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when i was a young boy


sigh who the hell do the norms think we are


the norms will come to fear and revere us



sent avril a link to hima


no wait im NOT jacked enough yet


itll be fine no one was jacked in 2006


exactly i need to compensate


if i had a person like kamina around things would have been way different instead i had a 20 something single mother to insult me


think mom saw my bone


realized later on that kamina was just a loser manbaby


listening to metal


only when he was in the underground village


what kind


take it back or i rage


did she react positively


lamb of god


never liked lamb of norm


she was focused on the tv hopefully that distracted her




they suck




need a post 30 personality reboot so i can be like kamina instead of like sasuke


apply to be a en vtuber you can tell them you dedicated the last 18 years to posting on imageboards


i dont have a sexy voice


wonder if my voice is sexy






File: 1633500766819.jpg (1.99 MB, 5000x5000, jbw collection.jpg)


teenbw compilation


wheres mine


go outside


did that today


cant wait for the hima meet up at a lamb of god concert


never been to a concert


hes streaming



why am i NOT allowed to have a white gf if im white


because youre a sub8 male


and a teen


thought we were all mentally teens because that was the last time we interacted with reality on a regular basis


hope my destined jpgf is doing well


theres teens and then theres teens


File: 1633501354450.png (1.4 MB, 1476x2168, 071f53f6-4589-4a14-8dc4-d5bf017ab55a.png)



jealous of wolfwood and kamina they went out at their peaks


sigh shes waiting for me and im sitting here in my underwear watchin anime


you can go out at your peak too


would need to go back a long time and murder myself to do that


its too late for that


crying for all of the hapacel boys jbw hima posters will spawn




File: 1633501844751.jpg (1.66 MB, 1500x1200, e5cfa9b8679cb2ca56b2da9b3d7c6610.jpg)


i will only father girls


they pinch


File: 1633502196550.jpg (239.04 KB, 1000x656, image0.jpg)


would never be arrogant enough to have a role in sharting out aNOTher retard into this hellscape


you will once she want baby


dont see myself being alone in a room with a woman that isnt a doctor within the next 10 years




thats what they all say you cant fight love


you dont understand



i liked the part on the episode before the last when hes getting ready to fight knives i bet thats what it feels like on the morning of your genocide crusade


children are pretty great and i don't mean that in a ped way


genocide crusades are norm


hate norms


no thats pretty much as non norm as you can go


random acts of violence are norm why do you think the niggers do it so often


sounds pretty damn norm to me norman


theyre usually planned well in advance NOT random


hes just like me


uh the acts of violence are random because theyre just showing up to a location and firing


going to bed wish me luck


File: 1633503094456.png (406.6 KB, 652x1225, 53E8F1DD-4EE2-4511-BA16-2B692EBBEF9D.png)



wolfwood was my favorite character from trigun loved his kansaiben accent


cant look at arc the same way anymore now that shes a whore with a miniskirt


get with the times old man




my real life is gonno start when i get on the 5 am to 9pm sleep cycle


you cant sleep for 16 hours a day


NOT with that attitude


File: 1633507481855.png (Spoiler Image, 31.86 KB, 635x690, global-style.png)

a glimpse into nbs persona through a 105 question test


wish i was schizoid


you and discordblog need to flip off


why just because i wish i was schizoid what the flip


the avoidant schizoidbros


no i meant the guy who posted >>1273938


subscribed to the himacord so i can get the special content


should have held off on finishing the 30 pack have to go to the potato chef tomorrow afternoon ill be tossing and turning all night


won an internet argument


hell ya come on down to the mansion locker room and well tip the cooler over your head


love arguing with dumb gorilla niggers on the internet


guess ill snooze didnt shower though my arse is gonno be itching up a storm the whole day


cant snooze but dont know if moms up was gonno get some water but i dont want to run into her


made a nice big batch of sugarbutter


need to fix my posture


uh which thread are we using now

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