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love cashmogging all the good women into my palace harem only for a portal to a vast empty hellscape to open within it and transform them all into 9 foot demons that would rather disembowel you than flip






paste jerhyn


this is the blog


are you flipping serious


still dont understand timberborn my town is shite


watch my stream ill show you how a pro plays


threw some buffalo wings into the air fryer


wish i had one seems nice


turned the quality up to 720 and fullscreened it can see the beavers now


you should get one its tard friendly


im tard


nice beavers


nice no sound stream


got left behind


they need to do more to emphasize the beavers like make them bigger or display profile faces at the bottom when you click on them


too tard to follow whats happening in autism simulators




feel like playing stelaris now


is 25 minutes in the air fryer enough to cook buffalo wings or should i go for 30




buffalo are endangered you sick flip


grandma gave me bison burgers


im endangered


always wondered what a musk ox smells like


guess ill bathe


weird song


left behind


got left behind sigh why didnt anybody warn me the thread was ending


wasnt aware to warn


why did it have to end that way


only one of those autism builder games i could play for more than 20 minutes was dwarf fort and sim city 2000 as a kid i guess


dwarf fort is for smartnorms




nah its easy once you learn the basics


i only play adventure mode


never played adventure mode


File: 1633227094730.jpg (79.31 KB, 599x597, 71OMlMzuvBL._SL599_.jpg)

played this one




cracking some room temp ones


have to wait until tomorrow but then im gonno have a nice big binge


dork fort is really straightforward if you download an actual tileset even in fortress mode


we just have to get it all out of our systems by monday thats when october really starts



loved roller coaster tycoon 2


when are they releasing an online ver


why dont they put games in cereal boxes anymore


only ever play rct 1 because its the one i used to play as a kid loved everything about it selling umbrellas when it rained buying water decorations checking on my visitors hehe


control freak


loved picking up random people throwing them in the lake and watching em drown




might fire up chex quest



thought it was quiet no was simply abandoned


you got farted on too


hid that one


that last frozen pizza might NOT be safe


liked playing banished too damn good game


meant to play that when it came out


gonno grab a free strawberry milkshake then fire up pomu and some tales


lost a post to the void but it wasnt any good anyway


it wasnt meant to be


gonno wonder what that post was on my deathbed


gonno forget it by the time i go to bed


made a few posts on the mindhima sb


nah it was lame feel like i have to post it again just so no one thinks about it


post it or i wont be able to sleep at night


File: 1633229683141.jpg (978.1 KB, 1280x720, 1633206435992.jpg)

ye snooze ye lose


was that the post or was it just an unrelated one


never had yellow sperm


that was it


it wasnt as good as i imagined you should have kept it to yourself


thought it was cheese


like when the last posts are somehow related to the first post


finished the cheese i got yesterday that was supposed to last all week


love cheese


eat two pounds of cheese a week if NOT more




what do you mean free


uh haha


mom said too much cheese stops you from being able to leave a shite but ive never experienced that if anything it balances out the asspissing from the blogs


pasted subscriptions


shes uninformed


had a nice cheesy pizza for dinner


havent ate pizza in months


crying for you


can i buy you one


uh i could buy myself one if i wanted to it just hasnt come up maybe ill get some tomorrow


die fulfilled norm that doesnt need cancer causing processed meats and hormone injected sawdust cheese in his life


also havent had pizza in months been trying to NOT eat frozen processed food but too lazy to diy


tardlaughed at some 2018 posts


hate the processed meme


mikes gf is streaming


posted a thread in 2018 checked it out recently and surprised to see that nobody bullied me in it


read the room kid we dont give a fuck


had pizza today


cool it with the foul language


keep reading cheese as chinese


got something for you to read right here


might have to turn the ac back on showered a few hours ago and i can already smell myself while sitting still


now that you mention it i smell a bit pungent aswell


can smell me shitting myself


never had odor problems think its because i dont mess up my bodys natural processes with soap


showered yesterday so dont have bo but shirt smells musty


your smell skill is underleveled


the norms think you stink


uh no


uh yeah


dont have a sense of smell but mom always stinkshames me when i stink


one time mom said my room smells like a locker room and i said how would you know she gave me the fluoride stare


room smells like old cum and and beer


she must have heard that on tv or something but it probably does smell like a locker room youve got mansweat and spermreek in there along with piles of dirty clothes thats a locker room


sperm does NOT have a smell


she was offended you implied shes spent lots of time in male locker rooms getting flipped


dont know what my room smells like plenty of old cum and beer cans in here but i cant smell em


dont girls have locker rooms too


sperm your sheets twice a day for a week then smell em and tell me that


ya they smell like tuna


yea but they smell like roses and tulips


tardlaughing hard hima


whats so funny


moms had enough


rain is getting heavier holding kitty



wish it was raining here forecast says itll rain all week


thinkin about that post that onseki made about how hed turn around to check a piece of ass and turt wouldnt even NOTice it hehe




what kind of norm ogles a hags ass and chest in public


they were making him act up



chadseki can get away with shit like that
i had to learn a long time ago as a gentlecel that i am NOT allowed to look at females


stopped doing that after some norm followed me outside and beat me up for lookin at his daughter


sigh being ped is dangerous


we arent talking about infants in strollers here


you can look youll only get glared at if you get caught


never got caught for eyeing little girls with bad intents thank cunnilingus


so rare to see an attractive female in meatspace you can bet your ass ill be looking as much as i can




was surprised to see one of moms norms friends daughter was downstairs once after swimming she had a long shirt on with her bikini underneath and said hi to me walked to the fridge and ogled her briefly before going back upstairs


im pomu


she wanted a flip


one of moms norm friends teendaughters came over for thanksgiving when i was 16 or 17 there hasnt been a girl my age or younger in this house since


lil bro brings his gf over all the time and then theres sis and her friends from school


im puma


wish to lick sexy lady legs


the situation is so funny its like a comedy sketch you should go to nbc and pitch the idea for a show about incels


glad i dont have a lil bro to get mogged by


only ever licked a sexy lady foot


die footnorm


used to dislike feet but the footpeds have converted me over


whats with all these chad raiders looking at foids


actually mog lil bro in every aspect but neurotypical


didnt like them before because i associated them with my own footsmell


i dont look at them either


nice mentalcel cope


NOThing cope mentalcel theory is the most powerful


halo theory tops mentalcel cope


theyd turn it into a show about black people NOT being confident looking at white women because of racism





mogs me


well that kind of what it is since onseki jbwmogs me back to africa




movies NOT gonno be done downloading in time for pizza gonno have to watch something else


how about a nice book instead


i bet mom would have been happier with this mindless drooling chad than being stuck with me as a mostly functional but ugly freak


too weak to turn the pages


youre posting on hima youre NOT functional


that cant be right


hes NOT mindless hes just nonverbal


thought everyone else was just pretending to be tard as they work for their 6 digit salaries and hang out at the club


no if he was silently programming or drawing he would be nonverbal that guy is a literal tard that has NOThing going on in his head


nice cels in the comments


maybe hed think the same thing about you in his own way


that boy aint right


norms assumed i was tard because i was quiet but always mogged them when the teacher forced me to read a paragraph out loud


when people meet me for the first time they assume im either really stupid or actually mentally retarded think its because i dont talk much and i look stupid and ugly and dress like a retard


i dont meet new people


people assume im intelligent because the glasses+quiet combo


mom needs to go to bed asap so i can get that pizza


they instantly think im tard because of the way i walk


hate tardwalking


remember some girl at my school accusing me of being on drugs think she was confused by my autism


File: 1633233482644.webm (2.1 MB, 854x480, lean.webm)



always wore clothes mom bought me so i looked like a dumpy mommas boy


would be terrifyingly powerful if i was to go back in time to highschool knowing what i know now


used to get accused of smoking the devils lettuce in middle and high school


same but she bought me old raggy jeans and hoodies at the second hand store hehe


NOTiced today when i was dropping the floor mats and fumbling with the vacuum hose while cleaning the car at the car wash that im basically just as much of an uncoordinated retard as i was fifteen years ago


mom said i walk like a chimp thats been hit in the head with a hammer


any fashion tips


just dress like a nerd so everyone leaves you alone


mom thought gaming would sharpen my hand eye coordination and problem solving skills but im about as handfisted and clumsy as i was when i was a shota


wear walmart jeans and bulk pack shirts


you need some drip


uh meant hamfisted


mom made me play sports until i was like ten and it made no difference


doesnt help that big bro keeps giving me anime and video game graphic shirts for christmas and my birthday every year so thats mostly all i have


mom went to thrift stores in richnorm areas and got me nice clothes for cheap


pasted bro


she made me play little league baseball they put me out in left field when i wasnt warming the bench


File: 1633233954809.jpg (232.22 KB, 800x1130, 247678_0.jpg)



same but tennis was never good at it but having access to the tennis club was nice


were you one of the retards that would start crouching down and picking grass


wish mom wouldve made me play sports probably wouldve been a good football player


ya and used to stare off into the distance but i caught a ball once wasnt paying attention and it almost hit me in the face


the liquid form of cyanide boils at 26 celsius and gives of an almond odor but smelling it requires a gene missing in 40 percent of humans


sigh same


wanted to play football when i was 9 or so but mom wouldnt let me because it was too violent


File: 1633234202161.webm (6.05 MB, 1280x720, one shot.webm)


made some sand castles beside first base hehe


wish i was basted like aris


love wearing the my hero academia drip bro bought me


File: 1633234497316.jpg (120.55 KB, 1024x997, aris.jpg)


he gets me berserk and nge stuff usually dont think he goes for that teenshite and he knows i dont


was the smallest weakest boy growing up and got picked on for it now im jacked and have norms tell me how they dream of looking like me someday and the bullies from back then are all fat and bald and weak but i dont think ill feel better until i beat one to death in front of his family


can you beat me to death instead




File: 1633234858550.png (1.4 MB, 1920x1080, untitled.png)


once you get the opportunity to break one of them with your own hands all your anxiety and worries will instantly vanish trust me thats how it works


teenserk and tge


youll have to get in line behind me


wanted to play football when i was maybe 15 because i saw some pimple faced twig kid just like me with his jersey on and i had always thought you needed to be jacked but then i was too avoidant to send in any of the forms


lets play this game together hima seems fun


think thats one of those games where you have to pay hundreds of dollars for all the additions




stepdad tackled me once when tossing around the pigskin and i cried dont know what he thought would happen considering i weighed 50lbs


would rather stalk and murder an animal in real life because at least that way i could eat it if im gaming i want to hunt man


feast upon the flesh of freshly killed norm


i hunt man ass


the most dangerous game


File: 1633235368166.png (932.79 KB, 2039x2894, 93187753_p1.png)


7egg and spinach



why do the secondlife men always make themselves look the same


thats what norms think looks cool


lets meet up on second life when we wake up in 2006


thought we were meeting in falador


need to make myself look like that so my real life will begin


wasnt a paid tryhard were meeting in lumbridge


his voice shook a little once he mentioned the war because he knew he had ammo to use in making him rage


lets meet at the goblin house


were meeting at defqon1 2006


what about dreamhack


uhhh falador is f2p


never dreamed about when cut her wrist think must have ran to my bedroom while brother got emergency people did NOT save the memory well enough


cant change your respawn


found out that if you eat and NOT feel satisfied but wait a little longer youll feel satisfied rather than try eating again


always ate slow probably the only reason i didnt end up 300 plus pounds


thought about playing this game a few times now im bored enough think i might


get weirded out when i see monkeys move around and recognize seeing certain movements in humans



remembering that one rotoscoped idolmaster webm where she shambles around like a lanky boy also individually wrapped potato chips


post it then


for whatever reason the mudraces love torturing monkeys


thought all the baby monkey torture freaks were white


youd probably think less of monkeys if you were around them all your life and they were constantly running around and screeching and making a mess and stealing your things



uh do you think actual monkeys even exist outside of zoos in any white country


didnt think about that guess youre right


need to ascend and shed what remains of monkeyisms and ooging


im indonesian and i love monkeys


prove it


hima think living together in jp would be fun we could share rent live off of odd jobs and simply have a dang good time


why would anyone lie about that


feel uneasy around asians


gonno NOT work and never pay my share of rent


its time


guys its live


File: 1633238276544.webm (2.74 MB, 720x1072, 1632237569718.webm)

snackhaul run


its alright we will cover your share


is that a groundhog


that is a capybara


its a capybara


its clearly a big ol capybara



are they related to groundhogs


sigh puppetmastered by this expert ruseman


are we being raided


simply epic



i think were starting to get raided because hima is the only spinoff remaining that is active for 18 hours a day


thats why i mostly browse during the dead hours


uh browse


hima has been getting raided up the asshole 247 for years its over


found some burritos


can NOT find that idolmaster webm saw a broken link to it in an old archive said its 3 megs



sigh all the old webms mp4s mp3s gone with a snap of sekis fingers


downloaded a different movie and got the oven preheated this is wild neet night take two


going to stick nb in that thing


poor coon


im neety blogsville and welcome to neetass


stomach hurting worse now after eating that takeout burger and read theres a massive salmonella outbreak


coons are like half of a tanuki so i respect them


never read the news


gonno shower and drink some joe and game a little


love eating food prepared by minimum wage brown toilet hands then complaining about stomach pains


should i crack




hope seinfeld guy posts the one where the cook doesnt wash his hands after takin a shite


poppy got a little sloppy


that guys right dont bother unless youve got something to prove youre hours late to the party


hate when someone calls me that guy when im standing right there


hate when someone knows my name but i dont know theirs


ok gomen


youre NOT that guy pal


really hate when mom uses my name in the store and with her loud arrogant foidvoice she just ensured 6 nearby norms now know my name


flipping love crows



spicy ref


mom rarely uses my name hopefully because she knows it bothers me


what the flip is up with the sad music cant watch this crap


pizzas almost done firing up earthly rotation of the deceased


thats one of the benefits of having a common name


guess ill lay down


love planes love looking out the windows love feeling the takeoff gs love the humming sound love the orange juice and cookie love the excitement of the airport might go to indonesia


need to get blasted by a jet engine


sigh........... just feel so numb and canNOT feel you there


think ive become unstuck in time


guess ill snooze


more of a papercut than a numb type of guy


never flown


sigh late 80s early 2000s movies were so good things got really shitty after the iphone


down down in an earlier round


ban ban


you mena flied


File: 1633240339565.bmp (1.37 MB, ALCG0061.bmp)


recognize that filename format but NOT clicking


never flown flied flipped


File: 1633240465715.jpeg (215.66 KB, 800x600, d0dc1b95d28b1ee0a984c4e4ec2127c7.jpeg)


already got that cg


flew about 20 times its no big deal like getting an uber or train with extra steps


never touched uber couldnt pay me to download that


flew 9 or 10 times and its still fun and exciting


only flew once when mom made us flee the country but i was too young to retain that memory


might download ubereats and get a nice mcds feast


dont be a goy


kitty is snoozing under the blankie with me


uber eats is baste they always give me coupons and free vip subscriptions


dont live in coontown we dont have roaming gangs of illegal immigrants in minivans delivering fastfood door to door


already this late havent gamed this much in months guess its about time to sleep


damn good pizza hima




love watching tubers watch tuber vids


twerent none left just some hotsauce and extra buffalo cheese


came with ronis already on it though


why did the japs love kimetsu no yaiba so much


if theres one thing my time on the internet has taught me its that japs are flipping morons


you cant talk about the pasted japs like that


still havent watched or read


its an enjoyable read the best thing it has going for it is they didnt force the story to go on forever if anything they should have stretched out some parts more


guess ill stick it on the backlog get to it in 20 years if im still alive


love how they either finish an entire series within a few years or leave it going for decades without any ending


uh plenty of series dont fit either of those


crying for all those slanty eyed wageslaves reading the same series every week on the train for years and years only to get a garbage ending


name one


its the journey NOT the destination


new game just ended after an eight year run have you NOT seen all the posts


anything less than ten is within a few years


uh no thats NOT what a few means


cant believe aoba is a 26 year old virg


im talking neet years


ga ran for 11 years still miss it


shes just like me except her life is frozen in time for eternity and you can imagine that maybe she turned it all around


NOT to mention a channel of 12 years ending this year ill be missing them for a long time


die tween


uh im NOT 26 im saying i was and my life unfortunately continued


File: 1633242879394.jpg (56.54 KB, 720x540, 1633233716773.jpg)




i dont know its irredeemable garbage


might jerk n snooze


classic end to any neet night


dont do it dont defile your body you are better than this


NOThin defile


accidentally broke nojo earlier today already


its ok october starts on monday


NOT following some norm monthly meme had just wanted to save up a bit more


looking forward to nojo november


monthly meme what the flip arent new weeks and months the most significant changes in our lives






might have to hide all hima picembeds next month


in the first place would never go a month dry cant even go a week


get some productive hobbies to take your mind off yanking on your penis


its NOT that hard simply game


like what


sure ill just become a productive member of society its as simple as that


you dont even need to do anything productive just a modicum of willpower jod almost every day to internet porn for 20 years and did a month of nojo easily


i have no willpower




hurt my nipple


feel kind of out of it


same the 10 blogs may have something to do with it


this world is NOT right hima NOT right


File: 1633244756634.jpg (204.2 KB, 1148x760, abd0983870f7f4634e78bf2624bd4b90.jpg)


going to say goodbye to this kakera its doomed



never been able to get over that im NOT getting the average experience and am instead playing on some weird mode that 99% of people never do


nice schizoid mod


had a chance to grab the last blog but didnt take it might even try to snooze in a bit


File: 1633246323938.gif (1.38 MB, 540x404, 1633084449785.gif)


im just like osaka


im pomu


always wore a shirt to the pool sigh


NOThin wrong with that unless you went into the pool with it on and everyone saw your manbreasts through it


barely remember last time i went was probably 20 years ago


think i looked relatively normal until about 16 or 17 years ago



crying moms gonno be up my ass in like 6 hours and ill wake up say im getting up on instinct then keep snoozing until 3pm and get raged at for NOT helping her with some pointless chore



sigh hope she has a joable voice


any schizoids want to explain what the flip goes on inside their head


schizoid is just the antisocial part of autism without being tard think youre looking for schizophrenic or schizo as the norms call it


woke up did NOT sleep enough


best time to wake up its tubie primetime


youre right on time


feel feverish stomachs hurting eyes aching lips dry guess ill try to shower and make some coffee



cant wait to see him flip pikamee on stream every single day


shes saving herself for me


hima is boring right now think ill lie down in bed with my daki and talk to her


keep falling asleep in my chair while in the middle of doing something lately


nice dozer


the nodder


File: 1633263568403.png (4.42 MB, 1671x2304, 93199256_p0.png)



the keroberos sheep


you seein this pnig


food ranger is looking fat


File: 1633264717364.jpg (460.16 KB, 2000x1500, IMG_20211002_164211.jpg)

nice normshirts



why are japs watching assmongoloid


weird how changing filler abilities from 123 with flashy animations from 111 makes norms think xiv is more complicated





love killing chaos


made coffee had run out of the fancy beans so bought some bargain beans still turned out good guess it was the milk after all


why dont they just make a nice turn based ff game like the good ol days


thunderstorms again today but NOT until afternoon


File: 1633267056296.jpg (526.24 KB, 1092x1221, pic.jpg)

bh chinks


translate it


what game


nice asian tuberagers




what are they raging about


fubuki is voicing a new boss and they hate her


wish i could go back in time and assassinate steve jobs


did fbk say the t word


thank god the cancer got him


fbk stood up for coco and that was enough
chats get spammed just for collabing with her


they blocked kson from hosting tgs at the last second the chinks are flipping obsessed


the bugmen are unstoppable we cant beat them


botan is third on their shitlist too hope fbk can keep them away from her


what did botan do


visited botanical gardens with sister like 4 years ago saw an eagle


NOT even sure speak mandarin and canNOT pretend to understand this shite but its been bad since she did those xbox shill streams


arent all gardens botanical


sigh aNOTher tuber raid is gnfos down or something



used to think hanging garden was a garden where people were hanged


hanging gardens one of the seven wonders of the world


the mansion will have a roping garden right


right by the compost bin


the garden of sinners


wouldve played the new melty if ryougi shiki was in it


now its a type moon raid can everyone just stop having interests


is she NOT


NOT looking forward to having to haul a bloated 300lb neet corpse out to the compost bin as it releases gases and dribbles bodily fluids



my interests include worshiping female youtube personalities and clapping my hands as they make funny screams while their boyfriend sits in the back counting the superchat donations


are you me



File: 1633269489859.png (2.41 MB, 1829x2836, 93196398_p0.png)


File: 1633269504103.jpg (39.17 KB, 361x456, 1633268843680.jpg)


when they pass the donation bucket around and everyone clapped


right one reminds me of turt


hate going out without socks


despise seeing norms without socks dont want to see your gross feet


exclusively wore sandals as a kid


how are their hairlines so low


they dont have pathetic whiteoid genes


why are they so short


theres no evolutionary advantage to being tall


do you think its a fair trade they have shorter height but gain lower hairline


what about apple picking


rather have hair and be 5'10" than be 6'1" and be bald


hairs been growing out






mom made dad grow his hair out but did NOT fix his hairline its still basically a ring around the skull


cant take pics of myself




im vampire


File: 1633271463892.jpg (254.27 KB, 1000x711, 088089kd8.jpg)


NOT canon flip that NOT canon at all




heracles has 9 lives like okayu


gonno fatalsnap okayu


okayu is a plumper she cant fight


jinakos pretty strong despite plumpness


finishing sick of truth first half pinched but it picked up the combat is flipped


sick of the truth


simply unpill


File: 1633274161636.png (600.8 KB, 1200x1700, 93206349_p0.png)



2 tales games behind zesty pinched too hard


File: 1633275013482.ogg (3.6 MB, 02 Tanken no Susume.ogg)


File: 1633275049493.png (Spoiler Image, 516.19 KB, 1280x1280, 93203667_p1.png)


too pilled to exist on this planet never should have taken that second bite of the fruit of knowledge


stephen kings himasugi


im pomu




File: 1633278252293.jpg (724.33 KB, 1476x1992, 1633274289681.jpg)


what normazine did you get that from


uh it has the mag right in the image


File: 1633278689532.jpg (639.34 KB, 2034x2339, 93182182_p2.jpg)


woah hima hey got back from 8 mile run saw this girl wearing big pink legwarmer socks and a minnie mouse shirt


phew sexy sexy lady


nasty chink fish


gonno do some hima push ups


are hima push ups easier than girl push ups


theyre weighted


a bird started pecking my ac unit and squawking and it woke me up from my beauty nap


owned acnorm



NOThing worse than an ac norm


bh poors


love cranking up the ac and sitting in the kotatsu in summer


turned the ac on after my run today only because it was really humid just turned it off a moment ago


what are you running from


you know


made curry resisted the urge to eat the whole pot



rice is ready think it just might be time to game


good time to self actualize


made rice as well


woke up gonno read


read what


have some things im in the middle of reading but have NOT touched them in months even more things id like to read but havent touched at all wish i could read but brains been fried by the rectangle


the posts i was unconscious for


woke up showered dads making pasta


read essay on the meaning of the word green historically it has meant both good and evil



already saw the movie


File: 1633285006584.jpg (1001.42 KB, 1283x1642, 93208464_p0.jpg)


what the flip are you looking at


why is the thumbnail a black guy


is being that small normal


die dickmog


isnt the average 4


File: 1633285481973.jpg (102.42 KB, 1129x1200, FAxuukEVIAczBNC.jpg)


made milk tea gonno game


watching a normvie and a character is ridiculed for being 22 and still living with his mom


the norms


what normvie


free guy


says it came out just a few months ago what the flip isnt it normal to be that old and live with mom now


love watching the latest hollywood flicks keeping up the latest trends wouldnt want to be left behind in real life




its for gamers i have to watch it


its NOT


time to watch mushoku tensei


didnt watch that now its on the backlog


mom got indian food had some nice chicken tikka masala and garlic naan


pasta was great hima we opened a bottle of wine too weather is nice is cloudy and pleasant had a cappuccino for dessert gotta say love life when my anxiety induced episodes are NOT corroding my brain


pasta wine cappuccino nice flipping italiano


NOThing better hima


watch it right the flip now




mom was making grilled cheesers when i went down had one and drank a bunch of cawfee and lemonade


did angry joe review it yet


done reading now gonno watch some vids


what vids


remember to post your favorite screens


confusing when they title the following seasons with incremented numbers instead of starting from 1 again


linus trevor paolo and some other stuff


remember to NOT post any screens


mom mentioned 3 times that she got up at 6am like its the most impressive thing in the world had to remind her that for most working people they get up around that time for decades NOT everyone lies in bed until 12 or 1 pm and retires to their room at 7pm like she does


nice neetmom


wish i was as motherflippin nice as the niceblog


all these people are walking around outside without umbrellas in the rain


they arent made of sugar


sugar and spice


where do japs get the idea that all fantasy rpg characters go to guild halls to collect quests cant think of a single game like that besides monster hunter


i know there are games where it happens but NOT where thats the whole game




kitty is snoozing on my lap


pet that kitty


File: 1633291252874.png (848.74 KB, 1280x720, untitled.png)

and everything nice




only japs are scared to do that


seconding that die and gth


guess theyve just obsessed with mmos for like twenty years i miss when they just stole everything from d&d ultima and wizardry


my mushroom spores came they are very cute




live norm


think saying live on hima is ruder than saying die


File: 1633292001099.webm (1.9 MB, 925x702, yummy sushi.webm)


spike was just like me


sigh buffy



gonno start learning a new skill today to enrich my life havent decided what yet



learn persian


lets start with self control


reciting buddhist mantras


learn live2d


actualize your personas


learning godot doubt ill get far though


learn to carve intricate statuettes from pieces of wood


waiting for godot



egg banner


got jo banner


monitorfilth is becoming distracting but im too scared to try cleaning it after owning the tv i was using as a monitor 6 years ago




got the battler banner


File: 1633293462109.png (582.27 KB, 1280x1280, 1633275049493.png)


thats abuse





she loves it


dont like how she has no chin i unsubbed


im chinless


gyari loves the extra challenge of making stupid design decisions and having to overcome them


File: 1633294179128.jpg (223.43 KB, 1125x1499, bk.jpg)

need a strong worth ethic


uh thought working that many hours as a kid was illegal


need a proud dad


wonder what i did to NOT deserve a dad


bad karma


onseki said the two weeks he couldnt work because of covid was stressful and depressing because he couldnt slave


nice wageseki


getting mad thinking about onseki arrogantly eyesnapping women while i make sure never to look at them indirectly and unfocused my eyes if thats impractical




every linkedin post is basically a vapid randomly generated motivational poster but also a virtue signal since theyre saying it about themselves and as advice


need to build my personal brand


scared of women


my bike finally broke down had to get a tow home


dont think im scared of women more than other men guess im egalitarian


most men are predictable and logical on some level and if worse comes to worse you can fight them but women operate on pure chaos and emotion and if you were to so much as raise your voice at one youll be tackled by 10 nearby wks


File: 1633294890408.png (Spoiler Image, 215.62 KB, 1162x622, PNG image.png)


begging for endorsements makes me feel sick NOT going to do that ever


how can she slap


is linkedin hima approved social media can you invite me to the hima group


making coffee hima



nice lv1 pretender


never banned faster in my life


should i download that webm before i refresh




sighing mom was just gonno have me move the cars around then her spontaneous normbrain decided to go to the store and i was too beta to say i didnt want to some dickhead started speeding up as i was crossing the lanes to get there then someone was up my ass as i was pulling in on the way home and i parked it crooked on the lawn


what webm


i dont get it


mexico is gonno ban cup noodles


it was that ytmnd conan thing teenseki is too young to recognize


thought there was a 100 hours on /f/ and ytmnd req to post on hima


it was the store near the house i almost tarded out and applied to a few months ago but then they didnt have an online application saw some lanky teen pushing carts dont think i would mind doing that for 20 hours a week if i was norm or on drugs the whole time


apply to the tutoring center its easy and you get to spend the whole time tubeblogging


people here are barely able to communicate to cashiers how are they going to deal with a student fool


i pushed the carts for two months before i was promoted to full time stocker thats usually how they do it


students dont act like normal humans anyway


tardspouting about science and math is much easier than actual communication


die bogan


ate all the curry anyway probably going to blimp out again sigh


File: 1633299218312.jpg (99.69 KB, 795x564, 1533785259592.jpg)



cant think of a better job for a mentally retarded adult than to spend hours speaking one on one with teenagers about math and science


love pilling teens on why its over for them


tutor any sexy teengirls


hate when people still cope when they are in their twenties all thanks to the self improvement cope just accept that its over when you are a teen like i did


girls like on the right havent existed for decades


NOT true


theyd be perfect for each other


NOT my fault calculus bio prog and chem were the only subjects i do well in and have no experience


File: 1633299586707.jpg (608.67 KB, 1513x2500, FAu5UTqUUAAJCgM.jpg)


love how the biggest whiners on the board are also the biggest norms and most functional members of normciety


only whine when your mean to me


stopped whining once i realized my destiny


gonno norm it up start working a salaried job get a wife and kids


still whine but only because the norms wont leave me alone


ive known since i was 16 that i was going to die alone with no relationships or children or close friends NOThing has happened since then that would change that but i still self improve just to the point that i can afford the things i want to do solo


love taking my anger out on mentally ill 30 year old virgin shutins during my breaks at work




going to bust down doors in the mansion and drag neets out into the hall and hog tie them for sport when in a bad mood


that was me larping as turt


i havent worked in 5 months and theyre trying to get out of paying me my unemployment




think i pulled something in my neck catstretching on the bed


uh catstretching


used to do stretches to fix my gamerback every night about 7 years ago didnt do a damned thing


ya rolling around stretching my body out like a cat it feels good


with nekomimi too or


first mewing the catstretching next is the neet litterbox


dont own any but i dressed up as a cat for halloween one time


sexy catboy


any pics




File: 1633300668000.jpg (1.32 MB, 2480x3508, 89852610_p0.jpg)


NOT sure what to dress up as this halloween



first mewing the catstretching next is the neet litterbox






its a hacker


im going as a manbaby


bot error


just refreshed and it reposted im sorry


wonder if i could have salvaged this life if i found out about mewing 5 years earlier


the hima markov chain chatbot


need to learn jap but cant


any nice chatbots ideally one that can cure loneliness


fire up the replika


wish i had a nice popup book doujin like pomu


used to do that too but my technique was amazing at it actually worked but at some point i forgot how to do it


im pomu


nice autistic engirl model makes her look like she has downs


love pomu ars and watames massive tardheads


woke up mornin hima gonno game


hunching over


wish i could game but its meaningless


im pomudachi


going to die hunched over mortally wounded with a knowing smirk on my face


stream that game


gaming myself


have a soft spot for fujos so im famlira first and foremost


hate when fujos ship my favorite hima personas together


turt x seki or seki x turt


NOThing wrong with shipping sekiblog got a nice fic in the works myself


seki x freak
pastaguy x turt


wish i had real anxiety with hyperventilation and the works instead of just being a pussy manbaby


sekiblog is highly problematic ship due to the age gap


constant need to shite when the anxiety gets bad enough


how about a seme nb for once


same hate that first day of school anxiety shite


only had the hyperventilating thing a few times felt like an idiot


get the paper bag


if it happened literally every time mom forced me out of the house i would be on easy street


that just means you can man up and overcome it


it pinches when it gets real bad i end up puking


File: 1633302683015.jpg (344.89 KB, 1271x674, eliras shelf.jpg)





im fuming


who is buying the cards is this like the other side of the simping coin why cant these people just save money


speculativeassetnorms hedging against inflation


File: 1633303457971.jpg (327.18 KB, 1276x662, pomus books.jpg)


being overrun


bought mom a peanuts holiday special boxset for christmas might watch the big pumpkin this year


stop posting those



thats all the nijis posted the rest were viewer rooms


hehe like how everyone has the same costume


NOT true selen shared her pokeplushie collection


started pouring hard outside all of a sudden


anyone else thinking about cracking tonight




those roasts can have creepy collections and show them to the world with no repercussions but if i have an illya shrine im the weirdo


File: 1633304061628.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x2560, 1512942507989.jpg)

love a good pokeplushie




nice cloaca




File: 1633304386751.mp4 (3.03 MB, o.mp4)


where do i get pants like that they look sick


paste anti litter chink


dinner hima its a rice and bean night


taipu moon


File: 1633304749792.png (657.57 KB, 743x919, 9fc208c62111a67245d2f144468cbd82.png)

dont get why freakeye still holds out for the yamato nadeshiko he believes he is entitled to rather than giving a nice freakjaw gf a chance


never understood people who capitalize and punctuate everything else but NOT i


nice quads


found a copy of that idolmaster webm from yesterday its just a little over 2 megs



File: 1633305262769.webm (2.04 MB, 854x480, ifu.webm)


you forgot the audio


must have gotten lost in cyberspace


sigh lulu



File: 1633305981028.jpg (69.56 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Mieruko-chan - 01 (720p) [693B62F….jpg)

sick of this show making me look at her butt what about her modesty probably going to drop it


headache think ive spent too much time screenstaring instead of wallstaring


read that the manga stopped doing all that fanservice what if the anime changes too


just dont look creep


dont post new season shots im NOT ready yet trying to pretend it hasnt started


dont get why some days i keep falling back asleep and have 2 or 3 naps


you have to get aggressive and start watching fast or itll leave you in the dust


finally gaming cant break to watch or ill never finish the game


theres an anime about the space race set in 1950s russia


any nice untitled.pngs of the new season


sigh know that feel





her jaw doesnt seem bad also what makes you think i feel entitled to yamato nadeshiko


playing some sploosh kaboom


woke up hi


File: 1633307215865.jpg (2.8 MB, 2880x1620, oog.jpg)


never been viewed as a sexual being



feeling lost





NOThings stopping you



File: 1633308049629.bmp (1.37 MB, ALCG0115.bmp)


back hurts


back from the hike made coffee






File: 1633308278904.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1010.28 KB, 1385x1817, 88316201_p0.jpg)


File: 1633308288262.gif (60.17 KB, 344x335, walk.gif)


nice kohaku


cleaned up my tabs but back to 600


always switch to new browsers when my tabs get out of control in one


File: 1633308953908.jpg (126.21 KB, 1240x874, 1632860944198.jpg)


never have problems with tabs after i stopped looking at porn so much


only 16gb ram so have to limit myself to 15 tabs


i only ever have two tabs open one is hima the other youtube thats it


File: 1633309153382-0.jpg (4.87 MB, 3264x2448, hike1.jpg)

File: 1633309153382-1.jpg (4.43 MB, 3264x2448, hike2.jpg)

File: 1633309153382-2.jpg (4.61 MB, 3264x2448, hike3.jpg)


need 1gb for each hima tab


nice ferns



mindblowing that a place like that is real how can there be so many greens


nice ferns


File: 1633309378473-0.jpg (4.48 MB, 3264x2448, hike4.jpg)

File: 1633309378473-1.jpg (3.76 MB, 3264x2448, hike5.jpg)

bridge and two slugs about to flip


hell ya


mom loves slugs especially the banana ones


nice clovers


thats sorrel


nice sluggers


nice botanist with his advanced plant knowledge


File: 1633309788186-0.jpg (3.27 MB, 3264x1836, hike6.jpg)

File: 1633309788186-1.jpg (4.41 MB, 3264x2448, hike7.jpg)

File: 1633309788186-2.jpg (3.69 MB, 3264x2448, hike8.jpg)


tall trees


NOT sorrel just shamrocks


getting dizzy


the tree in hike8 is stunning


looks phallic


got something phallic for ya right here


redwood sorrel is a good neet eat tastes like green apple


is that different from red apple


west coast norm


damn good part of the world damn good


green apples are sour


File: 1633310419898.png (169.98 KB, 400x579, 27497656_p1.png)


will never understand picnorms


sigh nekomikoreimu


ban the hikepicnorm


stop talking about real world locations especially NOT 40 million population norm central ones


you cant ban based onseki


love asking for pics then asking for bans


dont think its seki


when did turt and onseki last have a meet up to prowl the town NOT sure i understand how their relationship works


were gonno need a scout to patrol the surrounding forest of the mansion for intruders


well take shifts


File: 1633310807731.jpg (159.95 KB, 1551x774, b0w67iyh6hz31.jpg)


File: 1633310886968.webm (392.96 KB, 420x602, 1633308125112.webm)


sigh wish i was on a nice montana ranch


would rather alaska meself


File: 1633311193015.png (324.34 KB, 489x456, wm4yrto42tq71.png)



im vergin


File: 1633311591574.mp4 (492.91 KB, video0.mp4)

last may at dominion raceway with special guest based josh


any good ropefuel


wish i lived in that area so i could meet up with the bros


mindblowing that josh really drives


why is that mindblowing he came from /o/


he Drives


cant believe i keep missing the hima meetups


fingers smell like onions because cut up an onion for the rice and beans


fingers dont smell because i do NOThing all day


fingers dont smell because they dont have noses


fingers smell like onions because im hamburglar


hate raw onions on a burger they taste weird and get in the way usually they end up falling out of the sandwich or my mouth


onions are best on pizza


chop them up mix with other vegetables and rice


love onions on anything


if food falls out of your mouth you should try chewing with your mouth closed


dont tell me what to do when im eating from the neet trough




red onions or yellow onions on pizza


wish i was norm enough to fall for the vaxx


havent had a nice red onion liverwurst mustard sandwich in a while


love liver sausage have it almost every day


what the flip pochi-senseis new outfit is so obscene




started to sperg out and recite the ol jesus christ just kill me put a bullet in my fucking head mantra in front of mom if she heard she was nice enough to NOT say anything


File: 1633313008284.webm (1.34 MB, 1920x1080, 1633279905520_20211004130254.webm)


NOThing norm about posting a nice pic


sigh my great alaskan adventure


idiot youre begging for a 5150 at that point restrain yourself
or do you actually want her to hear because you want to be forced into being helped


dont think anyone has heard my just fucking kill me i should just kill myself why am i alive twitches before


die hikenorm 33mb what the flip


uhh it's only 3


leave hikenorm alone he provides us with the oc we havent had since the pnig days


do that multiple times a day but usually far away from mom


same or maybe everybody just ignores it


she was making me help her with something outside


feel like my test is back to normal


need to marry a nice teenjp gyaru and get a narita divorce


feel like my teen is back to normal


what was wrong with her


am teen


File: 1633313627038.jpg (121.29 KB, 500x560, teeen.jpg)


cracking gonno watch jahy and fire up the normvie from last night


in the mansion ranking will be decided based on who has the most testosterone




File: 1633314014680.jpg (395.27 KB, 1385x1817, 1633308278904.jpg)




selens giggling is contagious


cracking a whiteclaw


dont care teen keep it to yourself


i care


its illegal for teens to drink white claw



dont think its illegal for them to consume it if they have a parents permission they just cant buy it


i took lots more but those were the only ones that came out any good ill try to get better stuff next time like mushrooms and plants


some of those were pretty blurry try NOT to shake so much next time


shrooms or shrooms


File: 1633314854109.jpeg (59.3 KB, 640x748, 82177E6B-FE0C-4122-8BD6-484E2CBD3659.jpeg)




im bonehead




wonder if something a million years from now is going to find my bone


File: 1633315014865.jpg (482.21 KB, 1920x1080, 1633314163545.jpg)




whats wrong




NOT clicking




but subaru rejects that flipping normja


tardlaughing classic image love how stupid women are theyre like dogs


uhh they dont speak english


everything on jap tv is scripted you fool


my posts are scripted


they teach it in their schools


would have been fluent by age 10 if they taught japanese here


File: 1633315671548.jpg (3.45 MB, 2480x3507, 93093081_p0.jpg)


if id gone to a school like this things would have been different


File: 1633316339417.jpg (Spoiler Image, 44.53 KB, 300x407, tokyo_nekos_by_inky_pinky92_by_kawaii_neko_clu….jpg)




cant believe i fell for the plumper meme even though i hate fats


plumbers used to be undesirable and unwanted just like us until every american woman decided to become a lazy fat ill tempered cuntrag




the difference is we didnt do anything wrong


frozen pizza is ready


kitty is snoozing next to me on the couch


NOT sure plumpers were ever as undesirable as low status males theyre still a fertile womb that has value in and of itself


lil bro just woke up even though he has to wake up tomorrow at six to go to work


nice lil bruddah


tell him to quit and neet it up and post on hima


my compliments to the chef


does anyone want a stream




could go for some pizza but NOT right now


alright never mind


File: 1633317384594.webm (1.75 MB, 768x576, output.webm)



alright streaming that hunting game


sexy liru


hell yea hunt those ducks


flip ducks i only hunt big game blogs


opened the window smells like october outside


moose is tarding out


idiot it got away


sigh the moose are too smart


nice tard


did you get him


nah it didnt die




youre going to miss the buffalo hunt


File: 1633318686631.jpg (1.4 MB, 1838x2600, untitled.jpg)

gonno take a shower before bed


stream started too late was already tired couple hours ago


whos fault is that


NOT everything is someones fault




shes NOT vile just because she has a developmental disability


moved my nightstand to use while i was setting up the backup pc but havent used the backup pc since nor have i moved the table back even though its in the way and i have to turn sideways to get to the door


File: 1633319163985-0.jpg (3.56 MB, 3264x2448, shroom.jpg)


bluescreened its coming back


what happened to the stream




hima memory crash


just kill the process when it gets to 8gig


wish i had a backup pc


just ask mom to loan you 50 bucks for a new cpu and psu


psu grinding again hope it doesnt explode


psu exploded once but there wasnt any warning


if it does simply blast it with piss


showered hima feel fresh




the pic demander


huh killed it but the camera flicked in a random direction without any input immediately after i shot it so i cant find its corpse flip this stupid buggy game


nevermind found it


now the maps broken gonno snooze






why dont we just build tiny houses and park them on the same patch of desolate land in utah itll be cheaper than a whole mansion


im okay with it but NOT sure most of you would be comforable with 12 neets crammed into 20 square feet


File: 1633321402356.jpg (177.65 KB, 1280x720, [SubsPlease] Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! - 09 (720….jpg)

love rotting


the hima trailer park


i mean multiple houses i am NOT being crammed into a 240 square foot house with a bunch of fatneets


have no problems with living in a trailer as long as its just me


got to expeirence the singlwide trailer bachelor neet lifestyle when i was 18 cobwebs were a problem because i didnt use most of the space and mold kept growing on the dishes in the sink youre better off with a tiny house because trailers are very cheaply made


what about an airstream


what about a diablo 2 vtuber stream


thanks for your service


might make aNOTher bag of nice sapporo ichiban dont have any more caynennes but there are two habaneros and some chicken left


if i wanted to live to old age id probably already have a tiny house and some land but i dont see any good reasons to stick around


should i slice or dice one of those habaneros


choking on gsnaps


how about adding some real flavor instead of spice



thats what the patented flavor packet is for


wish avril would drop several tons of concrete on me from a crane


love flavor packets


NOThin better


hell ya


dont understand why japs are obsessed with apex


might go crash the mall tomorrow


finishing off the box of concord gsnaps


why waste your time with fruit


its delicious


slice those bad boys


you sound like mom throw that shite in the trash and get yourself a frozen pizza


a nice orange is better than any pizza


nah throw it away get rid of the pizzas and grab a nice fresh cucumber and salt that badboy after each bite


i just had my pizza party im eating gsnaps now


eatin mikan in the summer after a nice bath


didnt get my hair cut for over a year but now its feeling long even though it was only a month and a half ago


sigh miss my pretty hair


might get a cut tomorrow


make sure to eat lots of good fats so your coat is nice and shiny


sorry have no choice on the matter only eat whatever mom gets me


should have become a truck driver


what the flip how can you simply decide to do that with less than 24 hours NOTice


theres still plenty of time


drinking vegetable juice


easy to decide on a cut quickly when your hair is still short once you go over 6 months it results in days or even weeks of deliberation


unc drove trucks after he got fired as a substitute teacher for leaving during class to buy beer and swiping cars on his way out


my uncle drove trucks for less than a year before quitting and going back to being a lazy neet his excuse was almost crashing off a cliff but i doubt that tale


can barely Drive a station would shite me pantaloons behind the wheel of a truck


pasted uncs


station wagon


youd get used to it just like anything else
with enough forced exposure and electroshocks anyone here could become a successful norm


they already are successful norms


have had plenty of forced exposure it doesnt help


you arent forcing hard enough its NOT going to work if you have an escape


like neetblog always says fuck that noise



wonder if i was born to truck


wouldnt mind being a long haul trucker in japan


trucking aint for everybody i tell you what its long days even longer nights on long roads to nowhere and once you get there you got to do it again its like groundhog day with only discernable differences being who flipped you off or cut you off and which truck stop or gas station you mightve ate from


File: 1633326125552.jpg (183.51 KB, 1499x1905, 93218551_p1.jpg)





too big


should have 110 rolls by the end of the banner about 16 pulls from a coinflip NOT sure if i should pull for hu tao or skip her and get constellations for ganyu


id probably zone and rear end a family of four going 65 killing them instantly


do what your heart desires


zone out


want hu tao but cant get her c1


got a big mug of tap water ready to game



File: 1633327312468.webm (2.93 MB, 720x404, 1633293141745.webm)

the hima feast



didnt slice but hoo boy did i dice


woke up from a nap after that gaming and its quite literally 97 degrees



dont post jbw


uh were all white here


NOT nigger turt


watame sheep girl


anyone that you can look at in the dark and see anything besides their teeth and yellow bloodshot eyes is white in nigger countries


im white


theyd be all over that honkey in whatever unga bunga pretend country that embed takes place in


always hear about truck drivers flipping young teen prostitutes wherever they go wonder if its true


if by flip you mean snap and murder then yeah


africa would be pretty cool if it wasnt for all the niggers


both of those habaneros were green can hardly taste anything


cool or cool



hungry but too late to eat and i overnapped so i probably wont be able to snooze for some time


mindsnapping typehatena animated this part


eatin some curry



how can curry be sexy


the japs will find a way


going to challenge pg to a shokugeki


bought some funny orbs


hope they were on discount


what are the stakes


i heard stories and its always someone on the cb radio



havent listened to the radio in a few years was playing persona 3 for like 8 hours a day and listening to the local classic rock station when i still lived in the spare room


might end up becoming a radio operator


love a nice 1950s himaradio broadcast


whys there always one tard


told mom that i would afro american rig the car stereo by buckling up her old battery powered boombox in the backseat but i hate listening to music out loud around others and she doesnt like any of the hand me down tapes i kept


youre supposed to say jerry rig


thats NOT as funny


this guy is just like me awkward no personality short hair shite beard whats he doing in africa


he fired up the flip tour


hes gonno get aids


aids is a myth


he can snap a groidsexy lady and cure it


what was he trying to cure by asking his cousins if they would pinch it



feel greasy


sighing 8 blogs is nowhere near enough but if mom isnt already up she will be momentarily


you told me you werent cracking


which alternate reality did i say that in




gonno risk a blogrun


sigh #1218C199 is the one where were all sexy idols


i wonder what its like to be a pervert


File: 1633335958088.jpg (886.49 KB, 2150x2816, 93208814_p0.jpg)


she was up but i went out anyway waistbanded aNOTher 3


bhole juicy rn


File: 1633336555106.jpg (21.69 KB, 262x350, 3582778-3x4-small.jpg)

lets get juiced up




the juicy bhole of a sexy lady


could go for some individually wrapped potato chips right now


what about some fresh gsnaps



promotion what for


should i make breakfast sandwiches or hashbrowns



the norms consider 15 blogs or more a week heavy drinking


they dont doctors just say that to sucker people into pseudoteetotalism


i dont mean the norm norms theyre the ones the guidelines are written for because theyre dumb as flip i mean the bureaucrat norms


die hipster


its got almost 2 million views


love jason molina


havent neetcut in probably five years too scared of it NOT growing back



mindblowing that drunken teenshaving is a less bloody affair than flossing


wonder why i wake up feeling like ive a fever


File: 1633346683690.jpg (95.81 KB, 1200x943, FAxB-CCUUAU2VBq.jpg)


defiantly NOT a position you want to snooze in at the mansion


theres no fags allowed in the mansion


im NOT taking any chances


just a few mansion pranks


we may NOT be gay in the mansion but country boys make do


have no interest in leaving a fellow neet with a bolstered ass


doesnt really feel like october even though it officially started today


october is old news


havent snoozed yet how about it officially starts tomorrow our real lives start on october 5th hope everyone has time to prepare


dont understand how japs can read stuff like 闇 without going 500% zoom


starting to tardlaugh looking at hima through 300% zoom


always jo to doujins at 90% zoom


File: 1633349754848.png (81.93 KB, 354x1104, kaki.png)



moms gone gonno grab a few more cold ones and wait for the rage when she wakes me up at 3 or 4 pm


one of these days id like to crack nonstop for most of a week just to see what its like


File: 1633352849948.jpg (884.41 KB, 994x1198, FA2sGApVQAcmGHq.jpg)


never had a g s my d even though i thought about it a lot when i was 14


one slurp is all i ask


what if its epic youre NOT going to be able to stop at just one slurpjob


forgot about wrong planet


wish i had a slampig slurpslave like that


dont say slampig it makes you sound like a 4teen


actually perma that norm because hes the first one to post that teenword here get his ass out of here


never heard of slampig howd you know it was from the 4


because i dont have a job and lurk it for several hours per day when hima is slow


die 4teen


its NOT like i enjoy it you should pity me


might as well start saying slampig now since you tricked me into thinking other things were himamemes like based


i didnt do any of that


you were complicit


only been using the hima variants for years


heard they use ``baste'' now on the big 4


saw it a few years ago and thought it was one of my bros sigh


they do thats why i only say pasted now since baste was stolen




whos leaking our memes


its probably the assleaker


have a replacement for paste if they ever steal it but cant post it here my sb bros will know what i mean


what about zonked


pasted terminology appropriation prepper


nah its been decided just check the sb


what happened to the guy who said he was gonno make the next big himameme




that was neetblog and he succeeded now hes living off the royalties


think its finally time to snooze and enjoy the few seconds of rem sleep before mom rages me awake in the afternoon



why wont she be lulu


fed kitty right before bed so she did NOT wake me up



the chinks



im pomu



morning hima


someone stream with facecam and mic and streamlabs


would you settle for a nice vtube model instead


ya sure


anyone on hima legitimately on the spectrum


i have add


hope i have add so some nice adderall can cure my complete inability to NOT procrastinate


mindblowing the strongest person in the jpsphere is also the smartest


die teen


NOThing teen about turtsimping




going to do an 歌枠 for my himapals



used to think evanescence was a girl


never really listened just remember seeing that one song everywhere


wish to cave mikos skull in with a hammer


anyone here ever made bao zi


purchased a virtual ticket to watch watames first live


isnt that just dumplings


the sleeper has awakened




always rage whenever norms play the good morning game


File: 1633368265452.jpg (227.11 KB, 1200x900, abxz4o3r3dr71.jpg)



guess ill watch that botan d2 stream someone linked




had a dream last night mom convinced big bro to smash my face in with a sledgehammer


nice tard dream



woke up dont like noels new outfit


is the sloth the patron animal of hima


thought it was the sheep


sheep are useful in some ways


paste linus including weird steam scams in game counts


NOThing scam


gonno play timberborn




the beaver game for gamers by gamers




for beavers by beavers


one time saw a tree with a piece chopped like maybe a beaver


okay ill stream but im listening to bad music


but selens playing bloodhunt


why doesnt nijisanji dash live dot com show entubers


why dont you die


the japs are racists


dont say jap its racist


got banned on the big j for racism because i said jap


slurs are just language conveniences theyre discriminatory but more importantly save time


facebook and instagram have been down all day moms gonno freak


crying for the norms that cant get their funny pic of the day


File: 1633376674045.jpg (725.73 KB, 2048x1361, Z7d2R_qodj1EiUfQlpc5Fsay-Y6ODHCbJjgWGxfuOo8.jpg)

love a good camping trip


must be nice to be female and be able to strip down without fear of being penis judged


they get judged by the length of their roast beef flaps


who are those girls they must be idols or some shit who flipping cares about these shows i thought love live sunshine was end of the line sunshine


if they didnt have sex 400 times before age 16 that wouldnt be an issue


kronii stream


kronii is a boring norm


need aNOTher pair of carhartt overalls


dead hours


life is soup i am fork


File: 1633379716756.png (58.45 KB, 643x525, a6e315f8e1c4af1ad55718d8d19d5006.png)

never seen this before


and himas still up looks like we win this one



Whats up bros facebooks down so I decided to go holla at some of my hima boyz from way back in the day


nice haysuz falseflag


pretty hungover but NOT the bad kind moms making spaghetti and meatballs


Who is this haysuz fella I keep constantly getting accused of being

anyway check out my guns

*takes off shirt and flexes biceps*






hate being reminded that we live in hell on earth


abuse some substances


File: 1633382185323.jpg (14.23 KB, 315x301, 1620575839205.jpg)


NOT norm enough to know how to acquire drugs


just ask the bros on discord


give me your address and ill mail you some


just realized he looks like fat turt hehe


you guys say that about any dorking looking guy with black hair


File: 1633383290034.jpg (12.46 KB, 442x114, 1633383123766.jpg)






its time yet again for mom to flip out and completely change her mind on what her plans for the next year after having a bad day cant tell you how many times in my life retarded decisions have been made outside of my control like this


you were supposed to realize your life was being ruined by a neurotic single mother and to never listen to her a decade or more ago


uh i did but i also never got a job or moved out so her decisions are mine as well and i cant tell the difference between genuine planning that will effect my life for years to come and afterwork ragerambles



wish i had blond hair and light eyes just to go to japan and mog the japs really NOThing else besides that


if youve got white skin thats all you need simply bleach your hair and get colored contacts


are my feet small if i wear 12s


JUST IN - Data of over 1.5 billion Facebook users is being sold on a popular hacking-related forum. Data contains users’ names, emails, phone numbers, locations, gender, and user ID.




sigh mom


its fake



when i was a kid i always imagined i would end up buying tens of thousands of dollars worth of trading cards


sigh got a real head scratcher it situation going on some usb ports stopped recognizing keyboards and mice but thumbdrives still work tried it in the bios menu so its NOT the os


always thought that they were too expensive and NOT worth it even though i loved them would sometimes buy urzas saga boosters and regret it


NOT prepared to deal with the dystopian hellscape the norms have trapped us in i was prepared to handle the late 90s and the 2000s and thats where it needed to stay


when i was a kid they were the only thing i could see myself desiring to buy besides a porsche and a modest house even as a kid i couldnt imagine NOT being cel


having deja vu feel like this thread is NOThing but reposts


things havent gotten better thats why


NOThing quite like the cycle of 4-7am tuber primetime followed by tuberager freakout when he wakes up


break the cycle


purchased a new router


sigh was born too intelegent to just turn my brain off and cope for 50 years like youre supposed to


i hope its openwrt compatible


you were born intelligent enough to activate the ritual


dont know if it is or NOT


File: 1633387237783.mp4 (3.7 MB, everyone-is-babiniku.mp4)


dont tell me you didnt check


i didnt


think a lot of tp link ones work


this one is tp link dont think i need openwrt


finished off the boiled cabbage threw some salt on there can i get a hb


you need it more than you could ever imagine


thats NOT a hb that sounds foul




its traditional european food


potage without any of the good part


prefer traditional middle eastern food


all mediterranean food is the same


that said flipping love doner


a long time ago a foid asked what my ethnicity was and i said uh i think greek and she asked if i could cook greek food and i said no little did i know i was just aNOTher anglonorm that fell asleep in a tanning bed


lamy is streaming diablo 2 in a hour get ready hima


pasted bardtard lamy




meant barbtard


sigh things would have turned out differently if id been given a proper classical education at a place like this


looks dumb


stubbed my toe


pissreek was overwhelming when i walked back in my room


File: 1633389521091.jpg (312.64 KB, 940x1349, めがねでねっ!.jpg)


cant listen to mosaic.wav without thinking of him sigh


need to speak softly and carry a big stick




having the lasta from yesterday with some cooked spheres of ground animal flesh


how the flip does boles lawyer keep getting the trial date pushed back this is a travesty of justice


rice and bean night hima cut up two onions because they were really small onions



wish i wasnt a full size male so i could subsist on foraging for beans and grains


paste crafty chink


File: 1633391299455.png (404.09 KB, 498x658, Charles_Chi-tat_Ng.png)


nice nger


once talked to a guy named nguyen had no idea how to say his name so pronounced it nuh goy en


woke up mornin there hima




the tubeteens are spamming again


fire up the perma


shes pretty sexy



eating a pear but its NOT ripe enough struggling to bite


mindblowing that you can play diablo in japanese why am i stuck with english


stick it in the oven for a bit


hate pears


pears have a thin window of being ripe enough but NOT too ripe you need more experience


damn good game d2 too bad the janitor hates it


NOT willing to do work on my pears like that


he wasnt alive when d2 was big he doesnt understand


uh work what the flip you just wait until the right few days


paste chink


dont have the spirit to grind d2 anymore just log on do a couple ancients tunnels runs then log off and go back to what i was doing before


that counts as work because have to let it sit there while eating different fruits each day


gettin the urge to hang out with my himabros


come on over were all down at the club


File: 1633393573704.jpg (347.82 KB, 900x900, 91953282_p0.jpg)


wonder if lamy is ever going to make it out of stony field



girls werent meant to play diablo


they are it was play tested against the developers grandmas


first grade teacher tried to convince mom that i had tourettes syndrome because i looked like the one on the left in class but answered her questions correctly every time when she called on me in class owned that bitch


how does the star wars guy NOT alt tab to check hima


gotta check the latest vtuber embed or update on what shite some 300lb manbaby is eating


might make some curry and hunt for a bit


uhh most tourettes is NOT severe just small muscle twitches and tics have toutettes and it just makes me crack my neck from time to time


dont understand why people watch norm wars only time i see people bring it up its to complain about how shite it is yet the complainers are still paying money for every morsel that comes out


back from the thepotato chef stopped by the grocery store and blasted denpa on the way home


any good life advice


love star wars


norm wars


die norm


if youre capable of driving a car then you dont need a thepotato chef


first time seeing a female hypno fan material thanks pokeflip




star wars


make eye contact and smile at everyone that passes by and say hello to at least ten people


are there ten people on hima




there are teen people on hima


the decimal system


the games on hima


gaming a bit meself


installing win11


lifting 10 lb weights


youre NOT supposed to do that idiot


when are they gonno remaster xp


need a nice 歌舞伎町のランドセルメンヘラ彼女


whats wrong with lifting


die norm


tired of rotting


nice doublespace


in the bronze age collapse trade stopped the port cities just had a few ships left abandoned in the harbors and rotting


poured a big ol black russian


time to get flipping jacked forget those crabs


never realized kabuki was spelled like that pretty word


need to sail the high seas


File: 1633395571636.png (69.91 KB, 400x400, 93228447_p0.png)


what are they doing


providing a valuable service


exposing their naked kid asses and bodies is NOT valuable its the opposite


youre NOT making any sense


File: 1633395951769.jpg (48.34 KB, 800x600, 1566341115711.jpg)


the hima hostel club will be situated in kabuki cho


thats where the norms are


dad went to west germany for vacation slept in the field at night woke up with slugs on him


slug whisperer


die dadhaver




might have to rinjo


File: 1633396521918.jpg (135.73 KB, 954x539, raid.jpg)


you mena tohsakajo


any rin will do


bored gonno darkshower


any good rin fatalsnap dojins


how about a nice pigflip one


File: 1633396698003.bmp (1.37 MB, ALCG0072.bmp)


havent snuffjod in years


microwaved 1 soy sausage patty to eat with my eggs at breakfast because been exercising more recently


cant remember the last time i jod to something consensual


already read all of those



you mena rinishtarblonderinereshkigaljo


you forgot astarte


forgot summer ishtar too cause they dont count


hehe youre eating soy


remembering that story where he gets cut into a hundred pieces and tossed into the river then ishtar has to collect his parts back together


wasnt that thoth


no remembering it was osiris who got chopped up and ishtar had to fix him


had to look it up actually it was isis NOT ishtar


learned about that in age of mythology


rolled for astraea yesterday


ishtars NOT even egyptian you flippin tard


did you get her


File: 1633397422100.jpg (85.71 KB, 1024x572, 3acbef26d56d7ad9c2101f5f083c0130b439b4e6r1-109….jpg)


ya np1 with 5 tickets


tarded out and started worshiping imageboard personas instead of the established deities


congrats love spacerin shes baste


never mobagamed


sigh he loved egyptian culture