeneracy because televised vomit like seinfeld and such told them its ok and cool to have sex with random people




sigh im not ready for the himawari birthday scene


wish i had some pancakes right about now


hima hima ohayou heh


in the hima mansion everyone will report to the kitchen at 6am sharp each morning for a full breakfast with pancakes eggs bacon cereal milk orange juice oatmeal grits sausage liver pudding bagels biscuits gravy toast ham hashbrowns muffins and a poptart

nobody will get to take a single bite until each person has been accounted for so any late morphers will be dragged downstairs by the others by force


i will never leave my room


File: 1523445411965.webm (2.19 MB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Boruto - Naruto Next Generatio….webm)

the fated meeting



nah youll be dragged out of your warm neet bed by the draft and forced to fight the sinorussian alliance


glad im obese so im exempt from the draft


youll be used as a shield


in the future there will be a section of a museum dedicated to detailing the intricacies and lives of the hima mansion


you try to make it sound cool but in reality itll be more like the country bear jamboree show at disneyland


watched this video got angry that 17360 people have potentially seen

>Himasugi helps the trap posters

from the video big sigh flipping r9k has to ruin everything pissed me off that they capitalized and greened hima too


mornin hima woke up had my coffee


onseki wont do anything why would you think that a weedmatewould care about anything with their anesthetized brain in between fat rips


how did naruto end anyways i never followed it past the chunin exams


naruto and hinata got married


but before that the creator of chakra came back and tried to take it back and the original team had to defeat her and then naruto and sasuke had a duel where they almost killed eachother before sasuke admits he was always wrong


wish i could enjoy shonen


neji dies




posting gay shit right now


himasugi is the birl board


nice mateteen


my duty as a fatneet is to suffocate any birls that show up at the mansion to maintain peace and order


when you have one open birl it lures the rest out thats why himabirls a necessity otherwise everyone could be a birl and youd never know that we became a french baker board so he must be treasured


if a single birl gets away with it then she becomes a protected class thats a higher status than the neets and every day will be trying your best to impress her and get her attention


how can you tell the birls from girls


checking if their hands and wrists are veiny


their posts are very differently colored we already treat himabirl differently by replying you mean you want a gf you fool


a gf is just a gf but a birl gf is also a friend


File: 1523453838327.png (Spoiler Image, 605.71 KB, 669x1726, __original_drawn_by_razalor__bee162f4e03dc9cd1….png)




wish i had a nice elf wife


thats no wife


wish i was a nice elf wife


you already posted that


no i didnt


just said im the motherflippin nice blog out loud in a southern drawl






big sigh


gonno weep


hate hearing my own voice


despise normasy norm online


despise you


phantasy norm online would have sufficed


felt the need to emphasize it


you normever even played it


never been to a school dance either


did i tell you mates about when i went to prom


i did and it pinches only teenmates like it


wish i could go to a barnyard bash with the backwoodseki


hmm lovely ball smell today


die muskman


flipping trees are sperming all over my car


File: 1523462624090.gif (138.11 KB, 244x249, Lumber_Up.gif)

ill take care of those trees


who are these freaks and how did you even manage to find this


forget i asked it was probably one of the wks after ken stepped down


idiot did you miss the r9k invasion arc or did you mutate it


poor humberto gonno add him


die phewseki


fool now youre cool


File: 1523466548784.png (99.19 KB, 740x829, basteseki.png)


i saw it but saying theyre r9k doesnt answer anything or who told them hima is part of some conspiracy network


that same mate whos on ota slam jamming as teenmin is the mate who told r9k we were playing a part in it i believe


it was turt


no it was be basted neetblog


gonno start investing in hima stocks


they were posting my address not long ago its the ota mate that hates me


nah it would have ota involved too then but its just hima might be the work of that one discordmatewho brought up the birl meme


File: 1523467123008.png (461.19 KB, 897x1396, gbwipg.png)


they call me coolseki for a reason


whats a good audiobook


the holy bible





already read both of those


read the quran instead


read the elia elish


post a link im working


The Boss found the kitab


wonder what other kind of epic stories im missing out not being part of the gnfos discord clique


youre not missing anything they just talk about norm shit all day


File: 1523468244686.png (51.72 KB, 616x461, 1521436665632.png)

you need to make an account so you can become friends with all the mods


i dont think that mod has posted on the discord since that day


really hate seeing these pictures of discord and being reminded of spinelesssekis groveling nature if hima were a totem pole he would be the part in the ground


where would i be


they arent friends they just understand that bs is bs


hehe im always high


the basteblog would naturally be on top


nah im lower than onseki


you dont know jack about shit


thinking about going here what should i get



fish is an adult food but ill consider it


think id have to be sectioned off and quarantined in the hima mansion because of my smell im practically a walking corpse


i have a lot of axe body spray you can have some


i probably smell worse


get a burg and a malt


do the girls really come after you if you wear axe




need to find a way to get an extreme chicken nugget so i can measure myself


think about sexy ladies


smooth nice compact sexy lady bodies that smell good and love to give you all sorts of hugs and


die pednorm


ok i got an extreme chicken nugget and measured 11cm


im 9.5


hey youre not me


im neetblog


this is unsettling


im going to round it up to 15cm


no you arent
go to hell impersonator


nb is known to be the most hung mate on hima


was nb the dickstretcher




it was turt



that was freak




doubt it all you want but that dickstretch post was a shade of green like none other than freak


nb is 13 inches long

for a bloggian this is rather short as through their lifecycle their neetbelly will soon envelop this length

for the noble neetblog time is running out if he wishes to find a mate


no im only 5 inches long


File: 1523471598007.jpg (320.27 KB, 2048x2048, gx5q9qx1nuc01.jpg)

pnig do you get this


what the fuck


got a lot of good things for sale stranger


neetblog feels the strong desire to mate


no i dont


im listening to my twisted world and chopping trees




pnig is still in jail


that arc is over hes back with grandma now


pnigs case was dismissed and the judge gave him a free meal from taco bell


im not coping im just too low test


seems pnigs charisma helped him out yet again you could learn a thing or two from him


never ate taco bell is it good i bet it is it sounds fantastic


ya just avoid the baja blast


he cant keep getting away with it


File: 1523471990512.png (272.5 KB, 600x600, 20140408135334308603.png)

could use a cheesy potato burrito


its mediocre and overpriced


that will be the first thing i sample


im mediocre and overpriced


potatoes dont belong in burritos


baja blast is overrated


trust me it works


i dont trust you for shit you ninjad me


this world is overrated


im significant as a centipede


was born in the wrong galaxy


im less significant than an ant


wish i was born a mongol in the khan era


but then you wouldve killed me


doubt throatpuncher let pnig return to grans house




it was a filler arc everythings back to normal now


thats very underage





youve still got time then


really enjoying onsekis nice music playlist its nice


what playlist


forgot to eat again


it aint easy being cheesy





why does onseki hate negroes but love negro music


pass me that junt seki


he only likes em when they rap that devil shyt or are ridin on a deck of elbows


hope hima will grant chinese citizens asylum


in texas they elbows in cali they daytons


used to be able to go all day without be eating and be fine now i get all lightheaded and woozy


boost c*li we ridin elbows nigga


nah chinks stink


and what


you know


File: 1523475309516.jpg (826.18 KB, 1276x1805, _original_drawn_by_kagematsuri_df2e47dcd92dc35….jpg)


gonno morph see you in 9 hima


die morpher


just like a centipede.....
ill keep going forward


die pie eating contestant


So I got my Slurpee and I saw that there was a drink in one of the cooler called "Tea of a Kind" that had some sort of "twist to brew" thing so I grabbed one and then went to get my Slurpee, but not before the cashier said to me, "mate did you ever try these before? They're boostin awesome," and then told me about how on the first day they came he tried them.

When I finally got to the Slurpee dispenser I saw that they had my two favorites, Blue Raspberry and Coca Cola, and decided that since they always have Coke I'd prefer getting the Blue Raspberry so I put it in a nice styrofoam cup. I only learned last year that you can put Slurpee in any cup you want. I chose the longest straw there to make up for my unbelievably small penis and then also grabbed a Baja Blast and Pink Cookie.

Something about these nights makes them so good. It felt so nice to relaxingly drive down to 7-Eleven with my windows down and without seeing another car on the road.

And now my tongue is all blue from the Slurpee!


kind of mindboggling to think time only moves forward


maybe for you


where is this from


hope they translate puyo to english one day and add a colorblind mode



nah time is a global reference variable we all experience it in the same direction just at different speeds on a micro level


i exist as a being outside of time


File: 1523475796424.jpg (469.76 KB, 1138x1920, pat_my_head.jpg)


back to ota


die warosunorm


File: 1523475866237.png (69.93 KB, 645x729, gmrww8q64syz.png)

>back to ota






hate pie hours


File: 1523475911520.png (Spoiler Image, 167.21 KB, 318x308, 1523210161744.png)


hes a riot


going to uni but ill be back in a few hours


die unigoer


File: 1523475963166.jpg (31.82 KB, 235x215, 1523462412641.jpg)

ban or not ban that the question


File: 1523475992760.jpg (343.13 KB, 1000x707, 2808748181297742_.jpg)





flip you pienorm


File: 1523476052437.webm (240.79 KB, 1280x720, 1523335867559.webm)


im not a pienorm im neetblob


gonno go upstairs and watch some dragon ball super in the living room


its so nice out rn and just 2 days ago it was snowing and cold as hell


anyone want to play 9dragons


no gth normseki


only puyoquest if that mate is still here i can try making a sushi bar


gonno perform a raindance


is burger king iced coffee any good what about wendys


feel seriously weak today my limbs are attenuated


iced coffee is to coffee as sweet tea is to tea


raindance in hel


im raindancer


the lovable blubberblob


cant wait for the db movie bet its gonno be the best one yet


i used to be a raindancer



super is still continuing after the movie right
also stop banning me holy flip


stop posting like a boosting reflapper then


yes master


ban the goldman soyman poster instead aka juan ``haysuz'' lopez


hes already banned


gotta love underage little suwako


i dont know how to navigate through the ui sorry


in the mood to write nanahira another email this time a more sincere one dont want her to think im a freak


i have iced black coffee


she will be grossed out and think youre a stalknorm


i was a raindancer



what will it say will you invite her to spend a couple of weeks with you


yes you do shes my favorite


wish i was gook


suwako is a whore


shes pure


any gooks here


nah flip that frogbitch


shes snake charmer


wish i was a frogbitch


File: 1523479856231.png (364.31 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180410-210407.png)


okay been up for 24 hours got really drunk and rumbled around my room now im bruised up then had a heart to heart with The Boss gotta sleep now


no you wish you had a frogbitchgf



wish i was a king appointed by gosh





some kid kept staring at me today when i went to daiso i dont know what im supposed to do it was just an emotionless stare


it was just a playful gaze


The Boss said shes not doing my laundry anymore but also hasnt taught me how to use the washer and dryer
is this stuff supposed to be instinctual or what


maybe i reminded her of a relative


most angelic babies get flipped by a relative youre in luck


last time a sexy lady stared at me i made an exaggerated angry face and she got scared and ran away


around level 100 puyoquest starts getting difficult and you need to think about team composition

for the colorblind mate have you tried changing the style of the puyos in the settings


ya its pretty much common sense how to use them


just ask for washer lessons


went to that fast food place got a burg chili cheese fries cheese curds and a chocolate malt i liked it all but the malt dont think its my style of drink


hell yeah


how is it common sense theres all kinds of different settings


what do you mean you just throw that shit in there and turn it on


going to listen to old cape cod


take a pic and well walk you through it


im not nb but i am a worthless sack of neetshit


im a different mate


The Boss threw out the washing machine instructions the instant it was installed


shes a dumb sexy ladybitch


i wash my clothes in a bucket



im gonno go take a shit


give me your formal review when you come back


saw a chink smoking something with a silly hat on


not looking forward to being homeless in a few years


what would cause that are you getting kicked out


it must be fun if homeless people choose to stay homeless even after people offer them housing


i wash my clothes in a bucket


yeah my parents will have to kick me out eventually


stop posting things twice


they cant do that theyre responsible for you since they brought you into the world


once you turn 18 youre on your own


bring em to court theyll back down for sure


something must be said


i shall save it for another time


alright buddy


should i join the military


something must be said


join the coast guard


varg said its bad to join a nato military


grandma brought me a full sized pie with pepperoni and beef that i will eat all by myself yum


i dont give a flip what that vikang has to say im ready to die for israel


mindblowing that you sniveling manbabies are crying to ban this and ban that while the admin is having some one on one pool time with a scantily clad brown little baby and will probably be getting laid tonight and you are FLIPPING STUPID


im not a sexnorm so i dont care


he was just kidding about that


this is delicious


no he wasnt


the nearest coast guard recruiting office is in another state


happy for the sex goshseki


black hima posters come out of the dark and reveal yourselves


File: 1523483823848.png (6.67 KB, 355x65, basteseki.png)


*clears throat*


youre a fool if you think a hima poster would participate in that sort of behavior


they dont call him chadseki for nothing


stop deluding yourself half the posters here are huge norms


dont go near pools what if you fall in and drown


pools closed


humans naturally float its impossible to drown


everyone floats down here


dont let that stop you


just felt a massive pang of shame of embarrassment remembering those times i jod to gay naruto fanfiction


same except i dont feel ashamed and i never even read cool naruto fanfiction


why should i join the coast guard


i dont


its the most neet friendly branch


whats neet friendly about it


they spend most their time together in bunks and clubhouses or on boat patrol waiting for their services to be needed


i dont care about that stuff i want to get shot


so you can shoot foreigners trying to invade united states soil and protect fishermen


flip the us military join a private defense force and rake in the big bucks while not being tied down with bullshit


you need experience to join those


if you get shot youll die fool



lie on your resume


also give yourself some fake scars to simulate realistic battle damage


dont you just tie yourself down with a different flavor of bullshit


no they get way more freedom and theyre basically free to be assholes with no one bucking down on them


voices in my head


File: 1523485759746.jpg (299.66 KB, 886x529, quotes_h_p__lovecraft_by_darkcornerbooks-d8f1f….jpg)

sigh this is so me


File: 1523485887175.webm (2.97 MB, 960x540, 1521788160670.webm)


heya hima just got back from the pool nothing weird happened


is this a jav


no its found footage someone left a window open and a girl got into the mansion and someone kept her all to himself for as long as he could until she was discovered and killed


File: 1523486471738.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.04 KB, 438x445, 1472507444735.jpg)




quit posting before the english subs are out


norms tier list

neetblog whino onseki



miss him



why am i a norm


go to hell chadblog


i think he means the i comma neetblog norm


neetblog is norm because hes best friends with herkz


howd you know that he never mentioned it


and onseki is norm because hes best friends with zyzz


ya thats true


took some poverty pizza right out of the oven and bit right into it burned my mouth i didnt deserve this


the herkz friend and zyzz friend are me please dont make up lies



wish i had a tech channel


wonder if hes ever gotten laid because of his online popularity


pie eating contest


File: 1523487516663.jpg (328.62 KB, 960x1280, 1280.jpg)



not a very good photo of her


went shopping for food for the first time in years


nice shopnorm


why am i a norm
no im not


neetblog is nice as hell


mates can you not


want to howl at something post something great in three hours when i forget


feeling weird


back from uni how are my fellow raindancers feeling


File: 1523489325576.png (259.77 KB, 533x765, 1523487372152.png)


gonno riverdance


i live in the very far north and i shall forest dance


File: 1523489512786.gif (1.04 MB, 320x240, 1523488357439.gif)


hate that only boys wear skirts now


sisters friend wears skirts about 40% of the time


is this "friend" cute or what man


ya give us the deets


went over the plan again in my head i think i might finally do it


shes the one i posted about before shes getting excited for summer and wants me to take her to the pool an excessive amount of times each week


why would your sisters friend want her friends older brother to take her to the pool


are you getting abs for summer


she always gets me to do stuff


she might want to pinch your dick


you are naive women dont respect men who do things for them


what "plan" schizo


yes pinch his dick with her small mouth


the plan that will bring down judgement to the misbegotten sinners of this twisted world


how to make it so that i am first witness to this retribution


why not join in


i have a weak constitution


File: 1523492112963.jpg (112.28 KB, 759x1092, 8728bd50af40c1e02ed26044f5ae65d33f3fce930d97c5….jpg)


i have a strong constitution ill hew off a slice of mine own and present it to you at table


can i have a slice of neetsteak too


yes ill carve your portion with my own hand




getting some strong ooooog impulses very much want to sniff a girl


wish to taste roast neetbelly once in my lifetime much more than i want to sniff a slb


fortnite looks fun sigh


wheres the fortnite stream


norm sushi bar


shut up turt boosting dumbass


play that radical sushi bar instead


when you say sniff a girl what parts of her body would you desire to sniff


yea man give us the deets


die deetsnorm


i would sniff her armpits butt bellybutton feet but mostly her hair and her angelic kitty


in order
neck ears collar
outside of breasts just close enough that armpit smell wafts up into my nose
belly and the button of course
inside of thighs for same reason as the breasts


File: 1523493968571.jpg (84.43 KB, 1280x720, 1517693334514.jpg)



pastry too flaky cold in the middle rubbery uncooked texture on base terrible pie


post ichika


no dont


post her ass


should i go back to the book store


yeah i love books but i never read them


im tsundoku


gonno earlymorph


why am i so flipping nervous


theres something ominous in the psychsphere


something really bad is about to happen


like what
dont tell me you believe this russia stuff


cant tell what the future holds can only feel its awful reverberations


might be getting mindhacked into becoming patsy


drinking coffee instantly activates my sphincter


so there was a helvetica standard book at the store so i thumbed through it and ended up reading the whole thing the artwork is really great and there were collections of blu ray covers and other work from the author it was actually inspiring


wow thats really cool


helviteca? i don't speak latin


lets watch this


sigh boost hima i just realized that by not using vrchat im missing out on the founding of a critical new turn in the history of internet culture


Mac C
3 months ago
901 stand up.38128 what it do? 12/19/17 still jammin.


mirror mirror on the wall who is the [i]weirdest[/i] hima of all




phew hima finally back time to relax but i only have like 90 minutes before morph time or else i wont wake up tomorrow mornin
starving so im gonno make a tuna melt


ban or i rage


no one cares boostnorm




ぷよ set a sushi bar up


eating The Bosss stew with chips and salsa and a lime soda


i type it out ironically mate


love lima soda its the perfect combination of carbonation and unoffensive aftertaste


are unoffensive and inoffensive different


no theyre the same
so is nonoffensive


despise the boost and mate filters


chill out


hate carbonated drinks


i cant drink them they make me sneeze


made two tuna melts itadakimasu


but mate filters are epic keks


ban the keker


wish i could catch some roasts gushing their labia all over my car so itd give me the excuse to bash their brains out all over the curb


gonno play some puyoquest





mindblowing that they go for less that 20000 euros


go to hell carnorm




should i make a sushi bar if you click minna to quest then click on the bottom button then click on the one with numbers in it you can join private sushi bars


what do i do for the next 10 hours of this miserable existence before i can sleep


scape hard


himasugi got a bad dougscore


not a bad idea maybe i can go pro


pnig can finally become a professional tetris player


i find it hard to find the means to carry on


get a hobby



existing is really hard its no surprise you dont feel cut out for it


dog shite on the floor but The Boss is already sleeping do i just leave it there


clean it up


i refuse to handle another beings waste


File: 1523504291841.jpg (57.11 KB, 315x475, 6130353.jpg)

would the bookstore girl think im weird if i buy this because there was a copy there


let the roomba get it




put a bowl upside down over it with something weighing it down and then throw the bowl away after its been cleaned up


just pretend youre onseki visualize yourself as being onseki and tell yourself im boosting onseki brah


that answers nothing you braindead idiot


i dont know what onseki looks like


like fabio


he looks like a norm


File: 1523504587656.jpg (48.1 KB, 640x799, 4yZht6i.jpg)


how do i get a square face like that


havent actually seen the bookstore girl in a while i hope she didnt quit


is it ok to pick up manga reading girls in bookstore aisles


are you even strong enough to lift one


hey mates hows it goin just woke up sigh im sore as hell


bout to morph soon


same flip this


File: 1523504903496.jpg (219.86 KB, 765x1200, DCN__xpUAAIQc25.jpg)

helvetica standard made me wish i could draw


え girl needs to have my weiner coffee shoved into her mouth


cut your fingernails


With only one character needing leveling up, I wanted to focus heavily on raising STR, VIT, and MAG for Rinoa (since I didn't have SPR at the time). This meant I didn't have to keep junction switching like crazy. Throw it on and call it good.

Grat is immune to instant death and thus I have to defeat those via normal HP damage. But, there are 2 different enemy strength levels. They're either weak or strong. Weak ones have about half the HP and do half the damage. What I do depends on how many I get. If there are 2, then I usually let one of them attack to determine if it's a strong one or a weak one. If it's a weak one, I just have Rinoa attack it as is as she's, at this point, strong enough to defeat it in one hit. If it's a strong one, which has 5600 HP, then I have either Squall or Zell attack it, to weaken it so that Rinoa can defeat it in one hit. If there's only one, I let Rinoa attack as is unless I can confirm from it attacking that it's a strong one and either Squall or Zell are available.

T-Rexaur, however, is vulnerable to instant death and thus, by having 100 death spells junctioned to status attack, T-Rexaur is a piece of cake. Weak ones alone give around 550ish exp while strong ones give around 800ish exp.

Both of these monsters are weak to ice and thus I put 100 blizzaga spells on elemental attack junction for everyone to effectively double the damage dealt to the monster. This is mainly applicable and needed for grat, however.




your loss


feel like i could cry at any The Bossent within seconds if i wanted to


wish i was uli


wish reflapper were filtered to Яeflapper




wish i lived in wyoming


the should be filtered to Ћ


Ћats a dumb idea


it doesnt stand for th idiot


she quit because you creeped her out


say it aint so


why not Ћats dumb


no you want to live in washington or california or hawaii


nowhere i wish i lived


because it just doesnt its supposed to be for the


well flip Ћat


the hima mansion is in vanuatu


hungover as flip time for some hair of the dog that bit me


i didnt crepe her out she remembered me and welcomed me but i never started a conversation with her maybe i should have used the sailor moon girl as practice


you can use me as practice if you want


himako is one of those practice girls


she was just being polite because she didnt want you to assault her


something must be said


please go ahead and say it


ban this flipper already


i invented two layer lasagna again


had an awful morph i feel bad


always feel worse after morphs


you cannot ban what you dont understand


drink some water


File: 1523505836820.jpg (19.81 KB, 348x348, 348s.jpg)

heres a picture of the improved version


wish i had something to do so i could stop browsing hima


happy hump day hima


thats the same picture


File: 1523505937326.jpg (252.28 KB, 600x847, 55990564_p0_master1200.jpg)


the only cure is hair of the dog that bit ye its a fact


hope my sisters friend doesnt think of me as a practice mate or anything


she doesnt


why are you so quiet


boost you


because i dont have anythign to say


Яecently, Coke helped McDonald’s develop its new line of smoothies. Over the years, the companies created a system for the delivery and production of Coke’s sodas at McDonald’s restaurants. At other restaurants, Coke syrup is delivered in plastic bags. But for McDonald’s, Coke delivers its syrup in stainless steel tanks that ensure its freshness, creating what many believe is the best Coca-Cola available.

who wants to meet at mcdonalds for a coke


mcdonalds coke is the only coke i like


when she asks that i say its because im thinking of new ways to torture her and she says she already has a hundred ways shes already thought of to torture me


gonno torture my dick in your ass


ate an old piece of cake and now i feel sick


File: 1523507420171.jpg (1.28 MB, 3444x3444, 1523297408802.jpg)


is he here for the job interview


got a chicken nugget so i measured and got sad


think i might start going to raves and learning how to organize them myself so i can make 10k a night


really dont understand why people cultivate this look


to pull mad gash


does it work


not for that mate
the slovenly look only works if youre attractive beneath it


gonno go for a walk with my dad


you need to know people like transporters and djs and location owners then pay them and charge for tickets i guess thats why i need to find out how to do it


being a promoter is all about making connections it requires good people skills above all else


ill be the hype man


if theres a hima meetup there can be nightly raves with sexy ladies invited


ill supply the drugs


if i showed up and that was going on i would hide in the bathroom and pretend nobody noticed me


thinking of thos sweaty dancing sexy ladies who might be on drugs that greatly lower inhibitions and stuff


drugnorms get put in the pit for a week if they get caught using in the hima mansion


you can count me among soursekis rebellion


nothing norm about drugs


who are the drugnorms of hima theres neetblog and turt and onseki


me the nopersona


its just not neetblog without his neetbong


pnig does rohypnol


thats libelous


wish a sexy lady would slander me


himakos friday night consists of going to daiso at night then fslling asleep with the window open and the door unlocked then going to get a snap test kit to see if she was snapped that night


no stop shes a virgin


shes still a virgin even though she makes herself as vulnerable as possible poor himako she is truly undesirable


just realized submarines dont have windows so how do they move around without running into things




File: 1523509852755.jpg (68.43 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Sword Art Online Alternative - ….jpg)

would you team up with a sexy lady to hunt down peds


sonar like dolphins


File: 1523509866290.webm (4 MB, 640x360, 1522923665872 fat fuck.webm)

neetblog showing the twigs whose boss


thats pastaman the mansions one man security force


File: 1523509991407.gif (12.4 MB, 853x480, very large breasts.gif)


love big hangers


arent peds the good mates why would a sexy lady want to hunt them


because theyre tired of being molested and snapped


just grab his fat leg when he kicks and he would tumble to the ground


twigs are in a lower weight class its not fair to show your true power to them


gonno make a sandwich and drink some wine


what kind of shoes do sexy ladies like






i thought about getting some stan smiths or superstars but they didnt feel very comfortable




might powermorph


underage ladies love adidas


File: 1523511125947.jpg (38.16 KB, 540x640, Nike-SB-Zoom-Stefan-Janoski-Black-&-White-Canv….jpg)

might get some nike sbs to signify my position on hima


nikes are for niggers


can you prove that


how do i organize 10000 images


what kind of images


what do those shoes signify


my selfies


File: 1523511636533.png (869.58 KB, 750x1000, 1522295935189.png)


dont post images with male semen in them please


that's girl cum


no its not girl cum is prettier


File: 1523511867517.jpeg (42.85 KB, 583x583, D3HY28-HERO.jpeg)

is it ok for someone in their 30s to wear shoes like this


ya thats how dad dresses


no wear boots


File: 1523511937934.jpg (89.95 KB, 891x1104, 1369099876328.jpg)

is birl semen ok


no stop it


File: 1523512182330.jpg (51.72 KB, 540x640, Vans-Old-Skool-Maroon-Skate-Shoes-_247156-fron….jpg)

get some in this color instead


i dont like red the options are grey or black


File: 1523512447138.jpg (24.58 KB, 640x853, yPnzp_d.jpg)


only i am fit to rule over humanity


File: 1523512948497.jpg (638.38 KB, 718x1043, ca3adf581d9c08cb810234567cc3a0e5.jpg)


ive got no choice but to transform and wipe out humanity before it festers offworld


will janoskis get me a nice lgf or should i go with the vans please help


get some element shoes and a skateboard


File: 1523513141466.png (661.55 KB, 1057x1500, xocpqa.png)


sk8 or die


link me up


its absolutely time for some tuna melts hima hehe


found it




is this out yet


you shouldn't masturbate


i agree but die 'norm


good news everyone




those were some good melts


fired up super specs again


nights at the hima mansion will have a storytelling time like the midnight society except instead of scary stories we will share sexy lady stories


hate when im trying to look up advice on something hard and all the posts and entries im finding are from females who have never known suffering


i have the curse of second sight


think ill morph


cant remember what morph and mutate are


sigh hima im so hungry but theres no food until breakfast opens i have nothing but doritos and chocolate pretzels


stretched gonno morph


have a deep connection to and appreciation for primitive man




eat the pretzels NOW


i am but what if i get sick of them




gonno morph too


think i might convert to judaism


youve gotta be born into it sorry



just realized i do the exact same thing every day


File: 1523521946934.png (89.48 KB, 1004x584, Screenshot_2018-04-12_03-24-56.png)

freak you there how do i control forking child processes i need the first child to spawn a grand child then kill it and repeat im forking and its creating exponential processes its actually scary thinking what would happen if i let this program run for a few minutes


they will soon spawn faster than you can control them


i cant control my horny level






miss the old ass ass ass song


One thing to defiantly not overlook: your work schedule. I'm still used to having both Wednesday and Thursday off, but I work on Thursday... and I still haven't taken my shower or done laundry yet either. Good thing I checked my schedule!

I opened up my availability in hopes of increasing my chances at getting a position change of any kind... which never happened. (Being within 6 months of moving, I can no longer get a position change so I'm limited to only being secondaried instead though I opened up my availability with about a month to spare before that 6-month threshold was reached. The fact I got my car at all is what allows my availability to be opened up.)


File: 1523525066179.webm (Spoiler Image, 705.65 KB, 1280x720, 1521000918199.webm)



going to be sad when he goes to florida and everyone hates him for being flapper hes never going to want to work again




questing in howling fjord and grizzly hills makes me wish i lived in sweden


spent a lot of time fishing for the dark herring in the fjord and the sea turtle in the hills


good morning ota


got a bk whopper and fries whew made it through the foodless night im a fighter at heart


gonno have a couple brewskis and relax


made the switch to runelite thanks dovydas




neetblog ill never betray konduit



mindblowing that people like uli can happily toil away for pennies


if the government ever gets a hold of him theyll selectively breed him for that slave gene


turt and tps gang vs pnig


but pnig is the bad mate


just wanted granny to lose weight


should have kept her paws off the kaki


woke up feeling really sore gonno stretch




do you feel better




i am a slave to my desires


dont let the demiurge win


File: 1523543878641.png (Spoiler Image, 1.08 MB, 850x1132, pHEW.png)

underage underage little baby gonno flip that underage little baby gonno flip her underage angelic kitty wish to put my sperm in that babys angelic sexy lady kitty gonno FLIP her HARD


little babies are simply asking for it


i feel nothing looking at that image


i am baste i am baste i am flipping baste


you are a neetblog of three fathers


me too and im neetblog


neetblog isnt a person its a title


call no man your father




should cut off both my hands and pluck out my eyes for causing me to sin so cuh


slice off your chicken nugget instead


ive broken many chicken nuggets in my life


is much a filter or did i just totally boost up typing


yeah sure


chicken nugget


my woodcutting is now 60 i embark on the yew road


whats the point of woodcutting to generate in sushi bar currency or something


to cut down trees so you can run and escape faster


so you can watch your woodcutting xp go up


sigh just saw an ant on the wall
the spring invasion is coming


i am the chicken nugget of my sword


at least its not opossum


i could deal with a great possum easily compared to the neverending hordes


wonder how sakurakos sweat tastes like






File: 1523549382474.jpg (82.73 KB, 488x694, 1523546718759.jpg)


File: 1523549604802.gif (58.55 KB, 240x184, Entangle.gif)

I want hos wrapped around me like this


that breads not toasted


why do nips love mayo so much


they do not


whats wrong with mayo


intern them again franky


65% of my total xp is woodcutting


i hate mayo


gonno go make a burg and put mayo on it right now


dont you dare


why bother with sushi bars when you can level up irl like uli


im too dumb to get a job at walmart


i love sexy ladies that burp


mindblowing that talking for five minutes with a underage sexy lady can increase test for up to 30%




im already maxed in life


then why are peds always weak


i dont believe that



remember reading a warosu post about someone getting away with a snap


its natural


typical ped sigh




most snap goes unreported because the girl liked it


just finished reading haruhi book 1 im feeling smart its been forever since i read a whole book





wish i was japanese


what classifies that as the best version


thinking about japan


highest fidelity


if i die and get reborn theres a 20% chance ill be chinese


im bangledeshi


hope im born as a rohingya muslim so i can lead an intifada against the jungleslants


Crafting level is now 31



cant tell the difference between the two


saw a skinny emo looking mate except he was old like in his 30s he had longish black hair and the front was dyed red he was with a normal looking woman and 3 or 4 kids


really wanted to be emo in school


so you saw a mate


emos are faggy as hell


girls love them


saw a sexy lady with a nice thigh gap and short shorts wish i could have gotten her snapchat


aint nothing to it dip the stick in embalming fluid


my colons gonno burst


what do you mean


ill have a look


hehe BOL from shenzhen


phew neetclogged the neetoilet again this one was so big i had to break it into 4 parts so it would flush


look it up


thats way too gross


biked to the well rn hella thirsty


its natural


my days flipped up my lifes gone bad


keep it up


feeling dizzy all of the sudden


was kind of mistaken into the emo haplotype in highschool


does the saying pineapple when youre about to sneeze thing work




how do i become as carefree as this


love a good thigh gap and denim shorts its a great combo


eat my ass


wish i could eat some sexy ladyass






hehe hehee


do you ever look in the mirror and think damn im really that mate like i exist and im inside that body isnt it weird


i took down all the mirrors


i never look in the mirror


im dumb ugly autistic and poor life couldnt have flipped me up any worse


is uli still scared of mirrors how does he drive


he bettered himself and got over it


i want to become ulis roomate and play sushi bars with him


bet he hates coffee



anyone want to move with me into the hima apartment


it wouldnt last a week


can i bring my gf


yeah of course why not


only if you want her being snapped and murdered


that doesnt count read a real book


i read like 1000 words a day and havent read a book ever


fsnapped that angelic sexy lady
hindus are freaks


cant believe a fsnap even makes the news over there


my roommate is indian hes from bombay but he wont tell me what group he belongs to and says hes not religious


gonno go to trader joes and get a bunch of chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzels


get some cookie butter


having my extra strong black coffee


ban this norm




refuse to live in an apartment but i dont need a house with 2 or 3 rooms and for some reason trailers are just as expensive as houses now


in the reagan era the middle class were moved to the out skirts of town while the poor diminish


wish i had grown up in a big loud italian family


why do you refuse to live in an apartment


then he would have to talk to people instead of live with his The Boss


theyre too crowded and often lack proper garages and sometimes i like making a lot of noise during the early morning hours


sigh The Boss isnt cooking
think ill just morph the hunger away


File: 1523571733695.png (60.42 KB, 326x276, baste.png)


simply get a trash apartment with the blacks like jeffrey dahmer where they wont even bother you if theres corpse smell leaking out of your apartment or if youre using power tools at 3 am




think im gonno make a scape account just to chop trees


then youd get robbed


get them back later


going to throw The Boss in the well


used to think scaping was just a joke but somehow people actually find happiness in chopping wood for hours every day


still cant wrap my mind around playing scape


File: 1523572781839-0.jpg (23.81 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (10).jpg)

File: 1523572781839-1.mp3 (16.4 MB, DJ Screw - Gasta Get Paid (Street Military).mp3)


its the ultimate making sushi experience


is that really 17 minutes of that



the last 10 minutes is just him talking to his friends


morph plan isnt working guess ill go grab some food


you need to be sloshed on promethazine to get it


nah thats pcp music


yeah its not weed music i couldnt appreciate it


fool lean and dj screw go hand in hand


dj screw is basted


the one time i tries lean it made my acne break out really bad i had cysts on my face


okay thats a ban


what drugs pair best with konami music like popn and beatmania




adderall, coke, meth


never mind this mates post history pinches but its kind of interesting so you can stay just stop talking about degenerate shit


File: 1523573651423-0.mp3 (7.79 MB, 02. COLORS!.mp3)

File: 1523573651423-1.jpg (355.13 KB, 1228x868, 1412953517538.jpg)


sigh getting sad


can i talk about dirty dew


i like eating pressed dextrose candy and drinking energy drinks while i listen to konami music


dew the dew




File: 1523574009386.jpeg (15.12 KB, 267x189, download.jpeg)


song makes me very nostalgic for 2015 hima


despise drugnorms and unhealthy norms


im fit to be despised


going to spend 2000 dollars on a pc


do it


welcome to himasugi.org


ban all drugteens



because im neetblog


i wish you could feel what im feeling right now


no you arent


hell yeah i love kickin it with the blog


because sis wanted a pc so i thought ill just build a new one for myself and give this one to her


might snap sis after giving her the pc she wont tell anyone because i just gave her a gift hehe





is your sis sexually attracted to me


i really doubt it if you havent boosted in the 3 years you were there and are asking that question


unless youre so scared of me you never did it when i was home which is a possibility considering the look on your face when i got near you when The Boss wasnt home


i boosted. my own ass


ill show sis a pic of you and ask her if shed flip you


do it


File: 1523575794534.jpg (24.58 KB, 640x853, yPnzp_d.jpg)

ok here


is your sis hot


The Boss forgot her helmet before leaving on her scooter again and got downtown before she noticed so sis had to bring it


hey mates just woke up hows it goin gonno have some coffee in a tick


your The Boss should be banned from using automobiles


think turt should be more appreciative of his sis she seems to do all the real mind numbing family stuff instead of turt


File: 1523576996986.jpeg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024, B01FFCD4-1E3B-422B-99DF-7BD7B62F7697.jpeg)

makin pasta


hell yeah i might make some later today also


oatmeal, spaghetti, peanut butter, tuna


thats the extent of my cooking too
too scared to cook meat


File: 1523577713625.jpeg (2.25 MB, 4032x3024, EFB49D5C-E52F-4278-ABE6-CDFBC28D5B6A.jpeg)



pass me a bowl



thats not enough


how gay do you have to be to eat italian pasta with chopsticks


everybody keep your head up


The Bossgf is that you




someone message him on pixiv and tell him that turt barely posts here anymore


one of my gums came loose


gums or cums


going to shit and shower


shitted earlier but didnt shower


you flipping pig


i always shower after i create a shit


why not just wipe


wiping is flipping gross


havent shat today


it is only gross if you are not squatting properly


only animals squat im a king and so i shit in a ceramic bowl


i wash my clothes in a bucket


dont wear clothes and you wont have to wash them


i wear a snuggie


File: 1523580450625.png (Spoiler Image, 644.76 KB, 609x611, 1523513473377.png)




uh okay soy was last months meme the new meme is zucc


nah flip zuck


are snuggies cum resistant


no they are cum absorbent



nice team


im cum absorbent


feel bad for zucc being called a lizardman just because he is autistic


why doesnt he just retire and enjoy his billions


flip zucc hes an arrogant prick


he wants to make the world a better place


can i have sex with teenage girls


you can have sex with 18 and 19 year old girls
possibly younger depending on where you live


they wont let him get away that easy hes just the figurehead to take the fall like im the mafia


how do i have sex with the best ones


ask @danwarp


really liked that tomato video someone posted


i posted that vid


post more like it



chortling at that jest


ive watched every embed posted since himas inception


they call me kingpin sekipimp




die blackseki


never tried saffron whats it like


have you ever had paella




simply buy some and try it out then


its not that great


watch this one


there is an instructional video about how to be nice in related




nothing to do 未来が眩しくて見えない morph


why do you people keep posting this sentence: 未来が眩しくて見えない




未来が眩しくて見えない say it i miss himako so much


wish i didnt have reflapperation syndrome


bribe the doc to undo the diagnosis


i literally lol'd irl


curious ball smell


im the ball reader


gross sexobsessed norms


nothing sexual about smelling your own balls


theres nothing sexual about ball smell


want to scream


please dont


whatever happened to the yeller


he let out one final yell and was silenced forever


hes listening to the new charli xcx album


at the psych ward i was the creepy mate in the corner smiling creepily


hahahaha yaaa ok buddy we get it youre an internet geek


File: 1523588378618.jpg (34.99 KB, 606x450, 1.jpg)


my geneseed wasnt up to snuff


File: 1523588590297.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 619.74 KB, 1200x1600, 49c7bac1d3870c868280bb7896d0ca1e.jpeg)


oog hours


wish that was me my life would be so much better


probably would have been much worse being a cute looking girl with a massively prominent bulge youd get the hell beaten out of you by the repressed gay boys


i hope they would beat me up and snap me


weird grip technique


File: 1523588830197.png (Spoiler Image, 735.2 KB, 1000x1600, 96ca6406e86e2b96995f321d4d5f928c.png)



well she's a girl of course she wouldn't know how to do it right



i wasnt violently targeted in school i was just ignored


they treated me like a monster and thats exactly what i became


treated me like a ghost and thats what i am now


The Boss would tell me to just ignore the bullies and theyd stop maybe she is the source of all my problems


played a synth through a distortion pedal ive boostin lost it


she groomed you and doomed you now youre an omega manbaby for the rest of your life


nothing wrong with being a manbaby


i have accepted my fate


File: 1523589143570.jpg (1.72 MB, 3000x3000, 1457670555084.jpg)


i love you sakura


tried playing a sushi bar of fortnite but i killed a mate and he wouldnt stop spectating me so i quit


sakura gets snapped by her dad


fortnite is really gay thats why i wont play it


File: 1523589356777.jpg (129.94 KB, 601x592, fun2.jpg)


lets jump him


lets start a fortnite clan



lets get married


delete this



boosted up