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place your bets
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hehe watching wan show linus got an email from youtube saying that channels who harm the broader community will lose the ability to be recommended or show up in the side bar its basically a hell ban


whats does harm the broader community mean


its vague so they can just censor you for whatever


mom said shes gonno give me her car and get another but i dont even know how to drive dumb mom


i guess when something from youtube shows up on national news and its negative


what kind of car are you getting is it fast


hehe kitty is rolling around she loves her belly rubs


kitty want flip


When one creator does something particularly blatant—like conducts a heinous prank where people are traumatized, promotes violence or hate toward a group, demonstrates cruelty, or sensationalizes the pain of others in an attempt to gain views or subscribers—it can cause lasting damage to the community, including viewers, creators and the outside world.


sounds like it screws over a lot of dumb norms thats fine


they build a new one every now and then theyre more like proof of concepts of designs that are closer to 1:1 net energy than their predecessor


seems like a huge waste if they arent even putting out the same amount of energy they get



once it gets warm enough that the heater gets no use at all im going to plug back in my fridge and start stocking it with a bunch of stuff i still need to pick up a castella from the corean store


sigh had my fan off and heard a neighbor talking outside and felt a rush




hope freak realized that what did you said is a meme


what did you said


he was just using that as an example of broken english


i didnt understood


love genmaicha


he is a pretty big memeguy afterall xD


never had genmaicha whats it like


think its gonno be a pizza night


its like normal sencha but with a really nutty flavor from the puffed rice



always tardlaugh at that site name


wait what the hell the low apu is only $99 whats a hell of a deal


ya and the clocks are great theres no point in getting a regular ryzen 3 anymore




i think its because their yields are so good
that makes ryzen 3s rarer and it jacks up the price a bit but now even people with good gpus should get the ryzen 3 apu instead of a regular one


whatever the reason im at least glad ryzen was a hit


File: 1518304428017.png (172.01 KB, 750x1334, 05F4C494-596A-4DFC-B633-2C5E42EE6AFC.png)

for you tubers out there this is the new algorithm


team radeon on the other hand


never watched youtube on a tube


hima rec me good speakers under $60


make them yourself out of paper cups and copper wire and refrigerator magnets


no such thing as good speakers


im a terrible speaker


used to be good at public speaking


wish i wasnt born a mute


wish i wasnt born


first zenyte of the day lets go


we are japanese goborin~!


no we arent


52 posts left


make them count


hima this pizza is fantastic put the anchovies on cold so it didnt smell


you are wrong


nice anchovy



sigh called an ambulance for mom my aunt called everyone and throatpuncher stayed behind yelling at me so i called the police


why was he yelling at you


he needs to punch throats to stay alive


this time he was talking about slitting my wrists and dragging my black ass out of the house


what the hell


he sounds like hima


what happened did you kill mom


can you explain the situation more clearly


File: 1518310181132.png (737.2 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Dagashi Kashi S2 - 05 [720p].mk….png)

nice fangs


mom was going in and out from low blood sugar so i called and then called my aunt and she called everyone over and then they took mom to the hospital and then my cousins left and throatpuncher stayed in his car in front of the house for 20 minutes after yelling


but you didnt do anything wrong whats his issue


he sounds insane you should call a psychiatrist


why didnt you take your mom to the hospital yourself manbaby


yuka seems to upload a video every day well in excess of a reasonable days calorie intake wheres the explanation


she vomits it all out afterwards


you digest less the more you eat its inefficient everything goes right through without her absorbing it all


if that was true then no one would be fat


then why do fat people get fat from eating so much and twigs stay twig from not eating


i believe this is true to a degree though the extent of it should not be enough to discard thousands of calories wholesale many a couple of hundred here or there i havent researched it

lets say if you eat 6000 calories at once you only get 5800 from it when otherwise you would have gotten the full 6000 but you wont go from 6000 to 2000 miraculously

the vomiting explanation is better but then her teeth would be decayed


she brushes her teeth after vomiting that prevents the decay


she has a defect that stops her from processing food properly



that would actually make it worse because you are scsnapping your teeth after introducing acid thats why you dont brush your teeth after orange juice or something

you could neutralize the acid which saliva does but takes about 15 minutes to do but i doubt theres a method that convenient or else all bulimics would do it and besides i think it can damage your esophagus too

theyre talking about her on a proana forum hehe


thats what i thought but does she actually say this anywhere



might have to take a nightly trip to the gas station later hima


mindblowing that the uniformed call being able to eat too much without putting on weight having a "godlike metabolism" or "good metabolism" when really it would indicate a serious disorder that under circumstances that were normal for most of evolutionary history would make it very difficult for a person to survive


metabolism is mostly a meme


differences in metabolism between people of the same weight are mainly due to differences in lean body mass and even then it isnt huge its been shown that the resting energy consumed by lean body mass is very consistent across people

high metabolism meme people almost invariably just dont eat as much as they think or are exercising all the time but in extreme cases like this there has to be something else going on

it seems like she has a disorder but doesnt have a diagnosis or public diagnosis for it


she has autism


There are several explanations given by various scholars. Jeff Yang, an Asian-American cultural critic and senior vice president of the global research firm Kantar Futures, said that mukbang had its origins in "the loneliness of unmarried or uncoupled [South] Koreans, in addition to the inherently social aspect of eating in [South] Korea" during the interview with Quartz.[8]


wonder how i compare to the average person in eating capability once ate over 9000 calories in a day but not one sitting




how what


2 posts left


3 posts left


dont remember exactly what i ate but a lot of it was chocolate and probably lots of other high density food so it was more an issue of the calorie amount rather than the volume so that might have helped

had a baste whopper from burger king too but dont remember much besides that


started calorie counting for a while and id eat consistently between 2300 and 2800 per day


had this the other day its 600 calories per 100g thats the densest chocolate ive never known




feeling really strange hima i dont know whats wrong with me


hate how many mistakes i make transcribing my thoughts


thats called love


im glad kaneki is okay


wonder what it feels like to disassociate sounds like a meme


slowest thread in himas history


last post


awful thread


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