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dont know who that is


neither do i


same who is she


you will


wonder who holds the esteemed title of most permad on hima


probably haysuz none of these entuber teens can come close to the og spam buddy


seki and teenmod already said it was me


who are you again


whos kana



maybe it was most bans in general i dont remember



indirectly posted a frogger and left myself behind sigh


sour taste in my mouth theres been one for the last three days but i went a week before then i brush my teeth sort of but the sour taste is coming out of my throat


probably a lactobacillus infestation try chugging some strong normohol


still regretting that normahol tolerance just isnt what it used to be


uhh honey is a way better antibiotic than normahol so just chug that instead


ive got some honey guess ill turn the bottle 180 degrees and pour it in my face like old times


moms gone time for a nice jo


just dont dilute it with water the honey is supposed to suck out the water from the bacteria and kill them off that way


hehe just did that the other day


nose is hurting


File: 1633794765254.jpg (2.24 MB, 1933x3000, 93331933_p0.jpg)


weird anatomy


doc asked if i have a day job


security guard



File: 1633795148044.jpg (Spoiler Image, 687.13 KB, 1085x1210, 93328014_p0.jpg)


File: 1633795213633.jpg (1.14 MB, 2480x3508, FBLqG1BVUAEMtvY.jpg)


how about some sexy futas


die homo


how can i tell if im a futa


File: 1633795724316.webm (1.96 MB, 1280x720, 1633761319767.webm)

time to feast


File: 1633795738867.jpg (256.28 KB, 1280x1898, 4.jpg)

do you look like this




as my japanese got better entubers started to seem more normal especially when lots of holos and nijis talk about watching entubers all the time


no you dont understand its NOT norm if they speak japanese


watched that gura shion embed this morning though was weird how all the donations were machine translated from asians


worshiping females in any way is norm


NOThing worse than being a failednorm


might start posting during the week and avoiding the weekend when the norms are off work


youre supposed to make the females worship the divine being as shrine maidens


the weekend neets


the weekend teens


teentubing was kept to a safe degree on hima up until the raiders arrived


File: 1633796354706.jpg (127.34 KB, 1280x1804, 41.jpg)

wish i had a nice hachishaku sama




exactly it wasnt this bad even a week ago theres defiantly a raider and im going to keep banning him until tubie discussion is down to an ignorable level


die already teen youre the problem


read that last night but got bored and didnt sperm


there is NOT a raider i cant believe youre falling for some teen spamming


thats what we mean when we say raider on hima


excited to continue watching hxh with elira tonight


its about the same total number of posts just the nijiens have expanded the hours from the usual jp primetime


considering the other spinoffs slowed to a crawl and hima has only gotten faster and at the same time vtube drivel increased 500% points to a different conclusion gnteen


no youre trying to say its someone from aNOTher board when its just me and aNOTher hima poster sharing videos were watching


ban the drag racers


sigh hima is suffering from success




hima is a nascar board


hima is sponsored by the nhra


never watch the vids i post i just pick the ones with the dumbest thumbs and titles from my recs


this one guy was a race car driver he died



as long as were playing detective id like to point out that the heavy handed moderation kicks into high gear on the weekends wonder what it means


ya because youre the teen trying to instigate


File: 1633796764479.png (232.21 KB, 758x967, 451b6c399c04f4d12e7266a0cbac63f0.png)

nb is this true


wish no one on hima took themselves that seriously but they do


why is woody highlighted


woody allen is pasted


woody is just like me


love love and death


hate how how norms will latch on to something then insult all the people already there for taking it too seriously


taking yourself seriously is different from critiquing media



NOT watching hxh NOT interested


File: 1633798276768.jpg (352.39 KB, 1194x1737, 1633793036246.jpg)








eating tortilla sandwich hima


the carbneet


you have to its eliras favorite


havent carbed in three days


think its ok to eat some carbs because run long distances


shes NOT for me sorry


we have to get flipping shredded


nah thats norm


uh but there are way more fats twigs and superfats than there are jacked freaks


its undeniably norm


good luck getting shredded though i just want to game


considering only a tiny percentage of the population does it i think youre wrong here the most norm thing is to sit around being a sloppy blob gorging on sugarwater and bread pepperoni disks like every other norm


its defiantly norm


love sugarwater love za but working out is a very social activity compared to wallstaring


social activity are you talking to the weights


being in public


talking to your weight lifting bros as you stare at yourselves in the mirror


NOThin worse


youre just lazy and making up excuses


rather spend my time gaming


yeah im lazy so what im a lazy bones


the norms made those games in order to keep you sedated


thats ok with me theyre fun


gonno pump iron to prepare for the uprising only to get magdumped instantly


diablo 2 the greatest game in the history of mankind


love going out and being in public with the bros defiantly dont despise that idea at all


posts like these make me think that hima somehow unconsciously controls reality


woke up and done reading hima kitty wont stop meowing and im going insane


but ars and okayu controlled those hima posts


cage it and toss it outside




flip flops just broke hima been using them daily for years gonno buy a new one today sigh


ars is hima culture and okayu is NOT a whore so im fine with them but the en tubers have to go


always called them thongs until sister became a teen she said we had to call them flip flops now


they dont


the arse animal


done reading
sipping coffee


nice groomed prettyboy


moms going to a beauty salon and she says that i have to go with her and get a haircut hima


all the botw talk made me want to replay


ars is a gamer


outgamed by a cat


get the chad cut


mom gave me a haircut coupon


just do it yourself in front of the mirror


dont know what that cut is dont care gonno play some diablo 2


dont understand nascar drifting drag racing or rally the only car related sport that makes sense to me is either f1 or taking your own car to a race track and having fun with other amateurs


dont understand having your own car or license too dangerous and why would you leave the house


cant bring myself to even start a game as soon as i start considering any title i end up imagining myself playing it and going through the game and how pointless it all is and end up watching videos on youtube and posting on hima for 20 hours instead



its fun


was going to listen to music and play factorio but managed to stop myself


damn good game factorio damn good


File: 1633801260143.mp4 (67.35 KB, based.mp4)


should i watch 86


thought it was gonno be kanata


enjoyed the book but have NOT watched the show


at what point did you start enjoying time asleep more than time awake


i enjoy both i even game and post in my sleep


got banned from dreamhima


that does NOT sound true


it is last night i was playing bf2042 with botan


enjoy sleep more than waking when mom is pissed and taking it out on me


thats child abuse


File: 1633801939376.png (145.15 KB, 531x173, 1633695734446.png)





typical teentuber


but watame does NOThing but read chat


ignore the tuberager all hes trying to do is instigate


love instigating metahours


only dislike entubers never raged at a jptubie


dont believe you


nice yellow fever type simp instead of standard simp


teen terms


never watched vtubers already found it teeny in the kizuna ai days


youre probably over 25 years old


got sucked into an amouranth bikini stream but it didnt make me feel anything shes just a plastic whore with a decidedly average body her eyes are dead it wouldnt give me any pleasure to even snap and kill her shes been dead for her whole life


mom told me that tears for fears is coming back




mom told me to stop rolling my rs


SIGH mom didnt buy milk again




asked mom to make coffee and she brought me a cup


need a nice hard reset on civilization things are getting out of hand


hate nonrhoticnorms


start by removing the tube spammer from hima things were fine a couple of months ago but they are getting more arrogant by the day


NOT so sure hima has such a profound effect on civilization as a whole


order 66 on tubieteens


hima has a profound effect on the leftovers of the jaysphere


would be funny for a big rock to hit the planet and remind the norms that their dumb shite doesnt matter in the grand scheme


go back


someone wipe this guys dipe already


mindblowing that at this point onseki has become a powerful force within the jpsphere that rivals the otamin himself because he was the only one willing to buy hima


mindboggling that hima is worth money



im nobody and nobody from the jpshere talks to me i simply pay the bill and ban teens arbitrarily


File: 1633803062254.jpg (807.61 KB, 2611x3508, FBRcNI-UcAIrqdP.jpg)


File: 1633803076399.jpg (61.33 KB, 1601x256, ruin.JPG)

pnig thought onseki would be a useful idiot he could control from the shadows


would be so much better if they had nice big futa bulges


is blue archive even a real game or just an art project for ooging


its a mobage so the latter


should i dl it is that the next game were playing


dont think there will be a poster that can match this level of arrogance in a million years hard to overstate how glad i am pnig was banished from the jpsphere


do boys actually like armpits or is it an animeme


its a teen meme


dont mind a nice pit but do mind the weird ones that are drawn to look like kitties


love a good armpit but it has to have the right curvature and thats easier to happen in anime than real



uhh obviously everything is better in 2d


watame sheep girl


if i sound mad its because i am because no matter what i tell you the vteens are untouchable




gonno watch some normime wish me luck


sometimes miss the chaos of the himako era


i miss him so flipping much i think about him every few days and how we was always there to introduce me to new otaku culture and chat with me back and forth during the dead hours i learned so much from him and cried tears of laughter so much when he was around i dont care about his arrogance or his administration behavior or his drama with turt he was a true otaku and torchbearer of the things i enjoy


you can look at the ban list and tubies are pretty well banned only really arrogant stunt lately that wasnt was the 85mb sheep mp4


everyone was younger and higher test and more aggressive


now the only high test poster left is the tuberager


sigh pg


hes going to hate me when he comes back and realized i never implemented oekaki and forgot the snow and halloween names sigh


cant even remember if i watched the second episode of this normime guess im going to start with 3


dont worry pg your master will break through the door of night on the day of dagor dagorath and then the final battle will ensue


were reclining


those are just tuberager and the cordbros trying to get otaku culture banned


teen culture


things are always more interesting when theres a villain to fight now that the dark lord was banished to the shadow realm and hima has been free for years and even became a shining beacon among the spinoffs everyone got fat and lazy and depressed


thats why i said he was the spiral king


youre going to hate him once he comes back and you discover he had NOThing to do but grind his norm level for 4 years itll be like the tg arc except 50 times worse


had to skip those months what an arrogant piece of shite


i have been watching posts carefully for signs that he might be browsing but concealing his identity NOT like it would be impossible for the guy who had two separate personas for years without being caught


uhh without being caught hahah
anyone with an iq over 100 could see it was obvious


paste japanese seyuus


dont know who any of those people are but hate norms


pasted japs love when they shame whores


wonder what went wrong over here that we stopped doing that flipping norms


the west is a land of sniveling simps


waste of time id rather game


the tribe with long noses made it NOT ok


i also dont care about other people because im NOT a norm


got that tuna for breakfast and sliced a jalapeno into it gonno try to watch some mother flipping japanimation today


wish i mattered at all but if i had a heart attack right now and never posted again nobody would NOTice im the ultimate irrelevant nopersona



never had a gcube but loved playing smb


thats upholding the anonymous ideal NOT that anyone around these days remembers or understands imageboard culture


crying for runa


that just means you are a bad blogger


hes just like me



File: 1633805653029.jpg (209.56 KB, 1501x2631, FBJmhRwUYAQWBtG.jpg)




nah maybe if you only post hehe once a month but if you post regularly your absence will be felt


can feel a great disturbance every time a fellow hima poster ropes


being identifiable is either the sign of a good poster or a terrible poster and im of the latter


seki make a nice minecraft hima realm it will be fun


i cant be identified which means im an irrelevant poster


it means youre well balanced


that means you understand imageboards


File: 1633805855628.jpg (3.32 MB, 2560x1920, HMSPicklereplica.jpg)

love a cute boat


dont want to be an epic VIPPER and imageboard wizard anymore just give me something to live for


buy a drawpad


File: 1633805903337.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1090, untitled.png)


start a family thats how most of the population finds purpose


hate despairteens


i just want to game and post with exjp posters


everyone is in despair we already talked about that


nah im fully zen


im the satoriblog


im NOT diablo 2 is out again and im gaming hard


read my mind then


what am i shitein for


dont need a family just give me a little slurpslave and the neetlife




plenty of slurpslaves on grindr


everytime i feel despair i just go to the old town and look at the cute boats that always calms me down otherwise pixiv does it for me


got a little bit of cream cheese leftover from my provelone and salami poppy seed bagel sandwich with sriracha just gonno eat it raw


bring us some boat pictures


cream cheese on a salami sandwich what the flip


next time


read something somewhere i cant remember that basically admitted norms just use kids to live vicariously through when they get old and depressed


tarded out and achieved satori by accident


thought about this show recently


norms are barely even alive before they have kids once they shit out spawnlings they just use them to redo their own lives im a product of that


File: 1633806224101.png (4.15 MB, 2040x2880, 006.png)

wonder what this feels like


the op is in my run mix always sprint when it comes on


mom admits she didnt abort because she just wanted something to love her that plan backfired bigtime


wonder how much worse my live wouldve been if mom didnt convince dad to marry her


wish my dick got backed up and ballooned like that when i sperm


strange how foids brag about how giving birth is such a painful experience uh simply dont do it


i was a cesarean truvirg birth mom didnt feel anything


thats the only thing foids are good at its like bragging about being able to swing a hammer


they say that but then they just have a second or third kid and take creampies knowing how supposedly painful it is im pretty sure having your nuts kicked is ten times worse than giving birth and foids are just stupid whiners


wish things like this were NOT brought to my attention reads like a ntr doujin


mindblowing that women poop out football sized humans from their vaginas and expect a penis to ever be able to measure up again


birth isnt that painful because the body produces painkillers to make it more bearable grandaunt told me that having a kidney stone is a hundred times more painful than that


saw a guy give birth from his ass on /b/ back in the day and he seemed alright think women are just complainers


gonno game the day away bye


have NOT gamed in forever


he did what




wonder what it feels like to outlive your offspring


also pretty sure that you are NOT supposed to ever get kicked in the balls so obviously thats way more painful


ate cake it was cold teeth hurt


cant really blame white women for loving big dicks if i had a pussy id want it to be ripped apart by huge dicks and have my uterus pushed up into my stomach probably feels great


youre NOT supposed to immediately eat it after taking it out of the fridge


wish i had cake love when its straight from the fridge cold and hard


are you supposed to put them in the fridge my family has always left them out for a week until its gone


dont have a lot of animosity against individuals but constantly fantasize about destroying everything or being the one responsible for the end of humanity


nah you are only supposed to put them in the fridge so they dont spoil like most food


i wrote bbc in that post but figured it would trigger some people but i left white women sigh


if theres one thing ive learned over the last 300 years its that most humans have no business existing to begin with


i shouldnt even be alive


sigh he loved posting the bbc


seems like itd hurt


File: 1633806918124.jpg (112.51 KB, 1280x720, Ore ga Suki nano wa Imouto dakedo Imouto ja Na….jpg)


would you suck it yes or no please respond


existence is made bearable through 2d girls


2d girls are merely the perfected form of 3d girls born from the minds of perverted japanese men


they are emanations of the ideal form at least that which we can grasp with our limited human intellect


something has to be the foundation


my actions will be the foundation for the worlds demise


caved in some caves before


one day i will learn to draw so i can become a vessel for the perfected form


that day is today


japan has created a synthetic sexual environment that is ten times better than reality including javs NOThing real comes close i dont even watch javs that much but they have refined the plots to a fine edge the only thing holding them back is that all the women clench up and whine like pigs


NOT today the graphics tablet is still waiting sigh


can you really say that with your limited experience of the organic sexual environment




File: 1633807369095.jpg (1.1 MB, 1990x3012, 5b358b73e99241eba38b864432f00bbe.jpg)

if your name was ken would you rather be called ken kenny or kenneth


neither dont like it when people say my name


guess i could use my sketchbook doing the meme hyperimposed lines and cubes exercises until they turn into nice 2d girls too bad i will never match the free training the japs get by having to learn 6000 hieroglyphics and their stroke orders


i dont like the contrast of manga girls loving sex and becoming addicted to cock etc and the 3d women doing everything possible to NOT enjoy sex even when theyre getting paid thousands of dollars



never did all of those scribbling circle things when i drew as a boy i just drew shite and the norms would say wow you are such a good drawer and id get puffed up over it but then we brought home a rectangle and i never drew again


glad i got the lite i forgot about oled burn in who knows if oled screens will even last ten years




imagine all the talents that were extinguished by the rectangle


i remember thinking it was a waste of time anyway and that keyboarding was the future you could always get a job if you knew how to type well i was a shortsighted fool that couldnt see a future of making $10000 a month drawing smut for patreon


mindblowing that norms prefer to jerk it to ugly fat whores twerking and sucking jamals dick when theres an endless flood of idealized 2d pixie dream girl pics n vids


norms are currently going through a weird anti porn phase


had classical drawing classes as a kid and had to do all those value shading and light on still life exercises and all that


norms are antiporn because all the porn they know is the cheap frozen pizza while we get the nice family business pizza made by the japs with love


nice chink


im NOT chink


only chink permitted in the mansion will be nbs filipina wife


is flip racist


File: 1633808878341.jpg (1.05 MB, 2334x1795, 90503654_p0.jpg)


sexy little kirby


used kirby as my switch profile pic with a pink background


File: 1633809102290.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.07 MB, 1920x1080, kirb.webm)




should i open


went for a Drive there was the flag of the mugiwara kaizoku dan hung up at the dump wonder if i should have asked the guy if he was throwing it out and if i could have it


ya its sexy




tried reading one piece because elira likes it but couldnt get into it


youre NOT supposed to be reading it because of some eroast or because its popular


ill read it once its over


why am i supposed to read it then


because you felt like it


this guy is seriously going after ten year old series based on current western camgirls recommendations im so blessed to be here on himasugi dot blog the last bastion of tru otaku culture


ten year old series ohflip no one tell this guy what year it is until we can find out how to go back to the past with him


sigh need to catch up to where i was with one piece a decade ago


elira lived in japan and speaks jap


my brain is still stuck in 20010


i was meant to be born in 780bc in modern day syria


she said everyone in japan reads it and they always have the latest chapter next to the register at the konbini for easy purchase and shed always see people on the train reading it but i guess my soul is NOT aligned with the nihonjin on this one


remembering that webm of the girl who loves reading american comics but cant find them in japan


howdy my name is mister tanaka and i love spongebob


File: 1633809889667.jpg (953.79 KB, 1345x920, 93297159_p0.jpg)


dont like my nipples touched never understood that meme



its NOT a meme


feel a little jolt in my glans if i do it wonder how it would feel if my penis wasnt mutilated


love having my man nips suckled on


moms dog had a litter of puppies and died soon after and i had to raise them with my nipples it was an interesting experience


File: 1633810291214.mp4 (3.88 MB, BE86E92.mp4)

ya same


uh ok no


still gaming hard hima hope everyone can get to gaming today


meat to watch a normime but didnt maybe i should do it now maybe i should cook some eggs first


what the flip happened used to watch 4 eps every friday night now its just 1


need to finish cruelty squad and deltarune before i can start dread


playing disgaea rpg they make it so you can instantly grind hundreds of levels and have aNOTher persons character in your party who is thousands of levels above the enemies now im clearing the story mode by brainlessly mashing the attack button hope the endgame is actually challenging


had big plans for today havent done any of them


had no plans for today and everything went as expected


cruelty squad makes me puke from dizziness ended up just reading all spoilers after stage 4


cant wait for the next jaysphere cel awards with hima securing gold in every category




looks like hell on earth like india but with niggers



thats months old




its a raid


how is it vile to fantasize about sex with 2d beings if anything shes just like you or me


its a flipping siege


File: 1633812279072.jpg (40.83 KB, 220x325, The_Raid_2011_poster.jpg)


dad likes action movies but the raid is NOT in english and mom wont watch anything with subtitles


i use subtitles even for movies in english


feel bad for you having such stupid parents


mom has 3 degrees


3 associates degrees


no its 2 undergrads and a graduate


love being smarter than everyone else but still being less functional than a retard with system of a down syndrome working at wcdonalds


do you guys NOT have phds


cunts get the majority of degrees because the entire education system is designed by and for them thats NOT anything to be proud of


crazy how women are arrogant enough to complain about anything theyre the ones taking care of babies theyre the ones taking care of children theyre the ones teaching them through elementary middle and high school hey guess what you control how we raise people in its entirety from birth to adulthood with no exceptions


might watch aNOTher movie tonight


aNOTher or aNOTher




mardock scramble



after society crumbles we will have to deal with daily raids by the norms as they demand our supplies


need a low poly fantasy rpg


need a new pair of shoes


File: 1633814050713.gif (931.77 KB, 300x500, 1625190751496.gif)

it ate my gif


hate when mom buys me shoes she thinks that they need to be replaced every few years even though i hardly wear them


File: 1633814831142.jpg (283.4 KB, 2000x2500, S57WS0257_H19-T8013_02.jpg)

get margiela sperm shoes


threadragers are raging


might exchange money for funny orbs in order to possibly get a specific png at 1:100 rates


if the op image is actually an english speaking camwhore hes right to rage


you flipping teens that never even posted on the w know thats a 2hu right


thought it was kana from touhou 4


never heard of her are you thinking of marisa


hid the op days ago why is that guy calling it a teen thread


hope its a limited png



isnt lotus land 4





might as well just start calling every cartoon girl a tuber if the norms are NOT even going to check and experience no media themselves


blame the op NOT me


still feel like shite


the tubie cries out in pain as he strikes


on second review nitori is in the corner didnt even read the title or look at the image just hid it and took that guy seriously sigh


already coming up with a bunch of type moon and touhou character jokes that im gonno say they did on stream


the tubie is chimping out



youre really upset about getting owned


File: 1633817257270.png (3.3 MB, 1283x2071, di0vl9cj5fs71.png)

nice japs


thinking back my life got significantly worse when i stopped being able to listen to japanese music regularly


life got worse when the teentubers started raiding




cant think of my life in terms of getting better or worse everything is so meaningless just going to bed waking up going through the motions until youre tired enough to sleep again day after day thats life theres NOThing more or less to life than that thats it


shes from podd


get a job


wait i thought you all were just pretending to NOT know her holy flip


thought it was a name joke too until the threadrebellion started


what set him off


think it was that guy talking about finana and genshin yesterday which is very teen to be fair



the average nuhima poster wasnt alive in 1997


wish i wasnt alive


dont understand whats going on dont care im pomu




been trying to eat pasta instead of rice but i just cant get into it i dont like the texture or the wetness


just found out you are NOT supposed to wash cast-iron pans with dish soap


you can do whatever the flip you want with it its a chunk of iron


got really into gnocchi its flipping great


they are telling me to clean it with a scrubber and water


File: 1633819353255.png (1.68 MB, 1092x1003, unknown-251.png)

should i buy


cant believe i need to learn about this stuff about washing and and cooking just because im a cel


why NOT learn to NOT be cel instead then


yes youre still in time for the giga golden bull to 1 million


forgot jahy airs on saturday again


ordered two pounds of mashed taters and chili and sausages


sounds like a hb


gonno buy some crypto when it crashes again


love me bangers n mash


what do you mean ordered


uber eats




might be the worst eggs ive cooked yet


got an uber eats voucher in the mail the other day 25 off first order might use it if i dont need to download an app



just download the app whats wrong with that





what am i supposed to see


File: 1633820754948.jpg (319.16 KB, 949x605, 1633199174113.jpg)


car windows off track again would be too expensive to fix so just leaving it



wish i could game


been lying down doing NOThing all day


getting the cord bros together for halo 3 and splitgate tonight


File: 1633821161565.jpg (1.82 MB, 1600x1169, 93342159_p0.jpg)


leave the lady be


nice flipping cordbros


havent finished any anime since july 29th thought things were going to be like they used to got a big head because i managed to get through the spring season sigh


havent had food delivered since 2017 and that was a prank


food delivery is a neets best friend


watched more anime last season than in the entirety of the year before it never let the eps get backed up now havent even started the new season


wish i was rich enough to live off delivery


NOThing rich


always imagined once i got a real job id feast like a king on takeout and what NOT but instead i found myself lurking the dollar general buying cans of kippers


uh NOThing rich what the flip


watched somewhere between 20 and 25 in the last 12 months and its the highest year since 2017 just flipping end it my brain is a pile of mush


makes me flipping nauseous thinking about how much time ive wasted being a miserable sack of shite when i could have been tarding out with my anime friends for 6 hours a day like i used to


what anime friends


experienced a lot of pain from losing my anime friends


the vague anxiety from last night carried over to today


down at the anime club


cant watch last eps


i dont know all of them theres too many to list


been putting off a last ep meself


you need closure


File: 1633822457177.jpg (123.87 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! - 10 (720….jpg)


shes dancing


the puppetmaster


dont want to play this character anymore want to be someone with an easier difficulty


File: 1633822675139.jpeg (420.19 KB, 2306x3453, FBS2GXkWEAA2nAS.jpeg)


starting to feel a bit better


aunt just sold some land my neet life is safe for the time being


die richnorm


im NOT rich barely have any money to my name i live like a monk


dont need to be rich to neet just gotta live frugally


wish i was a richneet




yeah being a richneet would be nice you get the benefits of being a neet without having to worry about it all tumbling down one day


money is my biggest worry and cause of daily anxiety even though i dont work or do anything on that front


dont even need that much money just waiting for ubi


im a six figure neet but im scared to spend much money


nice cam


simply invest in bitcoin


ask me again 10 years ago


better late than never


well its NOT like i got money to invest in the first place


woke up hi


its too late to bother with anything if youve reached the big 3 oh youre done time to reroll




almost time to watch hxh with elira


File: 1633823776987.jpg (1.04 MB, 900x1200, 93337690_p0.jpg)


put those up dumb slut


theres more girls than boys on the planet so why dont i have a gf


rice and bean night again hima emptied the can tomorrow night might be different




honey milk tea time


wish i ate bean more often


they would rather share a chad than enter a monogamous relationship with some himaturd


still gaming hard hima hell ya im having a gods damned blast here


File: 1633824130260.jpg (1.02 MB, 1647x1619, 20211009_200014.jpg)


uh wheres the stream


beans n toons


needs seasoning


cumin coriander black peppercorns crushed red pepper salt


just remembered being a child and thinking one day i would grow up and no longer have an interest in cartoons but it appears something went wrong and i doubled down on them


theyre NOT cartoons its called anime


oh yeah and i never had sex either


gonno jahyjo


phew feasted hard hima it was great now im gonno sip some coke zero


dont drink cancerwater


drinking cranberry juice mixed with lemon juice and water


NOThin cancer


dont like cranberry juice its too bitter



guess ill game and listen to music


youre supposed to listen to the in game soundtrack


cholos love cranberry juice


what about chomos


havent had cranberry juice in years remember hotels would always have cranberry juice and orange juice


chomos prefer ice cold baja blast


File: 1633824589128.jpg (292.61 KB, 500x625, superslutwithbigtitsmakingabottleofbajablastsq….jpg)


weird how fast hima is on saturday real weird


tuber banner


the tubers are off work


fellas is it gay for a nigga to wipe his homies ass


paste mom was trying to be nice by giving me the biggest piece of chicken but it was also the most undercooked cancerwaved it twice but it didnt help much just said screw it ate half and threw the rest out when she wasnt looking


NOT if someone busted a cap in his ass and he cant do it himself


chuffin back a fat dart


weird how tuberager is mostly active on the weekend real weird


no longer buy frozen tenders too many bad experiences with strange chunks in the meat those chickens are NOT raised naturally




it wasnt pink or anything the texture was just weird think my immune system is pretty good from living in filth and eating old food though


same god hard bits and tumor type things scared of breaking my tooth at this point


never had that problem are you buying the off brands


tyson and great value


only brand ive never had trouble with is banquet tyson and weaver arent very good anyway


real weird


how about NOT eating flash frozen garbage


havent had a nice banquet tv dinner in a while


mom buys those vomit inducing banquet salisbury steaks


uh i just said ive stopped buying them can you NOT read


no i cant and im a little sensitive about it if you dont mind


uh theres more people in the conversation get over yourself


File: 1633825406928.png (1.52 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)




one of my favorite new techniques is to ask people why theyre so obsessed with themselves and say i dont see why they think theyre so great works really well on mom


dont care either way if i get sick as long as i dont have to go to a doctor or hospital id rather NOT be vomming and pissing out of me arsepipe for 2 days but if it happens so be it


dont know what the hell these raiders are talking about


hate doctors



what else should i eat that isnt boiled broccoli and chicken


doctor sent me a letter saying to go find a new doctor but months later have still NOT looked for one


had to go to a doc to get corona tested the fat nigger bitch at the counter was rude to me and the doctor was some west asian of some sort who barely said 10 words to me


what more could you need


gotta respect doctors that dont care about meaningless small talk


will never go to aNOTher doctor that isnt white
only had negative experiences with every other race but for some reason the whites are almost always pretend nice


never been to a nonwhite doctor think i would just walk out the dentist is some kind of indian or something but he just looks in my mouth for two seconds and leaves the cleaning ladies are always white


havent gone to the doctor for a general checkup since i was a kid


why would i respect some faggot richnorm who did highschool 2.0 for eight years


last doctor was a black woman and she was fine


fine or fine


damn fine


you probably have terminal piccolo and she was too stupid to identify it in time


there are no white doctors in my 12.3% white county


move off of the planet of the apes and come back to earth then


10 years ago had to go to cancer doctor to for my mysterious anemia


need a checkup by dr yaremchuk hed have me rushed into cel icu to prepare for an emergency lefort 3 and orbital rim implants


whats the prognosis


i probably have throat or liver cancer but i will never go to a doctor ill happily shoot my brain out the top of my skull


they treated me for several months got worse then kinda better he let a trainee doctor diagnose me then sent him out and told me the trainee was wrong about me




had an indian doc as a shota hated her penis inspections



like asparagus but always almost choke on it


it makes the pissbottles reek something fierce upon uncorking


dont believe youve ever had one




almost got circuncised but then mom took me to a white doc and he said theres no need


asparagus and brussel sprouts and broccoli and carrots are the only vegetables i will eat


die skinbrag


jewish tricks


love those


love when norms aggressively peer pressure mothers to cut off parts of their newborn sons dicks because some freak that ran an insane asylum said to


should add onions and bell peppers to that and potatoes


are potatoes a vegetable


are you asking that for the reason i think youre asking it







closed as soon as saw the foid talking


gonno play some factorio


feels like i just rubbed my ass with isopropyl wipes might lay off the jalapenos tomorrow


had jalapenos for lunch serranos for dinner NOT burning


deleted the factorio demo after the first stage of the tutorial weird game NOT a fan


you need to keep going to get it its fun


too tard


its simpler than dwarf fort


used to play df occasionally think of firing it up again but do NOT remember how to play


fire up adventure mode


back from the hike hima made coffee


hell ya


headaches coming back


gonno stream



wish i was good at anything no one told me as a kid that there are just some people with zero value


is that what tossing is like


File: 1633828872464.jpg (52.52 KB, 600x847, BLzjj6OCQAAAp_Y.jpg)


gainax made a mahjong anime been meaning to watch it never got translated


if they pilled you then you would have never tried


he says トビだな mocking him for going under after getting hit by a direct yakuman


never tried regardless


ya its dumb


thats your own fault


woke up mornin there hima gonno have some joe and make some bacon sandwiches


isnt it too early for bacon


wish i had some bacon




maybe but moms at the beach and i wanna cook while shes gone


mom stopped cooking pork bacon switched to turkey bacon


isnt bacon a breakfast meat


eat whatever food any time of the day i want


what beach maybe our moms are friends now


loved the beach as a kid mainly the waves


gonno take a break from gamin to watch some pomu


time to take off the dipe and become neurotypical men


thought the weekend raiders already were could have fooled me


eating some poutine






ive got the tuberaiders blocked so hima looks normal to me


you cant use a filter on hima thats worse than raiding



well he is a raise so that should tell you why




tuberager the weekend qa raider


is this what they call mathrock


bless you


remembering sjis table cat


the reis dinner


File: 1633830590016.png (3.68 MB, 1200x1800, 93342134_p0.png)



a timeless classic


uh the planet of the apes is earth


you cant just spoil it


they already spoiled it in the simpsons


missed the stream tarded out and laid down then fell asleep for half an hour




you may be pointed at and called gaijin


we are the elitist superstructure of himasugi and we are going to wreck your digital life


had no idea existing would be so difficult wish there was more reward than the seldom squirt of chemical pleasure for doing something biologically correct


existing is exhausting


File: 1633832008424.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


NOThing more than 8 billion arrogant monkeys


hehe love monkeys




monkey death spiral


File: 1633832453073.jpg (55.17 KB, 400x527, 1101930913_400.jpg)


found out that i missed the sexiest event character by a few days knew i should have started this kusoge last month


are you talking about genchink




hes talking about world flipper




wish i could game


everything i try to do bores me to death


flip this shite world


you can game if you truly wanted to


i dont want to truly do anything i just want distractions to fast forward through the time left on my life sentence


life sentence began at birth


File: 1633833270694.png (367.83 KB, 521x549, Creator_Asagi.png)

need a gf like this


that brat needs to be punched in the face


with my bone


never punched someone in the face never been punched in the face


would punch myself in the face more often if i lived alone


going to be regular brawls in the mansion over food and mates


mates or mates


what happened to hamudi did he rope


whens space ishtar coming to na want to roll


life sentence to game hard feast and explore the world wide web


youtube bans him whenever he makes aNOTher channel


why doesnt he play the race card






ishtar of babylon NOT egypt






sick of this teen thread


how did you even find jp


dont answer i dont care teen






somebody shoot this guy


please shoot me too while youre at it


just cracked a nice chilled sugarwater


File: 1633834739628.jpg (362.11 KB, 2171x3070, untitled.jpg)


dont drink sugarwater


phew sexy japanese girl




feeling submissive




elira says she wants to do five more eps shes an animal its already been three hours of hxh


back from the premium rounge


were you milked


milk myself often


witches pay top dollar for virgin semen the local coven visits me every new moon


spicy mayo tuna nori roll


started doing this it helps


glad to be of help


next meme


guess ill get a cucumber to eat


dont like memes anymore they just make me upset


have NOT kept up with the latest memes


gonno make the next big himameme


cant believe i was a trailblazer in the meme world as i scrolled down the caturday threads in 2005


might earlysnooze


feels good


gave a minor tardramble to mom gonno start cracking and maybe make a bag of sapporo ichiban


whatd you ramble about


never had sapporo ichiban


forgot to say rabbit rabbit



im neetblog the sailor so hardy and hale i live on an island on the back of a whale


ate too much regretting it


the ocean is so big


reading some 2013 threads feels like it was just yesterday


you need to add one


is spinach a vegetable


elira took a short break to microwave some pizza


bet we would become real men if we started smoking from a pipe


what did you accomplish in the last 8 years


File: 1633840088669.png (1.3 MB, 1683x2625, 93347448_p10.png)


still sitting in the same spot


mowed now im sweatin like a hog gotta shower


hima everybody in japan seems to have a seyuugf we need to move stat


wishing i could feel like i did 5 years ago then told her the plot of the movie i watched yesterday now im cracking for real


wish i was smart enough to describe the plot of a movie


realized i was having a full conversation with myself as i did the dishes maybe mom should come home


absolutely hate botw so far tired of all this flipping walking and theres no temples just gay little easy puzzles


what were they thinking


its a kids game


as a zelda fan this aint it genshin is literally better


ate some liver


always talk to myself dont see the issue


this is NOT a kids games at all every enemy contact is like dark souls tier where you die in two hits and can accidentally bomb yourself on accident with the fucky d pad and right analog stick controls should have used rotating circles like twilight princess you absolute fools NOT to mention time consuming crafting and constantly breaking weapons and having to balance torches and shit just awful


i talk to myself by posting here


sometimes reply to my own posts


i verbalize my thoughts often but i dont take two sides of a conversation and have a chat like that


i talk to myself every day and have for my whole life i get caught sometimes but stopped caring


same dont tell anyone though


dont do it on hima im too paranoid of being humiliated on the teencord used to do it like crazy on the 4 though hehe


botw was awful never understood why it was praised so much its just a big empty field with NOThing to see or do


where the hell is a recipe book for these dumb potions i wont use i never use powerups just like ive never used an xattack in pokemon in my life


hima needs to be more neurodiverse


never played through a zelda game NOT released on a handheld played the first two or three hours twilight princess on the gaycube at someones house and watched someone play ocarina a few times but that was it


the genshin scenery is even better than botw on top of there being npcs that give quests and daily battles etc just makes me want to play genshin with fischl and sexy paimon little baby


dont talk to myself just every day talk to myself every minute


shouldnt have quit genshin ill never be able to make up all the funny orbs i missed


ya genshin is decent problem is its too repetitive uhh use everything on kobold mobs use everything on slime use everything on big robot monster repeat a thousand times its all the same


genchin pinches


watching earthbound its a hoot


wish i had some pizza to zap




File: 1633843206081.jpg (894.08 KB, 1920x1080, tollerate.jpg)


dont want to think about what the norms did to gaming had to hide that


only play battlefield on jp servers


in fact its NOT even the norms that caused that they loved trash talking with their bros its roasties and their wks


roasties and wks are norms fool


ya but i misspoke it wasnt the norms as a whole just certain factions of them


nice NOTallnorms norm apologist


i was wrong to criticize the alpha male bros of the mid 2000s were more like them than we realize


they caused this


File: 1633843819449.jpg (35.08 KB, 720x473, 2f1.jpg)


nah it was the nerds they were dunking into toilets


we arent


we live life in the fast lane and do what we want


i live life in the gamer lane and take it easy


i live life in the tard lane



got dunked in the toilet one too many times and it turned me into a hima poster


was too big for the twigchads to dunk me in the toilet


got to take my anger out on people weaker and smaller than me a few times felt good feel like if i had been stronger as a kid i would have ended up getting arrested eventually


sigh i was such a good kid why did the norms have to turn me into this


was supposed to be an aggressive alpha male but my muscles and facial bone structure didnt get the message


think im part of the 94%


same was once purity itself the living embodiment of the golden rule



im a flippin animal



the norms have evolved to tell in an instant that our brains arent working right



opened 50 jo tabs before snapping out of it and closed them all



is that rich piana


sigh queers of war



File: 1633847632956.jpg (Spoiler Image, 81.12 KB, 720x512, 1608751808455.jpg)


just leave your smut unspoilered so i can skip it




this isnt the time for normembeds read the room


learned pk shield



sigh this guy just turned 30 and is already getting high level techniques ive been training diligently for 2 years and the only thing i can do is level 3 cromniomancy


dont see any nonnormembeds in the last 100 posts


were reminiscing





sigh osaka



defiantly have some kind of mental sickness because i thought i just made that post within the last two weeks NOT 2 months ago


where do you see yourself in 2 months


right flipping here with blog in hand maybe ill have shaved


added a nice sodium packet to my ramen


forgot to make that sapporo ichiban gonno check if moms up


File: 1633850447067.jpg (1.33 MB, 1255x1800, d4b3c1ff-1424-42b3-bf35-a8d522e0d977.jpg)



love a nice flavored sodium packet


wish i could live my entire life on my parents inheritance


she wasnt up but got up as soon as i started making it NOT sure if she could tell that i was drunk but i got aNOTher two blogs back to my room


only things i inherited from mom were obsessive compulsive tendancies and a subhuman lower third


why havent you been mewing


die foolish cracker


hate drunkwalking while trying to pretend to NOT be drunk


i drunkwalk when sober


same still havent learned to walk properly


35 is gonno be our year well show em


cool it with the virgwalk



a great leap forward sometimes requires two steps back



kitty is snoozing over my feet and her heart is beating crazy fast usually cant feel it because of how she lays down probably like 200 bpm maybe more


dont think ive seen a cat in rl for at least ten years


im a cat irl


my mind is full of relevant information on catgirl biology


it is now safe to turn off your computer


can you explain how their ear canals work


Tarsiers tend to be extremely shy animals and are sensitive to bright lights, loud noises, and physical contact. They have been reported to behave suicidally when stressed or kept in captivity.





File: 1633856365868.mp3 (3.99 MB, Mikazuki ni Sasarete.mp3)


holy fuck thought that trigun movie came out in 2012 it was 2010


can one of the jans delete that post shouldnt have posted years




somethings wrong actually giggled at the last 2 hologuras



guess ill snooze 5 am is an early bedtime right


i woke up an hour ago


dont hassle me 5 am is early



File: 1633860763663.jpg (81.12 KB, 720x512, 1633847632956.jpg)


double perma


File: 1633860865226.jpg (314.68 KB, 700x983, 89095804_p1.jpg)


put some clothes on you slut


out of fun points have to stop playing for today sigh


File: 1633866030682-0.png (36.51 KB, 222x135, dnc.png)

File: 1633866030682-1.png (29.54 KB, 222x125, drg.png)

nice dancer and dragoon leaks



woke up burning up


in wow those would just be called aoe spenders


amazing the original priconne game died despite designs like misgogi in it


woke up hima had a dream got in a road rage fight at a state park campground eventually the driver got out and apologized saw he was a 9 year old boy


did you beat him


no he almost ran me over several times his car was a big gold sedan and my car kept morphing back and forth to one of those toy cars that you have to walk to move


File: 1633867989935.jpg (675.05 KB, 1434x1190, 93353840_p0.jpg)




the lesbian elf


nice tardbot


uh arent we supposed to have mechas by now


we were supposed to get them shortly after the moon landing but then the you know whos invented critical race theory


File: 1633879080648.jpg (147.51 KB, 850x618, untitled.jpg)


wonder if theyll ever start genetically altering people to be born with pink or blue hair


out of mayo going on a supply run maybe ill pick up a loaf or two as well


be safe


File: 1633881886251.webm (3.33 MB, 1280x720, 1633178998561.webm)


nice tardfoid they cant do anything right


shes trying her best


if thats her best then its even more pathetic


weve all fallen down near the river but very few of us have recorded and uploaded it


need a catboy bf to pamper and spoil since its NOT a foid


never been pampered


picked up some oysters on a whim never cooked oysters


throw those badboys in a pot with milk butter and pepper


like a pot full of milk or


some yogurt fell on my control key


speaking of milk think ill have a second cup of milk coffee


milk is for babies





time for mushoku tensei


still tired mom got me up too early its only noon


finished magipokan sigh gonno miss them at least still have the specials



cracked a diabeteswater since theres no spergwater


File: 1633888624080.mp4 (1.09 MB, 241491611_849841049259138_7164690327418398_n.mp4)


stuck those oysters in the oven till they cracked open smells good gonno eat with some bread


good but NOT much meat in them


does this work




mom went to the store asked her for a frozen pizza and she rolled her eyes and sighed


sounds like an imminent ynaj


nah she doesnt do that why would she from her point of view im a friendless adult virgin that never leaves the house voluntarily cant Drive by himself and just started going to a potato chef


i feel like most adults are friendless after 23 or so their social circle only involves sexual partners and coworkers


dont think thats right


some of my aunts and uncles have friend groups they host parties and go on trips but my parents never did any of that


its way harder to make friends as an adult even for norms


NOT for women


looking forward to hosting block parties and cookoffs at the mansion


only if you count orbiters
women friendships look horrible they constantly bicker and scheme against one aNOTher


hey hima woke up hows it going


does anyone else feel a constant pressure inside their brain


isnt that normal


mom still has friends she met in the 80s


maybe its a calcified whatshouldicallit blocking my nen


nice normmom


none of them even live in the state anymore


then those arent actual friends those are internet friends


spent many years wishing i had friends but has NOT been so bad for some years now


nah from what ive seen when you get older its expected that youll have your own life and family and if they dont want to keep in contact with you they wont


adult friends dont want to do things i want to do they want to go drinking and clubbing and hooting at girls i just want to ride motorcycles and go to the zoo


date at the zoo


can we go drinking then go to the zoo instead so my anxiety about being in public is dampened


you cant date a man


thats what a flask is for


NOThing more embarrassing than being seen with a drunk in public no thanks


they yelled at me from the window


been drunk in public while taking a celwalk before but they probably couldnt tell that i was drunk since alcohol doesnt really affect how i walk or talk for the most part even when im really drunk


thats what everyone thinks


sometimes wonder if should have accepted their offer


yea but its true for me im so good at it that my relatives sometimes accuse me to be drunk even when im completely sober its because you cant tell the difference


uh are you sure you dont have tardwalk tardtalk when sober


already walk weird talk weird and act weird when sober i doubt you could even tell


brilliant simply be a babbling tard 24/7 and noone will be able to tell when youre drunk


crying hima the republic corvettes keep escaping my trap


yeah theyll simply think youre a loon instead and baker act you


im less tard when drunk alcohol is the only medicine against autism


it lowers your inhibition so youre able to talk


makes my head hurt





wish my alcohol tolerance was that low


nuked some leftover chili feeling the heartburn already


youre invited to my halloween party hima


sigh thought when you got too old to trick or treat you just started going to halloween parties


feeling weird


dont worry we just need to rewind the clock back 17 years and get a do over on our milestones


sigh wish cute little kids came around trick or treating here


File: 1633893401118.jpg (159.46 KB, 800x913, 1633882208130.jpg)


does that say gongrats or congrats kinda looks like a g


always found it weird how halloween became this big thing even though its NOT even a real holiday but just the day before all hallows


gongrats :DDD


its part of our pagan heritage


what does anderson have to say about halloween


wonder if patrick is still alive


hes been dead for 5 years


did he rope


its of the devil


why am i supposed to hate the devil when hes given me technological wonders and the so called god has given me NOThing but struggle


its NOT raining hima its pouring


satan is good satan is our pal


belief in the devil is polytheism


the devil isnt considered a deity just a heavenly being


he wants you to be a perma manbaby and rot g-d is giving you obstacles to overcome


you are NOT even supposed to hate the devil just supposed to reject his temptations


love when christians cope in their worship of god-holyspirit-jesus and claim its NOT polytheism


how can i tell if a temptation is from satan or NOT


theyre the same person just NOT the same person


would be no need for obstacles to overcome if the world dog created wasnt such a piece of shite


uhh god


what if this world is something like a training ground and god is choosing the greatest warriors to fight in the coming greatest battle


dont want to fight just want to gorogoro


rest assured youre the furthest thing from great


you exist for an irrelevant period of time then cease to exist for a near infinite amount of time


that cant be right


simple as that



sigh the incel girl


why would an omnipotent deity need his puny retarded ape experiments to fight for it


NOThing worse than a failednorm NOThin


did you never make bugs fight each other as a kid


im failed failednorm


because it cant just do whatever it wants there are rules


alternatively its an asshole


it can if its actually omnipotent


pretty sure that this ceasing to exist for eternity doesnt make any logical sense because the fact that you exist in the first place means that there is some mechanism of coming into existence so there cant be eternal nonexistence after death


simply eat a bunch of mushrooms and go ask the first entity that shows up


wish i existed


thought that was dmt


File: 1633894651075.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


if the universe is gonno become a void of NOThing how could you come into existence unless it reverses somehow and explodes again


youll commune with otherworldly beings with a high enough dose of any psychedelic


File: 1633894749291.jpg (21.47 KB, 320x323, 1633893730321.jpg)

sigh havent seen this in years


did you see it on the big 'ura


mom made coffee and brought me some hehe


probably tried this ridley battle in dread like 25 times is this just the new format for games quicksaves everywhere and way harder difficulty


you wont be a pro gamer at this rate


die spoilnorm


my first play through of every other metroid game was smoother than this in dread it feels like you scoot .5% forward in 3-4 minutes and then bash your head against the wall and get jumpscared for a half hour and repeat


thats probably why its called dread


hate when i see a picture of a 2d girl and keep going back to look at it a dozen or more times over the course of one to three days is this what having a crush is like


File: 1633895898103.jpg (91.12 KB, 640x480, 1618149029169.jpg)


turns out the graphics tablet is supposed to arrive on the 5th of november and NOT october sigh the chinks tricked me again


do that myself its NOThing to hate


File: 1633895939215.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 1757x2210, 1633887814275.jpg)



holy flip thats a long way away


is it a nice huion


going to become a mangaka


File: 1633896181516.jpg (52.67 KB, 1165x998, b0bd76cc1302fc38541e7ad6616ed3d4.jpg)


mindblowing how sexy miyako is


File: 1633896742757.gif (1.92 MB, 305x498, 1633516963932.gif)


need to flip


tardlaughing remembering that time 15 years ago when i told mom in a very serious tone that i might be depressed



i daresay i do NOT want to work


love sundays best day of the week


oh flip


mom laughs and says she thought i would be one of those school shooter kids NOT sure why she didnt consider that to be a red flag and do something about it but i guess she simply never had the maternal gene


same love watching some football


never liked sundays they have this weird depressing feeling to them


oh hell yeah


what do you mean hell yeah that pic is flipping vile


used to hate sundays but now that every day is the same it doesnt feel any different


File: 1633899992489.jpg (80.39 KB, 750x717, 1612716467853.jpg)


File: 1633900018255.png (3.62 MB, 2200x1401, 93356608_p0.png)

need to get up in them guts


loved church as a kid hated it as a teen havent been since then


cant step foot into a church ever since i got turned


got accused of that too despite having zero access to any kind of weapons and having no history of violence just because the talmudvision said video games are bad


hated that shite and stopped going the second i wasnt forced to all i got out of it was the ability to watch the rich kids play their gameboys


wish i was her


nice agp


might fire up the gameboy emulator and listen to the latest pastor anderson sermon in the background


meant to go to church this easter but i skipped


im pagan




im paganini


didnt like church didnt like the sitting didnt like the singing didnt like the goofy hotwheels kids didnt like all the fats didnt like the dinners which would have three full tables of confectionaries and very little actual food because pies and cakes are cheap didnt like the cuddly sermons didnt like the fact vacation bible school never actually involved a vacation


im pagliacci



bored to death at church as a kid but liked going out and then getting juice and stacks on my way back and renting a game


how is that image relevant to my post




its you


would only go to church if it was at st peters basilica


move to rome then



i dont know how to move mom has always taken care of that stuff


simply buy a 1 way ticket figure it out when you get there


why NOT st marks


he needs to arrive by ship so they have no logs of his presence in the country


the days of being able to wander freely are over


been to both and st marks is the lesser of the two no contest



if god loved us we wouldnt be cel he made eve for adam


what about the lateran


woah hima hey just got back from 7.5 mile run went by the fountain heard girls screaming in the water


mom said we could have just eat bowls of refried beans and rice because theres no tortillas or meat almost laughed in her face shes on her way back to the store now


uhh obviously youre talking about st peters it has to be the greatest by definition thats NOT the point


wish i could run


every once in a while mom will skip out bigtime on dinner and i have to say nah this isnt going to fly you need to get on the ball or were going to have a problem


had rice and beans 3 or 4 nights in a row maybe tonight should be burger night


sigh mahoraba wish they made comics that good these days


thought tl NOTes were extinct but saw some in the new yuuki yuuna


did they take up the whole screen


the good old days before the teens sigh


no it was just a small NOTe at the top explaining a characters nickname


thats a norm problem NOT a teen problem


when we had to rely on fan translations made by the own community and there was no money involved



why did i end up a retard


you are NOT necessary for the advancement of the human race god gave you a d tier soul


im a pioneer of the stars


do you think it had anything to do with mom being 35 and having every member of her family either diagnosed with a mental illness or addicted to substances


sigh aNOTher day spent sitting on my ass doing NOThing


you are a d tier human but a s class incel


had at least a b tier soul but the rectangle corrupted me


im vol


wouldve been a master-class musician if it were NOT for the blue screen of procrastination


thats what they all say


how am i NOT voluntarily celibate if i dont try to leave the house or talk to women or get a job


dont listen to the bitter in youre a volincel


am vol too but would be in if i werent zen


if you have to try its already over


the norms have to try


no that sounds cruel and evil


well in that case maybe im volcel but ill keep using incel because it sounds cooler


i did it but with snails


nice volincel


no dont thats the scary word they use on the talmudvision to entice norms to attack you for being a potential threat


then it will be an even fight


File: 1633903862095.jpg (284.34 KB, 1000x873, sexy lady.jpg)



nah youre incel


this big group of teen girls and boys were taking up the entire sidewalk they saw me approach one of the older males herded them to the side to let me pass


they would have got out of the way out of disgust sooner or later


there are 15 year old teens out there that have been studying jap for just a year and are already better than me


at least youre NOT getting latinmogged





kyrie eleison


thats greek


were you keeping your aura suppressed


teen suppressed


stared straight ahead at them was listening to lolk ost


dies irae dies illa


was gonno post that pic i posted a few years ago of the office worker looking into the mirror and seeing an armored warrior with a poleaxe


dont know anything about toho after 13


sure you know anything before that either


File: 1633904527608.jpg (93.62 KB, 746x556, 1633896230712.jpg)


cruelty go figure


uhhh ya and probably more than you teen


File: 1633904682677.jpg (69.39 KB, 567x684, 1633834644049.jpg)


doubt it teenbro


go figure


if i had been born in the 30s or 40s i probably would have gone around picking fights with strangers for fun


sounds like a dumb way to go


bedgamed might nap


gonno watch evil dead


if any of us were suddenly transported back in time we would all be institutionalized or in prison within 6 months


File: 1633905159794.jpg (172.69 KB, 850x1047, untitled.jpg)



post results i got deer


the rectangle gives; the rectangle takes


im a owl kemono friend


im snake


no one can ever change this animal i have become


i got mountain goat


pity the cold blooded snakes


im a tarsier



File: 1633905891680.jpeg (383.45 KB, 750x796, 68086421-1E0D-4888-B45A-0FF62D113867.jpeg)




dont post nonwhites


oog nonwhites me fall for normaganda oooog


die normsuz


File: 1633905967453.png (784.5 KB, 1160x736, 3988b0233be363f546f7a8fc2509a86a.png)

any bears or wolves


i got bear but im looking for a baboon


im eagle looking for a nice goat or swan partner


it said you are an owl but also might be a sable


im penguin looking for dolphin otter peacock


wish i had a nice sable friend theyre like cats but NOT really


a significant otter




the moleguy is the only truneet



always listen to the entire song when somebody posts it


gonno watch the muppets with mom


love watching tv with mom and giving her footrubs


feel like moms flipping up dinner big time but theres a frozen pizza in there for later


tonight was burger night


her ability to season is questionable at best


season in season




had too much normfee on an empty stomach feeling uneasy


sigh wanna eat some cereals but theres no milk


moms home


File: 1633908601051.png (912.59 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


evening fevers coming in fierce think ill take a bath


should i bother streaming metroid dread or nah






File: 1633909647416.jpg (Spoiler Image, 3.1 MB, 2027x2560, 90134475_p7.jpg)




i just want to learn to draw cute 2d girls but i cant escape the rectangle


whats the point no matter you do itll just be shitty western art


NOT true if you have a japanese spirit


maybe itll get better when the small rectangle arrives


looked up circle screens to escape the rectangle but could NOT find any after searching for 1 minute


always wanted a 1:1 monitor but last i checked there arent any cheap ones


File: 1633911325239.jpg (77.68 KB, 746x453, DV-ALT-1920-with-AUO-round-display-2020-05.jpg)


same hate how widescreennorms adjusted resolution sizes to fit their movies and video games instead of reading no wonder why rectangles are so poisonous


wow thats cool


love my 1280x1024 monitors


same 5 by 4 is superior


gambled and lost


File: 1633911993446.jpg (717.77 KB, 1000x1412, 92572115_p0.jpg)


my mushroom spores have begun to hatch


matsutake sama


sigh he loved committing felonies and telling his bros


watched a video about a guy who injected microdose mushrooms and the fungus infected his blood


kinoko guy


when i first uncapped the syringe the plunger got stuck and i squeezed it too hard and it shot spores 3 feet up in the air in the kitchen would be funny if they managed to survive and started growing somewhere


wish to join the spore colony


crazy how theres a nationwide drug epidemic yet i wouldnt know where to get drugs if i wanted them


you need to know a guy


File: 1633912733004.png (1.83 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


love letting a bunch of rich old men hundreds of miles away decide what im allowed or NOT allowed to put into my body


laws are for the masses NOT the individual


especially when the substances in question predate the countries government by orders of magnitude


feeling nauseated



how the flip does twitch get ads past ublock origin


theyre injected server side


add twitch.tv##+js(twitch-videoad) to the my filters tab


love watching clips engineered by psychiatrists to manipulate me into buying things just so i can teen out with my fellow persona worshippers


File: 1633913459528.mp4 (198.51 KB, t solar flare.mp4)


too autistic for ads to work on me


youtube gave me an ad for womens goth blouse kinda thing


sis started tickling me almost pissed meself


nice ticklesis


why are you tards getting ads on youtube and twitch


i want to help the content creators


you should have done it on purpose then she would leave you alone


youre helping the members of the tiny hat club


why is he always mad


NOT fair i was supposed to have a sis


its NOT that great


its his gimmick


File: 1633914421566.webm (1.2 MB, 1280x720, cut.webm)



sigh guess the rumors about her being jewish were true


arent we always mad




time to game


woke up dont feel so good


dont care im pomu(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


dads making meat and potato stew


bought potatoes but did NOT eat any of them


nice nikujaga


why NOT



why did they have to draw human teeth on a cat


File: 1633915889570.webm (1 MB, 1920x1080, p.webm)


File: 1633915942239-0.jpg (84.74 KB, 427x427, cheshire.jpg)

the original version was creepier


pasted sergio


visited the place where he wrote the story they told us about how he liked to play with girls


all the weird ped communities celebrate alice day because they think he molested her or something


peds are retarded


File: 1633917113011.bmp (1.37 MB, ALCG0257.bmp)


wish the norms werent so intent on destroying the western world


the western world sucks who cares


it interferes with my long term ability to neet it up and spend my days with digital entertainment


gotta dump


thats NOT compatible with the western world she told me that the word idiot comes from the greek for one who does NOT participate in society


the norms are the reason i dont participate in society they trashed it


lost my hc bowazon


we will start our own society


the eps are piling up


watched 9 eps today


anything good


mushoku tensei was less animated than usual today saw someone say they outsourced it


woke up moms at a wedding and left mcds in the kitchen


wonder when ill have a wedding


just cant get past it everyone calling the shots in this country is a mentally ill retard just refusing to work isnt enough they control everything about my life


grats on the marriage


last year someone had a vampire werewolf wedding on halloween full moon night


who cares were gonno die and it wont matter when we have the himameetup in heaven


as likely as a himaneetup as likely as a himamansion


theyre saving the budget for the eris sex scene


dont think theyll let me through those pearly gates




dont think im gonno achieve nirvana probably gonno have to go through this meat grinder a few more times


hope i get reincarnated as a pig forever so i can scream and wallow in a cage of my own shite for 6 months then get executed and eaten by norms over and over


cant let it go


dread is really unique you can save every five seconds but theres also instakills


was playing lolk earlier it has something like that autosaves at checkpoints and can just keep retrying infinitely without credits



those are just training the wheels legacy mode is the way you are supposed to play it


dislike mushoku normei because its too much of a failednorm selfinsert it reads like a fanfic


my autobiography is gonno be titled sad but true


was NOT expecting mierukochan to be scary was expecting something more like re kan


if you were reborn into a fantasy world youd be giving it your all too


the monsters are the audience thats why theyre so hentai and she can see them she can see you


more like sad but teen


havent listened to any metal recently


fire up as the palaces burn



wonder if pomu was in that crowd


maybe shes the real deal



crying the menu for metroid dread is so good metroids is back this is a miracle


big bro said its the best since super


sigh it just might be hope your big bro is doing well


why are you NOT streaming it checked the live tab and theres a ton of ugly vtuber models streaming dread but you arent there


i dont know how to stream


holy flip did fusion actually come out 20 years ago feel like i was just playing it


dont know how to stream but i know how to game


File: 1633921303262.jpg (116.02 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Selection Project - 01 (720p) [11….jpg)


why isnt it untitled




heard that selection project starts the same as idoly pride but does it include the ghost thing


rarely watch idol shows


need a ghost gf


they told me to watch idoly pride tried a few eps but gekidol was airing at the same time and it was darker liked that more


cracked a lone blog in front of mom like a responsible manbaby and let her have a sip gonno try to keep it to 6 tonight


might rage


NOT touching the bottle again after what happened last time


what happened last time


have NOT drank at all in over a week


i dont want to talk about it




threw the stale mcds fries into the air fryer now theyre hot and crisp



watched a video on frying said home frying youre supposed to fry once at low temp then take out and fry again at high temp


havent been bothering with that potatoes still turn out fine oils getting a bit old by now


wish i had an air fryer


didnt grow up during the depression never reused oil


need a lot of oil to deep fry NOT throwing it out after one or two potatoes


you should be using the water fryer


uh isnt that just boiling


cant boil russet fries theyll just break apart


mom told me to take home fried chicken from cousins wedding reheated it in the toaster oven grease contaminated everything took years to clean it off



File: 1633922765520.jpg (143.34 KB, 848x1200, FBUEWP8UUAUie-k.jpg)


feel like you already posted that


nah the artist just draws the same pic over and over again


is it one of those pose memes that artists do with many different characters


hate those unless theyre sexy


cant remember seeing that as a pose meme but would probably NOT remember if had seen it


File: 1633923423336.jpg (135.26 KB, 838x1200, 471077b9d71aec2cff12770d18333ccf.jpg)


dont know how a air fryer works


woke up on the floor just the other day NOT sure what happened


dont know how the internet works but i still use it all the time


its a series of tubes




File: 1633924444332.jpg (127.27 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi ….jpg)


something about packets


nice finn


is that really a show about work and romance feel like its too much


tired of the old reply guy post hovering does NOT work so it fetched the entire thread


think things started going downhill when i became the middle child


gives me anxiety when i see a post link hate loading the whole thread


dont want to spam something i already posted or remember seeing recently


love some good ol working propaganda compliments of the japs


NOThing wrong with loading up a few 2500 post threads you all have 32 gigs of ram right


loading old threads makes me feel weird sometimes depressed sometimes nostalgic i can spot all of my posts a mile away too


did sean get pnig off the hook yet


he took his own life after getting ptsd from viewing the recordings entered as evidence hes on his third lawyer


File: 1633925096964.jpg (156.24 KB, 720x960, spawn of sean.jpg)


whats with the look on that nigresses face




shes sassy


wishing it was her


at some point a few people from hima are probably going to breed im thinking onseki nb and the runner


wish i was a sassy negress seems like fun


wonder when im gonno breed


File: 1633925319769.png (748.53 KB, 800x450, freedom studies.png)


die norm


cant remember but feel like i saw some sean posts the last time the meronorms made a you guys are faggots thread


hope he died




disgusting norm outsider hope he dies for ever posting on jp


he had a good heart


im norm outsider hope i die for posting on jp


nah youre paste neetblog


could only dream of being as much of a success as the nice neetblog


he doesnt have a good heart hes just too stupid to know any better


hope anyone that didnt move from a to jp in 2008 dies


its NOT just you hoping


cant believe nb achieved satori before age 25 by staring at walls


believe it


this game is pure pandering for millennials that played super its completely on rails to the point that it could be a 2d mario game and every interaction with adam makes it a little worse


hate millenials


my list is onseki the runner the hiker the dip guy the civic guy and the admin


wish i was gen x


believe i may toss


wonder if ill live to see wwiii


File: 1633926577905.jpg (819.45 KB, 1256x1484, 1629348844467.jpg)

nice implication of onseki being the runner but ive seen onseki without a shirt on and he looks like a shag carpet NOThing like the sleek svelte runner guy




yeah i hid it after posting it the gyno annoys me



were living through it right now


that cant be a real pic


sexy birl


File: 1633927044352.jpg (103.93 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Mieruko-chan - 02 (720p) [B7BC1E8….jpg)


the himabirl has arrived



i hid it because it was norm social media shite


make sure to follow the hima fb for the latest updates


ears acting up again this time the left one


like neetblog always says if you aint white you aint right




peroxide that bad boy asap


already tried that


get some more in there


no hes going to overdose


File: 1633928249283.webm (3.83 MB, 999x562, 1633824445102.webm)


thought about showing mom that the last time you posted it but i didnt want her in my room and didnt want to go to hima on her laptop


showed hima to the thepotato chef


hope youre either joking or pretending to be me because im never going to do that


ive always wanted to be you


love laughing at all my favorite hima posts with my friends down at the bar


the cordbros



link em


do people keep big piggers as pets or do they always cook them


potbellied pigs are usually pets


im potbelly howaito piggu


go home




imagine i posted the pic of that fat old guy with glasses from like twenty years ago


that frozen pizza barely survived 6 hours but i have a disease i cant resist eating it


File: 1633930476070.mp4 (3.04 MB, geg2Gtf4Y0hKqLem.mp4)


classic teen taking something that trickled down from the 4 and using it to further his own narcissism yet somehow doing a worse job


what are you on about


its the bot


uh the bot haha


File: 1633930808359.jpg (200.8 KB, 1024x768, gVgHoh46gIkofkN2159rVSsJmyLbUVH8gmvMU1xBhuQ.jpg)


want to go diving but dont want to go through the trouble of getting training


the bot is malfunctioning


im dysfunctional


hate the bot


simply go to the thepotato chef


ok i take it back the game gets good after you get the morph ball hehe


File: 1633931071571.jpg (342.7 KB, 1558x1080, 1633845659405.jpg)


the bot isnt active right now


sigh pekora


bot post


i do shes wasting my flipping time


open up to her


i did her advice sucks i dont want to get a job or be a norm i just dont want to be in agony so i can watch japanimation or game for 10 hours a day and feel good like i used to


so why are you in agony then



i dont know that stupid cunt hasnt told me yet


you exhausted your too much of a good thing points and now youre a beautiful one with fried receptors


then send me for a diagnosis so they can make with the amphetamines




youre NOT getting amphetamines for that
youre going to get a job so you will find new value in your free time
you will exchange the current suffering of anhedonia for a new suffering in wageslaving
the reason you enjoyed the old neet days was because they were something you never got to experience before outside of summer breaks but after a while that wears off
you wouldnt have to get a job if you learned how to find new stimulus to occupy yourself with though


File: 1633932759812.png (Spoiler Image, 1.53 MB, 1200x1600, 143887_2.png)