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praying for pnig while he endures this trying period of his life

remember--this, too, shall pass




google image doesnt have a view image button anymore what the flip



some stock image company was complaining about their images being stolen with it


sigh this is going to be a complete life changer considering it could bypass a lot of awful websites


that works itll take some getting used to


wanna flip kuro HARD




too late


boobs too big


luna has huge boobs idiot


its scary


am i suposed to know who that is



gonno eat the chocolate mom got for valentines


why do you post porn so much


hes doing us a favor by selflessly sharing it


last one defiantly boobs too big


nah go to hell


my total level is now 200


my total level is 582


proof it


need to piss but dont have my diaper


wipe my dipe


nojo is bullshit i havent jod in 4 days and no girl has become interested in me its all the same i wake up and spend the day sitting here suffering


tardlaughing at turts misfortune


quitting runescape again


what happened to him


it blows


decided to come crawling back and got banned


how is being banned from hima a misfortune


turt's misfortune?


he expected to be able to post freely after taking a self imposed pause in posting here and expected to have fun posting here again only to be denied and laughed at




posting on hima isnt fun


if i lived next to the beach i would go swimming all the time


who got laughed at other than kenneth


im laughing at turt and the other obsessed worshipers right now




i couldnt laugh at how instigator was acting it was too pitiful


File: 1518764875963.jpg (26.02 KB, 350x500, 1500342657838.jpg)


ironic coming from you


its not vile flip you neetblog


how did you know i was about to say that


wheres the current turt thread on ota


you always do


no you dont i smell like shit


you are the only person here worthy of respect


how am i worthy of respect


i smell like lolis


lonely and bored


nice lonelynig


im bored


cant wait for outer limits to come on


dont understand this post


don't wanna crack


any updates


yes you do


checking for updates...


they call me the dumblog because i dont understand blogs


is the irony part the italics


that wasnt me



italics... italians



yeah i dont get it then im not momgf


never been in a storm whats it like


what should i have for breakfast


they call me the shitblog because i eat shit for breakfast lunch and dinner and brunch and for a midnight snack


it has to be fast food




i only eat breakfast and dinner


I'm going to sleep.


what a lavish life you live


i only eat dinner is that okay


the only good part of hamburger helper is the hamburger


nah im right ulis just a weirdo


pasta doesnt taste like anything its just filler


nothing to do


made pasta with that pasta kit last night it was only okay


im bored


are the pasta men here


File: 1518766459337.jpg (Spoiler Image, 62.02 KB, 960x720, 1499806700116-1.jpg)


flip that retarded ape


they call me the retardblog because im completely flipping retarded and when i try to laugh i scream ad the cat attacks me


i see


i dont have a cat


i tried to see if it was a boy or a girl cat and it got mad once and now it wont let me get near it


File: 1518766652136.png (159.62 KB, 535x388, 1506736841081.png)


nice turt




did anyone watch stargate origins



shameless bump


you cant do that


you forgot to bump


just watched this video what a dumb gook


ever since neetblog lost his virginity he hasnt been the same



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