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File: 1633225866730.png (34.17 KB, 107x160, gheed.png)

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the original neetblog


left behind


get in here


is there an alternative


rather use this over the teenblog


this is it lock the teen one


sigh the gheed blog


never get anything good when gambling in d2 never once seen a unique


hate the early teen thread


gheed in here




gheed blog


File: 1634075484534.webm (1 MB, 1920x1080, p.webm)




witchblog is for halloween


File: 1634075736828.gif (Spoiler Image, 3.11 MB, 1000x894, 93410242.gif)



do NOT open


thanks i wont


bad advice its sexy


its a repost of something that was probably already reposted by the unspoiler guy and will probably be reposted by him again


how can it be a repost if it was uploaded to pixiv mere hours ago


either he already posted it or i can see the future


pixiv is NOT the main art site anymore the artists upload it somewhere else and then maybe later they go to pixiv as an afterthought


twitter is right


hate twitter but have to go where the smut artists are


i dont mind it its just images


bracing for the unspoil


File: 1634076727321.png (888.55 KB, 1082x812, 99230d85af55b05d0b07abe1416d55b6.png)


anyone that doesnt do the bottom 3 should be killed the others are pro criminal nigger shit


die snitch


skipped and hid


flip local businesses theyre for norms


id trust a local norm than some norm thousands of miles away looking at a spreadsheet


its a norms world were just living it


id trust them to price gouge me


uh whats wrong with having surveillance cameras we have 5


sigh cant take the suspense just unspoiler already


File: 1634077070111.jpeg (146.35 KB, 1024x683, 124214214214124.jpeg)


walked past a camera the other day their blinds were closed but had the cam shoved through to look outside


NOThing as long as its for personal use only and you dont review the tapes for fun and you record over them regularly


only ever see stray cats and the mail man on them


are there people that review security cameras


thought about calling the police about the trash scavengers but looked online dumpster diving is NOT a crime in most jurisdictions


ya voyeuristic freaks at jewish owned security companies


hello beautiful


dont care what you do if you live in coon town but if you live in a white neighborhood youre contributing to the ills of society by performing warrantless surveillance just buy a gun and regularly clean it in view of your neighbors instead


what about meth heads or fentanyl addicts


wish i could could get some fent for the big sleep





thought about it honestly most of the dumpster divers are NOT really that bad just scary sometimes because some of them shout and make weird movements there are only a few really illegal ones who remove all of the trash toss it all over the ground and leave it there


dump bleach all over the trash maybe itll kill one of them when they eat something out of it


you never know there could be a hima poster among those scavengers


File: 1634077816928.jpg (121.12 KB, 720x960, s.jpg)

the hima scavenger


would hope to be freed from this mortal coil by one of my bros rather than some norm or a faulty organ


are those british license plates


dont know european at least


nice maltaguy


would love to be a european neet the us now has all the downsides of living in europe with none of the positives


the maltese falcon


it would be easier for sure


they all have autism maybe i would have fit in better


things wouldnt have turned out like this if i was scandinavian or mediterranean


sigh wonder what happened to dani




they probably put him down


hopefully got fatally stabbed by an african migrant


sigh dani would have loved that they made a nephilim holo




uh isnt sean the one whos obsessed with nephilim


both of them were really


havent talked to sean in a while might text him


File: 1634079479725.jpg (585.76 KB, 1296x972, 1607281516132.jpg)


norway is really a neet heaven he lived on his own and still had money to buy katanas and consumer electronics


they all roll their own cigs in yurop too


File: 1634080052568.jpg (612.88 KB, 3264x2448, 1365229716964.jpg)


sigh he loved the video of the chinese guy freaking out at the love live train


cant believe i was born a white autist but NOT in the nordic lands


where is everyone




im gaming


made a grilled cheese


hate the where is everyone guy


wish i had a grilled cheese sandwitch


havent had a grilled cheese in at least 5 years


really hope those cutnorm posts were made by raiders


NOThing better than kraft singles on some buttered up whole wheat bread


hate kraft singles hate whole wheat


woah hima hey just got back from running kept an eye out for rings the hello kitty woman did NOT have one but her adjacent neighbors did and also the people across the street all have rings with views of her place


perma the runnorm


might make one for dinner right now


moms in the kitchen right now guess ill wait until later might take it a step further and melt


cant wait for my tablet to arrive ill become an artist and my real life will begin


thinking about islam more and more


File: 1634083726616.mp4 (3.1 MB, ssstiktok_1634083543.mp4)

sigh shes perfect


islam is for tards


she doesnt even know you exist meanwhile allah is always with you


considered looking for where i put the e reader never tried reading books on it just manga and getting away from the rectangle for a while might calm me down


tired of this shite going to become a mage and travel to the demon continent dont try to stop me


travel to mecca and be one with allah



File: 1634084138485.mp4 (7.24 MB, v10025g50000c5gp1l3c77ualrms915g.mp4)

how is it fair that ill never get to experience this


no one said it was fair


mom got me an ereader three months ago its just sitting at the end of me desk collecting dust


mom said i was always serious even as a kid wouldnt be able to put up with retarded larping like that


hope its NOT a swindle or able to connect to wireless networks


bastards enough haram im leaving hima forever going to qatar


seems like a cool place


File: 1634084360740.jpg (144.19 KB, 769x798, tubgirl muhammad.jpg)


what does your imam say


can someone with a minecra account use their thirty days trial to set up a realm and then NOT renew it thanks


a nice jgf would lighten up your gloomy demeanor


loved the e reader loved scanning all my pokemon cards and getting latias in ruby version with the eon ticket


sigh cant believe ill never get to experience spending time with an insectoid



wish my life had been a thirty day trial i wouldnt have kept paying the sub


nobody said it was easy


use my psp 3000 as an ereader


File: 1634085071207.jpg (162.16 KB, 1080x1181, VzzpZcL.jpg)




rice and tofu night hima remembered to cut the ginger this time




even if i could have a gf if i got a jpgf id probably live my days regretting NOT getting a white gf and muddling both of our gene pools but if i got a white gf id regret never experiencing having a jpgf its a non issue because neither is going to happen but im pretty sure that even if everything went my way i wouldnt allow myself to be happy because i only have one life to live and one path to experience




snowing nearby hima this is it


this is what


why would you want to have a kid


the holy land


because id regret it if i didnt


the beginning of the snow


set up the kotatsu get your mikan ready to go


the holy land


uhhh im an algerian tangerine kind of guy


fallen into an endless spiral of repetition wandering aimlessly after each reincarnation


File: 1634085617232.jpg (209.88 KB, 821x615, 1345877382988.jpg)


how could you even consider bringing aNOTher being into this world to suffer after what youve been through




woke up mornin there hima NOT feelin so good


its NOT that bad the kid would have an ancient wizard for a dad




wish i had a nice indonesian gf


you need a hair of the dog


hit up the holo ids theyre whores besides moona


need a nice moona gf


saw the moon on my run NOT full but still nice to look at in the twilight sky


permarange the runnorm


hope you trip and smash all your teeth out on the pavement runnorm




didnt know risu is a whore


didnt one of them jo on stream once how come no hiki jap from nichan set their company on fire yet its mindblowing


isnt that the one that did daily nojo november vids


the one drawn by lam


saw a bunch of squirrels outside


sigh he loved streaming his jos


thinking about it


hey seki can you set up [aa] oekaki and the suyaa filter thanks


feelin that post drunk randiness




finished my rice and tofu think might grab a handful of peanuts for dessert and finish off a banana



dont have any bananas


hate bananas havent eaten one in probably 20 years


mogs me hard even in the first pic in every way except i dont have glasses and i may be taller


how can you hate bananas thats impossible


dont like the taste dont like the texture


oh the texture too i see


wish i had neetblogs godlike discipline and self control just because im an unemployed shutin that failed every meaningful life milestone doesnt mean i cant get jacked


sipping some coffee made myself a bottle to sip throughout the night


hate bananas and havent eaten one in probably around 28 years dont eat anything with bananas in it either


love bananas and banana splits and banana bread and thats it


mom found that empty frozen pizza box and left it on top of the trash can think shes mocking me


firing up a game



File: 1634088174771.webm (2.46 MB, 924x716, 1634086344779.webm)


the mansion jong club getting busted by the raid


coffee #2


hell ya



drinkin some joe meself and just ordered some wine


did you file an order with mom


did the evict the id dogs from the jp server


think the kitchens free gonno melt


happy hunting melt 1


yah the indogs got kicked out and now ollie and moona are in their own server




weeping with happiness my chronic dandruff is finally solved wonder why i just did NOThing for the last ten years isntead of trying to fix it


sigh well never hear hey moona again


File: 1634089123966.jpg (92.09 KB, 1033x513, 1389734659524.jpg)


never had dandruff hopefully never will


ollie logged on her jp char to play with rushia and calli so she probably still can






reading old threads on jp mostly power level discussions around gil and arc


your esophagus must be very damaged from all the puking


gil is more powerful


any promised metroid dreads streams


NOT true arcs strength gets adjusted depending on who shes fighting


i could stream dread but i think itd lag



hate hima


nah she couldnt do shit hed just shoot a million swords at her


fire it up dont mind a little lag


gamed got banned on 4norm had a twix


why did you get banned


hate twix


shat hard on a teen thread


too polite to get banned


post it


got a post for you right here


skipped it


ok give me thirty minutes


holy flip


hope im NOT getting baited again


i eagerly await


doesnt seem to be enough even against low level mages in high school


NOT bait but it might take more than thirty minutes to set up


nice flippin baiter


you cant stream hes streaming


dont worry even trying is enough for me




NOT watching that guy


thats just plot armour in the real world hed own their asses also theres a bunch of bad ends where he kills them and wins




sorry internet tarding out doubleposted


more interested in the ciel vs kirei hypothetical


hate doubleposters


hate doubleposters


there are stones which cant be left unturned


there are stones which cant be left unturned


i dont have any discipline or self control


sigh nbs self discipline is only matched by his humility


dont know who he is supposed to be but if its trevor then die


cant double post teenposts too grossed out


overstuffed those melts theyre more like tuna cheesetoasts


hell ya


watched the gamechink love when he says people who spend money on lootboxes do it because of brain chemistry so they cant help themselves instead of just calling them tard






there is no exit


please stop youre making me nervous


there is no exit


sigh math is so cool


made them with a calculator and read the nutrition labels too no wonder why im fatter than ever


what do you mean calculator


im too mentally retarded to add up the calories in my head




need a killer app for that


how did you fix it


me too


2.5% selenium sulfide shampoo




seleniorm sulnorm


only use tea tree oil shampoo


norm tree oil


the 2.5% selenium sulfide shampoo guy


what the flip didnt i tell you to stop using that its full of estrogen


feminize me


will never stop


wonder if i was meant to be a housewife and ended up a neet loser


you could be a househusband


what the flip peppermint is full of estrogen too ive been poisoning myself every time i brush my tooth


mom loves peppermint


dont think it works like that


use a nice charcoal toothpaste


lets wait


waiting for godot


sorry i was just trolling im NOT gonno stream


its over i use peppermint soap too moms been killing me


owned those streambeggars


simply love peppermint if the stuff i enjoy will turn me into a birl then so be it


use strawberry soap so i smell like a cute sexy lady


gonno have to start pinning just to use soap and keep my test in the triple digits


File: 1634091913661.gif (632.28 KB, 1100x928, 1633943533792.gif)




rage at mom when she buys soap with weird smell only like the original dove bar and au lait from scottland


mom likes dove dad likes dial


thats probably full of poison too the norms want us lazy fat and with the testosterone levels of teenage girls




NOT using soap or toothpaste anymore thats the last straw ill stick to isopropyl and hydrogen peroxide


they always talk about how girls smell like soap in anime but i can never smell my soap


my imam said to use a miswak




they say they smell like shampoo NOT soap


prefer the raw odour of a sweaty girl


they smell like dead blood


sigh women are the biggest consumerists so every product is full of estrogen they already took the education system and the workforce now you cant even exist as a male


you can


when i was going up the stairs in the train station there was a big plumper in a miniskirt in front of me and i could see everything got a little horny thinking about her holding me down and snapping me




its far too late for any of us our entire mental and physical developments were heavily stunted


gonno have to postpone the stream sorry mom wants me to go to the grocery store


that sucks


big and strong as an ox with a chiselled jawline but think my mental development got extra retarded to compensate


its ok make sure to get yourself some snacks


you promised you flipping liar


you said wed be together


sigh why cant there be a little family run udon shop down the street with a nice いらっしゃいませ as you walk in the door why wasnt i born in japan why just why


our matriarchal dystopia ruined you a few hundred years ago you would have been the strongest man in your village


id have been the village oaf and drunkard


cant believe the country is entirely run by women when did that happen


feeling the urge to purge you might NOT want to be near me right now




the history of woman is the history of the worst form of tyranny the world has ever known the tyranny of the weak over the strong


started reading thomas covenant and got really horny at that scene


makes sense that i never blossomed and stayed a pmb since i was NOT planted in the correct soil god played a horrible joke on me when i was born


whenever the first generation of whores raised by entitled single mothers came of age and decided to repeat the cycle so probably some time in the 70s


if neetblog had been born 600 years ago hed be an emperor of half the known world by now


no he would have been a spiritual leader


nah id be dead


there can never be enough blood to satisfy the great empire of neetblog the terrible


NOT calming down took a mompill


NOT before passing on your genes to several dozen maidens


rozen maiden


cant believe back then everyone in the village looked after and respected each other and you got handed a virgin teengirl to marry its NOT fair


remember ali project


doesnt sound like everyone was included in that respect


File: 1634093243196.jpg (161.07 KB, 1666x937, FBfhk6pVUAkB1tI.jpg)

nice asset theft


cels didnt exist back then


they did but good


back then snap was legal and every mans right it was impossible to be cel


cels didnt exist because it was acceptable to kill them at birth and if you were weird they would deliberately lose you in the woods


File: 1634093360513.gif (1.13 MB, 600x338, 1634064631940.gif)

you would have ended up with the town autistic for a wife because no one else would take her


that was defiantly for the best


thats true all it took was coming across a single unguarded female on the road and you were within your rights to have your way with her


wonder why japs cant into medieval fantasy seems like it would be perfect for otaku media


is that a trollpost


its true


they could but then otaku culture became norm and no one making it now has a clue


dont think so


give some examples then


you just dont think anything at all do you


no i just disagree with that guy


theres countless medieval fantasy games anime and manga it must be a trollpost


ya i just made a post about it the other day they used to rip off cool stuff like wizardry and d&d then the next generation only knew about it through its influence on gay shit like final fantasy


those all suck though compared to western fantasy books


love ffxiv and eorzea


then go read western fantasy


NOThing wrong with a nice self insert isekai


thats the worst iteration of it yet


nah its fun and theres lots of cool places to explore


even the old stuff like lodoss they have to make it into some weird videogame world hybrid


nobody has ever explained why its called final if it keeps getting sequels


it explains on the wikipedia article


its been explained by every norm under the sun that they had no money and it was supposed to be their last game but it sold so well that they could make more




well those people did NOT explain it to me then


i just did


ya but youre wrong


File: 1634094061797.jpg (58.86 KB, 467x1024, 1634093949403.jpg)

this is what the average white male looks like now


uhh d&d is a game just NOT video


uematsu quite literally said thats why


he needs to stop using soap




>>Uematsu laughed: It's true that Sakaguchi was going to quit, he said, but the bigger reason, the real reason, was that Square was going to go bankrupt and the designers believed that it would be the company's swan song.


only shower with soap a few times a year


the greener




did nb post this on the cord


too green


who are ye quoting


wish i had boobies like that


its NOT green its periwinkle


mompill was able to suppress my killing intent but now i have heartburn


damn good game ffxiv damn good


never had heartburn but i remember when i was a kid big bro had it real bad and was screaming and crying with pain and dad just ignored it and played computer games instead of getting some medicine or anything


the norms need to be sentenced for crimes against humanity after what they did to our endocrine systems


used to get heartburn regularly havent gotten in lately guess my diet of rice is paying off


they didnt do anything


the himadad


yeah rice and beans then rice and tofu does NOT cause hearthburn



thought about it and it makes sense japs cant into medieval fantasy its NOT like westerners can make good edo period stuff i guess shogun was alright


havent had rice and beans since 2020


how come the plastics didnt have an effect on the norms


have heartburn everyday think its all the spergwater


beat kingdom come deliverance on hardcore damn good game


it did look at >>1279317


npcs arent affected by status effects only players are


nobody can make medieval fantasy the westerners make it all brown when in reality it was colorful


NOT talking about tv shows or movies those are obviously jewish garbage


they arent


wish i could read


favorite medieval movie was the virgin spring


mine is the black knight


you might be better off NOT reading at this rate just look at some of this


thats because they have to trick the slaves into thinking they shouldnt all immediately kill themselves after realizing that they would have been happier and more fulfilled in the past


highlight the most distasteful posts so i know what NOT to read


i would have been a knight


anything by the guy above you


uhh thats me


its a himafight


you would have been a dirt peasant


love dying of cholera from drinking shitewater at age 22


they still have peasants


now the water just poisons you slowly over 80 years so you can keep working in a cubicle


File: 1634094728768.jpg (3.41 MB, 1446x1967, 93404209_p0.jpg)


hehe the assassin isekai looks good


File: 1634094768692.png (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


was excited for kingdom come deliverance for years then just never bothered to play it watched admiral bulldog stream the buggy mess when it came out though


sigh her real life began


my real life is gonno begin in 2023


same but with bannerlord


played mountainblade for a bit as a teen but realised i got memed by /v/


my real life will end in 2022 and then begin again in the anime world


what do you mean memed its epic


i want to hurry and travel into a fantasy world


endwalker is weeks away just wait


never played a 3d ff


cant believe gullivers travels exposed the norms as yahoos 300 years ago and people still havent caught on


if magic existed then they should just use it to replace all the work nobody would have to work anymore


decided im better off without having memories of the torment of the shiterealm i dont need that baggage


uhh casting magic is work


loved shiterealm: torment damn good game


it must be quite the burden


what if you could just set a magic system in motion and it kept running without your direct everyday involvement


isnt that what robots are





neetblog just unveiled his warren




new minecraft server hop on


dont start posting tubies things are just getting heated




File: 1634095230912-0.png (812.43 KB, 3840x2160, smn.png)

File: 1634095230912-1.png (1.31 MB, 3840x2160, blm.png)

nice summoner and black mage leaks


am i NOT allowed making a single post



no youre NOT allowed




double virus dont click


there are two kinds of people


flakes starting to come off my nonstick pan hope theyre edible since ive been eating them



fire up a nice cast iron


hope you dont also use plastic


only play sam rdm and dnc


love the plastic meme



File: 1634095385438.jpg (28.54 KB, 500x281, plastic nee san.jpg)


wish it was a meme


it is


nice third world streetrat that you could probably buy as a sexslave for $100 and a donkey



which anime are we watching this season




none fuck anime


die fnorm


remove this teen


File: 1634095550344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 136.51 KB, 960x720, mud3.jpg)




someone save him


me trapped in the shiterealm


i am in a world of shite


wish i had worshipers to give me $1000 a month while i tard out in the mud


feels like a raid today


it does


should have thought of that before becoming a nopersona


extra cel spam and the single post they immediately got upset




wish i was the kind of persona people liked


in what universe is cel spam a raid


this one where its isolated to weekends and a few hours after you get off work


cant believe this is the timeline i go er in


NOT the cel spammer but hes been doing it for 6 years its hardly a raid


love getting drunk and posting norm garbage all over hima


is that a real minecraft server


File: 1634095982873.png (583.56 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)


what single post



the single cham post




made fried rice


other times its been a single lamy playing diablo 2 post


the groaner


only trucel on hima


File: 1634096089000.png (3.42 MB, 3840x2160, brd.png)



NOT true i havent gotten laid in nearly a year


platinum end is good too nice season so far


die mmonorm


i get laid several times a day or at least thats what my bone thinks hehe stupid bastard has no idea


he knows


never been rejected by a woman








thinkin about becoming a pedcel


theyre making vegan spam


i dont recommend it


gv spam was NOT so bad


same just ignored for the rest of the school year without ever speaking again


bards changes arent that interesting two new skills and they just extend existing things


File: 1634096483928.jpg (767.01 KB, 1480x1974, 90570046_p0.jpg)


mom took us to a restaurant once the bards started playing too loud they should nerf that



always answered questions in class and asked good questions and was generally known by people but i had no close friends neither particularly liked or disliked


nerf this


feelio mom took me to the local posh nosh and arsked for a plate of anal puckerings but was given plum roast duck so i hopped up off me chair an shat all over it

my compliments to the jan LMAOOOOO


far too mentally retarded to answer or ask just daydreamed until i could go home and game


only spoke in classes with participation points


you were supposed to skip grades and graduate early


barely showed up to school and everyone thought i was a retard but got the highest score on the last grade practice for the state standardized test didnt bother to show up for the grading but next time i did all the nerds and the teacher were sucking me off about how did i do it




graduated a year early


love how everyone on hima is a genius but lazy


who else would end up on hima


same only in verbal though


gamers and otaku culture enthusiasts


wish i was otacool


i was a good kid up until i left elementary school i probably could have been a successful norm if i hadnt gone to an 85% nigger middle school in the ghetto


File: 1634096744007.png (3.3 MB, 3840x2160, dnc.png)


wish i was enthusiastic about video games and otaku culture


doubt it


where the flip is the dread stream


glad my school was only 30% nigger


File: 1634096784161.png (670.3 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)





regale us with some nig tales


only play smn and they ruined it


uhh ruined it are you joking


what happened to smn i didnt click because i dont play it


uh everything is just going to be pressing 2 buttons like phoenix


oh it got bardified


havent played a platformer in a while


mom wanted to move me up a grade as a kid but she backed out because she didnt want me around older kids that would be Driving


stop watching toddler videos


sight at least it looks cool



made good grades and was decently social before my single mother went insane the divorce happened and bro and i watched the same two pokemon and flinstones videos countless times until the niggers stole the vcr and social services made us live with gran went back there once and mom had drawn all over the walls


the toddlebros


dont talk about toddlers we cant afford to lose any more posters


cant play any double weave job because of latency sigh


sexy little babies


sorry to hear that


did i tell you guys some nigger stole my converter




why didnt you shoot him


NOThing to talk about besides typical nig stuff you know like nig teachers passing nig students by any means necessary nigs fighting with teachers and each other nigs who lived nearby murdering people and triggering school lockdowns and who could forget the special education nig part of the school that we werent allowed in that had baby toys and tard toys


should we make a hima fc for endwalker


we tried the hima linkshell already no one logged on after the first conversation


i join one then never talk to anyone maybe join maps one time then leave for the expansion


glad i didnt go to hs


moved to a highschool that had maybe 12 nigs total and since they were heavily outnumbered by the other races they couldnt chimp out and were almost all nice people


id join the linkshell do we have to be on the same data center


simply fire up xivalexander


would join the hima fc but the only hima players who are actually good at the game are on balmung and its transfer locked


File: 1634097231817.png (540.77 KB, 927x927, Hima_logo.png)


id transfer somewhere


was thinking about that the other day and got sickened again


im on sargatanas but i only have dps jobs levelled


they traced a salonella outbreak to colorado seafood


i only have bard and sam unlocked and fisher hehe


watched the forensic files ep about the jack in the box ecoli outbreak the otherday its one of me favs hehe


File: 1634097336921.jpg (299.85 KB, 629x1000, 45754392_p0.jpg)


tarded out and learned corean in 5 minutes


can you transfer anywhere right now


why would there be seafood in colorado


only play on asmon servers


where was the stream


it says you can transfer to crystal right now its set to preferred


the time has come


NOThing bad ever happened to me but i became overly conceited since i could pass every easy niggerized class with my eyes closed and i felt some urge to answer and ask questions for the sake of the tardniggers and the teachers usually thanked me for doing their flipping jobs




can you be an fc just being on the same datacentre now i havent played much since the changes


NOT sure what happens to my apartment if i transfer


nice north american pavement ape researcher


File: 1634097688833.jpg (576 KB, 2009x1495, 1634096127650.jpg)

sigh avril why


NOT sure about that i havent played too much since the world and dc changes


just your standard white woman


thought this meme was recent but its actually 7 years old sigh


pretty sure you need to be on the same server NOT just dc to make an fc


might fire up some pripara in his honor


he hated pripara


the most useless obnoxious disease ridden plumper has more value than every hima poster put together


need an obnoxious disease ridden plumper to flip


looks like you have to be on the same home world to make a fc we have time lets wait and see if anyone is interested


File: 1634098060809.gif (4.66 MB, 600x338, 84630220386b.gif)


shes blimping out


is there any worlds with housing available


nice polnorm


id join the hima static but dont want you guys hearing my voice


none of us could handle voice thats ok


cant voice because i have NOThing to say


love getting on videochat shooting the shit with my himabros


got the snooze banner


NOT into getting voicemogged by nb and the like


sometimes get drunk and take liberties with my wow guild on voice chat


wish gridania was the main hub


play a nice miqote girl with limsa as my home city


sigh NOThing more magical than starting in gridania


its gotta be limsa


play a higherlander with a cool bow




the hima static is one man character and 7 sexy girls


canNOT follow the conversation guess ill go lie down


wish i could have been like ross


wish the antialiasing wasnt so bad in ffxiv


never playing ffxiv again its boring as flip


even blimping out to an extreme degree i never managed to become a true fat


levelling is boring max level is fun if you do hard content


everything is boring as flip because we were supposed to be grinding normskills in rl


like what


does anyone want to see a picture of my apartment


love grinding my can stacking skills




i dont know woodworking or some shite


only normskill i ground was Driving and even after numerous trackdays i still dont feel like i could be considered good


File: 1634099445043.jpg (655.41 KB, 2580x1080, 1234124124214.jpg)


nice tied for second place as biggest norm insisting hes nonfunctional


love norming it up down at the tracks crack open a few buds with the bros and rev my engine


dad grinds the track every weekend wonder if hed beat you in a race last time i saw him we saw a carrerra and i told him my friend used to own a 944


i have this playing as the bgm


also he sold his 86 and bought a new m3 NOT sure if i posted about it


i dont know the evo is pretty much cheating usually the only ones that end up being faster on a medium to large track are rich old guys in 1le zl1s and higher spec porsches and c7s with sticky tires

i never claimed to be retarded
who am i tied with


normseki obviously


mechanic complimented my car when i went in for an inspection NOT sure if he was being sarcastic or just buttering me up so i go back


normseki is number one


thought that was freak


every time he Drives he dominates the track


hes tied for second because hes only been allowed to flip after paying


gonno need a graph of hima powerlevels


according to dad he wins everytime pretty much also two weeks after he sold his 86 the engine caught fire when the guy he sold it two was on the track told him something similar happened to the retard my friend sold his 944 to




carnorm dadnorm hours time to rope


how can i be tied for 2nd with an escortcel thats bs and if you bring up the massage thing that was an accident i could barely get it up and i didnt so much as get to see a vagina


the hj unironically makes you more norm because she did it for free


gonno explore eorzea


how can i be cel ive only had sex once


i think the implication is you pay for it i didnt go in there knowing it was that kind of place i just wanted a regular massage but was scared to back out because i didnt want to look like a virg


youll find me leaning against the wall of the ul'dah adventurers guild looking dark and mysterious


nah normally even in those places you have to tell her you want one she just liked the look of you and you jbwed your way into a happy ending


ill be at a table in the carline canopy thinking the hima fc


im back got some snacks and gsnapjuice


did they finally restock


sigh the himacoin


are you a fukitty


whatever im defiantly NOT tied with a damned escortcel when my penis has never touched a vagina


a woman willingly stroked you off because your muscles turned her on compared to paying some chink to let him stick it in even though she was disgusted the whole time


no im a cool highlander woman with a cool bow


thinking of that vid again


which one


File: 1634100418368.mp4 (1.02 MB, tongue.mp4)



been thinking about escortceling with that girl from highschool who became a prostitute


i dont care if you call me failed norm or whatever because i did try to find something redeeming about this shite world but to put me on the same level as a dirty escortcel is inexcusable





wish i could meet up with the southeast united states bros but just one more torment this world has thrown at me is that im on aNOTher continent


come to durham


love the durham brothers


gonno grind my stats to the extreme if luck is ever favorable


wheres the metroid stream


youd get a mudhole stomped in you once they heard your funny accent


NOThin funny about the indonesian accent


heard american women get really horny when they hear my accent bet i wouldnt be cel there


im the biggest norm on hima


sigh hate getting to the southeastern meetup late and having all the norms roll coal and dump bottles of dip spit on me from their windows as they leave the parking lot


love rollin coal and dipping



i kneel


wish i had a big duramax being high off the ground is great


norm hours are running long today guess ill do some frontline no streams to watch either


its your time to shine


setting up the metroid stream


wait for nb to go to sleep hes being arrogant


need to start chewing nicotine gum to counteract the effects of the plastic its an aromatose inhibiter


how about a moderating hima stream



oh flip oh flip oh flip



wouldnt mind streaming dread but i dont know how


sigh been waiting for carnival subs all day


if wed used the witch blog this wouldnt have happened foolish gheednorms


dont think the teens even know what game gheed is from


gheeds feed n seed


pirated diablo 2 still havent opened it never played it


wouldnt mind playing ff with hima if it were free but im NOT gonno pay a subscription fee plus purchase a bunch of expansions for that boring game


hes from diablo 2


how would anyone NOT know what game hes from unless theyre a skipper


they only post on weekends and after work


its free up to a certain level basically a long trial


ready for the foreverbox


hima doesnt know about the secret cow level


gonno snooze


ya but the real raids or whatever theyre called are past that and there would be no point in playing with everybody without access to them


dont youll miss the stream


love hyper obscure games only a few people ever played like diablo 2


i own the game why would i watch a stream


weird how there havent been any actual raids since pnig left




uh theres a raid post on the last 100



highlight it


love checking the report queue and seeing that one of my posts got reported by both of the snitches





obs is NOT capturing the game properly only like 80% of the screen trying to fix it


rarely bother reporting


most reports are from nb


nice trips never reported either dont have time to waste on those clicks


reported a few posts today for the first time


tardlaughed hard as hell when pnig passed me the admin and i saw every single report was from nb


NOT every one is from him maybe 1/3


NOT that my reports matter i dont use discord


of the 25 in the queue 21 of them are from him




you dont understand


havent reported today and i do it regularly thanks for picking up the slack


got pissed when i saw pnig cleared my hundreds of reports of every single indentifiable momgf post with the reason ban this chink


cant report when i skip everything


love spamming the report box with suicide NOTes


promote the janblog


no you dont understand i play solo without watching vids or reading comments or guides or anything watching somebody else play would destroy the purity of my seminal play through


look where that got him


got something seminal for ya right here


ignore all of the reports because theyre usually just reporting one aNOTher but if theres an actual reason typed in i might look into it


ok gamer but im a watcher were from different worlds


should start reporting meself because most the posts getting reported are probably me


post here if something goes wrong with the stream


File: 1634102110488.jpg (2.75 KB, 92x34, reason.jpg)

very compelling


use teen as the reason a lot


thought norm hours couldnt get worse now its meta hours


i check the reports like three times a year i just skim the reasons and delete all reports by ip until theres zero like my spam mailbox


uhh this isnt touhou phantasm dream


crying thank you so much


dont worry gheed is a vtuber as far as these norms know too


streams down neetblog reported it


never played a normtroid game never owned a nintendo system other than gbc never will


down for me too


File: 1634102257355.mp4 (156.52 KB, cool.mp4)


i check the reports once a week and ban or dismiss them all thats why theyre always cleared


wheres the cam and mic


i think it works


think it only clears them for you i have 197 right now


metroid is neat its mostly just wandering around lost in a big cave system looking for upgrades and the next boss its defiantly NOT hard or an unmissable experience though


raged opening that webm then raged again opening the stream and hearing the webm


it clears them for me too i only have 25 and ive never cleared them


dread is completely different


what is this the flipping jan convention


NOThin wrong with a little transparent moderation better than the alternative


there are 6 jans hima is the first imageboard with more jans than regular users


the cord must be down


take it to the sb


no wonder cord controls all discussion and jp posters get banned


theres 3 jans one admin and 6 other posters by my reckoning


going to stream some post histories


hate transparency everyone should learn from paste otamin


should do that but read them out loud deadpan


yeah the shitemin does such a great job better to have the jans be regular posters than some freak in an ivory tower


otamin is a coward with no friends


gambled and lost


sigh hes just like me


farted as that post appeared


i like to think otamin is my friend since hes allowed me to steam the idolcels for years and unbanned me quickly after the accident


feels closer to 2011 jp to me with the ndj banning any otaku culture posts


otamin has friends on mero sometimes he forgets to turn off his italian flag before he posts there


ota stinks


remember when otamin kept posting here but he quit cause i kept calling him nonwhite


he posted a picture of venice once


sigh aria


respect pnig more than otamin at least he wasnt an evola reading racist


evola is nice


gonno fullscreen and watch from bed my headphone cable is nowhere near long enough though


File: 1634102935334.png (89.38 KB, 525x840, 1351834336487.png)


sigh reported all those posts for NOThing


hope nobody rages too much at me being stuck in this part


you cant talk about the otamin like that we have an alliance


time to show these norms whos king


File: 1634103132396.png (23.68 KB, 400x400, 1349862319835.png)

here you can use this for them


cracks me the hell up that otamin tried to roll with the hima crew but couldnt hack it


it said to charge the flippin beam


got your charged beam hangin


very few posts are actually that bad on hima lately usually just whining about otaku culture the person does NOT like themselves


nah the posts tonight were pretty bad


NOT that you can post it anymore looking at the ban list


vroasts arent otaku culture




posted bad on purpose as a joke


i cant change it before destroying the plating


they are


im NOT laughing joker


they arent


uhhhhhhh the foid is usually japanese that makes it otaku culture


they are


thats okay the jokes were for my own amusement dont give a flying flip about anyone else


theyre about as impactful as any major development in otaku culture just look at the circle count


looks like janny went through the last 3 threads and banned some tubies but no actions tonight
absolutely steamed


if you want to spam vtubers go back to gnfos its the dedicated teentuber spinoff


want me to take action bitch because i will


youre gonno get it this time


never made a single post there i only post here


cant say the same for you im sure youre on that board daily


you made me look like a gods damned liar


sorry for being garbage at this believe it or NOT this is the fourth robot im facing


ban the tubeteens show no mercy


what the flip


lets post the post history of the ones banned yesterday and let everybody on hima decide for themselves if the bans were good or NOT how about that


let me think about it

nah this isnt a democracy


cant even tell whats going on it looks like you keep failing a qte


he has to do a certain amount of damage to the head with that spray gun then he destroys the head with a charged up beam that takes forever


theres a qte if you get grabbed but i fail it every time


the qte is NOT meant to be beatable its semi random and only a desperate move i have to shoot that face plate until it breaks and then charge a shot and destroy it


figures the game tells you that you dont have a chance to beat it at the start


would be sillier to have them actually use staff ids so it would be clear its all the same jan


oh flip he did the qte


File: 1634104353025.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 407.63 KB, 546x772, 1525521971694.jpeg)


bullets are barely hitting once he reaches the straight part


four qtes in a row hehe


all other robots had platforms that lined perfectly with their faces and i beat most on first try this one doesnt


glad im NOT a jan everyone would be banned


the area flipping sucks


is something wrong with his control stick this seems way too hard to keep the bullets aimed


wish i could watch other people play video games


something is happening when he aims


oh ya im playing with dpad stick is broken


File: 1634104555564.png (3.03 MB, 1256x20360, history.png)

didnt ban him because i never ban actual posters but here you go see what you think


uhhh thats a vpn those are probably like 5 different posters


love vpneye


how can you tell


wonder if one of my posts is in there


his early posts are pretty good but then he started vtube spamming so i can see why he got the hammer


what the flip


File: 1634104757230.png (440.18 KB, 775x641, beam.png)


its the guy that worked finance figures hed regress to a tubespammer


what about 104 and 174.206


the ips are removed and all of the non vtube posts are from more than a year ago whats the issue


jan is just a norm that takes his anger out on hima every few weeks


what percent of posts are vtuber related in comparison to hours of actual norm ports


dont care enough to edit the screenshots but its pretty much the same NOT sure why they got banned


is it a vpn or did he stop posting


you tards arent looking at the post dates


maybe he took a long break


probably 50 a day so maybe 5 to 10 percent but it all happens in the middle of the night so jan wakes up for his normjob opens hima and sees a wall of it and the rage begins


ya dont know how to progress with a broken stick





think you have enough time to charge it at the end of the long room


ya this thread has less than 20 including people complaining and posts replying


my post history is way more norm than they guys who get banned


damn that was close


gonno rage


the closest you got was on the hanging section




was progressing so fast and beating bosses in one or two tries and now im stuck sigh


wish i had the patience to watch a stream but i just listen to country music and post trash on hima instead


youre a part of the drinking class


just learn to leave the stream on monitor 2 unless youre actively chatting there isnt a lot to focus on


only have one monitor


how the flip did you manage to aim a charged shot for the other ones


post some nice country music


damn it that was so close


oh flip thats close


dont get this over the shoulder shite just make it a first person toggle like revengeance


its cinematic


its just one shot so you can take your time lock your aim and wait for it to walk into where youre aiming its easier



doesnt its armor grow back in seconds


after its broken the part thats vulnerable to charge shots gets exposed forever


atrazine vaccines and microplastics turned me into a feminized low test autistic manbaby




dont think so


damn it that was super close again


just a neurotic antisocial tubie manbaby that was raised in a hospital due to illness and developed no social skills whatsoever




what are we going to do


play ffxiv together and journey to the moon and post on hima while sitting at a table together in the carline canopy


holy flip youre one shot away


its over for us isnt it


it isnt NOT as long as we can game


hate the stream posters keep it in the twitch chat


im cheering him on


dont have an account and if i did i still wouldnt use it


havent been able to focus enough to truly enjoy gaming in a decade


this is the run




there are spots where theyre all lining up but you move the stream upwards dont flail when he gets to the ledge


save the animals


love animals


told big bro a joke about getting banned from gdq after he said wow like owen wilson today


wish i had an aniki to rough house with




aniki molested me when we were kids so now our relationship is strained he likes sending me simpsons memes though


what the hell


what do you mean what the hell never been shy about posting that my brother molested me and made me suck him off


nice shotaseki


i must have skipped it every time or too stupid to remember sorry


wish i was seki at least then id have a cool ass name


NOThin wrong with the occasional broslurp


this section might be impossible without a proper analog stick


dont blame him if id been the older brother i probably would have molested too knowing how horny i was as a teen


its gonno be damn near impossible to pull off


no one said being a gamer was easy


all other emmis had sections of the map that you could align yourself to and just shoot without having to aim


what about keyboard


never felt the urge to sexually abuse my siblings but it makes me glad i was the older sibling just in case he wouldnt honor the same


mine was murdered dont like posting about siblings that might be why i skipped




if only


nb absorbed his twin sister in the womb


think he feels worse about the molesting than i do boys will be boys after all who gives a hoot were still bros


can you hang on to the rail and shoot while turned around


love when snapbro sends me a nice sneed meme


damn all of that damage was before the halfway



how old were you when the snap happened


it continued from when i was 6 to about when i was 10 and he was 4 years older than me towards the end had to suck him off til he finished regularly but he never flipped my ass


thats actually so close


boys will be boys


its natural


no only regular shots come out ill show you


thats weird why didnt you complain did you actually enjoy it


actually i told mom but she didnt really do anything dont know what i would have done in her position either


dont think i would have understood until i was 15 or 16


its slurp or be slurped


are you a foreigner i cant imagine this happening in america


look at the sexual assault rates of course it happens in america


starting to feel rejected because no one has ever wanted me to slurp them


what the flips wrong with your mom


pretty sure it happens in america but from my position youre the foreigner


didnt those flipping japs playtest


was made by a spanish studio


hes asian things work differently over there remember the meme about japanese mothers fellating their sons so they will be inclined to make good grades his mom was probably happy that his younger brother could do the work


she tried to seperate us but every time it happened he would say 'we were just wrestling' and mom would say its awful quiet for wrestling but there was no proof im NOT asian also asshole im white


so like
are you good at it like thad got in prison
theres an opening in the mansion


dont make fun of it he was abused idiot


turts getting awfully excited talking about being forced to suck a dick against his will


would rather be sexually abused than a chink


i dont remember but probably NOT


hope you dont also have a sister otherwise your bro is a faguette


told you the foreigners are weird


i wish


if i had a sis things wouldnt have ended up like this


its NOT turt


going to taco bell gonno try to post my tuber embeds with more coherent vpn use to the rest of my history so the one he posted doesnt happen again




my history is worse dont worry





love star wars was playing star wars squadrons and flying around in a tie fighter


sigh if we used the witchblog it wouldnt have died


ill stream again if i ever managed to get past this part






ill get stuck here for hours until i get lucky youre mean to be able to beat it on your first try its NOT a boss or anything its trivial




good work


guess ill snooze


going to bed too


no dont we can post


ill post in 8 hours my arm hurts and im sleepy


bastard how dare you abandon us now


think the only thing worth sticking around for would be if you won a fat lottery


bored no snacks no blogs



mom wants me to go to the store with her tomorrow havent in a long time dont want to have to start doing it again but shes always raging about being unable to lift any bags over a few pounds and having to ask strangers to help her gonno at least try to get some neet treats out of it


File: 1634110449260.png (413.14 KB, 407x607, pizza.png)




guess ill snooze too


think she said she was going to costco so its hard to convince her to get multiple things NOT on the list because theyre all expensive


get some nice kirkland scotch


are the raid hours over that was rough


File: 1634113086966.jpg (21.32 KB, 407x405, 1Foul-Bachelor-Frog-life-blast-it-with-piss.jpg)


a nice jannyraid from the scord


something has been beeping outside for hours its maddening


the roomba is in agony


go check it out


wish i could reset my sleep schedule


i beat the flipping robot hima only took me a thousand hours but its done


youre a gamer you flipping game hell ya


hehe gonno take a break now thats enough gaming


woke up from a big nap


nice bignap



thats a ban


gotta love ollie


no you dont trust me


nice chama mspaint



these guys are tards


sigh dead hours


im here just you know


theyre NOT tards they keep it real the fgc is raw


dont think theres anything more stupid and norm than the fgc


lowtiergod is literally me


this the low


File: 1634123232631.png (1.57 MB, 1286x1768, 3z7xizdbvv651.png)


dont think a girl has ever been good at a video game


thats NOT true


ars is good at minecraft


anyone can be good at minecraft


uyuyuyu is good at tekken


okayu can do backwards long jumps thats pretty hard


real gamer


suisei is maybe NOT good but an autist that hates losing enough to get good at some games


tarded out and spent two and a half hours gaming starting at 4 am moms gonno be raging me awake yet again


tell mom its my fault and my posts kept you up


File: 1634125020199.png (40.76 KB, 303x474, 1527216760935.png)


who the flip is reallaw know everybody in this vid by name besides that guy


ate some burgs


are peds born or created




theyre pasted


woke up missed the stream sigh


apparently just some guy that got owned at 1 tekken tournament 5 years ago tekken is total normshite i stick to blazblue


its guilty gear for me


sigh need to change my ip after every post now that were posting post histories


no need to sigh


we are NOT


he loved posting post histories


dont worry the one be posted is a vpn thats me and probably 4 other people


nice vpntubie


couldnt get into blazblue or guilty gear but under night was really easy to reach a competent level in feel like the execution barrier in under night is much lower wonder if meltys the same since same dev


woke up at 6am to pee and mom was awake NOT sure if they pulled an all nighter or woke up early


old melty is much easier than uni since all the best characters are tardproof NOT sure about new melty



sigh wish mio was my mom


shed get you neutered like tawa


i trust her judgement


how is c roa tardproof i cant set up traps and trigger them properly


you probably tried the older guilty gears the new one is the easiest fg ever made


sigh roa


ya havent tried strive yet only tried xx accent core and xrd rev


hehe yashiro was teaching claire mtg and he said that teferi is strong and she said he seems strong in basketball hehe


tired taking some caffeine to wake up


got 3 streams open all with sound on


the teen exodia


File: 1634127706279.png (578.84 KB, 726x1019, 91211842_p0.png)


close them all and watch this


solves the pear problem hima gonno eat two bananas every day until the bunch is depleted and by then the pears will probably be ripe switch to two pears a day its optimal fruit efficiency


thats ingenious youre a fruit savant


uh they also become overripe quickly its a short window


this surgeon game is flipping weird would assume theyre just playing gmod if it didnt tell me


File: 1634128667632.jpg (173.26 KB, 1200x930, FBhShIdVcAAvdXM.jpg)


remember the surgeon is inspired


refuse to listen to the endwalker bgm before release


best type lumina player is a girl


this generation belongs to the foids


foids are clearly NOT cut out for surgery bob died again


File: 1634130062858.jpg (Spoiler Image, 167.17 KB, 825x1100, FBlL_KoUcAQQY46.jpg)


love that artist need a nice unspoiler to share with others



think ill quit porn


generation f


generation simp



hehe the pinoy explained it


File: 1634133546805.jpg (133.1 KB, 652x887, 89471029_p2.jpg)


kitty want flip


my gamer back is hurting bad


time for the opioid pain meds


File: 1634136290969.jpg (1.39 MB, 1227x1640, referral.jpg)


love slaving for pennies


File: 1634136518816-0.jpg (821.67 KB, 3000x2250, 20211003_120048.jpg)

File: 1634136518816-1.jpg (1.56 MB, 3000x4000, 20211003_120052.jpg)


wish to join the herd


started to get mild pain while typing because fingernails were too long cut them today


love propaganda in the form of memes


those arent memes theyre pre millenial cultural refs probably cooked up by a 50yo childless woman


nigger women with government jobs are somehow able to type with inch long fingernails whats your problem


File: 1634141644818.jpg (85.79 KB, 670x503, 1634139369492.jpg)


saw a 20 year old woman with pigtails last month




microsoft says i have to enable tpm 2


whats that


she was blonde sitting at a restaurant outdoor seating felt it was NOTable because usually only saw pigtails on images of children


i dont know it just says i dont have it


pigtails arent that great on irl foids


the womanchild


why are you trying to update to windows 11


mom used to do the pigtails thing in her 20s when she got the drinking while in a mood stepdad hated when she did that


im NOT thats the error it shows me in windows update


used to be scared of linux because many games did NOT work with it but now barely game at all anymore


just ignore it theyre trying to trick you into installing windows 11


NOThing tricky 11 is damn good



im using intel thats ok


File: 1634143072587.jpg (1.08 MB, 2379x2696, undefined - Imgur.jpg)

love pigtails


dont start posting now guys im about to snooze can we wait 8 hours


i just woke up though


go back to sleep then


chams stream later is learning about dinosaurs with dinosaur picture books


thats nice but ill be watching the nijis play phasmo


ill be watching pornographs while i wrap my mitts around my cock and stroke off


three big fat wastes of time


no need to be so crude




bastards next door mowed so that means i have to mow because its apparent


love mowing


then you do it


i would if i could


never mowed


youre missing out


scared of lawn mowers


its hot and loud and there are bugs


love bugs




like to look at pictures of and think about bugs dont like it when theyre alive near me hm kind of like foids


dropped a cracker on the floor 2 weeks ago the ants ignored it dropped a single half peanut yesterday morning the ants swarmed



hate bugs theyre always flying at me or crawling on me or making noises just flip off somewhere else


pasted bugs steam the norms


File: 1634144212164.jpg (3.92 MB, 4769x4350, 1634134471379.jpg)

why didnt you have any character development


the demiurge is a far crueler author than some dumb jap




house centipedes are predators they even kill cockroaches


im less admirable than a bug


think ive got leprosy


thats just tism


remembering that gif of shimakaze saying poor girls got the tism




the sexy boat


how can a boat be sexy what are you talking about


the birlboat


shimaotaku culture


demos out for monster hunter rise lets all be friends with dog companions and explore the world of monhun


ill pass


monster hunter hasnt been good since 4g


mom bought arbys


world was really fun and iceborne was too still remember my days in seliana


never ate arbys is it good


the fries are curly thats cool


get some beef n cheddars with horsey sauce


arbys tastes as good as any other fast food but you dont get much for the cost only go there very rarely


the discerning eater




get some arbys


its 50 km away


get some raising canes


time for a Drive then


i cant drive i dont have a license or car id just get myself killed


just head to the nearest cook out


havent been in awhile NOThing better than a whole pig on a spit


sister went to a hog roast when she was a teen then later she went vegan


never been to southern style bbq if i had maybe things wouldnt have turned out this way


sigh moms sending me to the leprosarium


sometimes drive by signs saying hog roast this weekend wonder if anyone can just show up or if you need to be part of their club


why would they publicly advertise their hog roast if they didnt want you to come


would never go to that


maybe theyre just trying to steam the vegeterians


feel bad for the piggers only meat animal i respect


love some nice steamed veggies


is anyone that pointlessly aggressive


i the aggroblog am even moreso


mom loves steamed no do NOT like it always do my vegetables in the skillet or toaster oven


wish i was smart enough for the toaster


dont have a skillet or a toaster oven


theyre my basic cooking equipment use them every day


all ive got is a frying pan and a convection oven whats even the point of being alive


have a convection oven but never use it


its good for cooking


tried using the oven once but smoke went everywhere havent touched it since


File: 1634147613233.jpg (56.64 KB, 853x480, untitled.jpg)


need to teach a sexy girl how to cook


friends sexy ladiesis used to love baking with me


if i had a friends sexy ladiesis who loved baking with me things wouldnt have turned out like this




NOT leaving the thread to look


its a good one youll like it



File: 1634148030270.jpg (135.31 KB, 800x800, 1343389970960.jpg)


mom started ynajing just gave her a wry smile and walked away


basted wryguy


learned its best NOT to engage mom when shes like that theres no reasoning with her


File: 1634148674743.gif (253.66 KB, 498x228, ynaj.gif)




wish pizza hut wasnt gross


just make your own pizza


why were there so many pizza hut ads in anime anyway


never ate pizza hut how does it measure up


its oily and disgusting


what about papa johns


stopped eating papa johns every time i had gross pizza sweats


how about dominos is that good


never ate dominos ever since i saw this



dominos is fine it doesnt do anything special doesnt do anything horrible just cheap pizza


what about little ceasars how does that rank


cheap and acceptable once a month at most and only if youre tardwalking and need a pizza


dominos pinches hard


they all sound shit guess ill stick with california pizza kitchen


anyone tried deep dish and dont post that one pic


File: 1634149949883.jpg (19.81 KB, 348x348, 1630895185976.jpg)

never had deep dish but mom made this two layer lasagna the other day and it was pretty good


sigh i said dont post that one pic and you posted it


didnt know that was the pic you meant sorry


thought you meant the ramsey meme pic


weird read that as post that one pic


you read what you wanted to read


read or read




sigh he loved that pic




he hated it


he loved cheese pizza


dont like cheese pizza that much its better with toppings


the pepelonis


hate toppings




you cant hate anchovies theyre delicious


cant tell if this is some kind of high level ped power talk or NOT


sigh theyre having so much fun wish i had a group of cute girls to game with


no more pizza


what the flip why didnt you link it earlier


en for norm


i was cooking sorry its gonno be a long stream though so dont worry


File: 1634150584935.png (1.27 MB, 1361x2591, 1634100474797.png)



what were ye cookin






hell ya


hate how that guy inserts comments about looking after his sick mother in literally every single chapter of every manga hes ever translated


yeah wish his mom would just die already


thought it was just an inside joke


dont wish that wish hed just keep it to himself


actually its a girl


in that case i wish theyd both die


i dont


bet shes cute id save her and her sick mother and we could talk about manga all day and id take care of her






i dont


stop it youre making me nervous next the blankers are going to start up


you dont what


medieval monks used to scribble off topic NOTes in the margins of books they copied or translated




they didnt beg for money in them


you dont know that




let it pour


was raining but it just stopped


File: 1634151431993.jpg (305.19 KB, 595x1954, marginalized.jpg)


theyre just like me




now its raining really hard im getting scared


they seem pretty based theyre also cel like me i think we could get along


i dont think theyd like me


thinking about how gran had a cat for several years then one day simply got fed up with her and drove her to a farm and tossed her out


bastard gran


what the flip your gran is a huge bitch


wish i could live on a catfarm


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pasted pastebin








File: 1634152253020.jpg (519.96 KB, 1687x949, 1615437006528.jpg)


pasted gran




https://hastebin.com/eruvubezib.yaml seki can you add filters for these words






nice gaysnap


hope he doesnt do anything sinister to that innocent child


the fact your mind went there proves youre a creep that needs to be leashed


leashed muzzled and confined to a incelcamp


theyre gonno play the blindfolded popsicle game


just look at her shes asking for it


is incelcamp going to be like that virg manga where they force you to flip old prostitutes


we can only hope


no its going to be a work camp where you hit rocks with pick axes for 12 hours a day


6 days a week with 1 day off heavily sedated


the leader of those resistance virgs living underground reminded me a little of myself


will never allow a vile harlot to sully my purity


feeling like a creep on a leash


hima pinches




i shall escort you to the door





flipping firestarter



will i get hacked if i install genshin impacts




ok thanks


yes wish i could play it but i dont have a spare device to place under ccp control


trust the ccp with my life


play it on your trusty ps4


starting to freak out NOT ready to go to the store if i do im gonno have to start doing it every week


i believe in you


thats a mistake


what do you mean


File: 1634154093334.mp4 (7.09 MB, kitty 1.mp4)


if you get scared just remember your himamates are cheering you on


dont post that guys stuff here its too exciting


i will always cheer a hima on


sigh shes beautiful


love you guys so much love all my himabros


more impressed by the quality of the render than turned on by the sexiness of the sex lady


guys arent supposed to say stuff like that to each other


stream it so it will be like your friends are all there cheering you on


you should want me dead and left in a ditch


say one thing for neetblog

say hes pasted


glad im NOT a femcel


its here


skipping all of these


sorry i dont care about norm relationship drama






gonno go lie down in bed and jack off


tardpacing moms gonno be home any minute


how about you suck my neetballs


present them


bluestacks keeps crashing gonno rage


File: 1634155509405.png (Spoiler Image, 449.93 KB, 627x950, 35.png)


phew would love to have those planted on my face


might become an otalad


why are you using bluestacks


all the other emulators are chinkshite


why emulate


why do you need to emulate


why are you emulating


need macros so i can let the game play itself


rise demo on steam anyone playing


what game whats bluestacks


die questionnorms


what question


disgaya rpg


dont have it in me to game any more just lie around jacking off to sexy girls


mom saw me playing disgaea when i was a teen and when she saw the sexy disgaea girl she took the belt to me and took away all my electronics


pwned by mom


sigh she was too late


File: 1634155957758.png (68.61 KB, 225x671, smirk.png)


wonder if you can flip prinnies


the wry smirk



That's awful, anon. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.


dont ever reply to me again norm


owned that norm


high five



nice memeing horn



wish i could play the hunting horn but my attention span means i can only play ds


hunting horn is gutted in rise youre better off NOT playing it


File: 1634157851505.jpg (289.6 KB, 1190x791, a.jpg)


only use top tier weapons


hey hima woke up gonno shower reheat some pasta read all posts check youtube and then maybe make some coffee


sigh hoodie that uncle gave to mom and mom gave to me is finally falling apart cant believe it lasted over a decade they dont make clothes like this anymore


why did the norms have to be so mean
i just wanted to to get by






File: 1634159514755.jpg (223.43 KB, 1794x2537, E-_q_JqVcAc1S-L.jpg)


would love to sniff


sigh washed my shirt yesterday and theres already a big stain on it


is it mustard


File: 1634159680375.png (361.04 KB, 636x461, sigh.png)

touched to netorare today


no its chili


File: 1634159702069.jpg (754.83 KB, 1196x1947, hey.jpg)




File: 1634160099388.png (566.7 KB, 741x627, sigh.png)


a lizard got in the house


kitty loves bringing in lizards




ban the teen


File: 1634161562701.jpg (437.76 KB, 1920x1080, [ASW] Heike Monogatari - 05 [1080p HEVC][A3A2A….jpg)


wallets missing looks like my homeless fantasy is becoming a reality


the japs probably swiped it off you when you werent looking theyre known for that



who would get that award on hima




one of the complainers


went outside to mow and the neighbor kids came out so i had to cancel the mission


saw a lot of middle aged men mowing lawns yesterday today it rained



who invited rudeguy




love spending my time telling people exactly how much i dont care about them


scientists studied bronze age european paleofeces and found that ancient peoples diet was highly fibrous carbohydrate rich supplemented with proteins from broad beans and occasionally with fruits nuts or animal food products





how do i get a job digging around dead peoples shite


follow the sources in that article to the lab that did the work and apply for a grad student position there


File: 1634165590842.png (964.09 KB, 840x1050, 92730113_p0.png)


her birthday was last month


wish shamiko was real


shes real in my heart


rice has been sitting in the cooker for some 54 hours wonder if its still safe to eat guess ill find out later


File: 1634165965273.webm (442.44 KB, 1280x720, 1566643757510.webm)


no way do NOT do it sometimes left the rice cooker soaking with a little water after cooking and it would smell bad after a couple days


itll be fine


me waking up from my coma and realizing the shiterealm was all just a crazed fever dream of a mazoku girl


two days is too much you should toss it


their wives yell at them and use the rain as an excuse to make them do it earlier


all of the mushroom jars are doing their best but two are really thriving


nice fungus cultivator


File: 1634166581288.jpg (1.95 MB, 3000x1818, 90159187_p0.jpg)


showed up to work and theres NOThing to do guess ill watch selens endurance stream


ill just fry it up with some eggs later the heat should kill anything growing



he ascended


you cant just oog to yuru yuris


File: 1634166757162.gif (2.38 MB, 1080x1080, 78955858_p0.gif)


need a nice no phtalate shampoo


die worknorm


wish to meet the entity that set my life on this path in order to mold me into this abominable form and kill it perhaps thats what it wanted all along


you mean mom


i use aveeno


it is the being that assigned mom to me and moms power is limited she holds no dominion outside


youre NOT supposed to use shampoo youre killing your natural oils thats how the body protects itself


NOT falling for the nopoo meme


its NOT a meme only poo before a cut


File: 1634167245887.jpg (464.77 KB, 1038x1500, 93415858_p0.jpg)


mom bought a 3 in 1 celpoo




post the lera and valensiya cooking gif


miss only having to wash hair twice a week when its short it gets greasy too fast




NOT falling for the neetcut meme NOT going to look like a mental patient


only cut it myself in front of the mirror


back from the store drew a target on my back for being one of the only ones without a mask on besides a literal retard and some fatlard that worked there got some good stuff but no blogs because mom didnt go the way i was expecting to get home


love putting on an ineffective cloth mask to protect myself from catching a cold


i know how uli feels i couldnt stop touching it and started freaking out because i was conscious of my breathing id love to have hidden me ugly mug but it wasnt worth it


hate masks hate my face feeling hot and damp hate fogging up my glasses hate how it never feels like its on right hate when i look closey at one and see tiny bits of detritus being able to cover my celface doesnt make it worth it ive been an ugly freak for decades NOT like im NOT used to the scorn




the mask stops you from spreading disease and saliva NOT from getting it washing your hands is what makes you NOT get it


ok so why would i give a single hoot if i spread disease to some dumb norm that doesnt wash their hands


if you dont you dont thats fine but the county cares when your icus are full


die norm


still went grocery shopping and to the gym maskless when i allegedly had covid one time started hacking up a bit and some guy turned around really fast to look at me i just looked back and did aNOTher set what are you gonno do about it chump


love catching covid from my time at the club and making sure to still hit the gym on the reg need to keep my body tight for the babes


welcome to neo neo neo hima teen norm central


mom found my wallet in the car but shes NOT gonno be home until after the store closes sigh was dead set on getting a bag of cookies and pigging out on some snacks while watching tv feeling really stressed out now that my plans have been altered i canNOT adapt to change


at least you dont have to deal with the anxiety from going to the store


File: 1634168733675.jpg (2.24 MB, 1769x1646, 93244550_p0.jpg)


always keep an emergency 20 for snacks


vile harlot


dont mind going to the store now that i have a debit card and can use the self checkout


mom had the gall to ynaj me today even though she owes me quite literally 25 grand and thats after the 3k she owed me years ago and i waved off because i knew id never see any of it


stopped buying snacks now if i want to snack gotta make something come to think of it still have some cracker dough in the fridge


why arent you using a credit card for the cash back


dont know how to get a credit card and its probably too much work anyway


love churning my credit cards for airline miles that ill never use


head ache


think im gonno use all my credit and NOT pay guess ill end up getting a drawing tablet after all hehe


never had a credit card too scared to walk into a bank and ask for one


hehe good idea forgot i had some overripe bananas might be a banana bread night


uh you dont walk into a bank you go to their site and put in your info and they mail it


gonno get a social credit card


love buying too many bananas putting the overripe ones in the freezer to make banana bread later then leaving them in for years till theyre blacker than the night


you can get them online these days


get them online what the flip do you NOT need to sign something


bank increased my credit limit from 3000 to 4200 today


bananas were often the source of arguments back when gran was around they would immediately disappear then mom would be taking some and giving them to me telling me to hide them in my room everyone would have a banana stash


hehe baste bananagran


the evolving banana meta


its rice and tofu night 3 hima cut my finger while cutting the red mini pepper it hurt but did NOT bleed


how did it NOT bleed if you cut it


do NOT know was expecting a bunch of blood so pressed on it preemptively but then there wasnt blood just pain


wonder if going to college rather than gaj would be better need to shut mom up its getting annoying


seki please pay for a hima realm hehe


going to college is way better than wageslaving i can go into deal if youd like


looking forward to the community college arc


deal or deal


is bedrock better than java now



ya please


bedrock will never be better its meant to be simpler if youre gonno play minecra it has to be java


there are games id want to play with my himabros cant say mc is one of them


why is it simpler