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nice feminine twigboy


crying missed the big event


what event


hes just like me




mom has been home since midnight and hasnt even let the dogs be loud and hasnt said anything or shown herself to me even though its been a little over 3 weeks


thats a senior manager at apple


shes thinking of leaving you im sure shes already half packed youre on your own now


good because ive been bugging her about it for months


she already sold the house too


we rent richnorm


dont worry though ill build you a nice cottage on the himarealm


File: 1634579027459.jpg (2.39 MB, 2725x4096, 1634578683017.jpg)


shes getting no bloodflow to her legs


the average chink woman


any rollers today


if the biomes are big enough we can make a savanna area and different japari park areas


no rollers just blotters


File: 1634580420392.jpg (1.34 MB, 3264x1836, 20211018_140103.jpg)




have a nice trip


File: 1634581344178.jpg (128.72 KB, 800x600, 1334788694337.jpg)


File: 1634581698600.jpg (Spoiler Image, 732.94 KB, 779x1200, FB5rXC1VEAYSRM6.jpg)



crying for korones bf who never gets to flip her because shes always doing an endurance stream


they flip on stream


dont think so


made coffee


find a nice momgf tuber(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


hehe love elira




looking forward to that witchblog


they watch anime together too hehe so cute(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


hid the last couple embeds


your loss


nah NOT a teen


you are


nah die tuber


back to the cord tuberager




the teentubiecord


woke up tried to dezoggify the firestick a little bit for mom have to install a bunch of shite so she can stream and drop her cable so i can convince her to buy more snacks


there are so many other great halloween images why does it have to be that giant oppai


that one guy is looking forward to it thats why id post there


should have just gotten a nice chromecast to use with google chrome


NOThing better than posting a nice tubie embed on the cord and getting 6 :kekw: reacts


should have just gotten a nice chromecast to use with google chrome


NOT gonno rage will post there if everyone else does


oops accidentally double posted


thats been happening a lot lately whats the deal with doubles


go back to reddit


who would look at the ban log and assume the cord is full of tubeshite


a teen instigator


making tacos


its taco tuesday in japan


aunt brought taco bell


didnt know they eat tacos


raging why does mom buy the tard taco shells why cant she be consistent


mom always buys those taco kits with the hard shell


tell her to buy masa harina and oil or lard and flour then assume the role of tortilla chef


the tortilla chef


found a tard solution for the wireless game controller in shenzhen io pretty sure theres a smarter way to do this but im too tard


whatever works


thought that game was typing why are you using a controller


the controller stage




oh guy is getting arrogant


NOT really




im NOT ur guy buddy (hahha))



hehe he got so mad he had to login once he got on break from work




weird the reddit image isnt banned


long shift at the pasta factory


woke up is the raid over


typical steamed janny


NOT yet theres still a few norms


point them out


youre the norm


the person that posted a image from reddit


plucked some nosehairs


looking forward to watching pomu play sm64 later


curious about the shower stream hehe


the nijivaders


die holonorm


the reddit tuberager


meant it like niji evader NOT like invader sorry


one of the jars is growing at twice the rate as the others im going to have to buy aNOTher box at this rate a couple of them look like theyre hardly even trying




i live to steam jans its simply what i do as a true warosu wolf




wish i lived somewhere with a large asian populace and NOT somewhere surrounded by nigger cattle


they wouldnt want you there


you cant call niggers that its racist


thats just the west coast but once asians are there long enough indians move in


cmom made porkchops n taters


nice jbw dreamer


gn teentuber wanders into hima

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