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which thread do i use
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nice ffxv event in xiv is coming back in 7 hours gonno get my cool car mount for 200k mgp


the cars ugly


two or three cold ones spaced out throughout the day isnt going to do that


regular doctors can prescribe you ssris
the medical industry loves giving them out so much the hard part is NOT getting them


uncle and dad were just drinking straight liquor throughout the day hiding it in water bottles


hell ya new jahy


thats why they werent anxiety riddled avoidant manbabies living with mom


its over 24 hours old


drinking that much will cause a whole host of other problems


mom left me most of a bag of unshelled pistachios wow


arent the shells poisonous


youre probably thinking of cashews


what if theyre both poison


dig in


theyre NOT because ive sucked on pistachio shells many many times


oral fixation


i already drink twice that amount almost every day


and look at yourself


basically the same as ever just fatter


finished the lasagna




used to have a mirror on the wall behind my monitor so could always look at myself


that sounds like some sort of punishment


did it because restaurants put mirrors on the walls to make tiny cramped spaces feel less trapped


hate when i happen to spot my reflection and i look forlorn and or angry


well the monitor was NOT directly in front of my eyes it was offset just a bit so could see side of face


glad i bought a matte monitor the old one is glossy but i dont use it as much so its NOT lifted up high enough for me to see the reflection of anything but my torso


sometimes look in the mirror and do NOT recognize what i see but only gets that bad when my hairs longer than usual or just cut it or something like that


mirrors will be banned in the mansion


can still see reflection in other peoples eyes


a fine night to jerk it to children


that was agreed upon in the mansion act of 2018


eye contact will be banned in the mansion


NOT a problem


do you like to stare into their eyes


cant make eye contact without mutual consent takes two people staring at each others eyes


learned how to keep eye contact a couple years ago


only time make eye contact is with cars when i want to cross


the audio cable made contact with my eyeball


youre gonno lose the eye im sorry


was never able to master casual eye contact no matter how hard i tried i can do something formal like sitting in front of someones desk as they talk though i pick the left eye and look at it and try to NOT let my mind wander


File: 1631499390257.png (354.03 KB, 591x876, c5d3a7b050a1e241df8dce863be9f46c.png)

this asshole is going to start flipping the gems and having them fall to sin isnt he


just got back from the sink rubbed my eyes with wet hands to save it


im sorry


boring episode of jahy as usual


was supposed to be this guy right now


are you plugged in now


cant regulate eye contact properly i either avoid it or stare the norms down until they look away think i might try doing the latter more often would rather be feared than pitied


if pityflips arent real what about fearflips


you mean the implication


kitty is raging she unplugged my audio cable


never won an eye contact contest im always the first to look away


nice himacat


gf is raging she unplugged my audio cable






gave her some food its like fish and shrimp shes happier now


File: 1631500667591.mp3 (6.44 MB, 02 うまぴょい伝説.mp3)




think im gonno puke


try to get to the bucket first


threads almost over that was fast gonno watch an ep hope the next ones peacefully chosen by the time im back dont want to deal with aNOTher full day of rage


puked i made it


skipped 90% of the posts in this thread hehe




last post




why wasnt this thread finished


you know


i hated this thread but it seems weird that theres still 30 posts left nobody wanted to bother


think it was full jan mustve wiped someones history


better than that teen thread


which posts are missing


thought it was mine but know i posted the sheep phasmo collab


why do you think so many girls play final faggotry instead of stone soup


you cant use this one its almost full


we have to top it off


she was an ovendodger


went to wendys ordered a fofofo the hole at the window said the person in front of me paid for my food was confused she said just take the food asked mom later if she knew anyone with that license plate and she said shes had that happen to her before and that the norms call it paying it forward never heard of it


youre supposed to continue the chain and pay for the next one


your bole charisma is finally kicking in


isnt that a scam where you go to the payment window and say you changed your mind and youre leaving without ordering then just take the bag at the food window


wish to see a class 1 night sky


why would i pay for some random persons food checked my bag before eating it to make sure it wasnt poisoned


they probably dropped it in the toilet and made up that story so they could get you out of the drive thru lane faster


won my first 5 unite games hima think snorlax and mr mime seem really strong and easy to play


thought you were talking about monster hunter this whole time thought they rereleased the wii one or something


i mean psp




now i can play unite when splatoon guy asks to play


why would you do that


cause he keeps asking


gonno grab a few more blogs some bread some cheese and watch a movie


sobbing moms already up neet night is ruined


invite mom out for a midnight milkshake run


gonno bide my time and wait for her to turn the talmudvision off and fall asleep again ill check again at 2am



she hated カボチャ


but everyone loves kabocha tempura

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