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got eresh hehe


hong kong requires returning residents to quarantine for 3 weeks



got a blue screen earlier wonder if its my underclocked cpu or overclocked ram



farming the item world with a nice macro


listening to battlefield 2042 music


take a screenshot of it




the nah guy


the gives every guy a guy persona guy


the namer rager


the hima posters


im hima poster


File: 1634059973794.jpg (48.35 KB, 958x710, the boys.jpg)


thought earlysnoozing would mean i got up earlier but instead i just stayed in bed longer


they started to give me a persona back in 2012 jp but did NOT embrace it


they came to know me as the neetblog


which one


damn cold in here hima cant feel my hands


have a hot bath to warm up


miss my old ac that had temp control this one just has fan and cool on or off


File: 1634061893506.jpg (1.87 MB, 2000x1727, gamer no game.jpg)




sigh looks like they got owned hard by the normlympics probably the final straw and now theyll never open again


File: 1634062859158.png (148.68 KB, 1419x642, japan covid case rates - Google Search.png)

ate my pic again flip


hate olympics


how do i buy the dip


praying for traingirl


wonder if i should wait until mom gets home and see if she got me any food or just go to bk now


go to bk now the whopper is calling you


drive past the bk and head to wendys for a triple




what the flip


is that death stranding


dont like how theyre talking about beating other peoples time dont want a doc to speedrun my surgery


docs need to have some fun too


time is money


File: 1634065650711.jpg (691.98 KB, 1280x960, lettuce.jpg)



i want to play minecraft with hima but im NOT gonno be the one to pay for the realm and the board and plus i have so many other games to play


playing type lumina with the old melty ost hehe


are you gonno stream some ranked


this is it weve found the alien signal makes sense theyd put it at the center of the milky way its significance would be understood by any lifeforms that detected it


love science


the norms says there no aliens because we dont get any signals but everytime we get signals the norms find some excuse for why its NOT aliens they cant deny me my proxycentaur gf any longer


proxycentaur gf


ayy lmao


blotter got right on top of me got me seein e motherflippin t



wish i was low inhib enough to chimp out


eating chili


foraged some nuts and berries


hell ya


berrypicker as flip



woke up with a bone someone take care of it


File: 1634068212163.jpg (426.98 KB, 2000x1333, niwaki-garden-shears.jpg)


i keep it pretty well trimmed but thanks


cant wait for the day aliens send us a legible signal only to discover that it is approaching and extinction is inevitable


less than 40 posts left do NOT get left behind


can we use the gheed blog i like it a lot


im looking to get flipped


it is NOT for us to decide only the fates know for certain




gonno snooze


its the middle of the day


guess ill game


have to get the jump on these seasonal normime dont want a repeat of the summer


youre already way behind theres no hope


no its only been a week


mom says everythings cyclical but i dont buy that


moms are dumb


she may technically be right but it hasnt even happened in her lifetime NOT sure why she thinks itll happen in mine


wish i was the problem and NOT the norms regardless of what i do or how i live my life theyre hellbent on destroying this country i was just unlucky enough to NOT have been born during a time where i could have been killed in a war


uh huh


sigh cant find anything to motivate me just dont find anything appealing these days


the norms always had it out for me


everyone here is more normal than the norms


i know


pomus playing minecraft


ill watch


trying to do a phone walk in clinic because i still cant feel my fingers



sigh hope its as easy as that


hope you feel better



open and skip


think i would feel better if my room was clean


room is more cluttered than a mine field




even at my previous rock bottom i think i still cleaned it every few months i remember because it took hours and mom would rage because i would be using the vacuum at 10pm on a weeknight




those were the days


there were too many steps when it reached the 6 month mark and now there are too many steps at the 21 month mark think ill make some progress on getting the blog bottles out of here on saturday but i dont like to weigh the recycling bag down with too many of them in case it rips and i hate the noise it makes putting them in there


as long as mom doesnt get any more glass ones they should all be out of here in about 3 weeks


NOT many posts left


wonder what the last post is gonno be


last post

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