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here you go
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there are more ants you should deal with them


arent there pellets you can put out that the ants pick up and take back to the nest and then they cause the queen to die over a few days and wipe out the colony its like smallpox for ants


yeah i was thinking about looking for something like that when i get to work
diotomacious earth


going to get a haircut with The Boss


stream it


havent watched the 2nd horse girls episode no ones talking about it might as well drop it


are you talking about mlp


you should be watching for your own entertainment not to jerk off your mal


im a mal completionist




not watching anything except steins gate and tokyo ghoul


never watched those in my life


grandpas ranting about the jews again


call his employer


hes retired




how do i convince The Boss that im retired instead of unemployed


start pulling social security


he hasnt paid into it




might become a workaholic so i dont have to think about how bad things are all the time


for i am simply a flapper in a cage


adopt ulis rpg brain


need to stock up on workahol


gonno live off the grid



File: 1523725921783.png (377.36 KB, 1060x846, 30705084_2041797856060701_3847490149671763968_….png)


sigh thats horrible i hate nature


tenga or plastic slb fleshlight


how about a real vagina you boosting freak


how about my bhole


File: 1523727024475.gif (854.94 KB, 500x281, 1519372169978.gif)

can you imagine calling yourself an adult yet never feeling a vagina


hi hima had a nice morph hows it goin


how come that cameraman isnt scared of being shot hes practically aiming right for him


its not my fault girls are scum


theyre modern samurai descendants death by gun is an honor



easy to see why the otamin loves him



i was only >>764145 you need to get your color picker calibrated


die boosttron


i know turt it was a joke im not one to confuse blue with orange


File: 1523729619830.png (798.5 KB, 1279x718, be532bbad3de638a0dc374937997c681.png)



baste dotachink




hate dendi hes a washed up meme who keeps younger talent from getting on the scene


sigh twitch gets through adblock


not for me


File: 1523730073085.jpg (48.9 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Darling in the FranXX - 14 [720….jpg)

why does every male character except for the hirochad get routinely btfo in this show


its snowing


no it is not


ya it is


gonno nap


me too got 69 woodcutting gonno call it a night


run it via mpv


die napnorms


think im actually supposed to be a viking but was born in the wrong age


File: 1523733123472.jpg (999.68 KB, 1920x1080, watch?v=Nkqsk74cTWs - 00:11:45[2018.04.14].jpg)

flipping gross


its so cold rn


can i fit in a miata if im 6'4


no only ford focuses


get a boxframe cadillac


未来が眩しくて見えない setup tensorflow and train it to make hima posts


he hee heh ehehee


fell asleep on the keybored


if you were a girl that would be real cute


File: 1523736667931.gif (2.22 MB, 297x229, wmN3AF9.gif)


baste il duce


italians are so expressive


cant believe hitler was 5'7


it was a manlet uprising


they were put in their place


height isnt that important hitler didnt care about it


The Boss has awakened


hair stylist boosted up


cut your own hair


dont you will flip it up


just get a neet cut


cant flip up anymore than the hair stylist just did theres no recovering from this looks like ill have to extend my neetdom until it grows out


how did they cut hair before they figured out how to smelt bronze
fire i think


using sharp rocks


crab claws


can you imagine calling yourself an adult yet not being a father


can you imagine if turt was permad


a 5 minute ban would have the same effect


The Boss wanted a daughter


elliot did


can you imagine calling yourself an adult yet desiring a proto-adult with the mental and physical development of an 8 year old as a life partner to share all your thoughts burdens and goals


yes sure can


you must have one hell of an imagination then lmaooo


i dont call myself an adult


im manchild


forever seventeen mate


pope neetblog I


even if i managed to become a norm someday i wouldnt want to bring more beings into this world to suffer and die


does the pope shit in the woods


im gonno accept as many children as the good lord blesses me with


last post


I'm gonno call you a retard and see what happens

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