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woke up hi




usually have 2 or 3 tacos


1 taco is enough



cant wait for the timeline merge


File: 1605752844018.jpg (103.92 KB, 672x971, 1345443008355.jpg)


bet if i had ahoge id be this happy


woke up with one a few times its NOT that great


File: 1605753128735.png (109.19 KB, 2222x1600, 1605728060971.png)


thats a girl


no thats waver


youd have a weak spot


first jo was in the bathtub i bucked like a horse and pulled a thigh muscle


what were you jerking to


remember my first jo vividly


didnt figure it out until 18


rope2cope is now following you.


File: 1605754946735.jpg (389.11 KB, 720x959, 1605754726996.jpg)


they dont look very japanese to me




only interested in raven haired beauties


sigh might restart in eorzea just to use my character with the 1.0 tattoo


hate exclusive cosmetic moggers



those three are 100% japanese


File: 1605757955380.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.19 KB, 850x586, 54299434_p0.jpg)


gross holes


nice buttholes gross girlholes


paste sodomite



want to resume the nioh but forgot how to play


stream it


lostbelt 3 prologue is here hima


should i soyface



whats that


hb gonno read it tonight


[DBZ] Beautiful Mother Android 18 Moments [DRAGON BALL]


got a headache after pacemumbling in the dark


File: 1605793956181.png (102.36 KB, 383x323, d.png)


she needs to be rescued…


File: 1605796801414.jpg (144.46 KB, 848x1199, EnLR3MMVcAM_mv_.jpg)



shes literally me


File: 1605798061930.jpg (121.94 KB, 832x1200, EnMU6rGVkAA8TLl.jpg)



File: 1605801121548.mp4 (1.29 MB, 1605773817750.mp4)


im a bug i snax simple as that


gonno speedrun some astros playroom


still dont know what self awareness means


youre an npc


File: 1605803550534.png (692.46 KB, 813x870, 1605800472718.png)


paste redditlurker


soys piss me off so flipping much would love to knock their teeth out


im soy


wish i was soy they seem happy


gonno punch some nazis


im nazi



used to be about that fast when i got a job in data entry and stuff


mixed some cleaning products hope i didnt just gas myself


oh flip hima i can smell the rain its coming


rain doesnt smell pnig just made that up


despise arrogant smellnorms


smell of the moon is my favorite


File: 1605814911035.webm (260.05 KB, 960x720, Emi9ODKVgAE99D9.webm)


thought my hoodie reeked of cheese but it was my neet beard so i shaved it


premiere in a few hours make sure you dont miss it


bored might as well snooze


you snooze you lose


File: 1605824341302.png (541.31 KB, 709x698, file.png)



new sister







hb love the jump controls in dark souls simply epic when i press roll but instead my character jumps directly into the attack that i was trying to avoid and dies


your beautiful with or without teeth just remember that.



mindblowing that teeth havent been replaced by superior cyber teeth


tooth problems wouldnt be so common if we didnt live with this crap modern diet


what happened to one piece guy


yo ho ho he took a bite of gum gum


stopped watching after episode 865


moms sending me on a burg run




mom made me a chicken a couple of hours ago and now shes made beef stuffed peppers


uh youre supposed to be playing demons souls



boycotting the western remake


the demake


woke up hey


decided to try to finally post in a vg thread on xiv and they didnt reply to my funny post flip this i knew i should never even have stepped foot into that place i guess im that bored


come play shadowlands and post in wowg


no it was my first post in a general in years and my last one forever


weird how vg is almost 9 years old


go to hell and die vnorms


i never used v or generals so i wasnt even aware of its existence until 2015


entering the crown of the immaculate (extreme)


last post


entering the goblet private housing and afks there all day welcome to the end game

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