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get in here


in the hima mansion everyone gets a pocket kitty as a stocking stuffer


someone should make a christmas blog


i tried to but thread creation is disabled


himako rectify this situation


gonno watch a movie with mom see you later hima




everybody has a mom



File: 1514178027039.webm (1.66 MB, 252x380, 1514169578644.webm)

it starts pissing when they start beating it


why the flip are we using this thread


what is that creature some kind of badger



its an australian possum they are very soft and cuddly and friendly towards humans actually


did you try making a new thread so youre sure its not just neetblog trying to force his shit again


File: 1514178177052.png (1.13 MB, 1338x826, dee202a539fca27c0a79fb8f18a11663.png)


another christmas without his friend


why do you hate me so much


you literally always do that you look for a thread that is the most "baste" and force people to post in it thats why the sc2 thread was used a few weeks ago


not to mention id rather have an anime thread than a chigger thread


that was instigator not me


we are already posting in the official thread dumbasses


dont like this one


if theres not a christmas themed thread im leaving for 48 hours


no lets post here flip anime its for virgins


it was turt and you flip you both


thats so neetblog


other thread got raided by sc2


someone make a new thread i dont want to use this one


nice threadbraggart


we gotta use it eventually


yesterday it rained more in one day than the usual average for the entire month and we are getting some really strong winds beyond anything ive ever seen is this global warming


File: 1518275251477.png (385.82 KB, 850x1200, 22_01.png)



rare skye video for my homestarrunnertron brother


finally this thread will shine


File: 1518314537165.jpg (54.28 KB, 715x839, based throatpuncher.JPG)

baste throatpuncher is going to beat pnigs ass


nothing baste



hima im going to the gas station by foot its only three blocks away its raining a bit but i can take it


File: 1518315675904.png (428.56 KB, 836x1200, IMG_025.png)

shes cute



absolute madman


i need face refs of pnig turt and freak


are you going to do deepfakes


im going to draw a shonen like image


you shouldnt need refs


when are we gonno make the hima vn


right after we setup the studio in the hima submarine


sigh i feel like it might be fun


ill show you fun


ask for unc mugens help


you think nojo is hard try participating in the fapathon


imagine edging for 18 hours straight nonstop now that takes willpower


i cant edge anymore since the incident


sorry i dont go to reddit could you explain that nice meme to me


you obviously know more than i do because i just made that up on the spot


cant wait to get a nes classic and throw layla onto it


get an nes and a flashcart instead


sex is overrated dont even waste your time


die onseki


ive had jos to shotacon that were at least 10 times more enjoyable and satisfying than flipping girls


File: 1518322453640.gif (91.17 KB, 300x387, 73025_-_Brain_animated.gif)


File: 1518322489247.png (21.11 KB, 377x285, imt.png)

basted as hell himachads


haysuz and onseki are basted


they call me suzseki


is it possible to make your own diy snes flash cartridge or not


wonder if onseki tosses salad


cant get he taste of her body out of my mouth i need a flipping dip in my lip and a fat ass bong rip right now bu most importantly i need to watch pop team epic


what a post


wish i was the deli girl


File: 1518323804173.jpg (77.56 KB, 600x600, CPdkEBqUYAAhDna.jpg)


dipski for the lipski hell yeah`


listening the jenny death on her stereo after she fell asleep we listened to memphis for the entire night before she snoozed


tell us more about her whats she like


shes a gross angel


beat castle 5 damn moms gal pal cockblocking me tonight


shes big on animals and has four dogs two of which are snoozing on top of me
shes in two bands on vocals and she has decent taste in music probably better than most norms
checked her bra after i threw it across the room and shes a 32g


ban onseki and drawmom please


does she like doujin ongaku


im on chocolate island in smw when i should be in chocolate island right about now grr




bet you could convince her to take it in the ass


cant believe people really have girlfriends and sex the whole thing is so alien


onseki you should probably get yourself checked


dont be scared put a rubber on the head


im going to spam hima if onseki and drawmom arent permabanned by 1 pm cst tomorrow


dipey wipey


if runeheal and otalad are allowed then so should be slayseki and momgf


onseki and momgf are bigger norms


but theyve been with us since the w


why doesnt shota stop feeling good


no they havent


im just happy for onseki i like to see all my himabros doing well


i would be happier if he was six feet under ground


i just wish onseki hooked up with the committal type of girl this is going to be one hell of a year for our little bro


onseki isnt our bro


gonno go to the store soon


File: 1518325871179.png (56.73 KB, 806x607, spa.png)



sis drooled all over me pillow


sell me the cover


give it to me for free instead


i used to drool a lot but now i dont anymore wonder what happened


why would you want it


sigh been really unproductive these past few days i need to make up for it next week


okay going to the store now


dont forget to grab some foie gras


wonder if pnigs ok


why is watching anime so difficult how does freak do it


whats difficult about it


i just cant sit down and watch it without feel uneasy i rather read manga or play a game


die reader


sometimes its okay i guess i just need to be in the mood


i really need to get glasses how do i break the news to mom


productivity is a meme


simply ask her


im back hima got burg supplies some cheese flavored chips and lots of wine gonno get drunk as hell tonight saw some chiggas almost get hit by a car and it instantly made me think of this thread op and i started laughing


whoops oversnoozed for 20 hours hope pnigs okay


did you see the computer exhibit i really liked the proto midi blueprints and van gogh is baste


dont think they sell it at the store but i did watch a documentary about it the other day i thought it was harmful to the ducks but actually when you learn about it it doesnt seem inhumane or hurt the ducks at all they gave a really unbiased view of it


nice public laugher


nostalgia warning my brothers


yes i loved that exhibit actually i think the most interesting part was seeing the old hardware especially that thinkpad that they had id never seen anything like it though i could tell mom was totally not into it


no one heard me


wish shoop and momgf would give me a tour of the big apple



should i crack open a cold one


hell yeah


s04e03 of gccx really reveals just how big of an otaku arino really is i guess at this point since he was already kachou and married at the time he got comfortable with being more open about his hobbies


what episode is that i know that he reads one piece but not much beyond that


love my himabros


really dont like the adult takagi san manga it would have been better if it were actually drawn by souichirou i wonder how he feels about it

its the episode where he plays adventure island and in the corner where they go on trips to various game centers and places where they have games they go to one at a shopping center and play a bunch of prize games and immediately arino expresses his excitement at seeing the ship from one piece as a prize as well as winning a figure of rei in her pajamas


it is funny that nishikata is ripped though i guess that implies that his strength training paid off from all that teasing


wow he likes eva and one piece what a huge otaku


you might be surprised but the standards for what is considered strange to own in terms of personal belongings in japan are the same in the western hemisphere rei in her pajamas and a giant toy ship as an adult man is very strange


wow can you teach me more about japan


plus arino does make all kinds of references to manga and still reads quite a bit regularly


oh ya i remember that one hehe


do you realize how many people read manga in japan


ya obviously the manga industry is big and thriving in japan but in comparison to the average consumer arinos knowledge when it comes to manga and anime especially from his heyday is much much larger havent you watched the tokimemo and nanairo quiz episodes


no because i dont like seeing real japanese people they gross me out


another point to bring up is the fact that during his interview the games arino brought up as his favorites even the staff havent heard of


hate the way real japs talk


same its disgusting


i dont hate it but they use sooo much more slang than you hear in manga and anime


sometimes i feel like cinemassacre is mikes channel you never see james and ryan in the same video but mike is almost in as many if not more vidoes than james


is that you trev


we need trev to fill the void turt left


no we need to continue getting rid of norms not bring more in


you need a norm or two to keep things interesting trust me


yeah......... so interesting.............




one cold one is enough to get me a little tipsy


cant stand it when norms abuse italics


sometimes theyre required brother




hope pnigs alright


its thundering and winding hard its gonno be a big storm tonight love storm drinkin


its storming hard as hell this is fantastic


storms are great until they knock out your power or make the internet slow


yeah my internet just started going slow sigh


cant wait for red dead redemption 2 hima its gonno be great


lightning is really really close and powerful


how many seconds after the flash




throatpuncher killed pnig


sigh no


might stream some dungeons on my warrior in a little bit


sigh its not the same


done watching super


gosh now i want one of those huge sandwiches that trevor had in mexico


pnig used to eat sandwiches he loved pastrami sigh


maybe hes at the hospital with gran


hes 3 posts above you idiot


hes in a coma after the beating he got from throatpuncher


that wasnt him fool


he wouldnt go down that easily


if his grandma dies hes flipped because theres no way in hell his retarded aunt and her brood wont battle the inheritance in court


is that something you can do wouldnt he just get his share


yeah you can


gonno snooze now hima see yout omorrow


think im gonno snooze too


woke up to the roomba


cricket san got into my room again and is hopping around the desk


File: 1518370855106.jpg (46.23 KB, 500x467, 811cfe18a74476aac50371207f907abc.jpg)

this is the most comfortable way to cuddle


thats exactly how i cuddle with mom


pretty sure elon musk is a con man theres no way theres a flipping car up in space lets see the radar scans of the launch from a third party source


why would he lie after going through the effort to launch a rocket he at least wants to get some free advertising for his car out of it


it was either the car or a concrete block


all the people in the live stream were paid actors just watch how they talk its all scripted
the press conference was suspicious too surprisingly low res broadcast too


never knew kiki was 13 years old


gross hag bleh


lost 10 pounds


listening to the pop team epic again



hey just woke up hows it goin hima


go back to bed were the only ones awake


no im here


have some respect some of us are busy mourning


sigh hope everything is okay


done mourning


https://www.twitch.tv/warcraft get in here its what hed have wanted




dead hours


finally was able to buy pickles yesterday gonno make some burgs soon


what kind of pickles
love pickles


i dont know they came in a jar just normal ones there isnt much variety here


i turned myself into a pickle hima
im pickleblimp


flip i laughed


almost nobody eats pickles here theres no pickle culture wish i was american sigh




fat dooby rolling beatseki


himago must have needed to change her pantsu after seeing this rhett and link are also going to be featured on the h3 podcast


she doesnt wear pantsu


time to polish off the rest of my wine


polish my knob


why do lolis act shy about sex its the most natural thing in the world


i could use a big hug right now


sex is vile




this what


burg time


hi hima woke up took a shower now im drinking my coffee gonno read hehe


sigh pnig........



really hope things work out for him


oh god oh flip i knew that this would end up happening again sooner or later
mom forgot to pay the flipping internet bill and its sunday and now my connection is capped to 120 kbps


hes in a better place now


nah ive been checking news sites from arizona hed be there if something happened


no one outside of pnigs family knows he exists
they could murder him and no one would ever find out


taco bell will notice and report something


throatpunchers way too retarded to get away with murder


sigh yayoicchi


flip yayoi i hate that little bitch


im skipper can someone explain the throatpuncher murdering pnig meme


pnig had to call an ambulance for his grandma yesterday and throatpuncher sat in his car screaming at him for a long time afterwards until pnig called the cops


those kind of things only happen in movies


hope that nigger gets hung


havent you noticed that for some reason or another hima brothers live rather eventful lives


everyones life is eventful


my life isnt eventful


sigh internet speed barely enough to post on hima and nothing else what am i supposed to do for the next 14 hours




who lives an eventful life other than pnig


play some games or read manga or watch anmime you already have downloaded


you should detail every action and little thing you notice every hour until your internet speeds back up and post it


had an 8GB/month cap growing up it was torture


i unironically wish there were two other copies of me one to watch anime one to draw and one to play games and we all shared a conscience like some sort of weird biocloudbrain


i unironically wish you would flip off




apparently my dad used to like putting sriracha and ketchup in his fried rice like i do too i guess the old man had a bit of yamato damashii in him as well


big guild raid tonight i was supposed to go but im starting to really not feel it
never did it before either so im going to die and we are going to wipe and im in a party with the gm too


just read guides of the bosses dont back out


i delete my anime right after watching it


eat shit and die


eat shit and die


me too but i have a bunch that ive downloaded and havent watched yet


do you want to join


misaka wouldnt like that


who the hell is that




want to play wow again but kind of have to wait for the next expansion sigh


who the hell is who






stop playing wow and start playing scape


no difference between sc2 and teenheal let them in


how long until the new expac comes out ive got an unscratchable itch to play real bad


september 21




nice another year long raid tier sasuga blizzard


File: 1518391120483.jpg (147.92 KB, 1000x563, 539861.jpg)

if you play now you can unlock the challenge skins thatll go away in bfa


i cant be bothered just for that


finally getting back to ffvi and got past the part i was stuck at looks like someone stole my loli


only if you carry me


File: 1518391800593.png (43.83 KB, 170x170, FFVI_Sabin_Rene_Figaro_Menu_iOS.png)

doesnt sabin look rather chad


woah just found out that azmodan is talking to diablo in this



wonder if its possible to scape with 100 kbps


i scape on dial up


it defiantly is


i remember the good old days of scaping on dial up


wow even yuru camps op looks a lot like yama no susume not even trying to be subtle about it


never had dial up


how you doing nb


just had a violent fart while sneezing my asshole hurts now


been raining here for like six hours sigh


that wasnt me i had dialup until 2008




File: 1518397107621.png (71.24 KB, 804x606, stare.png)





do one where shes yelling kaguya chan


gonno play some shenzhen io i guess sigh


File: 1518397537350-0.png (68.99 KB, 807x607, klc1.png)

File: 1518397537350-1.png (114.39 KB, 807x604, klc2.png)

youve been watching havent you hehe




i need a hug and a kiss nowwwwwwwww AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


thinking about going and buying tons of wine and just drinking nonstop for the next few days



you arent supposed to be on hima dont post on my forums!


dont do it


ok i wont


epic natto dad


go to hell


love being as obnoxious and visible as possible in every single post


gonno make some misoshiru


id be able to call momgf a brother if he didnt use italics every post


actually nevermind ill just make ramen


mom brother how are you on this fine day


god forbid i wouldnt identify myself in every post otherwise people might not know it was me


momgf have you ever tried miso spread on buttered toast its pretty good


i may have to the admin of the japanese chatroom and i were talking about food and i told them that id try my hand at making my own ichijuu sansai and show a photo though im still deciding what dishes to put defiantly natto misoshiru and takuan though


so happy that i decided to download that one piece 1-700 in 1080p batch yesterday it only downloaded up to episode 50 but thats enough hopefully gonno make some tuna melts and watch


ive been thinking about watching all of one piece lately i think this is the inspiration i need to do it so ill download it too thank you


except im going to download the 720p version


phew mrs koizumi isnt the only one who loves ramen noodles thats for sure


i can only watch gurume shows if its live action




being a traveling salesman doesnt seem all too bad if you get to try a bunch of tasty foods from different regions but i dont know how i would feel about being away from my wife and kids for such long periods


kyle was a door to door salesmen before he took up professional dota


hima seems really dead today wonder why




hes hanging off an orange tree right now


hey hima nopersona here i havent posted in the last two days sorry


i missed you


my self esteem is too low to accept compliments my brain interprets them as insults


youre a failure


hehe you got that right


gonno lie down and take a snooze i think


espresso makes me feel like time is slowing down its like sakuya im telling you sakuya


i should really start practicing pixel art pretty soon


for the hima rpg right


gonno have a shower and an espresso god its flippin hot


make it a cappuccino instead




wish i had a nice espresso right now gonno crack open a cold one instead


wish i had a cold one instead of an espresso


lets trade


sure come over


ok gonno grab the next flight ill be there in 14 hours


okay see you then


where are the posts


why cant i taste all the delicious foods of japan


you can just go there


i dont have that ability


whats stopping you


wish i had a neetvisa


it would be too much stress on my soul i would die


File: 1518408968153-0.jpg (103.55 KB, 1280x720, [Elysium]Lucky.Star.EP23(BD.720p.AAC.DA)[38355….jpg)


sooo cute tsukasa chan sooo cute


wonder what turts up to


tsukasa is the type of character where everyone hates at first but true fans of the series learn that she is the best after all


i didnt hate her at first i thought she was sexy right away


youre supposed to care about her personality not looks


her personality is part of her sexiness


misao is also the character everyone loves at first but then you realize she actually doesnt have that much screen time also patricia is severely underrated


i like konata shes an otaku just like me but shes also a cute funny girl


File: 1518409457535-0.png (86.08 KB, 998x749, luckystar basically.png)

File: 1518409457535-1.png (87.9 KB, 1014x761, ls.png)


i like konata because she is a otaku like me except she has friends oh god i wish i had friends too

konata is like my dreamgirl she has a :3 face i love that she is also nice why arent real girls nice


as much flak lucky star gets it was a pretty game changing anime pretty much set the standard for all sol anime after it


yeah.... real game changing.......


hes incelposting on ota


what scary games are good




none because they never scare me


hate scary games


a good scare is fun


number 5 jo today


stop joing so much



mambo no 5 but its about joing to each of the scarlet devil mansion girls individually


only jo to specific touhous or more cartoony artstyles feel bad otherwise


i dont actually care about touhou so i dont feel bad about sexualizing the characters


the only nice thing i can say about that post is at least you didnt use italics


gonno jo shower then snooze


im on episode i think 15 now its not great but its ok sigh


one piece is cool


my computer died now i'm on the laptop


File: 1518419819655.jpg (152.79 KB, 850x929, 1505573773207.jpg)


File: 1518419929200.png (616.82 KB, 800x600, 1460494010374.png)


cam you there bud


got a four hour ban from dota for being reported sigh




next time youll think twice about being reported


File: 1518424234960-0.jpg (42.34 KB, 800x450, [LIME]_Ichigo_Mashimaro_01_[DVD][800x450].mkv_….jpg)


the people who reported me are at fault


what did you do


sigh im back they took me to prison and i spent 24 hours i cant go back to my house for a while i saw them open my door i dont know what they looked at inside what did i miss


hope they didnt actually take my pc i wasnt able to see


what happened


gonno snooze its monday morning ive been awake since saturday afternoon


why did they take you to jail and search your house


when the police got here they asked what i did between the time i woke up and the time i checked on mom and with throatpuncher and his wife and my rager cousin there when the officer arrrived he heard them first and came in biased towards me

wonder if my onaholes are looked through or my loli eromanga collection dont know what im going to do if my pc is gone i need to go to my house to get my inhaler

asked to speak to some mental health people and they all said basically the same thing about me not being useless because it stuck out in my mind that throatpunchers wife yelled that i was a waste of human life

the thing is she and my aunt came over the night prior to give my grandma percocet and the next day we couldnt find the bag or any of the pills and my aunt told me to not say anything


they said its a crime scene and they left throatpuncher in charge of doing house tasks i left my light on when i left and when i tried to get in tonight to get my inhaler the light was off


did your mom survive


yeah she just had low blood sugar they gave her some jelly and she was talking and everything before she left

i told the police about people coming and knocking and yelling and how i continued to hear them after even though nobody was there and he said i probably got some ptsd


why did they take you to jail and why is it a crime scene

im pretty sure they cant take your computer without a warrant also


wonder if ill be forced to get a job now sigh rager cousin specifically told me to start packing my shit


feeling really anxious just reading this i hope it works out


they got a search warrant mom said the police were at the house for hours after mom went to the hospital

this might be the end for me especially since i had liveomg open with some saved streams in tabs since i wasnt expecting to not be able to go back into my room

i think if they found anything they would have kept me longer right or maybe they took my computer and are searching it and going to charge me with something else if i see that my computer is gone i may become a fugitive


i had all the boxes for my onaholes too and loli panties in my closet i hope somehow they just ignored all of that


why were they searching the house though i dont really understand what they were searching for or why


i dont think any of those things are illegal


the charge was neglect of an adult

i guess the people who were there at the time painted it as i called to turn myself in of some crime against my grandmother and my aunt was asking why i did that and my grandma burst out crying i cant have any contact with her or anyone who was at the crime scene so my aunt or anyone

i get one visit to my house to get essential items like medication i was going to use it to turn off my computer but the police officers follow me in and watch my every move


oh okay im sure it will be fine then when they talk to your grandmother and realize you didnt do anything wrong


im at my actual mothers in queen creek now sigh cant call mom to see if shes ok cant call my aunt to see whats happening im in the dark until i go there to see if my computer is on or off and then again until my court date




its in my release that i cannot talk to the alleged victim at all in this case my grandmother

was feeling really good too i got my second computer room set up and made mom dinner and she called here to say she really liked it and was going to sleep

from my point of view i woke up and her blood sugar was low and people were raging at me and then i got arrested

at least the guys werent too bad i guess when we got to the release room people were joking around because they were being released one guy stole a few hundred thousand roses my charge is as severe as his

the thing is i cant have my grandmother at court to testify at all even though she would in a heartbeat and on top of that shes either stuck in the hospital or stuck at my aunts or someone is going to live with her until after court


this is pretty insane surely the police would just go talk to her the next day and realize the whole thing is stupid


whatever the case i had the same thing when i spoke with the nurse and she said i wasnt useless eyes got teary when i was talking to the officer as he was driving me and said basically the same thing about how he was impressed i was able to take care of her for so long and do so much

i guess im going to start with going for a psychoanalysis or evaluation maybe i can get more up to date diagnoses like schizoid personality or autism or depression again

got teary eyed again when i was talking to the nurse in the phoenix prison after i told her about mom and her mom having depression and how my cousins were always mad at me for having no job but she said she knew where the clinic was that i take her to and said she would be mad if someone taking care of their grandmother did have a job

was going to try to take the stream comp here but i dont know if i can sigh wont be able to play wow i can probably get my earphones so i can listen to music my main computer if its there is out of the question i wouldnt be surprised if my cousins packed all the stuff in my room into bags and stuff already


there was no bond for me instead i was released on the assumption that i would appear for court
and the lawyer mom said she got said he has dealed with cases like this before and thinks things will be either dismissed or lowered so i can get a job since its a felony

i got brought in wearing my pajamas and slippers i only now took them off and took a shower i feel disgusting from laying on cement floors going to get a haircut tomorrow

one of the nurses told me to keep walking and take a right at the heart and i couldnt see the heart so i just told her i couldnt see that far and she got sarcastic and said 'youre killing me smalls' and asked if i knew the reference


this is really flipped up i hope it works out okay


there were a lot of drug guys and i kept being mistaken for being in my early 20s instead of late 20s

maybe a part time job nearby wouldnt be the worst depending on if they do anything about my ped still would like to get a job at a water store since its easy work and low hours


god your aunt and her family are really messed up this pinches


you need to look like youre hard if you go back


the way my time worked is they brought me to the town police department at around 5pm and checked my charges and when they saw it was a felony they put me in a room with all the other felony charged guys until 7am then brought me to the police station in phoenix around 2pm i started having breathing problems and i told 3 officers but none would let me use either of the inhalers i was brought in and eventually the 4th took me to medical and i got a breathing treatment then i got sent back until my court time at 5pm and after it was read that i would be released i got sent to another room until 8pm

and then i had to ask some to use some cool guys phone and i had to ask how to use it because i dont use smart phones for calls and had to wait for my mom to drive 70 miles


this is insane its not fair what the hell


also none of the rooms had any comfortable surfaces my hip bones are red and my ribs and elbows from laying on concrete


theres no way youll be found guilty of that


but then my mom got a call from my aunt saying she never thought things would turn out like this and that she was so sorry

im defiantly going to tell my lawyer about the percocet my aunt brought over even knowing mom has a very hard time with oxycodone and to top if off she brought at least 6

the thing is that night when i heard them i heard my aunt said she waited 45 minutes and i didnt come out and i heard mom say i dont like coming out because i think they dont like me and will rage at me and throatpunchers cousin said that theres no way she can hate me

then less than 24 hours later shes telling me that im a waste of human life

i dont know if thats how people normally act but i know i dont say things unless i actually mean them so more than anything im confused and angry at how she could switch so easily like that


your aunt defiantly hates you and has been convincing the rest of her family to hate you too ive been telling you this for a long time


rager cousin also took moms debit card because she decided i shouldnt have it despite mom always giving it to me to buy things for her

i dont think they understand how things are and want things done their way and get very mad when things are done how i and my grandmother want

anyway lots of tard stories one guy got in and instantly ducked out of view of the camera and i heard a sniffing noise and he asked if i wanted any then there was another guy brought in for drugs who was having convulsions as he slept so the first guy saw he was wearing new jordans and checked the size and then later in the day they had swapped shoes

one guy went to get cigarettes and basically got kidnapped by the police and had no way to tell his wife or kids and kept saying he just wanted a single cigarette and when he got out he was already smoking one

a single black guy in the release room saying he wanted to move out of phoenix and suggested gilbert and everybody yelled no and told him not to because gilbert has only 2 black guys


i really hope this doesnt mean time with my cousin is over forever but i think i might sigh especially if whoever went through my room found her panties there




yeah i was thinking if your cousins went through the stuff in your room theres probably going to be a problem


never posted that but they all are either hers or her younger sisters


had a few gallons of piss too in the corner

if anything i hope this will get some sort of diagnosis


or maybe by some really weird chance they removed the bad stuff and turned off my computer


also i cant speak to any witnesses so that cuts out everybody except my intel cousin so i need to ask him to bring the key tomorrow so i can go inside and be watched by two officers while i check my room


one of the conditions is to not interact with my arresting officer as well but tonight the officer who arrived was him and i told him and he basically said since i wasnt picking him out specifically that the rule didnt apply

anyway enough of that going to snooze after being awake for like 40 hours surrounded by drug addicts and assaulters finally have a soft bed even if its not my own sigh


good luck i hope it works out for you


shouldnt have made that post sigh please delete himako when you can


wonder if the guy who said he hates hima is still posting here i feel like i missed a lot


i did some research computers require specific warrants to search not just general ones so im pretty sure they cant legally take or search your computer without one of those which i doubt they would have had


theyd need to have reasonable suspicion that youd have something illegal on your computer and then go back and obtain a second warrant specifically to look through your files which you probably would have heard about unless you had cp open on your screen when they came in your house i think youll be fine


big sigh


File: 1518432417732.png (112.75 KB, 294x344, dozing off.png)


been watching one piece all this time


oh god pnig is that you are you ok are you hurt are you going to be ok im going to read the posts ive missed damn i was so worried all this time


i always read before i make my first post


i always make a post and then read


never read at all


youre sick


what was it


im going to respect his request and not say what it was


sigh done reading pnig you gotta explain everything to your lawyer very thoroughly im sure that hell be able to help you your aunt has been doing a bunch of flipped up stuff for years in regards to your grans drugs and stuff you gotta tell him everything anyway hes snoozing right now and he never reads so why am i even posting this


ok sorry for asking


i screenshotted it


you bastard


i hope everything works out for you brother


but i still dont understand why they called the police on you and to have sent you to through such a process and not allowed access to your house seems pretty extreme for something that sounds like ``neglect of an adult'' what exactly happened you are pretty vague about it


be american
get arrested


File: 1518442585486.jpg (Spoiler Image, 100.35 KB, 1000x708, DV0Ro7oUQAAA9wk.jpg)


be black you mean


le 56 percent face


pnig will finally be put in a psych ward and given the treatment he needs


flip i snoozed through it
we need to save up our allowance to help pnig out


he posted about hearing people who werent there is he psychotic now or what


just psychic


its a crime that pnig called the police and they only arrested him


he was the only black guy around


dont bring race into this please


call up reverend jesse jackson


phew finally found my boy locke


File: 1518451823236.png (821.31 KB, 1056x848, iching.png)

oh god hima i did it finally im too tard for this game it makes my head hurt


i love my stringy slimy delicious and nutritious natto


interesting game


woke up i cant sleep i really hope if my computer is there that i can bring it ill say that its my livelyhood and way of searching for a job


do you have cp on it


mom has these tiny cellphones here i didnt know they made them this small


they are prison phones


hes just addicted to wow


downloading the sims 1 gonno play it with sis little girls love the sims games


you should play minecraft with her


yeah i know shes in contact with some guys from prison who are doing life or very long sentences and said shes already talked to one of them and he said he wanted to talk to me and try to put me at ease

hes a white guy in ohio in the aryan brotherhood i asked mom if he knew who he was talking to and she said yeah he didnt care


ankle bones hurt so much


File: 1518455953957.jpg (196.65 KB, 1920x1080, LAFBD-32-1080p60.mkv_snapshot_01.01.58_[2018.0….jpg)



what the flip is this an episode of Oz what the hell


mom or your mother if the former why does she have those contacts


my actual mother she likes prisoners


thats sad


so what freedoms do you have can you bike


hima ive been up for like 20 hours now so im gonno snooze see ya in about eight


tardlaughing hope that dumb nigger gets locked up for life
basted throatpuncher



File: 1518464431243.jpg (Spoiler Image, 57.91 KB, 660x437, 27750045_331164844063262_6184318059237421272_n.jpg)


just woke up sigh


dead hours


what was >>726900 please i beg you its deleted now


it got deleted right away dont think he saw it either


the memory leak got me again



never accepted the sb invite


gotta have these for the live hima ticker


gonno drink some coffee now


drawing muffet


glad to hear pnig got btfo


File: 1518474921949.png (15.96 KB, 324x287, squeal.png)


whos going to pay for hima now



assholes can you really be so uncaring just because you dont like someone on the internet


yeah why should i care about him


its not like i know him personally


hes a brother


you do know him though if youve been posting alongside him for many years and even if you didnt you shouldnt be glad that hes suffering


ive known about pnig for years but cant identify his posts and dont care to


you must be retarded and barely use the site then


he had a lot of incriminating stuff in his room
if the cops or his family went through it could be bad


this is probably a good lesson to any himas who have that kind of stuff lying around also


what kind of stuff


if youre a skipper then why ask


if youre talking about onaholes and panties it just sounds like hes a bit of a creep


loli h manga and taking those panties from his cousins are a different story norms dont look at those things kindly


probably going to end up on a sex offender registry or at least disowned by his family when this is over


ok but whats going to happen to hima


those things arent illegal but i can see throatpuncher potentially beating him very badly and his aunts family ostracizing him i dont think his grandmother will disown him though i think shell take his side


hopefully they didnt look through his stuff to carefully and it works out for him i hope things can return to the way they were


he has ptsd now too can he claim disability on that


gonno make some burgs in his honor


does pnig live in a state where sexy 2d kids are illegal


pnig is literally going to sell out all of us instantly


mom works with a lot of people who get unjustly treated by police i can give you some examples but i hope you get this and hopefully you can get some compensation after this


sue everyone involved and claim they triggered your ptsd you will win for sure


dont say anything to anyone for now you have a right to remain silent just keep quiet otherwise you could paint yourself as a target or draw attention to yourself as a suspect


feels like there was literally no reason to arrest him cant understand what the police were thinking


we are missing some big details


its because the police hates neets thats the source of tpers jealousy towards him


his aunt and cousins were sitting outside telling the police he was evil and abusing her


dad has jury duty next week


is he thirsty to punish someone


himako needs to put the whitelist up RIGHT NOW




sounds pretty clear that pnigs aunt wants the inheritance and is messing with grans medication or something and then knows she can make up some story about pnig manipulating and abusing his mom into caring and loving him because auntie is a bitch and the police will arrest the single jobless black man instead of the woman every time even if hes innocent


we need the arizonabro to go to pnigs house and reset the circuit box


yeah i warned him about this


problem comes from the fact that it can be difficult because if you try sue the police for improper conduct / ptsd they will try digging up any dirt on you to try fight the case if they think they can contest it and if you sue aunt then your family will hate it big sigh


they think pnig is eating out every day and taking trips and vacations on her dime
norms cant fathom the suffering hes gone through


that is what he was doing


looking after her is basically a job in a lot of places the government will pay you a carers pension in a situation like that


phew cyans character just gets better and better just got the alexander magicite


after i challenge the tower all thats left is to defeat kefka


oh wait i still need to beat the remaining dragons too


did you fight doom gaze


pnigs life is over



i wish neetblog was alive to see this


damn i would have never found this guy thanks for letting me know
im playing blind but ill count this as the equivalent of your friend telling you about a secret and calling the nintendo hotline



File: 1518483831235.jpg (44.27 KB, 500x500, 51n0lLFmzuL.jpg)




hehe time to start smoking crack


File: 1518484091426.jpg (106.88 KB, 480x600, T435282_030000.jpg)










you can find it yourself



this is awful


File: 1518484337414.jpg (61.13 KB, 574x574, 1480350415026.jpg)

ok ill come back for just this special occasion

you guys do realize that throatpuncher wont pass up a chance to dig through his computer and hes going to see EVERYTHING including hima you guys should join me on ota its so nice


hes already out that was yesterday anyway
still funny


sigh boles-san


is there something he isnt telling us


no he already told us


it is "child/vulnurable adult"


File: 1518484464379.png (35.95 KB, 1154x159, crimes_against_children.png)


they defiantly wouldnt arrest him out of nowhere like that either the cops are somehow more racist than they are in nc or there is another side the story you dont know


did you see my ass thread


is it possible that throatpuncher knows about pnigs preferences and is deliberately setting him up to be searched


his aunt outside was telling the police hes taking advantage of her hes getting framed by them so they can steal his inheritance


kenneth bones


i dont think that constitutes physical abuse


man this is super exciting if i was him id just grab as much cash as possible and split on my bike


>Crimes Against Children


he already said the charges are neglect of an adult but hes obviously innocent



what the heck


holy flip




woah the inheritance conspiracy is real


whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa pnig made the flipping news this is huge


poor pnig we need to do something to help him


and after they search his pc and room we are all going to be on the news


turt do you have any advice for a fellow felon


sigh after all that gran has done for him


underground internet pedophile ring busted


yeah im really wanting to help him after seeing that vid he looks terrified i could never do something like that it would feel like i was in some laboratory about to be dissected


>A Mesa woman was sent to the hospital after a diabetic episode and was reportedly found to be malnourished
what the flip he was posting food and eating all the time why couldnt he spare a morsel for poor ol gran

ive got a clean record if you want to help him you should show up in court that day they said in the video


lets mobilize we need to punish tp


having a panic attack because of this


hey turt how about you go to hell


if i lived near i would go to court and film it


gran is flipping out so i cant go downstairs
she decided to quit taking her medication cold turkey and shes gotten pretty aggressive and unstable
grans desperately flipping through her encyclopedias from the 70s trying to find a map of what czarist russia looked like simply google it
living with gran and having aunts is a bad combo the aunts are too nosy thinking mom doesnt discipline well enough so they should
but in reality they should simply mind their own flipping business


File: 1518485157376.jpg (339.09 KB, 1188x962, 66ca112f4e627731e67a1303b544131d.jpg)

hed pound your manbaby ass senseless


nah hes shorter than me and weighs less that right there means im the predator and hes the prey


nice turt himas very own paladin


is this the turt saves his rival arc


baste jerk offenberg


turts a twig im not him


hi hima woke up gonno read


File: 1518485376246.jpg (1.09 MB, 1838x987, eadf7cb171c53888af02aa012d113157.jpg)

something about this reminds me of that sparky pic


theres something very sad about this


sigh he looks so happy and youthful


this is pretty sick please stop investigating


yeah dox him another time when hes not under as much pressure have some respect


im getting creeped out this is weird
even if he comes back you basically doxxed him we need to be there to support him


is this post a joke i cant tell


Class 4– If sentenced to prison on a Class 4 felony, you face anywhere between 1 to 3.75 years. Again, probation is available.


he will most likely get a suspended sentence if he gets convicted which is very unlikely


good thing he didnt do anything


that is irrelevant


he did literally nothing and once grans bettershell say the same thing its a done deal no big sniff


you guys sure do have a lot of faith in the legal system


everything is going to be ok hes gonno explain his situation to his lawyer and then nothing going to happen and if he gets on probation or community service its not the end of the world we got some convicted peds here on hima and they didnt die or anything with time everythings going to go back to the carefree days of yonder


the lawyer is going to tell him to plead guilty for a lightened sentence of 15 years


baste lawyer


love the convicted peds on hima meme




nah not falling for that again like the imaginary fatneet character


im 99% sure the charges will be dropped or hell be found innocent but even if he isnt like that other guy said hell certainly get probation or the charge lowered to a non felony and be fine


dont speak ill of fatneet in my presence again


more worried about happens after that
will he have to get a job


potentially but i think hell probably be able to get disability


you forgot about the part where his family has access to his room and his running pc do you really think the ones that hate him are going to pass up an opportunity like that


knew i should have had a vm for hima this is the end



well find out in a few hours when he gets back


he doesnt have anything illegal


he said hes be back on hima at around 7pst


he has used childrens underwear and dozens of small silicone vaginae in his room if that isnt probable cause for a computer search i dont know what is


its all going to be fine pnig has connections to the aryan brotherhood if we all get locked up we can join them


he doesnt have anything illegal on his computer


hope pnig doesnt read when he gets on itll be sad


depends how thoroughly they searched but im not sure that even is probable cause


he never reads its fine


think i have two or three suspect pics but i have 15gb of other images for them to go through


49000 images is that a lot


thats not how probably cause works


do you really think the pedoking doesnt have questionable material

think about it the stuff he was willing to mention was already super creepy imagine what he has keep secret from even you guys

then theyre going to look at the websites he visits and see that he frequents hima and then the posters here are going to get nabbed one by one itll be like a movie montage


File: 1518486581598.png (122.58 KB, 300x283, drift.png)



you overestimate the average norms intelligence


at least i havent posted about going on rampages and had all my dox spammed here and other places


theyre not going to be able to look at his computer legally even with that stuff in his room its not probable cause for a computer warrant trust me


himako i hope youre taking caution setting up a whitelist and blocking his old ip until he gets his pc back isnt a bad idea you can never be too sure


he is himako you moron


pretty sure hima is hosted in the US he cant do anything at this point


this is a perfect time to test that theory


you dont need to test it


i can attest with absolute certainty that pnig is not himako


yeah i think after all this its time to drop the himakonig theory


i know who himako is but im just gonno let this one sleep


nice is that a honda city


thats a yayoi


glad that i use veracrypt with two 256 bit encryption locks and a dummy drive ive been telling you guys the fbi once tried to crack this one guys veracrypt file for one year and they ended giving up


whats a dummy drive


they shouldve hired freak for the job psh amateurs


i think its an encrypted decoy drive


at least its impossible for pnig to get a job now since his mugshot is on a million scam websites hehe tp really flipped himself over on that one


im just going to burn my drive and start all over and maybe start my life all over too i might just move on get a job a wife and kids


File: 1518487220964.png (6.55 KB, 343x120, vc.png)


woah this is some james bond stuff
too bad i dont have anything worth protecting


what about your gbs worth of


the hima farm needs to happen now more than ever we must support our bro and if we could all live together independently we wouldnt have to worry about anything


did you get gogo


why must us neets suffer so much


worth of what


all of this could have been avoided if pnig simply shared a little of his food


thing is it doesnt matter what his reasons are that would be assault and he would get arrested for at least a couple of years throw in some racial slurs which im sure hed use and throatpuncher would have ruined his whole life over that now im not saying that he isnt dumb enough to do it but if he actually thinks it through he wont do anything


they would sympathize and let him off


File: 1518487798180.jpg (226.87 KB, 1024x907, 1515325736593.jpg)


you know


i dont have any of that stuff


then why bother with encrypting your drive


File: 1518487966507.jpg (227.99 KB, 667x1000, 1510660987046.jpg)

poor bolenig


not sure if i want to stay up to read his posts i dont get the memory leak so i should be able to catch up


File: 1518488217663.png (Spoiler Image, 813.2 KB, 1500x1300, cute loli.png)

this is the happiest i've been in a while i'm in complete ecstasy


hells yeah buddy


why are you happy


you should be happy while a brother is suffering


holy FLIP turt my fuhrer its over isnt it were all gonno get our ips logged and turned to the fbi


File: 1518488449982.jpg (328.06 KB, 850x1200, 88.jpg)


File: 1518488483905.gif (3.16 MB, 700x718, 1509390316029.gif)




File: 1518488604745.gif (Spoiler Image, 177.78 KB, 726x1000, lolis kissing.gif)


you can stop we already know


sometimes when i see the smug frogger i make a smug frogger face back


File: 1518488670246.mp4 (2.98 MB, 1500022244655-0.mp4)



File: 1518488825678.png (596.05 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] New Game!! - 03 [720p].mkv-00:1….png)


stop it


File: 1518488901934.jpeg (292.76 KB, 1500x1125, 1518487308380.jpeg)



my god i genuinely think that haysuz might be the most pathetic human to ever exist its mindboggling


File: 1518488988759.jpg (82.43 KB, 374x363, 0502_-_3PfY6vY.jpg)

pnig rn


can you stop


File: 1518489034192.jpg (60.41 KB, 400x500, 0128_-_NRWKYVY.jpg)

>can you stop


honemako btfo let's all just head on back to tsumarin where we truly belong bros


gonno go rewrite the spam script

enjoy your last few minutes of peace


big sigh


File: 1518489289848.jpg (42.31 KB, 640x640, trollface.jpg)


File: 1518489356496.png (363.78 KB, 1000x1000, f7b.png)

we did it bros


you know that pnig isnt actually the admin right


yeah im the admin


then why aren't i banned


himako is mourning the loss of his beloved


nothing to mourn over its karma for getting warosu shut down


yeah right retard

he probably has one of his secret board jans poised to take the throne as king hone while he's getting his anus resized in the pokey


File: 1518489518358.jpeg (561.58 KB, 800x600, ff91e185d22ca54c9995e8223f2e9f2d.jpeg)


File: 1518489625980.jpg (26.65 KB, 468x472, 59c1254a05c5a.image.jpg)

so how long until hima goes down bros


big sigh see you guys tomorrow i guess hope youre happy instigator


where do we go if hima goes down discord or ota


warosu probably



i'm very happy thanks


youre a real piece of shit


File: 1518489825895.jpg (56.69 KB, 800x600, 1423480614219.jpg)

>youre a real piece of shit


die spammer


File: 1518489916464.png (45.64 KB, 923x402, Screenshot from 2017-10-16 20-20-43.png)

why would i not be celebrating this monumental cunt's demise


missed the frog days this is nostalgic


what if its not him


nice ip


yeah my vpn's ip is really nice thanks


File: 1518490024753.png (89.8 KB, 645x729, 46a.png)

>what if its not him


feels good man


File: 1518490088080.png (46.04 KB, 352x519, 1508634304638.png)


File: 1518490096157.jpg (54.28 KB, 715x839, asshole.JPG)


File: 1518490149681.png (405.13 KB, 700x840, 1510175181550.png)

thoughts on the newest poke?


glad instigator is here its been awhile hope youre doing well in school and life in general


okay im snoozing hope hima is up when i wake up but if not ill see you all on ota


File: 1518490193987.jpg (1001.86 KB, 1500x1125, just nig my shit up.jpg)

now mr boles youre facing grievous criminal charges including adult neglect, sexual conduct with a minor, possession distribution and receipt of child pornography, and so on how do you plead?





phew so baste


we're all going to flipping make it bros


Boles allegedly told police that he has been responsible for her care for the last three years. He reportedly admitted to not giving her medication, nor providing adequate nourishment.
poor gran




rip in piss you stupid nig


hes going to be sleeping with mad thad


i dont gloat over someones misery but sometimes degens just need to learn a lesson


he probably just got caught up talking to the police rather than just shutting the hell up


cant help but laugh thinking about how pnig would rather watch the food ranger eat pickled duck testicles than to spare a single crumb for his starving bedridden gran




File: 1518490479276.png (69.05 KB, 223x176, gym.png)




turt was arrested for a chad crime not being a jobless nigger letting his grandma starve to death while he eats fast food and masturbates to cartoons roflmao


turt is the nerdiest looking chad


holy flip did turt really get arrested damn i missed some really good stuff


man i miss being fat


being turt is suffering just look at that bloated face and those droopy eyes


should have read the wiki


the norms tried to silence him


too basted to live


might go on a rampage to honor my brother pnegro


simply love how the hima story has turned out i hope baste freakbro can sleep easier knowing his nemesis has been felled


bless freakeye's soul


how flipping clueless you must be hehehe do you really think that freak would be on your side you disgusting norm hes been coming over and posting with pnig all the time dumbass


wk is losing his shit


nah you got btfo


with pnig out of the picture so is himako because theyre like kame/piccolo when one dies the other dies so now all we have to do is snuff out the last of the wks and throw them overboard


i'm unbtfoable you fool i'm in the stratosphere right now


literally NOTHING can touch me right now


wk got absolutely annihilated while the rest of the himabros are all evolving into chads next week we'll hear about neetblog getting engaged to a model


how fares the blog is he still basted


this jail thing you little hima's have going on is ridic btw


flip you assholes


your mouth says no but your body says yes


if you havent been to jail you dont belong on hima


so sayeth neet son of blog


i need to become a bad boy quick what do i do


simply neglect your frail and vulnerable grandmother


heard nb has a criminal past


hima uses xserver now why hmm


i hope there's bodycam footage of them investigating the house i plan on filing a freedom of information appeal to get my hands on it


File: 1518491823997.jpg (101.12 KB, 960x720, ut.jpg)



its been transferred over to the fbi


wk trying hard to take the spotlight off pnig


fleeing to mootxico who's with me


im clean no internet traces degoogled to a great degree think im safe probably should consider vpns one day


not even the wk just thought the similarities were eerie after looking at the mugshot again


no i dont


they would look at hima for 2 seconds see the first three threads and move on


nah i tipped the mesa pd that it's a pedo ring


extreme usertesting - FBI edition


theres loli on the front page


norms dont even know how to use tabs they search for google on google to google trust me


not true mom loves tabs


uh dumb norms wont know shit haha
*uses internet build by norms on a computer built by norms running on electricity produced by norms in a house built by norms eating food grown and processed by norms*


should have made the switch to tsumaran when we had the chance bros now we're all flip*d


baste mom


nice norm worshiper


they dont care


youre only living now because the norms allow you to live


File: 1518492380449.webm (1.32 MB, 1920x1080, 1488862514603-0.webm)


you couldnt be more wrong
the norms are only living now because i allow them to
for now


those are like pics that a mom would post on facebook dumb spic


bh wk


File: 1518493208977.jpg (60.79 KB, 436x940, yo te amo oniichan.jpg)


haysuz made it
turt made it
onseki made it
neetblog made it
what's stopping the rest of you?


im different


freakeye and trevor made it too
don't get left in the dust


how did i make it


by being basted


what constitutes as making it


passing your seed


making it is being a tool of the demiurge and prolonging the chain of suffering


only person that actually made it from this list is freak


bad things happen when im not on hima


epic things you mean


will be on the sb


gonno watch one piece some more im on ep 23


its my headcanon that himago plays games like this on her phone all day


he won't be playing game where he's going


im referring to the character


maybe i should buy a phone


pnig isnt himako


uh huh


File: 1518495141935.jpg (44.6 KB, 600x800, 2017-03-16-20-32-45-239.jpg)




its true you can watch her youtube here


uh ive accidentally stumbled into a really weird side of youtube


murder all jumpcutters


File: 1518495361261.jpg (77.09 KB, 600x800, 2017-03-19-18-52-35-163.jpg)


wish i had facial hair


is that the cousin


pnig is late bros the federales got him


hope hes okay


hope they found THAT on his computer


sigh just met gaus father what a sad event


anyone awake


yeah im here


spermed really hard to asuhachan


good for you


i wonder how bolenig is doing


hope hes okay


hes probably been under more stress in this time than he has in the past 10 years sigh


just noticed he is on the front of the local news site


File: 1518498139397.png (321.2 KB, 682x252, b3fb61e3b411f2961ccb04dcfa32000f.png)

so can this be made into a banner


hows it allowed to post someones picture and imply theyve committed a crime that they are only accused of surely thats irresponsible


journalists have no integrity ive hated them for a long time


even if the charges are dropped or hes found innocent they dont need to or bother updating the article so it just sits there forever


and the mug shot is on a million sites with his name and they make you pay them to take it off but its expensive and you cant pay every one of them


what happened


what if a little kid wants attention so they tell people that man on the train touched them in a bad place and they get to ride in a police car and the guys picture gets put up as a alleged child molester and he goes to court and it gets thrown out due to lack of evidence then he goes home and gets his house broken into by a vigilante and is beaten to death with a pipe


honestly dont get why its legal for police to upload mugshots for everyone to save and try to extort money from but i guess its usually not a problem for the people that can change it


glad my country doesnt publish mugshots or anything unless you apply with a valid reason


land of the free


the nig got owned hard


wherever rager is i hope he knows justice has been served


must be a slow news day


unlucky that nobody was murdered to snapped that day




File: 1518500966975.webm (1.6 MB, 640x360, 1516505216328.webm)




night hima


good night i will hold the watch


my woodcutting level is now 74


gonno go to the store sigh hope pnigs okay


pnig will never be the same again


a neets life hangs by a thread


one minute you can be playing wow the next you will be running errands for micky the fink


i dont really think jokes like that are funny


micky the fink is a funny name though


File: 1518514587166.jpg (83.38 KB, 1280x720, [Elysium]Lucky.Star.EP18(BD.720p.AAC.DA)[44468….jpg)


told mom pnigs story she was horrified at how unjust it was


did you leave out the jerking to kids part thats kinda important


phew im back im on episode 42 now gonno take a break from watching and make some coffee


told mom about pnig too sigh


ive been crying a lot today and now i am again this is really horrible


still cant cry


havent cried in years


omg pnig i hope hes ok :,((((((((


File: 1518527941324.jpg (27.32 KB, 600x600, 0e9.jpg)

still not banned which more or less confirms pnig is honemako



gonno play some more shenzhen


>Officers investigating the grandson's room found a slew of highly questionable materials, most notably a collection of child-shaped masturbation toys. This prompted a data forensics team to search his computer, and what they found shocked them.

its all over


die smartnorm


must be shocked over the sheer epicness that is himasugi


die greener


File: 1518535617531.jpg (245.9 KB, 869x1280, q013.jpg)

Wow, a reversal of the trope thats cool


girls are curious too ya know


File: 1518536359949.jpg (1.75 MB, 914x1400, Takagi_c73_01.jpg)

new takagi


now that im on disability i could become a vagrant


whoa that was an interesting chapter


only read the married takagi manga now


why would you read that kusohon


File: 1518537136027.png (168 KB, 670x402, takagi.png)

phew i guess its not all bad


takes character to read bad manga because you have to look past its flaws to enjoy it


the art is one of the main reasons why i read manga if the art isnt a good it becomes that much more difficult for me to read


my body is starting to catch up to my fatass mindset sigh




need some more tests


you grow more powerful


File: 1518539376672.jpg (141.44 KB, 1280x720, 1518504426115.jpg)


drinking my coffee


whats she doing


had to believe the yuru yuris are only middle schoolers


would like to eat tohrus tail




i love the silly sound it makes when it grows back


why does she want her tail to be eaten


File: 1518540825286.jpg (121.15 KB, 1191x670, waifu_21_by_gannadene-dc2wtfu.jpg)




nice cocaine chan


she isnt cocaine chan bastard


its a euphemism for her cock


thats how they call her on the streets


this is a man


its a fictional character idiot


well keep it there and not here imbecile


File: 1518544220097.png (2.76 MB, 1012x1800, 67206868_p0.png)




wish to flip megumin





linus is getting really arrogant these days huh


he needs to be taught a lesson


col plays soon


im interested in how the nig story turns out he hasnt posted an update yet


hima is getting shut down when he gets home


cant send my energy to col today sorry


when is pnig gonno give us an update???????


flip off


going to snooze now


did pnig ever come back
i read all the posts but couldnt sense any of his


nope he got busted for cp when they searched his room he won't be accessing the internet anytime soon


no he didnt


just woke up sigh was really hoping for an update from pnig


can someone ask the host how long hima has


its probably set to just autopay every month out of his grandmas card but the dns is gonno expire in a few months


a few months is way more than enough in just a couple of weeks everything will be back to normal and we will be laughing about it and having a good time together


is there something like jelq but for thickness sigh


i was hoping so but im starting to doubt it


sigh i hope so


File: 1518553457498.jpg (45.02 KB, 600x346, penis-pump-history.jpg)


this is the end for the diaper crew


we will look up to freakeye and shout "save us"
and he'll look down and whisper "no"


die worshiper


feeling kinda dumb and cool


praying for pnig


same praying for him to get the death sentence


wish i could pity the pnig but then i remember how he started banning me for stupid shite even though i defended him vehemently on #warosu and unbanned him several times even though it meant my best mate akari would be leaving

so yeah c'est la vie nigger


thought you would have some sympathy for a guy getting unjustly persecuted by the norms


le pmako meme


he didnt ban you


pnigs not coming back now that everyone knows his name


it's confirmed beyond the shadow of a doubt


ya he came back at 10 pm last night saw the dox and felt too ashamed to post



heroes of the norm


theres no time for hots col are playing


wine time


in the mood to post some froggers


File: 1518560817399.jpg (925.41 KB, 2048x1536, 1517967040359.jpg)



crying again its all too sad


die sympathizers


flip you heartlessnorm


i'm not heartless he had it coming


no he didnt


that nigger got btfo the flip out once and for all


getting chipotle


kenneth boles will post and mysteriously all the frogs will be deleted five seconds later


yeah..... real mysterious.....


edgy teen


>edgy teen


this shithole website leaks memory like pnigs asshole is going to leak sperm in prison


dont talk about the memory leak like that




File: 1518562127673.jpg (77.61 KB, 480x639, kenneth-george-boles-t435282.pic1.jpg)







was planning on killing myself this week but now i want to know how this ends


dont know where im gonno go after hima is gone


File: 1518562494590.jpg (106.88 KB, 480x600, T435282_030000.jpg)


there but for the grace of god...


the gn alliance is still active


flip gn trev hates me anyway


it seems odd that both himako and pnig are missing


does it


chortled at that pic of pnig and mom asked me whats funny baste flipping kenbo


he's going to log in to the admin account from some other computer and pretend "himako" was just busy then post as himself a few hours later but his trick won't work when he's spending a year in the box


nah he doesn't remember the password the browser always just autofills it


wk will be appointed the title of himako while kenneth george boles is serving hard time


i can finally die


big sigh bank blocked my investments card just when i was thinking of buying more btc no idea when its getting unblocked


how dumb are you that youre going to buy more btc


me investor me buy bitcoin


why wouldnt you buy bitcoin its on sale


please buy as much bitcoin as you can instigator its a good idea


bitcoin will crash for real this time


its probably going to fall by another 2000



but its just 1000 and i dont have anything else to do with this money


buy stocks


die marketnorms




buy low sell high thats what i always say


ban the cryptonorms bolemako


1000 is too little for a long term investment in stocks thats why i thought of crypto


yeah put it all in crypto it can only go up


buy treasury bonds and support our troops


im just anxious really hope my account will be ok


buy runescape bonds instead


start living in a car and make a deal with your mom to rent out your room


buy a mithril scimmy


my money is in yugioh cards


i have thousands in treasury bonds


my runescape gp is worth more money than ive ever had in my life hope this investment pays off



you will be given a free gf in the next life


going to snooze wake me up if nb does something basted


hes doing something basted every second of his life is existence is basteness incarnate


draw aka saber


phew my card is ok


ive never done anything basted


File: 1518565246763.jpg (15.67 KB, 468x418, 1461295976191.jpg)


hmm starting to believe the pmako meme the longer this goes on


i told you


how moronic are you hes tacitly admitted it multiple times


you guys are all sooo lucky that himago is hibernating


if i bought a new domain and hosted a server would you guys post there


why would i do that


who are you




i would if hima goes down


cant believe pnig was buying motorcycles and computers while gran nearly starved to death


thats not what happened


and he did it on her money too


how would poorseki afford a server


he already has one


if someone does end up making a spinoff might i suggest the following


nah its gotta be himaduegi


thinking of my hima valentine


im going back to warosu now that the cp spammer is behind bars


what if himako is pretending to be absent so we all think shes pnig in order to protect her true secret identity


could be but not likely


gonno snooze





the real himako is a brain in a jar


pnigs grandma is the real himako


id probably use this one


guess ill make burgs at this point


love joing after shaving the pubes the skin that used to be covered up is so sensitive


why the flip are you shaving your pubes simply trim


its easy


enjoy your rash and bumps


no women likes the look of a shaved groin


dont trim or shave thats cool


its not for girls its to enhance my joing experience


did it once it was itchy as flip regrowing


get on chainlink it might go higher before the bitcoin conference sergey will be participating in


think im gonno start posting on onesixtwo.club when hima goes down theyre nicer than the himabros anyway


have fun


sigh is this really the end of hima


himako had a diabetic attack and pnig is in jail


wonder if he got caught trying to break into his house


gotta say im not really feeling hima without pnig i think im going to take a break for a while


nice worshipper


there wont be anywhere to come back to if you leave now wk


even though so much has happened its still dead in the middle of the evening


KGBnig will shut it down before his sentencing or make wk the new king jan


were all waiting for pnigs update


himako is a girl you wont fool me


remember to go to neo-gnfos.com/jp/index.html when hima goes down


nah flip you normseki


im going to go to ota or warosu


File: 1518573525779.jpg (3.5 MB, 4160x3120, 20180213_171353_HDR[1].jpg)

forgot to tell you guys that gran bought a metropolitan boy is it shite to drive


baste ponetron


the chads of hima are assembling


laughing that the miata is shoved into the corner to make room for that behemoth of a sedan


meant coupe


hasnt gran even got temp tags yet
is she even planning on registering it


ana is on sale for 50% gems go get her


File: 1518573843296.jpg (4.25 MB, 4160x3120, 20180205_161743[1].jpg)

its actually shorter lengthwise and narrow than the miata its just perspective

it has to be its powered by a 60 year old 1.5L 4 cylinder

there was an issue where she has to pay the last $750 to get the title i think shes doing it tomorrow


think turt hates me hes treating me like he treats haysuz


turt hates everyone


turt loves basteblob


my boy cam has love and respect for all of god's creatures


weird to see a four cylinder without overhead cams
the car looks pretty good even though its a piece of junk ill give credit to the prior owner


die carnorms


File: 1518574042623.jpg (5.6 MB, 4160x3120, 20180201_163419.jpg)

i also put a sick lip on the miata im in the middle of buying stuff to build a different motor its been busy since i was banned


put your lips on my dick cooltron


next time you get a chance can you take a pic of the plastidipped gas cap i still havent seen it


turt why dont you get a car that commands respect like a coupe de ville


turt doesnt want respect he enjoys the pain and humiliation


i get the respect from my Driving technique i dont need a big tryhard cadillac or lifted cummins


nothing tryhard about it


File: 1518574546297.webm (578.94 KB, 1006x552, 1518574224174.webm)


nice sc2


is pastaguy here


File: 1518574627303.webm (2.86 MB, 1280x720, 1518501631787.webm)


that reminds me there was a chink with bleached blond hair working at the pharmacy when i picked grans medication up i guess shes trying to broadcast that shes a roast


File: 1518574756595.jpg (245.95 KB, 1600x1200, 11111111102.jpg)

*sips skol*


its a sc2 raid


admin will ban them




bolemako isnt coming back


File: 1518574854304.jpg (177.82 KB, 720x463, SF-County-Jail-Black-prisoners-hand-holding-ce….jpg)




im going to sc2 when hima goes down flip it


why would you go to scv it pinches


its the most similar thing to 2015 hima


how is it similar


scv looks like a most relaxed hima except people on hima are more likely to respond to posts on scv everyone is constantly yelling to themselves


hey brothers i heard that bitch is in jail can i come stink it up here for a bit



pastaguy sb


sigh pnig should have made me a mod when i asked him a few months ago


File: 1518575147506.jpg (416.36 KB, 1521x1141, per.jpg)



jam it up your ass buddy


i joined but it pinches so im leaving


scv and hima are nothing alike


turt get the flip in here


2015 hima and scv are like two sides of the same coin


how do you reach this point of alcoholism


kenneth george boles has returned bros hes banning sc2


uh all the posts are still here


basted fuh-lippin kenneth george "pedonig" boles


ban the namecallers admin


boles is such a weird name but my last name isnt much better its one letter away from penis


baste kenbo


nah stay on scv teen


ban the scv defectors


*raises scv flag*


you must not remember 2015 hima kid


pasta man pls


someone got banned 15 minutes ago what the flip is kenneth back


not the guy youre replying to but i do remember 2015 hima and its nothing like sc2 go back there you flipping norm


you cant talk to turt like that


you were blind to the true spirit of 2015 hima


its not me im a newfag who wasnt around back then but now that pnigs back im gonno scram


that nigger is going to have an asshole the size of a mayo jar the next time we see him that should knock him down a peg or two


if pnig posts in the next 20 minutes theres almost a 100 percent chance shes pnig


hes not going to post now



nah hes got so much to reply to and explain theres no way pnig would be able to resist blogging for 15 minutes



im going to impersonate pnig in a few hours hehe


pnig has been playing an elaborate game of hiding the fact that hes himako for years now what makes you think something like this is enough for him to break character so badly


if anything he plans to double down and give the site to one of his sb bros so that "himako" will keep posting while he spends a year in jail


he should give it to me basted onseki


baste bolemako


really want to know if they found the cousin panties and beat his face to a pulp


onseki is too busy slamming kitty to deal with that cool nerd shit


hes not going to tell us


get on facebook and ask andrew yourself


im done being a sexually active male its too much work i would much rather ban the wownorms and sit on my throne atop everyone here


ashamed that throatpuncher has the same name as me


my name is andrew too
i remember the other andrew from 2015 cant believe youre still here


is andrew an incel name


love you andy



if only death by cop was here


hes in the group home


the lunatics have taken over the asylum


the hima asylum



offen(((berg))) sure likes playing the veteran angle


wasnt he a canadian veteran
ive seen the picture the camo was desert cadpat
isnt that stolen valor to portray a us servicemember


shut the flip up


File: 1518577353287.jpg (196.55 KB, 1354x2034, throatpuncher.jpg)

or is this someone else


stop investigating


maybe theres two of them in mesa the fb needs to be investigated more


hope some of the creepy girls have seen kenneth's face scrolling through their facebooks and recoiled at giving free shit to a gran abuser


stop investigating


make me wk


File: 1518577699685.jpg (95.85 KB, 720x507, logan.jpg)

this guys name is logan hes unrelated


now that is a truck


hes 5'2" so the truck looks bigger


wish bolemako would stop being silent and post something already


that nigger can go to hell


he'll yea brother


if hes here i just want him to know i hope hes doing okay and i wish him the best


check himapals


i dont know who those are but im going to snap them


'girl' on the left looks like shes 50 and the girl on the right has weird proportions look at her legs they look too small


yeah well i want to go back to the nonstop barrel of laughs that was 2015/2016 hima instead of this shit but we cant always get what we want


blame the wownorms
2015 wasnt all that fun dealing with rager 1.0


im just glad that with pnig behind bars the children are once again safe to leave their homes


the last 9 months of hima have been terrible pedonig getting in the news is the only thing of note thats happened in months


what an ugly flipin goblin holy shit these people are freaks


stop investigating and posting pictures please


any more pics of grandma




feels bad knowing that ugly doofus on the right can get an ok looking gf and here i am a virg


the loli cousin and throatpuncher are the only normal looking members of that family


weird that the same day pnig got thrown in jail i was balls deep in kitty


hope im scoring some points with bolemako by not correcting this guy


baste pussblog




pnig deleted the pic someone post it on ota


soundtrack for the night


no he gave me mod so stop posting pictures of his family its in bad taste


*ape noises*


what the hell is going on


its ok to post my full name dozens of times and post my mugshot over and over but when its pnig thats not cool right


the hypocrisy of the wk faction is immeasurable




if someone does that again in future ill delete it


nice asskissing faguette


pretty sure the same guy saying not to post picutres of the nigger family is the same guy who spammed turts address


agree with turt
nice flipping hypocrite ill remember this


i was on his side then as well though that guy was annoying as hell


its not hypocritical
turt is an asshole and pnig is baste


File: 1518578833597.jpg (101.64 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

delete this you wk faglord


hmm dont think i want to post on a board with a hypocrite temporary mod/panicky pnig with his trigger finger on the ban button
smell ya later hima dont think well meet again


File: 1518578846943.jpg (280.64 KB, 900x672, 1364220060987.jpg)

do the himabros like quake?


he didnt give anyone mod its just pnig


pastamod is baste


i just deleted some pictures of pnigs family and haysuzs post since they were in the report queue


hey kenbo how was county jail


didnt this guy essentially confirm pnig=himako


posting family pictures is over the line its not hard to understand


File: 1518578958050.png (71.37 KB, 720x960, 1429582346236.png)

feels dude: wk
frogger: me


im not sure if it is but they emailed me so either way the probably dont want to run the site anymore if it is or isnt


post the email


File: 1518579002917.png (3.32 KB, 100x13, admin.png)


okay i gotta admit i was instigating there for a few minutes sorry if anyone should be calm right now its me


sigh its true the hima era is coming to an end it was fun while it lasted brothers


it was a guerillamail anyway im just going to delete spam until they come back im sorry if you didnt want me to reveal this but i dont know how else to go about it


flip this place rip in rancid piss


cant wait for instigator to leave


it took him an hour to fabricate this new identity what a smart man brother pnig is


gonno jo to lolicousin


i dont get what kenbo hopes to accomplish its already over the best he can do is slowly let the situation diffuse on its own if he tries to resist itll only make it worse


forgot to do laundry until 10pm now i have to stay up until at least 11 to throw it in the drier before i snooze sigh


link lolicousin pics i need a jo


kenneth george boles is steamed as hell

i wish i didnt predict with 100% accuracy exactly what would happen to hima but at least we are getting some closure


why does pnig even care if we know hes the admin


surrender your mod privileges to freakeye


maybe because he wanted to be able to enjoy the site without having to be thought of as the admin every time he posted


because it reveals how much of a complete hypocrite he is


freakeye is on top of all this you fool hes the mastermind


how is he a hypocrite


yoroshiku tanomu


freakeye is too busy having a real life to bother with this
he hasnt been posting even though turt spammed pnig all over the spinoffs if that doesnt get his attention hes not interested


freak isnt the type to kick a man while hes down


only topics pnig likes can be posted


feels so good knowing i have been completely right about kenneth george "himako" boles for years and that his kingdom is finally crumbling get flipped dickspammer


right exactly why wownorm esportnorm discussion is fine but posting about lookism and redpills isnt


i cant see server space or anything so please archive those threads if you want to so i can delete them soon just in case


thats not true i would be banned if it was


sigh thats pretty noble pnig i respect that


delete yourself wk


pnig hates runescape and esports so


wonder what hes going to filter kenneth and boles to


trevor richardson


lol basted!!!!!!!!!!


how the flip is it noble when he posted 20 selfies a night he just knew no one would post on his site when the truth came out that he spammed warosu to death to have total control


baste trevor george richardson


i cant filter stuff i dont think


what level of baste is this


just drop the act kenbo


without access to his instance config there is almost nothing you can do


kens working on his legal defense


hope this new jan knows how to take it easy and if he does we've got a fun-filled two years ahead of us bros




i can just delete stuff but im only going to delete spam


File: 1518579597110.gif (1.41 MB, 189x150, 1517703057034.gif)


okay then lets get along
yoroshiku tanomu


youve already deleted stuff besides spam youve been a jan for all of 5 minutes and are already a hypocrite what the fuck

just give it to neetblog hell know what to do


no give it to onseki


yeah and family photos and the images of girls in bikins that haysuz posted i think thats reasonable though




so what pnig just gave mod to his most loyal of worshippers


i would probably ban everyone


yeah that's how it starts oh i'm so reasonable then it becomes anything you don't like power corrupts full stop


maybe i shouldnt have said anything but i felt dishonest this was probably the wrong way to go about it sorry


theres no way someone can pinch this much dick its just pnig roleplaying


no problem dude just do your best and it will work out


die momgf


dont apologize for not being a cabalistic power-mad hone


post a screenshot of the email you got


i bet it was kenbo himself who would post calling people retards for assuming he was himako




i trust nbs judgement


hima has been reclining for a while
i dont see there being another incarnation after this one
too many people will leave and there wont be a consistent stream of new posts which will just keep people away
its right now that we must unite together


to instantly prove that you're telling the truth instead of making us wait for you to get arrested to find out who the one in charge is


why is this one always drawn as a trap


flipping sicko


we must unite with our alliances


wish this was me


glad i cant see the face i bet id lose my bone if i could
his body is a 10


stop wanting to look like a girl


looking like a man pinches unless you happen to be a born chad ill take a sexy cuteboy body any day


you could fake that if you really w anted to anyway so whats the point


File: 1518579983702.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.96 MB, 800x450, 1518382951309.webm)

love when they leak >u<


thats foul


faguette shit but hes got a bigger bone sigh


i have a discerning eye i'd know if it was real


ban this sick faguette


youd get ogled by men and wouldnt be able to form friendships for your personality


downloaded it without opening it


yeah you can but do it anyway


are you refusing to post any proof


die blankposter




i cant form friendships anyway at people some people out there would like you


i feel like i already made a bunch of mistakes and shouldnt have said anything flip this is stressful


shut up and post the email


quit rping and post the proof


this guy is already cracking under the pressure why the hell would you pick the skittish pastaman instead of the stern but fair freakeye he would dominate the spinoffs with an iron fist


cant you see ips just ignore the posts from instigator


uh oh wk honenig gonno be super po'd at you he trusted you like the good little dog you are and you flipped it all up


hey nb whats your take on this whole thing


just dont do anything but ban raiders you can trust me


my new favorite guilty pleasure is a spoonful of peanut butter i absolutely love it i also love sharing a little bit with kitty


this guy is pulling everyone's leg he's acting just as flipping retarded as kenneth they probably had this contigency plan set up a year ago


File: 1518580218111.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.8 MB, 1920x1080, 1518405428191.webm)

how does a male get an ass this big


so why would pnig create a secret wk mod what the fli pis going on


ask turt


okay the first one was passable but the rest of these are just straight up cool


turt how u get a booty like dat


i support bolemako and pastamod


sb members should just come forward with whats been going on behind the scenes instead of continuing the charade


dont project on me sexnorm


shit i want another peanut butter spoon but its like 100 calories a spoon


if himako is pnig why doesnt he just come out and say it if pnig is the admin its obvious now so whats the point of denying it and this whole mod thing just confirms it further so what is the point of it all he could just say why he made a mod if hes going to jail or something i dont think anyone would care at this point


its just himako messing around


wks would never relinquish the only thing in their entire existence that has made them feel special


he probably didnt want the mod to say anything and just do it quietly but hes too retarded and flipped it up


you're in for it now wk you're going to be banished from the inner circle


maybe he didnt want to give the investigator jackals any more information


ken needs our support now more than ever


wonder how quickly someone like kenbo would get made into someones bitch in the big house


we should start a gofundme for his legal fees


sigh wish he didnt lose so much weight being a twig must be scary


lmao the ultimate irony


doubt he would even get sent to the pen for that weak charge


hindsight is 20/20


yeah but he might end up homeless if his family ostracizes him


File: 1518580625869.webm (Spoiler Image, 3.91 MB, 722x406, 1518483210104.webm)

hate when they have a bigger peen than me


wont happen his gran will take his side


his aunt will probably try to get his aunt declared legally unable to make those decisions or have her live in hospital permanently and take the house


forgot how much i liked this album i stopped listening to it for a while because it started to sound plain but knowing that zach is playing every part of the track with percussion just blows me away


now you understand what himako has been through


forgot how insufferable the worshipers are


you should leave again turt


post it on ota


thats against ota rules


why did he lie about his cousin being white with brown hair


what would be great is if himako isnt pnig and thinks he cant recover his identity now that everyone is sure its pnig


otamin is basted he'll let it slide


File: 1518580882392.png (633.6 KB, 550x700, sb_hima2.png)


it would take himako literally five seconds to prove he isnt kenneth but he's refused to for almost 3 years


i remember him saying his liked the little one more because shes blonde


himakos been wanting to quit for a while wouldnt be surprised if they just didnt want to deal with this mess one way or the other


the otamin is the best site admin ive ever seen


then you remember incorrectly because hes always said he doesnt like blondes


youre remembering incorrectly


sigh missed the invitation for the sb earlier


what do you mean earlier


i belong on here on /jp/ anyway


were you "snoozing"


now more than ever we must stick together brothers


sigh remember when 30 was a really old age i miss those days


it is


how did i miss a sb invitation im flipping screaming





whats done is done it feels so bad what once was happy now is sad


flip the secret board this is like the berlin wall coming down we must unite as one again like we did before kenneth george boles drove a wedge between the userbase


the group home people have been calling nonstop because i havent gone back there i might lose my mind


warosu wolves assemble


no everyone that matters is on the sb and theyre probably laughing at us from their cozy bunker



wk and pasta guy is hardly everyone who matters



is nb on the sb


nb is on everything


i was for a little while


really interesting how everyone else whos had their dox posted is open season but pictures of kenneth's mongoloid family are instantly scrubbed


yeah thats really interesting turt


no ones had their dox posted except turt and he posted them himself originally


thats not me and its not even interesting the whole thing was pretty blatant but now theres solid proof


File: 1518581719172.png (29.46 KB, 120x290, White_Knight.png)


solid proof of what


flip you all stupid faguettes


simmer down ken


got a pasta kit they had normal and spicy types hehe got some of the spicy variety in the pack theres spice and oil and tomatoes and pasta its penne


gonno have a shower


dont shower


flip you hima go to hell


nb always knows the right thing to say


shower in hell retard


forgot you have to have a fb account to view other fb accounts anyone want to lend me theirs


always tardlaugh imagining some jacked chad who owns a racecar and has tens of thousands of dollars in meme money arguing with a bunch of social rejects that are 10 years younger than him


the only thing turt owns is my dick in his ass


if turt was still in the market he probably lost money


turt sold and the crashed the market himself so he could buy back in low


hes talking about onseki


onseki isnt jacked and he doesnt argue he just posts about kitty and trannies and dip and weed


im crying




hope someone saved those pics before nsh deleted them kenneth is too much of an asshole to get off that easily


gonno snooze wake me up if hima is deleted


File: 1518582764636.jpg (Spoiler Image, 75.94 KB, 700x394, 1481190955251.jpg)

heres the pic




time to snooze for me hima hey its been real its been fun but it hasnt been real fun


deep words


if i use those kind of phrases regularly does that make me a geek or cool cool


makes you obnoxious


hey himako


it hasnt been anywhere close to a couple of months



tardlaughing hard






gotta respect that


stop doing that we cannot allow neetblog to become a meme



did you guys hear the new truefaith song


why is pretending to be from hima the new cool fad among teens


dont kid yourself theres like 1 guy doing that


okay night night


my entire life is a bad joke


File: 1518584365139.jpg (156.62 KB, 640x901, 1518510285001.jpg)


at least your not pnig


have a drink


what the fuck


apparently these babies can reach speeds of 120+ mph


not as retarded as me


want to make it a competition


how do i get into a fringe physical hobby


always thought slot car races are all rigged


a computer keeps track of the laps for each individual car


yeah thats why theyre rigged


this is better than forza


if your car is going too fast around a corner you risk it falling out of its slot


not in the ones ive been to


the birthday party places are designed for kids


figures i was a kid back then


will hima make it to 1000000 posts at this rate it should be 6 months


woowee this one is a good one


is pasta man here is turt here is onseki here is pnig here is neetblog here is freak here


is that you onseki flip you